At the adolescent stage,  we can create on a material level__ i.e., flesh and blood babies__ through the second,  reproductive
center. Teenagers haven't yet become as perceptually biased as adults, and their newly-released hormones are ripe for crea-
tive tasks, readily directed toward expressions beyond sex or violence. Sadly, in our society, most adults have been "stuck" at
this intensely emotional, adolescent level__ never having matured sexually, mentally, emotionally or spiritually beyond a mater-
ialistic view of  life's purposes. Typically,  still adolescent as adults in our western culture, we think we know it all.  We think that
because we "can" use amazing new material technologies,  we have a divine right to  "do so" without considering consequen-
ces.  Most of us under-estimate the powers of adolescence.
Hitler knew its power when he indoctrinated teenage boys for his
Nazi Youth Corps.

Few parents realize that  passion experienced through  creative arts  is an option to sexual activity.  We now overlook much of
the tremendous physical, energetic and creative growth potential during teenage years. With artistic, sports, research or inven-
tive activities, we have safer outlets for that sexual drive which many youths__ and adults, too__ find so difficult to control or di-
rect.  Violence is escalating among young people because we haven't taught them how else to channel their creative energies.
Their only choice in dealing with difficult, fearful situations is to flee or to fight__ to resort to the conflict and violence they've wit-
nessed for years from TV, movies and gaming.  They become either  paranoid or numbed  due to all the  brutality they've seen,
and know no other way to handle difficult situations.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX