A French physicist and musician  composes  musical note  sequences  which help  plants grow.  Each note is
chosen to correspond to an amino acid in a protein with the full tune corresponding to the entire protein. Each
plant type has  a different sequence of notes to stimulate its growth.  Undesirable plants  (weeds) could be inh-
ibited. This is done with EME, in this case
 sound waves,  pulsed to the  ight set of frequencies,  thus affecting
the plant at an energetic & sub-molecular level.
" (Christian Hummel: "Working With the Devas to Heal Geopathic Stress.")

Sternheimer's concept could make chemical fertilizers unnecessary, providing the world with an inexpensive
and easily accessible way of enhancing plant growth as well as eliminating the production,  transportation and
environ mental hazards of chemical fertilizers. When tomatoes were treated t o Sternehimer's "songs", they in-
creased in size and were  significantly sweeter,  even though the tunes were played  only three minutes  a day.
He developed  melodic phrases  that blocked enzymes  needed by the tomato mosaic virus,  preventing harm
to the tomato plants. These practices would be especially beneficial to third world countries.

Sound can greatly affect people, too, & experiments need to be done before wide use of "plant music" prolifer
ates. Sternheimer warned musicians not to play them, as one of his people "
had difficulty breathing after pla-
ying the tune for 'cytochrome C'... a growth promoter

Australian publication, "Nexus".,introduced an article  about  'Sonic Bloom'"(tm),  a radical plant growth
method involving application of a  specially developed organic foliar (pertaining to leaves),  nutrient spray toge-
ther with an oscillating sound frequency. Plants opened pores on their leaf surface.  A combination of classical
music and rhythmic twitters & whistles  make up the holistic fertilizer  created from
55 trace minerals, amino ac-
ids &  seaweed, which is then sprayed onto the plants"surface, tremendously increasing crop yeilds .

The editor of the Nexus article tried it on
3000 organic apple & pear trees  It worked wonderfully,  and he found
himself with superior,  disease free,  crisp juicy apples.  He later introduced the method to
 Australian &  New
growers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture,  Albion Laboratories & others  documented their efforts.
Although there were  few disease or pest problems,  what was most remarkable  was the  vastly superior taste.
Even a paw-paw & palm nursery, macadamia nut growersr & chrysanthemum producer benefited. South Austr-
lian medicinal herb growers are reporting significant increases in the nutritional values o f
Sonic Bloom-treated
plants. Hawaiian Islands growers also had great success.

Bio-dynamic Agriculture is a term used  by the late scientist-philosopher-mystic,  Rudolf Steiner.  In "Secrets
of the Soil
", Tompkins & Bird  explain Steiner's methods  and his theory that  invisible,  etheric  energies from
the moon and planets are necessary for a healthy soil.  By following his methods , farms have prospered in
nnsylvania,  North Dakota
and other states, and millions of  previously barren acres in  Australia  have been

Steiner's revolutionary processes include filling old cow horns  with cow manure & burying them  over the winter
to ferment. When dug up in the spring, the manure has become extremely rich & energetic,  sweet smelling and
clean. This material is then mixed with water  & stirred in  periodically reversed directions t o stimulate vortexes
of energy. Extremely powerful, only very tiny amounts need to be spread over fields and gardens.

Crop growers are using  
EM waves to discourage harmful insects & diseases.  Some Austrians use rock dust
to both nourish farmlands and forests  and prevent acid rain affects. The
Hunzas of  entral Asia are being stu-
died for their agricultural methods that seem to promote longevity. Around the world gardeners and farmers are
quietly & carefully planting, saving & developing non-hybridized seeds, which are rapidly disappearing from our
planet's environment.  
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX