April 25, 2013
                                              "ASCENSION 101"

An astrological event strongly affecting each one of us is the six week time period prior to our annual
birthday.  Those six weeks__ the
Solar Balsamic Period__ are when our energies are at their lowest
and things  usually  don't go well.  It's a  preparation time  for our coming birthday when our personal
"new year" begins with new projects, new understandings, new activities.

March 8th, after an afternoon and evening  sorting through Google Images  and saving many to the
desktop computer for later use, I went to bed and found I could not sleep on my right side due to diz-
ziness causing the room to "move"__ in the opposite direction from how the photos had moved down
the monitor's screen  as I viewed  them__  too much computer? I laid off computers entirely the next
day. The dizziness lessened.

That odd event seemed to  set off a cascade of  frustrating problems  with the new laptop computer
and Internet glitches  with the old desktop model.  It continued for the next two months  until I had to
give up on the new laptop entirely. It was a beautiful device,  but would not let anything downloaded
into it remain__ including the  CD with its Tech Support!  So I had no outside help.  Family members
with degrees in computer technologies tried as well, but it did not respond.

Finally, I prepared to asked
Higher Self: "What is going on here with these computers? Am I to
give up computers now too?"
I had just completed the Prayer of Protection, when the door open-
ed and  Hal came in to ask a question__  I'd forgotten to  turn on the music  while meditating,  which,
with the closed door,  was the signal to family  that I was meditating  and to please not interrupt. Hal
left and I relaxed to re-enter the Zone, but the neighbor's dog began its infernal barking again. Rats!
I felt like weeping__ but instead,  turned the music on __loud! As I finally relaxed and grounded with
Gaia, I felt the frequencies rising within, and soon the faithful inner "voice" began speaking

(From the March 11th Newsletter):
Soon there is coming a Great Mystery;  a great opportunity;  a great ability for you  and all who so
choose. You are asked to rest now,  to contemplate,  to ready  your inner and  outer selves  for this
great mystery. Around the Equinox,  
March 20, 2013__ the New Human Soul will begin to make it-
self evident on Earth with the lightworkers,  wayshowers  and starseeds  who so choose. This date
begins the second Trimester of Gaia's  re-birthing  when the fetus begins to take on a recognizable

"As for  your computer problems,  the eyes and brain  are mutating now,  and need  more rest from
the emanations of computers, cordless and cell phones, I-pads, etc.. Not to completely  stop using
them,  but to reduce  time spent  with them  and to rest when  the body feels tired  or the eye s feel

It was then I discovered: I didn't need to keep my eyes closed while receiving in meditation. I asked,
"Is this the Great Mystery?" The answer:

All humans together experience "Lunar Balsamic Periods" during the last 3 1/2 days of each monthly
Moon Cycle __ a "letting go" and preparation  for the coming New Moon  that begins the next 28 day
moon phase cycle. So I was now getting a "double whammy": what with my own  pre-birthday Balsa-
mic Period,
and the world's  Lunar Balsamic Period each month. But as an empath, I was feeling not
only the emotions and mindsets of family,  friends, and contacts,  but recently  I'd begun sensing col-
lective  humanity's feelings as well.  Sometimes  it was hard to  distinguish between the two__ Was I
feeling humanity's__or mine?

March 11, 2013: Yesterday, I sat on the front porch to get some sun, but it soon hid behind clouds
and I began to get cold. Before going inside, I noted how the aspen trees already had catkins hang-
ing  on their branches!  This was  surprisingly early,  especially since  the weather  had been colder
than normal in past weeks.

But today__There are
no catkins on the aspen trees. Not a one! What's going on NOW? My website
program was now beginning to break up at times
;  the computers still didn't work right; more  "e-bills"
from  PayPal again,  not revealing  who or what  they  were for  (just a  series of  squares  instead of
names) even though I had stopped using PayPal over 9 months ago)
; the sink garbage disposal quit
working,  as did the coffee pot
;  the bank statement showed a  $600 excess on my checking account
when I'd written only 5 checks last month
; the room "moving" when I went to bed each night,  and my
body wracked with intense ascension symptoms off and on.  And now,  I'm "seeing things" appearing
and disappearing on the aspens!  

I broke down.  I sobbed.  I had a really big  Pity Party.  I felt "used",  "lied to" and "hurt" by everything
breaking down and this  ding-dong ascension process.  Did this mean 3-D Earth was disintegrating?
Was I was going to die? I was so snowed under with physical aches,  exhaustion and disability,  and
all our "outer world" things seemingly breaking down,  that I then began to feel I had failed in my Soul
Mission.  I couldn't see that I'd made any  "difference" in this world__ especially with family, friends or
anyone in this stodgy community.

I began to shout
: "I'm sick and tired,  and disgusted  with life in this  3-D hell-hole world  and trying
to  assist others  toward ascension!  It isn't  working.  Have I,  once again,  bought into  yet  another
"merry romp around a mulberry bush", as in so very, very many past lives? Why this physical,men-
mental,  emotional and energetic Torture  of we who began  the early path  toward ascension  over
200,000 years ago__ some like me,  for over 80 years  in just this one lifetime?  We are exhausted,
wiped-out physically,  emotionally,  mentally and spiritually. I give up! I cannot continue to carry on
any longer! I WANT OUT! I WANT TO LEAVE__
NOW!  I can see no purpose or reason for remain-
ing here, in agony of body,  mind and soul,  without making any difference,  anywhere!  I don't want
anything to do with this toxic, negative 3-D Earth life anymore!"

The following night,  I discovered that other lightworkers here in 3-D Earth are feeling the same way,
and  choosing to leave . I even began  to wonder  if this  "ascension business"  is just  another  dark
team attempt to distract us from  protesting in the streets,  from distributing petitions and "writing let-
ters to congressmen", etc..  (Hmph. I tried that,  and it went nowhere__  just a form letter  from some
federal 'assistant'__  saying, "
We know better than you  how to spend your money"...  when  the US
was already 6 trillion dollars in debt!

And, the really  "big" question
: "What about Jesus?  I think this entire community  (and most others
elsewhere)  look on Him as  "
The Savior"  because he  "died for their sins"  Well,  I was there.  I saw
the whole thing. He did
not die on the cross. He had a  Near Death Experience, and, yes, was resur-
rected from it  afterwards.  He came to us  as a  Wayshower__  to show us  How to Master Living on
Earth.  WE are responsible  for our mistakes,  our dirty deeds  and destruction  of the planet. But pe-
ople don't want to believe this.

And then it hit me
each of us  to learn to  do it  alone. To be  our own  "savior"__ to  "save"  ourselves!  And others can
save their own selves.

Higher Sel f stepped in then:  "You need a break__  a vacation.  You've been  working hard,  at so
many things for self,  for family,  Earth and humanity.  You must realize that  the delays  have been
BECAUSE of you lightworkers,  starseeds and ascended masters'  successes in bringing people to
the realization  of the need  to raise their  consciousness. Yes, the dates  for the  mass  ascensions
have had to be re-set  to allow for more of those not quite ready to make it, to have more time to do

"Take the next weeks off, as desired, until you feel read to proceed. Rest,  enjoy,  do some creative
work,  help your body,  mind and spirit.  The Great Mystery is about to occur  later this month,  and
you will need to be  in good health,  physically,  emotionally  and mentally.  Then  decide  whether
you wish to continue with your mission or leave. You can do either, if you choose."

"We are grateful  to you and all  wayshowers,  lightworkers  for all  the years  you've spent... all the
lives you've given... toward this  tremendous event  for Earth and all life upon Her. It would be very
pleasant if you could stay to see it through__for the pleasure of knowing and seeing  what you and
others have accomplished.  You are honored  throughout the universe.  That is why so many  crafts
and beings from off-world are here. Entire masses of humanity have never ascended while in phys-
ical body before,  and there  have been  unexpected  blocks and  set-backs.  Dear one, please take
your vacation,  and then  make your decision. You may find  you no longer  need to decide.__it will
have already occurred."

"As to the 'big question'  as you express it, Jesus Christ is not a 'false god'. He never asked anyone
to worship Him,  to give Him money or gifts,  to provide anything for His well-being. Nor did He use
fear or anger or false promises to influence people.  He taught by  Example. Thou knowest,  for you
were there as He walked the Earth__ As He still does."

Lunar  (Subconsciousness)  Eclipse:  6 degrees Scorpio: SS: "THE GOLD RUSH  TEARS MEN
The passionate search for new values which,  at any level,
promise a more abundant life." ... "Beyond the arousal of greed is the deep-seated desire to play a
more important or  'spectacular' role in one's  society or community."... That yearning may be for__
"an ever more  intense and all-absorbing union  with a person or  a community__  a yearning which
motivates a search for more effectual means to achieve as total a feeling experience as possible."

"A new Vision or Project is about to begin"... "dramatizing the capacity in man to tear himself away
from the known and the familiar , gambling everything  on the Vision or the Dream." We have here,
AVIDITY"__ "The combined strength of multiple bonding interactions". (Rudhyar)