August, 2013
                                                                            August 22, 2013                               
                                            "WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENED SINCE 12-21-12?"
                                              CHANGES ON QUANTUM/COSMIC LEVELS:
                                                                             PART III:

David Wilcock, explained how  Geometry fits into the entire solar system picture. Many illustrations
are shown that will delight the mind as to the preciseness of our universal structures & workings, & an animated illustration sh-
ows the Sun "beating" as do our physical body's hearts.". He's found scientific proof that.. "The universe is made of living, con-
scious energy that behaves like a fluid__ and vibrates"

David's 1-13-13 article:"December 21, 2012 Romance and Reality",  he presents some  awesome new "pieces" for under-
standing just what  the
Mayan Calendar  based its  numbered days & cycles on. Their  Long Count Calendar,  at 5,125  years
"is almost exactly 1/5th of the
25,920 year cycle", of the Precession of Earth's Equinoxes. Every Mayan Calendar Cycle corre-
sponds to planetary orbits."... "each of the  sub-cycles  the Mayan Calendar is  tracking__ 260 days, 360 days+ 5,  7200 days
(19.5 years) and 144K days (397.4 years)__ is directly synchronized with our solar system orbits.

The 260-day "Sacred'Tzolk'in" is the most widely-appearing of these ancient cycles in Mesoamerica. Robert Peden, an Aus-
tralian college professor, found that 260 days is the smallest possible number that interlocks all the inner planets' orbits togeth-
er. The Maya built a whole system of divination around this__  where they tracked a 20-day cycle and a 13 day cycle" ( Wave-
spell) "at the same time"...."Each day in each of these cycles has a particular meaning similar to astrology. The effects we ex-
perience will change as these two cycles intersect through-out the entire 260-day period."

There follow numerous pages of David's article  explaining the Mayan Calendar's relationship to "Geometric Reality",  to "Our
Sun Orbiting a Nearly-Invisible 'Brown Dwarf' Star
" and  Our Sun orbiting another star in a 25,920 - year cycle", and how "This
Geometry Appears When the Sun's Orbit is Smoothed Out into a Circle." This geometry may be the hidden reason for why the
Mayan Calendar works the way it does.  It represents the mainspring__ the central axis__ in the cosmic clock." It is not for ke-
eping track of Time__ but for
Lovingly Developing and Using Creattive Consciousness.

1-15-13_ Was a day when huge Portal Energies entered Earth__ and things began to mess up. The VCR was set to record a
re-scheduled, hour-long program for after midnight, but it didn't work. In fact, the entire VCR quit working! No amount of button
punching (or snarling) seemed to correct it.  The next day we found the VCR timer  had reset itself to the  Hawaii Time Zone__
half-way around the world from I daho Mountain Time... on the other side of the International Date Line.  The timer's setting had
jumped Time ahead 12 hours into the next day, and jumped Space backwards, halfway around the globe!

This had to be another Multi-Dimensional event__ "
A TIME CONVERGENCE__ when  Objective Space overlaps with Subje-
ctive Time
; &/or Subjective Space overlaps with Objective Time."  Everything converged, making it possible to be everywhere,
all at the same time. There were no more separations.  Nothing divided. Normal coordinates and definitions disappeared alto-
gether. Limitations of any kind no longer existed.

Multi-Dimensionality allowed for the two different Timelines of the "A: Fifth Paradise New Earth World" and the "B: Sixth Cata-
strophic End of The World
" to  BOTH manifest  since 12-21-12 because  The New Physics allows for... "accelerating energ-
ies that do not follow any particular course,  in a period where everything happens at once  or in rapid-fire succession, and no-
thing is really clear as to whether it's positive, negative or even aimed in any particular way.  Predictions seldom hold true and
plans go awry. The formerly ridiculous suddenly makes sense."
(Itzhak Benton)

Every  25,920 years,  Earth's  "Axis"__ (the line running through Earth  from pole to pole  like the stick  holding a  lollypop run-
ing up through the center of its candy ball),  describes a pattern  above and below the poles,  to complete one revolution.  One
complete cycle of this pattern i s called a "
Progression of the Equinoxes", or "The Great Year". At completion of this  oval pat-
tern,  at the Center  (
27-29 degrees Sagittarius) of our  Milky Way Galaxy, a "Shift of Ages" occurs, with the collapse of the O-
ld Reality of Earth and the birth of a New Reality  in a higher dimension.  Earth-Gaia Herself ascends into a higher dimension.
It has happened many times before,  and is recorded in  nearly every major religion and  indigenous culture  around the world.
The last time this happened, was labeled, "
The Fall of Atlantis."

Around late April,   I felt a sort of "wobbling',  a vibrational trembling  in my body,  & even  in the furniture  & in the  house itself.
My entire being felt agitated.  Was it coming from Earth,  from Gaia?  Was her magnetic field b uilding up energy in preparat-
tion for some  grand event?  "
Something Big"  felt  about to  occur__ either  within  Earth,  within us__ or  from  outside Earth.
Perhaps from the
"Second Sun, Nibiru" though to be approaching with all 7 of its planets in tow? Now THAT'S scary!

Scientists recently found that  planet  Earth and Her Moon  are structured from materials  very different  from  all other  planets
of our solar system . This may mean that  Earth was once  part of  the Niburu solar system and was "captured" by our present
Sun in one of Niburu's  previous fly-byes.  Will Earth once again be  rejoining Niburu?  And if she does,  will we be  towed  out
in-to a new area of space, gasping in awe at new planets, suns and stars sailing through the skies above us?

The day after the 12-12-12 , on the New Moon in Sagittarius  marking the end of the "eclipse wormhole" that began Novem-
ber, 2012,  
we landed in the Sagittarius portion of our zodiac wheel  which is delivering us to the  13th constellation: Ophiuc-
!".(Say: "Oh-Few-Shuss")  It is symbolized as  a shaman holding  a huge serpent in his hands.  Ophiuchus will be activat-
ing the physical gateway  through which the Universal Love  (unified) harmonic  is being transmitted to earth,  upgrading hum-
Unity  and all physical matter  to the frequency of
13.".. ("You get 13?)  Enabling us  to experience  the excitement of Multiple
Dimensions of Reality  simultaneously,  whether awake or asleep.  Transferring from  a
3-D to a 4 or 5-D dimension,  or vice
versa,  we move through t he EM Spectrum  at or near the speed of light.  When our consciousness  enters those higher freq-
uency,  dimensional states of being,  we can then  communicate with matter  and affect the  emotions, consciousness, energ-
ies and matter that exist in lower dimensional states__ i.e., we will heal & manifest at will.

A Huge Portal opened  
January 15th,  projecting A New Relationship to Time; i.e.; "Time will wait for us."  We need to learn
how to explore and live every moment of these Multi-D games . A Video web-address was e-mailed me  to be viewed by
nuary 15th
,  but I didn't see it until the 18th.  I decided to try it,  although it was probably too late . Surprisingly,  it did open and
I did view it!  For the first hou r I was even more amazed__ everything discussed  had been related to me  by
H. S. since  De-
cember 21st
,  and was mentioned in previous Newsletters: (A "Future Memory"?) We were asked to: "Become aware of the
ways in which we "
Dealt with Time"  and to "Stop segregating"__ and not to exclude  these times from others, recognizing we
Living Two Lives.  We have been  living our  Inner Lives one way, and our Outer Lives with others  in other ways. (That is,
we have been dreaming, meditating, feeling & planning in certain ways, but behaving, speaking & reacting in opposing ways.
This needs to end; it will no longer be possible!  

The next 5200 year, Multi-Dimensional World  will be influenced by the element of  "Ether." The energetic frequencies  HA-
ARP is spreading are  
Torsion Field Physics frequencies,  pulsing the atmosphere  with those waves  to keep us harmonized
with the changing axis of Earth__ changed by the  
Chilean, Haitian and Japanese earthquakes ( some say also by the appr-
oaching second sun, Niburu) __ & to trigger all the pyramids & monuments built on our planet's energy grid  to send the Great
Shifting energies across the entire planet.

Richard Hoagland while a guest on told of his visit to Chichenitza
to measure and record the  Torsion Field Physics energies flowing into,  out of,  or around the great pyramid of  Kukulkan, &
made some startling discoveries

* The Cydonia  area on Mars  (Face-on-Mars, etc.)  is a record left by  Martians  explaining how this universe  works.  Monu-
ments and pyramids all over Earth amplify the Torsion Field Physics, which is a foundation for all other physics existing  in our

* The
9/11 rubble showed that Torsion Field Physics was the weapon  that brought down the Twin Towers. Torsion Field Ph-
ysics__ also known as  "
Ether  Physics"  or  "Scalar  Wave Physics"__ can manipulate  The Ethers__ the very  Foundation of

* Torsion Field Physics is what
Einstein  spent most of his life researching,  calling it a  "Unified Field."  This science has be-
en suppressed by the dark elite of the planet.  In this web-book and Newsletters, "The "Ethers" are referred to as
The Creative
Force Field
__ the so-called "empty space" of the universe, inter-penetrating and surrounding all physical objects. It is an ener-
gy field composed of quantum potentials,  waiting for human consciousness  to transmute it into  outer world physical matter &
Second  thoughts on the  DREAM about  "The Bowling Exhibition"  from the last newsletter:  The  "bowling balls"  that were
"pliable", variously colored  and oddly shaped, may represent how bowling balls roll__ turning over and over. This could be
a symbol for
Magnetic Pole Reversals which are expected to occur on each of the 7 planetary holograms of 4-D. Time
will tell.

Taking stock of where we stand  since the
Dec. 21, 2012 date &  the End of July, 2013,   when the  Higher Realms re-org-
anized the situation once again, it seems that  we earthlings are the "test pilots" ( I nearly said: "guinea pigs")  for the Great
Experiment that is going on at all three__ Quantum/Cosmic, Consciousness and Physical Plane Levels. This experiment to
ascend entire masses of humanity has never been done before.

Idaho's Big Lost River Valley, there is a particular bend of the river near the end of "Sunset Drive"  where on several o-
ccasions,  I envisioned a past  battle  between Indians and a small  wagon train as  they crossed the  river. It was a beautiful
spot where, many years later,  various people tried to build homes or farms there,  but something always happened to destr-
oy their dreams. No one had resided there for many years before I came upon it. Two clairvoyant friends from the valley told
of "seeing" the very same vision-battle as I had.

"Wherever there have been ancient battles,  multiple-car pile-ups on freeways,  or mass catastrophes  such as earthquakes,
floods or hurricanes,  the related human emotions easily imprinted trauma onto the site,  and anyone passing through it feels
the residual fear or anger.  Around the
Berlin bunkers  where Hitler spent his last days,  a terribly invasive &poisonous  bul-
bous weed began to grow that crowded out all other vegetation and could not be completely eradicated."

"Conversely, loving, warm, peaceful feelings can be contacted  in and around churches,  ancient stone monuments, fountains,
lakes, waterfalls,  wilderness parks,  sacred sites__ any places where people  gather over the years  with  positive emotions
that imprint into the minerals of those areas." (
Chapter 16: Earthkeeping.)

The last week or so was spent going over
 Past Lives of Significance__ 12 of them__ plus the past of this present lifetime,
harmonizing and balancing their  Scattered Soul Fragments.  For example: In the
Annunaki lifetime of  over 200K years ago
in South Africa,  my body was a hybrid of
ET and ostrich DNA.  Not capable of working in their gold mines,  I and many other
"mistakes"  were destined to be destroyed. The fear of that lifetime  re-cycling into  the present lifetime  has been  with me for
eons,  and when I meditated upon it,  (for the umpteenth time),  I realized I had actually received a  "spiritual gift"  from that hor-
rible experience.  It was my
Resonance with Birds throughout all those lifetimes & this one as well. Birds always brought mes-
sages or "signals" about  what I needed to know  at specific times.  Other past live s proved to have blessed me  with special
knowledge,  attitudes , beliefs and spiritual gifts that somehow__  pulled all thei r timelines together in this present lifetime, to
be USED during these End Times.

What is truly stunning, is that  all the locations, conditions and elements of those
past lives are now collapsing, being destroy-
ed or over-turned during this present lifetime.  We are seeing terrible riots and wars in  
Egypt these days, for instance,  & this
is "releasing" the negativity that was imprinted into  Egypt's soils over its history. The entire world is changing  it's geology__
it's "face"__ and it's energetics;  and as I write,  our beloved
Idaho  is burning with  wildfires  of both  pine and aspen forests,
of desert sagebrush and grass.  One of the loveliest places  in the world__
Sun Valley __& surrounding  towns  and  pristine
natural  wildernesses of central Idaho  have been evacuated as the fires approach.  We are only
75 miles from there, and the
smoke turns our sky orange and brown,  &  makes our eyes smart.  But the tears in my eyes are mainly for  the devastation of
dear Mother Earth, Her beauty, purity and magnificence.

Many, many happy times were spent in those mountains and valleys__ painting, photographing, camping, and participating in
outdoor or indoor art exhibits.  But I also know that at one time or another,  that area was ripe with drug activities and irrespon-
sible mining of Earth's minerals. It holds the vacation homes  of a number of the world's celebrities,  politicians and  corporate
big wheels, whether positive or negative in nature. It seems that__ like
Las Vegas or Washington D.C.__ where power and
big money thrive, crime and violence follow.

The long drought, record heat and wildfires  have plagued southern Idaho since
June of this year.  One of our sons is involved
with checking conditions of the potato harvests  which usually begin in  
September and October. This year,  however, he was
called out to check in the second week of
August,  as there is no more irrigation water,  so they mus t dig what potatoes  they
can find.  When he returned,  I asked if we'd have to put up with tiny potatoes this year. H e said no __ he himself was amazed.
Somehow, the potatoes are full size__ they grew faster than normal!

We're all well aware of the wars taking place  all over the planet these days,  but few know of the  WAR IN THE HEAVENS go-
ing on as well. This "battle" is raging between  ff-world beings in the space surrounding Earth; as well as here on Earth, where
we call the opposing Forces, "
Team Dark" & "Team Light",  each of which includes both o ff-world visitors &  native humans.
These two Forces must come to some sort of resolution  before any of us can complete our ascension. Therefore ,
do not set
your focus  on specific dates
;  far too many things  have to  come about  before  "The End of Time",  if ascension  is to  occur.
Each of us  has a specific and critical role to play in this scenario.  Focus instead,  on
BEING PREPARED  for whenever asc-
ension does occur!
For some of us,  December 21st to January 19th was  utter pain & disillusionment.  For others,  it was a time of deep intro-
spection & great revelations. I experienced both
: the Past Life Review with tremendous grief & weeping__ no doubt for the
eons of misunderstandings, their consequences, and for the loss of the familiar, the traditional, and of those who may be left
behind__ (including. perhaps, myself!) It was a period of substantial transformation.

This was soon followed by an awareness of somehow being
Free from the Past.  An Old  Pattern Had  Ended  & we could
now start Something New...something REALLY BIG!  We also had to Do Something for ourselves__  be a bit selfish,  for we
were no longer who we used to be. All was complicated by the big topic in esoteric anthropology these days__ that all
o sapien humans
are,  in part,  genetically manipulated  off-world beings!  We had to find out  what we'd  truly become__ as
2013 YEAR!  And
it was all determined with Time, Space, Multi-dimensionality, and the NEW PHYSICS OF EARTH.

Our major problem right now,  is that  
we're still trying to use  limited 3-D methods and knowledge  in a 4-D  or even in  a 5-D
Multi-Dimensional reality.  Everything around us looks much the same,  but the changes occurring  on a quantum level  are tri-
ckling down into our mental and emotional levels, and this causes confusion, doubt and panic on physical levels.

Earth's First Dimension: 1-D: Here Elements and minerals reside in Gaia's crystal core__Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Earth's Second Dimension: 2-D, Here nature spirits, devas, plants and all life on Earth except humans reside.
Earth's Third Dimension 3-D: Here Humans and Animals reside.

Earth's Fourth Dimension: 4-D:  is the realm of  Imagination, Dreams, Astral Travel, & of Myths and Archetypes. Basically,
it is
A Passageway to other dimensions__ It is Psychic Experience. Each  dimension has steps or levels, within in its octave
of frequencies; allowing for variations on what can be contacted & what can be done, depending on which "step" or "freque-
ncy level" of a dimension one is now experiencing.

(H.S., St. Germaine, Arcturians): "The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time',  but not as scientists propose.  One can Transc-
end Time in 4-D
..  i.e.,  connect with  past and future lives,  to the  history of the human races,  of Earth,  solar system, gal-
axy and universe__ like the  Akashik Records.  
Feelings, thoughts, beliefs, sensations,  or dreams  become energies
that take on a life of their own,  causing events, changes,  in one's  personal reality,  and collectively,  cause  Earth  
. This is why 4-D  still has some  negative events occurring.  The various octaves,  of course,   determine the am-
ount of & intensity of dire events. You may
hear & see them, but not  necessarily participate in or be affected by them."

"Emotion is the  driving  force in 4-D.  Anything wished for, desired or intended with strong emotion (positive or negative will
manifest__ definitely__ sooner or later in
4-D & possibly, somewhat in 3-D. As for the 7 planets of 4-D... This is not entirely
true.  It is 7 'reality level holograms'  that have been manifested.  People are on  each of these  reality  levels... (also called
timelines)...according to the degree of  their personal frequencies: (i.e., the frequencies of the octaves of 4-D.)  Some of us
are on the  
7th reality level/hologram/ timeline = the 7th step/level  of the 4-D octave.  We are basically well-protected from
major dire events here."

Courtney Brown,  Remote Viewer with The  Farsight  Institute:: "If  you change the frequency of an object or timeline
event, then it disappears from one dimensional reality, and appears in another

Our daughter,
C. and hubby, B. went grocery shopping Sunday (7-28), picked up a few items for us, too, and delivering them
to our home
Monday evening, (7-29).  C. then related their  concern about  sighting an 8500 acre wildfire  burning not far from
their home north of town, & was hoped to be quenched by 7 PM  that night.  It had started, she said,  on
Sunday  around 6:00
and they saw the smoke upon their return from shopping. It was caused by that earlier big thunder & lightening storm, and
although it poured down rain for awhile a huge wind came up and fanned the flames even more.

H, our eldest son and I looked surprised.  "Why, we didn't have any  thunder, lightning,  rain or big wind  Sunday evening__
the sun shone brightly all day,
" we said.  But C & B insisted they had watched it  all evening at their home  about 1 1/2 miles
east of our home.  We told how son
L. was out of town  at a golf tournament for two days, & upon returning home Sunday ev-
ening late, as he'd had to return his golf cart to the local golf course. H and I decided to get take-out  at our local Mc Donald's,
and called L. before 6 PM to see if he'd be back in time to join us. He said it would be closer to 6:30, but order burger & fries
for him.  H chose to wait until 6:30 when L returned  so the food would still be hot,  and  the two of them  went to  McD's, order-
ed, and brought the food home. None of us saw  any storm, rain, wind or thunder & lightning at all__ nothing but sunshine and

Our thoughts on this are that  if C & B heard about the fire, the storm and the wind, & saw the smoke on their return from sho-
pping, they probably had some fears about it reaching their home, so they had a lower frequency, energy field at that time. H,
L and I,  did not hear,  see or know anything about  a storm,  wind or big fire,  & therefore, our energy field frequencies would
have been higher due to the absence of  fear.
Therefore__ each group experienced a different dimensional reality.

Preparing for
Ascension is difficult, often painful or disabling, and quite confusing. (Some would even say "inhuman"). How-
ever,  we can easily see how  raising our consciousness to higher frequencies &  
Becoming Multi-dimensional lifts us above
the suffering, pain, ignorance, false gods and dis-empowerment of 3-D;  above the lies,  the dark conspiracies, false flags &
just plain craziness of
4-D; to Transcendence of Time & Space, to Peace, Empowerment, Health, Abundance, Trust,
Divine Order, Wisdom & Guidance, Unconditional Love, Oneness and Immortality  of 5-D and Beyond
.  Would you
not endure ANYTHING to have such joy?