"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                    By Rev. Dr. Marilyn La Croix

                                                     BRAIN WAVES

BRAINWAVES  have been scientifically documented and measured, and currently fall into five categ-
ories, running from the higger Hz frequencies of Beta Waves, on through Alpha, Theta, Delta and
"K-Complex" Waves, having increasingly lower Hz measurements.

At the Delta brainwave level, most people are sound asleep and don't know what is occurring in or
around them. Long-term Meditaters develop the ability to be AWAKE while they are sleeping.
Around-the clock consciousness of this sort is termed "Continual Consciousness", and can extend
also to consciousness of the Past and the Future,as well as the Present.             

Tom Kenyon has done extensive research on human brain waves. He relates that our conscious beta
state, like the iceberg, exists with only 10% of our total mind visible above the waterline. Most
people''s lives are run by the subconscious__  the 90%  below the surface of awareness.  Meditation
and Dreamwork  open the subconscious to our awareness, and our Superconscious-Higher Self can
override subconscious programs.

"Probable  Future  Corporation",  http://probablefuture.com , which is  where I  first learned  remote
viewing, explained how all memories programming our belief systems reside in the subconscious,
alpha brain wave state. They are connected with the 4th dimension, which can be manipulated by the
global elite controllers. These memories underlie what we  believe to be true,  who we believe we
are, and attract situations that reflect those beliefs back to us, because Earth's Schumann Reson-
ance  vibrates at the same level as our human alpha waves.

While focused in lower alpha, as in daydream or sleep dream states, we can change our impulses,
desires, beliefs and goals at will.  An even deeper alpha state  of 7 to 10 cps (cycles per second) is
so powerful that it can reprogram our  personalities through  meditation or hypnosis.  We can  leap
over the beta level  to send  information from the lower to the deeper alpha, which in turn broadcasts
to the conscious mind as in daydreams or night dreams.

If intent and action  are in accord with the subconscious-alpha ideals, life flows easily and  happily. If
not, things do seem to work okay for awhile as we use will power to drive action in a  desired
direction. But at some point, alpha programs again take charge and crash the project. Doors close,
contacts disappear, money runs out, perhaps, even illness or accidents arise. The project shuts

Lower alpha,  7-10 cps,  is best for simple healing,  for side-stepping hardships  and reaching goals.
The only Permanent Solution  is to re-program self  at the deeper alpha level  with the help of  Higher
Self,  Meditation,  Dreamwork, and other Basic Inner Technologies.

Theta Brain Wave level interfaces with Spirit/Creative Force and Universal Consciousness, and
connects directly with the electromagnetic spectrum. Theta brain waves vibrate from 3 to 7 cps, and
are normally associated with recall, fantasy, imagery, inspiration, future planning and switching
thoughts. A much deeper level than alpha, theta is a  threshold to  other-dimensional experiences,  
including  Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBEs), Bi-locations, or Near-Death Experiences  (NDEs).  
While in theta,  one is unaware of  the physical body  or the environment. Here we don't use our
physical senses__ we experience through the energy body's super senses.

For  accelerated  learning,  increased  memory retention and   mental or  astral projection,  the 6.3
cps  level of the upper portion of theta is the state required. This is the highest level for learning and
physical performance; here we know and do things we've never been taught__  perhaps contacting
the past to find out how the ancients functioned. Time and Space have no boundaries in theta. Many
artists, writers, healers and some scientists work from this level, as do geomancers and dowsers  
who influence the Earth's energetic grid's magnetic fields and ley lines. It may be that UFOs exist in
this state, willfully accelerating vibrations to alpha  where some of us can see them.

Michael Murphy: "The Future of the Body" At 5.5 cps we're shown the growth required  to transcend
data input and simply "know",  and as we approach 4 cps.,  we interface with  Universal Mind and  All
Life Everywhere. Here, our mind operates completely beyond the limits of space and time. At 3.5 cps,
a still lower theta, we gain enhanced language retention and the sense of Oneness with all things.

Kenyon's take on our lowest brain wave state__ delta__ is that this is where all memories, thoughts
and feelings of mankind,  all possibilities,  all realities to be discovered and unfolded  that have
existed  since the  beginning of time, or ever will exist, are stored, waiting to be contacted through
meditation. Often called the "Akashic Records", here's where we find out we're not fully in control;
something far greater than the self  is in charge of All Life Everywhere, although each of us has a
specific job in the ebb and flow of all creation.

Meditations are  consciously-activated waking dreams:  brainstorms getting online with humanity's
collective mind or Spirit's universal network.  Meditation electrifies us to  move to other brain states,  
to tap into higher intelligence and to find information  stored in matter and energy fields  normally not
available  in beta state. Through a  meditative state we can enter multiple dimensions__ one at a time
or several simultaneously. Recent researches show a definite shift toward theta and delta brain wave
frequencies and an increased integration of left and right sides of the brain during meditative or psy-
chic episodes.

It is possible to remain in meditative states throughout the day or night. A teen-age Indigo grandson, a
third waver, accessed  the delta level during sleep.  In the mornings,  he would suddenly  recall
information  he received during the night. This occurred daily, similar to a "deja vu" of things that
would need his attention during the day.

He also  found answers to problems or projects  he had on his mind  before going to bed.  Most
came  just before entering deep sleep or when first awakening in the morning. Strongly tuned in at all
times, when he had a paper to write for school,  he first did his research, and then the connections
intensified__ the new ideas simply popped up spontaneously, complete in every detail__ just as he
sat down to write.

When designing a new website,  and having had no previous plans, instant input arrived the moment
he faced the computer."It just came to me all at once." he said. The act of confronting the computer
triggered a creative mental state for intuitive downloading. We believed information was either
received during sleep or telepathically sent from higher levels while awake, or both.

Consciousness may work completely independently from the brain.
Dr. Sam Parnia, from Southamp-
ton General Hospital in England,  found evidence suggesting consciousness may continue after the
brain stops and the patient is  pronounced dead . This information  was garnered  through  Near-
Death  Experiences  of heart attack  patients, none of  whom  had  experienced  the low   oxygen
levels  which  skeptics  thought  contributed  to the Near Death phenomenon.

For 50,000 years, the Aboriginal peoples of  Australia  entered  their  "Dreamtime" __  low  brainwave  
states__ roaming the quiet outback  where the only sounds were  the wind,  rain or insects. During a
walk-about,  the elders had "dreamings"  in which nature spirits  guided them  to desert food,  water
or remedies. It was a way of being in charge of their world. On urban and overdeveloped lands,  na-
ture spirits usually leave, relocating to more undisturbed areas.

With eyes unfocused, we can see things  from all perspectives at once  and sense Spirit flowing
through ourselves and everything around us. In this wide-angled peripheral vision we can become
virtually invisible. Animals stare at each others' eyes when ready to attack. "If you avoid focusing your
eyes on them, they accept you as  part of the environment and either leave you alone  or come closer
to you  and  try to  figure out what you are. If you tunnel in on them they will startle and run.  Don"t
you feel uncomfortable when someone keeps staring at you?" (Antero Alli)      

Nearly all sports dampen the mind-noise and keep us in the moment. Swimming, however, is partic-
ularly conducve to calming mind and body  and evoking  a sense of peace.  The water world  puts us  
immediately into the inner silence with few visual or auditory distractions,  and the  rhythmic move-
ments  and gentle stroking of water against the skin lull us into the Flow. As we walk,  jog, swim, do
Tai Chi or yoga, the hypnotic rhythm of Movement links us with Higher Self.

"What makes basketball so exhilarating  is the joy of losing yourself completely in the dance", related
Phil Jackson. He taught  Lakota Sioux and  Zen Buddhism meditations  to the  Chicago Bulls
team,  assisting them to six NBA World Championships.

Children's IQs and EQs are enhanced by meditation.  Pre-school children  have a natural tendency  
to scatter their energies,  and until a child  learns some  patience  and self-discipline,  it's difficult for
him  to meditate.  But the attempt is  well worth the trouble.  Learning to  quiet his  body and mind  
before entering alpha state  enables him to develop concentration, find answers within self and gain a
strong sense of authority, self-reliance and well-being.

Meditations  for an adolescent  must consider   the rapid change  in body, mind and  feelings at   
puberty.  Logical minds and  discriminatory abilities  develop quickly then,  as dramatic  personality
changes occur.  Meditation,  or even Dreamwork,  helps them to be  more open,  trusting and
sharing  of their inner selves  and to deal more positively with social pressures from peers.

"They especially need to know  how to feel what another is feeling,  how to be able to  see from the
other's point of view and how to express real feelings.  Usually from age  eleven through adulthood,  
self-obsession with  personal problems increases,  which blocks sensitivity to others".... "Unless the
mind is  trained to look into  why we are like we are;  and unless sexual feelings are  handled rather
than repressed,  our perspective on life is going to be twisted in some way.  So we need to  learn
how to be open  and to keep the channels of  communication  clear by discussing feelings and
problems with each other and by looking into our inner motives and desires."  (
Sarah Tippit:  
"Scientist Says Mind Continues After Brain Dies
".) Yahoo News.com.

Now, in
March, 2015, our bodies still perceive Theta as a sleeping state; so when we enter this
Dreamtime__ while awake!__ our bodies think we're still sleeping,  and extreme heaviness and tired
feelings are felt as the bodies become temporarily confused at  the changes.  It's almost as if  we are
"sleep-walking"  through our days. And if  that isn't enough,  our brains turn to scrambled eggs as
they shift between Beta, Alpha & Theta  brainwave states while awake. We may have lucid dreams in
the daytime, or become forgetful, disoriented or dizzy as our brains settle into their new shift patterns
to allow us to move between dimensions and to process information gathered in these spaces so that
we can have a firmer grasp of the different layers of reality. We are no longer only  dipping into oth-
er dimensional states while in meditation, daydreaming or sleeping__  we are now living in several
dimensions all at the same time while fully awake and physically active!