Ch. 11: Med.Bag.  BREATHING MODES. "Controlled breath moves energy through our bodies and
regulates the Magnetics of Attraction & Repulsion,of Expansion & Contraction.

This  Breathing Technique was taught to me by  Robert Fritchie   www,  
Drunvalo Melchizeked  at Grand Teton Institute, Wyoming.

                                             The Four Stage Breathing Technique
In a Two Stage Cycle such as yogic breathing, we breathe automatically. In a Four Stage Cycle,
intentionally act on the pumping mechanism. Humans, when in hyper-dimensional states, may
become "conscious breathers". When whales, dolphins or evolved humans choose not to breathe,
they begin to move into higher dimensions. Au- tomatic, two-stage breathing keeps a human linked to
the 3-D planes of Earth.

Breath control is used  to put specific thought-forms  called "programs"  into a material object such as
a crystal, or into a physical body's energy fields. The Four Stage Breathing Cycle  enables us to
store  informational programs in our body, in water, food, medicine land or a crystal, by relaxing
ourselves in the  
Holding Breath Stage, creating a clear mental image of what we desire as we link
with our intended target.
Draw breath in through nostrils with an
Intention of Becoming One with the crystal,  with your body,
or with any object you wish to program. Prepare an  
Intention (thoughtform program), stating it in pos-
itive terms. Mentally project that Intention__ while forcing breath through the nostrils__ into the crys-
tal,  body,  chosen object or substance.

1. Inhale slowly for 7 counts:  As you link with the crystal and Become One with it,  an indrawn
breath first stores the intended healing program in your own  (server's) body,  prior to transferring it to
the crystal or to the client's body before beginning the healing technique.

2. Hold full breath for 4 counts: A charge builds in the programmed energy field of either your body
&/or the crystal, boosting energy potentials to a critical level.

3. Exhale slowly for 7 counts: The outgoing breath,  is slowly and smoothly expelled  through the
mouth with your Intention, and links the program with you, the crystal, and bodies.

4. Withhold the breath  (do not breath in) for 4 counts: This maintains a state of  hyper-dimensional  
awareness before the  next inhalation.  Then relax,  feeling the crystal  or the body' s vibrational
changes.  The time  period of "one  count"  can be one second,  one heartbeat,  or as long as t he
breather desires. Do what is  comfortable for both  server and host. As we gain experience,  our
counts  will be much longer than one second  and will produce more powerful energies. We may
even stop breathing altogether for awhile,  which often occurs  when entering a higher state of
awareness. The non-breathing stage will not harm the body; in fact, it extends life expectancy.

                                           The Sonic Breathing Technique
An even more powerful, controlled breathing method is The Sonic Breathing Technique: the
Power-house of charging up  in preparation for  major regenerations__  absolutely vital for balancing  
genetic dysfunctions, it consists mainly  of deep breaths and pulsed breaths  in a fixed sequence,  
and is accomplished  while standing with arms relaxed  at one's sides.  "
Pulsing Breath"  is done by  
holding an indrawn breath,  then expelling it  forcefully through the nose in one short blast. (Both
server and host need to practice this before beginning the technique.)

Step 1. Exhale: Then Inhale deeply for seven counts. Hold the breath for four counts, then Pulse

Step 2. Exhale: Then Inhale deeply  for seven counts.  Hold breath for four counts, and  Exhale
slowly for seven counts. Take a second Inhaled Breath, and
Pulse Breath. This is like Step 1,  but
repeated twice
before Pulsing Breath.

Step 3. Exhale Then Inhale deeply for seven counts. Hold breath for four counts, and Exhale slowly
(continue exhaling slowly for all the following Steps) for seven counts.
Repeat twice more, then Pulse

Step 4. Exhale. Then Inhale deeply for seven counts. Hold breath for four counts, and Exhale for
Repeat three times. Inhale again and Pulse Breath.

Step 5. Exhale: Then Inhale deeply for seven counts. Hold breath for four counts, and Exhale for
Repeat four times. Inhale again and Pulse Breath.

Step 6. Exhale: Then Inhale deeply for seven counts. Hold breath for four counts, and Exhale for
Repeat five times. Inhale again and Pulse Breath

Step 7. Exhale:  Clasp hands  in front  of body.  Then I nhale deeply  for seven counts.  Hold
 for four counts, and Exhale slowly for seven. This last time, repeat only four times, and do
NOT Pulse Breath
in the last step. ( It is  practical to  keep track of  the number of  Steps and  
Inhales  by extending  another finger  after each exhaled breath.

Both the  "
Four Stage Breathing Cycle" and the  "Sonic Breathing Technique"  pull  prana/life force
energy,  into the individuals involved in the techniques
.  Prana  structures or encodes  both the lattice
formations of the crystal and the water in the body prior to releasing the energy into the host.

All successful
Expanded Multi-D Techniques require the server to draw energy from an accumulated
charge from within Self.  An accumulated charge can be built up   hrough these breathing methods,  
or by grounding to Mother Earth and linking to Creative Force-Spirit with Unconditional Love in one's
heart. Once we feel ourself to linked in with both Earth and Spirit,  we intensify the charge  by
thinking and feeling  uplifting thoughts  such as  peace,  joy, gratitude, Oneness or Love. Listening to
uplifting music also helps. When we reach a state of bliss or ecstasy, we are fully charged up. These
transmissions are activated by using Breath along with Mind, Intent and Unconditional Love. Even
fear can raise our vibrations to activate an accumulated charge, as evidenced by the "
Portland Free-
way Inciden
t" (Chapter 7).

If the server is capable, it is better that she channel the necessary energies from higher dimensions
or from Creative Force-Spirit,  rather than from her own inner life force,  or she will soon deplete
herself of both physical and emotional energies. We need to evolve our consciousness to the point
where we can serve as a
channel for the healing energies of Universal Love, Universal Mind, and
Universal Purpose. The Higher Creative Forces should do the healing,
not our personal energies.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX