Instantaneous travel, perhaps even to outer space?  Yes__ It is the Eighteenth Step of Creating From the Future
and the Seventh Expanded Multi-D. Technology.   
Someday soon,  we may beam to any place at will, either with
Higher Creativity Intentions  or with incredibly advanced,  
psychotronic material technologies.  But we must first purify
Earth and restore her natural resources. After performing Multi-D Intentions for manifesting or healing__DETACH, all-
ow Universe to  choose the Process and the Timing  by which the Intention will manifest,  keeping a loving awareness
in your heart that it has already done so on energetic levels.

*  "Flying a T-Bird."
    *  "Zapping Diet Cola."
    *  "A Magic Pen."
    *  "When Teakettles Fly"
    *  "Supermarket Frisbee."
    *   "Levitation."
    *  "Skimming."
    *  "Teleportation."
    *  "Spontaneous Teleportation."
    *  "Through the Wormhole."  
              Ecstatic Body Postures.
              Intentional Teleportation.
    *  "Mountain Hopping."
    *  "Flying Saucer Disk."
             Quantum Teleportation.
             Anti-Gravity Devices.

Flying a T-Bird
1986; As I shift the T-Bird into reverse to back out of the driveway,  it immediately shoots backwards before my foot
even touches the gas pedal,  so I hit the brake,  turn the steering wheel and shift into drive. The car  reverses its dir-
ection, but moves faster and faster down the hill,  across the busy highway and into the shopping area of the village.
I'm frantic. I cannot control the car except by steering or stepping on the brake.

It's a warm summer day. As the car continues to accelerate,  the wind bows my hair-combs out through the open win-
dow.  No matter  what I do,  I can't bring it  to a full stop!  I wonder  just how  fast  it
will go,  so I steer  toward the back
streets as the car and I  zoom through town.  I suddenly  begin laughing  hysterically,  visualizing  what the townsfolk  
probably see
:  somebody's crazy gramma racing along,  maniacally clutching the steering wheel,  cackling her fool
head off with her long gray hair fluttering out the window. When we hit the desert dirt roads, I let the car have its head.
We hit 80 mph before I chicken out and pump the brakes.

Back in town, I manage to slow the T-Bird enough to reach the drive-in, & pull into a space,  kill the engine and give
my order to one of the girls.  I calm and compose myself.  When the salad arrives,  I'm almost afraid to start the dar-
ned car,  but it behaves  perfectly,  and I  return home  without further incident.  I smile  to myself__  this  crazy Bird
truly knows how to fly.

If expanded states of consciousness really do hold keys to powerful forces, can they provide us with instantaneous tra-
vel,  perhaps even to outer space?  This author's exceptional experiences  and studies of ancient lore  suggest the an-
swer is "yes"

During the mid-80's, I bought my first computer and soon began having telekinetic experiences. Telekinesis, also call-
psychokinesis, or "PK",  involves moving material objects__ including one's body__ through space by non-physical
; i.e., by the power of the higher creative forces__ mind, emotion, intention and breath.

Zapping Diet Cola
Mid-80's:  It's a sweltering summer afternoon. I've been doing heavy housework since early morning,  and late after-
noon is spent  interpreting a  complicated astrology report.  By 5 PM,  I'm exhausted.  I pour a glass  of icy diet cola,
but after a few sips,  realize it's already time to start dinner.  But I'm so tired,  I keep forgetting things we need. By the
time Hal comes home  and we sit down  at the dining room table,  I've been  back and forth  to the kitchen  umpteen
times. While Hal  watches the TV sports news  from the table,  I reach for  my cool drink__ but it's still  beside the liv-
ing room chair.  Rats!   I just don't feel like getting up again  and walking through  the living room  for it.  So I  put my
head down on my arms and sigh.  If only I could just "zap" it over to the table. I lift my head to ask  Hal if he'd please
get it for me,  but he's deeply engrossed  in the news.  I glance back  to my drink on the end table__ it's gone!  Then
I see the drink beside my plate on the dining room table. I'm astounded.  I haven't seen Hal cross the room to get it
haven't even asked him yet.  So I say, "Did you just bring this drink over to me?"
What drink?", he replies.
This one here", I say, pointing to it.
No, I didn't know you had one" , he says,  and he hadn't seen me go over there, either. If I'd gone after it myself, Hal
would have had to see me cross  between him and the TV . The only explanation is that  I somehow did "zap" it over
to me.
A Magic Pen
1988: Helen and I take a Tarot Card Reading class in Idaho Falls. A woman named Joanne joins our table, and we
remark about her odd writing pen, decorated with unusual black and yellow geometric designs.

As class ends,  I ask to use the teacher's office phone to call Hal,  due home this evening from two weeks' computer
training in Salt Lake City.  If he isn't home yet,  Helen and I will go out for supper  before driving the 70 miles back to
Lost River Valleys. As I start down the hallway to the office,  I spy Joanne's odd pen lying on the carpet. My arms are
full of notebooks and a big purse. I can't pick it up. Glancing into the  glass-walled classroom, I see Joanne and Hel-
en in deep discussion with the teacher. Their arms are filled, too. Everyone else has left the building.

I turn toward the long hallway,  but far down it,  in front of the office door, two workmen are moving a ladder into place
they've been putting new insulation under the roof.  If I don't hurry , the hallway will be  blocked for quite awhile,  and I
won't be able to get in and out of the office, so I rush down the hall. I'll pick up the pen on my way back.

Hal is not home yet.  I find I can just barely squeeze  past the ladder  to return to the front of the building.  But when I
get there,  the pen is gone.  Helen,  Joanne and  the teacher  are still in the classroom.  As I step  into the room,  the
teacher exclaims, "
Who's pen is this? Who gave me this pen?"
She's holding Joanne's odd-looking pen in her hand,  but both Joanne and Helen deny giving it to her. The teacher,
psychically gifted, She looks into my eyes and asks no more questions. We both realize  that moment,  that the pen
had somehow been teleported to her so she can give it to Joanne, who's arms are also encumbered with articles.

When Teakettles Float
1986: One afternoon  I attempt to remove a chocolate candy stain  from the sleeve of  Hal's favorite shirt.  My usual
method is to stretch the fabric taut over a small metal bowl , then pour boiling water through it from a height of about
two to three feet.  All is ready to proceed.  I set the big teakettle of boiling water on top of the toilet tank four feet away
from the bathroom sink  that holds the metal bowl  with the shirt-sleeve stretched across it. However, when I reach for
he hot water, it's too far away; I have to let go of the sleeve, but it then falls off the bowl. After several attempts, I enter
the Zone for guidance.  I know Hal is really disappointed about those stains  on his new shirt,  and I want to  restore it
for him.

Then, to my amazement, the teakettle, filled to the brim with boiling hot water, begins to slowly slide across the top of
the toilet tank  toward my hand,  two feet away.  As I watch in fascination,  it continues to slide forward.  It moves com-
pletely off the tank  and floats in the air towards my hand.  But my logical, reasoning mind  jumps in at this point and
says inwardly, "
That can't be__  teakettles can't  move through the air!" The kettle immediately  falls towards  the floor,
hits the wicker wastebasket,  and tips over.  I barely jump out of the way in time to avoid being scalded by the hot wa-
ter splashing all over the bathroom. I spend the next half hour mopping up.  

Please don't try to intentionally teleport objects  unless your consciousness has developed to a high degree.. It takes a
tremendous amount of energy . It is also best  to leave this power alone  unless we have permission from  Higher Self.
When we're ready,  it will occur spontaneously.  Sometimes life presents us with these learning opportunities  to reveal
something outside our present belief systems. In all three of these cases,  the motive was Loving Service__  for self or
for fellow humans who were momentarily disadvantaged. Love enabled those objects to move without a huge expendi-
ture of energy.

Real Air Mail
1989: In St. Louis,  I joined the local chapter of MUFON__ The "Mutual UFO Network"__ an international organization
dedicated to uncovering the truth about UFOs and alien beings. Part of this UFO Study Group was a
committee.  They did experiments using  teleportation  through the  U.S. Mail.  Each wrote  questions on  a blank card,
then sealed the cards in envelopes addressed to themselves.  No stamps or return addresses were put on the letters,
but they eventually did return to their writers  with the questions answered by various "agents". "Stamps" had been ap-
plied to the envelopes__ some old,  some new,  some cancelled, some foreign__ others held  Gold Strike trading sta-
mps or only a stamp-like symbol drawn on them.  One agent replied that it was
: "hard to tell when we are speaking or
writing to you  in relation to  when you perceive  that you are living,  or which of the  equally real  versions  of you  in
alternate pathways will receive the message
I decide to try this experiment. I write questions on five file cards, and place each in a separate, unstamped envelo-
pe addressed  to myself.  I lock them i n my travel train case  and place it  on the top shelf  of the apartment's  bed-
room closet.  I then enter meditation and try to  teleport the letters  into the postal system.  If this works,  at least one
letter will reach me through the mailbox in the lobby of the apartment building, eight stories below.

A week passes . Ten days pass. Not a single one of those letters  comes back. In fact,  Hal and I  
receive no mail at
ll for two weeks!  
This is very strange.  Not even junk mail arrives,  and in a metropolitan area of five million people,
we normally see a lot of junk mail every day.

At the next UFO Study Group meeting, I talk with the parapsychology committee about the mail experiment. I didn't
know  they had a special copper-lined room  for paranormal experiments.  Their letters had been  locked inside this
room.  They say they will be  doing this experiment again in a week,  and if I want to  write a question about what has
happened to our mail, they'll put it in the box in the special room, and see if I receive an answer.

But I don't want to wait several more weeks  before getting any mail,  so I meditate at home  to try to  "undo"  my exp-
eriment.  I realize that  when I placed those cards in  my train case  on the closet shelf,  they had been
directly above
the apartment building's  post office boxes  eight floors below.  When I tried to  "zap" them into a higher-dimensional
communication system,  it may have affected  our mail box downstairs,  too.  Actually,  I had been  imaging our mail
box below as the target  while I visualized teleporting letters out of the train case. Perhaps the focus and timing of the
experiment was unclear. I now try to visualize the mail returning to our mailbox down stairs
. The next day, a huge ba-
tch of mail arrives, a nd we have no more problems  with the postal service,  although when I  opened the letters from
the travel case, I never did receive a reply to any questions.
Supermarket Frisbee
1991:  Back in Idaho, Hal and I drive to Idaho Falls to shop.  It's a strange day.  t most stores, I approach the sales
person to pay for my purchases, and the cash registers  immediately malfunction__ some give wrong prices off the
tags, others simply don't function at all.

At Ware-Mart,  Hal goes to shop in another part of the store  while I shop for  fruits and vegetables.  When choosing
fresh food for a meal, I like to intuit which are the more nutritious and then "program" them with Unconditional Love
to retain their  nutrients and life force. While choosing the broccoli,  ten feet beyond the lettuce display,  I look back
to see where Hal is,  and instead,  see one head of lettuce suddenly leap out from the display shelf,  fly horizontally
through the air f or about six or eight feet,  then pause and  drop vertically  to the floor.  There's  no one else  in that
store's vegetable section  except Hal__ just rounding  the end of the  fruit counter.  He looks at me,  grins and asks,
"Did you do that?"
I don't know," I reply, sheepishly shrugging my shoulders.

We go to  Albertson's.  Once again,  Hal and I take separate routes__  he to the bakery,  I to search for a  particular
brand of canned tomatoes for a new chili recipe a friend gave me. As I look over the shelves, my heart warms recal-
ling the  intimate incident with this friend  which led her  to give me the recipe.  I notice some movement  to my right
out of the corner of my eye. When I turn to look,  a can of beans leaps straight out from a high shelf across the aisle,
zooms horizontally over to where I'm standing,  and plummets to the floor. I have to jump back to avoid being hit on
the toes.  Once again,  Hal is coming around the end of the aisle.  He laughs. "
What ARE you doing today? Tossing  
lettuce and beans around
?" I laugh, too. But just what is happening? Now I'm experiencing these things when I'm not
alone; others see it too.

Our subtle bodies,  chakras and meridians  are higher dimensional elements that can project us forward or backwards
in the time flow and are connected with the many dimensions  that make up  our whole being. When a human has fully
activated all his chakras,  he becomes conscious of,  and can enter into and "
play magic"  within at least nine dimens-
ions. These grids and dimensions are not governed by the laws and mechanisms controlling our 3-D world; they oper-
ate under different sets of rules.

If you decide to try some of these telekinetic experiments,  ask Spirit's permission  and be very clear about your motiv-
. My personal motivation is a belief  that by raising our consciousness to levels where we can  teleport and manifest
with  Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies,  we will be able to avoid fossil and nuclear fuels,  thereby eliminating
pollution,  stop damaging  Mother Earth and  All Life Upon Her  with over-use of Her resources,  and return  Her to Her
original beauty and purity.  We can also eliminate poverty,  crime and war because every-one will have everything they
desire or need without money.

Levitation occurs  when an object or a person lifts up to float in mid-air without physical assistance. Examples of levita-
tion have occurred throughout history.  Probably the best known in the western world is  the parable of
Jesus and Pet-
walking on  the waters of  the Sea of Galilee.  We've seen  TV shows where  basketball pros,  Michael Jordan and
Julius Erving,  and ballet dancers  Mikhail Baryshnikov and the great  Nijinsky,  seemed to defy gravity by remain-
ing in the air for more than normal periods of time.

A friend in Boise told of her astrology client who levitated with yogic instruction and "hopped from room to room" in the
classic cross-legged position. And young
David Charlton amazed his Butte High School, Idaho, classmates and him-
self  when he unconsciously  levitated a penci l one foot above his desk  while daydreaming  during a study period.  An
earlier chapter described my "
being danced by spirit" and later finding myself walking several inches above the floor.

The physical body becomes  a
superconductor  when one's  energy fields  are altered by the  thought projections  of a
group of humans in  Unity Consciousness.  Between five and fifteen people are needed for this  Expanded Technology
work.  A person placed at the center of the group  can be levitated by them.  The weight of the central person does not
matter, nor does the strength or size of the members . It is important that a true circle be formed with persons position-
ed 45 degrees off the four magnetic compass points  and with  males and females  placed alternately around the circle
__ Sacred Geometry again.  It's been said that  when capabilities  are refined,  the entire group  will levitate  as one.  If
they wish,  they can move into other dimensions  for group experiences and explorations. This type of group circle can
also greatly enhance
Energetic Intentional Healing.

1980's: Hal and I again travel  70 miles across the high desert  to do business  in Idaho Falls.  The remainder of the
day is spent having fun, and at Circle-K on the edge of the city,  we fill the gas tank  of our  "trusty old '81 T-bird" be-
fore starting home. We laughingly recall some of the humorous incidents of the day, feeling warm and happy about
life in general. As we drive into the rural spring countryside,  we remark on how the abundance of snow and rain last
winter has made the land gloriously green,  embroidering it with  colorful wildflowers  and filling the air with fragrance.
I relax from the tensions of the preceding week  and open to share some of my most intimate  spiritual hopes for the
future  with Hal.  He listens carefully,  makes a few  thoughtful suggestions,  and nods his head  in agreement as we
drive along. I'm feeling SO GREAT!  We are in perfect harmonic resonance with each other and the land.

As I appreciate the beauty of the snow-capped blue mountains and the billowy white clouds against a glowing, deep
electric-blue sky,  I want to share my wonderful feelings,  and I mentally extend  my harmonic sensations toward ev-
erything I can see__  even the  T-Bird in which we're riding . I ask myself:  "
What might occur if one became harmon-
ically resonant or intimate with not just people,  but with all the surrounding lifeforms of minerals,  plants,  animals,  air,  
clouds  and even with  the car in which we're riding?"
 To my surprise,  a clear inner answer arrives: "The car will  run
on higher energies alone.
"  I laugh aloud,  mentally hugging mysel f with the good thoughts and feelings. "Just your
overactive imagination again,  my dear",  says my  ego-reality voice.  But none-the-less,  I maintain that  wonderful
feeling as long as I can.

An hour later,  crossing the city limits of home,  I still feel good,  and as we turn into our driveway, Hal glances at the
dashboard.  "
Look at this,"  he exclaims. "The tank is still full__ we drove  all the way home  and never used  a drop of
gas!  Must be something wrong  with the gas gauge
."  After supper  he takes the car to the service station  to refill the
tank, thinking the gauge is faulty. But it is not__ he can only get a cupful of gas into the tank.

Electronic anomalies soon extend to the members of our study group . Like our nearly  "gasless" trip home from Idaho
Falls,  three astrology class students report having similar experiences driving their cars  on trips over a hundred miles
in length, finding that they,  too,  used very little gasoline. Our trips averaged  about 88  miles per gallon.  During these
experiences,  the car seems to "float" over the roadway,  as if the wheels  aren't quite touching the pavement,  and se-
veral members report that at times,  the car's accelerator seems to have  a mind of its own__  they don't have to  depr-
ess it at all__  and they don't have cruise control.  We test to see  if the accelerators are stuck,  but no amount of tapp-
ing on them  affects their performances,  and mechanics find no defects.  Incidentally,  as I edit  this chapter  in March,
2013, that "trusty old T-Bird" is still chugging along! Hal uses it daily to run errands and drive to the golf course.

Oraibi, Third Mesa,  is the oldest,  continually inhabited community in North America. The Creation Myths of the Hopi
h tribe there say we are now in the  Fourth World civilization. The last world destroyed itself  through misuse
of high technologies. They say we are doing it again,  but this will be  our last chance,  as we have  so abused  Nature
and Earth,  that we have  put them and ourselves  out of balance  and are destroying life  as we know it.  They believe
"End Times" began before the year
2000,  because we have become so unbalanced,  we are creating and using self-
destructive technologies. By this time  we should have created  alternative,  life-friendly technologies.  From space__
and through our spirit eyes,  at the time we are ready  to move into the  Fourth World,  say the indigenous prophecies,
we will see Earth enveloped in silvery webs of communication. Could this be the Internet__ or telepathy?

Hopi told of one of their tribal members walking with a visitor  to show her an old sacred site church  in the desert.
As they turned to move to the next site,  the visitor heard a high-pitched humming sound.  Goose bumps  appeared on
her arms and her hair stood on end. Then she noticed the Hopi  was moving very smoothly__ almost floating.  His feet
did not touch the ground
;  although they moved  as hers did. His feet were  one inch above the soil.  Native Americans
commonly have these experiences, consider them sacred and call them "
skimming." There are documented cases of
indigenous runners using this skill,  particularly in  North and South America.  According to  old Spanish reports,  these
natives would run from Lima to Cuzco, Peru in only three days__over 150 miles a day. It required twelve days for Spa-
Spanish riders to cover the same territory on horseback.
(Totterdaal & Severn: "Teleportation: A Practical Guide for the Metaphysical Traveler.")

Peter Nabokov, in his book, "Indian Running", tells of an anthropologist by the name of George Laird who observed
a particular runner  living in the southwestern part of the U.S.,  who one morning left his friends at  Cotton Wood Island
in Nevada,  saying he was going to the mouth of the  Gila River in southern Arizona. He didn't want anyone else along,
but once he was out of sight,  the others began tracking him. Beyond the nearby dunes his stride changed. The tracks
looked  as if he had just been staggering along,  taking  giant steps,  his feet  touching the ground at long,  irregular in-
tervals,  leaving prints that became farther and farther apart and lighter and lighter in the sand.  When they got to  Fort
Yuma,  they learned that he had arrived at sunrise__ on the same day he had left them__ thus, arriving before he dep-
arted. Most native peoples,  particularly the  Australian Aborigines,  could  perform  similar feats.  Theirs is the  oldest
continuously existing culture on earth (at least 50,000 years),  and they maintain an understanding  of time and space,
of reality, that deserves our attention.
(Totterdaal & Severn)

At present, new cosmic energies are entering our planet,  enabling us to activate certain brain cells and link to the me-
dulla obligata, the "Mouth of God
" chakra with the pineal. (Figure 7)  Once we gain this higher skill,  we can create ev-
ery material thing we need  simply by using mind,  emotion and intention. When the heart chakra is awakened, control-
led psychokinetic power and universal love for humanity can result.
(Adrian Clark."Psycho-Kinesis: Moving Matter With the Mind")

As Earth's energy fields' vibrational levels  reached the threshold of the higher dimensions in January 2008, we notic-
ed how whatever we strongly thought or felt manifested more quickly  These phenomenae will rapidly increase. As our
"rev up",  people will have to  maintain positive thoughts and emotions  at all times. Those who can't,  begin
to attract negativity into their lives and may themselves act violently and insanely.

1980's: Study group member Patty showed up at our front door one evening,  trembling and white-faced,  relating an
Out-of-Body Experience driving across the desert from Idaho Falls while returning her home-care client,
Olaf, from his
doctor's appointment.  It began while leaving the Idaho Falls city limits and gradually increased, causing the car to jerk
sideways several inches  every now and then . It reached its peak  at the INL Site  crossroads,  just opposite the  Utah
Power Company Line and the  Idaho Stargate's vortex center "
eye" directly north of there. She then saw "another self"
__her energy body__ slip up and out of her physical body. She may have Bi-located, as Olaf simply went to sleep be-
side her,  while she saw overlapping mountain and desert scenes.  When asked what she'd been thinking,  feeling or
doing within ten minutes prior to leaving her body,  she said she felt very tired and "
wished she were home."  She was
driving within the INL boundaries. Did the Idaho Stargate's vortex energy oblige?

Remote Viewing moves one's consciousness  to a distant location.  An OOBE will do the same,  but with one's  light
body doing the traveling,  linked with a sense of actually  being in that distant location  but unable to affect material ob-
jects.  With teleportation,  however,  both the consciousness and the  physical body  relocate without  physical means
of transporting between the two sites.  At the new location, one has the ability to do everything one normally can at the
original site. Usually, the body then returns to its point of departure.

Probably the most famous teleportation event  was the
Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, when the U.S. Navy attempt-
ed to create invisibility for the ship, "
The Eldridge".  Nicola Tesla,  Dr. Albert Einstein,  Dr. von Neuman and math-
Dr. David Hilbert  and many other scientists  were involved at various times.  Special generators were in-
vented,  installed on the ship and tested several times without humans.
(See Archives for more Teleportation info.)

Spontaneous Teleportation   
1992:  I'm on  my morning walk beside the  lava- rock lined,  Little Wood River.  Narrow roads run along both sides
of the river's rock walls. At 9th Avenue,  where Main Street crosses the river  on a bridge, I'm walking east,  about to
pass the Schubert residence, where I pause to enjoy the beauty of their spring garden and flowering trees. Turning
toward the river,  I spy a
huge wild mullein plant growing at the water's edge  directly across the river.  I marvel at its
;  I've never seen one so big!. I examine it delightedly, visualizing how I might use it in a drawing or design.

Suddenly, I'm looking
down on the large mullein plant from above. Now I'm on the opposite side of the river, head-
ed west, away from Main Street__ and I don't know how I got here!. I can't recall crossing the Main Street bridge, or
even walking  the last third of a block  passing the Schubert home to Main Street  and the bridge. Somehow, I cov-
ered a distance of well over a city block in a split second.

Multiple dimensions  all exist within  the same geographical space. Where you sit  reading right now,  you are actually
existing in many dimensions or reality states  at the same time and are probably aware of only one. To teleport to an-
other site, we move both consciousness and body into another dimensional reality.

People in
5-D can become invisible to people still in 3-D. Many couples have disappeared from each other for hours
at a time in the Las Vegas,  Luxor pyramid. In
Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry seminars,
some people disappeared out of their chairs  right in front of the rest of the students.  Usually they came back later__
but a few never did.

Ken Page, in his Heart of Soul Healing seminars, demonstrated the ability  to enter other dimensions and disappear
from students' eyes.  He sat in a wooden chair,  leaned back against the wall  with only the  two rear legs  of the chair
touching the floor,  and began to fade from sight.  After ten minutes,  he reappeared physically,  surrounded by an in-
tense, glowing light. (

Through the Wormhole     
1993: Another spontaneous teleportation occurs with changes in both time and space while I'm in our pickup truck
between Taco John's and the adjacent alley.  I set my take-out taco salad on the floor  behind the drivers' seat and
start the truck to return home. Other cars block the parking lot exits, so I drive down the alley. It had recently rained,
and when I swish through a big puddle, I hear a loud "bang". Oh, Oh! Have I blown a tire?

Opening the door to look back, I see it was only a large plastic soda bottle which flipped out of the water when I went
over it.  I resume driving as  a man and two boys at my left  start crossing the alley  just six feet in front of me. I stop
quickly,  and hear the lid pop off  the plastic salad bowl  on the floor  behind me.  With right leg straight,  foot on the
brake and left hand on the steering wheel,  I lean way back,  turn slightly to my right  and reach behind the seat with
my right hand to re-adjust the bowl cover.

Immediately,  everything goes black.  Then,  streaks of red,  white and blue lights  zoom past at  incredible speed. I
seem to be shooting down a tunnel of blackness,  with needle-like  points of colored light  spiraling past me out of a
that black tube. I gasp,  concerned about  the man and boys ahead of me,  and pull my arms and legs back to a no-
rmal position. The tunnel and lights disappear, and I see the alleyway again__ but now the man and boys are once
more  just starting to approach  the alley in front of me,  when a moment or two ago,  they had  already been  nearly
across it.       
I'm shaken up. What happened? I wait a few minutes as the people continue across the alley, then resume driving. I
turn into  the empty parking lot of a  deserted cafe  and from there  reach the side street.  The man and the  two boys
are once again,  right in front of me! This time,  attempting to cross the side street.  How did they  get there so fast? I
wait for them  to pass a third time,  then continue  onto the  highway  and up the hill,  reaching  home  without  further

Years later,  when the "
Stargate" film  and later,  the "Stargate SG-1"  TV program  came out,  the scenes where the
"away team"  went through the  Stargate wormhole  to another planet  was very similar to  what  I experienced  in the
truck that day. Did I, too, go through a worm-hole in space and time?

I also came across a book, "Ecstatic Body Postures", by Belinda Gore.  She and Dr. Felicitas Goodman noted that
human-shaped art and artifact of ancient world cultures__ many from vastly different places and times__ displayed si-
milar unusual body postures. The two women  explored shamanic and religious trance postures  for over twenty years.
Their experiments with these positions showed that the ancients knew that assuming certain body positions, gestures
or movements while in the Zone,  could trigger them into  altered time,  space and other-dimensions. In some of these
states, they also performed healing.

The critical position  was first identified in the  Lascaux,  France cave drawings  discovered in 1940.  These drawings
date from 15,000 B.C. The picture was of a man wearing a bird mask__ probably identifying him as a shaman__ and
lying at a 37 degree angle. That he was not dead was indicated  by a short line extending upwards  from his crotch__
his male organ was very much "alive". Twelve-thousand years later,  this same image was created in a drawing of Os-
iris, in Egypt. This was the first  ecstatic body posture  identified by  
Belinda Gore.   When her group at Cuyamungue
Institute, Santa Fe,  New Mexico,  tried this position,  they had to build wooden  "launching pads" to keep their bodies
at the  proper slant.  They found the position of  the left thumb very important  and thereby  easily left their bodies  and
moved into other dimensions.
"I felt I was a rocket, moving very, very fast", she related.

While in the pickup truck,  reaching back  to cover the salad,  I had unknowingly assumed  the exact same  37 degree
angle plus the arm,  leg and head postures.  Even my left thumb and fingers grasping the steering wheel assumed the
correct circular position. Again,  before deliberately attempting teleportation,
 ask permission.

Intentional Teleportation
Teleportation can happen either spontaneously__subconsciously directed  through the sleep-dream state__ or when
consciously directed at will. Learning to teleport at will  requires practice.  If we wish to teleport,  it must be  important
to us,  and we must have  a clear and holistic purpose for doing so.  We then must feel and visualize  that we have
ready arrived
at that distant time and destination even before leaving.

During the teleportation experience,  any communication is telepathic. Time appears to stop
; we are no longer in the
same space-time,  having relocated to  another dimension__  most likely,  the
4th..  We can teleport  in the presence
of others if they are of like mind, but if even one person is skeptical,  afraid or does not wish it to occur,  they can con-
sciously or subconsciously distort the effect or prevent it from happening.

Non-material device travel on physical planes involves  connecting intuitively with the grid nodes of both where we are
right now  and where we intend to be.  At specific lines of latitude,  Earth's magnetic field has  "hot spots" of upwelling
energies situated at 1
9.5,  51.5, and 60 degrees  above and below the equator.  Other planets and suns/stars do, too.
Idaho Stargate is a sacred spot  naturally conducive to teleportation,  as are Groom Lake-Area 51, NV,  Orcas Is-
land, WA,
 St. Louis, MO-Cahokia Mounds, IL, Grand Teton Park, WY, and Cerro Cubaba, Sonora, Mexico, just south
of the border from O
rgan Pipe Cactus National Monument, AZ..

When we teleport,  our vibration is not always altered 100 %.  Sometimes part of our energy field stays home and part
of it travels. It seems that if our presence or any evidence of our having been there could cause some disruption in the
alternate  location's energetic  fields,  only just that  amount  of our  vibrations  necessary  to  accomplish  the task  will

In order to leave a mark  at the chosen destination point,  we would have to  teleport at least 60%  of our energy there.
For others to see us at the new location , even as a passing glance, at least 60% of our body must teleport. To be fully
seen requires at least 80 to 85%. The incident of viewing
Jim Schnabel_ _author of the remote viewing book__ near
Anita's Cochina in Arizona,  indicated his ability to teleport at or near 100%.

Mountain Hopping
1987:  After the Vogel Crystal Healing classes,  the electrical phenomena  escalated even more  dramatically. En-
couraged by previous episodes,  I try an experiment  during morning meditation.  I attempt to  teleport myself  from
my home in  Lost Rivers, Idaho  to Grand Institute, Wyoming,  over the Teton Mountain Range  to gain information
about registering for the August Crystal Healing classes.  I soon "zap" into their office  located in an RV, but I'm un-
able to fully materialize. The door is open and people are rushing outside as fast as they can. Feeling I've come at
an inopportune time, I pull back home.

About a half hour later,  
Sherry telephones. Thinking she might like to attend the August workshops,  too,  she had
phoned Grand Institute shortly before calling me. They told her  they couldn't talk just then__  they had to cope with
a massive power failure which had gone on for over twenty minutes and for which they could find no cause. Oh, Oh
Had my teleportation experiment affected their EM systems?

While in The Zone,  we increase our  energy vibrations  to the speed of light,  thus enabling ourselves to  pass through
the energy thresholds  between dimensions. The Merkaba-Vendome  creates a space-time warp.  It is a non-physical
spaceship. Do we really need material ships  if we can access and use time-portals? (See
Archives for details on the
process possibly involved in "Teleportation")

Flying Saucer Disk                                             
1987: Many unusual teachings occurred during the Vogel Classes at Grand Institute, Wyoming. After a UFO crash,
government scientists brought a piece of material from the ship for Dr. Vogel to examine with a specially-built spec-
trographic electron  microscope.  With this instrument,  he could examine matter to discover  what elements or min-
erals composed it. In the UFO artifact, he found several minerals unknown to Earth.

In class,  we're privileged to hold the spaceship artifact in our hands. The size and shape of a hockey puck, i t has a
semi-translucent,  yellow-gold color containing whitish streaks,  recalling cirrus clouds on a windy day.  I've seen ho-
neycombs or chunks of amber  of a similar pale hue
;  but it's not either of those materials.  It feels very smooth and
slippery,  as if its surface had been oiled,  but our hands don't pick up oil from it. It's very hard and doesn't smell like
plastic or oil.

As I close my eyes and hold the piece between my hands,  I feel a slight pulsation,  but it's not my own pulse,  which
is at first out of sync  with the object's.  I also have an odd sensation  of my body moving slightly. Other curious stud-
ents put their hands over and  under mine,  and soon we have  seven or eight pairs of hands around it.  As each set
of hands is added,  the object is more strongly attuned to the group, and we begin to feel a definite rotating effect. In
fact,  our hands and the disk  start rotating  in a counter-clockwise circle  about one foot  in diameter.  We sense  it's
been part of some sort of  "silent machinery__ something that moves the ship  by subtle energetic forces. I also int-
uit "other minds" previously attuned to this object, and I haveae sensation of them  projecting thoughtforms through
this device to guide themselves to a specific location
; i.e., they  "thought" themselves through space__ but the ship
moved backwards. I have the feeling that if all of us keep our hands on that gadget long enough  and "think" togeth-
er of some time or place we want to visit,  we'll instantly do so.  Later, I privately tell Marcel about what I sensed, and
with a big grin on his face, he says, "
That's right!"

Some mysterious psychic trigger releases the photons from objects so that those small "light bullets: cause recoils
in the molecule. As photons leave an atom in one direction only, the object containing the atom will move in the o-
pposite direction, or the object can receive a greater force from its environment, such as air, by directing the atoms
in the object  against air molecules,  enabling each atom  to strike air molecules  in a direction  that lifts  the object.
A natural law exists  which allows the movement of matter by thought. Possibly,  photons can be triggered by a psy-
chic signal to leave in a desired direction,  thus accounting for  the mysterious movement of objects  in the psychic
field. Photons are the force to move the molecules, if we cantrigger their release in the desired direction

The generation of light  has been theorized by  Gerald Feinberg.  ("Particles That go Faster Than Light".) Scientific
, Feb. 1970. He calls this undetectable particle a tachyon.  (See Archives for more on tachyons.)

Scientists have proposed a theory of
quantum teleportation.  Experimenters at Austria's University of Innsbruck provi-
ded the first demonstration of quantum teleportation when  
Anton Zeilinger's group transferred a property of a single
photon__ its angle of polarization__ to another, independent photon. The transfer could take place, the Austrian scie-
ntists stated  in the journal,  "
Nature"  (Dec. 11, 1997),  even if  the two photons  were literally  a galaxy apart.  Another
scientific team in Rome has reportedly confirmed the result.
 What the researchers are aiming for is a quantum comp-
uter, using the teleportation, error-correction and other factors of quantum information theory to create a device which
could vastly  out-pace current computers.  Quantum teleportation  would also make possible  new researches into the
very foundations of quantum physics.

Because higher dimensions have higher frequencies than 3-D, w e can theorize that transportation between the va-
ous dimensions depends upon the ability to raise or lower our personal or group vibrational frequencies.

Anti-Gravity Devices
here is a two-way approach to  releasing dependency on  nuclear or fossil fuels and other material energy resources:
Through  The Creative Force Field__  intuitive skills,  spiritual gifts of power  and   intentional manifesting  ability as
here-in presented, become known and applied by a critical mass of humans.

b. Sophisticated Quantum Technologies  develop that increasingly use  psychotronics__ human minds,  feelings and
intentions__ to operate devices and move objects or lifeforms.
The two paths grow closer daily.

1994: I eventually overcame our T-Bird's  electronic quirks through use of intention, love, breath and mental focus,
pulling my personal energy field in  closer to my body  to keep it from interfering  with the car's EM system,  intend-
ing that my energy didn't affect the car, and focusing my consciousness in the left brain, avoiding the alpha or thet-
a states while driving. This worked well for re-stabilizing computers and other communication devices , too.

Most skeptics and critics of free energy devices claim the concept  violates one or another of the Laws of Thermody-
and therefore can't work. Then  Dr.Ilya Prigogine of Belgium  received the  1976 Nobel Prize after finding a
way for reversing the  
Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Under certain conditions,  systems are not closed but are o-
penly exchanging matter and energy with the environment.
Living human beings are open systems.

Honored scientists believe we can link into the unlimited energy field existing in space around us__ the ethers,  zero-
point,  or free energy.  Here and there,  inventors working  in isolation  have achieved  that link  over the past  century.
Many of the devices are still primitive in form,  but although electrical inventions,  they run with little or no  energy input
from visible sources. (See
Archives for more on "Anti-Gravity Devices".)

The technology exists today to create a car that runs on a kind of permanent magnet with a superconductor that spins
to create an energy field. Y ou could start this car in New York City  and drive across the country to San Diego without
ever having to  stop and  plug-in,  recharge or  fill tanks  at a service  station.  The  air-quality benefits alone  would be

All sorts of  "water cars"  are now in the works and some are even being used on the road. The Phillipines have been
using a car for the past 30 years that runs on 100% sea water. Other water cars are available in the U. S.,  Brazil and
Japan,  and Canada has water technology that will heat homes,  create electricity and purify sewer water, all solely on
100% water.

Dr. Steven Greer, of "Orion Technologies" was recently joined by a scientist who has already developed  a zero po-
int energy device. When produced,  each appliance or electronic device we purchased would already have its power
source within it's form.  No plugs or batteries are used.  We will be so off-the-grid that we'll have no power bills to pay.

Slim Spurling knew a guy  who showed him  how to make  a free energy machine:  he took  a coat hanger and
said, "
This is a free energy machine",  connected his house to the coat hanger and his house lighted up. And it's just
a coat hanger.  That is because  
if you give it power;  if you believe it;  that's  what happens.  I hear from  the govern-
ment how  concerned they are about this,  because obviously,  it could get  really crazy  when people understand  just
how powerful human thought and emotions are.

A scientist  in Canada  has all these  black boxes  that do all these  amazing things,  but when you  look inside,  there
are no electronics  with wires and crystals.  There are no computer chips;  it is old pieces of  salami and broccoli and
hot dogs and stuff like that.

A welcome clue that the two paths to "
Magic Carpet" transportation are linking,  is an ABC Online article of June 25,
 describing how scientists in Canberra, Australia,  successfully teleported a laser beam for the first time. At the
Australian National University,  the experiment involved laser light  consisting of photons.  Intent on applying  this phe-
nomenon to the development of quantum computers and telecommunications, the physicists are now pondering how
to teleport solid materials, beginning with an atom.

Someday soon,  we may beam to any place at will,  either with our Higher Creativity Intentions or with incredibly adva-
nced,  psychotronic  material technologies. But we must first  purify Earth  of her devastating pollution  and restore her
natural resources. \
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                 By MARILYN LA CROIX