The  root chakra,  near the  base of the spine,  deals with  survival at the  physical body level.  It's that  familiar
flight or fight quandary.  Here sits our
 groundedness:  our ability to  link our  personal purposes and missions
with Earth and Nature and to function effectively through daily obligations on the material plane.

This root center is the seat of
kundalini,  our extremely powerful,  creative energy drive toward growth in con-
Dr. Marcel Vogel  told of holy men  in India  teaching him  how to  enhance his  kundalini__  his
body became so hot, they had to put him into the nearby lake to cool down. The lake water boiled around him
until nightfall.

Any need to
react defensively to most situations suggests a problem at the root chakra. If body wastes aren't
properly released , toxins build up  in the  physical systems . Typical illnesses  connected with  the root center
are constipation, diarrhea, estrogen or testosterone imbalance , and some adrenal difficulties. There may be
a refusal to let go of the past,  holding on to outworn thoughts a nd replaying physical security "memory tapes"
imprinted in early childhood, youth or past lives.

Earth-based creative energies drawn from this first energy center rise up through the second-sacral, center to
be funneled into either  procreation of physical babies  or other creative activities. Having children is sometim-
es considered an attempt to achieve immortality,  to produce something which  "lives on"  after our matter bo-
dies die. The same can be said of physical artistic efforts,  as we use the same creative energies to manifest
the artful "children of our minds and hearts". This drive must be channeled to higher levels such as the heart or
throat before truly expanded and refined expressions of creativity occur.

sacral chakra, in the area of the reproductive organs, vibrates according to what we value most on Earth.
It is the seat of our sexuality and involves our self-esteem. The degree of our personal involvement with emoti-
onal and sexual energies  is indicated  by the condition of this  sacral center.  An over-focus on,  or a negative
approach to sex,  to the exclusion of  Higher Creative pursuits can destabilize those physical body areas near
the reproductive organs.

This second chakra activates  when we enter puberty and the body changes,  enabling us to  create physical
children. Most people alive today  have never advanced their personal creative drives  past this point and are
still adolescent in these matters. Some religions, political groups, entertainment and advertising industries fo-
cus on this level to "sell" us products. This keeps us entrapped in the "old" consciousness. One way to empo-
wer ourselves and raise the sacred creative-sexual drive in the body is to regularly engage in creativity.

An over-emphasis on gaining wealth and material possessions,  fame and either pride or lack of self-esteem
over physical attributes can quickly bring imbalances to the sacral chakra.  Some of the physical dysfunctions
connected with this center will be found near the lower abdomen or reproductive organs, such as PMS, urina-
ry- bladder  problems,  prostate,  large and small  intestines,  fibroid  tumors,  the  appendix,  and  lower back

We must examine our priorities. It's not wrong to have material wealth,  a fulfilled sex life  and a pleasant, heal-
thy image,  but worshiping luxurious objects or personal attraction to the point where we suffer if we don't have
them,  or placing them above health,  family,  friendship, responsibility,  integrity or concern for community and
Earth's well-being  can bring  dysfunctions  to the  sacral area of  the body.  An  attitude of  Abundance,  higher
principles which consider the highest good of the whole,  as well as a search for our personal life purpose and
understanding of life are all linked with our sense of self-worth and this sacral center.

solar plexus center just above the waistline,  refers to our relationships with other beings,  with the natural
environment and our personal power  It is through here that psychic senses first develop. Like creative talents,
psychic skills are useful tools inherent within every individual. Though supernatural phenomena  may occasion-
ally occur to the regular meditator, the goal is
not psychic phenomena,  but rather a direct link with Higher Self-
Spirit,  enabling us to  receive guidance  for Life's challenges,  clear  subconscious distortions , clarify spiritual
truths or re-design our personal belief systems.

heart chakra must be open and wholly functioning before we truly feel or express Love. If it is not, we may
never have learned how to love unconditionally,  may not be able to feel or see the love around us, or think we
don't deserve to be loved fully. Many health problems arise  simply because  we don't love ourselves  uncondi-
tionally__ not physically, emotionally, mentally or even spiritually.

Ideas of resentment or retribution must be replaced with forgiveness  and gratitude before the heart stabilizes.
Failure  with the above issues  can bring  heart disease,  bronchial tube  or lung disorders,  problems with the
breasts or the circulatory system and strokes or heart attacks. Asthma is also related to this chakra, and child-
ren with asthma often feel smothered by over-protective parents. To the child,  this suggests the world outside
is a terribly dangerous place.

Th e
thymus gland is  the physical plane  manifestation  of the heart center  and controls  our immune  system.
AIDS,  chronic fatigue syndrome and  immune deficiency problems  stem from here.  This suggests that some
homosexuals may have developed AIDS because in our society this lifestyle is so often denigrated, that a gay
person feels unlovable or undeserving of love. These intolerances are not those of  Unconditional Love for self
and others.

The heart center lies  midway between the  upper (heaven) and the  lower (earth)  chakras__ halfway between
spirit and matter. The breasts have no other function than to nurture another being. The heart chakra condition
indicates our ability to nurture ourselves  as well as others.  Developing compassion and empathic feelings for
others is  one of the first steps  on the path  toward opening the heart  and developing  higher awareness.  We
cannot ascend  to the higher dimensions of consciousness  unless we have developed Unconditional Love for

The 4th heart chakra  must be opened in most entities on earth  as to comply with these  cosmic energies that
determine  the destiny of our  civilization and planet.  Only those entities  who are able to  fully open  their heart
chakras,  will ascend and  accommodate  to the new harmonious energies of the 4th and 5th dimensions after
the stargate,
11-11-11 opens in November this year."... (2011).

The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the conscious experience of various angst (fear) patterns that
shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the
DNA, by the soul, and
affect human behavior in a profound and invisible manner as long as the 4th chakra is closed."

 throat chakra,  near the  Adam's apple,  links with the  parasympathetic  nervous  system,  with the vagus
nerve that enervates heart,  lungs and abdominal organs and with the thyroid and parathyroid glands, affecting
general  skeletal activity. The parathyroids  regulate  calcium  metabolism  in teeth and  bone cells. The thyroid
regulates the general metabolism,  plus it produces hormones affecting the calcium and bone metabolism in a
manner opposite to what the parathyroids do. For optimum health a balance is necessary between the two.

Physical diseases  associated with this center  are laryngitis,  hyperthyroidism,  parathyroid tumors,  cancer of
the larynx,  TMJ  and illnesses related to  the condition of the  bones and  teeth or to the neck,  throat and lower
jaw. Energy blockages in the throat may bring degenerative illnesses such as hypothyroidism, but the opposite
may  be true
:  an  energy  overflow  in this chakra  encourages  inflammations,  hyperthyroidism,  or  cancerous
growth in adjacent areas.

t hroat center  is extremely  important in  communications at  physical-verbal  levels and at  etheric  energy
levels__   our inner hearing__  
clairaudience.  The throat is  a fountain of forces  for creating with audible vibra-
tions__ words,  sounds or song.  It also involves openly expressing new ideas, our inner truths and consciously
recognizing and lovingly asserting our personal needs to others.

The centers of the body  above the heart__  especially
 throat,  crown  and  brow__ serve  Truly Enlightened
individuals as  organs of  higher consciousness,  spiritual  perception and  projection.  When the  creative drive
rises to  the throat,  creative energies activate,  inspiring us to  openly express  our more  inclusive  knowledge,
skills and truths in service to others.

As creative energy wells up beyond this point, things become more complex. All centers from the heart upward
are either spontaneously activated as we raise our consciousness through Basic Multi-D Technologies, or they
develop gradually through Exceptional Human Experiences (EHE ) and the application of spiritual principles in
loving service to humans and Earth.  Upper centers are linked with
Intention. This is not quite the same as Will.
Will is expressed  within a person's  beingness, while Intention is consciously,  purposely and lovingly projected
by Will into the exterior world.

brow chakra inside the skull,  level with a point between the eyebrows,  is directly connected to the  pituitary
.  It involves  intuition  and  clairvoyance,  the ability to  view  subtle energy  bodies or auras,  to  "read"  the
superconscious  side of life  and scan  other dimensiona l realms. The  brow center's quality  gives one  intuitive
skills at a conscious level of awareness.

Th e
crown-seventh center  at the very top of the head  connects with t  e pineal gland  in  the center of  the skull.
It concerns our evolutionary questing
:  seeking the meaning of  life  and searching  for our origins and our futures
as consciously evolving beings. Completely activating the crown center initiates the final,  Self-Realization Stage
of consciousness.  Normally,  we think of  the  brow-pineal chakra  as being the  next energetic center  above the
throat. However,  when dealing with  advanced creativity,  we find that the forces  can take a different route, dep-
ending upon the individual's stage of enlightenment:

This  seventh  energetic center  is symbolized  by the  
Great Pyramid at Giza,  Egypt,  which has been  encoded
with  vibrations  enabling  a human being  to connect  with  his/her  Higher Self,  highe r intelligences  or  spiritual
guides. Through a fully opened and functioning  crown center,  he receives  the necessary instruction for manag-
ing his own consciousness evolution and his own life affairs.

Physical problems  which might arise  through the brow  and head centers  primarily have to do with  eyes,  ears,
sinuses,  cataracts  and major  endocrine imbalances.  These can be the result of  not wanting to  see" or "hear"
something imperative  to one' s growth in  consciousness.  The sinuses  may also  be impacted  when  one  is in
the latter stages of the ascension process, and one's pineal gland is expanding.

"Creating New Earth Reality with Multi-Density Technologies"
                                                        By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX