Earth's orbit around our Sun takes one solar year. Our Earth's "wobble"__ called the "Precession of
the Equinoxes
"__ completes its Great Year Cycle once every 25,125 years. And our Sun and Solar
System,  including planet Earth,  orbit once around the center of our Milky Way Galaxy  for what we
call a "
Grand Precession" of 255 million solar years. The entire Milky Way Galaxy, however, orb-
its around  the center of our  Universe  in its  "
Galactic Grand Cycle"  once  every  20 billion  solar
. All these cycles culminated before, or on, December 21, 2012.

The Maya considered  The Galactic Center of the Milky Way  as the Source of Life. They told of an
energy field reversal  coinciding with  entry into a  
New World Age.  Astronomers recently found this
point to correlate with a black hole at the galaxy's center.  According to
Nexus Magazine, Oct./Nov.,
1998,  that black hole & sun alignment occurs  only once about every
25,125 years__ a Great Year
__ and did so again,
December 21, 2012.

The Galaxy and the Solar System are evolving too, as our Sun achieves a new energy level. Scien-
tists tell us that since
1995  the Sun appears four degrees off  from its former northern and southern
equinox locations, indicating that  Earth__  not the sun__ has moved. Some of us lightworkers have
noticed that the sun rose about 10 degees further north at the
2006 Summer Equiinox and still furth-
er north in

Geology professor,  Madeleine Briskin, spoke October, 1996  at the  International association for
New Science's  7th Annual Forum
 in Denver,  offering  scientific evidence  corroborating Zacharia
s' report of an astronomical 400,000 year-long cycle responsible for various earth dynamics
and possibly,  the existence of  another planet  in our solar system.
 (26).  A CNN TV  News flash on
July 1st,  1987   elated that  space probes  had proven  almost without a doubt,  the existence  of a
tenth planet orbiting our Sun. In
mid-2005,  the new planet was calculated  to travel at a  45 degree
angle to the orbital plane of our other planets. However,  this is
not the notorious "Planet X".

Earth & Sun will complete their
75,000+  year galactic cycle in December, 2012,  also ending their
third  25,135 year-long  Great Year Cycle. Fields of ever-increasing energetic vibrations  shoot out
from the Galactic Center as the Galaxy evolves, enveloping all its stars and charging the solar
syst-ems near them. Our Sun absorbs these charges and expresses them through our system's

The Sun releases
protons__charged, radioactive particles__ and other energies recorded by NASA
over the years.  These particles are now moving  500% faster  than ever before,  altering the space
between planets  and allowing energy  to be conducted more efficiently
.  Because of  the increased
energy flows,  the Sun's magnetic field  is enlarging and  its energy is changing. The visible plasma
energy of inter-planetary space has increased in brightness by about 1000%, most likely due to our
entry into the
Photon Band.

Dr. Mike Lockwood  at Rutherford Appleton  National Labs  in California  found an  increase in the
Sun's magnetic field since
1901. Research being done in the Russian National Academy of Scienc-
in Siberia, concludes that our solar system is moving into this Photon Band__ an energetic field
that is stronger and different from previous areas.

The rising vibratory frequency of Earth  and the  lowering of her magnetic fields mirror environmen-
tal conditions at  sacred sites  such as the  Great Pyramids of  Giza,  Stonehenge,  Machu  Picchu
and the  Idaho Stargate  that are necessary for activating spontaneous consciousness transforma-
tions. Earth herself is becoming one huge temple enabling all humans, all life on the planet, to soar
far beyond their old consciousness reality.

Lidy Hot Springs
, a point on the southeastern Idaho landscape reflects one of the major stars in the
constellation Bootes.
Arcturus is Bootes'  major star, correlating with the Idaho National Laborato-
' original power station,  central to the Arcturian-Idaho Stargate.  A January 30, 2002  "Times-
article taken from "Newsday", reported how..."Experts Find Unique Microbes in Idaho: Org-
anisms Represent Kind of Life That Could Survive on Mars
." At Lidy Hot Springs, "completely new
forms of life, unlike most organisms of Earth
"... "get their energy from hydrogen, essentially doing
without any organic carbon",  
said microbial geochemist Francis Chapelle, at the U.S. Geological
in Columbia, SC. It is speculated these microbes would be able to exist on the subsurfaces
of Mars and on  Europa,  Jupiter's moon... "
It may be a model for  extra-terrestrial  environments"  
said astro-biologist  
Gene McDonald at the  Center for Life Detection,  a branch of the NASA  Jet
Propulsion Lab
in Pasadena, California.

In the
1960's,  scientists found core samples, ice samples and fossils indicating that our planet has
gone through  fourteen  
polar shifts,  the last one about  10,000 to 12,000  years ago near the end
of the last  Ice Age.  Early summer of
2002,  respected  scientific journals  reported  for the first time
that Earth is undergoing  a
magnetic polar reversal right now. And we know the magnetic poles are
moving because  FAA regulations  require airports  in the  northern hemisphere  to change  runway
numbers to  correlate with more than  five  to eight degrees  of change  in magnetic  pole locations.
Minneapolis/St. Paul recently spent over $80,000 to make such changes.

A Polar Reversal could have occurred about
August 12th, 2003, a date synchronizing with Earth's
four-cycle biorhythm period of twenty years. The Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk covert,
military time-traveling projects  both locked up to the
 8/12/03  twenty-year  biorhythm. The eastern
U.S., on that date, had a huge power outage.

Alternative healing modalities  have shown a connection between magnetics  and the human im-
mune system, which also would imply that our immune systems could very well be keyed into the
magnetic fields of Earth
"... "For the first time in our history, the fate of our entire species rests up-
on the choices of a single generation
." (206). Our physical bodies are changing, as our DNA is up-
graded for a Light body. This occurs along with increased intuition, telepathy & precognition.

As we adjust our inner selves,  we learn to respect  both the wisdom of elders and the  inherent in-
nocence of children,  cherishing their teachings and contributions. The United States, in particular,  
has long been without  true spiritual guidance  among its leaders.  This fosters cultural  difficulties.  
We need socially and culturally experienced elders  to show us  how to interact with society. Their  
ethical wisdom and  pragmatic gifts  to family,  school,  community and  country can open younger
individuals to their own inner truths and expanded minds.

When we make changes,  things often get worse before they start to get better. Even when
twe know we're  managing life pretty well  and becoming a more balanced person, those around us
are used to  relating to us  in old familiar ways.  When we suddenly  act and speak differently, they
get upset , not knowing how to respond to the  "new us".  The old games  are no longer played
; we
don't react  to the  manipulations  or  trauma-dramas__ or at least,  we  respond  in a  gentler  way.  
People are thrown off balance,  they feel insecure,  and a period of adjustment for them  is needed
before life settles down.

For many  who are  evolving their  consciousness,  a materially  rich life  has been  purchased at a
price of inner alienation and emptiness. How many people  below retirement age find it  nearly imp-
ossible to just sit in silence, listen to inner guidance, & do absolutely nothing?  Instead, they define
themselves by  their work , achievement , personal  appearance,  possessions, activities or the en-
tertainment used to keep their minds distracted from a fear of having to confront their inner selves.

Perhaps  the deepest of  life's secrets  is how to cultivate our inner lives  to ensure  our elder years
are filled with  growth,  joy , wisdom  and  a deeper  attunement  to  Creative  Force.  As we review   
our life's journey__ walking through  the inner landscapes,  peering into their misty valleys and asc-
ending their dizzying peaks__  we observe the spiritual dimensions of Eldering

Some people would rather remain  hurt & dependent  than risk becoming  healthy and alone.  Hav-
ing learned to use our pains as power, we behold wounding as a primary reason for either defining  
or  empowering ourselves.  Behavior patterns  rooted in our  wounds  become our  tools of life, we
"spiritual intimacy"  and we observe the contemplative moments of peace and abundance.

(26) Braden, Gregg. "Experimental Evidence for the Quantum Hologam." Audio.

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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX