A major  purpose of the  Higher Creative Forces  has been to  evolve humans  into creator-
gods.... A new species of human  is emerging among us...
. The August, 1997 issue of Science
News reported on  research carried out by  the
 Aaron  Diamond AIDS  Research Center in  New
York.  About 1% of the population tested  had genetic mutations  making make them  resistant to HIV
infection.  The findings suggest  a recent  evolutionary origin of the mutation.  Ancient texts indicated
body changes to accommodate the Shift of the Ages.

A paper was  released in
1993,  entitled,  Local and  Non-local  Effects of  Coherent Heart Freq-
uencies on  Conformational  Changes of DNA
. Tissue from  human placentas  was placed in ion-
ized water  and the container  grasped by  people trained in  Emotional Self-Management.
(194)  Too
technical to make mainstream papers and magazines, the media ignored the data.

During these experiments,  
the shape of the DNA changed in response to human emotion. Or-
iginally tightly wound, the DNA strands transformed during emotional reactions. When whoever held
the vial felt forgiveness,  compassion and love, the DNA  unwound into separate strands. Under fee-
lings of rage, fear or despair, it wound itself up very tightly.

As seen by previous experiments, these DNA changes influence the energy fields around our bodies,
possibly  indicating how  Basic Inner Technologies and  Energetic Healing work.  Previous  research
covered was "
The Phantom DNA Effect" through the Quantum Hologram experiment, in which both
the tissue donor  and the DNA placed in separate rooms  had instant responses  to emotional videos
shown to the donor.  Combined with  the above experiment  of winding and  unwinding  DNA strands,
we can see how  
whatever is felt  by one human on Earth  also affects  the DNA  of all Earth's

Although most of our genetic codes are still misunderstood by us, we do know that certain emotions
turn on additional codons, and frequent positive feelings give people stronger immune systems. The
world's conditions  support or damage DNA through the Quantum Hologram.  
Wars, plagues, fears,
famines, and violence affect the health of every Earthling
. (194)

Scientists working with healers and people trained in  Emotional Self-Management found that a hum-
an's intent will override the five conventional laws of
electromagnetism. They found:  non-Hertzian
fields of quantum energy__  energy that didn't need to be transported or shifted through wires or ra-
dio waves to affect other areas.  
This energy holds the blueprint for all the possibilities of life. They
even created a formula for its effectiveness
:  If the square root of  1% of a given population  lives life
in  very positive ways,  the entire population  will benefit.  This amounts to o nly one hundred people
living positively  in a population of one million,  or in the global population of six billion, less than nine
thousand are needed to shift the balance.

We have mutated__ the new children are here. It is no accident that just when Earth's scientists
successfully manipulate genetics, the human race evolves into creator beings. There are many nam-
es for the super-kids  and several books written about them, including, "
Indigo Kids"  by Kryon/Lee
and Jan Tober;  "Children of the Fifth World", by P. M. H. Atwater;  "China's Super Psych-
,  by Paul Dong; "The Star Children", by  Mary Rodwell and "Children of AIDS" in  Gregg Brad-
"Walking Between the Worlds. The Internet has many websites covering this topic. I also sug-
gest "
Dr. Richard Boylan Advanced Human Star Kids" on YouTube.

There seem to be three different types of new youngsters. The first group can heal themsel-
ves of severe illnesses__  while still infants. Terminally ill small children, many born with AIDS, sud-
denly  became well.  Years later,  tests showed  no trace of their ever  having been ill.  By changing
their DNA patterns, they turned on formerly unused human DNA codon sets. Not only had the child-
ren overcome AIDS or cancer __ they were now immune to  
everything. In Bible Code research, the
word "AIDS" correlated with "The end to all disease".

A second group  focuses on math,  physics,  biology and computers__  scientific sages.  The third
, mainly in China and the Far East,  are extremely psychic , can "read" photos and printed ma-
terial through their hands,  the soles of their feet or other parts of their bodies, and can energetically
heal other people. They don't need the Internet __as early as age four, they've been communicating
telepathically with adults and similar children on the other side of the world.

Having several  "New Kids" in our family,  I find they have  Uranus prominent  in their natal astrology
,  Aquarius on an angle, or both.  Also, I find many with the same configurations between Nep-
tune,  Mercury and  the Sun,  as in the charts of the  Elder Indigos
__ "the  Cosmic Mothers"__  born
in the early 20th century  at about the time  Hitler rose to power in Europe.  Many have  one or more
spiritual configurations called a "
Yod" in their charts.

Visiting three of our  great grandchildren__  a newborn,  a two year old  and a two and one half year
old__  and watching them  with their toys,  I sensed  something unusual  about the way  they played.
They had a different attitude about play. It was deadly serious__  purposeful,  as if they  "worked" at
their play,  as if they came here  for a particular mission  and they knew it,  and nothing was going to
stand in their way.  Playing with toys was simply an exercise  for learning physical skills  needing ma-
stery before they could go about their "real work.:

They are now finding  that adults have changed their DNA  and followed the children".... (It
 "possible  for any human being,  at any age,  to transcend this point  into the same re-
gions as these children."
(74) (Emphasis added.)

Part of the problem  with the Indigo children  is that these schools  are moving so slowly  that they're
bored. They get it in the first half-second, and then the school keeps talking i tover for a week. They
are going to have to create a form of much more rapid teaching

The young people of the whole world are asking for change, seeking transformation of a system that
is no longer positive. We are going to see great changes. The sleeping spirit of humanity is awaken-
ing because now there are instant means of communication....
the Internet. Now people can commu-
nicate instantly with millions of other people. Our youths are seeing what people want,  and they are
going to change the world.  They are discovering  that we are  a single human species who are now
the guardians of the Earth... Earth does not belong to us.  We belong to Earth....  whatever happens
on our planet, positive or negative, affects all of us. We need more groups like the ecologists__ small
groups, local groups, or bigger groups like Greenpeace, people who have taken a global conscious-
ness. They are going to change the world. There' s hope.(

Several of my older grandchildren are New Kids with high intelligence and musical, artistic, scientific,
sports or  social integration skills.  One grandson,  about to turn eighteen years old,  startled his par-
parents  with a  matter-of-fact remark , "
we're going to rule the world."  A computer buff,  he has had
anomalous experiences  when mind and emotion alone affected his computer's functions.  In college,
he helped write the codings for  NASA's new space shuttles.  Having completed his Masters degree,
in 2008 he went to work for a power research company,  traveling around the U.S. programming the
computers that run huge Wind and Solar Farms.

"The race has mutated, and Earth Shall Bloom Again."

The fact that the New Kids are birthing around the world, tells us humanity itself is finally moving out
of its adolescence and entering its young adulthood. In the new species, the brain and skull will gra-
dually expand upwards to include the new highly developed thought processes and bodily functions,
enclosing the 8th chakra inside the physical body.

Starseeds,  Lightworkers,  Wayshowers  and  Wanderers entered  
The  Final  Phase  of Earth and
Humanity's Galactic Alignment
on  December 21, 2014.  Our bodies are now restructuring them-
selves for  specific tasks,  purposes and realities,  enabling the race  to travel to  and colonize other
planets,  adapt itself to live under the oceans,  at polar caps,  under severe desert and drought cond-
itions or severely polluted environments.
But any journey to the stars must be preceded by the
journey within.

The children under five  who were born with AIDS  and healed themselves,  had not yet been indoct-
rinated into the distortions of mainstream culture.  Spontaneous remissions from illnesses  long cons-
idered terminal have occurred  in both these children and adults. Perhaps the Inner Basic Technolo-
gies,  Energetic-Intentional Healings and psychotronic items such as Crystals,  Scalar Pendants and
Light-Life (tm) Tools  opened the pathway  towards more loving,  positive Intentions.  When we have
Hope and Knowledge, we are more likely to think and feel in positive ways.

A global blood study on AIDS was done in
1986.  Some people who were diagnosed  HIV Positi-
ve never did get AIDS.  
Their DNA was found to have become immune to that disease. Five more
of their codons were switched on, making some of them immune to every illness.
Since that
1986 study, the number of such persons has increased.
(74) The Conclusion? Because we are link-
ed through a Quantum Hologram,  even one loving,  positive kid with mutated genes  could
eventually affect the entire world population's health.

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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX