CHAPTER 13: CO-CREATING WITH GROUPS

      "There shall come down from the mountain, a river of great Light, flowing as if from above a band
        of white angels.  See to those below  who are in need  of thy good spirit,  for they know not from
        whence cometh their Lord. Fear not, for lo, I am with thee always, even unto the End of Time.'
                                                                                                                                     Meditation: August, 1984.

The Thirteenth Step for Creating From the Future and the second Expanded Multi-Dimensional Techn-
ology is co-creating with Spirit/Creative Force in groups.
When performing Inter-dimensional  Intentional Ma-
nifestatigs or healing in the presence of others, check all for positive, loving thoughts and feelings. If in doubt, visu-
aize a field of Love surrounding the group, or have watchers cross arms & legs to short-circuit negative energies.

    *  "The Black Helicopters"
    *  "Universe/Creator's Purposes for Earth and All Life."
    *  "The Self-Realization Stage."
    *  "The Web of Love"
               Worldwide mental protocols affect scientific apparatus.
               Walking Our Talk.
    *  "How to Perform Expanded InnerTechnologies as a Group."
               Group Responsibility.
               Introducing New Energies.
               Individual Responsibility in a Group.
               Linking Groups.

"The Black Helicopters"
1984: After forming the Edgar Cayce, "Search For God" study group in Idaho, we are visited by black, unmarked
helicopters  flying from the direction of the INL__ Idaho National Laboratories__ a nuclear experimental site and
naval base  where sailors learned to operate  Polaris nuclear submarines.  Although never proven that the whirly-
birds originate from there, they arrive from the east, fly as far as our house, make a U-turn over our roof__ some-
times only six feet above the chimney__  and return east again.  This happens often,  either just before or during
our  weekly study group meeting.  Combined with the fact that  our telephone lines are tapped,  our mail often op-
ened and marked with colored stickers, we feel uneasy.

HD and I retire out of St. Louis in late
199 0, and the Idaho study group meetings resume the next summer. The
black helicopters again show up,  although less frequently. In
1992,  we head south for the winter with our RV. At
Parker, Arizona, we find kindred friends, form an astrology group, and introduce Energetic Healing. The third wi-
nter we view the
Flower of Life videos of Drunvalo Melchizedek.

After Jody and Dan. move to Phoenix, our couples arrange to meet at Wickenburg, fifty miles from Phoenix. We
rejoice  when all of us  simultaneously arrive at  McDonald's parking lot. As we greet and hug each other, a huge
black helicopter  flies in from  Luke  Air Force  Base,  hovers over our heads  for a few moments,  then turns and
flies back toward Phoenix.  We're astounded__ h ow did they know we'd all be here at this time?  We have no ph-
one hookups in our RVs and used public pay phones to contact each other.

Spring of 1994, we link with Drunvalo Melchizedek. Kay and Karl, fly to Austin, Texas from Sacramento, and
I leave from Wickenburg  for the ten day  Flower of Life workshop. HD drives me to the Phoenix airport,  but in the
freeway tunnel under downtown Phoenix,  a black unmarked,  unlicensed van tries to side-swipe us,  and an unli-
censed Econovan immediately does the same from the other side. Only HD's  remarkable driving saves us from
what could have been a fatal accident. I pray for protection and guidance for the rest of the trip.

Unnerved,  but determined,  I board the plane and arrive safely a few hours later at the Austin airport. I hail a taxi
with  "
222"  as part of its  phone number__   n numerology,  indicating  resurrection or  ascension  and meaning:
You are in process right now". However,  the cab is black,  and I feel  uncomfortable about it  since the  incident in
the tunnel.  But the engine of that cab  simply will not start.  They try jumper cables,  but it's  completely dead. I'm
transferred to another cab without  interesting numerology,  but the fact of its being white  puts me more at ease. I
chuckle over Spirit's "mysterious ways" and thank my guides.

In Drunvalo's class, we learn how groups of Lightworkers,  when lovingly bonded, emit a subtle energy field which
shows up  on radar screens. The military  must check it out.  That explains  the black  helicopters.  Others  at the
workshop had experienced them, too.

Intentional Energy Healers, it has now been proven,  generate energy fields that produce patterns of high coheren-
ce in nearby living systems. When a  
team  of healers  applies the technique,  a much more powerful energetic eff-
ect occurs than if their individual energies were simply added together.

Group Minds can  receive guidance from  universal creative realms  and act upon  that information  lovingly for the
benefit of all concerned.  Animals act instinctively to the creativity codes,  but when we humans  act outside the co-
des, the result is usually confusion and chaos. If humans are at the
Truly Enlightened or Self-Realized stages, they
are free to diversify, or even to manifest new codes for the future.

Commonly, in any given situation, the ordinary person follows the path of least resistance. An individual still asleep
in himself will work alone , for self only,  and if he joins a group  it will be for  self-centered purposes. The
Truly En-
stage person works with groups,  even if the group is only himself  and one or two others. Seeking noth-
ing for self,  his motives are to benefit Earth and humanity. Every individual in the group  must hold the same com-
mon purpose for their manifestations,  for the
Law of Attraction  pulls in  whatever the group's spirit  focuses upon.
That intention needs to be in keeping with Universe/Creator's purposes for the highest good of all concerned.

If we were made in the Creator's image,  doesn't it follow  that we are also creator beings__ co-creators actualiz-
ing the Divine Potential
ator has given us dominion over the  ELEMENTS  of the universe__ FIRE, AIR, WATER, EARTH, MATTER and
THE ETHERS, (CREATIVE FORCE FIELD)__ and its ENERGIES,  holding  the potentials for manifestation and

We must first then,  understand just
 what  Spirit-Creator's purposes are for Earth and  all life here. Basically,  we
: Unity  Consciousness,  Unconditional  Love,  Direct  Connection with  Earth and  Spirit/Creative  Force,
Peace,  Purifying Earth's Environment, and__not only Allowing Others Free Will and Creativity,  but actually inspi-
ring ,  encouraging and supporting them and  Empowering them  if they so choose.  If we are truly in Unity Consci-
ousness, we hold these Intentions for every lifeform that exists.

As we awaken our consciousness,  we first become aware  of the creative potentials deep within our cellular me-
memories, and at the seventh,  
Self-Realized Stage,  we make choices based on those potentials, and may then
receive  additional  creative  information  through  direct contact  with  Greater Self__  Spirit.  This may be  what's
meant by the phrase,
"to rise above our animal nature."

The Web of Love
Gradually,  Lightworkers link with kindred spirits and form small groups. We create our group future according to
the destiny  we collectively set for ourselves
. Again,  it is the process, the striving__ not the result__ that sets our
creative abilities into manifestation.  We
intend our collective goal,  but avoid  putting strings__   limitations__  on
how that goal will process. Creator/Spirit knows better than we what needs to happen,  and we need to allow Cre-
ative Force  to orchestrate the timing and the process.  An individual's or group's  specific expectations could alter
or block  that process. We must also accept that  the desired goal  may not manifest  during our lifetimes,  nor may
we  ever get credit  for a successful outcome.  However,  we may later ascend into a  better world  because  of our

Groups of  Lightworkers  not only  emit subtle  magnetic fields  that are  
coherent  (focused like laser beams)  and
show up on military radar screens, but their combined energy fields produce coherence in fields around them, both
locally and
non-locally  (unlimited by time and space). In other words,  creative people working with energy__ener-
gy artists,  geomancers,  lightworkers,  social benefactors,  intentional healers__   actually increase  both local and
remote distance coherence in Earth's energy fields.

Web of Love  experiments  were conducted by
 Edmond Chouinard,  assisted by  Steve Rother  and his  Light-
worker group, "
Beacons of Light"__(http://lightworker.com/beacons/) in the  Mind-Matter Entanglements Laborato-
at  Measurements Research Inc., Providence, Rhode Island.  With a huge array of extremely-sensitive devices
to measure the energy and matter of Earth,  humans, and material objects,  on September 18, 2004,  thousands of
meditators,  healers,  psychics,  channelers,  astrologers and  people  who  have  had  numerous  mystical-psychic
encounters, projected their agreed-upon thoughts and feelings toward that laboratory from such places as Baltimo-
re, MD,  Holland, Hawaii and Belgium. The "sending" occurred during specific time periods interspersed with peri-
ods of "non-sending". In every instance, they measurably affected Earth's electromagnetic and geomagnetic ener-
gy fields to cause  knee jerks and  body movements in human subjects, affect the  color and movement of a flame,
plus affect temperature changes and movements in flowers.

"Traditionally,  the scientific method  has not included  the experiential facet  as an indispensable  part of  scientific
inquiry, along with its well developed experimental and theoretical facets." This experiment showed that... "the exp-
eriential is a macroscopic world of phenomena integrally tied to the experimental and theoretical, and it is measur-
able by  the instruments of  physics."  A  background paper  covering  this work  was presented at  "
Quantum Mind
" at the University of Arizona.

Chouinard concludes: "
Though this is just a beginning  and lots of data  needs yet to be unraveled, nevertheless,
there can be  no doubt  that the  worldwide  mental  protocols  presented  herein  have  dramatically  affected the
response of  physical scientific  apparatus.  Such telepathic type  phenomena  can no longer be considered a fig-
ment of  misdirected emotions  and/or of an  over-active metaphysical imagination. This is the  physical reality of
New World."

Each individual in the group  must hold equal status  regardless of any  outer worldly  social or political positions. A
group's bonding and co-creativity  advances their consciousness considerably,  prepares them to use creative pot-
entials to their fullest,  links them with the  telluric and EM forces  of Earth,  with other  Earth  evolutions of life, and
develops  telepathic networking powers between members. All higher consciousness states occur on a spirit-soul
level,  and a collective transference  into  more inclusive realm s enables them  to work with  and receive guidance
from Greater Self/Creative Force Field.

Basic  Multi-Density  Technologies  transformed us into  energy artists and  lightworkers,  we became "em-
otionally aware",  discovering how our very thoughts and emotions  influence other people's attitudes,  and how we
can be alive to emotional interaction with others. We began to observe our own thoughts, feelings and motivations.
We form strong relationships in all areas of activity, seeing community as a state of mind rather than a place.

A Co-creative Energy Shift is an evolutionary bridge formed when creative tension is produced daily by "walking
our talk
".  Each  group member  adopts  a perfect  sense of  Harmlessness,  refusing  to use  violence,  whether by
thought,  word or action,  or to use or manipulate others  to achieve personal ends. Their actions in their private life
are consistent with what they do when in the public eye.

We then seek ways  to manifest social and cultural potentials  for our new values.  When we cross that  
bridge and
make a commitment, we find that nothing works as it did before. It's as if we've just arrived on an entirely new plan-
et. Even connections with higher self are changed. We ask
: "How do we know when to let go and let Spirit take the
?,  or  "When do we ourselves need to  direct the action? " It's especially hard f or those of us  who were  once
taught to  give our power away to  people,  things and ideas outside of ourselves. We know self-empowerment can
bring a more fulfilling life , yet we fear that  belonging to some group or organization  may once again dis-empower
; we're not yet accustomed to holding collective power as social creators.

The needs of the larger group__ determine the answers. Remember, each of us is a part of one or more expand-
ed groups,  too, and every persons' needs must be met along with the rest,  including our own__ as each one of us
is also a part of the group. We need partners for
Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies__if it's going to work,
no member can be left out, including self.
            Performing Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies with a Group       

Group Healing
With a healing circle or team,  there needs to be complete oneness of agreement in the approach or techniques to
be applied. A groups of Lightworkers often spontaneously entera a
low alpha healing mode through the resonance
occurring between them. Any sense of separation, rejection of purpose or conflict of Intention__even if by only one
team member present, even subconsciously__ renders the process ineffectual. All must be in complete agreement
for the energies to activate.

A  conflict of Intentions  is often behind failed attempts to  "prove"  ESP scientifically.  If one or  several psychics or
healers are intending a positive outcome to that test, and one or more present reporters,  scientists,  or skeptics__
possibly fearing a result  that might cancel our their long-held personal beliefs,  findings or professional reputations
_ are even subconsciously desiring a negative result,  then the outcome  visualized by the rest of the group  fails to
manifest. In such experiments there needs to be Oneness of emotion,  thought and Intention. Hence, the continual
emphasis on achieving Unity Consciousness.

Expanded Multi-D Technologies  harmonize anomalies at subtle energy levels between men-
tal and emotional attitudes,  between the individual and universal levels, or between personal and collective beliefs
of All Life Everywhere.  An individual  with a blockage  in their  mental attitudes  (racism, for example)  is in conflict
with Spirit's intentions toward Unity and may manifest ill health.              

If the members of the Group are Positive & of a High Density,  they will form a "complete circle" with  Universal En-
ergy and don't need to pull energy from other sources.

Helpful, but not necessary:
1. If there is  a date or age  during which  the issue  began,  relate it  to the  appropriate  Moon  Phase  (Chapter 6:
"Timing") and schedule the  Group Intention for one of those dates. Group members can be physically absent from
each other to perform an Intention.

2. Each group member checks out the  Local Apparent Sidereal Time  for his/her longitudinal location,  and if pos-
sible ,schedules the group Intention to occur at that time. It is not necessary that all members perform the Intention
at the same exact time. In hyper-dimensional realms, it is All Time and All Space simultaneously.

3. Every member of the Group needs to word their Intentions in exactly the same way: Clarify the Intention,  write it
down in positive, specific words,
as if it has already manifested, making sure it is allowing the free will of everyone
involved. Inform every member, who also writes it down.

4. Each member  asks and receives permission from Higher Self  before proceeding,  then requests that the Inten-
tion be in keeping with Universal/Creator's Purposes, and that it be for the highest good of all concerned.

5. Each member locates herself  at least six feet away  from any electronics  and disconnects the phone.  A Nature
setting is best, if possible.

6. Each relaxes body and mind in a state of Love, Oneness and a sense of Harmlessness.

7. If the group, or any member is in the company of people not involved in the Intention process,  check all present
for positive, loving thoughts and feelings. If in doubt, Intend a field of Unconditional Love around the group.

8. Each member charges up with Unconditional Love, using whatever method works best for them__ breathing ex-
ercises,  prayer,  music,  etc.,  and  maintains this Loving Charge  throughout the entire Intention,  manifestation or

9. Connect with Earth and Spirit/Creative Force__ and harmonize with All That Is.

10. If intending to work with angels, Devas, nature spirits, or spiritual guides, link with them now.

11. Remain alert for incoming guidance from Spirit, Higher Self or Guides.

BECOME AS ONE  WITH ITS OBJECTIVE.  Maintain this  focus/visualization for as long as  feels appropriate. (5
minutes or more, usually).

13. Feel the J0Y of it, and Give THANKS for its resolution.

14. VISUALIZE the Intention as already manifested__ as if you are LIVING that new reality.

15. LET GO!  DETACH!  It is done! Allow Universe/Creative/Force to choose the Process and the Timing for mani-
festing the Intention.

16. Strive to  LIVE what was created; i.e.,  if you've intended to  clear your home and yard of pollution,  avoid doing
anything that would continue to pollute it. Keep a positive, loving feeling in your heart that the Intention has already
manifested on energetic levels. To "re-intend" the issue implies doubt, and might interfere with Universe's Creative
Group Responsibility
We're collectively designing our world every moment, but few of us realize it. In the old culture, based on separate-
ness and exclusiveness,  each did his own thing. We each tried to produce our own design,  and that's behind the
fragmentation of our society.  When something  went wrong,  either  we blamed  each other,  or we  looked  at our
creations, saw that we'd produced something amiss and tried to comprehend
: "How could this have happened?"

In the new culture, we perceive ourselves as part of a whole. We're all in one big "bowl of soup" here on Earth.  I'm
a noodle, perhaps,  and I see you as a slice of carrot,  another person as a bit of onion or celery,  and I can accept
you fully  as an  equally valid  part of the soup.  Leave out any  ingredient,  and it's not  the same soup. The "broth"
might be viewed as the environment in which we all exist. The day will come when
you will know yourself to be not
only a noodle, but all the noodles,  the carrots,  the onions,  the celeries,  the broth and also the entire soup, the
bowl  it rests in,  the spoon,  the heat,  the light,  the cook,  the eater,  the room,  the  community,  the  planet, to
the galaxy, and the universe as well.
This is Unity Consciousness__Christ Consciousness. The "Second Coming"
occurs in the hearts and minds  of humanity. Each time  you see or hear the numbers  "555",  you are eat that mo-
ment, in Unity/Christ Consciousness.

In the early years of the Idaho study group, our meetings tended to be open-ended with no set dogma, goal or mo-
del into which we were to be "led". Each of us was allowed to find her own way,  form her own opinions, principles
and beliefs,  even if they differed greatly from others',  while respecting their  individual rights and needs  to do so.
We had no "leader"__  we took turns directing the meetings and the meditations.  We were actively,  consciously
seeking__ we knew not what__ perhaps just "something better".

After meeting  for several years,  delighting in  the changes in ourselves  and the feelings of  brotherhood  between
members, we desired to share the joys  with others of the community. Each member invited a few people to attend
a special meeting.  Seven people  accepted the invitation.  But on  the big day,  
none  of the  people  who'd  earlier
accepted invitations appeared! What went wrong? (See
Archives for the rest of the story)

Introducing New Energies
It is usually difficult to introduce new energies at any level, whether personal, family, community or national. Those
who introduce new energies  are often shunned  or even persecuted.  
Jesus' introduction of  Unconditional  Love,
personal contact with Creator/Father,  super-conscious  wisdom and spiritual skills  is a  prime example.  Anyone
following an accelerated evolution of consciousness,  introducing  new energy into the culture simply by exemplify-
ing new options through their own actions.

Six criteria for offering new ideas to others are presented in the

Monochromatic Time__ is used for  tasks,  schedules and  procedures.  As anyone who has had experience with
bureaucracy  knows,  schedules,  procedures and statistics  can take on  a life all  their own  without  reference  to
either logic or human needs, requiring us to "jump through more hoops".

Polychronic Time__ involves people and the completion of transactions rather than adherence to set schedules__
Polychronic cultures are more naturally oriented to people. Any human being  who is naturally drawn to other hum-
an beings and  who lives in a world  dependent upon human relationships,  will be either pushed or pulled  toward
the polychronic end of the time spectrum.  If you value people,  you must arrange events for the benefit of all,  hear
them out and never shut them off simply because of a schedule.

In time,  the remaining Idaho study group developed a coherent,  expanded form through which they could unite in
love and harmony.  Publishing the "
Northwest Connection Newsletter"  together, we were able to assist the Edgar
Cayce Foundation
: The Association for Research and Enlightenment,  to organize  existing  A.R.E. groups in the
U.S. Pacific Northwest,  British Columbia and Alberta, Canada into a regional council with a newsletter and head-
quarters of its own.

Individual Responsibility in a Group
There is no single 3-D source that can tell us  what to believe or who to trust at all times. Truth too, is evolving. We
use  our logical minds to  gather information,  organize what was received,  then l et our passions a nd our intuition
direct us.  We do what  
feels right  in each moment.  The Lightworker  adjusts himself  to whatever situation arises,
learns from it  and moves out from there.  Some will  leave home  to contact  masses of people,  perhaps lecturing,
teaching or healing.  Our work and interests  place us where people  most need our  example,  advice or guidance.
Some express their group's purposes through art,  music,  writing,  law,  sports,  healing,  working with children, on
the Internet or simply setting examples through business, church, organizations, family or community.

Perhaps their extended family is the one social situation  through which  they will demonstrate  the new conscious-
ness. This is common  when the  business or family  consists of  individuals  who do now,  or may some day,  hold
influential positions.  Families of teachers,  for instance,  who instruct hundreds of students a day  for 30 - 40 years
massively influence our culture and our future. Still others, find themselves geographically isolated from other light-
workers, communicating with them by phone, snail mail, Internet or telepathic thought.

12-88: "Accepting obstinacy as a symbol of Fear & of Insecurity will suggest a way in which even the Bull Eleph-
ant can be persuaded to cooperate.  What consists of the highest good for the group will , in the end,  result and
facilitate benefits for each individual withing that group."

Linking Groups
On inner levels, however, the lightworker will become aware of connections with others with whom she works, pos-
sibly without even knowing their individual names. Meditation,  empathic and telepathic connections are means of
communicating with her group__ formed to manifest and distribute an energy triggering transformations in self and
in humanity. This rapport is maintained on a daily basis, and as Earth changes accelerate, the group's outer ident-
uties may surface to the lightworker's full awareness. However, for the work  presently required of her,  she doesn't
need to be in physical contact.

William A. Tiller, Stanford University, carried out research labeled  "Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence
of a New Physics.
"  Four meditating humans placed their intentions to influence matter into an  "Intention Imprinted
Electrical Device
" (IIED), which then acted as a surrogate to influence chosen targets. Using the IIED plus a similar
control device
not imprinted by humans,  they found definite influences of human consciousness on four targets: a)
purified water;  b) the liver enzyme,  
alkaline phosphatase  (ALP);  c)  the main cell energy storage molecule,  ad-
enosine triphosphate
 (ATP); and d) living fruit fly larvae, drosophila melangoaster.

Working well together without criticism,  and understanding the group mind's purposes,  true influence arises when
groups co-create with other groups. A Planetary Mind begins to form, creating for the highest good of the whole as
well as for each individual.  In 2001, a network of  
Random Number Generators (RNGs) tested the "output of elec-
tronic noise
"  shown by negative-entropic fluctuations in those devices.  A series of numbers  repeated itself when
the groups focused their mental attention to do so,  affecting the very randomness of numbers  selected by compu-
ters  so programmed.  Scientist,  Dean Radin  believed that  catastrophes  involving  global groups  can affect the
RNG's data streams.

He was right.  Some  seventy countries  were affected by the  September 11,  2001  terrorist attack  on the  World
Trade Towers. On a time graph, covering a period of 8 hours, the "event indicator" line rose from barely above ze-
ro to almost 1400 points in that single hour when the attack occurred__ the collective thoughts of the public directly
affected the device.
 And what was most curious,  was that   he line began to rise  even  hours before  the catastro-
phic event occurred.  Similar results were obtained  during the death of  
Princess Diana,  the Katrina hurricane and
the Indonesian tsunami.

Whether composed  of two or two million,   he group mind  will practice  
Expanded  Multi- D Technologies together
when each individual can manage her own emotions and thoughts. The process: 1) Two or more individuals, con-
nected to Earth and higher selves,  contact each other through physical media,  intuition, telepathy, dreams or me-
ditation; 2) A group of individuals, perhaps absent from each others' physical presence,  meditate together for gui-
dance  on an is sue of common concern;  3)  When the group as a whole  establishes a common resolution for the
transition that needs to occur,  each member enters a higher-dimensional state of mind,  lovingly intends,  and joy-
fully visualizes the desired manifestation
as if it has already occurred;  4) The next stage is to link groups with oth-
er groups and collectively manifest on an even broader scale. This is occurring with more and larger groups today,
including  Lynn McTaggart's
Group Healing and Manifesting Intentions and daily with the  "New Kids" born since

All group minds may receive  collective guidance from  Spirit/HigherIntelligences  and act upon it  for the benefit of
Earth and her lifeforms. When performing  
Expandeded Multi-D Technologies,  all participants need to be in eleva-
ted states  of consciousness.  Global groups co-create  using only those technologies  which are  safe and kind to
Humanity and Earth.  This energy is quickening throughout the world right now. The
New Earth Reality is the Mast-
erpiece we are now co-creating__ as Humanity becomes the
Conscious Mind of planet Earth.