Earth's Intelligence Grid activates according to galactic cycles evolving in the 5th dimension. (32) Our Sun moves
once around the zodiac wheel each year__ the Moon, monthly. Mars takes about two years and Jupiter
, twelve. The
longest cycle__ Pluto's, takes about two hundred and forty-eight years. Astronomers, in 2008, found suggestions of a
tenth planet in our solar system with a probable orbit of from 3600 to 25,920 years. All planetary cycles trigger
energetic, mental, emotional or spiritual patterns within us. If necessary, we can change those inherent patterns by
using Basic Multi-D Technologies. Pluto was recently "downgraded" by some astronomers from a planet to a "dwarf
planet", even though it is the most powerful planetary influence in our solar system to date.

Oneness" is a harmonic vibration, a resonance between two or more entities. Moving in cycles, Time forms bridging
points__  opportunities for Oneness__ between creative energies and 3-D matter. If it's biological, it involves Time__
Sun, Moon and planetary cycles. A planet such as Jupiter, orbiting the Sun, is an
analog__ a basis for logic__ to the
sacred geometry pattern known as The Flower of Life (
Figure 5), a sixth dimensional, energetic matrix for structuring,
re-structuring and imprinting thoughts, feelings and spiritual beliefs into Earth and human minds. (
com). Mark Rosenzweig's research at Berkeley, California proved that transmutations in our perceptions and concepts
about ourselves actually change endocrine glands, release hormones and activate alterations within the brain and
nervous system. As each of us transforms, all humanity is impacted as well, like lines of dominoes that topple when just
one is nudged.

Timing for the chemical codes in our bodies first imprints into our pineal glands in the center of our physical brain at
the moment of our birth. This timing correlates with the Ascendant zodiac sign of our natal astrological chart wheel. The
degree of that point on the wheel, and the aspects to it from Sun, Moon and planets disclose our individual purpose or
mission for incarnating into the present lifetime. (62)

The natal chart's zodiac degrees reveal when planets, Sun and Moon reside within degrees that form energetic angles
(0, 60, 120, 180 degrees) to the Ascendant degree, showing  
harmonious vibrational connections enhancing our
cosmic purposes. The so-called "hard" angles between the Ascendant and orbiting planets (0, 90, 150, 180 degree
angles) create situations
urging us to react habitually to events, rather than to access and follow inner guidance. We
can transform those reactions with Basic Multi-D  Technologies.

Once we humans had a "
herd" consciousness, similar to what animals have today where we followed along with the
group for survival advantages, but now we enter life to learn to
individualize__ to become a one-of-a kind person,
developing our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Mars' location in the birth chart indicates the driving urge toward that
individuality, and Pluto's placement shows the future possibilities of that individual's divinity when he has "Self-
Realized"__ knowing Who He Truly Is. There comes a time after we Self-Realize when we completely
reverse our life
path around the zodiac wheel, applying what we learned through our individualization towards a return journey to
Source. Esoteric astrology calls this "
Stepping Upon the Reversed Whee". Venus' location in the birth chart indicates
that return journey's launching point, and Neptune's position shows the finalized conditions of that Return to Source:
Unity Consciousness-Oneness.

Examples: Mars in Aries, 12th State: requires individualization as a pioneer-leader in multi-dimensionality, propelling
the individual  towards.
Pluto in Cancer, 4th State; which indicates possibility as a Cosmic Mother, contacting,
understanding and nurturing the collective human consciousness to catalyze, regenerate and transform the roots of
humanity towards Actualizing Divine Purposes & Potentials.

Venus in Gemini, 2nd State; indicates a return to Spirit by functioning as an information gatherer, communicator and/or
teacher of feminine values, self-worth, the creative arts and self-security issues on Earth. Venus propels the Self-
Realized human towards Neptune in Virgo, 6th State: to eventually find mystical union with Spirit through analysis and
organization of the information gleaned from personal, collective and multi-dimensional experiences, and to then apply
that information practically in Loving Service to others.

Beauty always opens us to our inner self. Creative activities teach us to adjust relationships in our creative work __
adding, removing or altering elements to achieve beauty and balance. We can do the same with Life. It's all relative;
nothing is disharmonious in and of itself unless it doesn't resonate with our personal mission which is itself, linked with
universal plans.

David Wilcock, in his new book, "The Synchronicity Keys "asks us: "What if our lives are really the fulfillment of a
vast script that is guiding all life on earth through a series of spiritual lessons called '
seems to be an invisible structure continually moving in cycles t hat has been guiding all humans towards
enlightenment and spiritual progress,  as history repeats in
cycles of 539 years. Wilcock found correspondences
between Roman and American events, the Punic Wars in France, and a startling facial re-semblance between Hitler
and the conqueror, Hannibal. "
Reality is not real. We're in a hologram. There's a story that repeats__ and
keeps repeating __ until we master  the lesson  it's teaching us
.".. .He also found  larger cycles of 720 years  which
correspond to ancient mystery teachings. We are fulfilling a cosmic pattern, he says... "
Older than time itself"  Want
more?  Check out  David Wilcock's
YouTube video about his new book, "The Synchronicity Key".

(32) Clow, Barbara Hand. "The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light." Inner Traditions* Bear &
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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX