December 6th, 2012
                                            " IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME"

Our Roles in the Culture
In the previous newsletter, we were asked to establish, re-define or re-adjust our roles in the culture. We prob-
ably have already figured this out by now__ even if it's rather foggy__ and now we are to find our place among
our peers. This is "T
he Fullness of Time" we've been waiting for.  However, matters at this time have a curious
property of being true, but not sounding or feeling true to us personally.

Yes, those dreams should be coming true now; but we had most likely created a paradise in our imagination __
"cloud nine",
 or a Shangri-la, & that dream,  that vision that we began building mentally way back around 1992
__ that drumbeat, that exciting determination that shot through us over 20 years ago__ has rippled through us
as an incredible, wondrous roller-coaster ride filling us with totally amazing experiences and wisdoms. What we

re about to manifest now is  the culmination of everything we've done & learned over the past 20 year s up to
this point.

"If our dream was a little skimpy one, then not much really is happening, but if it was a poisonous dream, it is
working out in violence or anger... or negativity.
"(Steven Forrest)

Most likely, the culture we grew up in hasn't taught us very much about how to be a part of community. We us-
ually think of "community" as a hodge-podge of people & systems to be relied upon and stroked sweetly for our
personal prosperity. But a major part of our comfort
& sanity may depend upon taking part in community, and
giving something back to it.

A Personal Dream/Vision: "THE LODGE"
In early 1987, I had one of those vision/dreams that was so vivid,  so over-welmingly "real",  that it changed my
life. In the completely lucid dream, my family and I were sitting in an old-fashioned "lodge"; the kind with heavy,
dark wood baseboards, wainscoting and door and window frames__ what we used to call, "Mission" style, oft
en seen in doctors' or dentists' waiting rooms around the 1950s. A set of french doors led to a long, wide, dark

When the doors opened, a young man stepped in, announcing that "
they're ready for you now". I followed him
the dim hallway to a huge door at the far end. Inside was a most curious sight__ chairs were lined up ag-
ainst the large but misty, circular room's walls. At the very center  stood a tall figure projecting his brilliant white
light for at least six feet around and above him.
 It was both man and lion__ his huge bare cranium soared abo-
ve a lion-like face & a humanoid body below bore white robes. He was conversing with at least 20 or 30... well
"creatures",  is the only fitting label __ who resembled various animals, reptiles and giant insects in a variety of
garments unlike anything ever seen. (Later, In the "
Star Wars" movies,  I noted some similarity with the famous
"bar scene".) Here, the glowing central figure seemed very important, as all eyes were upon him.

Just inside the door
& to my right, sat a young woman with dark hair cut in a "dutch bob", as was popular in the
30's & 40's. She was looking down at a black box about the size of a textbook in her hands, but she looked up
and smiled at me as I moved through the door. I smiled back.

What happened next, blew me away. The glowing figure spied me, rushed forward, arms spread wide,
& warm-
ly emraced me as he said,  "Irini__ how very good to see you again!"  I had no idea who he was, but I was fur-
ther shocked because "Irini" was my name in a lifetime in  Atlantis,  when I helped program crystals with infor-
mation meant to aid any humans who might survive the already collapsing continent & civilization. This power-
ful being then whispered to me to go back down the hallway & enter an open door on the left with a light inside;
there was a message there for me. He returned to the crowd, and I was left to search the dark hallway alone.

I found the room with the open door. The dim light inside didn't seem to have any particular source,
& the only
things visible were a simple wooden table with a paper-back book lying at its center. The dark blue cover had
a thin white line running vertically down its left edge
 about an inch from the book's spine. I picked the book up
to examine it.
 No title,  no author's name,  no words of any kind, were on any portion of the book. I opened the
two-inch-thick volume t find__ only white, blank pages inside!

Well__ What was this supposed to mean? And where was my "message."?
 I then heard Higher Self whisper
two words: "
White Paper".  Well, duh!__ the book was all white paper!  No printing at all!  What a disappoint-
ment! I put the book back on the table and  dejectedly trudged back through the hallway to the french doors.
The family asked "
what happened", and I only muttered: "We're going home."

Two months later, my dear friend and painting buddy
Helen, and I were in Grand Teton Park, taking crystal
and energy healing classes. The young man at the french doors in the dream was "Steven"__ one of the oth-
er students; and the young woman in the chair near the door turned out to be "Lori", now holding an audio re-
corder. She recognized me from her dream/vision__ exactly the same as mine! The glowing central figure
in the circular room (a huge, Mongolian "yurt", where classes were held) was our instructor, Dr. Marcel Vogel.
Students referred to him
in privately as "The Wizard".

I'd done some research on the "
white paper", defined at (
The rest of the story is in the web-book, "
Creating From the Future": Chapter 11: "Medicine Bag" (www. and throughout the following chapters.

After three, ten-day class sessions that summer, I was certified as an
Alternative Healing Practitioner, & be-
gan doing less astrology & painting, and more Energetic-Spiritual Healing, until I was doing it 12 hours a day,
seven days a week, locally and at a distance. I could not keep up this pace, and decided to hold classes and
teach others who could then pass it on to reach more people.

Two years later, the Railroad moved H and me to St. Louis, MO. where I joined several astrological & meta-
physical groups, but could not hold classes as before. H retired and we returned to
Idaho late in 1990. My id-
ea had been to expand healing and manifesting with Higher Creativity-Multi-dimensional Technologies to more
 who could then pass teach it to others . Some students had begun doing this  in other Eastern Idaho
communities, but our dear
study group had dissolved when H & I and other members moved away.

We became
Snowbirds. In December, 1991, we went to the Colorado River between Southern Califonia &
. By January, 1992, we formed a group doing astrology and energetic healing, & viewed conscious-
ness evolution videos from  Drunvalo Melchizedek's  Flower of Life workshop. I took  one of his  marvelous
workshops in
Austin, TX  in 1994 and passed some of the info to our group in AZ.  However,  conflicts arose
with the campground managers and some residents whose religious back-grounds clashed with astrology, spi
ritual healing, Ascension, etc.,  in the RV park,  saying it was  "against God's will." I was confused, wondering
what sort of "
God" they followed Who wished to see sick and injured folks continue to suffer.

We continued going south for
five months each winter to other RV campgrounds. I wrote about Higher Creat-
ivity Technologies each summer, and in 1998, we stopped snow-birding, sold our Lost Rivers area home and
moved to
Magic Valley near our family again.  But old friends,  and all but one family member there, were not
ready to accept astrology,
 spiritual healing,  consciousness evolution, etc. either__ although several had had
successful healings with me years earlier
. It seems our religious programs  have drummed it into us  that only
"Jesus/God" h as the right to  "save"  us from pain and misery  with some sort of  "divine intervention." Sadly,
they do not fully understand__ An energy healer only helps
activate & focus the divine healing energy that al-
ready exists as part of  "
the patient's"  own Inner  Soul/Spirit  and The Creator's Love Within Them does the

After gall bladder operation
July 4th, 2000, (my first and only surgery) during a Total Solar Eclipse, my nerv-
ous system was severely damaged  from being given  the wrong medications in the hospital.  It also gave me
 Without going into all the nasty details, it soon became clear that  this was a deliberate "attack" from
the Dark Side. T
hey always did their dirty deeds during some  major astrological event.   A nine-car crash on
the freeway,
 and two plane crashes on the Idaho/Nevada border that same day kept my attending doctors in
surgery for twelve hours, and a strange doctor took came in and lied about what he was giving me. Later, we
discovered two of these medications were on my "
Cannot Take" list,  having caused hours of seizures & proj-
ectile vomiting in the past.

Neuroligists later confirmed
 there was no cure for this,  and it would slowly grow worse over time . I could no
longer paint, play the piano, do needlework or take the long walks in Nature I so enjoyed, and__ I had lost my
ability to heal myself or others,
 except for minor things like sore throats or stubbed toes. With the almost con-
tant pain and continuing muscle debilitation,  I endured several years of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress
Syndrome. I also found I was now very sensitive to solar flares the moment they erupted on the Sun, to major
, to smart meters and wireless devices using radio waves, to sudden weather changes and I tast-
ed chemicals in food and drinks.  I could do little  house or yard work now , and serious cooking  was out, as
arms and legs would spontaneously jerk wildly, and hands jerked with sharp knives or "let go" of pots of boil
ing liquids. Dear H had to become house-husband and master chef. (Turns out he's a whiz at baking!)

After months of learning to walk without falling,
 talk coherently and  write my name legibly,  I found I could still
type on the computer,
 as mistakes were easily corrected.  So at last I continued writing, "Creating From the
", which had started only as a pamphlet  o be read by students prior to taking the healing classes. How-
ever, daily serious attention to writing attracted more & more information, until it became more than 600 pages
2001 & 2004. The next 2 years  were spent  trying to get it published.  I ended up learning to create
 and put it online  April, 2006__which turned out to be great,  as I could update when new informa-
tion arrived. In 2010, the Newsletter was begun to cover information that was newly discovered.

December, 2012__all this is supposed to "blossom", to "bear fruit". But how__ with both H and I in our
80's and slowed down considerably? I still have not found people in this community open to Higher Creativity-
Multi-dimensional Technologies, although there are many dear spiritually-minded friends, readers a supporters
from "
cyberspace"__ some on Facebook__ most of whom I've never met in person. However, since we are un-
iversally completely inter-connected, We are "ONE".

And that's the present situation around my personal version of "
A Role in the Culture". Some chans are under-
way, however. My "Desktop Computer", friend and companion of over five years, is slowing down dangerous-
ly, and I've purchased a new laptop: fast, beautiful and fun__ but Windows 10 will not support the old webbook
or newsletter, so some major changes need to be made. As mentioned above, I have a "foggy notion" of where
to go next, but not how to "get there" from "here." I'm sure Higher Self and Creator will guide me through__
whenever it becomes a "GO".  
What Happens After 2012?
In the October 10th issue of "LIVING IN A NEW REALITY"__ "Pre-conditional Action"__ an event was ment-
ioned when I was intuitively guided to a meditation from 11/1988, which turned out to be directly related to the  
October, 2012 events.  David Wilcock had a similar experience recently,  calling it a  "Time Loop".  Time-
bending phenomen
a such as these occur first within only a short time,  as when our study group read the in-
formation for an  evening's spiritual lesson,  only to discover we had received  the exact same information the
week before in meditation.
 As time goes on, we find the "time spread" becomes greater; i.e., we are guided to
information we wrote months, years, and even many years ahead, that is relevant to what we are thinking a
out or what is going on the day we re-discover those writings. David believes these occurrences are showing
us that "
we are heading into some breathtakingly positive changes as a planet." It may also be indicating that
things on Earth are going to be getting much, much better soon.

Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012, I was laid low with extreme fatigue, hot and cold spells, tummy
upsets and muscle aches & pains accompanying mental confusion__ but no fever,
 no respiratory problems. I
was unable to spend the day
 with beloved family members__ so I meditated instead.  Higher Self suggested I
find websites that focused on The Future of Earth. My intuitive first choice was:  http://2012portal.blogspot.
com/ : "ELEVENTH GATE 11:11 ACTIVATION__ 11-22-2012". It explained the energy blasts arriving this
current T
hanksgiving Day.

On this special day, we took this planet's vibrational frequency to a higher level by meeting in groups large
small, for the
Eleventh Gate Activation of 11:11 at the turning point of the Second Window of Opportunity.
Those who gathered in groups (even of only two) created wheels-within-wheels of
rainbow vortices of Light
that are activating...  "
the critical mass of Light to assist in The Final Completion of The COMPRESSION
that will trigger the final clearing of all remaining darkness and duality of this planet to make room for
New World of Oneness. We are making final preparations to exit the event horizon of the black hole that
was our reality for the last
26,000 years."

We activated
The Plan so that it may come to fruition. It was a declaration of Victory of the Light. Share this
worldwide! Post it on websites and blogs..... "1
1:11 is a multidimensional bridge between two reality systems;
the old reality of duality and the new reality of Oneness.
 We entered this doorway on  January 11, 1992. We
then went through the
 20 year-long process  of activating  eleven gates within 11:11,  each time  anchoring
more presence of
Oneness on this planet.  Now we are activating the 11th gate of the 11:11 and hereby the
11:11 becomes wide open and Onenesss (Unity Consciousness) accessible as never before."

Eleventh Gate Activation deeply expands and strengthens our Love and Trueness. At the same time, it
unmasks all that is false... "We can't 'pretend' to be True Ones anymore. We have to live our Trueness in
every moment of our lives.
* George Kavassilas spoke about "Spiritual Deceptions and Our Planetary Body"
There is a
seldom-revealed model of our universe and of the Cosmic Matrix behind it where energetic progra-
ms that feed us into false realities originate.  If we are to fully understand our Role in the Culture and manifest
Personal Dream-Visions of a Future Earth Paradise in The Greater Circle's "Fullness of Time" now arriv-
ing, our human race must once again access the hidden knowledge and wisdom of All Life.

US political factions mull over a " Fiscal Cliff" these days,  but remain blind to the "cliff"of monumental change
ahead as the
End of the Cycle for Life Eternal draws near. Although most of the world ignores the clues to how
the veil is
lifting and all will soon be revealed, never before have so many humans collectively puzzled over our
true identity, our origins or our destiny__ as if it is all a great & divine secret some part of us already knows.

Great Void  lies between the 4 th & 5th dimensions.  Below that Great Void__ 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th-D__
material  technology exists, and here all things need to "
consume": to live off light energy, to consume light
Below the Void, healers exist. Above that Void, no one consumes anything; everyone is pure
light and there are no such things
as healers because disease doesn't exist. Everything is in perfect
harmony and synchronicity; therefore, no healers.

Above the Void, 5-D and beyond have no material, physical technologies; everything is achieved throu-
gh a natural consciousness. It's about living in our Heart Space__ where we transcend the mental conce-
pts we've been programmed with by the deception put upon us__ the electromagnetic matrix__ mind control
broadcasts to us from
the Moon.

In 5-D, we can do all things at once in this universe__ we can work with several dimensions simultaneous-
sly. The Eleventh Gate 11:11 on Thanksgiving Day, 2012, activated a multi-dimensional bridge between two
reality systems
: the old reality of duality and  the new reality of Oneness,  a final clearing of all remaining
darkness and duality from this planet.  

Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life seminar, 1994, ( I was invited to set up an
healing "booth" one afternoon at one side of the ballroom where  Ken Page and a few other healers
offered healing to the students.
 I agreed,  but as that morning went by,  began to feel extremely fatigued, men-
tally confused, and somewhat nauseous. When the time for the healing arrived, I could not focus my eyes, and
could barely make it to the ballroom.
Ken Page ( took one look at me & saw I needed maj-
or help. As I lay on his padded healing table, Ken began whispering questions to me, & I would whisper replies.
In a few minutes,
we found where the debilitating negative energy was coming from__ the Middle East.

I had connected years ago with a past life in
Egypt as "Miriam"__ Moses' adult sister, who followed our moth-
er's instructions and hid baby Moses in a basket in the Nile River shore reeds. A royal edict based on prophe-
cies that a powerful Hebrew leader had been birthed,  required all first-born sons to be killed.  The pharoah's
daughter found the baby and kept him for her own, requesting me,
Miriam, to serve as his nursemaid.

Moses grew up as a favorite of the pharoah, and was given special freedom and power. In time, Moses forced
the pharoah to release all
Isreal-ite slaves in Egypt and allow us to go east to "The Promised Land". We
crossed the
Red Sea in the great Exodus, where the pharoah's pursuing charioteers drowned when the part-
ed Sea re-closed with them in the middle of it.

Forty years were spent wandering in the deserts, toward the promised land__ which was actually the huge
landing port for "the ET gods" spacecraft at Baalbek, Lebanon. Moses and the Israelites hoped to be
"taken up" to
another planet or dimension. They never reached it.

However, "
Jehovah" gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai, with other instructions including
that the Israelites were forbidden to marry with any of the tribes a
long the way. I was in charge of the musical
celebrations and worship rituals regularly performed by the women.
 However, while encamped at Kadesh,
Moses took yet another tribal woman as wife,  I questioned our brother,  Aaron, the High Priest,  as to
why Moses could do this
& no one else.  Aaron didn't know, but said he'd ask Moses that afternoon, who was
to meet with Jehovah.

Jehovah came and went__ "In a pillar of cloud by day, and in a pillar of fire by night"__ allowing no one but
Moses to meet with him. However, we could easily see from the encampment, the "clouds" by day
& the "fires"
by night surrounding his
spaceship as it descended and rose!

Moses put my question to Jehovah, who became extremely angry, and punished me for being so ir
reverant as
to question his rules. He gave me
leprosy,  and I was confined outside the camp  to prevent infecting others.
Aaron and Moses later pleaded with Jehovah to release me from the curse, and he finally agreed to do so after
six weeks.

, with the illness,  my age by that time,  and the rigors o f many years  trudging through the deserts, I
soon died and was buried at Kadesh.

In this present life, having grown up in the
Christian religion, and active in the church in my early days as mo-
ther and wife,  I felt some guilt over still holding a nearly  4,000 year-long angry grudge against a  "god" who
would do this to a
decent, law-abiding woman who served "him" her whole life by saving her royal brother's life
and using her musical talents
 with hundreds of thousands of women followers  in rituals and  celebrations for
Ken Page, with his great wisdom, helped me release from my false devotion to an extraterrestrial being
posing as the
Middle Eastern "god" of an entire racial and national group of Twelve Tribes, feeding off
their naive energy and devotion.


False "gods"
Just above 5-D, sits the Cosmic Matrix, holding multiple universes. This is where the "god-like entities" exist,
who have built fake light structures. They are only "
mind entities", but extremely powerful. We have to respect
their capabilities, for they are serving us from a much higher realm. Through this fake construct, they impose
programs of limitation upon us. These are the "
gods" of religions, with many names__ Archons, Djinn,
Yahweh, Jehovah, Zeus, Osiris etc
.__ and there is The Creator of the Universe. We must understand the
differences between the two. The religious "god" solicits worship and assimilates people into its limiting
systems and programs. The Creator is vastly grander than that and doesn't behave in such ways. The little
"gods" are stuck in that dimension and must feed on people's energy and adoration in order to remain alive.
They consume nourishment from other beings' energy. They do this by arranging various controlling planetary
systems, agendas and programs to lure us into their traps. This is done by seemingly "offering" something
spiritual and comforting, yet on second sight, they are "feeding" off our efforts and piety. When we begin to see
through them, it is extremely hard to get away from such programs. One must carefully examine any "labels"
and realize the intention of the being, and whether or not it resonates deep within our own heart and spirit
core. That loving core is what's in harmony and vibrates with the frequency of the True Creator.

The Compression
The "false gods" programs are meant to separate us from our true cosmic surrounding and from the
relationship we have with Planetary Being ("Gaia"), Solar Being ("Sol") and Galactic Being, ("Milky Way")__
three Living Beings.  The Compression of Space__ "
The Road to Compression" began when we decided to
create a reality from the idea of the Feminine expression of Creator, that would become a fractal of this
universe. This was done by co-creating an in-line galactic system with its billions of stars, planets, planetary
systems, and beings that agreed to incarnate into these systems and to have all these incredible experiences.
Then we Compressed it nto a fractal reality embodying that whole idea in the body of
one star (our Sun, "Sol"),
and that star-system was then inserted into a galaxy. We did that with many other galaxies, too; ending up with
a galaxy composed of many compressed galaxies which we now call "The Milky Way", which became known
on a universal level, as a
galactic womb__ the fractal of an entire universe.

But, as if that weren't enough, we went
still further, forming a single star-system reality which became a fractal
of the whole Milky Way Galaxy, and then still more, creating a single planetary reality. Lastly, we created an
embodiment (being) which was a fractal of that planet__ Earth__ a myriad of uncountable realities and minds.

The Final Battleground
Those of us who are here on Earth now, are a composite, a fractal, of all those uncountable, compressed
realities, experiences and minds. Our task now, is to bring all that back into Oneness__ into a Zero Point__
through the art of
natal synastry__ astrological compatability__ or by synthesizing the patterns of our past life
experiences.This is the final battleground__the "internal arena" within each of us__ our Journey Home.

Here, on Earth, our "brainwashing" by the "false gods's" carved-in-stone agendas and organized programs has
led us to believe that those of us here in 3-D we are scraping the very bottom of the universal barrel; that we
are the lowest of
the low__ just a bunch of "sinners"__ that we need mentoring, custodianship. These notions, ideologies, are
being propagated in us by these beings that are insanely jelaous of who and what we are. And this idea has
"trickled down" into our political, justice, educational, financial, health and many other social systems today. If
people are correctly informed, they can handle it themselves.

Out in the Greater Cosmos, we are held in the highest of regard, because genetically speaking, we are one of
the youngest races in the universe. But, the spirit-beings occupying our human vessels, are the oldest, the
wisest; and we're the ones that are showing the way__ Wayshowers__ the ones who had the courage to
embark on this Road to
Compression and to make ourselves completely vulnerable to the forces of limitation so rampant on this planet.
can explain the abductions; why ET races are interested in our genetics. In the web-book's "
" (AppendixA2.html) under "The Ride of a Lifetime", I later learned that my DNA was taken while
aboard the Sirius ship
to Lake Titicaca in
August, 1988. I met those hybrid children, then about 10 years old, in the "Night Visitors"
February, 1999.

Why have all these beings come back to this time?
George Kavassilas explained: "I am a universal embryo in
the planetary womb of Earth, the Divine Mother. We need to remember who this divine woman is that we have
incarnated upon, and that this remembrance has been severed from our consicousness. This recall is
fundamentally crucial and critical to remembering Who We Are. If we can't recall and sense our cosmic
surroundings, we're going to
be taken away by some false 'program'."

We are here to Heal the Planetary Womb at the End of this Road to Compression. We are in the process of
Birthing a New Way of Life. We're carrying all our co-creations from all the eons of our experiences and all the
wisdoms which formed all the myriads of realities we created, back into balance, mastering the construct of
what we call Life in this universe. We've moved beyond the Big Lie__the kundalini/chakra system/pineal gland
notions we've called "Enlighten-ment". The "Love & Light" idea entraps humanity, for the false "gods" use Love
against us.
* If our inner spirit is a fractal of Creator, then why look outside ourselves for knowledge, guidance?
Meditate__ the "Light' is in us to begin with. Some call it "Higher Self".
* The inner changes inside us need to be expressed in our outer life.
* Emanate the soul/spirit light that is already within you.
* Love and Embrace All, and bring All into balance.
After 2012: The New Race will be investigating Instantaneous Creativity__ continual, speeded-up Change__
Release from Linear Time, so that All Is Synchronicity__ and Eternal NOW.

One type of
Reciprocal Process is the Compression of Space, which always results in an Expansion of
Time has 3 dimensions, too__ past, present and future. "Pre-conditional Actions" and "Time Loops" are
proving this theory. If this is true, then will the opposite apply? We are aware that Time is changing. A day
used to seem like 24 hours, but now it seems more like only 5 or 6. Will a
Compression of Time result in an
Expansion of Space? I.e.,
will the awareness of our environment expand our awareness of additional dimensional realms; or, of the entire
planet, the solar system, the galaxy, and perhaps even an entire universe of "compressed" cosmic beings?

The first hour of George Kavassilas's interview on
Red Ice Radio is free, but the second requires a paid
In the second hour, George elaborates on the higher beings that desire to be worshiped, and have designed
clever programs for manipulation. He offers more on spiritual deception, and talks about the makeup of our
planetary being, how the moon is used as a mechanical device, and how we can calibrate ourselves with the
planetary being. His website:
* , November 30, 2012: "THE NEWS Live: Saturn/Moon Matrix as Mind Control
Platform to Earth.
" Video. 30 min. "The cause behind War, Crime, Disease, Poverty and Incarnational
Rounds, Life after Life, on Earth."
* Neil Kramer claims that 'Spiritual Consciousness Evolution & Transformation
is THE ONLY GAME here on Earth
In modern-day Christianity, most people are good-hearted, but some church-goers put the power outside of
them-selves__ everything is done outside of self. The "smoke and mirrors" separating us from  the Divine
that lies Within, beckoning us to claim it as our birthright, come from outside. As the song, "A
mazing Grace",
announces with its beautiful and haunting melody, "
How sweet the sound that saves a 'wretch' like me",
labeling us as lowly wretched "sinners" who are already cursed at birth with something called "
original sin",
and have to give our power away to the church__ i.e., be "saved"__ because The Master Wayshower
supposedly died horribly for us, rather than showed us by "Living", how to reach Divine Empowerment. "
notion of 'Original Sin" is one of the most trouble-some ever contrived. It assumes that  men will get into
mischief once they are chronically unhappy, worked longer hours, rigidly disciplined and filled with a sense
of inferiority
." Stuart Chase

Better to get your own divinity, and not depend on an intermediary__ a priest, a minister or guru__ between
you and
the Creator. It's time to let go of that "Sunday-school God" and move to a level beyond. The Master
Wayshower said, "
The Father and I are ONE." That ONE Greater Consciousness encompasses All
consciousness in the universe. Learn to
See God in Self. People want a sacred space__ a spiritual
experience. That's where the heart is. As soon as we put the problem Outside of Ourselves__ We lose. We
have no rights, no options; we go out of balance, out of truth, out of Love. We need to Transcend all cultural
and religious paradigms. Okay__ do good deeds__ feed the hungry, heal the sick, provide for the poor. The
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in tells the story from the beginning of this age,
when we agreed
upon a division (duality) of humanity into two sides. The first group is the ones we call
ones we might perceive as light workers, healers, servers, etc..... They tended and harvested energy from
sacred places, grid lines and Earth's acupuncture points (light energy). The second group are those we call
STORERS ... whom we might perceive as Illuminati, secret societies, world governments, and organized
religions, etc.... The Storers collected energy that the Gatherers accum-
ulated over and over again. The storers hid it in secret multi-dimensional vaults in very well protected places
under cathedrals, government buildings and the Vatican, etc....

"This energy, or light,  was to be released at a future time that we ALL agreed upon (P.S. We all know that this
time is
Now). But as time passed, we forgot about this agreement... and thus began the "Us and Them" battle that we
all still struggle with today. The "Gatherers" started to think that the "Storers" were stealing from them... trying
to control them and all of humanity as well. The "Gatherers" began to feel like victims, like they had no power.
The "Storers" also for-
got this agreement. With the amassing power, growing lack of unity consciousness and U. Love,  their egos
began to grow out of control. The "Storers" beame heartless vampires of the world. The "Gatherers" became
the helpless
victims. This was neither group's fault. There is no one to blame. We just forgot our agreement."

The "Gatherers" need to LET GO of their victim mentality that has made them weak and dependent, so they
can take responsibility for their lives again. The challenge for the "Storers" is to LET GO of power and control
that has made them cold, greedy and uncaring.

"We can now heal and let go of the wounds this might have caused all of us.... We can now forgive the things
we considered atrocities upon humanity, and see that there was a bigger picture that we forgot. In the
forgetfulness we caused a lot of pain and suffering for each other. We do not want to continue this suffering
anymore. We must realize that everyone did exactly just as they were supposed to do. The divine plan IS
* Ben Fulford, 11-26-12; Purging of the Nazi factions in US & Europe. "A political logjam has been broken
now that the new Chinese government has been installed and that swift changes will unfold worldwide in the
coming weeks."... (See Obama's directive below)... "and, coming soon, Japan. In addition, US troops have
been placed in Egypt, on Israel's border, in order to force the Zionist terrorist regime to stop its superstitous,
apocalyptic attempts to start WWIII." More re European arrests, new financial system, purge in Russia, etc.:
* From a caller in Vancouver, BC, on
11-30-12, Coast to Coast "The US Senate today voted down
the law providing for the indefinite detention of Amercan citizens, without cause

* A Citizen Hearing Panel: "
A Citizen Hearing on Disclosure".

* President Obama's directive marking the beginning of a systematic purge of Sabbatean fifth
columnists from US government institutions.

* "
Senate Backs Quicker Withdrawal From Afghanistan'"

Strive to LIVE as you've created; taking one physical action in that direction. For example, if you
have Intended to clear your yard of pollution, avoid adding more pollutants by using natural compost
instead of chemical fertilizers.
Holding Unconditionaal Love in your heart, Become as One with the lawmakers, judges, lawyers, law
enformement officials and prison authorities, and state aloud; "
I Intend that all lawmakers, judges, lawyers,
law enformement officials and prison authorities of the planet resolve all legal problems in accord
with the Creator's Plan and Purposes, and for the Highest Good of all concerned, from this day
" Visualize the positive outcome. Express Gratitude, give Thanks, and state aloud: "How does it get
any better than this?

                                                                                December 20, 2012
                                                        "COUNTDOWN TO 12-21-12"  

If you think we're not protected by higher powers, listen to this:  On
February 12th this year, at 6 AM, I'd gone to our
local hospital with a one-time only, breathing problem and irregular heartbeat, and while IN THE ER, had a mild heart
attack! I was life-flighted to the regional hospital for an angioplasty to check out heart and arteries. It was a very mild

* DECEMBER 10th: 10 months later__ the dark hats manipulated another glitch to keep me in a state of uncertainty,
financial straits, health difficulties and possibly, fear__ and slow down the writing and publishing of this newsletter. "They"
are getting really desperate, the closer the days whiz by toward
12/21/12. Their timing, as usual, was exquisite; this was
the day I planned to visit the doctor to renew prescriptions. I'd always dreaded doing this, as "white coat syndrome" would
usually kick in, sending my blood pressure sky high.
That morning, as I reached for the phone to make the appointment, a bill arrived for $1229.+, claiming that Medicare
refused payment, and my supplementary health insurance paid only $9.66. I was shocked. What a Christmas present! I
had enough money to pay the bill, but it would limit future purchases of many things I enjoyed, including the new laptop,
Yahoo support for the web-book, the newsletter and several research sources. I am on a fixed in come, as are many

I could feel my BP rising already, and I hadn't even made the appointment yet. What to do now? I was nearly out of meds,
and waiting for a later day was out of the question, as the clinic closed on Wednesdays and weekends. I calmed myself
down as much as possible and in meditation, asked Higher Self for guidance. It was suggested that I check the reports
that had come last
April regarding the charges from the various hospitals. Then call the regional hospital for more
information, and if necessary, call Medicare afterwards. Then go from there.

I checked the April reports, and saw that Medicare HAD approved the angioplasty and HAD paid some of the bill, which
was then forwarded to the insurance company. I called the re-
gional hospital. A very nice lady checked the records, and told me to PAY NOTHING, as the day after the bill had been
sent out, an employee who re-checks such bills found a discre-
pancy, (bless him!), and had already submitted the bill for re-examination. Yippee! I don't think the dark hats manifested
that bill materially, but I know they can manipulate electronic equipment and computers__ I've done it myself with my own
devices on occasion!

I then called the family clinic, where the receptionist said they were swamped with patients today, and if I didn't need to
see the doctor personally, would I mind letting them just order the meds from my pharmacy. She'd talk first with the doctor,
and if she did NOT call me back with an appointment by 3 PM, I could just pick up the meds at the pharmacy after 4 PM.
More Yippee!

But waiting 6 hours for a call soon became strenuous. So I again meditated, setting aside all fear, anger, judgment,
replacing it with Unconditional Love for all involved, visualizing a positive outcome and TRUSTING__ not in those
responsible for this mixup__ but in Higher Self, Gaia and Creator. No call arrived. I gave thanks.

That evening, I learned that another old friend had passed away at age 86.
Lalene Cargill Meyers lived a very difficult
life, somewhat similar to the life I lived just prior to this one. But, unlike myself in that lifetime, she managed somehow to
became an extremely talented painter, singer and writer, who loved Earth and Nature, and who served her commu-
nities well as art and music teacher in several schools, coaching their bands, orchestras and choirs to top awards in Idaho
state competitions. As mentioned in the web-book, it was she who often expressed__"
No Heart, No Art". May Creator
bless her, comfort her, give her peace and hold her weary Spirit close.

* DECEMBER 11th: H developed an odd sore behind one ear in mid-November. The doctor said it was from sunlight. (H
golfs nearly every day, still winning some tournaments at age 81)__ and it was most likely cancerous! A visit to a specialist
was set for

Although H was not open to energy healing, I suggested doing one for his ear, anyway. Surprisingly, he agreed. (The "
word, no doubt.)  However, with Thanksgiving and several family birthday celebrations, we didn't get to it as planned. We
discussed another time for doing it, but he didn't seem to want to pin it down. I then suggested he could probably do it
himself, just by feeling Love in his heart, and sending it to the ear, visualizing the sore completely healed. Each evening,
as I helped him put a fresh band-aid over it before bedtime, I noted it was growing smaller. Today, 12/11/12, it was
completely healed. You could barely see a tiny faint scar! A real break-through!

Then later today I received yet another e-mail from__ who else, but__ PayPal, once again attempting to charge me for a
subscription to a website that PayPal themselves told me was "cancelled" by its writer with no reason given. I had then e-
mailed the writer, offering to pay the $8 monthly charge by some other method if possible. No reply arrived, so I un-sub-
scribed over 6 months ago. Will this ever stop?

* DECEMBER 12th: Today we humans are expecting to move fully into a higher dimensional consciousness. Last night, I
had trouble getting to sleep, as my entire body was vibrating intensely. I did finally sleep after 2: 30 AM, but awoke several
times, getting up to potty, to drink water and finally, take a mild pain pill. The rest of the night was like I was completely
"gone". I woke suddenly at 10 AM, with the feeling that I'd been in some very dark" place, and had lost memories of some
sort. But of course, I couldn't remember what memories I'd lost!  LOL. I am, however, feeling a great deal of love and
comfort today. H seems to be filled with the same.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ( explains how the great energies enter-ring Earth and humanity this day
will affect us.
12/12/12 falls on an important Kiche' calendar celebration day for the Maya: 8 Batz. "8" is a day of
Harmonizing, and "
Batz" is "The thread of time and destiny. Weaving of the history of humanity." In the traditional
calendar, today is
3 Etznab. "3" means Activation; Etznab means "The double-bladed knife. Drastic Symbol. Noble.
Yin/Yang__ "The Mirror.

Aluna Joy says: "This date is a celebration of their sacred calendar, and it will set off an explosion that will light the fire
under the new programming that we have helped download this entire year. Essentially, the Maya Elders will be plugging
it ALL in. This comes almost
2 weeks before the December 21, 2012 date that so many of us are aware of. By the time
12/21/12 comes, all old souls will be celebrating in love and peace. Any that have not allowed this recalibration to take
place, and were strong enough to hold it off, will hit an extreme crisis point. Our job is to anchor love and positive intent in
celebration, and this action will bring these last holdouts into alignment with the new program. This is not a judgment for
these souls; they were the last holdouts to keep the old world running up to the very last second, and they did this for us.
This was a very hard job for them. ALL souls on your Earth are pieces of Creator, so don't forget this."

"So"__ "we suggest and hope you will gather in numbers on
December 21, 2012 around the Earth to celebrate, no matter
what the outer world is doing. Remember that you are living in the no-fear all-love zone. You are opening portals to your
heart, the Earth and the universe. Be out on Mother Earth and under Father Sun. Go to your sacred places, celebrate and
be in love with all your soul family. This is your time. You have waited and prepared for a long time. So allow yourself to
celebrate this victory and revel in the glory of the shining Creator that is in YOU and now anchored in the world and
universe." "Be in Love and Peace and know that all is well."
* DECEMBER 13th: The much-prophesied Shift of the Ages is about to reach its high point (12-21-12). It is not an
"ending", but a wonderful "BEGINNING." Ideas on what will happen, how it will happen and why, are everywhere. There
are several notions about how the im mediate shift will take place. Some say there will be 3 days of darkness and no
electricity. Others say the darkness will last only 30 hours. Still others believe in an apocalypse of tremendous intensity.

"Cosmic Awareness" on the website: posted an excellent series of articles about what
happens when the Final Shift activates. The latest post is about the
Three Days of Darkness, and previous postings are
to be found by going to the Home Page above, and scrolling down from the most recent post.

The "Cosmic Awareness" entity informs us about the
Three New Earth Realities that will manifest after 12-21-12__
"Earth A, Earth B and Earth A/B". Each of us will move into one of these three realities. We are informed of which
version of "New Earth" each of us will probably enter, why and how these new embodiments take place, and what life will
be like on each of the three realities. It also covers the approach of
Planet Nibiru, how it will affect us and Earth, and
much more. Some blogs are quite long, but full of information many of us have been wondering about.

In a previous article, "Cosmic Awareness" offered still another article concerning the
Reptile Brain that was implanted in
homo sapiens humans by the Annunaki several hundred thousand years ago, as well as how this Brain is affecting us
today, and what we can do to deal positively with it to overcome it's preventing us from ascending.
* DECEMBER 14th: DREAM: Once again, I was searching for "home". This time in a strange, rather dreary, shabby town.
A raggedy little boy about 7 years old, named "Steven"__ (I have a dear "New Kid", great-grandson by that name, although
he's actually a teenager now)__ came to show me the way home, saying "
we have to go into the neighbors' backyard
", before crossing over into our own home's backyard.

We did so, and Steven and I entered at the back door of an old, seemingly deserted house. It was all painted pink inside,
with some natural wood trim around its simple doors and windows. My friend, "
Joyce", (who died this May) sat at one in a
row of windows overlooking the backyard. I was overjoyed to see her, rushed over, and asked how she was doing. She
replied, "
Oh, I'm just searching through these magazines and catalogs to see what I want to keep or let go."

This puzzled me, but realizing I was very tired and dusty and needed to clean up a bit, I looked around and saw a primitive
kitchen sink with a single faucet. I picked up a nearby washcloth, wet it with cold water and washed off my face, hands
and arms. I asked Steven if he wanted to do the same, but he said he had to leave now, and went out the back door.
The whole dream was symbolic. In dreams, every person is really an aspect of yourself. Houses or rooms, can be various
past or future realities, or dimensions. But the "
backyard" and "pink interior" still have me wondering.

In my EVERYDAY LIFE__ recent days have become filled with continual interruptions of various sorts, so that I am falling
behind on the newsletter, on Christmas preparations and household duties. Normally, I have all the Christmas tasks
completed by December 1st, and can then relax and enjoy the holiday music, the light displays and the warmth and
laughter of family and friends in the season, including six family birthdays in December and early January. But, two days in
a row, I even forgot to eat lunch. It has also become very clear today, that we need to find alternative sources for our
evening meals, as we are getting neither nutritional value for me, nor enough food for H from our present methods. I asked
for guidance from Higher Self.

* DECEMBER 15th: Woke in the early morning hours to see the black sillhouette of a figure at the foot of my bed. In our
very darkened bedroom, I at first thought it was H on his way to the bathroom, but this shape was not moving. It had the
profile of a woman with either a very large head, a puffy bouffant hairdo, and/or a large elaborate hat on her head, much
like those worn in the Victorian era. The figure was almost entirely flat black, with a faint burgundy cast to it. She did not
move a muscle as I gazed at her. I then noted another figure standing just outside the bedroom doorway__ this one like
white smoke or fog, with two black eyes in its rounded head and draped in a long, gauze-like robe. As soon as I
acknowledged their presence, the woman disappeared entirely, and the ghostly doorway apparition slowly turned and
moved back through the hallway. My feeling was not fearful__ but oddly comforting__ as if something from my past had
been at last resolved. "Forgiven", perhaps__ by me, or for me?

Who were they? Why had they come? I sensed the woman might have been my Scottish mother in my most recent
life as a young man, and the doorway apparition, that lifetime's mean-spirited older sister. Or__ was the woman Myself in
the mid-1800s life on a Mississippi river boat, and the doorway figure, my unborn, quarter-breed son from that lifetime?
Perhaps instead, the woman had been my paternal grandmother, "Emma"; but younger, before I was born. Yet, the
doorway ghost reminded me of my hybrid sons from the "
Night Visitors" episode (

Our youngest son, "J", and his daughter, Amber, visited us for the afternoon. She and I viewed Christmas videos and
musical, animated Christmas cards on the computer, singing and dancing along with some of them. "J" told us of a fine
opportunity for his son, recently graduated from college, to take over management of his mother and stepfather's inter-
national business after they retire January 1st.

* DECEMBER 16th: First Snow last night. Woke up extremely tired with multiple muscle pains. Electricity was off during
the night. Spent the day taking long naps in afternoon and again in the evening. Kept forgetting things. Not much appetite
for dinner. Then realized I forgot to take my herbal sinus pill this morning. No wonder I feel this way__ my sinuses are
completely plugged up, making me short of breath and foggy-minded.

We've been having many phone calls, plus visits from family members__ which are enjoyable__ but I'm way behind on
Christmas preparations and writing the next newsletter, plus trying to get the new laptop in working order. Things seem to
be happening faster and faster__  as if they are "overlapping" somehow. Another concern I have is : "
Which New Planet
Earth will I be on after the Shift
?__ A, B, or A/B__ or will I return Home to Creator Source?

* DECEMBER 17th: Feeling better today. I begin by writing a Christmas letter to mail with cards to family and friends
without e-mail access. I'm interrupted when our eldest son, his son, "M" and two toddlers come visit. Fun with the kiddies,
who have grown and learned many new things. Daughter and hubby arrive with new kind of  holiday cookies for all. Plans
made for eldest son's birthday bash here at our house on the
20th. Must call H's sister in Minnesota tonight, wishing her
happy birthday. Videotaped my "daytime drama", this afternoon, then later found they replaced it with more news about the
Connecticut school shooting.

Eldest son gathers equipment and ingredients to make three Christmas cranberry puddings for the family here tomorrow
__ one for us, and two to take to his Boise family for Christmas Day.  I still have half a dozen gift baskets and bags to
assemble for friends and neighbors.

* "CosmicAwareness" ( has posted a 1 hour Audio covering the information about
Ascension and the Three New Earth Realities. A related Question & Answer session is planned for tomorrow,
. This website comes closer to my personal experiences and inner guidance than any other I know of.

* EVENING: New David Wilcock article:  "Top Russian TV Station Exposes Financial Tyranny with Pictures &
... "World's first ever full exposure in mainstream media"... "BLOWING IT WIDE OPEN"... "releasing a docu=-
mentary on the stolen gold, the
Keenan lawsuit, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, Financial Tyranny and the now 160-
nation alliance that has formed to end the oppression." David asks us to post much of this
information in our blog and websites. I found the following most interesting:

* WHAT DEFICIT: "Politicians love to go on about how they 'need to reduce the deficit'__ as if America is in terrible
trouble because we owe trillions of dollars to foreign bankers".... "The debit is supposed to be some looming, seemingly
insolvable problem."... "
Ron Paul pointed out that nothing comes anywhere near as much as the sprawling military-
industrial complex__ and he was seemingly forced out of the Republican 2012 nomination." ...      "These debts are
completely fake. They were built on fraud. The deficit is a myth."... "It's admittedly quite a shift in perspective__
considering we've been told the same lies for many generations now."... The truth is there's more than enough wealth to
pay off all debts. This wealth simply has never been allowed to be used."... "Very little has been spoken about the soaring
unemployment numbers__ or the fact that the average American has less than $2500 dollars of net wealth in the bank or
any other assets."

* STOLEN GOLD: Well before the lawsuit was filed, Benjamin Fulford indicated that the  'good guys' in the Pentagon
were working with an ever-increasing alliance to defeat the Federal Reserve__ and the oligarchs behind it."... "With this
would come the release of many 'hidden' and classified technologies that could bring us clean energy__ at very low cost,
and with minimal environmental damage."... "Most importantly, this lawsuit would blow open the doors on a massive
amount of gold that was stolen, worldwide, and put 'on deposit' with the Federal Reserve."... "Most people believe there is
only about 140,000 metric tons of gold in the world__ about the size of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Its apparent
scarcity is what makes it so valuable."... "The reality, as
Neil Keenan has been told from the 'Elders' in Asia, is that 2.5
million metric tons of gold was either stolen or handed over to the Federal Reserve at gunpoint__ beginning in the late
1920s."... "85 percent of this gold was taken from Asian countries."... "Much of this gold was originally pulled from a
massive vein of gold running through China, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand that has remained highly classified ever since
its discovery__ centuries ago now."
(More on this in David's article.)

* In the "
COMMENTS" following David's article, Doug Burns posted a most interesting vision he received while
participating in sweat lodge ceremony on
12-12-12 at Mt. Shasta:"For those of you familiar with Terence Mc Kenna's
work on Time Zero, he said everything is speeding up to the point where everything from our history will happen at once
at Zero Point.".... In Doug's vision, he saw... "there were not just one or two timelines but ALL the timelines of ALL our
lifetimes, ALL the timelines of every life lived on Earth, ALL heading to the Zero Point." ... (This seems to explain the
crowding of events in my life right now__ "as if they were overlapping each other"__ and the "figures"in my bedroom at
night", seemingly representing several of my more recent past lives.)

Doug continued: ... "It was pointed out to me that EACH soul here has AT LEAST ONE LIFETIME where we have reached
an 'Ascension-worthy' state, that includes EVERYONE, including everyone currently being the 'evil ones'. It is THAT life
that will make the transition for all it's others. This is possible__ I was reminded, as all time occurs simultaneously."..."I saw
these timelines as they accumulated around Earth which began to look like one of those rubber-band balls, the timelines
binding it."..."Then Mother Earth breathed and all the bands (past lives, karma, etc.) let go at once shooting off into the
darkness, and Mother (and us) was free."... "And then every being heard, ALL beings heard, "
I Love You. Namaste."

* DECEMBER 18th: The electricity kept going off and on all night. (Was this in preparation for the Shift on Friday?__ The
TV in the next room just said "
Friday"!)__ There have been predictions that Earth's magnetic field would go down, thereby
eliminating all electrical functions for a time.
Higher Self suggested I post this Newsletter online today, as I may not be
able to do so closer to
12-21-12, and some people need to read this information to help them with the Shift. There may be
no more postings until after
January 1st. It depends on what happens with me and my loved ones, and how things
change in the world at large. "
Happy Landings, ALL!"  

* A recent Video with Alfred Lambremont Webre of gave a very informative 32
minute Video on : "THE NEWS Live: Countdown to December 21, 2012."

* Other helpful Videos regarding preparation and what happens to us on physical internal levels, as well as emotional and
mental levels, are offered by
Sandra Walter from Mt. Shasta, CA. These are three quite different, more playful
approaches, than we have seen to date. Video #1= 24 minutes; #2 = 9 minutes;
and #3 = 54 minutes.

My own thoughts are that the
End of the Mayan Calendar occurred 10-28-11, and that 12-21-12 will probably be the
Shifting of Planet Earth into the 5th dimension. However, we humans will go through our "personal
consciousness shift" on
12-12-12, as the Mayan Calendar reboots. It seems to be coming in as a "whisper" to us humans,
but big changes will occur more rapidly and more frequently following both Shifts. These "changes" will most likely be felt
first in our consciousness__ how we perceive ourselves, others, Earth, and life on and off Earth__ and those
transformation in awareness will most likely gradually trigger major changes in our environment, social systems,
technologies and relationships on and off planet, as it is a well-known fact that whatever one focuses on, is attracted into
one's experience.

If you're like me, you're probably concerned with what's likely to be going on globally, as well as inside your own
consciousness, your physical body and with your relationships and immediate surroundings. We are, after all, just ending
the "Balsamic Phase" of
The Greater Circle. (Newsletter issue... Nov. 20th, "Is the Sun Going Bananas?").
Observing the
Final Shift of the Ages from an astrological perspective, (With deepest gratitude to Steven Forrest for
profound astrological wisdoms.
), this period just prior to, and possibly for awhile after 12-21-12, is going to be much like
Twelfth House or Pisces issues in astrology: Twelfth House/Pisces experiences are often referred to as "TOILET
"; i.e, "Letting Go" at the right time, in the right way. We created something during these last 26,000 or so
years, as a human race, and as an individual person over this lifetime, that has now lived its life cycle and served its
purpose. And now we need to release it. If we are grossly materialistic people__ holding attitudes such as a Piscean
Promise them anything now; and get out of it later."__ our passage through these last few weeks or months has been__
or will be__ "A Passage Through Hell". Very spiritual, etheric-minded people will experience this period as "Utter Joy"...

Actually,we have probably never met either of those kinds of people. Most of us are a mix of these two types, and are a lot
more complicated. Whatever part of us that is "
crazy" usually has a hard time of it, and those parts of us that are "sane", in
the deeper sense of the word, enjoy it.

Each of us "planted a seed" also, during this present lifetime__which is about to "blossom" or to "bear fruit". At this point in
our consciousness evolution, it is not that we have to push anything away, but only that we need to release it, and see if it
"goes" away. The rule of thumb here is that there's really nothing you "have to do". It's like Neptune and its transits:
questions are all existing in our subconsciousness, and in our "Being"
. Just let something flow up from inside you. What's
flowing up is that seed form blossoming into the Tone that will "ring" into action when you cross the
December 21st, 2012
horizon. People are very fond of "getting into trouble" during such times. It's really that we tend to Make Trouble for
ourselves. A typical Balsamic/12th House dream is one of suddenly finding ourself NAKED in the supermarket or some
public place. We panic... maybe grab at a plastic bag to cover ourself because our very nakedness horrifies us.

What's going on: Clothing represents our PUBLIC IDENTITY. It's Who We Are, Socially. All that supports our little self
suddenly becomes questionable, inadequate. We can't rely on our old public identity or images any longer. A Bals-
amic/12th House nightmare for a professional artist would be to be rejected by her current clients, exhibitions, galleries or
art shows. Nobody wants our work any longer. Of course, it would have economic repercussions for us, but more than
that, our very Identity would be threatened.

This writer personally went through a similar experience years ago, due to a serious health problem that prevented me
from painting. My first thought then, was, "If I'm not an artist anymore... WHO AM I?" Our pride... our healthy pride
collapses. Having this identity stripped away, we feel terribly "naked". Maybe we panic. Maybe we "Grab A Bag" Perhaps
one evening, watching TV, we view
Billy Graham, and "become saved"__ we "grab at a bag" to cover our nakedness.
But what we've done, is taken all the issues and problems that have come up in our life, cashed them in, and taken an "off-
the-shelf" answer. We feel temporarily comforted, we think we've found the answers. A good "Balsamic/12th House rule of
thumb is: THERE ARE NO ANSWERS... no ready answers." Here we have to sit between answers for awhile... to have
the courage to "Go naked for awhile".

A typical "Grabbing For a Bag": "I've Got It__ I'm Going to Sell AMWAY!" There's always some sense of religious fervor
with this "nakedness" situation. It feels great for awhile, but after we've crossed into the New Moon/ First House of the
New Identity/work for awhile, we find ourselves Burned Out, and with a bedroom full of soap that has to be gotten rid of
somehow. Or__ with too many commitments to fulfill.

Our solutions during this time depend more on Connecting with our Inner Guidance System, than What we Choose to Do

* "9 companies plan to add 2,550 new jobs in Indiana."

* "George Will: 'Quite Literally, the Opposition to Gay Marriages is Dying."

"Green House outs the GH-LED10WBW a new LED based lantern that runs on salty water." http:
* "The North Korean Satellite is Tumbling Out of Control: How Dangerous is That?"
* "Middle East beginning to embrace solar energy."

After performing an Intention__ whether healing or manifesting__ DETACH from the outcome. During the following 2 days,
do not try to contact the "client" or seek information as to whether the manifestation is occurring or not. Allowing Universe
to choose the Process and the Timing by which the Intention will manifest, keeping a loving awareness in your heart that
the intention has already manifested positively on energetic levels.

Holding Unconditional Love in our heart,
Become as One with the United States President, the members of his Cabinet,
and Senators and Representatives of Congress, and state aloud: "I Intend that the United States President and all
members of his Cabinet, Senate and House of Representatives find a fair solution to the nation's financial system that is in
keeping with Creator's Plans and Purposes, and benefits the highest good of all involved, from this day forward."
the positive outcome. Express Gratitude, give Thanks and state aloud: "
How does it get any better than this?"

                            LIVING IN A NEW REALITY NEWSLETTER