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DIMENSIONS:  What are they?  WAVELENGTHS__  not Frequencies__  in which our Consciousness
vibrates. Therefore,  they are dependent upon  our human  consciousness,  thoughts,  emotions  and  
belief systems,  and are the Key to everything connected with moving between, or acting within one
dimension or another.

Every atom has its own Sinewave Signature. The Average of all wavelengths in the universe - 7.23
centimeters__ the length of the palm of our hand.
The Universe Creates Life.  It is filled with Life.  Life at
very  minuscule evolutionary levels,  such as  microscopic subatomic particles, microbes, or minerals,
having an awareness only of being an elemental energy  and being in a form. Over long, long periods of
time,  they evolve into plant forms perhaps, having awareness of warmth, light, movement or growth.

Still later,  they become  animal forms that are  aware of each other,  and of  movement and  choice.  Next
came the humanoid  form, which is  where were a few years ago. We existed in, and were aware of, three
dimensions __ width,  length and  height.  We were  
Third Dimensional Beings,  having lives that taught us  
How to Love,
 so we could  evolve to higher dimensional  evolutionary levels__ 4h, 5th, and beyond__ all
the way back to Creator Source Itself. Since 12-21-12, humanity has been moving into the
's various 13 Octave levels; And some evolved souls are ascending into the Lower Octaves of
Fifth Dimension during this period.

Not intended to force change, this web-book simply tries to foster hope for the near-future by offering
options for raising one's consciousness to  enable Ascension to  higher dimensional states,  and to create
and live a more abundant,  fulfilled and  purposeful life in a Higher Dimension                                           

The method  by which  life evolves  to each next  higher dimension  is through an  
Ascension  Process.  
Every 25,920 years universal, galactic and solar systemic cycles reach a configuration which allows for
those lifeforms who have prepared themselves, to move up into the next higher dimension  (also called
"density"). Those beings not sufficiently  evolved in  consciousness and raising their energy body's
frequencies, must wait another 25,920 years for the next opportunit
y; If they still have a lower
consciousness after that, they must wait yet
another 25K+ years__ and so on. There is no other
way to evolve.

Energies downloading to Earth, and all Solar Systems from the Suns, Comets, Galaxies and Cosmos first
affect  changes on quantum energy levels,  which then  change our consciousness, and our consciousness
eventually alters the olographic/physical worlds.

Addendum 2-14-14:
This seemed to be part of a question nagging at me of late__ how to KNOW when we are in 4-D
or 5-D?
In this web-book we  tell of how three of us lightworkers in Wickenburg, AZ observed the light in the room
change, and our voices became strangely resonant with everything in the room, as we vibrated in harmony.
Imagination and Vibration may be moving us into the 4th dimension, as when we begin to Imagine and
Visualize what it's like to be an Egyptian pharoah, an astronaut in outer space, or an Eskimo in the Arctic
and we touch the collective mind of humanity__ which the gobal elite manipulate by TV, movies, etc. to
change our perceptions and memories of who and what we are.

MEDITATION:  9/19/10: "Music talks to us. Music creates the matrix of the world__ the mathematics of
the Universe__ harmony, balance, rhythm, order, unity, attunement, life affirming, life restoring and
rejuvenating. And when we move into that matrix we go to a special place__ one that links us with the
heatbeat of the universe. Let us remember how we can contact the Heart of the Universe, which is shared
with every living thing that ever existed, that does now or ever will exist."  I've found music will more
easily link me with Higher Intelligence during  meditations.

That very evening, "Radio Out There", from Australia, talked about the importance of music in Higher
Dimensional Realities__how it can affect our emotions, our intelligence. We may find that Sound and Light
are major energy sources in the new reality.

ease and harmony with which this ascension process is unfolding for us is directly proportional to the
of Light__ Joy, Peace, Unconditional Love and Oneness__ we are able to hold within ourselves

The Electromagnetic Spectrum  which  we  experience  in 3-D  consciousness,  is  divided  roughly  into  
twelve known portions  functioning  within the  physical planes  of the  planet.  When a  disturbance  is
produced  at any point in space  by creation of an EM energy field, that disturbance travels through space
as a
wave. We measure the waves by their frequency (fast or slow), by their wavelength, (long or short)
and by their
amplitude  (intensity). We know  Earth's vibrations are  rising in frequency very rapidly now,  
and our physical and energetic bodies are trying to synchronize with her.

EM wavelengths can range from many miles to less than a millionth of an inch. These wave-lengths
are important to understand as we create with Multi-Dimensional Technologies,
for it the Dimension of
Choice for both Earth and humans

What if I told you that the next step for the evolution of human consciousness is that of being sensitive  
above and below  the visible light and heat range  of the  EM Spectrum?
 Solar flares excite chakras,  
endocrine glands and living cells to  trigger mutations of species. Our Sun has been  producing  more  
frequent and  more intense solar flares than known in  recorded history. As we move through the Third
Millennium,  increased sunspot activity is releasing more energy to stimulate the activity of living cells,  
mitochondria, the... "specific electric power plant  of live cells"... and to accelerate the  endocrine
gland functions  associated with our chakras. The latest solar flare cycle peaked in  2011-13. Could we say
we're being "revved up"  for something very unique in human evolution?

Examining our  
3-D  EM Spectrum,  we find  shorter wavelengths of radiation occur at the  higher
frequency end
of the spectrum, while the  longer wavelengths occur at the  lower frequency end. Today's
science books seldom tell us about a  thirteenth portion of the EM band  which is even
lower down on the
frequency scale
__  having very slow  frequencies,  but wavelengths far  longer than  electricity__ human
brain waves are the  longest waves with the lowest frequencies of the EM spectrum
. (See Archives for
more on EM Spectrum.)
In our 3-D reality, there were sequences of events that had to be lined up so that the Ascension Process
and Evolutionary Change  could proceed  in an orderly manner;  and in 4-D,  we experience shifting in and
out of other dimensions that are  triggered by Emotion, but are seldom confused with Time Loops and Time

Every new planet  appropriated for 3rd dimensional-density life, is "quarantined";  i.e., an energy shield is
placed around it so outside,  off-world beings  cannot interfere or in any way either ensure or distort the
new planet's inha-bitants' preparation for ascension,  since 3-D planets are "Free Will" planets,  requiring
inhabitants  to learn to lovingly exercise their Free Will without preventing others from manifesting their own
Free Will. We learn that Events in; our life are not random__ our emotions, beliefs and consciousness
determine what happens. Karma also has its effects on the events we experience.

The focus should be on feeling Unconditional Love and Oneness with All That Is if we wish to expand our 3-
D consciousness to higher realities.  We're already  familiar with  3-D consciousness  where we're asked  
to become a unique Individual, empower ourselves to live well on earth, to Serve Others rather than Serve
Self, and understand and master Cause & Effect: i.e.,  Choice.  We have to deal with Karma, ad with
Synchronicity, and the Realization that Events Are Not Random in 3-D.

But how do we know whether we are in  4-D or 5-D-conciousness? Do we unconsciously  slip in and out of
these densities at various times?  For there seems to be a thinner division between 3-D, 4-D and 5-D now.
If 3-D is the world of cause & effect, of wars & chaos, then what is 4-D?

And, by the way,  Astrology,  Tarot Cards , Pendulums  and  I Ching  are symbols for  languages on  higher-
planes -dimensions representing Time: where Past, Present and Future are all one. Hold Your Breath
when choosing Tarot, Runes, I Ching, or Pendulum elements, and Pulse Breath when releasing them.      

While in the 3-D Reality, energies primarily work through atomic and sub-atomic particles, which have a
limited Time Scale of existence, called "Negative Entropy" that forms a Vortex into which all the life-giving
particles and their structures are dissolved over time unless new waveform structures are introduced and
the  vortex carrier is reused. If NOT, the atomic and sub-atomic particles no longer support the energies,
and things, events, lifeforms decompose; i.e., "die"..

As we move into New Earth Realities, New Light Particles are entering our universe to work with those
particles already entering a "Positive Centropic" existence. Humans must have a higher consciousness and
integrity to use these energy particle appropriately, as our consciousness evolution continues on towards a
Higher Evolution as Light Beings and eventual reunion with Creator Source.

In the meantime, our entire universe is experiencing the Entropy of outworn functions as these high
frequency energies re-structure us into a new galactic light force, and raise spiritual Humanity into a 5-D
Being. But first, we must enter and learn to navigate and master the Fourth Dimension.

MEDITATION: (Higher Self, St. Germaine, Arcturians)"The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time'; but not
as the scientists propose. One can Transcend Time in 4-D; i.e., connect with past and future lives;
connect with the history of the human races,of Earth, Solar Systems, Galaxies and Universes__ like the
Akashik Records. Feelings, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, sensations or dreams become energies that take
on a life of their own, causing events, changes, in one's personal reality. Collectively, they can cause
Earth Changes. That is why 4-D still has some negativities occurring. The various octaves, of course,
determine the amount of and the intensity of those events. You may hear or see them, but not necessarily
participate in, or be affected by them."

"Emotion is the driving force in 4-D. Anything wished for, desired or intended with strong emotion__
positive or negative__ will manifest__ definitely__ sooner or later in 4-D, and possibly, somewhat in 3-D.
One must learn to feel, think and act for the Highest Good of All Concerned.

As for the 7 temporary planets of 4-D__ this is not entirely true. They are 7 'reality level holograms'  that
have been manifested. People are 'on' each of these reality levels.... (also called Timelines)... according
to the degree of their personal frequencies. (i.e., the frequencies matching the various octaves of 4-D.)
Some of us are on the 7th reality level/hologram/Timelines = the 7th step of the 4-D octave. We are
basically well-protected from dire events here."

Humans can use their Innate Creativity to raise their consciousness in various ways. In 4-D, we become
familiar with dreams, visions, synchronicities,  Out-of-Body and  Near Death experiences which teach us
about evolving our consciousness to even higher density states.

Ascendiing into a  5th Dimensional  (Density)  state of awareness allows us to learn how to consciously
and deliberately Create New Realities for self and others.

When an individual or a group  transits from 3-D into 4-D or higher density,  an energy release occurs from
their atomic particles,  and we sense that release as Heat.  However,  when any object or being,  including
ourselves, temporarily moves  from a higher dimensional level  down to the 3rd again,  an intense White
Light with a golden cast is given off by that person or object. Such light often  manifests when  Crop Circles
form. or UFO's, angels or beings from other realms visit us.    

Earth's 4-D is the world of Imagination, Dreams, Astral Travel, and of Myths and Archetypes. Basically, it's
a Passageway to Other Dimensions & Psychic Experiences, through which we may access Time, Space
and Gravity__ a source for pats  life regressions and synchronicities.  It's through  4-D that one accesses
the 5th and higher dime-nsional states. While 4-D is really not that much different from 3-D,  the 5th
appears  completely altered. Each density has 13 steps or levels (overtones) within its octave of
frequencies. One octave  relates to the 12 tones or keys in the  diatonic musical scale. A piano images this
scale  with its 8 white, and 5 black keys. Each step/overtone allows for variations  on what can be
contacted or accomplished,  depending on which  "step/frequency" of a dimension one is now experiencing.

Those of us who have been seeking and preparing to ascend to a  4th Density Consciousness,  which was
establ-ished within all mankind in the very beginning,  will be feeling that energetic change  in the depth of
your being now.  Since 2001,  we have moved into the  Transitional Overtone of  4-D where Consci-
ousness and Energy are interrelated. 4-D consciousness  moves in a faster frequency. In the 4th density,  
we spontaneously  shift between higher dimensions of experience wherein our minds entertain events
beyond our usual physical space/time frames.

We are discovering our "re-membering"__ the first subtle whispers of the Next Race on planet Earth. There
will be new relationships,  the overcoming of fear,  new ways of living,  the power within __ creative
imagination__  will be more and more evident. ESP and spiritual healing will ensur e the survival of
mankind. You will experience the dyn-amics of  positive thinking,  mind control,  Uncondiyional Love,  
Unity/Christ Consciousness,  multi-dimensional a- wareness,  the true, inner meaning of life,  meditation
and  dream-work,  and success and abundance through following your Life's Mission.

The basic lesson of 4-D is to Create with Love,informed by Wisdom. It is a gradual change, that may take
humanity 100- 400 years to complete the 13 octave levels. We learn that we are part of a Soul Group
MInd__ people who share our Mission or Purpose, and who may or may not, be in our physical presence,
but who are serving Earth, Spirit and Humanity in similar ways__ ways that are typical of legendary
Archetypes, such as "Teachers", "Healers", "Creators", etch, and even as "Lightning".

Art is the language of the soul. As we paint, write,  sing, teach or intend,  the thoughtforms we hold within
our own energy fields as we create, project into the Creative Field, later to be continually broadcast and
recycled  through the energetic fields of people who contact them. Perhaps,  like astrology,  
I Ching and
tarot cards, artworks are 4-D symbols for a secret language in which past,  present and future are all one ,
representing, as the  Maya claim,  a  
Transcendence of Time. We can sense the artist's intention  by first
pulsing breath,  then raising  the palms of our hands  to a painting or sculpture as we become one with the

4-D consciousness moves on a much longer wavelength.." It's a sort of "Stargate" to still higher dimensions.
On September 11, 2001, Humanity went into a transitional state, beginning to move out of 3-D, as we
began to ascend to 4-D. Where 3-D consciousness breathing was in the Phi Ratio pro-portion of male and
female energetics, 4-D con-sciousness breathing is one part male to 3 parts female energetics, where
Love__ Unconditional ove__ heals.

January, 2013, humans began entering 4-D. Like the Luxor Pyramid experience in Las Vegas, (Ch. 8: "The
Energy Artist
."), there's little difference  between them visually. As we move into  4-D__ "The Other Side"__
there are things we need to know. There's really very little difference between 3-D and 4-D, experientially.
We can return to 3-D, if we wish__  perhaps to perform some service__  but it's really hard to  go there and
come back  once we reach the 10th to 12th overtone of the 4-D octave. It just feeels sooo good.

Jose' Arguelles, in "Surfers of the Zuvua", says: "You can literally recreate 4-D Time by using colors to
create a painting, or by blowing on a kazoo! And when you go 'rooty-toot-too', you're mastering the
vibrational world of appearances. Through your playing, you're harmonizing the world of appearances: the
third-dimensional world to the fourth-dimension. And remember, every octave has its 13 overtones. So in
the third dimension, fourth dimensional time is creat ed or brought into being through the overtones of
music, light and color. Sound has its octaves and so does sight and even smell"__ aromatherapy. We
become masters of illusion. It explains a whole lot. Not only why the Maya had been great artists and
mathematicians, but much more."

"The ability to travel through 4-D has already been accomplished on the level of the mind by the ability to
dip into the future".... "We are bringing forth information from higher levels and tran-slating it to the level
of the mind. There is an ability to obtain and apply information from the Universal Mind. This is mastery
of 4-D."

he physical body in 4-D is less dense and our carbon-based 3-D body becomes much lighter, higher in
frequency, our ,molecular and cellular structure changes, based on crystalline molecules. We don't need
food; our new bodies produce all the energy we need. However, we will have fruits with protein in them,
and may eat them for pure pleasure.        

In 4-D, we experience the shifting in and out of dimensional realities, triggered by Emotion, and sometimes
producing Time Loops and Time Conversions.

We will find ourselves Detaching from our pasts, our habits, our worn-out beliefs, and our no-longer-
working activities. This is being replaced by a powerful emerging GROUP INTELLIGENCE that is Greater
than all the individuals with whom you are involved, that can even OVERRIDE THE NORMAL 3-D LAWS
OF PHYSICS. In both 4-D and 5-D and higher densities, PHYSICS HAS A DIFFERENT SET OF LAWS.

It's important to pay close attention to the experiences and episodes of 4-D because once we reach the 5-D
threshold, all the Timelines of the past merge into one Timeline, and anything still unresolved from our 12
timelines-past lives of significance, must be balanced and harmonized before we can ascend further in 5-D
And, as we exam-ine those pastlife/timelines, we may find we are having a sort of "LIFE REVEIW" such as
one experiences during Near Death Experiences, or one's final death. (Is 5-D presenting us with glimpses
of Itself so we can experience, understand and learn to be a "Light Being"? Do we need to Become As One
to enter 5-D?

That Higher Part of ourselves__ whether we call it Spirit Within, Higher Self, Angels or Inner Guid-ance__
best knows what we next need to learn, understand or do for the evolution of our consciousness, or
humanity's consciousness, but because we're becoming Multi-dimensional, that Guidance may not
necessarily occur according to the old linear Time pattern of past, then present, then future. Nor will
Guidance present itself in the Spacial manner we've been accustomed to. Since we  have Transcended
Time, it is collapsing in on itself.

In Fourth Density, we can access the TRUTH & WISDOM OF THE AGES. It can seem as if our lives are
fulfil ling an infinite, universal script that is guiding all life on the planet through a series of spiritiual
"lessons" called "ARCHETYPES", as if some invisible pattern or structure that continually moves in cycles,
has been guiding us toward spiritual enlightenment and evolution of species. David Wilcock, discovered
that History seems to repeat itself every 539 years playing out the same scenarios and main characters
(Archetypes?), but within the new faces, conditions and environments of each next 539th planetary
paradigm. It's as if we're in a hologram, that keeps repeating and repeating the same story, until we__ as a
human species__ learn to master the lessons it's trying to teach us. He also found a 720 year cycle that
relates with ancient mystery teaching. Are we being driven towards that Golden Age we hear so much
about, but seems just out of reach? For more, check out David's  YouTube video about his recent book:
"The Synchronicity Key".

We can transmute old attitudes or beliefs that no longer work for us by seeking a new attitude or be-lief that
is more appropriate for the situation at hand. We then perceive two Torsion Forces' cone-shaped tips as a
metaphor for solving our quandry. A Dream, Meditation, or Intention with Unconditional Love and Oneness
fan show us the app-ropriate attitude or belief, and WHAM!__ the opposing tw heips meet and we have a
transformation of consicousness. And llife changes immediately, as a new Timeline, a new Realilty is
created. This Multi-Dimensional, High-Density Technique must be learned and practiced if we are to
master living in higher density/dimensional worlds. shenever there is a breakthrough during a transformatio
of consciousness, the eperiencer, wheter childr or adult, is permanently dhanged, both physiologically and
psychologically, with aftereffects similar to those of Near Death Experiences (NDE).       

To enter into 4-D requires a quantum awakening in a Transfiguration, a process where you get a 4-D
human body activated in your present human body. You get Time Travel, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, etc..

"Light":: A divine emanation from a higher evolutionary manifestation or any number of astrochemical
conscious-ness forces which can coexist with many electromagnetic spectrums."  "light" Einstein-Lorenz
transformation is one definition of the common or lesser light spectrum used in the creation of an Alpha-
Omega  field. Matter in this context is gravitationally trapped light."   
 J. J. Hurtak. "The Book of Know-
: The Keys of Enoch.")

An individual may already be presently residing in 4-D, yet be under the influence of the Dark Side,  but this
is the struggle of a lifetime, because of the Development of Telepathic Abilities in 4-D. If one is in a place in
which 4-D Dark beings have already created a power foundation, then one is likely to find mind controls
functioning in attempts to keep the negative foundation from being converted into a positive

The Powers of Light, which have dominion over a planet's ability to rise above the forces of darkness,
project geo-metric patters of creation into 4-D space in order to code spiritual mankind into 5-D. The
revealing of these Codes of Light are presented through telethought commmunications.

The "
Language of Light" is..." an instantaneous communication with the Infinite Mind using ideographic
and picto-grapic cyvernetics. It is used by the "
Elohim" in conjunction with the"... "'Eternal Light' ti create
the primordial aeons and "Mansion world regions' of growth. (Gen. 1:1:3: John 1:1:3) It is the parent
language of a diety used in an over-all plan or design to outline a procedure, to code knowledg into crystal,
etc..The Language of Light as a vehicle enables the Lords of Light to reach many planetary worlds and
reality levels simuoltaneously and fuse the different languages into the same scenario abstract. This allows
man to have communion with other planets of intelligence through super-holographic precesses.  (Key 207)
As God's word. The knowledge of this language comes from a core memory of information being shared by
the higher spiritual levels of existence. It allows man to read the 'records of the mysteries' in the higher
heavens." (
J. J. Hurtak. "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch.")

One begins to Let Go__ to Trust in the Spiritual Winds' ability to carry us safely through our consciousness
evolutionary process.

7-15-94: MEDITATION: "Mystic Path = Mind, Intuition in 4-D. Occult Path = Love/,Wisdom in 5-D."
ML:  I became extremely tired and cold. I put on a sweater and lay down on the sofa with a blanket after
turning up the heat. I felt drawn to the "other side", so I evoked U. Love, just "let go" and went into 4-D. I
seemed to "sleep" for nearly an hour, but was semi-conscious, receiving instructions on various levels. I
recall  a "

1.) seeing the word "LEARNING" in big letters near the top of a page of a book entitled: "Sacred Journeys
to Atlantis" and #20 at the bottom. Later I looked inside that book. There was no word, "learn" but
"understand" was used.It told about the Oracles at Delphi, and how that area in ancient Greece had been
the site of Manifesting on Earth through the 5th Density. [dating to the classical period of Ancient Greece
(510-323 B.C.), the site of Delphi was believed to be determined by Zeus when he sought to find the centre
of his "Grandmother Earth" (Gaia).] At the end if this part of the book, it addresses the reader as
"Commander", and says "she will have the good health she desires very soon." I felt I was being addressed

(2.) At another point, I saw the word "EMOTION" plus printing stating that "this moves us between Densities
and from the EME Band to the MEE Band, and in between." I was shown how to place the EME Band in a
vertical position alongside the Relativity Chart for the planets, etc., which the "
Old Ones" gave me on our
way to Arizona in late
1991. There were 13 portions, or wavelengths, to the EME Band. I also prayed for
help for granddaughter, "Amber" and her family.

Over the next  200 years, those who have ascended to the Fifth Density World will be influenced by the
element of "
Ether":  The Creative Force Field.. The energetic frequencies HAARP is sowing throughout
Earth's atmosphere are Torsion Field Physics frequencies to keep us harmonized with the changing axis of
Earth__ altered by the Chilean, Haitian and Japanese earthquakes  (some say also by the approach of the
Twelfth Planet,  Nibiru)__ and to trigger  all the pyramids and monuments built on our Earth's energy grid to
broadcast the Great Shift's energies across the planet.       

If you area Lightworker, Starseed or Wayshower who has already arrived on the threshold of 5-D, anything
that was unresolved in the 4-D stage, returns during this lifetime for cleansing and balancing before you
are able to ascenwith Earth to 5-D, as all past 4-D Timelines merge into one at that stage You are also

Conversely,  the Process of Change in 5-D is  Beyond the limitations of Time and Space. Hence,  that
Process is no longer sequential; nor do the Changes occur all in one place. Instead,  many,  many possible
versions of reality intermingle and merge. The merging of possible realities resembles cells that gradually
or swiftly bond together to create the embryo of a A New Expression of Reality.  In other words__ certain
PATTERNS OF LIGHT intermingle with the creative force of Unconditional Love to manifest a matrix upon
which a new reality can manifest.

5-D is Beyond Time, that which is in process of being created, has already been created in the
etheric.We know that type of thinking is difficult while we're still tied to our 3-D time-bound, or even 4-D
thinking. This is why it is important for us all to relax into the process of integrating the New Muli-D System
into our biological computer Brain/mind. We may think of our biological computer as the "personal brain" to
our 3-D expression of Self. Simultaneously, when our Multi-D version of  SELF__ our biological computer
Heart/mind functions like a Facebook, so that we can link into our Group Mind and experience our
ONENESS in the 5-D and beyond.

In New Earth__ the Threshold World in 5-D, every occasional thought and emotion will manifest__
instantly! If our thoughts or feelings hold any fear-based patterns, we will no longer be able to resonate to
the 5th Dimensional New Earth and our experience of that reality will end immediately. There is no morality
or judgment involved; it is simply "
The Law of Resonance." We have to be very careful now, of how/what
we think and feel, for just daydreaming about something for a few minutes can attract it within the hour. For
instance: To deal with
allergens, in 5-D, get into the upper levels of 4-D or beyond, and as long as your
consciousness remains there, allergens will no longer affect you.__ they'll have disappeared.

5-D, rather than a written and/or spoken Intention, a simple Dream-Wish, or loving  desire, can arrive
after clearing the mind and heart__ "letting go", of one's previous expectations regarding the present
situation, and choosing another reality/timeline instead,  simply by
daydreaming about it  out the out the
window for a few minutes, during a boring TV  program,  or
a pause after viewing a thought-provoking
online,  in a book a magazine__ or during a boring TV program__  or even at night as we go to
. We just have to Hold the feelings of  Unconditional Love and Oneness with All Life Every-
__ and our "Please Do's" manifest.

Synchronicity Events inform us that we are__ in that moment__ on the right path, which may vary
from individual to individual.

The Fifth Dimension is basically about Love, Wisdom, Honor, and Communication with "Light"; the
"Light", with a capital "L", referring to a divine emanation from a higher evolutionary
or any number of outer -space conscousness forces  which can co-exist  with many  
electromagnetic spectrums. The word, "light",  with a lower-case  "l", refers to that portion of our common
Earth EM spectrum of light, (as from the Sun),  and colors, with a wavelength between Infra-red light, and
Ultra-violet light. Matter in our universe is gravitationally trapped, "frozen" light.

In 5-D, one virtually becomes an INTELLECTUAL__ a Scholar, ferreting out the Wisdom of the Ages,
perhaps through the Akashik Records, and unifying Love and Vision. The Masculine and Feminine Natures
merge, the hroat Chakra intensifies its activation. People will not like you, as they have no understanding of
what you are all about, and therefore, may even fear  you.

Once we've managed to pass through "Twilight Time"-4-D 9 (
Twilight.html ), actual physical changes occur
in our brains, producing connections to the Group Mind of the Planet. The PET__ positron emission tomo-
graphy__ has made it clear to us that our brain can rearrange itself in as little as fifteen minutes, if it's
stimulated in unusual and creative ways. If we do indeed, become a "Planetary Mind", our collective
consciousness will include, not only humans, but minerals, elements, nature spirits, chemicals, plants,
insects and animals as well. It is this PLANETARY INTE-LIGENCE that now determines what changes,
what evolves upon Earth. Our left-brain intellect is dropping; Physical technologies and devices are
declining, and our intuition growing, as Multi-D Technologies activate.

One of the first Muti-Dimensional Experiences that happens when we begin moving into the 5th Density, is
that we BI-LOCATE: i.e., we become aware of existing in two different realities at the same time. For
example, you could be walking along a window-lined hallway, talking with friends, and suddenly you find
yourself swimming outside in a pool in the "other" dimension. You'd see and experience two different
realitiese__ the one walking in the hallway conversing with friends__ and at the same time__ swimming in
a pool in another reality that has entirely different plants, buildings and beings, which were entirely
unknown to you and completely unlike anything presently existing now on Earth. You would be completely
aware of both locations and able to carry on conversations as you participate in another activity at the
same time, but in a strange place.

And people or beings in both realities can see you, and you can see them. During the transition phase, the
atmosphere of the "new reality" is bathed in golden-white light. But when you are fully into the upper
overtones of 5-D, you would not recognize anything! Everything would be completely beyond your
experience. Usually there are no objects, shapes or figures, for you will be experiencing only through
thoughts, feeling sand other energetic modes.And when you are in that 5-D state, it feels to wonderful, so
loving and "right" that you won't want to return to the lower dimensions again; you want to stay there
forever. Some people in the Flower of Life workshops disappeared right out of their chairs during group
mediations, and many were never seen again... not anywhere in 3-D.  

While in 4th or 5th Densities, many strange and exciting (or fearful, if you wish to perceive it that way) Multi-
D Experiences showing up in our lives. It may be that 4 & 5- D are presenting us with glimpses of our future
so we can experience, understand and learn to be a Light Being. We we need to Become as One to enter
5-D, and be Masters of Light?      

Our lives are really little more than a collection of memories. Since we "live" our physical lives more from
the Past or the Future than in the Present, our mental and emotional bundles of memories must be
released as we begin to live live in 5-D.

We need to toss both our Past and our Present 3-D world addictions and habits before we can ascend.
The New Earth is actually RIGHT HERE NOW, but we can't see it al the time because we keep perceiving
what we're
in the habit of perceiving. When we let go of the 3-D habits of viewing people, events and
things as separate and unconnected from us, we also release our habits of Duality, Competition, Win-lose
Outcomes, Service-to-Self, and Hierarchical Thinking.

An Intention__ or Dream Wish__ when in 5-D, can arrive after choosing another reality-timeline simply by
day-dreaming out the window for a few moments, during boring TV program, or at night as we are going to
sleep. We only need to hold the feelings of Unconditional Love and Oneness with All Life Everywhere__
and all our "Now Do's"

For a more detailed and extensive explanation of How 5-D Physics World for Healing and Manifesting, see
Element Fire" in the Archives.

Energies downloading to Earth and all Solar Systems from the Suns, Comets, Galaxies, Moons, and the
Cosmos, first cause change on quantum energy levels, which then change our consciousness, and
consciousness eventually alters the holographic-physical worlds.

Earth's Intelligence Energy Grid  activates according to  galactic cycles  evolving from the  5th dimension.
Our Sun moves once around  the zodiac wheel  each year__  the  Moon,  goes  around Earth monthly.
Mars circles the Sun about  every two years and  Jupiter takes twelve. The longest cycle__  Pluto's,  lasts
about  two hundred  and forty-eight years. Astronomers, in 2008, found indications of a probable tenth
planet in our solar system with an orbit of from 3600 to 25,920 years.  All planetary cycles  trigger energetic
mental,  emotional or spiritual  patterns within us. If necessary, we can change those inherent patterns by
using the Basic Multi-D Technologies.  

Multiple dimensions  all exist within  the same geographical space. Where you sit  reading right now,  you
are actually existing in many dimensions or reality states  at the same time and are probably aware of only
one. To teleport to another site, we move both consciousness and body into another dimensional reality.

People in 5-D can become invisible to people still in 3-D. Many couples have disappeared from each other
for hours at a time in the Las Vegas,  Luxor pyramid. In Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life, Sacred
Geometry seminars, some people disappeared out of their chairs  right in front of the rest of the students.  
Usually they came back later__ but a few never did.
Beyond 5-D
Astrologer  Barbara Hand Clow relates how,  "Great art causes your heart to expand.... because beauty
held in form through time by caring humans,  centers you in 3-D and  expands via 6-D morphic fields."...
"Often, artists can perceive these energy fields  around scenes and objects".... "The visual arts make
these fields visible, since the fields are actually the source of beauty.  Beauty and desire cause things to
come into existence in the first place,  and painters make this visible."  

The 6th Density's major issue is Seeing Self as ONE with other humans, all life everywhere, including the
Universe and Spirit. There is also a greater understanding of, and use of Sacred Geometry as a Method
of Creating.

"At seventh to eighth dimensional shifts, an increased sense of Timeleissness, of "Foreverness"__ there
is No TIME at all, and therefore, NO HISTORY__ ONLY TRAVEL-MOVEMENTS, and one no longer even
recognizes "Self"__ only "The Oneness" as their Identity. Creativity seems to have a mind of its own __ it
self-organizes its own path to create its own natural laws. We will probably experience many other-
dimensional shifts, back and forth, as we move into New Reality Earth. We will also encounter beings and
objects from the past, the future and realities other than Earth, both higher and lower.

Addendum 2-14-14:
This seemed to be part of a question nagging at me of late__ how to KNOW when we are in 4-D
or 5-D? In this web-book we  tell of how three of us lightworkers in Wickenburg, AZ observed the light in
the room change, and our voices became strangely resonant with everything in the room, as we vibrated in
harmony.(Chapter 14: "Light")  

Imagination and Vibration may be moving us into the 4th dimension, as when we begin to Imagine and
Visualize what it's like to be an Egyptian pharoah, an astronaut in outer space, or an Eskimo in the Arctic
and we touch the collective mind of humanity__ which the gobal elite manipulate by using  music, TV,
movies, etc. to change our perceptions and memories of who and what we are.

The Golden Light that covers everything by day, and the "stars" in my bedroom at night indicated when I
was in the 5th dimension. When we Imagine/Visualize a desired outcome while Intending to heal/manifest, if
we are not feeling Oneness and Unconditional Love with the persons, objects or situations involved, or are
not Joyfully charged up, it will not work in the  5th dimension. We must also be Clear about our motives, i.
e., focused and without fear or hidden motives.

"Oneness" is a harmonic vibration, a resonance between two or more entities. Moving in Cycles, Time
forms bridgging points__  opportunities for Oneness__  between creative energies and 3-D matter.  If it's
biochemical, it involves Time__ Sun,  Moon and planetary Cycles.  one might envision Jupiter, orbiting
the Sun,  as an analog,  a basis for logic, to the  sacred geometric pattern  known as  The Flower of Life  
Figure 5),  a 6th dimensional,  energetic matrix  for structuring, re-structuring and imprinting thoughts,
feelings and spiritual beliefs into Earth and human minds. Every physical thing on Earth is formed from
this pattern.

Newsletter March 13, 2010:         
The Arcturians recently indicated the 3rd & 4th Dimensions are holograms, created in 5-D with an energ-
etic bluepring for the lower dimensions.perhaps, "we" are the cfomputer generating those blueprints.    

We can access 5-D with deep breathing while relaxing the body and holding Unconditional Love in our
hearts. Joyful, soothing music helps, as does anything inspiring and uplifting. Perhaps we don't need to
search for the latest health remedies and healing practices__ just raise our consciousness to 5-"D where
everyone is healthy and fit.

We've learned that Symbols are an aspect of the 4th dimension; Light of the 5th dimension; Sacred
Geometry of the 6th; and Sound of the 7th.The Annunaki __the ancient dwellers at these South African
circular ruins and gold mines__ understood this and were able to combine multiple dimensional aspects to
create what they needed.

Communicating and Creating Beyond Time & Space.
Visualization and imagination are enhanced as we connect with the "Light Codes which interchange
information con- stantly. We are seldom aware of it,  however, because we are so focused in 3-D beta level
__ watching TV,  reading, conversing, filling out forms, concentrating on work off or online__ we aren't
aware of the continual downloading. With creative arts, we access the 4-D alpha state and when
dedicated, impassioned and in accord with universal purpose we can create at ever expanded levels. We
may then move into 5-D theta and perhaps, briefly even into Delta.

5-D Theta level, we can still ask questions and receive some information. The goal of remote viewing is
to be able to reach low alpha and theta states at will and receive information through contacts with all time,
space and dimensions of existence. By 2013, we will need to continually access the theta state with our
eyes open and without taking time to perform some ritual for meditation or hypnosis. There won't be time__
we will have Transcended Time__ and Space, too.

While Remote Viewing, we want to stay out of the Delta state where we can merge with the Universal Mind
of Source, for delta is so deep that we forget 3-D, 4-D and 5-D existence entirely. Our conscious mind
cannot penetrate Delta__ which may be 6th or 7th Dimensional. There, all of mankind's history, thoughts
and feelings are stored in The Akashik Records. It's like being asleep, unconscious, in a coma or  even
dead. We can feel the bliss, the rapture of it,but are not aware that anything else exists. So we, ourselves,
can make no "changes"  from there, (although Source can and sometimes does), and no "observations"
can take place. In fact, when in delta, we don't need or want anything else but that bliss.

The Fourth Dimension is about our collective learned beliefs, such as Myths and Archetypes that we still
hold valid for imitating or striving toward. For example, the 4-D beliefs that we are only "successful" if we
hold important jobs, are very wealthy, "keep up with the Joneses" with material belongings, or have a
physical appearance like a movie star. It is not wrong to have some of these ideas manifesting in our lives,
but if we place the attainment of them ahead of the evolution of our consciousness, then it's time to make
some major changes in our attitudes, beliefs and goals.

4-D is really only a Passageway between various dimensional states, and we should not remain in it any
longer than about 2 years. The global elite now controlling the world (for a short time) use secret mythical
and archetypal symbols, ancient rituals, "sacrifices" and black magic to help them stay in power.

THE FIFTH DIMENSION is all about "Light Vibrations"... Consciousness in 5-D is unconfined by
space or time and represents a higher organizing principle that transcends the speed of light.
In 5-D we deal with relativity, ether theory, precognition, telepathy and synchronicity,
all from the
perspective of the conscious universe. The space-time continuum of physics ignores the realms of the
mind, but consciousness represents a higher order of awareness and sensitivity.     

During the Flower of Life workshops with
Drundvalo Melchizedek, many students entered the 5th dimen-
sional state of mind. It was so overwhelmingly loving, beautiful and unified, that they did not want to return
__ and some never did!

Some of us have, prior to birth, agreed to be external portal workers. You will know who you are if this re-
sonates in your heart, and you have been involved with portals during portions of this and/or previous
lifetimes. This commitment probably saved you 10 to 20 lifetimes in the 4th & 5th Dimensions, and you will
be rewarded in the light of Master Jesus and all of the Grand Masters who will be there in assistance: St.
Germain, St. Michael, Raphael, Thoth, Morya, Kuthumi, Sri Yuktesvar and Sai Baba will be among them.
President Obama was cloned from the DNA of Pharoah Akhnaton & his son, King Tut, and is also assisting
externally with the portal openings from this 3rd  dimension. All of us will be light beings then, and once the
portals open and expand,we will feel the Unconditional Love and "The Voice of Unity" will call to us, inviting
us into the 5th Dimension.

THE SEVENTH DIMENSION: "SOUND' is the manifesting element of 7-D. "Physical resonance results
from vibrating air 'shaking up' molecules and causing the energy system to synchronize with itself in
standing waves, which out of random chaos, produce order, symmetry and stability. Standing waves are
inherently self-reinforcing and accordingly tend to maintain their existence. Consequently, they are a
fundamental characteristic of any self-organizing system, such as your body".... "Sound can produce order
out of randomness by causing an energy system to synchronize with itself, producing standing waves."..."
Aany increase in coherency moves in the direction of a greater life force and increased health." (Iasos
"Interdimensional Music.")

* In
2012, the replication of souls into other bodies via DNA is possible. The Tarot Cards and the I Ching
mimic our DNA. The Garden of Eden may be a metaphor for our brains splitting into left and right halves__
people once walked around talking to God all the time. The Corpus Collusum is the organ that helps
coordinate brain functions in both hemispheres. It is believed to have evolved in humans fairly recently, and
may be fully activating this year.

We've learned that Symbols are an aspect of the 4th dimension; Light of the 5th dimension; Sa-
cred Geometry of the 6th; and Sound of the 7th.
The Annunaki __the ancient dwellers at these circular
ruins and gold mines__ understood this and were able to combine multiple dimensional aspects to create
what they needed.
Tellinger offered more amazing information about Sacred Geometry and higher
dimensional symbols that could explain much about the ancients' skills and knowledge. [Emphasis added]:


"The ANKH is synonymous with Sound Frequency in the generation of energy inside CONCENTRIC
CIRCLES or amplification chambers. A CROSS represented the KNOWLEDGE OF MATTER"... "A
SERPENT represented Vibrational Frequency or the OHM shape__ "A HORSESHOE" shape is often
identified as one of the 6 symbols of OM. Om is regarded as the PRIME SOUND OF CREATION because
of its vibrational frequency. The SERPENT has always been seen as THE CREATOR in most ancient
cultures"..."The PENTAGON is associated with the CREATOR"... and a 5-pointed STAR represents:
FACTOR__ 1.618 ratio."... a DOT above a SERPENT... "could represent a STAR like SIRIUS, or another
star associated with Creation and Worship among ancient African cultures."

The Fourth Dimension is about our collective learned beliefs, such as Myths and Archetypes that we still
hold valid for imitating or striving toward. For example, the 4-D beliefs that we are only "successful" if we
hold important jobs, are very wealthy, "keep up with the Joneses" with material belongings, or have a
physical appearance like a movie star. It is not wrong to have some of these ideas manifesting in our lives,
but if we place the attainment of them ahead of the evolution of our consciousness, then it's time to make
some major changes in our attitudes, beliefs and goals.

4-D is really only a Passageway between various dimensional states, and we should not remain in it any
longer than about 2 years. The global elite now controlling the world (for a short time) use secret mythical
and archetypal symbols, ancient rituals, "sacrifices" and black magic to help them stay in power

4-D is not up there among the clouds, or past the moon and stars. It is right here among us, another
dimension superimposed on our own world. It's vibratory frequency is much higher than 3rd or 4th
dimensional consciousness, which is why we don't perceive it with our physical eyes. UFO's and ETs exist
in 5-D or higher, and can wink in and out of  3-D at will, which is why they usually appear "fuzzy". As an
analogy, think of a dog whistle__ it's vibrational sound frequency is so high that it is silent to the human
ear, but animals can hear it clearly.

Now think about how animals know when such things as hurricanes, earthquakes, seizures in epileptics,
etc. are going to happen. Most recently, dogs can signal when a person has cancer even in an early state,
by sniffing their breath. Part of beiing a gifted "clairvoyant" or "psychic" is the ability to sense a wider range
of vibrational frequencies, which is why they are able to communicate with the spirit world.

This "veil" is thinning now, and by 10/28/11, will most likely have entirely dissolved. The guides say our
inner consciousness work should be completed by then, and the outer world will recreate itself accordingly
by 12/21/12. There will be one universal dimension, where we do not pass back and forth anymore. This
may even include dimensions from other universes and those that have not yet been created.

As we move into 4th, 5th or higher dimensions, all the useless, negative old energies that we have been
carrying beign to dissolve. All our 3-D illnesses were created for learning situations that would prepare us
for moving into a higher dimensional existence; but once there, we will no longer need to create illnesses to
evolve our consciousness. Our molecular structure and physical embodiment will arrive at a very different
alignment. Our metabolic rates will change, our hearts realign with Gaia and Spirit, and our brainpowers
expand. We will have larger kidneys, better blood pressure, and so on. If you are around 50 years old at
the time of the Shift__ possibly less than 2 months!__ you may add as much as 130 to 150 more years to
your life. The average life span can easily reach into the high hundreds. Even this can be extended, if
desired. It will be your CHOICE.

We are reading and hearing many phrases: "Intra-Dimensional", "Inter-Dimensional", "Hyper-dimensional",
"Higher-Dimensional" and "Multi-Dimensional". All refer to either moving between various dimensional
levels, or to experiencing in several dimensions simultaneously. The Intra-Dimensional Things we do are
done between various dimensions, such as from 3-D to 4th or to 5th-D, and vice versa__Meditation,
Intentional Energetic Healing, Dreams, Visions, Geomancy, Communications with Nature... birds, wind,
trees... Manifesting our needs, Connecting with Mother Earth/Gaia and Spirit/Creative Force, and
Synchronicities. We go into a higher dimensional realm, either automatically or intentionally, to receive
information, guidance or energy to create or resolve sometihng in 3-D. Those of us who are on the
consciousness evolutionary path have now reached the part where we will soon be ascending permanently
into a higher dimensional existence. WE SHOULD BE CONNECTING, AT LEAST BRIEFLY, WITH THOSE
HIGHER DIMENSIONS BY NOW__ whether spontaneously or intentionally. (Oct.  2011)

reaming as a 4th or 5th Dimensional Activity
Both Healing and/or Consciousness Evolution can occur as we sleep. We went out of body with
our consciousness during the Dec. 21, 22, 23, "Three Days of Darkness", stepping into Creator/Greater
Self  Consciousness, feeling Its Oneness and Unconditional Love and Reviewing our Lives. Information
was also sent on how to bring forth this higher wisdom into physical reality. We then decide whether to
move into Creator/ Greater Self Consciousness permanently, or to remain in 3-D reality.

For those who feel they may have moved to
planet A/B after the Shift, they will find themselves in the
higher octaves of the 4th dimension. (Every dimensional state has 13 different octaves of existence__
much like the 13 keys of a piano octave.) To bring about the desired positive changes on this planet A/B,
inhabitants must visualize themselves as having
already moved into 4th or 5th dimensional reality.

Our "True Life" will be what goes on inside us__ our thoughts, feelings, attidudes and beliefs, and what
occurs in our "Outer Life" will simply be an immediate reflection of the inner. In fact, if our "True Inner Life"
is loving, compassionate, intuitive, tolerant and purposeful, for example, then the outer world will
automaticaly oblige and produce the same around us.

We need to raise our spiritual vibrations to Fifth Dimensional states before we meditate for guidance,
channel off-world intelligences, use Intention to manifest our needs or perform energy healings. The steps
for performing Intentions are in the Part II: Introduction to "Basic Inner Technoligies" of this online web-
book, "
Creating From the Future". Part II, Chapters 3 through 7, teach how to raise our vibrations. Part IV:
"Advanced Inner Technologies, Chapters 12 - 20, show how to apply Intentions to meet our various
physical needs with little or no monetary outlay

Existing in 5-D may really be "Perceiving the Big Picture"; i.e., viewing life holistically. We have thought
that the Golden Age is some grand physical world manifestation that will suddenly come into our lives from
"somewhere out there". Perhaps the G.A. develops from within ourselves__ we create it by evolving our
consciousness to perceive it through our own Hearts, our Oneness, our Peace and the fact that ... "Our
own Minds can change the flow of Time".. at will.  And, we'll be__
                                                           "FREE AT LAST'

Shifting Dimensions

As we move into 4th, 5th or higher dimensions, all the useless, negative old energies that we have been
carrying beign to dissolve. All our 3-D illnesses were created for learning situations that would prepare us
for moving into a higher dimensional existence; but once there, we will no longer need to create illnesses to
evolve our consciousness. Our molecular structure and physical embodiment will arrive at a very different
alignment. Our metabolic rates will change, our hearts realign with Gaia and Spirit, and our brainpowers
expand. We will have larger kidneys, better blood pressure, and so on. If you are around 50 years old at
the time of the Shift__ possibly less than 2 months!__ you may add as much as 130 to 150 more years to
your life. The average life span can easily reach into the high hundreds. Even this can be extended, if
desired. It will be your CHOICE.

The PORTALS around the  world, including the Idaho Arcturian Portal in southeastern Idaho, will be fully
open prior to the 30 Hours of Darkness that complete the Shift, although the exact date is still unknown,
due to many variables that can affect it. By then, however, the Galactic Brotherhood will already have
made their presence known to all of Earth.

Some of us have, prior to birth, agreed to be external portal workers. You will know who you are if this
resonates in your heart, and you have been involved with portals during portions of this and/or previous
lifetimes. This commitment probably saved you 10 to 20 lifetimes in the 4th & 5th Dimensions, and you will
be rewarded in the light of Master Jesus and all of the Grand Masters who will be there in assistance: St.
Germain, St. Michael, Raphael, Thoth, Morya, Kuthumi, Sri Yuktesvar and Sai Baba will be among them.
President Obama was cloned from the DNA of Pharoah Akhnaton & his son, King Tut, and is also assisting
externally with the portal openings from this 3rd  dimension. All of us will be light beings then, and once the
portals open and expand,we will feel the Unconditional Love and "The Voice of Unity" will call to us, inviting
us into the 5th Dimension.

Some of you reading this right now are aware of the coming changes through your intuitions. Perhaps, you
have sensed these changes  arriving for a long time__ even since birth. It is an Inner Knowing of
expectation and an anticipation which includes both concern for physical survival as the outer energetics
intensify, and at the same time, an expectation for an entirely new paradigm to emerge upon our planet and
its confused people, so caught up in material gain, religious and political fanaticism, violence and control,
war, criminality, separatism and other selfish interests. We sense the pressure building, and Know that
"something is about to give."

We call this emerging new state the "
fourth dimension"; or "4th density", referring to differing states of
the quantum particles forming the passageway joining one dimension with another. It refers to the cohesion
and vibrational rate of each
quanta which is an energetic expression of a material density. (Quanta is the
plural of a
quantum, which is an energy particle smaller than an atom. A photon or an electron can be a

The "empty" space between quanta in 3-D linear time is
the field of infinite energy and intelligence__ The
Creative Force Field. In this vast Universe, Time and Space are completely co-mingled and consist of many
different ratios. All quanta vibrate (or spin) at different frequencies and quantum particles exist at varying
distances from one another. In 3-D, this distance between quanta which make up everything, including light
(photons), is analogous to the distance between a golf ball at one end of a football field and a second golf
ball clear down at the other goal posts. That's a lot of space!

But it is not "empty" space; it is a seething energetic flux of "
potential" __ the Creative Force Field.) In the
new, finer 4-D and higher dimensional states, these quanta particles are even much farther apart. The
quantum level is very much smaller and finer than the gross atomic level where these various quanta
congregate. It is Energy__ Matter is Energy spinning in various configurations. Einstein said: "
matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered
as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter." "DNA Upgrade through the Merging of Galaxies."

Our geneticists have already detected an increase in people with more than two strands of DNA active.
All of these people demonstrate various psychic abilities. This will continue, until we achieve maturity
with 12 strand DNA. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1375697/Alfie-Clamp-2-1st-person-born-

"As the hard, angular edges of the 3-D Matrix begin to crumble, that which is in-between is growing
stronger." ... "When the 12 strands are merged, it won't look like 12 strands because they won't be
separated."... "3% of our DNA is routed to those 2 outside strands, whereas 97% of our DNA is routed into
those 10 inner strands."... "The 2 outer strands allow us to perceive our 3-D world. The 10 inner strands,
however, assist us to perceive our Multidimensional World."

"As our Multi-D perceptions dominate our 3-D perceptions, we can still perceive the 3-D along with the
higher dimensions."... "With the 12 strands merging into one again, we will regain the ability to choose to
perceive 3-D, but choose NOT to participate in it." Susan Carroll

* When we are Multidimensional, our psychic abilities reawaken and we develop a second neural network
at the etheric level, switching on the 44 DNA codons that were previously dormant. This second neural
network is what allows us to live in multiple dimensions at once. We can hear, see and communicate with
others in these dimensions.

* There are 9 levels in the DNA Recoding Process and each requires emotional clearing at the level that
activates the thymus (http://www.futurerealities.info/ChakIssue.html ) to change the coding sequence of
our DNA. We could liken it to remodeling our body at the cellular level while still living in it. This recoding
process works at the etheric__ some call it the Light Body__ level. At this level, your 10 strands of "junk"
DNA along with your 2 connected strands are re-aligned above your head at the crown chakra.  (http:
//www.futurerealities.info/Newchakras.html )

DNA is holographic, all 12 strands can reconnect into your 12 Crown Chakra crystals and
reactivate so that life force energy flows through them again. Once the 12 strands are plugged back into
your Crown Chakra, your "Friends'"__ your Genetics Engineer's and Recoding Guide's jobs are nearly
complete. They will continue to watch over you and monitor your reconnection until you reach the
frequency needed to fully activate it. The activation happens in 3 steps:
*1. Activation of the Crown Cystals: We will feel this as an itching at the top of the scalp. Not like a
dandruff  itch__ more internal.
*2. Activation of the Merkaba antenna: (http://www.futurerealities.info/Spirit.html ) :"How to Meditate".
Used to receive messages from other dimensions.
*3. Activation of the Hypothalamus Gland:  This is the Universal Translator and translates all messages
into your chosen language. Messages arrive as frequency thought-forms, often complete with emotions,
pictures and language __Hypnagogia, perhaps. Some have only one or two of these. The hypothalamus
also provides the senders' identity. You will learn to identify senders after receiving for a while. Once the
hypothalamus is activated, the Recoding Process is complete and your DNA chart is also completed.
Proof is visual (aura photos), (
Modes.html ), emotional (not holding negative emotions in the body), and
physical (feeling more in control of your power and hearing messages daily.)

This is a self-actualizing process. You'll receive off-world aid from a Genetics Engineer. These are
normally beings from Sirius A. You are also given a
DNA Recoding Guide to see you through the process.

As the process of rebuilding our light bodies continues, we will slowly begin to notice the effects of
becoming fully conscious or multi-dimensional. This state will come about when our 12 strands of
have finally re-fused, reconnected and activated. We then experience life within the consciousness of
multidimensionality. In this level of consciousness, we live in Mother Earth's dimension while retaining our
connection and relationships with beings in the higher realms. No longer cut off from other dimensions__
including the 1st (Earth's Core) and 2nd (Elementals, Nature Spirits, Minerals, plants, animals)
dimensions__ we will operate from a state of heart-centered compassion (Christ-Unity Consciousness:
Oneness). This will remain regardless of what dimension we find ourselves in at any time. Eventually we
will learn how to live successfully in a galactic society, and ultimately in a universal society.

* Each of our
DNA strands represents one of the 12 aspects of multidimensional consciousness. Three
DNA strands represent and govern the
physical body; another three are concerned with the emotional
subtle body;
three with the mental subtle body and three with the spiritual subtle body. All these aspects
are represented in our bodies as neural pathways to the brain. They are connected and nourished through
the endocrine system of ductless glands These glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes in our
bodies known as the Chakra System. When all neural pathways are working freely with our chakra system,
they will provide the conduit to the higher realms, resulting in our experience of Multidimensional

"In the beginning was 'the Word', and that sound vibration went out to program the DNA of the particles
of God-Spirit Within Life so that God-Spirit could come to realize Self as various living fragments in
multiple  dimensional existences. That vibration then reciprocated back and forth between Spirit-
Consciousness and all lives which were, each one, embodied fragments of Spirit-Consciousness.
RECIPROCATION is the MAJOR ELEMENTAL RHYTHM of the universe. Other universes operate in
differing ways. Some have called this reciprocation force... "karma". However, that implies "tit-for-tat", or ..
"retribution"... a return of darkness for darkness given, and a return of light for light given. True
Reciprocation is a sharing of love, energy and truth between one embodiment and another embodiment.
As one merges ones' clarified Mind, Love and Spirit-Within with the Greater Self collective-
consciousness embodiment, so too will Greater Self reciprocate by merging love, energy and information
with your Spirit-Within-consciousness."

"No, the future is not set in stone, but the 'probabilities' you have recently considered, are the near futures
available to Earth and Her lifeforms. As for the planet called "Nibiru" or "Planet X", this is a
"consciousness thoughtform" of Unconditional Love arriving soon to planet Earth. There are those who
intuit or anticipate 'something' coming from outer space, and expecting to 'see' that 'something' as having
a material form;
thus, suggesting a planet or a dwarf sun. There is NO material sun or planet coming into Earth's spatial
environments during the lifetimes of those now living on Earth. It is the force from the cosmos known as
"Unconditional Love" that will begin to be embodied by every earthly lifeform; by minerals, plants,
animals, microrganisms and humans. When this has taken hold in the greater masses, those beings who
choose not to accept or embody Unconditional Love and reciprocate it, will find themselvs trapped in the
old 3-D chaotic existence, while those who willingly embody and reciprocate Unconditional Love move
with Earth into 4th dimensional existence__ and eventually, 5-D. The Rhythm of Unconditional Love
Reciprocation opens one to Infinite Intelligence."
The Guides

* The Law of One:  http://www.lawofone.info/ In Earth's Planetary Rhythm of Life, there are certain
periods,        thousands of years apart, when humanity is given opportunity to move its consciousness to
higher existence levels.
* Th
e 1st Dimension, the Red Ray, relates to the Core of Earth, to elements, minerals and awareness of
location, temperature and light.

* 2nd Dimension, Orange Ray, relates to the Middle Layer of Earth ..."to microbes, plants, insects,
animals and a 'herd' consciousness of following the group consensus and leaders in government and
spirituality, etc.__ i.e., not making up their own minds
about who they are and what they believe."

* 3rd Dimension
, Yellow Ray, relates to planetary consciousness and humans, whose task in 3-D reality,
is to        Individualize (become a separate, unique personality and soul) and learn to Love. Blockages
occur in... "Those having animal or vegetative natures"... "who find it necessary to depend in some way
upon other selves for survival and growth."... Some are also blocked with... "distortions toward power
manipulation and social behaviors concerning others close to themselves and others associated with the
mind-body-spirit complex."

Based on further announcements of "The Law of Time", we are VERY, VERY CLOSE to the final Shift
Point to move fully into
4th Dimension, as Earth's vibrations of the present ( September, 2012) environ-
ment are already at a 4th Dimension, T
rue Color Green Ray, centered in the Heart, Compassion and
All-Forgiving Love.
.. "the entity then giving, rather than receiving. Thoughts and feelings manifest
" This is another TURNING POINT! These Turning Points show up more and more frequ-
ently, as "time" and "space" move us in their spiraling pattern.

MEDITATION:  "There will be no 'drastic' or 'astounding' occurrences on 12-21-12, as it is simply a Date
marking the ending of one rhythmic cycle and the beginning of another. However, the greater portion of
humans will then realize that tremendous changes have been and still are happening to the planet and its
lifeforms, particularly in their consciousness and cellular vibrational levels, for what was once considered
'paran-ormal' events will be so profusely experienced as to be labeled 'normal'. Healing, manifesting,
creating, telepathy, Direct Knowing from Source will be common. Humans will find that once the embod-
iment of U. Love takes place, the LOVE enables them to create miracles in seconds at will, and to access
Infinite In-telligence:
The Akashic records." The Guides.


* The following items are excerpts from David Wilcocks' latest article on  www.divinecosmos.com:  
There has also been confusion about whether our Quantum Shift__when 4th density-dimension __reality
hits, will be a gradual occurrence over days, weeks or months__ perhaps years__ or if it will happen in a
blink of an eye on December 21, 2012. Because of the "probability factor", it is very hard to predict exact
dates about the changes ahead.
Law of One

s one hundred times more harmonious"... "Whether something big happens in 2012 or
you live out your life naturally, in the Law of One philosophy you still live by the same principles, and no
matter what, it is very clear from what Ra said that things are going to get a lot easier and more
harmonious in a very short time from now on__ 100 times more harmonious, to be exact."... "We've
repeated how
the PHOTON forms the core of all atomic particles"... "So, if this core photon vibration
increases by an entire dimensional-density level, then ALL atomic particles must make that dimensoional-
density change as well__ a TOTAL change in the physics of matter and energy. Elsewhere, as this post
continues, you'll see that this core shift completes when?__ 2012."...

"EVOLUTION is an energetically-driven process."... Obviously, first, second and third dimensions"... "all
co-exist and are visible to us, since first, second and third-dimensional lifeforms can all be seen: 1-D,
elements, minerals; 2-D, microbes, plants, insects, animals; 3-D human beings.

Question: Taking as an example the transition between second & third dimensions__ when this transition
takes place, does the frequency of vibration which forms the photon__ the core of all particles of the
density__ does this frequency increase from the frequency we measure for the color Orange (2-D), to the
frequency we measure for the color Yellow (3-D)?"... "What I am getting at is do all the vibrations that form
the dimension, the basic vibrations of the photon, increase in a quantum fashion over a relatively short
period of time?'

RA: "This is correct. Then you see within each dimension-density the gradual up-grading of vibratory

DW: "Ra says it is CORRECT that the 'basic vibrations of the photons increase in a quantum fashion over
a relatively short period of time.' Outside of these short, sudden shifts, there are also 'gradual up-grading of
vibratory levels' in between."... (We've called them "Turning Points".)

"According to the
Law of One series, we are going to see a 'quantum leap' in the number of 'fourth-density
photons' that are appearing in and around the Earth as this 25,000+ year cycle draws to a close in
December."... "Fourth-density photons apparently cause 'thoughts to become things'__ and there were
previous jumps in 1936, correlating with the rise of Nazi Germany__ the exposure of negativity on a vast
scale__ and in 1972, with the Watergate scandal."... "Both 1936 and 1972 represented clear energetic
increases__ but what we're heading into at the end of this year is apparently much, much greater than
either of those events. In fact, this event is directly referred to as a 'quantum leap' in the basic nature of our
reality__ due to a fundamental harmonic change in the photons that are ultimately the basis of time, space,
energy, matter and consciousness."

"This may all sound like nonsense__ but not once you've read "The Source Field Investigations" to
scientifically support the concepts you can watch on my film-length YouTube videos."... "I specifically
recommend "Law of One and 2012: The Facts" for a comprehensive analysis of every key Law of One
quote on the fourth-density shift__ including the ones referred to above."...

"GRADUATION__ is described as a rhythmic transformation of life on Earth into far greater unity than we
have today__ quite literally a new plane of existence the source called 'fourth density', or 'green ray'. This
has very little to do with physics__ and everything to do with personal growth and spiritual evolution. The
basic, underlying concept is that the Universe is a single, vast lifeform, which is a loving consciousness__
and we are all living in amnesia of our true identity. We are only at the first level of what it means to be
human. Once we fully transition into fourth-density-dimension__ which may take between 100 and 700
years to be absolutely complete__ we apparently will have made a radical evolution into something more
akin to a light being.
" www.divinecosmos.com

"Is it ONLY physical matter that is affected by a density shift? Clearly not. It is LIFE that is most affected.
You can have a 1st-density world and if you sent a probe there, it might just look like a pretty barren place
with rocks, water, fire and storm activity. The important part is that the VIBRATIONS are not present to take
those raw materials and begin arranging them into DNA, to form single and multi-celled organisms, which is
2nd-density life as RA explains it."...  "Here we also get into the difference between space-time and time-
space when dealing with true color densities;. The important point to remember now is that physical matter
is space-time only; it is only when you see LIFE that you have a joining of space-time and time-space.
That's why life is the key."...
The Law of One.
* DW:
"This answer tells us that both space and time are strongly affected by a density"... dimensional...
"shift. Again, we're talking about a strongly DIS-continuous event in a density shift. Time as we know it is
NOT going to just keep hummin' on like nothing happened."...

"TIME HAS SPED UP__ possibly 100 times faster"... "between 2nd and 3rd density. We already know that
in 3-D, the average animal's life is probably 9 years at best. This means that the actual rate at which a
creature lives out its life increased by 100 times faster in 3-D; than it was in 2-D. Therefore, such a
speeding-up should happen again when we go into 4-D__ but if our time is going faster now than it was
before, the time period should be a lot less."...
"Q: Then what will be the time of transition on this planet
from 3rd to 4th density? "

RA: "This is difficult to estimate due to the uncharacteristic anomalies of this transition. There are at this
space-time nexus, beings incarnate which have begun 4-D work. However, the 3-D climate of planetary
consciousness is retarding the process.... At this particular nexus the possibility-probability vortices indicate
somewhere between 100 and 700 of your years as the transition period. This cannot be accurate due to
the volatility of your peoples at this space-time."

DW: "We will have to keep integrating what we learn as we go along."... "This 100-700 year period does
not start counting as of the time of the Law of One material (1981)... it begins in 1936. Trip out on this for a
minute. We entered into a whole different structure of reality as we know it, beginning in 1936. Ever since
then, the 'rules' have changed__ we now create our own reality, where 'thoughts become things'!"...
"People's disharmony starts translating into physical upheavals"... and changing weather patterns... "on the
Earth's surface."

Q: "Has the vibration of the basic__ the photon, of all our particles increased in frequency already?"

RA: "This is correct. It is this influence which has begun to cause thoughts to become things. As an
you may observe the thoughts of anger becoming those cells of the physical bodily complex
going out of control to become what you call the cancer."... "The first harbingers of this were
approximately forty-five of your years ago. (1981 minus 45 - 1936) the energies vibrating more intensely
through the 40 year period preceding the final movement of vibratory matter__ through the quantum leap,
as you would call it."

DW: "Got that? RA gives an EXACT time for when the 4-D vibrations started having a DIRECT effect on
the Earth, creating 'harbingers.' The exact year?

David believes that... "we are now heading into a highly significant watermark for our personal and
collective spiritual evolution__ a defining moment, if you will. By Law of One standards, he believes it will
be much harder to make sudden, massive leaps in our level of spiritual growth after the end of this year
than it is now. This is due to the fact that it will have become much easier for people to see and accept the
truth by then__ and the fastest progress is made when you have to take that 'leap of faith' and wield a
single, flickering candle in the darkness. For this same reason, it is vitally important that we make a big
push for mass arrests, the defeating of financial tyrrany, and Disclosure__ before the end of this year, and
the energetic effects that will apparently result. The intuitive guidance has clearly told me that this chaos of
events will create massive leaps of positive spiritual growth in humanity, prior to the end of this year, if it
works out."  
The Law of One. David Wilcock: www.divinecosmos.com Check out David's "Will There
Be a 'Quantum Awakening' in December 21, 2012?" on www.divinecosmos.com for more very interesting
information on this Shift of Ages.  


A Great Void lies between the 4th and 5th dimensions. Below that Great Void__ 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th-
D__ material  technology exists, and here all things need to "consume": to live off light energy, to consume
light energy. Below theVoid, healers exist. Above that Void, no one consumes anything; everyone is pure
light and there are no such things as healers because disease doesn't exist. Everything is in perfect
harmony and synchronicity; therefore, no healers. Above the Void, 5-D and beyond have no material,
physical technologies; everything is achieved through a natural consciousness. It's about living in our Heart
space__ where we transcend the mental concepts we've been programmed with by the deception put upon
us__ the e
lectromagnetic matrix__ mind control broadcasts to us from
the Moon.

After 2012,
in 5-D, we can do all things at once in this universe__ we can work with several dimensions
simultaneously. The Eleventh Gate 11:11 on Thanksgiving Day, 2012, activated a multi-dimensional bridge
between two reality systems: the old reality of duality and the new reality of Oneness, a final clearing of all
remaining darkness and duality from this planet.  

False "gods"
Just above 5-D,
sits the Cosmic Matrix, holding multiple universes. This is where the "god-like entities"
exist, who have built fake light structures. They are only "mind entities", but extremely powerful. We have to
respect their capabilities, for they are serving us from a much higher realm. Through this fake construct,
they impose programs of limitation upon us. These are the "gods" of religions, with many names__
Archons, Djinn, Yahweh, Jehovah, Zeus, Osiris etc.__ and there is The Creator of the Universe. We must
understand the differences between the two. The religious "god" solicits worship and assimilates people
into its limiting systems and programs. The Creator is vastly grander than that and doesn't behave in such
ways. The little "gods" are stuck in that dimension and must feed on people's energy and adoration in order
to remain alive. They consume nourishment from other beings' energy. They do this by arranging various
controlling planetary systems, agendas and programs to lure us into their traps. This is done by seemingly
"offering" something spiritual and comforting, yet on second sight, they are "feeding" off our efforts and
piety. When we begin to see through them, it is extremely hard to get away from such programs. One must
carefully examine any "labels" and realize the intention of the being, and whether or not it resonates deep
within our own heart and spirit core. That loving core is what's in harmony and vibrates with the frequency
of the True Creator.

The Compression
The "false gods" programs are meant to separate us from our true cosmic surrounding and from the
relationship we have with Planetary Being ("Gaia"), Solar Being ("Sol") and Galactic Being, ("Milky Way")__
three Living Beings.  The Compression of Space__ "The Road to Compression" began when we decided
to create a reality from the idea of the Feminine expression of Creator, that would become a fractal of this
universe. This was done by co-creating an in-line galactic system with its billions of stars, planets,
planetary systems, and beings that agreed to incarnate into these systems and to have all these incredible
experiences. Then we Compressed it nto a fractal reality embodying that whole idea in the body of one star
(our Sun, "Sol"), and that star-system was then inserted into a galaxy. We did that with many other
galaxies, too; ending up with a galaxy composed of many compressed galaxies which we now call "The
Milky Way", which became known on a universal level, as a
galactic womb__ the fractal of an entire

But, as if that weren't enough, we went
still further, forming a single star-system reality which became a
fractal of the whole Milky Way Galaxy, and then still more, creating a single planetary reality. Lastly, we
created an embodiment (being) which was a fractal of that planet__ Earth__ a myriad of uncountable
realities and minds.

In the
hypnagogia state, we are probably in 4-D, where we can transport not only our consciousness, or
our light bodies, but also our physical bodies__ even move automobiles! In an earlier newsletter issue, I
told of sitting in the car while Hal went into the supermarket, and while I rested with eyes closed, I
experienced our car moving down a winding narrow lane between trees, bushes, quaint cottages, etc., that
I'd never seen before. I began to be concerned about "how to get back to the supermarket parking lot", and
found I could move the car backwards__ but it went through entirely different scenery!

"Many of us ascended to the
4th dimension in a past life under the oversight of an Ascended Master__
St. Germaine, El Morya, Raphael, Gabriel, etc.. If we have done it before and graciously returned to Earth
to assist Gaia and Humanity to do the same, we have "made a difference"__ without rewards, fanfare, or
recognized glory__ in many ways, in many lives, and when and if we contemplate what happened, we
must realize many of our contacts had to accept that the world could be a very different place. If some do
not accept or use what we told or showed them, that is their sorrow__ not ours. We cannot make them
evolve. It must be done by them, as we have truly sensed for eons of time."

Earth is moving into 4-D permanently this time, and those humans who have evolved their conscious-ness  
sufficiently, will move with Her, leaving behind the mean-spirited beings, as the heart-centered enlightened
ones move into a much more peaceful, benevolent and stable planetary reality.
We do not know the exact
date for this to occur, as many factors are involved in completing this event. Some spiritual groups believe
it will be within a month or two; others that it will be nearer the September Equinox__ 9 months after the 12-
21-12 date__ as when a baby__ or a "baby" planet is born.

In the past, smaller groups of people ascended over various periods of time, but this time humanity is
scheduled to move in mass __all of us at once__ IN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES, which has never been done
before__ anywhere! If this Mass Movement is unable to complete, the Ascension Process will return to the
previous method, and humans who have evolved sufficiently will again ascend in smaller groups at various

                                                                             Part II
In the May 24-25 Issue we related the roles that the cosmos, the galaxy, our two suns, Earth's
ascension, planetary splits, and comets and meteors are playing in our human Ascension
Newer information is that the massive outpourings of energy from the Galactic Center__ from the
bubbles first noted by astronomers in 2012__ are gamma rays coming from over 25,000 light years away.
We also included a 1
988 channeling from the Planetary Hierarchy outlining Soul and Soul Group
(Monad) transformations via Galactic Genetic Codes within the ascension portion of the Creative Process.
These factors are moving humanity toward immortality, and insuring that at least a portion of humanity will
ascend into higher dimensional realms beyond control of the dark hats of Earth.

Our next question then, is "Can collective Humanity overcome the dark controllers with spiritual intentions,
by writing congressmen, with public protests and petitions, by forming our own local and state banks,
institutions, community gardens, charitable & barter systems and schools unconnected with corrupt
state, federal or global hierarchies__ or
can we, by raising our consciousness, move with Earth out of
3-D and into 4 & 5-D higher frequency realities
?" (June, 2013 Issue)

It seems now, that the first portion of my personal mission here on Earth__ along with hundreds of
thousands of star-seeds, lightworkers and wayshowers__ has been accomplished.  Earth Herself, with Her
elementals, minerals, plants and animals, has ascended and divided Herself into several 4th and one 5th
Dimensional planets. A goodly portion of humans__ far more than was originally hoped for__ have done so
as well.

Humans who ascend to 4-D or 5-D will find that because there are 13 "levels" within each dimensional
octave__ i.e., between 3rd & 4th, or between 4th and 5th-D__ they will find themselves slipping in and out
of the various levels and dimensions from time to time. Moving into a higher dimension and immediately
remaining there is virtually im-possible, as the individual will need to learn how to maintain the appropriate
thoughts, feelings, beliefs, words and actions associated with each dimensional level, without creating new
karma for themselves or their groups.

Since this Newsletter is no longer connected with 3-D, it is no longer possible to inform/inspire those left
behind in 3-D __ Planet B. It will now be written and published to the Internet onl
y in 4-D or higher levels.
Therefore, we will continue by covering information related to further introduction of the Non-physical New
Technologies for living in the 4-D new earth, and for ascending into 5-D or beyond.

In this web-book, "Creating From the Future", we often refer to the state of consciousness which connects
us with
4-D as "TWILIGHT TIME". It, too, is a Turning Point. It is the state of consciousness that acts as
the Common Bond or Purpose merging our 3-D states of mind with 4-D states of mind, leading us to even
higher dimensional states of mind, and the
Self Realization Consciousness that lie ahead." Earth recently
split Herself into two planets at the end of May, 2013__ Planet A/B, which was in both 4-D and 5-D, and
Planet B, which is still in 3-D. Shortly after that, in early June, She again split, but this time, creating a
separate Planet A for 5-D, and 7 other planets, each on one of the lower 7 levels of 4-D. The old 3-D
version still exists as Planet B, where all the mean-spirited, darkside humans have gone.

We will now examine the types of lifestyles existing on those 7 4-D Planets, as an aid for each of
us to discover if we have ascended to Planet A/5-D or to one of the seven 4-D Planets. Or, if we
are still on the old 3-D Planet Earth. Actually,
Gaia, Planet Earth's Spirit Within, no longer has
anything to do with the old 3-D Planet Earth.

An Ascension Candidate will spend many lifetimes on each of these Planet 4-D Levels. The sooner
he/she masters the lessons for each level, the sooner they will move to the next Planet. The
upper levels of
4-D__ 8 through 13__ are much more abundant, multi-dimensional, "psychic", happy and leading toward
perfect health and immortality. It seems we humans don't learn well unless forced to change through
various types of suffering and misery. Lucky us. It is important to pay close attention to the exper-iences
and episodes of each 4-D Level, for once we reach the 13th level, all the timelines of the past merge into
one timeline, and anything still unresolved from the other 12 timelines will have to be balan-ced and
harmonized before we can move into Planet 1 in 5-D.

Level One 4-D Planet Earth: Experiences of The End Time Catastrophes. Volcanic eruptions, huge
earthquakes,  magnetic pole reversal, intense hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires and toxic skies,
water, food and soil as Earth Shifts into a New Reality. Genocide and genetic experiments merging humans
with animals, with ETs and-or  with machines to turn humans into slaves for the Controlling Elite. "Survival
of the Fittest" means to be capable of working for the controllers__ or be exterminated. The "Ancestor
Gods" Return. World Wide Religions, child  por-nography rings and human sacrifices to "False Gods"
terrorize humanity. There is also a strong sensation of being abandoned by Spirit-Creator Source. The first
ideas of a sense of responsibility for self, fellow humans and Earth coupled with a desperate longing for the
key to lifting out of this hell-hole arise.

Lessons to be learned in order to advance to Level 2, 4-D: "False Gods" exist, Religions, Politics,
tion and Science can be used to control, enslave, genetically mutate and even to exterminate humans by
the millions. Development of compassion for fellow humans, and the realization that each of us has a
responsibility for the well-being and security of humanity, though we have no inkling as yet of how to
bring that about. Past life sensations__ our first taste of Multi-dimensionality__ suggest we may have
lived in other times, other places__ even on other planets, with strange people or beings. We may "see"
our bodies as a different race or gender. We briefly sense our spiritual lessons for this lifetime.

Level Two 4-D Planet Earth: Catastrophes continue, but with less impact on those few humans who
become aware of the impact of their own past negligence and behaviors on the present world's events,
and begin to seek information on re-establishing civilization based on the well-being of planet Earth and all
her lifeforms. Connections with Nature lead to discovering one's personal talents and spiritual "gifts" in
Multi-dimensional episodes, including visitors from other-dimensional locations, missing time, and invisible
beings for the more compassionate.

Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 3, 4-D: Personally connecting with Earth and Nature. Becom-
ing aware of new personal talents, spiritual "gifts" and one's  mission for this lifetime. Perceiving or
communicating with invisible beings or friends. Visiting other-dimensional locations &/or people. Periods of
Missing Time or Space suggesting "Another Side to Life". Taking steps to lessen the dangers and troubles
affecting personal lives.

Level Three 4-D Planet Earth: Most humans still focused on physical survival, although catastrophes
occur a bit less frequently, and in fewer locations. The Controllers begin dividing up the planet's geography
for specific types of control. The more compassionate humans seek spiritual and more Earth-friendly
lifestyles, and gather in hidden locations around the planet to develop their personal talents, study, share
information and set up informational re-sources for those just now beginning to seek ways out of their
suffering. Some attempt to inspire others with their abilities and discoveries __until skeptics and fearful
parties destroy their credibility with false condemnations.

These pioneers soon realize a completely different program is needed, and seek other ways of reaching
the survivors' spirits. In time, a Master Teacher arrives from a higher dimension to assist the group: but the
project fails, as too many earthlings are still dumbed-down, fearful, exhausted and thinking only of physical
needs, with no time, energy or courage to pursue risky paths.

Lessons to be learned to advance to Level 4, 4-D: "'Something Else is Going on Here'" in this miser-
able world than what we've know about Earth Life so far. The Teacher informs the small Group of the
Principles of a more spiritual and Earth-friendly lifestyle than they've previously known. The Group begins
to practice these Principles in their own personal lives, becoming living examples to those in their contacts.

Level Four 4-D Planet: Catastrophic earth changes lessen to only about half as severe or as frequent as
at Level One, 4-D. The Controllers partition the land, setting up individual "feudal estates", using higher
technologies to create new transportation routes between the "estates", for new trading centers on and off
world, and for their constant searches for more gold, minerals and elements to create their own physical
paradises, using human slave labor.

ET' "gods" frequently descend at the estates and council the Controllers, who discover they themselves
are being controlled by the ETs. Groups of humans are trained to become household servants, yard,
garden, cropland workers and entertainers for the Controllers. The "Lords" of each estate use slave women
as sex objects, taking the more intelligent unto themselves for breeding more slaves. The practice relates
back to the Southern U.S. Plantation lifestyles of the pre-Civil War period in 3-D Earth. With their focus on
personal "belongings" and attaining more power and wealth, the Controllers feel more secure, seldom
seeking out any rebels to their dark causes. The spiritually-oriented Groups of survivors, extend into more
territories, setting up their own homes, lands and families. Trading with other Spiritual Centers takes place.
Formal education is established to teach the Spiritual Principles to those seeking a better way of life.
Benevolent ETs arrive, teaching more spiritual and ecologically friendly higher technologies.

Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 5, 4-D; The power of groups holding similar goals and practi-
cing similar Spiritual Principles is realized as the pathway to better lifestyles. The earth catastrophes, now
far less of a problem, can be viewed as the creation of a new geographical landscape that is virtually
unspoiled, unexplored and unsettled, providing more security to the expanding needs of the Spiritual
Groups. With one or more of the family's traders and explorers absent from home for weeks at a time, those
still at home learn to take on more personal responsibility and skills for self, family and Earth's well-being.
Formal schools  are established for the young and for newcomers. Higher Technologies begin developing
in the Centers, and citizens try to emulate the ET's characteristics.

Level Five 4-D Planet: Traders, explorers carry the new concepts of group oneness and educating
spiritual principles to many more humans eager for a new way of personal lifestyles. Cities and towns are
esta-blished by the Spiritual Centers, with meeting halls where problems and ideas are discussed and
voted on by the populace. Security expands as the residents realize their true security lies in their
cooperative endeavors as groups. Fears lessen.

Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 6, 4-D: Multi-dimensionality expands as some of these citizens
discover they have healing abilities, similar to those shown by the ET teachers. Others begin expressing
their fine arts, crafts and musical skills to the public, lifting the spirits of all exposed to them. Self-
dependency, lasting friendships, standing on one's own two feet  and leadership abilities become the norm.

Level Six 4-D Earth: A spiritual leader is born among the Spiritual Groups, and the various Centers
become connected and maintain communication with each other. Music becomes a higher technology for
healing, manifesting and evolving consciousness. The Collective Spiritual Centers become known around
the planet, and are recognized as the proverbial "Promised Land". More humans pour in as fast as they can
evade the Controllers, who now have so many slaves, they can't keep track of them all.

A spaceship platform is built in a mountain range by some newcomers to the Spiritual Centers, intending
and pray-
ing for ETs to land there and transport them to higher dimensional realities. ETs do come __but they are
the Cont-
rollers who have learned of the Spiritual Centers' powers, and are determined to destroy them. Their first
action is
to bring a devastating plague to the mountainous regions, which extends across the planet. Having learned
higher technologies form the benevolent ET teachers, the citizens use Intention, Prayer, Oneness and
Unconditional Love
to heal the plague. However, the influence of the Controllers__ in league with the dark ETs__ frightens
many of the
Spiritual Center citizens into once again accepting them as their "Gods". The  Newcomers revert back to
slave mentality, and they and the Controllers begin fighting each other.

Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 7, 4-D: With the disaster of the Return of the Ancestor
Controllers, coupled with the citizens becoming more secure and more independent, the idea of "One God"
is firmly estab-
lished,replacing the thousands of years of belief in the Controlling "False Gods" who demanded obedience,
played favorites and punished non-believers. The Spiritual Community is split in two, with one faction
with the Controllers and other further engaging in Oneness, Unconditional Love, Community and Planetary
Service as never before. It becomes most obvious: "Once you find and develop your powers, BE CAREFUL

Level Seven 4-D Earth: The two civilizations have both developed their powers to a high degree, but many
come confused as to which Path to take in life on this planet. Some try to play both games__ the material,
petitive, separate, self-serving, fearful game, loyal to the "False God" Controllers__ and the spiritual,
Oneness, cooperative, service-to-others game. But one can no longer do so, as this is still 4-D, and the old
3-D paradigm world is dissolving; relationships based on it are fading away and new ones coming into

Some of the Spiritualists leave the Centers to go out to form a new world on their own, seeking something
than a world constantly at war. The Gender Gap increases, as women are considered inferior members of
the hu-
man race, most of their rights taken away, and many die from abuse and neglect. Children are threatened
strange illnesses, school riots and freak accidents. Some are sacrificed to the "gods" as petitions for better
ther conditions, more money, and more minerals from Earth, to fight the ongoing wars. Men leave wives at
home for decades to fight wars, and marital infidelity becomes common for both men and women. Spousal
homicide festers behind closed doors. The economy fails due to the expense of the wars, and many
families lose their jobs and their homes. Some find solace in the New Earth's lush wildernesses which have
sprouted after the earth changes died
down. Those continuing with the Spiritual, Oneness, Love path, begin to have deja vu episodes and
visions that lead them to safer, healthier environments.

Lesson to be learned to advance to Level 8, 4-D:  Another Turning Point is needed. It becomes clear to
with vision, that a Divine Higher Force is the true controlling element at work on #7 planet Earth and sooner
later, they must decide which faction IS that Divine Higher Force and merge with It__ or cease to exist. But
one is it? The confusion and consternation lead many to drop away from any form of organized Religion
forever-more, realizing they were happier, healthier and safer under the Spiritual Center forms of living. As
the Spiritual groups grow larger than the Controllers groups, their power increases exponentially; help
arrives from that Divine Force, and the return to a truly New Earth paradigm is about to birth.

he higher 6 Levels of the Fourth Dimension will be covered in Part II of the next newsletter
issue. In the meantime, enjoy the Summer Solstice on June 20, 2013, as the Sun swims into the water sign
of Cancer at
11:05 PM, MDT.

.S., St. Germaine, Arcturians: "The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time', but not as scientists propose.
One can Transcend Time in 4-D.. i.e., connect with past and future lives, to the history of the human races,
of Earth, solar system, galaxy and universe__ like the Akashik Records. Feelings, thoughts, beliefs,
sensations, or dreams become energies that take on a life of their own, causing events, changes, in one's
personal realiy, and collect-
ively, cause Earth changes. This is why 4-D still has some negative events occurring. The 13 octaves, of
course, determine the amount of and the intensity of dire events. You may 'hear' or 'see' them, but not
necessarily par-ticipate in or be affected by them."

"Emotion is a driving force in 4-D. Anything wished for, desired or intended with strong emotion (positive or
neg-ative), will manifest__ definitely__ sooner or later in 4-D, and possibly, somewhat in 3-D. As for the '7
ets' of 4-D... This is not entirely true. It is 7 'reality level holograms' that have been manifested. People are
each of these reality levels... (they can also e called timelines)... according to the degree of their personal
quencies; i.e., the frequencies of the octaves of 4-D. Some of us are on the 7th reality level/timeline: the
7th step/level/realilty timeline in the 4-D octave. We are basically well protected from major dire events

Becoming Psychic
Being "Psychic" is really changing one's perception of the world, of spiritual matters and of all life by freeing
oneself from culturally-conditioned concepts and beliefs; i.e., by checking over one's life, perceiving and
understanding the truths behind what parents, religions, governments, advertisements, health care
systems, etc. brain-washed us into believing. Actually, anyone who is truly healthy is automatically

The Fourth Dimension has been used by the Dark Hats for their rituals, ceremonies and "spells", and for
the dates for manipulating their dastardly deeds onto our planet's 3-D physical plane existence. They also
have technologies 100 years in advance of what we have in 3-D or 4-D, and use them to pull those deeds

We may enjoy psychic powers for awhile, but if the energy behind it comes only from mental work, the
energy is
soon depleted and creative powers wane. What we want to do, is hook up Uncon-ditional Love and
Oneness with
the spiritual generators__ Gaia/Earth, Higher Self/Guides and The Creative Force Field. There must be
higher in-
tentions behind what we attempt; i.e., psychic powers are not meant to be used for self-benefit alone.

In our Twilight Time psychism, we can sense emotions, thoughts and energies caught up in another
individual's personal energy fields. These are not necessarily true and may not indicate the basic
essence of that person. Clairvoyance, on the other hand, is a spiritual perception, a simple "knowingness"
__ a recognition of the true es-
sence of the soul or spirit inhabiting that body.

Psychic manifestations on the 3-D or 4-D planes are really a merging with the divine universal pattern
guiding the energy flows of Earth. Synchronicities__ amazing coincidences__ indicate when we're in
touch with collective, planetary, galactic or universal agendas. They do not necessarily predict the future
for us; instead, they are "sig-
nals" from the collective human consciousness showing us the direction in which our group mind is
moving, what
we are collectively creating, and what could possibly (not probably) result. When we experience
we know we are, in that moment, both treading our intended personal paths and connecting with
humanity, Earth
and higher intelligence. If we don't like what we have "seen", we still have a chance to change it.

We can deliberately invoke synchronicities by focusing on universal-spiritual intentions or on humanity's
collective consciousness while in higher states of consciousness. Remember__ miracles occur from
Expanded Creative Realms__the hyper-dimensional states__ where the Creative Force Field (photons,
ether) enables things to

Many people get "stuck" in the Twilight Phase, so enamored of their new-found psychic abilities, they
think they've already arrived at the peak of their spiritual journey. They have not. Psychic manifestation is
only a brief stop along
the way toward something greater__ one step in a longer process. In fact__ we may have to make a
conscious ef-
fort to give up our lower psychic gifts, if we are to attain True Enlightenment.

Yatri, in "The Unknown Man", says, "At this point we need a master navigator"..." a school or a discipline,
forstrangely, this whole relatively 'lowly' territory has been poorly recorded. It can have all the outward
signs of schi-zophrenia" ... (or ADHD or Autism)... "or other... mental disorders"... "the first rude shock of
awakening the
vast dynamos of power"... "the first glimpse and consciousness of 'infinite energy'"... "the opening of the
and throat centers. The accompanying extreme emotions and thoughts can threaten to overwhelm the
of the experiencer, especially when extraordinary powers suddenly become available. If at this stage,
the"... (individual)... "is tempted to misuse these forces, there can be a liberation of energy so
overwhelming, that consciousness plunges back to the rock bottom of evolutionary level one"...."He needs
authentic guidance, or
a great deal of luck."  

Connecting with our Higher Self brings that guidance.

Gurudas: "Everything is merely a crystallization of the time flow; everything has its own metabolism and
rate in
the time flow. The soul"... the spirit within... "is outside the time flow. It can be either ahead or behind in
time; it
makes no difference."... Each of us is a hologram from the level of the Spirit Within..."So one's subtle
bodies are
clearing the time flow, before it reaches the physical body or potential disease state that has been recycled
the omnipresent past into the present."...

"Within the laws of physics, there is height, width and depth. Within the Fourth Dimension, is the source of
space and gravity. This source is not something that most people can understand because few people can
ceive in the fourth dimension. This source in 4-D helps set up a pattern that you perceive as the lower 3
sions. Its elements consist of time, space and gravity along with length, width and height. In the
transference of  consciousness to higher planes, many are becoming aware that these are illusions. Time
is not real, while matter
and things that appear solid fade away as your perception includes that which is available in 4-D. Our
have been created to explain 3-D concepts." (Example): "Gravity as we perceive it is an effect, not a cause.
you perceive as gravity is caused by the vibrational pattern that is set up on a dimensional level that is
than you are usually able to comprehend."...

"Then there are electricity, electromagnetism and consciousness to make up the other three dimensions.
These are the levels you must attain mastery over, for these levels and projections have direct correlation
with the seven  spiritual bodies. In these days, we are beginning to master 4-D. In treating (healing) the
seven spiritual bodies, you are beginning to reach the fulfillment of self as a 4-D being. You are moving
beyond just the material,
which occupies the 3 dimensions of height, width and depth, into the control of mastering time and

Steven Kelley: "Quantum computing, like quantum communic
ation, will use scalar field manipulation to
a holographic interferometric data centers. Because the scalar is in fourth density, it is faster than the
speed of
light, instantaneous. Computing will also be instantaneous. Scalar 4-D communication could allow for
nicating with aliens probably the same way Tesla did."...

The Fourth Dimension IS scalar wave technologies, which we've been calling "metaphysics". Until we
embrace meta-physics and psychism, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to understand or to learn to
operate successfully in 4-D. We find now, that 4th dimensional technology alters reality by cancelling or
enhancing things. Tesla knew that scalar waves are 4-D tech, and how they affect reality. All our Planet
Realities, be they 3-D, 4-D or higher, are holograms. A hologram is a vehicle that can cause scalar wave
technology. (See Chapter 10: Wierd Science 101"  under: "The Electromagnetic Spectrum" for more on
scalar waves.)

Lessons to learn to advance to The Fifth Dimension: Basically: Understanding one's Personal Mission &
Purpose for incarnating on Earth in the End Times, and bringing it into manifestation. Anything still
unresolved, returns in this lifetime for cleansing/balancing before we can ascend to the next dimension
where PLANET EARTH - A already re-sides. Finalizing one's personal preparations for ascending.
Mastering Space and Time, becoming Multi-dimensional, holding Unconditional Love and Oneness in the
heart 24/7. Assisting Humanity and Earth.

When we energetically imagine and intend a new future for ourselves as if it were already actualized, we
are "Creat-
ing From the Future
". Then we relate that vision to others who may choose to do the same. We alone are
the judge
of our worth. As we discover and cherish our own uniqueness, we relinquish the need for external
approval. Every conscious choice is an opportunity to give ourselves a gift for the future, so we live
according to visions of a benevolent future, rather than by past trauma-dramas. In time, our transpersonal
plan expands into a collective plan. (Deepak Chopra. Interview. www.4dshift.com.)

"Beacons of Light" suggest a major problem right now, is that we're still trying to use limited 3-D or 4-D
methods and knowlledge in a 5-D reality. Everything around us looks much the same, but the changes
occurring on the quantum level are trickling down into our mental and emotional levels, and this causes
confusion, doubt and panic on the physical level.

Instead of dealing with height, width and depth, we now have to add the elements of Space, Time and
Gravity! This has never happened before in the entire universe, so give ourselves some consideration,
compassion and space; for the "old" way to ascend both Earth and the masses of humans, was to destroy
99% of the life forms and start all over again through eons of Time.

Our greatest difficulty now seems to be how to ground ourselves in this new dimensional reality. We used
to ground
physically, by connecting with Gaia/Earth; perhaps, going to a favorite personal spot in nature, or walking
barefoot on
grass or dirt. But things are done now in groups__ be they friends, family, businesses, belief systems or art
things we have given our power to__ and we need to "anchor them as groups". Every group, including
governments, universities, systems, relationships, have to begin to live with "No Secrets" from now on.
Some collectives will col-
lapse, fall apart, disappear. Others will be able to make the transition by learning to see themselves in a
new way, and
no longer identify themselves with their jobs, their physical appearance, their social status, their physflal
fitness, their intelligence, celebrities, their wealth, etc.. We have given our power away to so many things.
All our passions have to
be re-evaluated at this point.

The Creative Energies have escalated in all of us, but we haven't found a way to ground it as yet. Our
Intentions used
to manifest within a reasonable amount of time, but lately, I find they "work" in strange ways. Time and
Space are play-
ing games with us. An Intention may be delayed for hours, days, weeks, months, even years, and suddenly
it manifests
after we really don't need or even care about it anymore. Or, we may only get partial results, with some
things showing
up in certain places and others in totally unexpected places__ or where they're not even necessary! (July,

Time and Space now seem quite irrelevant. We may be connecting or re-connecting with our off-world
ancestors, brothers
and sisters. This phenomenon is escalating world-wide. If you are personally communicating with
extraterrestrial beings,
they may offer you assistance for your chosen 5-D role or mission.

Vibrational remedies and homeopathics can bring people into synchronicity with the time-flow continuum.
One may occupy several positions in time and space relative to the observer. With the ability to move
beyond the speed of light, we can ma-
ster the concepts of Time and Space. ..."Mastery of 5-D is the ability to bend and reshape the time flow."
"Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Vol. II").

When I painted, made music, wrote, did astrology, etc.__ 3-D & 4-D creative work__ I became a messenger
inspiring others about our potential future through the simplicity of Nature. I was channeling and intuiting
much of it. But the focus, time and energy spent creating and marketing these material objects, was
preventing me from fully moving into what I've been terming in this web-book as "Advanced or Higher

If we've moved onto the 5-D threshold by now, we will have contacted our Soul Groups, and are now
serving the Group's Mission and Purpose and beginning to develop our Light Body. In the Fifth Dimension
and beyond, each of us must first of all, BE that energy __that vision __ourself. Then we have it! Fifth
Dimensional inhabitants are Multi-Dimensional Beings, moving beyond metaphysics and psychism.

Intuitive and channeling abilities become available 24/7; and can activate big time: Precognition, astral
traveling, telepathy, psychometry, manifestation & healing pour through in waves. Strange, vivid and often
lucid dreams__ as many as four per night__ present themselves. And days become  filled with increased
paranormal events, a simple "Knowing" and amazing miracles and synchronicities.

In the Fifth Dimensional World, human reality expands into the Galactic Plane where we can recognize
more of the dirty deeds of the dark hats. The Fourth Dimension has been used by the Dark Hats for their
rituals, ceremonies and "spells", and for choosing the dates for manipulating their dastardly deeds onto our
planet's 3-D physical plane existence. They also have technologies 100 years in advance of what we have
in 3-D or 4-D, and use them to pull those deeds off.

We may find 4-D much more full of life than 3-D; but we still have to care for our physical bodies.
Compassion, understandding and love are more predominant in 5-D than in 3 or 4-D. Full conversion to 5-
D is expected to occur by the end of 2016.

Its no longer linear, but Multi-dimensional in accordance with the Quantum Theory of Entanglement __ the
connectivity between all things, everywhere. Even more New Portals, doorways or passages through
pillars of light to the Multi-dimensions are now opening to us through which huge blasts of divine energies
enter from the Sun, Galaxy and Cosmos. Everything on the planet is being affect- ed by these big energy

That Higher Part of ourselves__ call it Spirit Within, Angels, Guides, or Higher Self__ best knows what we
now need to learn, understand or do for the evolution of our consciousness; but because we're becoming
multi-dimensional, Guidance will no longer necessarily occur according to the old linear time pattern of
past, then present, then future.  Nor will Guidance present itself in the Spatial manner we've been
accustomed to. We will move freely now between present, future &/or past, and we may find ourselves
flipping back and forth between here and there__ or existing both here and there__ or everywhere at once.
Time and Space will alter themselves to foster our spiritual understandings. Both Altered Time and Altered
Space can overlap each other, or one may presents itself  before the other (or vice versa), because in
higher dimensional realms, Time can Expand or Contract. Since we have Transcended Time, it is
collapsing in on itself, and therefore,  there is No Time__ All is NOW.

In the past, we used the concept of "Time" to help us understand Cause & Effect, but since we now know
that it is our thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are the Cause that creates the Effects__ we may now even
experience The "Effects" before The "Causes".

Example: I turned on the TV this morning to tape a favorite afternoon program. A movie was playing,  but no
indication of what channel it was on. I was intrigued by the plot,  and wished to know the names of the film
and the actress, so I switched to the online program schedule. The very first item up was that very same
movie on "Channel 33__ "Gothika" starring Hally Berry." I laughed aloud at having so quick a response,  
but then I gasped, as "Channel 33" was not followed by "Channel 34". Instead, it immediately flipped to
"Channel 2"__ the top of the list__ and continued through all following numbered Channels. I just had to
keep watching to see  if I'd imagined the  "Gothika" film listing,  but when Channel 33  appeared again__  
this time  in its proper order__ it was indeed "Gothika" with Hally Berry! (the "Effect"). Now how could that

A little thought explained it:  I had originall  Intended  (The "Cause")  to find Channel 3,  which was the one
for  setting recording information. Instead,  as soon as I saw last night's film's channel setting,  I wondered
what Channel  that film and actress were on, and the "Ethers" obliged.  (The "Effect"). Then, my next
Intention ("Cause")__ was to surf through all the program listings to assure myself that it was not "just my
imagination"__  and instead of my needing to scroll through the following 66 more Channel listings,plus the
31 listings   preceeding Channel 33,  to find the right one,  cosmos immediately flipped the screen  to the
top listing with Channel 2, ("Effect")  I only had to continue to scroll through 31 more listings to know if  
"Gothika" had really been on Channel 33__ and it was!

Yes__"Time and Space will alter themselves to foster our spiritual understandings."  Can anyone
disbelieve that we are, at all times, connected with something higher and greater than ourselves?

A recent "heart-to-heart" with Higher Self was about "healing" and "manifesting". It has been quite
confusing, as many Western Teachings tell us to  Love Ourselves first and take responsibility and control
for our own lives before assisting others.  And then, there are Yogic texts informing us not to use "the
magic" to better our own lives,  but to use it for the world outside. Still other online teachers, channelers or
reporters supposedly "in the know", tell us we must "heal our-selves first", before attempting to heal or aid
other humans. So just what is the answer?

HS: "Connect first with your Spirit Within and with Gaia for guidance,  where you will be shown your unique
Purpose,  Mission &/or Lesson f or this physical incarnation.  They will also assist you  with the balancing
of  inner attitudes  and beliefs  behind health,  relationship,  career and other difficulties.  Your bodies will  
automatically heal themselves  after you harmonize your inner emotional, mental and spiritual
imbalances__ the distorted attitudes, beliefs or behaviors behind each problem."

"Under The New Physics, when you "do the magic", as you term it, you are changing conditions only on
your  own timeline Reality,  which does not affect the timelines-realities of others; i.e.,  it will not override
their free will.  The individual timelines of 3-D Earth  do indeed affect timelines  of like-minded 3-D humans,
for this is part of  the learning plan__  "karma"__ which teaches  how each person affects and is, in turn,  
affected by others holding similar values.  

On higher dimensions of 4-D and above,  Time works differently. There are millions of timelines  continually
being created,  passed around and dis carded, allowing for individuals to create or retire timeline-realities
for themselves &/or others, if everyone so wishes."

"It must be this way,  because with so many timelines-realities being created  by many individual souls,  
each one would override every other individual's timeline-reality.  This means  no newly created timelines-
realities  could ever be permanent__ not even for an instant__  for then no one could ever achieve an
unchangeable single timeline-reality, " manifestation."

"You asked:  'How, then,  does an individual  serve Earth and humanity?'. Higher Self- Spirit Within  &
Gaia  will also inform you of your unique,  personal Spiritual Gifts__  the inherent knowledge and skills  you
can develop  to serve humanity, individuals, Earth and all life upon her.   People and  resources will be
attracted to you  as you develop  and use these gifts  in service.  You and others  of similar attitudes,  
beliefs and  behaviors  will together  create a  valid  collective-consciousness timeline. Your Light then
radiates forth to influence others, if they so choose."

"Once you learn to maintain that  Unconditional Love/Oneness Resonance connection  throughout your
waking hours,  that 'better' job, home, car, winter coat, slippers, etc.__ if you truly need it__ will be there for
you automatically."

Our major problem right now, is that we're still trying to use limited 3-D methods and knowledge in a 4-D or
even in a 5-D MOulti-Dimensional  reality. Everything  around us looks  much the same, but the changes
occurring on a quantum level are trickling down into  our mental  and emotional levels, and this  causes
confusion, doubt and panic on physical levels.

Earth's First Dimension: 1-D: Here Elements and minerals reside in Gaia's crystal core__Earth, Air, Fire
and Water.
Earth's Second Dimension: 2-D, Here nature spirits, devas, and all life on Earth except humans reside.
Earth's Third Dimension 3-D: Here Humans reside.

P.M.H. Atwater:
"Children of the Fifth World": "Our  experience of  consciousness  greatly  expands
through prayer, meditation and  contemplation, and  through the depth achieved  when you BECOME
(emphasis added)  whatever you focus on, when you zone out." ..That Focus should be feeling  
Unconditional Love and  Oneness  with All That Is, if we wish to expand our 3-D Consciousness to higher

Earth's Fourth Dimension: 4-D: is the realm of Imagination, Dreams, Astral Travel, and of Myths and
Archetypes. Basically, it is A Passageway to other dimensions__ It is  Psychic  Experience. Each  
dimension has steps or levels, within in its octave of frequencies; allowing for variations on what can be
contacted and what can be done, depending on which "step" or "frequency level" of a dimension one is
now experiencing.

(H.S., St. Germaine, Arcturians): "The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time', but not as scientists propose.
One can Transcend Time in 4-D.. i.e.,  connect with  past and  future lives, to the  history of the  human  
races, of Earth,  solar system,  galaxy and  universe__ like the Akashik Records.  Feelings,  thoughts,  
beliefs,  sensations, or  dreams become energies that take on a life of their own, causing events,
changes, in one's personal reality, and collectively, cause  Earth  changes. This is why 4-D still has some
negative events occurring. The various octaves, of course, determine the amount of and the intensity of  
dire events. You may hear or see them, but not  necessarily participate in or be affected by them."

"Emotion is the  driving  force in 4-D.  Anything wished for, desired or intended with strong emotion
(positive or negative will manifest__ definitely__ sooner or later in 4-D, and possibly, somewhat in 3-D.
As for the 7 planets of 4-D... This is not entirely true. It is 7 'reality level holograms' that have been
manifested. People are on each of these reality  levels... (also called timelines)... according to the   
degree of  their personal frequencies: (i.e., the frequencies of the octaves of 4-D.)  Some of us are on the
7th reality level/hologram/ timeline= the 7th step/level of the 4-D octave. We are basically well-protected
from major dire events here."

Courtney Brown,  Remote Viewer with The  Farsight  Institute, says: If  you change the frequency of an
object or timeline event, then it disappears from one dimensional reality, and appears in another.

Our daughter, C. and hubby, B. went grocery shopping Sunday (7-28), picked up a few items for us, too,
and delivering them to our home Monday evening, (7-29). C. then related their concern about sighting an
8500 acre wildfire burning not far from their home north town , and was hoped to be  quenched by 7 PM  
that  night. It had started, she said, on Sunday around 6:00 PM and they saw the smoke upon their return
from shopping. It was caused by that earlier big thunder and lightening storm, and although it poured down
rain for awhile a huge wind came up and fanned the flames even more. B. agreed.

H, our eldest son and I looked surprised. "Why, we didn't have any thunder, lightning, rain or big wind
Sunday evening__ the sun shone brightly all day," we said. But C & B insisted they had watched it all
evening at their home about 1 1/2 miles  east of our  home. We told how son L. had been out of town at a
golf tournament for two days, and upon returning home Sunday evening late, as he'd had to return his golf
cart to the local golf course. H and I decided to get take-out at our local Mc Donald's, and called L. before 6
PM to see if he'd be back in time to join us. He said it would be closer to 6:30, but order a burger & fries for
him. H chose to wait until 6:30 when L returned so the food would still be hot, and  the two of them  went to
McD's, ordered, and  brought the food  home. None of us  saw  any storm, rain, wind or thunder & lightning
at all__ nothing but sunshine and calm.

Our thoughts on this are that if C & B heard about the fire, the storm and the wind, and saw the smoke on
their return from shopping, they probably had some fears about it reaching their home, so they had a lower
frequency, energy field at that time. H, L and I, did not hear, see or know anything about a storm, wind or
big fire, and therefore, our energy field frequencies would have been higher due to the absence of  fear.
Therefore__ each group experienced a different dimensional reality.

Preparing for Ascension is difficult, often painful or disabling, and quite confusing. (Some would even say
"inhuman"). However, we can easily see how raising our consciousness to higher frequencies and
Becoming Multi-dimensional lifts us above the suffering, pain, ignorance, false gods and dis-empowerment
of 3-D; above the lies, the dark conspiracies, false  flags and just  plain  craziness of 4-D; to the
Transcendence of Time & Space, to the Peace, Empowerment, Health, Abundance, Trust, Divine Order,
Wisdom & Guidance, Unconditional Love, Oneness and Immortality of 5-D and Beyond. Would you not
endure ANYTHING to have such joy?             

We develop a  Multi - dimensional - Higher Density Consciousness by evolving our  spirituality and raising  
our frequencies to ascend  above  the 3-D Reality,  first into 4-D,  and soon thereafter into 5-D  and Be-
yond, where our clear thoughts and loving feelings cause related  events to attract themselves to us.  We
can greatly expand our  consciousness through the ONENESS experience  when merged with UNCON-
DITIONAL LOVE, as  we BECOME  whatever  we focus on while zoning out in prayer, contemplation or
meditation. From 5-D and Beyond, we can move in and out of other dimensional realms to serve our planet,
our fellow humans and planetary lifeforms, and Divine Consciousness /Great Spirit/Supreme Creator.

In the previous Newsletter,  we mentioned some of the conditions in the First through the Fourth Densities.
These will now again be
listed with further information:

Earth's First Density: 1-D
: Where Elements and minerals reside in Gaia's crystal core__Earth, Air, Fire
and Water. Earth's Second Density: 2-D: Where nature spirits, devas, and all life on Earth except humans
reside. Earth's Third Density 3-D: Where Humans reside.Earth's Fourth Density 4-D: Is the realm of
Imagination, Dreams, Astral Travel and of Myths and Archetypes. Basically, it is a Passageway to other
densities-dimensions__ It is Psychic Experience. Each dimension has steps or levels, within in its octave of
13 frequency  rates;  allowing for  variations on  what can be contacted and  what can be done,  depending
on  which "step" or "frequency level" one is presently experiencing.

"THE FOURTH DENSITY IS ABOUT TIME: "One can  Transcend Time in 4-D.  i.e., connect  with past  
and future  lives, to the history of  the human  races"... through-out  the universe...."Feelings,  thoughts,
beliefs,  sensations, or dreams become energies that take on a life of their own, causing events, changes
in one's  personal  reality, and collectively change Earth...
"This is  why 4-D  still has  some negative  events occurring. The various  octaves, of course, determine
the amount of and the intensity of dire events. You may hear or see them, but not necessarily participate
in or be affected by them."

wished for, desired or intended  with  strong  emotion  (positive or negative)  will  manifest__  definitely
__ sooner  or later  in  4-D,  and  possibly, somewhat in 3-D.  As for the 13 planets of 4-D... This is not  
entirely  true.  It is 13 'reality level holograms'  that  have been manifested. People are on each of these
reality levels... (also called timelines)... according to the degree of their personal frequencies:"...Some of
us are on the higher  frequency levels of the 4-D  octave  and  basically well-protected  from major dire
events here
." ... (H.S., St. Germaine, The Arcturians)

DENSITY-REALITY INTO ANOTHER.... This was evidenced for us by the last Newsletter's story of how
two family members experienced storms, winds, and a huge wildfire near their home; while a mile and a half
away,  three other family members experienced clear blue skies, sunshine, peace and calm at exactly the
same time. This was a "Space Distortion."   

Oct. 2013: All Timelines and Energy Grid Structures of  Earth from early  Lemuria and from the previous
three Atlantean civilizations failed, except for small groups of humans who managed to raise their
consciousness and ascend to 4-D or even 5-D.  A New  Crystalline Grid  Structure for 5-D New Earth  was
 October 11, 2013.
Groups of humans began ascending to 5-D New Earth since the Autumn Equinox, 9-22-13; and on  
October 12th, a Magnetic Pole  Reversal shifted the  uppermost level of 4-D  Earth's  geographic map by  
90 degrees, which could put the new Magnetic North Pole somewhere in Malaysia__ or even in northern

From a Higher Density/Dimensional Timeline, one can see into Lower Density Timelines, but those in the
Lower Density Timelines can't see into the Higher.

The Elohim helped to create the physical universe.

"The Elohim":  "This event occurs to contain choices made by those in positions of power,  where abuse
of this  power  leads to  great  irreversible  damage to the  fabric of the  time/space  continuum.  The  
nuclear event" ...  (planned Nuclear Third World War)...  "must  always be  contained, so as  not to  flow  
through to other precious levels of Creation,  and hence remain untouched.  The fourth dimensional level
12 is now sealed for all  Time."... "Timelines and parallel realities co-exist almost together.".. "Junctions
align where the flow of light is  maximized, creating new  exchanges with the  other. These exchanges
represent purely creational  windows  where every  conscious  expression of  light is able to  join in the  
beautiful  out-ward expansion into  God-perfection." ... "For the chaff has been separated clearly and
cleanly.  Mal-intent is no longer supported. The Creation supports truth, love and light along its energetic
pathways, and there is no other.  Many have risen very high above the collective, in awareness."

(Universal Law)

Energies downloading to Earth and all Solar Systems from the Suns, Comets, Galaxies and Cosmos first
cause change on quantum energy levels, which then change our consciousness, and consciousness
eventually alters the holographic/physical worlds.

In our
3-D reality,  there were sequences of events  that had to be lined up  so that the Process of
Evolutionary  Change could proceed in an orderly manner;  and in
4-D,  we experienced shifting in and out
of other dimensions that were triggered by  Emotion, and sometimes produced Time Loops and Time

the Process of Change in 5-D is Beyond the limitations of Time and Space. Hence, that
Process is no  longer sequential; nor do the Changes occur all at one time or in one place. Instead, many,
many possible versions of reality intermingle and merge. This merging of possible realities resembles cells
that gradually or swiftly bond together to create the embryo of a new expression of reality. In other words
__ certain PATTERNS OF LIGHT intermingle with the Creative Force of Unconditional Love to manifest a
matrix upon which a new reality can manifest.

n 5-D,  instead of a formal Intention, a simple DayDream type Wish__ can arrive after  choosing another  
reality-timeline simply by daydreaming  out the window for a few moments, during a boring TV program, or
at night as we go to sleep. We just have to Hold the feelings of  U. Love and  Oneness with All Life
Everywhere__ and all our "Now Do's" manifest.

However, since
5-D is Beyond Time, that which is in process of being created, has ALREADY been
created in the etheric. We know that type of thinking is difficult while we're still tied to our 3-D time-bound,
or even 4-D thinking. This is why it's important for us all to relax into the process of integrating the new
Multi-Dimensional Operating System into our biological computer Brain/mind. We may think of our
biological computer as the personal brain to our 3-D exp-ression of Selt. Simultaneously, within our Multi-D
version of SELF, our biological computer Heart-mind functions like the Internet so that we can link into our
Group Mind and the ONENESS in 5-D and Beyond.

he Arcturians  through  David  K. Miller.  SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE: 2-95: "We are the
Arcturians. Channeling is one of the many avenues  that we now use to reach out to starseeds  who are
eager to  connect with us.  Understand that  you are  responding to  a primordial  response from your
brothers and sisters in the galaxy."... "The question comes up of h
ow to  unleash your inherent genetic
Great leaders such as  Moses,  Jesus,  Joseph Smith and the  Buddha have been  able to
unlock their  codes  through an  electroomagnetic  vibratory  chant. They learned to use  specific words
and  sounds  that were given to them  through the extraterrestrials  and angels. "Sounds can  unlock your  
genetic structure. They  put you in a  proper vibratory state__ a state of mind  in which you can  more
easily  receive transmissions  and energy.
he  Arcturians are not only sending you verbal messages,  but also  energy waves and  sound. We
work with you  to translate our energy systems  into a vibration that will allow  entry to higher dimensions.
You are moving into the  
Fourth and Fifth Densities. You are wanting to come into the realm of the ships
and to travel inter-dimensionally. How do you do that ? When you  raise your consciousness,  you go
through  into beautiful  thought projections  and move your spirit through higher realms."