Scientists now define Emotion as shifting patterns of biochemical change through-out the body's cells.
Emotion fuels  our visualized creation  into reality__  be it a home,  a symphony, a business or a
healthy mind and body. To Be Human, means to feel Emotion fully and deeply.

Sometimes we don't let ourselves feel much of anything.  Emotional resistance blocks creativity,  tend-
ing to take on certain behavioral forms, like the belief that showing,  or even feeling emotion is a weak-
ness,  bad manners,  or brings retribution.  A distorted desire nature  can lead to  addictions  because
not  to resolve and handle negative feelings also blocks positive feelings.  It is imperative to
recognize when we are resisting emotions.  Paying attention to strong feelings reveals  a definite patt-
ern. Usually, when having inharmonious feelings, we first try to pretend they don't exist (
denial), or we
rationalize them, thinking the negative emotion is based on someone else's behavior, or on something
beyond our control__ i.e., "not my fault".  We then project that negativity onto others.

When a person decides  their emotion is  "shameful"  or "too painful" and avoids feeling it,  they cause
the body area  where the emotion exists to  "freeze" or  "lock-up".  Basically, the emotion gets stuck at
the chakra center related to that feeling, preventing energy from flowing  through it.  (
Figure 2.)  Phys-
ical organs near that center become distressed,  as the life force is closely tied with emotional energy.
Long-sustained inharmonious emotions foster poor health.

Emotional and  physical blockages  dissolve  when we take  full responsibility  for how we feel.  Every
negative emotion is its opposite trying to escape.  For example
: fear blocks our feelings of safety. Re-
cognizing the fear,  
allowing ourselves to feel it fully,  leads to courage, greater  confidence and trust.  
Hatred dissolves into forgiveness, understanding and cooperation. Completely evoking and accepting
emotion is a deliberate move to invoke the healing energy of the Creative Forces.

We can perceive our emotionally painful experiences  in a completely new way even without knowing
how to handle them.  The opposite of  suppression  isn't  negative expression__ it's a  deeper experi-
ence of the feelin
g.  Instead of suppressing them  or harming others by lashing out,  it's better to  feel
them fully
, then dare to calmly make others aware of it.

Understanding comes to us  wearing the same face,  whether laughing or weeping.  We usually learn
more  from the difficult  than from  the easy times.  There are  really only  two  emotions__  restricting,  
conditional Fear,  & liberating , unconditional Love.  All others are variations on the same two themes.  
When we fully understand why emotions erupt we design  a quality pattern of life that seldom triggers
negative feelings in the first place.

Emotions,  Thoughts and  Intentions are  Creative Energies.  Intentionally  intensifying emotions  
during difficult encounters  turns on  a
transmutation process:  a shifting of energy  from one level to
.  Deliberately feeling  anger,  pain,  disgust or  fear to the fullest,  identifies  its origins and re-
solves it sooner.  We can then use emotion  to change our  mental perception  by asking  Higher Self
What is Love trying to show me here?" or, "What would Unconditional Love do now?"  Acting loving-
ly on the answer received creates new understandings of reality.

Emotional Intensity can break us through  to completely new,  perhaps  never-before-known types
of  creative possibilities.
Emotional Sensitivity  becomes an asset,  not a liability,  and we develop  
Emotional Maturity.
Our feeling nature is free to be understood  and redirected by higher intentions
within a full range of consciousness,  allowing us to  live happily  in each moment.  We take respone-
ibility  for our own emotional experiences__  "
We are  responsible for our own wounds, not someone

From time to time,  we need to re-define  what we mean by
pleasure  and just  when and why we feel
 As Joseph Campbell stated: "Find your bliss and don't be afraid to follow it." He suggested we
do  what brings lasting joy.  It doesn't have to be the first thing every morning
;  it's only that sometime
before we go to bed tonight,  the desired activity will be done . That may include  breathing exercises,  
reading,  eating  healthy  foods,  exercising,  talking  with  friends,  gardening,  teaching,  engaging in
creative arts,  going to movies,  doing  charitable  or volunteer work  or the  spiritual  discipline  of our
choice.  By doing what we love  regularly,  we have  more energy and we enjoy including those activ-
ities when we discover how good they make us feel.   

7-15-93:  MEDITATION;  I saw the word,  "EMOTION"  plus printing  stating that  "Emotional  Energy
Moves us between Densities,  and from the Electromagnetic Band  to the  Magneto-Electric Band &
in between."
 I was then shown how to place the  EME band in a vertical position alongside a Relativ-
ity Chart for the planets of our solar system, which "
The Old Ones"__ the  Havasupai Native Americ-
an Kachinas from
Arcturus__sent in 1991 as we traveled south to  Arizona to spend the winter. This
EME band was shown with  13 wavelengths instead of only  the 12 we've generally known. The 13th
EM wavelength was
Human Consciousness.

Higher Self: " COLOR is naturally the  spritualization of  Sound Vibrations. The Solar Force Vibrat-
ions in descending order are Magnetism, Electricity, Sound (language and music), Heat, Light-color
and lastly, Matter. Therefore,
Matter is the Child of Energy."

Electromagnetism  is formed by  etheric thoughtforms.  Sound is the Child of Heat. Sound-Music-
Language is the Creative Force of matter & of civilization. If one stops the use of language or music,
(both  analytical and linear)  and functions through  Heat-Love  instead,  the
 electromagnetism  of
Higher Self's thoughtforms will emanate through Light-Color instead. Hence the
Human Aura. Many
artists have become aware of this, and project Love into their work as they create."

The  Colored Light is a  response to  Unconditional  Love,  a higher octave of desire__ the personal
love factor. When Kundalini Heat rises, transform it into Unconditional Love, Become as One with it,
and the body will begin to radiate
light in the infra-red (heat sensory) range of the  Light Scale, then
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, ultraviolet &  white ligh
t: electromagnetism__ enabling your
turning on or off lights, computers, dryers,  remote controls, electric blankets , or starting  car batter-
ies, etc.. without using physicqal movements."

then used to sustain the physical body ( rather than using food, supplements, etc.).  The body needs
to be purified to higher frequencies  to achieve these abilities. The Emotions  also need purification,
as do Mental Forces and the Belief Systems."

"The Kundalini are
Mars energies, a driving force from the root center__matter. The highest level of
Kundalini attainment__ the
Creative Force Field-Ethers is represented by Pluto. Mastery of the Ele-
ments, (Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Ether),  of Life & Death as per 3-D Earth perceptions."... "Partaking
less and less of the physical, the material, in all forms, will also aid in purifying the bodies."

Mercury provides the Mental Energy which carries the Solar Force of  Lutonian electromagnetic
thoughforms on the
Involutionary Path,  emanating inwardly  in the human form.  It is the  polarized
energy for the Mars/Kundalini,  which drives  indiidualized-materialized__ matter-realized__  forms
onto the
Evolutionary Path, emanating outwardly from the radiating human form. We are Finished."
EMOTION: "Magnetic Resonance  Expands Consciousness__ Doubling the Charge."  We can
Use our glands to Bend & Throw the Magnetic Lines. Our Glands are designed tor BEND LIGHT."
(Shamanic Crow Medicine).   

Human Emotion is  'Light":  We can entrain  electromagnetism with our emotions. The brain
has four neural centers. Recently, a "
fifth neural center" was discovered at Oxford University in Eng-
land. "
Neurocardiology", indicates that  60-65% of all heart cells are neural cells, identical to those in
the brain, and the heart is  a major  endocrine glandular  structure of  the body,  producing hormones
profoundly affecting the operation of body,  brain and mind
;  the heart produces  two and a half watts
of electrical pulsation with each beat creating an
electromagnetic field identical to that of the earth.
It could be  behind our human ability  to either continue  our ways of violence and  destroy ourselves
__ or achieve consciousness evolution through our emotions.

No permanent regeneration will occur without the presence of Unconditional Love. Using Love in our
energetic work  eliminates any part of ourselves  influencing the outcome. With Spirit's Love,  we our-

4-22-11: Once we've reached the  Midpoint of the Mayan Calendar's  "SECOND DAY", revealing the
most pertinent factors of any one  Day or Night,  we may have an intuitive notion  suggesting that our
human history on this planet has been manipulated by "elite" groups far longer than formerly realized.
The extremely ancient civilizations__ possibly created by off-planet visitors__ with hyper-dimensional
technologies__competed among themselves, each attempting to destroy the other with that technolo-
gy.  We Earthlings were genetically altered in ways that  dumbed us down and made us  their slaves
who were the "property"  of someone or some group. Not only our History,  but also our religions, our
mythology, politics, education, archaeology, biology, anthropology, medicine, science, etc.__ and ev-
ery "belief system" that has ever existed here, was used__ and in many cases__ STILL IS used__ to
further keep us in the dark and therefore__ compliant.  Those  lost"  Hyper-D. & perhaps, other tech-
nologies,  have never really been "lost",  but instead,  were hidden away  here on Earth for hundreds
of thousands, perhaps even millions of years, to maintain that control over us.

We are  looking at the activities of one or more elite groups that have been in existence since ancient
times.  They have tried to preserve knowledge for themselves only,  by hiding it with religion,  mystery
schools and temples.  

But Who and What are We Earthlings,  that "they" are so afraid of our waking up? What potentials lie
within us that they are so paranoid about? Our current human beings on Earth are a genetic blend of
at least  22 different  off-world visitors, who mated with us. We have  inherited  unknown powers from
each of those civilizations,  so amazing,  so vast,  that we will barely understand them  when we wake
up and discover them. That's why "They" are so afraid of us!.

Humanity IS " waking up" to the truth about ourselves, Earth and Life in the Universe now. The "Elite"
are the fearful ones now, and are doing all they can to keep us from the whole truth about ourselves.

I truly feel it is
Our capacity for  Intense Emotion that scares the dickens out of the Elites__ for
this is what affects the  Etheric  Field__ the  
Creative  Force Field__ through which  Hyper-D Physics  
CREATES.  As a Unified,  Global Collective Mind  entertaining  a particular  Loving thought__ we can
create a New Reality, and__if we so choose__ CREATE A WONDERFUL NEW EARTH REALITY__
neutralizing the elite's control forevermore.

A  wonderful  
MEDITATION  TO RELEASE FEARS  arrived from  goingscalar.com  including a Video:
www.youtube.com (search for "Dear Woman") with various Conscious Men offering apologies for the
imbalance between men & women  over the centuries. You'll get  teary-eyed.  I recall my mother, born
1909__ before women had the vote and considered to be "owned", like cattle  by their husbands__  
telling how women who had lost their husbands, worked in sweat shops sewing large quotas of garm-
ments daily. Without relatives or child-care centers,  their children had to come to work with them and
be chained to the worktable legs.  Bathroom or lunch breaks  were few in their 16 hour-long days,  &  
forget about coffee breaks.  With doors locked  to make sure  no one left early__ sick or well,  fear of
fire was a  constant companion.

Jan/Feb '10:  "The capacity to sublimate , to direct one's instinctive hostile energy into creative and
constructive outlets
." There have been 4 major leaps in human consciousness since the Middle Ages.
At each one of these leaps   humans have had  to surrender  one of their  instinctive  habits.  It is well
known that human beings have far less  instincts than animals.  Which of our instincts will we  give up
in order to reach a
4th &/or 5th  Density Consciousness__ food, sex, fight-or-flight, or what?

Will we make  that quantum leap by
 letting go of our  "instinctive hostile energy"?  Our lives are
being impacted with all sorts of negative events,  information and fear-based "entrainment". Our fami-
lies are no exceptions. After a two month period from Halloween to New Year's last year
(2009)  I had
reached  a depth of depression and despair that I'd never known before.  I asked my  spirit guides for
assistance in either resolving the negativities, or learning to deal with them in a less fearful and angry
manner. The information arrived

"During these spates of perceived negativity, most of our discomfort arises from fear &/or misunder-
standings about  
what is trying to manifest in our lives.  Is everything going to  continue to go down-
hill?  It's been said that the degree of challenge  we are being asked to resolve  equals  the  degree
of empowerment__ the leap of consciousness, or understanding__ that will replace it once we work
through that challenge.  So if we have a long and  intense period of  failure,  misery,  confusion and
difficulty, we will eventually enjoy an extreme level of miraculous relief, joy, understanding, comfort
and an amazing spiritual gift or talent."

I began to realize that what I was perceiving as  "bad" or "good" occurrences were actually "steps" in
a process
towards some sort of future manifestation. And, I was constantly receiving intuitive nudges
to once again refine my ideas about "
Who I Am". My gosh, how many times do we have to do that?

Again,  I ask
H.S. for understanding and all sorts of information poures in. I had left a file folder sitting
on the computer room table for weeks, and the afternoon of requesting assistance,  I was "dinged" to
put that folder way in the file cabinet "
now". .

But first I just "had" to see what was inside. There, I discovered an old folder labeled  "
Arcturus" that
I'd created at least twelve years ago. The word, "
Arcturus" had been brought to my attention repeatd-
ly over the last few days,  so I pulled it out and looked through it.  Inside were  numerous meditations
1988 that  I had completely forgotten about,  all telling me about "Who I Really Am" and "What  I
Came Here to Do
"__ besides  raising my consciousness.  At the time of  receiving this  information,  I
didn't  really understand  what was being said,  for many of the terms were  completely  foreign to me.
Now, however,  through writing this web-book and years of study and research,  I understand it all.  It
was absolutely mind-blowing and exciting. Sorry I can't tell you the  details__ it would take a month of
writing to explain it.   And I had  absolutely  no idea  about  How I was to  Accomplish this  (although  I
had already been unconsciously doing a lot of it).
                                      Once again__ "
The Effect occurred before The Cause."
Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies
By Rev. Dr. Marilyn La Croix