The Eighth Step of Creating From the Future with Multi-Dimensional Technologies is to Inten-
tionally initiate Transformations of Consciousness;  i.e., to create with energy alone
... "Before
we perform Intentional manifestations or healing,  we
"Charge Ourselves Up",  using whatever method
works best for us__ Breathing Exercises, Music, Dance, Prayer, Chanting."

    * "The Orcas Island Vision"
    * Outside the Box.
    * April, 1989__ Major energy imprint to Earth.
    * The New Consciousness Grid.
    * Thoughts are Energy; Emotions are Energy.
    * The Energy Artist Evolves.
    * Moving energy and matter between dimensions.
    * Genius and Brain States.
    * Responsibility for our own growth in consciousness.
    * Self-security.
    * Your Truth is what you can do.
    * Dimensional Shifts.
    * "The Black Pyramid."
    * "Double Identity."
    * True Transformations.
    * Creating with Energy Alone.

The Orcas Island Vision
October 10, 1988: Over the past month, I kept feeling the urge to go to Orcas Island.  Melissa, fellow
alternative healer in Alaska, was communicating  with me frequently, and we both decided to go there  
with our crystals & meditate in an attempt to open the vortex there. The
A.R.E.,  Edgar Cayce group,  
was giving a seminar in Seattle on  "
You Can Be Your Own Psychic."  I'd hoped to find out something
about how to integrate my psychic information to the public, since there were no "ready-made" jobs a-
vailable for psychics. I told friends & family I was going to Orcas to visit its artist & healing colonies.
MEDITATION  brought information that  ORCAS  (meaning "Whale" or "Cetus")  held an "underworld"
:  Whales are the largest mammals now on earth,  and they communicate underwater with
sound.  This seemed an analogy to our Subconscious Mind which can communicate with the Creative
Forces of the Universe. "Orcas" was symbolic for me of Pluto in Cancer, 4th House, in my birth chart.
On this day of meditation,
transiting (present-time movement) Pluto was forming a harmonious aspect
to m y
transiting  North Node,  indicating Transformation  toward my  Soul's Evolutionary Mission.  By
the time we arrived on Orcas, the
transiting North Node had exactly merged with my natal North Node.

Higher Self had earlier asked me to examine my "
12 Past Lives of Significance" over the summer. H.S.
then explained how each of those 12 Past Lives indicated
when and how  one of my Subtle Bodies__  
etheric, emotional, mental, or spiritual light body__ had developed
; although most needed to be rep-
eated for completion. Each life was an Initiation Lifetime, and signified entry into a higher level of con-
sciousness through the realization & fulfillment of each particular subtle body and its interface with the
culture of the times.  The Life itself was the Initiation.  An "Initiation" is not what  
happens to an individ-
ual, but depends upon the individual's
response to the event.

H.S.:  "This is why many persons now retrieving their past life information have recalled lives in the
same time period, cultures and similar situations. The Hebrew, Chinese, Tibetan,  anskrit-Hindu, Eg-
yptian, Native American lives, etc.__ are those civilizations which reached their peaks,  enabling in-
carnated souls to experience an  'initiation' through the high development of one of their subtle bod-
. This present historical period is a culture which enables the 5th Initiation__ the Light Body__ to
be evolved and fulfilled
(for those who completed the previous 4th Initiation, or for anyone who CON-
SCIOUSLY attempts to evolve it.) "
Higher Self ended with: The partnerships having been agreed
upon shall be called to activation."

Following these suggestions, investigating the past lives, but sensing I'd overlooked something, I won-
dered if i hadn't yet re-leased from them. I was Guided to Seattle and to Orcas Island in Puget Sound,
and Melissa, revealed she had received a similar message, and she and friend Delia left from Alaska,
as Hal and I drove from Idaho,

We met at the Red Lion Inn near Sea-Tac  for the Psychic Potential seminar sponsored by the
Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment  (A.R.E)
. At 3 PM,  Kevin Ryerson, chann-
eler for  
Shirley MacLaine in her  "Out on a Limb" TV series, prepared to channel for the group. Eag-
er to learn what I'd missed about the past lives,  I planned to ask Ryerson about it. But before he beg-
an, the moderator announced that with the unexpectedly large attendance,  we must confine our que-
stions to topics of general interest__ personal questions are out.  Rats! I've come over 700 miles and
now cannot submit my request. The program begins

Kevin enters an altered state and the entity  "John" begins to speak. I'm shocked: I know that voice!
I've often heard it in meditation. Then I realize what John is saying
: "Rather than past lives, look first
to childhood for what needs to be released.
" I feel it's my personal answer! It's not from a  past life__  
it's something from childhood that I've not yet cast aside!

Next day, we four head up the Washington coast toward the San Juan Islands ferries. The motel that
night is very noisy and uncomfortable, allowing little sleep. Over the next two days,  I find no time to
meditate. Planets Saturn & Uranus are about to have their final conjoining on
 October 18, 1988 , at
the Galactic Heart Center in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Tremendous tension builds up the closer
we get to Orcas.

Our first day on Orcas, we drive through the Enchanted Forest where I attune to nature spirits. At the
local Falstaff Restaurant,  the waitress, "
Miriam" (my name in several past lives)  tells of an article in
the Wall Street Journal regarding cults & satanic worship on Orcas.  Although we're trained for minor
exorcisms  and have had to deal with dark forces before, I do not  care for such things . I start to feel
uneasy about those "
partnership agreements" earlier mentioned.

In our room at the West Beach Resort, I'm extremely restless. Throughout the night nature spirits whi-
per about the area. I sense the extremely ancient, Lemurian vortex there, centered on nearby Victoria
Island, B.C., and it very nearly carries me away. It's even more intense than the Idaho vortex. The de-
vas tell me how
 "souls of the seas'  gather here regularly,  and Druids still practice here.  The devas
have been waiting a long, long time. They say if I come here to live permanently,  I will again be An-
choring the Light and protecting a vortex of great force.

Finally finding some private time, I ask my guides: "What, if anything, does this place, Orcas, hold for
me and our group?"

Earth-Gaia responds: "The Vortex here has existed since  the founding of the program. The islands
are the tips of ancient mountains and the valleys under the sea are very deep,  intensifying the pos-
itive and negative polarities to form a powerful energy vortex. The Idaho Stargate's more masculine,  
volcanic and atomic technological forces complement Orcas' feminine forces of sea and mountains.  
Island peaks  function much as the so-called capstones' on the ancient pyramids,  but have existed  
in various forms far longer than the pyramids . A line ex-tending from Orcas, through the  Lost River
Valleys of Idaho and onward, indicates a similar type vortex known to the world in general.  Orcas is  
the feminine__ Lost River, the masculine. The third vortex represents the balanced & integrated ma-
sculine and feminine energies."

(Later, I find that the line passes through Colorado Springs, Houston, TX and through the northeast tip
of the Yucatan in Mexico.) That evening at Otter Point Bed and Breakfast, Melissa and I use our cryst-
als to activate the vortex. We drink ginseng tea, meditate, feel peace & love,  but nothing much seems
to happen.

I wake early next morning__violently ill. The room is spinning, but not horizontally as does a carous-
el. On the wall opposite the bed hangs a lovely white & turquoise Hawaiian Wedding Quilt with a cir-
cular pattern. (Symbols of the merging of masculine & feminine?) The room spins vertically, causing
the quilt to appear as a windmill,  whirling in rapid,  jerky motions__ click, click, click.  My nightgown
and sheets are drenched with cold per- perspiration. My sense of touch is gone, my body numb. I ask
body where this disorder is centered. "
In the pineal". I begin vomiting.

I can't smell or taste, either. When I drink water, the body rapidly expels everything. "
I'm getting rid of
all of it
",  I say, not really understanding what's releasing. When I try to reach the bathroom,  my body
lurches from right to left in rapid,  short jerks,  oddly synchronized with the  spinning of the  Wedding
Quilt. Through the glass doors to the deck, the forest outside spins, too. So weak, I can barely stand,  
Hal must help me to the bathroom.

Mysense of Time is distorted. Whenever anyone speaks, their words seem drawn out over ten minut-
es when they're really saying only a few words. By the time I hear the last word I've forgotten the first
one. Nothing makes sense. Growing steadily weaker & more disoriented,  I fight against panic,  I can
no longer get out of bed at all. According to the bedside clock, hours have passed.

Melissa suggests using my big Vogel quartz crystal to do a healing. It seems to help. I'm calmer, the
nausea subsides,  but the room still spins,  my senses still reel.  I'm exhausted. Hal, Melissa & Delia
decide I need to rest. I tell them to go outdoors. I'll be all right after I sleep.

Alone, I hpray and meditate for guidance. I know whatever I haven't yet let go from childhood is hold-
ing me back from merging my feminine and masculine natures and from fully entering the vortex. But
IS it?  In desperation,  I throw my arms open across the bed as if nailed on a cross, & tell Spirit,
I surrender.  I have no idea what's wrong,  & I'm willing to allow anything,  if it will just help me through

Suddenly I just "know":  the German-American family and community I'd grown up in highly valued
intellectual and cultural attainments. We were encouraged to study hard &  develop our talents to the
fullest.  "
A healthy mind in a healthy body"  was the family motto.  Intellect has been  my every-day
reality mode__ what I've depended upon to attain a sense of security through my left brain, lo-
gical mind.
Now I needed to "let go" of that dependency. The Intellect is masculine. The Emotion is
more feminine. I also recall how, when I'd come home from school complaining about feeling hurt by
someone's spiteful words or actions,  my parents would say, "
Oh you shouldn't feel that way!"  I soon
adopted the notion that I should  
neither feel nor express emotion, negating much of my feminine nat-
ure's ability to contact inner guidance.

But how do you stop thinking, analyzing or seeking logical answers? I thought I set my left brain
aside during meditation or creative activities, but that didn't seem to be enough for this situation.  I was
still trying to retain enough mental awareness to observe what I contacted,  so I could later  record it in
my Journal.

Then I tried, over & over again, to release all thoughts from my being. Each time, I d feel myself on the
very edge of a huge abyss, about to tumble over and down, down into__ what? And then the left brain
fear snatches me back from the edge, and I start all over again.

Finally__ I lose track of how many times I tried to surrender my mental security. It's now past noon. I'-
ve been  sick and dizzy for five hours. Out of desperation that I'll spend the rest of my life like this, I fi-
nally give in completely to whatever is waiting below in that black whirlpool of infinity.  Down, down, &
down I go__ releasing my left brain intellect__ to be sucked through into some strange dim realm. The
words, "black hole' ring in my head until I realize I'm analyzing again__
damn it!

But this time, I'm looking down from above onto a deep, dark primeval forest. I see a conical-shaped
hut, built on a three-foot-high platform of earth and covered with shingles made from heavy pieces of
bark. There are window-like openings with a sort of "eyebrow" overhang like on thatched, English co-
ttage roofs. But this is not England. It's someplace__ sometime__ far, far older.  Lemuria, maybe?  A
small, hairy, four-foot-tall man stands in front of the hut. He wears a cape made of shredded bark dec-
orated with small shells. It hangs down to his heels and he holds a wooden staff in his right hand. On
his head rests a cone-shaped hat,  also of bark.  It's raining__ that kind of steady drizzle that goes on
for days. It's very dark and damp __ a rain forest, perhaps?

But why am I looking at this scene from above?  I sense I'm part of a vast group of minds, thinking as
One. And as that collective mind, we announce


I have the sense that once this statement is proclaimed aloud and in concert, it is ordained to event-
ually manifest in the 3-D world.

Suddenly, the scene shifts. I'm standing in front of a temple made completely of fragrant cedar wood.
The building resembles an  A-frame__ rising to a peak several stories high. I step through its double
doors onto an earthen floor swept smooth & raked into beautiful patterns. Inside, it's completely open
with circular windows in the eaves' ends & another centered in the ceiling. In the middle of the room,  
a person in a white robe sits meditating or tending a fire in a stone ring before him on the floor.  His
back is turned to me. But I'm not eager to see this person's face __ I sense it's
ME!__  Me in another
time and place.

It all seems strangely familiar, & as the scene dissolves, I become aware of my room at Otter Point. I
open my eyes. The quilt is still spinning and jerking slightly, but I feel better. My physical senses are
returning and,  except for the occasional odd visual sensations  and an incredible weakness,  I seem
to be okay again.  Hal returns from the beach.  I sleep for three hours.  When  I awaken,  the room no
longer spins. I feel fine. I shower,  I write in my Journal,  eat supper, and we watch TV until bedtime.
Next morning, its as if nothing has happened. I'm fine, ready to go home.

Home again, we decided we did help open the Orcas vortex. In the Lost River Mountains & Valleys of
Idaho, I contacted
and studied the structured forces of the universe.

On Orcas__  I'd encountered instead,  an almost complete lack of  finite structure or  stability.
'd had to guide myself & experience  entirely through my feminine,  right-brain intuition and
.  In the years following, the Creative Force taught me more factors about Expanded Creati-

Our right brain__  our feminine intuitive nature__ is the  Common Bond  that can link  our old
 with the new Unity Consciousness Reality.   And__ as we transmute between  the old
and the new realities during the
Shift of the Ages__ We will experience it with a complete
lack of structure, stability or certainty.

Beyond the Box
Two months  after Orcas Island,  Higher Self announces that April 16th, 1989 will bring "a major
energy imprint from Spirit to Earth

In January, 1989,  Hal's railroad work relocates us to St. Louis, Missouri, and on April 16th we cross
the Mississippi for the opening of the new museum at Cahokia Mounds State Park, Illinois. In a
 I helped build that huge mound__ whose base is larger than the Great Giza Pyramid__ while
serving as  a scribe in the "Cave of the Mouth", 10,000 years earlier. Hal and I view the museum's mo-
del for the life-size replica of the temple that once sat atop Cahokia Mound.

It is an exact replica of the cedar temple from my Orcas vision!


In 1971,  tests on the east lobe of the Cahokia Mound  indicated it was built by  Native Americans
carrying baskets of earth on their backs,  as I recalled from my past life.  (The original Native Amer-
icans in North America were refugees from the demise of ancient Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean.)  But
the Mound and that temple were built by immigrants  originally from the Fall of Atlantis in the Atlantic
Ocean,  calling themselves "Olmecs",  and reaching the Eastern Shores of what is now Mexico. Later,  
those immigrants traveled down the coast to the Yucatan Peninsula, taking the name of "Toltecs",  
and finally settling in the Maya Lands. Even later they sent colonists up the Mississippi River in
dugout cedar canoes to settle in what is now  Middle America for trading purposes. The area that
became St Louis, was once a great trading center for many indigenous North Americans.

The temple atop the mound  had been over fifty feet high,  and was thought to be the  residence of
rulers or priests. The accompanying slide show at the museum pictured a twenty-seven foot deep
trench which may have been my past life's "Cave of the Mouth". A "
Birdman" clay tablet was found on
the mound (
Figure 4), reminiscent of my Closet Birdwoman experience. That same day, I meditated
atop the mound, using the big quartz crystal

"THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS GRID"  is being completed with the Gateway Arch across the river as
its tuning fork.  The grids are key resonant patterns for all life,  all intelligence and  all harmonious
energies on this planet. The  connecting branches  of the  energy grid  allow for the  implantation of  
thought-forms  as they are  created, built up and  passed along.  The grid will  broadcast Unity
Consciousness  through the  sacred sites  around the globe, near The End Times, forming an
entirely new thought pattern for Earth's human race. The Ark of the Covenant  was once inside this
Great Mound  where a  collapsed tunnel  and a sacred spring now lie. The  Birdman also relates to
Easter Island and to Zimbabwe, Africa."

Is it possible that I had viewed a pre-Mississippean, North American culture when on Orcas Island?
Later that year, the Berlin Wall fell, re-uniting East and West Germany, symbolizing the merging of the
east and west hemispheres of Earth__  of feminine  and masculine cultures.
Had every civilization,  in
any time or place,  begun to  resonate with all others?
 Soon after,  in 1992,  IBM personal comp-
uters  offered Microsoft Windows and the Internet and Emails began to  race around the globe  on
fiber-optic cables.  Another Common Bond  linking the two gender realities as One..

We've been taught for lifetimes  to seek fulfillment  outside of self.  Now we know t hat both questions
and answers originate within, as we regenerate ourselves into "
human masterpieces."  We know
we're responsible for our own thoughts,  feelings and  beliefs,  as well as  for our actions.  No one else
can  "
make us"  angry or "make us"  love french fries.

Thoughts are things
;  thoughts are energies. Emotions are things; emotions are energies. Could we
influence other energies too__  perhaps  wind,  electricity,  water or sound?  A new  process begins.
The  right brain/feminine nature is the Common Bond enabling us to merge the old reality with the
new. As we become Artists with Energy, is it possible that "
Creating from Within Self" is the Tech-
nique we will use to manifest the New Reality

The Evolving Energy Artist
Reviewing the  Evolution of Consciousness Stages,  we recall moving from the  Sleeper Stage,  
concerned mostly with self-image, survival, affiliation and achievement, to the second Stage__
Seekers, pondering over and searching for another side to life. Then we moved on to the First
and Observer Stages, enhancing creative skills and taking responsibility for our inner
thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs.

Once we've managed to pass through "
Twilight Time", actual physical changes occur in the brains of
True Enlight- enment Stage humans,  producing connections to  the group mind of the planet.  
Experiments with positron emission tomography (PET),  proved our brains can rearrange themselves
in only fifteen minutes,  when excited in new and creative ways. In other words__ just reading this
page can stimulate your brain to change gears!

Only you, and no one else can change you. "
Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"  is not
meant to force change, but to provide options for creative growth and learning. When we open
ourselves to change, others nearby do,  too__  it's catching. The
Hundredth Monkey Syndrome  arose
when a female monkey  on an island near Japan found some yams washed up on shore.  Liking the
clean,  salty taste, she began washing all her yams in sea water and teaching her offspring to do the
same. Curiously, within a very short time, monkeys on nearby islands were washing yams, although
they'd had no physical contact with each other.

Social scientists now report that  when only 8%  of the world's population  knows something new__
overnight,  90% of us know it,  too.  It's an evolutionary principle that as soon as one individual
masters a particular bit of knowledge or technique, it is instantly available to other humans and, in
fact,  is born into every child birthed after that moment. By changing self, we start a wave of consci-
ousness extending indefinitely into our collective future .This could be another
Common Bond to foster
our  transition into the New Reality.

Scientists have long sought a
Unified Field Theory__ a way to integrate all forces,  energies and
matter, and to explain why and ho  things work in the Universe. The Creative Forces are actually the
higher frequencies of  the universal ethers. They include:Divine Mind, Unconditional/Divine Love and
Divine Purpose. They actuate when the creative-sexual drive moves up to the
throat center.

Expanded Multi-D. Technologies (Part IV) enable energy artists to co-create with those For-
ces  by moving energy and matter between various  densities.

The state of our higher creativity can be measured  by the way we craft our lives a nd the effects that
result on others, and on ourselves.

Genius and Brain States
Higher gifts of creative genius occur in fine arts, inventions, athletics, the perception of new truths and
in the power of  new choices and actions.  They form the  planetary and cosmic  history of our race.  
Works of  genius  probably come from a subliminal up-rush and an emergence into awareness of
ideas that the individual has not consciously originated,  but which have shaped themselves  beyond
his will,  perhaps originating  from a  higher intelligence or from the cosmos.

Psycho-acoustics are a theory of how music,  sound and language can affect mind, body and emo-
tions, catalyzing brain states to change at the listener's will. One can learn to pull up insights to certain
problems or goals,  more easily  meditate,  visualize and  dream creatively. It also helps  strengthen
mental functioning. Great artists,  scientists and other persons of genus have used it throughout
history. It can also enhance sports performance.

When our  brain waves  increase to 33 Hz,  the brain wave state of  
K-Complex  usually occurs in
short bursts, promoting the  "ah-ha" experiences  of artists' and inventors'  inspirational modes. Our
brains can touch levels of 150 Hz__
"super-high beta states",  producing psycho-spiritual phenomena
such as OOBE's and the Kundalini-Creative Drive, which sends tremendous energetic surges through
the central nervous system into the brain and out into the peripheral nervous system.

Completing the
Twilight Time Stage of evolution, we enter the True Enlightenment Stage wherein
energy artists begin  taking responsibility  for their own  growth in consciousness __ choosing whether
or not to act upon inner guidance and realizing that they are now
co-creating with Spirit, not simply
being "obedient". These later stages of consciousness development sometimes make artists, inven-
tors or athletes appear rebellious or arrogant, as they seldom care for unnecessarily rigid laws and
superficial, socially proper procedures.

We monitor ourselves at this Stage, observing not only what we do, but also what we think and feel.
We feel more alive  when linked with this  advanced creativity,  no longer  concerned only with  "doing
our own thing".  Neither is "Who am I?" important at this Stage
; we've already learned those lessons.
Our new-found higher creativity cannot function within  strict authoritarian systems.  We're seen as  
threatening to the systems  because  we keep  asking why, why not, what's better or what else might

Science has been our mainstream 20th century Belief System, a particular way of discerning what we
think is real __  a virtual religion.  In former times  when organized  Religion and  Government
merged,  Holy Wars,  Genocide, Inquisitions and the burning of "witches" resulted. The world
in science now__  looks to science for security and for answers as it once looked to a deity.  With
Government, Science and Religion merging in the 21st century,  new legal, illegal and technological
methods for limiting and purging those who oppose such hierarchies have recently emerged.

In a True Enlightenment Stage, w
e need a new belief system, and it must be open-ended. Christ did
not "save us" by dying on a cross. He did not die on the cross__  his life
demonstrated  how each of
us has  advanced creative powers within us,  based on Unconditional Love
;  and he showed us how
to  Save Ourselves  by being in a direct, personal relationship with Spirit/Creator  that needs no
"middle-man"  to interface with Spirit/Creative Force,  and thereby ascend into a higher dimensional
reality which can override suffering and death.

Many old organized religions are either changing or dissolving. The information in this web-book helps
each of us clear ourselves so we can create  our own individually designed spiritual path.  Every
religion in the world has had, or now has,  at its foundation,  disciplines that lead an individual into
physical,  mental and emotional states to produce the brain shifts called "
altered states of
". There's a reason for this:

When we are connected with our Higher Self, Higher Brain, Creative Force Field, not even the best
computers can match our intelligence.  It may be that humanity
must develop this part of their Being-
ness to enable us and our planet to survive. The climates are changing,  population is exploding,  the
environment is becoming  polluted and ra-dioactive, more and more sudden revolutions are erupting
around the globe, and we are  using up Earth's resources at a greatly expanded rate.

We have long known how every year that passes means a doubling of information over the previous
year, and our world is changing  faster than we can  adjust to it.  How can we bypass  this information
glut?  There will soon be a complete lack of structure,  stability and certainty.  The only way to handle
this  is to let go  of the old linear ways of thinking, connect with our Higher Intuitive Powers, see the
Wholeness of the chaotic shifting moment by moment.

Survival of the fittest still applies,  but no longer to the strongest,  biggest, wealthiest  or most power-
ful. The "fittest" now,  are those who can best attune to Spirit/Creative Force and meet the needs of
Earth and Her life-forms in accordance with the highest good of all concerned. Self-security is rooted
in our ability to change as needed,  to pull our roots out of a no-longer-working past, current activities
and cultural issues  or a dire future vision and reach toward  Spirit's Universal Purposes.  Using higher
mind power,  we approach life from a  scientific point of view, ex- perimenting with actions, thoughts
and emotions to bring forth the magic
from within ourselves. The physical body and our  exterior
environment represent  the canvas of our energetic artistry,  and our thoughts,  feelings and inten-
tions become the pens, pigments, tones, magic wands or clay manifesting our resolutions.

At Grand Teton Institute, master healer
Bob Fritchie, said: "Your Truth is what you can do__ what
you can make happen
." Bob recently added the phrase: "with Creator's assistance". When we ener-
getically imagine and intend a new future for ourselves as if it were
already actualized, we are
Creating From the Future". Then we relate that vision to others who may choose to do the same. We
alone are the judge of our worth. As we discover and cherish our own uniqueness, we relinquish the
need for external approval. Every conscious choice is an opportunity to give ourselves a gift for the
future__  so we live according to visions of a benevolent future,  rather than by  past trauma-dramas.
In time, our trans-personal plan expands into a collective plan.

Basic Multi-Dimensional Technologies (Part II)  taught us to  transmute the negative  rather than
absorb it. As Energy Artists, we seek ways to recycle that negativity and send it out into the culture
via music, poetry, dance, sports, painting,  astrology, invention, gardening,  education, humanitarian-
ism, etc.. This recycling has to be creative
;  the more  creative  the outlets,  the more negativity  we
can transmute  without it  impacting our  bodies.  The more creatively we
project energy, the less it
affects us personally or collectively.
Density Shifts
When we have mastered the Basic Multi-Dimensional Technologies,  we can enter other dimensional
realms and harvest knowledge to enrich our own and others' lives. Many Cultural Creatives believe
the Great Pyramids of Egypt and other ancient monuments might have been used by humans to
transport consciousness and, possibly, physical bodies between dimensions. The recent Earth
changes are now creating a planetary environment that allows for inter-dimensional travel without the
use of sacred structure.

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself in an other-dimensional reality?

The Black Pyramid                   
December, 1995: HD and I visit the new Luxor casino in Las Vegas. Locally referred to as the "black
pyramid" it's modeled on the scale of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. We have heard strange stories
about the construction of this building.  Dizziness,  accidents and illnesses  frequently plagued the
workers.  Materials and equipment unexplainably  disappeared and then  reappeared in  other
places.  Many quit their jobs,  insisting the building was jinxed.

The  pyramid has a  black glass-like exterior.  In the late  winter afternoons,  it's eastern  front face  
sits in deep shadow,  looming dark and foreboding above us. We're traveling back to Arizona from
Christmas in Idaho and have little  spare time,  but I really do want to  check out that pyramid.  With
no parking spaces open,  we agree that I'll dash inside for a quick look while HD drives around for
fifteen minutes, then meets me at the front steps.

I ascend the steps from the parking lot just as a trolley car discharges visitors from other casinos. As
we walk up the path to the  huge Sphinx carport in front of the pyramid,  sunlight reflects from the tall
obelisk out front. It's hieroglyphics and the word,  "
Luxor' in shining gold letters on its side,  seem
vaguely comforting.  I've never been to Egypt in this lifetime, but I smile broadly as an oddly familiar
sensation begins to 'ping" inside me, signalling hat something unusual is about to occur.

Under the Sphinx carport,  shuttle buses,  limos and taxis discharge passengers,  and a throng of
visitors move up the broad steps to the huge front doors  set deeply into the rock walls.  The ceiling
drops toward the entrance in a  series of inverted steps,  seemingly funneling us  into an under-
ground  "slot"   and emphasizing the heaviness of the  massive stones above.  I imagine myself to
be  climbing the  Grand Gallery to the  King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Feeling
somewhat lightheaded and breathless,  I sit down on a stone bench trying to grasp what I'm
experiencing. I feel so very peculiar, yet what I see, hear and touch seems quite normal.

After a few minutes, I decide I'd better pop inside and have my look around if I'm to meet H on time.
Ten feet into the lobby,  I'm impacted by  the soaring height and  vast pyramidal interior,  painted
white in  startling contrast to  the black exterior. Curiously, I see nothing really amazing, and the
energy inside this place does not seem at all unusual, so I turn and leave__ a bit disappointed.

Hundreds of people  are now trudging up  the side path  to the pyramid,  but I'm the only one leav-
ing.  I'm nearly forced off the sidewalk by the crowd__ almost as if I'm invisible to them. They're all
wearing costumes of various nations, races and cultures. I never noticed anything like that when I
first approached the pyramid. What's going on?  The general impression is of people of all ages and
races bringing their kids to this casino. No__ it's more as if the children are bringing the families

The dark base of the black pyramid parallels the walk, and I glance up to where its upper edge
meets the sky above. It's hugeness grabs my entire range of vision. I feel disoriented and slightly
wobbly for a few moments, for the line where pyramid and sky meet appears to me as an actual
horizon,  as if its
me, not the pyramid, leaning at a slanted angle. I recall how the Great Pyramid in
Egypt slopes upwards from the ground at an angle of fifty-wo and a half degrees. It certainly has an
effect on one's balance!

By the time  I reach the steps,  the trolley car is back;  but it's empty,  dark and silent now.  In fact__  
there aren't
any people around at all! What a contrast to just a few minutes ago, when I almost had to
elbow my way through the crowd. But without people present,  I can clearly see that  HD is
not at the
steps as planned. My watch shows only fifteen minutes have passed. Then I spy our pickup parked
at the end of the nearest row. But where's HD? Has he gone inside?  But I'd have seen him
;  I 've
never been far  from the entrance  and was inside only a few minutes.

I stand at the steps wondering what's happened to all the people and to HD, noting there are no
buses, limos or taxis under the Sphinx now either. Is there another entrance? Hurrying to the pickup,
I paw keys out of my purse as a maroon car pulls up beside me.  A young woman asks,  
"Are you
leaving now?
"__ obviously hoping for the parking space.  I say,  "Not yet, I have to wait for my hus-
."  She nods and gives me a Mona Lisa smile,  as if our words have double meanings. Hmmm.

I sit inside the truck, as cars, people and children once again swarm past through the parking lot.
Several generations of families stroll together , many carrying flowers. Is this the future, a nd I'm
seeing families brought here by their youngsters?  The inner voice says,  "
Brought here to what is
now  an ancient sacred site,
 where humans once worshiped their two gods__ "Monnee" and

I chuckle as parents lift little children high over their heads, laughing and singing. Others hug each
other or skip along together. Here and there young couples,  obviously in love,  hold hands as they
saunter along , then dash between parked cars  for a quick kiss or hug.  Everyone seems to be  in
love with Life,  and Love is being expressed in every word, gesture and body posture.

Then a space opens near me and the maroon car I'd seen earlier glides into it. A young man is
driving now, and the girl who'd earlier  asked about my leaving  is sitting beside him.  They exit the
car  with overnight bags  and a picnic basket, l inking arms as they  head toward the pyramid.  I'm
enjoying myself so much and feeling so great, I completely  forget  about HD.  Although I can clearly  
see the steps  from the  truck window,  he has  never been there.  I look at my watch  and am
shocked__  nearly two hours have passed  since I went i nto the pyramid!  The winter sun is now  
very low in the sky,  and it's  getting chilly.  My good mood  begins to  dissolve  as I become in-
creasingly concerned about HD. Why hasn't he returned to the car?

Suddenly,  I spy him atop the steps.  He's watching more people  coming out of the pyramid, but
never glancing behind him where he could easily see me in the truck.  I decide I'll have to get out
and call to him.  But strangely __
I don't to want to__ I really like my warm,  fuzzy future world.  I don't
want to leave it. I struggle over the decision to return to  everyday reality  with its stresses and
cares,  or stay where I am.  Then,  realizing that while I'm sitting here smugly enjoying a wonderful
future probability inside a warm car,  poor HD is out in the chill wind worrying a-bout me, so I'd better
act from Love. I get out of the truck, call and wave to him, and he returns.

Later he tells how he found a parking space right away,  then went to wait at the top of the steps. But
I never came out.  He saw many people  coming and going,  but never saw me go by or go to the
truck, although he'd checked frequently. After forty-five minutes, he went back to the pickup for his
sweater__ but I hadn't been there! He immediately returned to the steps, never having taken his eyes
off them, and waited yet another hour.

Next day we hear of other couples who disappeared from each other in the pyramid's hotel rooms or
on the casino balconies.  One couple was separated for eight hours  before reuniting.  I realize then
that HD and I had been in different dimensions, invisible to each other.

But this time__ my physical body moved into a higher dimensional state right along with my
Spiritual gifts began to develop in our study groups as contact with the planetary mind helped us un-
derstand our individual roles within the Greater Plan for Earth. Intuition evolved. Group consciousness
increased,  activating occasional  telepathic  communication.  
Psychometry__ the ability to  "read"  the
vibrational history of objects  within the planet's material plane__  sometimes occurred. Other spiritual
gifts are
transcendence of time, multidimensionality, omnipresence, omniscience, speaking or
understanding foreign languages
and continuity of consciousness, whether awake or asleep.

We move our consciousness and our bodies  between various times and places  to access informa-
tion needed for our transcendence,  but we don't really  "go" anywhere.
 All dimensional realities ex-
ist in the same time and in the same geographical location
. Other dimensions are not like the geom-
etrical dimensions of 3-D__up and down, left and right,  forward and back__ with Time representing 4-
D.  It's more like music__ with notes and chords occurring within various  energetic octaves.  We will
experience  many other-dimensional shifts,  back and forth, as we move into the New Earth Reality.
We will also encounter beings and objects from the past,  from the future, from off-world or from other
dimensions, both higher and lower.

Double Identity
Summer, 1
989: Connie, comes for an allergy healing one evening. We receive permission from
Spirit, say the prayer of protection,and start to access her energy fields.

After a few minutes,  Connie disappears to my physical sight. I sense her presence in front of me and
reach out to grasp her hands.  Holding her hands,  I'm suddenly  floating in outer space with Earth's
lighted sphere far below  my feet. I can clearly see Her beautiful, shining blue water with white
clouds, green foliage and brown desert areas lit up by the distant sun. All else is black, star-
spangled space.

'Look at your feet", Connie whispers.  She's out here, too!__  and we hug each other,  drifting in
space above the planet. Then I remember we're in the midst of a healing,  and my hands must be
free to complete the technique. Connie feels breathless,  and I guide her to the chair behind her. I
take a deep breath and step back a pace,  as she fades from my sight.

There's a great flash of light, and a young, very muscular man now sits in the chair. He wears only a
skimpy loin-cloth with sandals laced up his calves by leather thongs.  His black hair is smooth and
shiny,  cut straight off just below his earlobes with  squared bangs framing his ebony eyes. It's
evident he's even more surprised than I,  for his eyes are wide open in terror  and he grips the arms
of the chair with white-knuckles as he stares bewilderingly around the room at the TV,  the micro-
wave and electric chandelier. I notice his body is covered with a light sweat, as if he's just come from
a very warm, humid climate. I can even smell him and his leather garments. He seems very familiar,  
and then I recognize him from a past life among the Mayan colonists at Cahokia Mounds,  Illinois
__ it's
me__ me as a mound-builder __over 10,000 years ago.

Connie, where are you?" I call out, and she answers, "Right here in the chair."

Do you see this man here?" I ask;  but she says no.

On the man's left wrist a cord leads down towards the floor to a huge black jaguar lying beside the
chair. Now it's my turn to be frightened! But the jaguar looks lovingly at me with her huge blue eyes.
She exudes so much feminine energy and love that I'm speechless. I see the cord connects to a
diamond or rhinestone collar around her neck. I wonder__ who has whom "on the leash", for the
jaguar seems the more powerful and confident of the two figures. At this,  they both slowly fade from
sight and  I see Connie in the chair again. Pulling myself together as best I can,  I complete the
healing technique and close her energy fields. Connie rests, and we discuss this very strange joint

Later,  I learn that  the black jaguar is  a Mayan shamanic symbol  for shape-shifting and  inter-
dimensional  travel
. There was once  a Jaguar Cult  among s everal  ancient  civilizations  of Earth__  
an offshoot  of the  Cat,  or Lion, People from the Sirius Constellation.  It was active in Mayan times  in
the Yucatan, on Easter Island, in Zimbabwe, Africa, and among some Egyptian cults.

The Jaguar symbolizes  all the power emanating  from  Mother Earth__  a Goddess Universal Mother,  
Lady Gaia in Her  animal Totem form.  Shamans used  Jaguar Power  to pass into  other  dimensions  
of reality  while still on earth in  physical form.  The "leash",  reaching from the black jaguar's collar  to
the wrist of the Mayan man in the above episode, symbolizes our attachment to Earth__ that we
"belong" to, and are a part of Earth and Nature.

As the feminine energy reactivates on the planet and in all lifeforms here  since
December 21, 2012,  
the "
Return of the Goddess" is immanent.  It was in full and mature power in the Mayan Native
American Cultures. It is the missing complement __ the "other half" of Spirit-Creator Source__ that
holds the key to our current survival and coop-eration with Earth as The Goddess-Spirit-Creator

The masculine, material technology we've created on our planet is actually a
distortion of our inherent
human ability to create in and with Nature__  to co-create with Gaia's  Kingdom of Nature__ the min-
erals, plants, animals and humans. This male side of our humanness has gone too far__ ravaging, ra-
ping and abusing the physical planet to bring forth minerals, metals, oil, etc.
;  and to create machines,
bombs, weapons, diseases, radiations and chemicals which further destroy and pollute all Earth.

We've been told  we could "tame"  Jaguar/Nature's  Power__  could  "Keep Her Under Control"__ "on
a leash"__ but instead  we've been  destroying Her.  Mayan prophecy says that  when the  Jaguar
species  dies out __ so will Mankind.
In the True Enlightenment Stage, both subconscious and super-conscious levels fully open to us. We
access needed information on any subject what-so-ever,  affect matter and energy with intentions,  
thoughts and emotions, con-sciously and deliberately accelerate our own spiritual evolution, have
greater access to creative sources and transcend time and space. Christ, or Unity, Consciousness, is
the  mastery of all dimensions.

Out-Of-Body Experiences, (OOBEs) and Near-Death-Experiences, (NDEs), such as in the Black
Pyramid episode and the mystical encounter  at the dentist in
Part II.,  are classic examples of  
experiencing in other dimensions. Do we really need a physical body?  Maybe our bodies have a
greater identity, too.
Pablo Picasso said he left his body outside the door when he painted, and while
doing so, became part of the creative process that is related to being enlightened.  Through expanded
dimensional encounters  we connect with  a far more  inclusive consciousness and begin to  recall a
collective  past and future. We come to learn Who We Really Are__  Individual particles of a collective
Greater Self__ an Infinite, Loving, Intelligent, Self-Organizing Creative Life Force.

True Transformations
"Future Memories"  are adventures  in other  dimensions  that trigger off  "brain shifts"  in people  who  
experience spiritual transformations, religious conversions, NDEs, shamanistic vision quests, kundalini
breakthroughs, certain types of head traumas  or being hit by lightning. However,  these brain shifts
can also evolve through the slow, continual practice of spiritual disciplines,  mindfulness techniques,
or during prayerful states, simply because a person wishes to be a better person!

If we have OOBEs, Bi-locations, NDEs or other intense transformative adventures, we'll wonder if
we've had a shift in consciousness, or just some kind of "high" , like at a crowded,  noisy rock concert
or a stirring religious pageant. How can we be sure that these reversals  are genuine transforma-
tions?  Legitimate brain-shifts  foster
permanent  consciousness changes,  and remain in effect for the
rest of our lives__  or until another episode produces another brainshift.  An individual who is in a
process of shifting,  or has had a partial  or full brain-shift, will demonstrate definite behavior changes
during and after the causal event.  (See
Archives for details.

It has often been said that  Art imitates Life. In a
True Enlightenment Stage,  however, Life will imitate
Art. With ENERGY as our new creative medium,  we transform ourselves  and surroundings with
mind,  emotion,  intention and belief,  as well as through words and actions   Up until now we've been
learning how to cope with change
;  now we are learning to use Expanded Creativity Skills__  TO
DELIBERATELY ACTIVATE CHANGE.  If you retain nothing else from this chapter, please remember
Ask permission from Higher Self and Spirit before attempting to CREATE WITH ENERGY

David Wilcock #111. Gaiam TV:
"Group Intentions affect the  Electromagnetic Field Fluctuations, and can be measured by computers.
Therefore,  we can also affect physical matter in our own reality.  Experiments with  Water's Memory
Retention in white blood cells began in
1985,  when bio-molecules communicated with their receptor
molecules by sending out low-frequency Electro-magnetic signals, which the receptors picked up like
radios tuned to a specific wavelength__ those from
Torsion Fields.  How could a molecule act as an
antenna for
EM wavelengths of several kilometres? And how does the memory of water fit into all

"Torsion Fields have
non-locality. Can our DNA Electromagnetically 'TELEPORT' itself? Our universe
can exchange information with computers
;  so we can do so with  living and non-living forms. We can
affect the  flow of  Electricity in the computer. So,  why not so affect what's in water?  
can generate Torsion Fields  that change the  structure of water,  and hea
l__  because Earth and All
Her LIfeforms have water in them, too

Is our Universe made of Unity Consciousness,? It must, in order to "work" the way it does!

                                                                      ****                                              s