February 1, 2012

"Water" is of primary concern while Neptune cruises through Pisces, and since water symbolizes emotion, 2012 will bring
an escalation of people being driven by emotions and gut reactions. This is the year when people "push back", with
millions of people taking to the streets in protest. The global middle classes rail against corporate corruption, suppression
of democracy
and civil rights__ not only in the US, but especially in the Middle East and Asia.

The Cern, Switzerland, Hadron Collider has met with so many disruptions and breakdowns that the "top brain" of the
device's outfit said: "I wonder if some 'Force' is in control of this project that won't let us find the 'God Particle"."  Well__
he's already found the God Particle__only he doesn't know it!
Consciousness is in control of the project__ for Consci-
ousness IS the God Particle! To fully understand these remarks, go to and watch the final
40 minutes of the video interview of "
Bill Wood", ex top-priority Navy Seal, on "Above and Beyond Looking Glass". It's
2 & 1/2 hours long, but the first 1 hour, 50 min. may turn your stomach and make you ashamed to be an American. Not only
does Wood verify what we've been discussing in this web-book and newsletters, but in the end he will set your minds and
hearts at rest.               

These days, I get up in the mornings as tired as when I went to bed. So I asked MySELF: "
If I'm raising my vibrations, why
am I always so cotton-pickin' TIRED?
 I then recalled that just as on a piano keyboard, there are 8 notes (steps) to every
octave; similarly, there are 8 steps of frequency levels in each density. Those of us who have reached the threshold of 5-D
are just now on the "bottom step" of this 5th dimension, and with the veils between dimensions growing ever more
transparent, there is a sort of "bleed-through" from one to the other. And, as in the last newsletter issue... "We can only
absorb so much of that incoming energy at a time, and need to rest, meditate on it, and use it before it will permanently
raise our bodies' vibrations."

The real cause of our fatigue is actually the low frequency of 3-D. Having to yo-yo between the higher frequency energies
that are now entering our awareness and the lower vibrations of the 3-D physical world, which are increasingly differing
greatly, makes it exhausting to grasp both of these worlds simultaneously. If you think about it, we are never tired while
expressing our Multi-D SELF in creative ways. When I'm working on the newsletter, talking with loved ones on the phone,
crafting greeting cards for family and friends, knitting a scarf for a birthday gift, or meditating__ I'm quite charged up with
positive energy. However, when I have to deal with 3-D issues, such as paying bills, ordering meds, cleaning house,
balancing the checkbook, doing laundry, etc., exhaustion soon sets in.

Just surf the 'net and you'll see how people are deciding they want to be creators of their own lives. We feel this way
because unconditional love abides within the high frequency light coming to us. Around the globe, people are now
LOVING  THEM- SELVES enough to know they deserve a better life__ and choosing to perceive their reality in a new and
different way

In order to understand, or even perceive multidimensional messages, our consciousness has to resonate to the frequency
of that information source. As a result, whenever we expand our consciousness, our perception of reality expands as well.  
Actually, we don't need to DO or BE anything to stay calm and peaceful. Most of us experience random moments of feeling
at ONE with all life. We're never tired then, are we? When these moments arise, SURRENDER to them as long as
possible. That's being kind to ourselves. Since we are truly all ONE, whenever we are kind to our self, we are kind to
everyone. Whatever we DO for self, we also DO to others__ and vice versa!       
During those episodes of feeling ONENESS, our eyes become heavy, and we consider a nap__ or is it really, needing to
"surrendering" to our High Heart and to our Third Eye? With eyes closed, we are freed from the distractions of 3-D life
activities. Remember these FEELINGS of ONENESS__ how your heart and mind felt then. Practice pulling up this feeling
inside you while in 3-D consciousness. When you can do so in a few minutes, you can place yourself in that state of Bliss &
Love anytime you wish.

Perhaps I'm observing an argument between family members, and I feel my vibrations being pulled down; or perhaps I'm
watching my favorite  basketball team being unfairly trounced by the opponents. I close my eyes, re-create the Bliss/Love
feeling inside me, and my frequency of vibration immediately moves higher again. I continue to
observe the argument or
the game, but from a greatly expanded level__ loving both "sides". What we are sensing in these moments of LOVING-
ONENESS, is being in two dimensions at the same time__ i.e., MULTIDIMENSIONALITY.

Each of us is constructing a Frequency Pathway from 3-D through 4-D and into 5-D during our dreams. For further
information on the
Unconscious, the 4th Density, Dreams and 4-D Astral Traveling, visit:

Some of us are called to do "Rescue Work" while in the lowest frequencies of reality. In Rescue Work, we search for lost
ones who are ready to hook up into a higher expression of their Self. Sometimes we recall this experience in a dream
similar to a spy or wartime movie.  Although I sometimes had a dream in which I was speaking to a younger person about
"how life works", or "why we are here", and they responded with smiles and nods. But nothing so dramatic as a few years
ago when I had a severe reaction to a medication, and after the commotion died down in the ER, I closed my eyes and
evoked the Oneness/Love state for relaxation and comfort.

Immediately, my third eye perceived as many as 30 to 40 human figures, all with eyes and mouths wide open, silently
screaming, crying and wildly clutching their hands toward me. My first thought was that I was about to be "attacked" by dark
forces, but having learned how to assist lost souls in the Vogel Healing classes (,
I realized these were people who had died in the hospital over the years, and were either afraid to move on, or didn't know
how to do so; they were screaming for help. I lovingly told them to look up to the light above, where they would be safe,
comforted and loved, and then pulsed an intention of "Lifting to the Light" to them, and they disappeared.

But then I was life-flighted by helicopter to a regional hospital, and there, after umpteen tests that indicated no health
problems (???), in a later quiet moment I encountered another group of lost souls. However, this was an older and larger
institution, and there were
hundreds of people crying out to me! I repeated the "rescue intention" and they, too, went up to
the Light. But strangest of all, within the hour my symptoms disappeared and I went home, never again to experience the
unhealthy episode. Was this all arranged just for "Rescue Missions"?

Higher vibrational 4-D events also happen when we visit Mystery Schools in our dreams. I vividly recall one with my friend,
Penny. She and I were both in the "Observor Stage" at that time, searching for information and understanding about
spiritual matters, and in one dream I found myself sitting at a long table with many other "students" in an "upper room" that
was obviously a classroom. I recognized Penny at the same table. But when I awoke, I couldn't recall exactly what we had
"learned". To our surprise, Penny had had the exact same dream that night.!

Once we have finished our trip through one of the 4-D sub-planes ("steps"), we enter the Mystery School that is at the
threshold of the next sub-plane step up. There, our spiritual guides help us to transmute and release remaining mental or
emotional "baggage" before we move to the next sub-plane. The 4-D dreaming Mystery School that is the gateway to 5-D
begins when we are traveling in our 4-D Astral Body and we see a glow which slowly shapes itself into "The Violet Temple
of Transmutation." Our inner guidance will tell us that we have arrived at the threshold of 5-D, and we will be in another
classroom with other individuals.

More information about Intentional Healing arrived. I burned a CD to use for formal meditations and intentional healings. It
contains four different orchestral compositions__ all, incidentally, by the Italian composer,
Ennio Morricone, who wrote
theme music for many lengthy movies, including "
Once Upon a Time in the West", "Once Upon a Time in America", and
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." You won't need these specific compositions. Find those you enjoy most that enhance
the mood you wish to create.
* The 2nd is to CHARGE UP WITH DEEP BREATHING until the body tingles and vibrates.
* The 3rd evokes UNCONDITIONAL LOVE within SELF.
* The 4th is to BECOME AS ONE, first with family, then with community, followed in order with All Life in state/country,
continent, western hemisphere, entire planet, the Sun and Solar System, the Galaxy and finally, ONE with Universe.

* At this point, state your Intention and follow through as explained in If you have raised
your frequency, and are still not having much luck with healing or manifesting, ask your SELF in meditation or dreams,
"What is holding me back from healing (or manifesting) at will?"

                                                     HUMAN  ORIGINS & PROPHECIES        
Earth is a planet composed mostly of water, and originally, it was planned that water beings__ whales, dolphins, etc.,
would be evolved into  ascended beings. Over eons of time, however, life somehow crawled out of the oceans and formed
pre-humanoids! So DNA experiments were  done to mix 10 off-world races with Earth hominids; but it didn't work well__
the creatures ended up being self-destructive. So the planet was abandoned and put in the Time Bubble quarantine.

And after still longer period of time, we abandoned humans somehow re-entered the Evolutionary Plan. Earth and our solar
sys-tem were place on the extreme outer edge of our galaxy, so we were basically "out of the evolutionary loop"__
because being that far from the Galactic Center, creates resistance to a soft, easy evolution of consciousness. The ETs
say we Earthlings are learning how to overcome this__ and as we evolve, we will one day teach the whole universe. Our
Bubble of Time will merge with Universal "Time"
by 12/21/12.
Hopi: "The time comes when the Hopi are in trouble, and men of red hats and red capes will come from the east to help
them." A Tibetan prophecy mirrors this with "When the iron eagle flies and stone bridges cover rivers, persons with
purses on wheels will run on roads__ East will meet West and red people will meet red people at that time, and their
teachings will benefit the world

1959, the Chinese occupied Tibet and the Dhali Llama and other llamas fled over the Himalayas carrying their spiritual
ways and teachings to the world. The first Tibetan llamas came to the Hopi reservation in
1974. Tibetan communities are
run by their ORACLE, and they do nothing  without the Oracle's advice. When the llamas entered the land of the red men__
Native Americans__ it activated the Hopi/Tibetan prophecies. The Hopi Rock was discovered with 2 paths incised upon it:
the Path of the One Heart (timeline?) which leads to an amazing time on Earth: and the Two Heart Path which leads to
nuclear war and the end of Humanity and Earth. The Hopi and Tibetan spiritual leaders recently told her that  the efforts of
all of us to raise our frequencies of consciousness has placed us firmly on the Path of the One Heart within the last 10
years. WE DID IT! We are entering the Fifth World.
12-21-12 begins the "Time of Never-ending Peace." And ALL of us
will go. No one will be left behind!

                                                                        "SO BEAM YOURSELVES UP"

February 23, 2012
                                                          "IT'S ABOUT TIME"

February seems to be the month of foul-ups with corporations and communications. We've hassled with the power
company's new "smart meters", with an NBA Online Game Pass, Amazon's password and appointments with the doctor's
office__ all mis/dis-information being passed__ or not passed__ back and forth. The Portal Days were still drumming
away until
February 12th, so it's no wonder we've been hung up about information and knowledge passed around. All
seems settled now, by contact with Inner/SELF and by  empowering what is still working for us.

Love, Oneness and Gratitude are the energies that still seem to be working okay. The one Rx med I take is for blood
pressure, and I always dread visiting the doctor's office to renew the prescription. The doctor's a great guy, but there often
is some mix-up between the office and the pharmacy, misprints on the prescription or confusion with the health insurance
company. And the delays are frustrating. I get nervous about maybe not getting the meds on time__ although I always make
the request with at least a 2 week supply on hand. And the nervousness, of course, makes th BP go up as soon as I walk in
the clinic's door.

So after meditating one morning, I steeled myself up to make the appointment. Once again, it's a recording __"push this
button, or that button, etc."__ and it was, again, DIFFERENT from last time. No live individual, of course; instead of setting
up the appointment, a weary voice tells me to give my "order" plus the name of my pharmacy to this machine which will
record it. I could feel the BP heating up further under the frustration of wondering who would check the voice messages, or
when, or EVER, or if the machine was working at all, given my recent experiences with corporations and communications
as above. I hung up, planning to try again__and, as usual, loudly bellowed, "WHAT NEXT?" This reminded me of
Higher/SELF's answer each time I asked that same question:
"Love, only Love."

I calmed down, pulsed Love to the doctor and his office staff, to the pharmacy that would fill the prescription, to the health
insurance company and to the drug company that made the pills. Then I also merged in Oneness with all involved and
realized I should be Grateful that there was something__ even an Rx med__ that would help my health. I gave Thanks and
re-dialed the office to try for an appointment again only to hear yet another recording say, "
pick up your prescription at
your pharmacy after 4 PM the following business day
." I was stunned. What? No office visit?

Next day at noon I called the pharmacist. He was already preparing the prescription, checking that he had correct
information, and told us to pick it up around 4 PM. Hallelulia! It was as if I had somehow ALREADY HAD the appointment
with the doctor! Another Time Slip?

GRATITUDE is one of the greatest creative energies we have, for it is a force that creates right in front of us even when we
are not aware of it. Whatever we give thanks for, increases each time; for whatever we focus on automatically increases.
We are indeed, creators. We cannot NOT create. It is impossible.

In the
February 22nd issue, under "Earth Changes", I mentioned several puzzling episodes with either extended or
missing time. The Time Shifts have escalated. (Or is my memory fading?) I'd been playing the online game__ "Solitaire"__
while listening to online programs. I liked to have something to do with my hands rather than just sit for an hour or more
without moving. Son "J" remarked: "Good__ that's multi-tasking!"

However, SELF suggested months ago that I "
Stop playing the game!"__ as they were fatiguing my eyes, fingers and
mind. Yes, I often was tired after listening to fairly lengthy presentations. (I got dinged a bit at that "
Playing the Game"
phrase__ something smells there!) I tried to stop, but just couldn't break the habit entirely. I'd avoid it during the day, but by
evening, listening to
Coast to Coast AM, I'd be at it again. Rats!

The afternoon of
February 7th, had a great new video: "Time Wave Zero", featuring Sean
David Morton, Greg Hallett, Joseph Matherny, Peter Moon
and monitor, Kerry Cassiday. You can access it in their
Livestream" section__ which runs continually__ with Part I for 29 minutes, and Part II for 1 hour, 23 minutes, so you can
overload on "time" info to your heart's or head's content.  

I managed to go cold turkey with "
The Game"__ if only to see what, if anything  might happen while listening to that
program, which shows only faces of the participants; i.e., nothing much to watch. The first Part is mainly an introduction of
the guests and their backgrounds. In the longer second Part, they discuss Timelines, Looking Glass (a device that sees the
future) and other "Above-Top-Secret" issues, as well as the following significant dates

* October 28, 2011: Mayan Calendar End Time when the Nine Waves of Consciousness Evolution converged into One
Wave moving toward__ "Zero".

December 3, 2011: We reached a Tipping Point as the Timelines accelerated their rush to Zero.

February 8th & 9th, 2012: We completed the FIRST BLOCK OF TIME SHIFTS as our hundreds of Timelines converged
in a "fan shape" of energy lines that will finalize in Oneness at
12-21-12. This reminded me of St. Louis, where five
freeways from the east converge at "Spaghetti Junction" to race together across the 8 lane bridge at 90 mph to the Illinois
side of the Mississippi in the Daily Stock Car Competiton. (You win this Game if you reach the other side alive.) These two
days, we entered a Gestation Period unitl
12-21-12. The interviewees on Time Wave Zero   offered various notions of what
might occur at the
December 21st point:

* What is most likely, is that our brains get "re-wired". Where we humans used to learn or understand things over months,
tens of years, even thousands of years, we will now learn and understand in an instant.
Terrance McKenna called this the
Jumping Jesus Factor. As we move along the Timeline that earth and humans are presently on, information inputs get
comp-ressed into smaller and smaller time packets.

* INCARNATION ends. Yippee! For EVERYTHING transmutes into Oneness/Wholeness/Holographic form. Past, Present
and Future happen all at once.
Time Concepts become "fuzzy"__ i.e., we "forget" about "measuring", "counting" or even
ing" time.

Okay. So I quit "The Game". After the first half hour, it hit home that by not playing The Game__ I moved in and out of the
right brain more often while listening to the remarkable, mind-boggling information being offered. And leaving the computer
hour later, I realized I'd also been free-wheeling in and out of other dimensional realities! Yes! So long, stupid Game!

Then it knocked my socks off: the phrase, "
Playing the Game" was a metaphor for our present civilization's mindset and
be-havior.  We consistently Compete__ to "win"__ instead of Partnering, Sharing Responsibility, Empowering each other.
By playing "Solitaire" (alone) I was "competing" with myself and with the chance lay of the cards__ to see how often I could

That night,  I didn't need any eye drops for dryness and fatigue__  but I felt a bit queasy later on,  and a bit dizzy,  
exhausted, stomach bloated and gassy, and shoulders aching. Did I type too long today? No. After several trips to the
bathroom to empty the bladder (a cleansing?), I felt much better, but as I got into bed after midnight, I noted the Full Moon in
Leo of
February 7th (Sun/Personality with Mercury/Information/ Communication/ Travel/Change in conjunction) shining
through the shutter doors__ a healing & manifesting opportunity__ though it was NOW
February 8th. Hmmm. Although the
"First Block of Time Shifts was supposed to have completed, nothing much had happened yet.

I slept late, arose at
10:22 AM. "H" had already dressed and left. I used the bathroom, grabbed up the clothes I'd laid out
and sat on the edge of the bed to dress. I REALLY felt like X%#% today. However, as I removed my PJ pants, I suddently
felt charged up with energy__ almost as if I'd just come out of deep meditation! How odd. I brushed my hair, gathered items
to take to the living room, plugged in the air purifier and opened the shutter doors to let light in from the patio. Tossing dirty
clothes into the laundry hamper, I headed toward the living room sofa.

There I checked the clock to see if it was time for meds or supplements. IT WAS
12:30 PM! Holy Cow! Where had I been
and what had I been doing for TWO HOURS! Then I knew__ I'd had another
Time Shift!  A BIG one. I'd been somewhere
else, doing somehting__ but couldn't recall what. Had I been visiting another dimension?

Later that day,
February 8th, I returned to Project Camelot's "Time Wave Zero" second video. It was incredible! I filled two
big pages with notes. With a few exceptions, we'll now consider only the portions that dealt with Time:
* In
2012, the replication of souls into other bodies via DNA is possible. The Tarot Cards and the I Ching mimic our DNA.
Garden of Eden may be a metaphor for our brains splitting into left and right halves__ people once walked around
talking to God all the time. The
Corpus Collusum is the organ that helps coordinate brain functions in both hemispheres. It
is believed to have evolved in humans fairly recently, and may be fully activating this year.\

* Kellogg, Idaho, the Bunker Hill Mine__ 10 stories deep__ is very busy; but it is not mining ore now. It is busy making huge
circular metal objects with cogs used for drilling underground tunnels.
Rand Corporation is making these cylindrical sonic
drills__ probably the source of the "noises" heard all over the globe. They drill 7 miles per day. Some are shipped to
Australia near Pine Gap, where an awesomely vast underground base is being created. Australia is called "
The Ark". US
forces are involved__ even ships__ and we wonder if it is for refuge from a nuclear war, a great earth catastrophe or an
alien invasion.

* Under 3 ranges of the Rocky Mountains more drilling is taking place. North of
Denver, a massive cave system exists, as
revealed by Native Americans. The huge wildfires north of Denver last year were nearly impossible to extinguish, as the
central portion continued burning due to a nuclear facility malfunction.

The two "
Time Block " days, February 8th & 9th are over as I write. I pulled up a misty, sort of watercolor vision of "a
spring starting to gush out of the ground
" in a beautiful natural setting from within the missing time. Something "new" is
flowing out of our inner beingness.

A DREAM?"      
One of our new readers has graciously agreed to share with us an astonishing paranormal episode she recently

February 25, 2011, as I was in the midst of recovering from a fall I took down some stairs on Feb.6th, in which I suf-
fered broken #10 and #11 ribs, a traumatic pneumothorax, and was in the hospital for 4 days. I woke up after having this
dream and immediately scribbled it down so I wouldn't forget all the details. This dream came totally out of the blue, and I
don't remember ever reading or hearing anything like this described before (and actually still hadn't until I stumbled upon
your website during a Google search for 'invisible energy grid'). It was one of the most intensely vivid dreams I have ever

"I was lying in my bed with eyes closed, but I felt awake. I was very hot. I had gone to bed with a 101 degree fever and my
ribs, back and neck were really aching. I dreaded trying to shift to a new position because I knew how bad it would hurt, and
I also knew there was no other position that would be less painful. So I remained on my back, hands at my sides, wet from
sweat, feverishly chilled. My body felt heavy but my brain flashed quickly through images and thoughts and lights - totally
random and manic. I felt paralyzed. I suddenly became aware of my body spatially, of it being gridded out 3 dimensionally
like a 3-D geological map by a laser-like light energy, and I saw this grid in its entirely in my mind. My brain sensed each
square of the grid being inundated with energy from a source outside myself, from a source of millions, from what I can only
describe as "unknown others." I felt like I was being bombarded by this exchange of energy and knew without having to
think, that it was a healing energy that was taking out the 'bad' and replacing it with 'good'. It felt safe, cleansing, renewing
and really good. I readily relaxed and gave myself over to this energy and felt very relieved and calm.

"I slept until 9 AM the next morning, woke up, worked out what was now the usual lung pains that followed rising to an
upright position, and proceeded to feel better... and better... and better. Tonight my pain is almost gone - not perfect, but
noticeably better. My head is clearer than it has been and it's like I am of this world for the first time since
February 6th.

"Does any of this make sense to you? I was raised "... Christian... "but was not specifically 'religious', although I do have an
intense connection with nature
, a reverence for life and an open, searching mind. I would really like to know if this was just a
random dream or something much more. Has anyone else experienced this?"
DEAR READERS: I apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter issue online. We are dealing with personal and family
challenges of all sorts__ a sort of "re-grouping", due to our world transitioning__ which limits time using the computer.
Much of these changes have also blessedly resolved long-standing issues and given us an awesome "preview" of New
Earth . Thank
you for your patience.

IN CLOSING: The more we learn and accomplish on physical, mental, emotional and consciousness levels, the more we
swee-ten the pot and the ante goes up for a critical mass emerging for
12-21-12. We now have definite proof of Time
Travel. When we realize that
Time is truly plastic__ non-linear and accessible__ what this does to human consciousness
could possibly be the Maya's Prophecy for the
2012 Shift:

                                                                       "TRANSCENDENCE OF TIME!'