February 11, 2013
                                                      "EXPLORING THE NEW PHYSICS"
                                                          ("HOW THINGS WORK NOW")
                                                                          Part II

Like the old song, "The (New) Moon is in Aquarius" and "Jupiter aligned with Mars"__ but it's in a square aspect,
suggesting an expansion of conflicts. But instead of bemoaning the depressing state of the world today, we can express
Gratitude for What Blessings We Have Right Now, which usually attracts more of the same.

8.) On 1-15-13__ a day of a huge Portal Energies entering Earth__ the "High Strangeness" expanded to the rest of the house
as many things began to malfunction,  making  a rather frustrating day.  An hour-long program  I'd looked forward
to viewing that afternoon, was rescheduled in favor of a political announcement.  However,  my show would be available
that night from
1 to 2 AM__  (Being after midnight , it would then be January 16th). I set the VCR to record from 1 AM to
2 AM on January 16th. Next morning, it hadn't worked. We tried several more times to correct the problem over the foll-owing
days__ the last test being for only
5 minutes,  from 12:30PM to 12:35PM  the afternoon of  January 18th. Noth-
ing. Rats!

Later that night, Hal watched BBC News at
midnight. As he headed for bed 20 minutes later, he heard the VCR click
on and begin recording! (By then it was
January 19th). He was surprised, but after 10 minutes, shut it off and went to

When he mentioned it next morning, my first thought was that it was set for the wrong Time Zone
; but we hadn't known
we could set Time Zones with this VCR.  I checked the  Settings under "Programming",  and sure enough__ it was set
for "HAWAII", (HST)! What?__
How could it change itself?

I reset it for MOUNTAIN time, (MST) and began to run a five minute test from 12:30 PM to 12:35 PM. Then I discovered
it had, instead, programmed itself to go on at 12:30
AM, and off at 12:35 AM!  Well,  who or what changed That?  I was about to
push the final button,  when Hal called out,"
Oh, no__ the DAY is wrong, too!" It said January 19th, instead of
just after noon on the
18th when we had set the numbers. We corrected it and re-set for an hour long program.  Finally,
it worked!

As an astrologer, I realized that "
12 hours later" from our MTN TIME, would be on the other side of the International Date Line,
and would then be the following day. But what had caused the Timer to CHANGE ITSELF? There's no one else here who might
have done that. Time had jumped ahead twelve hours into the next day__ and Space had jumped back half-way around the

"Objective Time (consciousness) exists as intellectually provable units."
"Subjective Time (subconscious) exists as intuitively or multi-dimensionally experienced units that can be stretched, expanded,
compressed or manipulated__ like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind."

This had to be a
Time Convergence: when  Objective Space overlaps with  Subjective Time; and/or  Subjective Space
overlaps with
Objective Time. Everything converges, making it possible to be everywhere at once, all at the same time. There are
no longer any separations. Nothing divides. Normal coordinates and definitions disappear altogether. Limita-tions of any kind no
longer exist.

Question: What State of Mind caused this "Convergence of Time" to happen, and Why? How do we live with something like
this? Makes your head spin, doesn't it?

(7.) 1-18-13: That evening, I did acrostics puzzles while H watched basketball on TV. When I closed my eyes a few times to
ponder over a definition, I
"saw" faces of live people whizzing by. All were strangers to me, but the last ones were
"aliens", though they seemed like faces of loved ones
. One in particular had a gray-blue face: his mouth and nose
sort of "pushed up" like a snout with ridges above the nose. He had big dark eyes (unlike the Grays' eyes) and very
short cropped hair; or else he was wearing a thin, fuzzy close-fitting hat. He "smiled", and I smiled back and
projected love. His eyes lit up in surprise and he slowly faded away.

* (8.) 1-19-13: Late this evening, I reminisced about the Craters of the Moon National Monument area near the Lost River Valleys
where we used to live. It was a most unusual place which we had loved to explore, photograph and paint. Had it changed much in
14 years?
(Half a Saturn Cycle bringing a Revelation.) How I'd love to revisit its wildernesses again!

There was very little in the way of photos of the Craters on the Internet back in 1
998 after we'd moved to Magic Valley. So, when
opening "Google Images" tonight, I was delighted to see LOTS of photos of the Craters area, some new to me. I had fun looking
over them, clicking on a few exceptionally beautiful or interesting scenes, enlarging and saving them in "
My Pictures".

I was just sliding into bed in our nearly dark bedroom, when some of the very same images appeared in the air before my face!
But there was one difference: these were not just "images"__ they looked "REAL"__ AS IF I WERE REALLY THERE! I was
living it__ I could feel the breeze, the heat of lava rocks in the noonday sun, the cold of the snow scenes, the moisture in the
evening air and I could smell the pine trees and sagebrush! And then I realized the scenes were MOVING__not only were the
trees and brush waving gently__ The scenes themselves shifted according to my thoughts!

When you've painted for decades, you form the habit of using your mind to re-arrange the objects or shapes in any interest-ing
scene you're viewing__ often adding elements and colors in keeping with your idea of a more balanced or beautiful composition.
This eventually becomes automatic and stays with you the rest of your life. Even when you look out the wind-ows of a moving car,
your mind continues to "re-design" the scenery into a more harmonious pattern. Does the foreground need another rock over
there, the sky need less clouds to the left, or should the trees be greener, the mountains taller?

This was occurring as I viewed the Craters of the Moon areas I'd seen online earlier that evening__ in the "empty space" before
my eyes in my bedroom. I was again changing colors, shapes and textures, and re-balancing objects and areas in each scene
with my mind. Curiously__ the moment I
thought of the change__ it manifested! But it didn't stop there. Even after completing the
alteration of a scene, I could change it again, and again and again__ never stopping the dancing of the objects, the re-creating of
what I was viewing. Then I realized I was actually walking into the scene__ strolling between the trees or rock formations and into
the distance; i.e., I could move through it! I wandered wherever I wished, whenever I wish-ed, while I shifted objects, colors,
shapes and textures around__ however, wherever and whenever I wished! I was really there__ at the Craters of the Moon
and in
my bedroom at home at the same time__ totally aware of both spaces, all in the same time frame. I was a Bi-locating!. Another
Convergence of Time". (See more Itzhak Bentov definitions below)

What State of Mind had I entered to manifest this experience? I believe it was my great Love, Passion  and Gratitude for Nature
and the Craters area that triggered this Time & Space event of "no separation"__ not between Time and Space, and not
between Nature, the Craters and myself. I "Became as One" with them all.

* Some scenes of the Craters of the Moon that night including "
Spring Flowers in the Evening By Moonlight", "The Milky Way
Galactic Center from Devil's Orchard
", "Winter at Devil's Orchard", and "Big Southern Butte, dormant volcano, seen from the


(9.) 1-20-13: Okay, I surrender. "Ask and ye shall receive.": P.M.H. Atwater's latest book; "Children of the Fifth World"
came out this August, but I hadn't found time to read more than the first few chapters. I read her books on Near Death
Experiences a few years ago, noting her strong interest in
Time, so after all the paranormal events in our bedroom, I grab
bed her new book off the coffee table today, hoping to find something in the Index that might give clues about what the ding-dong
is going on around here, anyway. Bingo!__ There it was: An entire chapter: "
Time and Variations", with amazingly synchronous
explanations of what had been happening this past week!

As we began entering New Earth, December, 21st, 2012, we were faced with two different versions of "What's Going to
Happen Next". Some authorities claimed that the "Fifth World" of the Mayans ended that day, and that a "Sixth World" began
December 22nd. Their foundation for this belief was that the "Sixth Root Race___ the "Indigos", the "New Kids", etc.__ have
arrived. On the other hand, others insisted that the "Fifth World"
began December 21st, and was the last that will ever manifest
on Earth.

However, the Mayan Calendar does not flow in a straight line; it spirals in cycles, moving through a fluid wave form: The "Ethers"
__ consisting of infinitely manifesting and re-creating potentials. Therefore,
both "Sixth" and "Fifth" birth dates
could manifest. They are two different
Timelines, depending on the tilt of the flow's spiral.

"The 260-day 'Tzolk'in" icalendar of the Maya is the most widely-appearing of these ancient cycles in Mesoamerica. 260 days is
the smallest possible number that interlocks all the orbits of our inner planets together. The Mayans built a whole system of
divination around this__ where they tracked a 20-day cycle and a 13-day cycle... a
Wavespell. at the same time. Each day in
each of these cycles has a particular meaning similar to astrology. The effects we experience will change as these two cycles
intersect throughout the entire 260-day period."

The Creative Forces are the higher frequencies of the Ether

These Creative Forces include: Divine Mind, Unconditional Divine Love and Divine Purpose. They actuate when the creat-ive-
sexual drive rises to the throat center. "
Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies", (Part IV) enable energy artists to
co-create with these Forces to move energy and matter between various dimensions. The state of our higher creativity can be
measured by the way we craft our lives and how we effect others.
It always amazed me that when someone invented the electric light, the radio or the Internet, other inventors all over the
world would come up with the very same concept or device. Usually, there would be court battles over who owned the pat-ents. I
believe that many terrific high tech inventions are being downloaded around the world to various creators__ IF the world is ready
for them__ basically, when humanity is ready to use the new information to benefit humanity, Earth, and all life, instead of using it
to make still more and bigger weapons.

I seemed to have been doing quantum jumps this past week from one Time/Space or Space/Time to another__ from Dim-ension
(3-D waking?) to Dimension (
4-D dreaming?) Synchronicities seem to be continually impacting me every day. And as if all these
"high strangeness" events aren't enough__ each day while writing about the
Time Distortions, I often felt my-self slipping in and
out of altered states of consciousness, almost "
reliving" what I was writing about. I had to keep pulling myself back into 3-D to
find and put together the words explaining it all, then take a few deep breaths and look out the win-dows before I could continue
typing. Oh, yes__"be careful what you think and feel."
                                      What on Earth is this New World leading us to?

                                                                                 Part II
On 1-15-3, when huge Portal Energies entered Earth, TIME JUMPED AHEAD TWELVE HOURS INTO THE NEXT DAY__ AND
SPACE JUMPED BACK HALF WAY AROUND THE GLOBE, when our VCR malfunctioned. What had caused the VCR to
change itself? It was my State of Mind when first setting the timer: I was feeling annoyed because "my program" had been
replaced with a political announcement, and hoping/thinking/intending I'd be able to listen to it the next day. The Ethers obliged.

In Subjective Time: Time or Space exist as intuitively experienced units that can be stretched, expanded, compressed or
manipulated__ like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind". When
Objective Space overlaps with Subjective Time;
Subjective Space overlaps with Objective Time__ Everything converges, making it possible to be everywhere at once,
all at the same time. There are no longer any separations. Nothing divides. Normal coordinates and definitions disappear
altogether. Limitations of any kind no longer exist.

The New Physics Space, is becoming more like our present perception of Time... i.e., we know we are in a Space in the
Present, but we can recall a Space from the past, or imagine a future Space from that Present moment.
With the New Physics
Space,we can be existing in one Space and existing in one or more pasts &/or future Spaces simultaneously. I suspect, that
soon we will be experiencing both the New Physics Time situations and the New Physics Space situations all in the same

I was delighted (emotion) to find LOTS of Google photos of the old "stomping ground" we loved to explore, photograph and
paint. Clicking on a few exceptionally beautiful or interesting photos, I enlarged and saved them in "My Pictures".

Getting into bed that night, similar images appeared in the air before me__ it was as if I were Really There! I could see, feel and
even smell the scenes that I loved so dearly. And I could WALK through these PLACES__SPACES, which kept shifting
themselves according to my thoughts, feelings and intentions! I was RE-CREATING the locations__ not just in my mind, my
imagation__ but IN AN INTENDED REALITY__ and I was totally aware of being simultaneously within the Craters locations and
within my bedroom at the same Time. It was another "
Convergence of Time" episode. It was great LOVE, PASSION  and
GRATITUDE for Nature and the Craters area that triggered this Time & Space event of "no separation"__ not between Time and
Space, and not between Nature, the Craters and myself.  I "BECAME AS ONE" with them All.

Entering New Earth,
December, 21st, 2012, we faced two versions of "What's Going to Happen Next". Mayan Calendar Time
spirals in cycles,  moving through the  "Ethers"__  consisting of  infinitely manifesting and  re-creating potentials. Therefore, both
the "Sixth World" and the "Fifth World" could manifest. They are two different TIMELINES, depending on the tilt of the flow's
December 21st changed the flow of energy into a flow of accelerating, ascending wave forms. Pot-ential here, is off the

The oldest Mayan Calendar known covers "octillions" of years and beyond into the future, and includes an exceptional pattern
relating to The Shift now in progress. This extremely unusual actual event, indicates the New Physics allows for__ accelerating
energies that do not and will not follow any particular course, in a manic period where everything seems to happen at once or in
rapid-fire succession, and nothing is really clear as to whether it's positive or negative or even aimed any particular way.
Predictions will seldom hold true and plans will often go awry. The formerly ridiculous, will suddenly make sense.  However, our
New Kids are made for this: they can find directions intuitively and, because they put group needs first, they can improve on
things as they go along.

We now need to network with people who have "pieces" of understanding of the Mayan Calendar, so as to understand our True
Abilities for Directing our Creativity, because that Calendar is a template of the Ethers. It is the mainspring__ the central axis__
in the cosmic clock. This calendar is of major importance due to its relationship to Our Sun Orbiting a Nearly-Invisible 'Brown
Dwarf' Star__ in a 25,920-year cycle, because this Geometry appears When the Sun's Orbit is Smoothed Out into a Circle.  

The Sun "beats" as do our physical bodies' hearts! The Big Secret of Quantum Mechanics is that on our most fundamental level,
the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating power constantly
interacting with this vast energy sea. Therefore, our thoughts, feelings and intentions can affect the environment!

They include: Divine Mind, Unconditional Divine Love and Divine Purpose. They actuate when the creative-sexual drive rises to
the throat center, enabling energy artists to co-create with those Forces to move energy and matter between various times,
locations and dimensions. The quality of our Higher Creativity will depend upon the way we craft our lives and how we affect

There is only one Source of All Energy__
Divine Consciousness__ manifesting itself as an infinite number of possible
creations, existing in all dimensions. Each of us creator beings has our own frequency and all matter is essentially
interconnected. Hence, Reality is based on energy, frequencies and harmonic resonance. Time and space are not separate__
space-time, is a single quantity with frequency, defining a spiral where history is mostly repeating itself in cycles of time. When
we Understand these changing cosmic energies and how they influence human consciousness,
we can make precise
Predictions about the Future

I've been doing quantum jumps from one Time/Space or Space/Time to another, from Dimension (3-D waking?) to Dimension (4-
D dreaming, bi-locating, remote viewing, causing leaps in time and space.) Synchronicities occur daily. And while writing about
Time Distortions, I often feel myself slipping in and out of altered states of consciousness, almost "re-living' what I was writing
about. I have to keep pulling myself back into 3-D to find and put together the words explaining it all, and take a few deep breaths
and look out the windows before I can continue typing. Oh, yes__
"Do be careful what you think and feel."

"What on Earth is this New World leading us to?"__ It's leading us to a Paradise of our own making__ To Heaven on
* NEWS FLASH: 2-11-13: Pope Benedict XVI has resigned!

                                                                  February 25, 2013

With the Shifting of the Ages in full processing, instead of focusing on ascension preparation, the Newsletter is moving to a
more intimate personal approach, describing how our lives may be changing, inside and out, recognizing changes as they
appear, understanding how and why the changes impact our lives, and how to best cope with them. We'll also offer ways to help
transform our current reality toward the New Earth Reality. There are, of course, those who still need ascension preparation, and
Parts I, II & III of the web-book remain there for them.

We took a flying leap and landed in a No-Man's-Land. Most of us have recognized changes occurring within our conscious-ness,
but we're now taking a closer look at the days around the December Solstice and the weeks following will help us to understand
what it meant for each of us, and for Earth and humanity as a whole. The first thing we had to do was to think about  Redefining
Our Roles in this new Time and Space. For some of us, late December was utter pain and disillusion-ment; for others, it was a
time of deep introspection and great revelations. I experienced both:__ a Past Life Review with tremendous grief and
weeping__ no doubt for the eons of misunderstandings, their consequences, and for the loss of the familiar, the traditional, and
of those who might be left behind__ (including, perhaps, myself!)__ It was a period of substan-tial transformation.

December 21st to January 19th: This was soon followed by an awareness of somehow being Freed from the Past, as an Old
Pattern Had Ended and we could now start Something New...something REALLY BIG! We also had to Do Some-thing for
ourselves; to be a bit selfish, for we were no longer who we used to be. All was complicated by the big topic in es-oteric
anthropology these days__ that all
homo sapien humans are, in part, genetically manipulated off-world beings! We had to find
THE ENTIRE 2013 YEAR! And it was all determined with Time, Space and the New Physics of Earth.

Although many of us sensed the revolutions taking place within us, little or nothing seemed to be evolving "out there". In
surprising paranormal experiences__ many in my bedroom at night__ were demanding attention__ indicating how the
New Physics of our Planet were rapidly changing the way things worked. But since
late January, "High Strangeness" began to
appear in my daily, waking hours as well, manifesting through MONEY, PERSONAL RESOURCES, and ELECTRONIC

Examples: An American vitamin manufacturer we depended on for 40 years was bought by a British company, and my recent
online order was delayed because they couldn't obtain at this time, and they might never be available again. I know the Brits
made some changes in their health system, preventing citizens from buying health supplements without a doctors' prescription.
So their vitamin & mineral companies may be going out of business. The World Health Organization introdu-ced that concept__
(Google "
Codex Alimentarius)"__and if the U.S.joins WHO, they'll attempt to enforce the same here. Congress, however, has
shot it down__ at least temporarily.

Some family computer programs and desktop icons vanished ; "updates" caused systems to die off; printers gave up the ghost
for no apparent reason; and Internet access petered out. Our second VCR quit on us __permanently. TV remote con-trol
batteries melted. Both computer printer cartridges expired, when still over half full.

Requests came from health insurance companies for payments on bills that
they had already paid, 10 months ago! Some meds
taken for 6 years arrived from the insurance company's pharmacy nine days late, and though H had reminded them of his
allergic reactions to the generics when he ordered them, he opened the package to find__ the same old generics again! This
was the third time!

Letters arrived from banks, investment companies; from PayPal, with requests for payment on programs we un-subscribed to
seven months ago; more letters from banks, investment companies, requested "re-registration" on twenty- year-old accounts we
could no longer access with the usual passwords, or on accounts we never
had in the first place__??? Hundreds or thousands
of dollars in mistakes made every month__ by
both our banks! Are people losing their ability to add or subtract, or are these
deliberate attempts to steal? Charges for several items ordered separately online appeared on our credit card statement, and
six weeks later, hadn't yet been shipped.

'Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. And we could add: "Corporations promote shoddy
products: for repeat consumerism."

Both our Inner and Outer Worlds are changing__
Normal States of Time appear sequential and orderly, while Space appears
as filled with solid objects. Nothing changes. The integrity of our perception is unchallenged.__
Objective Time exists as
intellectual, provable units.__
Altered Time & Altered Space can overlap each other, or one presents itself before the other__
or vice versa__ and
Time and Space will alter themselves to foster our spiritual understanding. "You Can Change the Fabric
of Time
", and Change your Past! Subjective Time exists as intuitively or multi-D experienced units that can be STRETCHED,
Everything converges, making it possible to be
everywhere all once, all at the same time. There are no longer any separations. Nothing divides. Normal coordinates and
definitions disappear altogether. Limitations of any kind no longer exist...It all works according to our state of mind
. And this
last phrase beautifully expresses how to manage our relationships with individuals or with groups in the Times and
Spaces ahead

When Space or Time shifts: Past, Present and Fututre__ the three dimensional of Time__ are no longer confined to their
previous "
linear order". New Physics allows Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever! We may know we are in a
Space in the Present, but we can recall a Space from the Past, or imagine a Future Space within that Present moment. With the
New Physics Space, we can be existing in one Space and simultaneously existing in one or more Pasts &/or Future Spaces. I
suspect, that soon we will be experiencing
both the New Physics Time situations and the New Physics Space situations all in
the same moment/place; i.e. "
in quantum super-position."

The two different
Timelines of the "A: Fifth Paradise New Earth World" and the "B: Sixth Catastrophic/End of Earth World" are
BOTH manifesting since 12-21-12 because
The New Physics allows for__ "accelerating energies that do not follow any
particular course, in a manic period where everything seems to happen at once or in rapid-fire succession, and nothing is really
clear as to whether its positive or negative or even aimed in any particular way. Predictions seldom hold true and plans often go
awry. The formerly ridiculous suddenly makes sense

We'd been living our Outer World over most of the last century in an Age of Information; but now we're moving into The Shift Age,
and it's focus is "
Rapid-fire Change! The three primary indicators of this Age, depending upon whether one is living on the "A:
New Earth Timeline
", or "B" Old Earth" Timeline", are: 1.) The planet is flowing toward a Global Structure; 2.) More choices are
now available to the Individual; and
3.) Global Connection is accelerating. As these two timelines keep manifesting on Earth, we
seem to switch back and forth from one to the other. There's a sense of not being "
real"__ of being suddenly "declared
". Everything is so new, so crazy and confusing now, that we feel "Dumb" about life. We want more Income, more
Human Contacts, more Education__ some kind of
credentials to prove our competency to make it through this "highly strange"

Some positive changes have occurred for our family this month: Two adult grandsons had promotions at work. Another
grandson, recently out of college, was made CEO of an international business, and our daughter has experienced several
Divine Interventions with her community service works.

Time and Space instantly change__ strongly impacting our lives. And if we don't change with them, things pass us by. When
blissfully engaged in a favorite activity, we are in a higher state of consciousness closely connected with our environment, with
creative potentials and with the mass consciousness of humanity. We become "attuned" to what's going on in the world. But if
we're one who usually "
follows the herd" to mass media publications, TV, or online gaming, we are distracted from recognizing
New Earth changes occurring outside our "personal paddocks"__ and one day may break out of that controlled and limited
space to find that World Time and Space have changed beyond our comprehension or ability to deal with them. Religions was
once called "the opiate of the masses", but these days, it's Celebrities, Consumerism and Sports keeping many tied to what's
shifting just beyond the fence.

Time has sped up to such a degree that events occur faster than we can perceive or understand their causes. Are Effects now
occurring in our lives Before Their Causes can be recognized? Higher Self agreed: "
The Future Effects are beginning to occur
before the Past or Present Causes occur.
" Maybe everything that we wished for, dreamed of, or tried to manifest for our Future,
has now  become our Past, so that we are experiencing our past desires, as our Present. Huh? Does the Future then produce
what we experienced in the Past that we have not "let go of", harmonized, or "erased" charges from it? Are Past & Future
occurring in the Present? But what triggers off a past or future event? Some present day emotional charge, memory, or

Then it hit me__ The crazy problems with things collapsing are forcing us off the Systems, because SOMETHING BIG IS
COMING DOWN THE TRACKS, and we need to be ready for it. It's telling us to be PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE__ to take
our power back from the "systems"! H.S.: "
Yes, the world IS transforming so fast now, that everything is in chaos, and things
won't work well, if at all. The controllers are losing their grip, and our social and commercial systems, our infrastructures are
falling apart, drifting away, and without appropriate replacements, more errors are made and things become scrambled.
Mistakes, delays, and unwanted substitutes will show up and some items, people and businesses we used to depend on may
no longer be there for us.

We are now developing the Divine Expression of our New World Souls. If we are grossly materialistic, this could be a "Glimpse
of Hell"; but if we're spiritual, loving people, it can be a time of "Utter Joy & Bliss." Most of us are neither. We're more likely a mix
of both, and this can be a "crazy" time for all of us. But we don't have to "push" anything away__ we simply "Release It" and see
if it "Goes Away." Let something flow up from inside you__ the seed of a Tone that will "ring' into action after the Spring Equinox.

The old paradigms of 3-D Earth are fragmenting even more rapidly now as the Timelines diverge widely. But just WHAT
TIMELINE IS EACH OF US ON? The chaos and confusion can be viewed as relegated to one or several of the three timelines.
We spoke of the Planet
A, Planet B and Planet A/B Timelines, in which both paradigms exist, but the "A" is overriding the "B"
Planet A/B. My hope was that if one is on Planet A, one is living in bliss and peace, and "miracles" occur daily. If in we were
on Planet B, there would be catastrophes, plagues, financial and job breakdowns, hunger, pain and just plain lots of violence
and misery all over the place. Right?

Wrong! If we find that everything is breaking down, fading away, or just plain mixed up, then that does
not necessarily mean we
are on the Planet "B" with catastrophes, loss of connection to spirit, pain and suffering. I do not know which planet you feel you're
moving to, but for me it has to be
A/B because both positive and the negative events are apparent in my personal and outer
world lives__ because I'm experiencing two timelines at the same time! Timeline
A has the family benefiting greatly__ because
we are resolving things together, sharing, helping out__ so the entire group benefits. And Timeline
B has the world outside the
individual and family as a whole, having a meltdown, which affects many of our individual and family matters__ (presently
Technology, Money and Personal Resources), although as I write this, the positive has by now harmonized the negatives, and
the Family as a Whole is better off. We may see this with any group we're in, whether we're in physical presence,
communication, or as an online gathering of kindred souls. So, one Key for Mastering New Earth may be Group Consciousness.
It's no longer "
What's best for me and mine", but rather, "What's best for all concerned."

As the
Timelines continue to pull apart, we may even be experiencing "pieces" of all three, as we transform our conscious-
ness, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors. Still existing mainly in 3-D, we are having two-fold experiences: Some negative
happenings may come about due to our temporary negative consciousness or actions, but they may also simply be breakdowns
of things no longer appropriate for
4th or 5th dimensional living. Or, if our personal journey is about seeking higher
consciousness, some things and people in our lives will be leaving, fading out, breaking down, because they no longer vibrate
with our new state of mind. In any case, we may find ourselves extremely distressed and confused because we are being
bombarded with very trying, difficult experiences. We can ask ourselves: "
Are we Separating from Spirit, or Unifying with Spirit's
Love, Oneness, Guidance, and Purposes

The Physics of New Earth have created an "Entirely New Earth", leaving us with a sense of blocked energies until we learn
where to go, and how to get there. We are UTTERLY EXHAUSTED, and many of us have physical symptoms that keep us down
because the New Earth is opening, but there are no Maps, nothing indicating "highways", "oceans", "new continents" or "islands
of refuge" as yet. We're all seeking Where to Go, and How to Navigate, but until New Maps are handed out, we're entirely
confused and frustrated. These are all part of the first three months of energy development affairs.

Is there some way we can use these New Earth Changes to benefit the planet and all our lives? Our DREAMS are
visitations showing us WHAT WE ARE CREATING. Everyone in a dream is an aspect of yourself.

ou are also in 4-D when in meditation connected with Gaia and Spirit Within__Higher Self. When you do the Intentions and
get very charged up, laughing and feeling the higher vibrations in every body cell, you are in
5-D. It's almost too much for
you to stand for very long right now, but will become more comfortable soon. When you receive geometry, images, symbols,
etc... that is from 6-D. This is as far as you've been by now, but it will expand even more as the days march forward
." (H.S.)

The four weeks of  January 20th to February 18th showed us that OUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE, and it was a busy time,an
intense time! Our BIG DREAM for the future was most likely one we had about 20-23 years ago, and now triggers concerns for
Taking Our Place Among Our Peers and Giving Something Back to Community.

As covered in the last two Newsletter Issues (
"The New Physics", Parts I & II"), since December, 21, 2012, Time and Distance
can instantly change. One way to
intentionally experience Time Variations is to become involved in doing things we are most
passionate about. We often say how "time flies" when we're having fun, but it "drags" when we're doing something unpleasant.
When I painted watercolors with great passion, it would seem that when the artwork completed, only 20 minutes had passed, but
the clock would show it was 3 or 4 hours later. I'd then go to the kitchen to start supper, feeling as if several hours were
missing" from my day. They were! Our bodies respond to what our mind and imagination perceive. In reality, although I totally
accepted that I was cooking supper at 5:30 PM,  I had
aged by only 20 minutes since I began painting. The same thing occurred
when I played the piano with passion__ Time contracted. This happens every time we "lose time" while ecstatically engaged in
some enjoyable activity.

We ask ourselves: "
What determines my new order of Past, Present & Future?" ..."How do I deal with Time while Creating?"...
How do I handle things in Time Loops?"..The Ethers are an energy field of potentials, existing between and inter-penetrating all
objects in space, just waiting to be brought into manifested reality by human thought, emotion and intention__ in the same
moment that we recognize the
possibility for the change__ for we are then most charged up with excitement about the new

To help us through this "Strangeness": we can
suspend our belief that  "nothing is happening" or that "the Old Elite still
control the world out there
". Help others to shift more strongly, more powerfully. My vision years ago__ MY BIG DREAM__
was to teach people to heal bodies and manifest needs using Higher Creative Energies, so we could all get off the controlling
January 31st, I tried to meditate for guidance on that Dream and on our current problems, but I was so exhausted and
upset from struggling with the ascension symptoms, the many losses and mix-ups, I couldn't bring anything through! I broke down
and sobbed
: "I'm so ding-dong TIRED of living in this messy, greedy, violent world! I'm afraid of what I'll be required to give
up, to do or endure next. I don't feel capable any more. I'm too old, too worn out, too often in pain or physically limited, and I
don't know what to do to get off these x&%# systems! Is the whole world fall-
ing apart

We've probably been wanting to get off the systems for quite awhile, anyway; and now is the time__ although not in the way we
expected. It may be best to have NO EXPECTATIONS for awhile; to just "roll with the punches".  Maybe the great wisdom to be
gleaned from these days is our recognition of the deep-seated "SUBSERVIENCE" that was imprinted into our very souls over
eons of past lives and centuries of brain-washed dependency upon "authorities", "experts", "gods"... to whom we gave our
power away.

Early morning,
Monday, January 28th, I woke feeling quite uncomfortable. I opened my eyes and turned over on my side in
bed, shocked to see a man's face only a few inches from my own, watching me! He must have been kneeling at the side of the
bed, to be that close. (Talk about "stalkers"!) I cried out, "OOOH!" and he disappeared. With his dark hair, mustache, unshaven
cheeks and chin and rumpled clothing, he seemed middle-aged, quite shaggy and unkempt. I had no idea who he was.

January 29th: Evening: We were watching "White Collar" on TV. I was doing acrostic puzzles during commercials, and not
paying complete attention. The primary characters__ federal agents__ found an old key that was important to the case, and took
it to an expert for analysis. He thought it was custom made for some special purpose, but couldn't say what that purpose was. I
glanced up to look at the key__ and
there was the guy who had stared at me beside my bed early Monday morning! H and L
had been intent on the program, and when I asked what this guy's name was, they couldn't say, as no one had mentioned his
name. After a commercial, the next scene was outside of the shop. The agents were discussing the key and what that
KEYMASTER" had told them about it.

I asked Higher Self: What is the significance of my being confronted in my bedroom in the middle of the night by a bed-
raggled Key-Master?: "
You have the Key to Mastering an ability that will carry you and others through the Great Silence, and
In the TV program, the key never opened anything__ instead, the "teeth" of the key were ingeniously cut to match a city
SKYLINE!  Are we to "Watch the Skyline" for "THE KEY" to something? A "Sky-line" is also a horizon, where Earth meets Sky.
Gaia meets Spirit.

                                               ARE WE TO BECOME SOME SORT OF "KEY-MASTERS?"

Time can jump ahead or reverse itself in "Time Loops". The Keymaster in my bedroom was confronting me from a TV
program. He was an actor, traveling backwards in Time, (from Tuesday evening to early Monday morning), and jumping from
one Space (The New York City, TV Studio filming the program) to another Space: (My Idaho bedroom.)      

January 30th: I was editing Chapter 4: "Spirit Within", when I came across the paragraph stating:

I recalled reading
Whitley Streiber's book, "The Key" years ago. One passage spoken by "The Master of the Key" who
appeared in Streiber's hotel room, stood out in my memory

"A part of the EM field that fills the nervous system rests a few centimeters above the skin, outside of the body. This field is
an organ just like the heart or the brain. It is in
quantum super-position"... (like an)... "electron effectively everywhere in the
universe and nowhere specific. It may be imprinted by information from anywhere and at any time. With it, you may see other
worlds, you may see the past and the future, you may see into the lives of those around you
." Some scientists believe the
pineal gland
is the center of this organ.

This suggests
a new form of service as a "Keymaster"... i.e., going into other dimensions with meditation for information and
guidance...and while there, healing ourselves or manifesting our needs in the New Earth World Timeline
. According to the
New Physics information recently received, I will need to practice more meditation so as to move oftener and more quickly into
higher realms.

I did manage to recently perform a successful Intention for the family's welfare, giving me the confidence I needed to realize,
understand and accept that the basic cause of all this "High Strangeness"
has to be our thoughts, feelings, and expectations
about what is likely to occur next. In short__ our Beliefs!

I also recalled speaking aloud to myself or to family members and friends that, "
Our world seems to be falling apart these days.
Every day, things either break down, disappear or are done wrongly. We don't know what's causing it, or how to stop it."
action, of course, was announcing to my body and to the universe that "
This is what we expect to get"__ And so__ WE DO! But
there's another side to this: If we
believe in and expect a healing or manifestation__ we should be able to attract them too! So
we need to be careful how we think and feel, and what we say in conversations with others about our beliefs... It manifests!!

And in
May, 2013, huge changes in the Pacific Tectonic Plates will occur with tremendous undersea volcanic eruptions, land
masses rising from the sea, and tsunamis greatly impacting the Pacific coastlines__ in particular, California and the Pacific
Northwest as far inland as Montana. This was forecast as "
The Great Silence", when no long-term language works due to being
erased from usage by the speed of the Internet, cell phones, Ipads, texting, etc.. As undersea communication cables rip apart,
communication will be at a standstill, with no data coming, or, our inability to collect it. The electrical systems will shut down, so
no computers functioning, no banking, shopping, pumping gas, etc.. This "Silence" will last three months__ from
March 20-22
June, 18-21, 2013, when Earth again connects with the Galactic Center, but this time opposing it from 27 degrees Gemini.

My sense about this is that "
The Great Silence" will occur on the "B: Old Earth Timeline"; possibly ending it once and for all. The
Sabien Symbols__
(Dane Rudhyar)  suggested another possible timeline: "This implies 'Re-polarization'__ a period of
transition, a yearning for a new state of consciousness, and thus for inner transformation. We reach out toward participation in a
larger whole existence, attempting to leave behind the tribal-instinctual stage of earthbound existence and to emerge into the
realm of complex interpersonal relationships." We
must make sure we are on the "A: New Earth Timeline" by May, 2013.

By the
Autumn Equinox, September 22, 2013, life on Earth will be completely changed. One good thing__ with the controllers
unable to keep track of our needs or obligations, they will not be able to "harass or injure us" as before, for they will be
concerned with their own chaotic problems, which will be far more serious than those of us and our families and groups.

A good, long meditation and a heart-to-heart with
Higher Self helped turn my negative expectations into positive beliefs, and
things began turning around in my outer, waking family life immediately. I had a list of thirteen issues needing resolution, over
which I'd labored and fumed for weeks without any resolutions at all, and within two days, half of them were eliminated with little
or no effort on my part, and indications were that the rest were beginning to work out, as well. The trick was to hold steady, the
thought of Oneness and the feeling of Unconditional Love for all concerned, throughout all waking hours.

Remember, Gaia and Spirit Love us Unconditionally and will not allow anything to harm our spirit within. Try to remain in that
Unconditional Love and Oneness with Gaia and Spirit as much as possible, for we may require minute-to-minute guidance.
They are always with us__ all we need to do is Connect. Ask Higher Self to send
signs or signals if the new thought or idea you
have developed is spiritually correct for you. Then
pay attention to your dreams and to anything relating to your idea over the
next two days.
Synchronicities will assure you, if it is appropriate for now.

Each of us Lightworkers can be a stable center in the lives of those around us. Others may need our comfort, our wisdom now,
as never before. Try to remain in Unconditional Love and Oneness with everyone you contact. It DOES make a big difference!
Be assured that all will work out in harmony, peace, compassion and abundance for everyone. We had the courage to take on
all this before birth, and many of us sensed that calling early in our lifetimes. Spirit and Gaia will not fail us now. Have you ever
been in a situation where you didn't know where you'd sleep that night, or if you'd even have anything to eat? Well__ you're still
here, aren't you? Things will change, yes__ but they will either change for the better, or they will fade away and be replaced by
something many times more beautiful, amazing and positively outstanding. Just keep that loving, oneness in your heart, and in
your voice when you speak with others, as much as you can. You ARE ONE with everyone, everything, even the atoms, in your

THE GREAT QUANTUM SECRET:  Humans ARE the Ethers/Creative Force Field."
THE PRIME DIRECTIVE: "Thou Shalt Become as One." At their most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not
distinct from their environment, but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with the vast energy sea of the Sun, Galaxy
and Universe. Therefore, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions can and do affect the environment.

The Creative Forces are the higher frequencies of the Ethers They include: Divine Mind, Divine Love and Divine Purpose. They
activate when the creative drive rises to the throat center, enabling energy artists to co-create with those Forces to move energy
and matter between various times, locations and dimensions. The quality of our Higher Creativity depends upon how we craft
our lives and affect others.

Divine Consciousness is the Source of All Energy__ the Ethers__ manifesting Itself as an infinite number of possible creations,
existing in all dimensions. Each of us human co-creator beings has our own frequency, and all matter is essentially
interconnected. Hence, Reality is based on energy, frequency and harmonic resonance. Time and Space are
not separate__
space-time is a single quantity with frequency, defining a spiral where history is mostly repeating itself in cycles of time. When
we understand these changing cosmic energies and how they affect human consciousness, we can make precise predictions
about the future. We do need to network with people who have "pieces" of understanding of the Mayan Calendar, so as to
understand our True Abilities for Directing Our Creativity, because that Calendar is A Template of the Ethers. It is the
mainspring__ the central axis__ in the cosmic clock.

New Energies to guide and assist us are entering Earth from all directions now. "TRUST in Gaia and Spirit Within, for that Trust
will give you COURAGE to face the challenges ahead, and Courage brings CONFIDENCE over time. Trust is the tangible
realization and understanding of spiritual TRUTH. Truth can arrive in a real (tangible) form of relevance to every situation. Trust
occurs when our current perceptions exceed our old perceptions of reality. Whether we're in doubt or confusion__ TRUE
not out there. It is always INSIDE US!"

We can be alive in our bedroom Space & Time while we are Walking in Remotely Viewed Spaces from the Past, Present or
Future, seeing, smelling, feeling the environment as we Move, Rearrange, Re-create those very Spaces__ not just in our minds
or imaginations__ but as a New Reality. It is a
Convergence of Time episode triggered by a great Love, Passion and Gratitude
and a sense of Oneness with Nature and with a beloved, favorite environmental location. There was No Separation between
Time, Space, Nature, the Craters of the Moon and myself__  I "BECAME AS ONE" with them All.

Every reality we can imagine exists, but we experience the reality that we energize with that feeling.