FUTURE ART                  

"When we give attention to a painting, the artist's consciousness embedded in the artwork is rec-
created in our awareness through resonance or entrainment

Perhaps,  the more an artist is conscious of  Spirit-Greater Self as he creates, the more in-
tense is  the viewer's experience of  Spirit-Greater Self....  
Art is the language of the soul.  As
we paint, write, sing, teach or intend, the thought-forms we hold within our own energy fields as we
create, project into the Creative Force Field,  later to be continually broadcast and recycled through
the energetic fields  of people who contact them.  Perhaps, like
Astrology,  I Ching and Tarot Cards,
artworks are  4-D symbols for a languag e in which past,  present and future are all one,  represent-
ing,  as the Maya claim,  a Transcendence of Time. We can sense the artist's intention by first puls-
ing breath, t hen raising the palms of our hands  to a painting or sculpture  as we  become one with
the artwork.

Bill Witherspoon,  earth artist,  took students into an  Oregon desert and  inscribed a huge
Shri Yantr
a design into the soil, It changed the energy of the area. Many birds and animals entered
the pattern,  coming right up to  Bill's RV,  unafraid of him  or predatory animals.  The weather  also
chaged in that location.  He then experimented  with hidden art forms  on the backs of paintings  at
exhibitions,  finding that children and many adults are influenced by the invisible design even when
they could not physically see it.

The logical mind  focuses  on one thing at a time.  It can  play tricks on us.  We've all had  moments
when we thought we saw or heard something and later discovered it to be entirely different  It takes
the right,  holistic brain  to create anything  truly unique  that will  solve a challenge  for the  highest
well-being of all concerned. The saddest part of our  present education system  is that  few schools  
now include creative arts  as part of their standard curriculum. Children do not learn to use their im-
aginations, to recognize patterns, to find novel solutions to problems or to innovate new ideas.

In the Future, art as we now know it  may no longer exist  because the magnetics of Earth may sink
so low  that it will no longer support physical objects in the world__  maybe not even books or com-
puters. However,
we may be in so evolved states of mind,  that we may transmit artistic essences
to others without needing an object between the artist and the receiver
__ no painting, no sculpture
or films, TVs,  computers or books. An intuitive audience can receive the message and energy sim-
ply by attuning to the artist with their hearts and thoughts.

In the  NEW EARTH REALITY, we will be engaged in  
Planetary Arts,  Earth will be our canvas and
Consciousness will be the new medium with which we "paint"
.  She will be recognized,  cherished &
glorified as a living,  conscious being, & all humans will understand that  no one or nothing  can sur-
vive unless man, Earth and all life-forms work together to sustain each other.
Jose Arguelles:
 Where the Love of God prepares the young to use the spiritual gifts of creativit-
ty".... "At the  center of each local community will be a  solar temple,  a simple,  yet elegant const-
ruction for contemplation and energy regeneration
." (10)

In these centers,  Art may be performed as a sacred ritual,  linking man &  Spirit/Creative Force with
the deepest levels of Nature  to regenerate & purify the land.  Beauty and symbolism become trans-
formative to every participant in the community. Planetary Arts will be taught alongside the evolution
of consciousness.  We have  already experienced  some of these  artistic celebrations  in the  
Bowl Parade
, Peace Concerts and opening and closing ceremonies at some Olympic Games. Love,
Earth,  Spirit,  Beauty and  Peace are celebrated  among  all peoples  of the world.  Throughout our
common history creative arts have been important to the race because before we can manifest any-
thing, we must first be able to imagine__ to envision it.

Barbara Hand Clow,  relates how, "Great art causes your heart to expand"..."because
beauty held in form through time by caring humans,  centers you in 3-D & expands via 6-D morph-
ic fields
."...  "Often, artists can perceive these energy fields around scenes and objects"... "The vi-
sual arts make these fields visible,  since the fields are actually the source of beauty."... Beauty &
desire cause things to come into existence in the first place, and painters make this visible."

(10) Arguelles, Jose'. "The Mayan Factor: The Path Beyond Technology". pg. 55. Inner Traditions
* Bear & Company, P. O. Box 388, Rochester, VT 95767-0388.

(12) Barbara Hand Clow. http://www.handclow2012.com
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX