Geocosmic Research  (astrology's contemporary definition)  has been  ridiculed for  centuries, and
today's society tends to view it through a double standard.  On the one hand,  it's laughed at as illogic-
al, unscientific nonsense. Yet, it's used by politicians__ even some US presidents__ celebrities & bus-  
inesses to aid decision-making and Timing__  but they don't want it known.  Astrology is now taught in
universities world-wide. A friend of mine recently attended  Oxford University in England, and received
a degree in  Astrology there.  Major  financial and  investment corporations  retain astrologers  on staff.
The Mayan Calendars  with their emphasis on  
2012  when dozens of  astronomical cycles  completed,
opened the public to a renewed interest in astrology.

The "horoscopes" printed in newspapers are
not astrology__ they're "entertainment". When I filled out
my income tax forms, I could not find a category for "astrology",  until I looked under "Entertainment"__
and there it was!  True geocosmic research  does not  predict futures.  It is a marvelous tool for disco-
vering and  understanding past,  present and future
potentials of personal,  group,  national and global
development. The future outcomes of these cycles can  
always be  changed  by  transforming our atti-
tudes, emotions and beliefs.


Barbara Hand Clow  (Click on "AstroFlash") explains this phenomen-
on, starting with our own
Galactic Center: "The Milky Way",  which is located on the Zodiac Wheel be-
tween 26 and 29 degrees Sagittarius.

Our Galaxy is an  intelligent , living being__  a conscious  energy field__  controlling its revitalizing
functions  through meridians and grid lines in outer space  similar to those of  Earth and human bodies.
(Chapter 3)  These galactic grid lines  connect us with  the specific star systems  and planets that res-
onate with the personalized vibrations within our astrology charts .

Phillip Sedgwick,  in his marvelous book, "The Astrology of Deep Space",  writes: "The  emission  of
the  infrared spectrum of the  
Galactic Center alone generates almost  a million times as much  energy
as the Sun does  through its entire electromagnetic spectrum."... "Those individuals  connected to the
Galactic Center (withing 4 degrees) must come to grips with this type of reaction that he/she knows to
be true. Decisions must be made as to what to do with the information."

"Individuals with stronger connections  (within 1 degree)  to the  Galactic Center  hold  the potential to
make  massive changes  in the direction of  human affairs.  These natives,  when  attuning to the  GC,
make statements  clearly defining  the state of progress of human affairs, both personally, for other in-
idividuals,  and within collective situations.  These natives  may be forerunners in  innovative thought.
Evolution  must be sorted out  from revolution.  The essence of change  suggested is transitional, not
radical or catastrophic.  Progress becomes the  motivation  and counter-progressive tendencies  must
dissolve. As an individual utilizes the energies of the GC  in his/ her own horoscope,  the issues of life
become easier to master,  & greater issues & concerns are encountered.  The native resolves greater
difficulties  &  personal challenges  with an increased sense of ease.  To totally apply  the energies of
the GC,  an individual must overcome a sense of discomfort  with relating  what needs to be disclosed.  
The reactions of others are secondary to the need to communicate the GC's essence."

Sedgewick:  M-87"__the  Super Galactic Center__ at 2 degrees Libra__  "inspires humans to seek
the primal stages of the union of the self with the soul'".

ML: Oddly, I no longer need to research  or go looking for information for the newsletter__ it somehow
finds me.  On
September 24, 2011,  the following video came to my attention. It had been created on
September 24, 2009
,  exactly 2 years earlier.  Two years is a Mars Cycle & Mars is  prominent in this
:  "Project Camelot Conference - Alfred Webre  Solar Cycle  24 and Decades
of Contact  with ETs
."  Its an explanation of how the Galactic and  Universal Centers are programming
our consciousness evolution, and the resultant changes  that might occur from
9/09 and after.

Autumn Equinox,  September 23, 2009,  occurred when our Sun entered 1 degree Libra. A huge
download of energy  arrived the next day,  
September 24th,  when the Sun connected with the Super
Galactic Center
at 2 degrees Libra, and was activated by the New Moon, September 27th.

Clow:  "Because the SGC  is a nucleus for our galaxy,  the SGC  has a radical affect on humans. It's a  
veritable wormhole to the
Universal Consciousness that opened at the Mayan Calendar end date."....
12-21-12)... "This ancient memory data  develops us spiritually,  and then we  realize that  right action
can create a better future and frees us from the prison of cyclical Time."... "We will each become  multi-
dimensional to access this culmination of evolutionary patterns! All the way through the 8th Wave-Gal-
actic Underworld  (
1/99 thru 3/11),  we were awakening ourselves  within the Galaxy itself,  which has
taken us beyond the limits of our solar system."

"Then"... "in the 9th Wave -
Universal Underworld, it seemed we were moving out into the Universe its-
elf, influenced by the  pull of the SGC.  This is the huge space required to awaken us  as nine-dimens-
ional beings.  As things go  faster and faster,  trust that  we are all on  our true path  to Oneness  when
we're all equals within our chosen worlds.. Some people's natal astrological charts contain several pla-
nets or significant points connected to the
Galactic Center, and/or the Super Galactic Center.

"Often the best way to do this is to  review past experiences in light of our current consciousness; then
we can
detect future evolutionary patterns that are emerging within our species."

According to
Sedgwick:  The Super Galactic Center  (SGC), the huge group of galaxies (called M-87)
__ located at  2 degrees  Libra__  with 27 galaxies  rotating around its common center,  including our
Milky Way Galaxy.  Astronomers  define the  SGC as a  "super-massive  black hole"  that holds a
mass of about  5 billion suns.  So its projected energy  is vastly more powerful  than that of our  Sun or
our own GalacticCenter."... "It calls us to wake up and realize  that our  unconscious karmic memory  is
the foundation for the future."                                              

Sedgwick goes on to relate that  
M-87... "contains the most futuristic implications of the magnetic entit-
ties__ elements in our  consciousness  that reach  all nine dimensions." ... "When  connected to  M-87,
the  Super Galactic Center__ such a natal horoscope  constitutes an  
intra-dimensional  personality."...
"An individual with an intra-dimensional personality  transcends the essence of space and time, plung-
ing through a  4th dimension,  existing in another environment,  at least as viewed from  Earth.  These
perons carry  unique perspectives,  and their way of relating to the real world  differs significantly from
the norm.  This ability to  refer to vaster reams  may be perceived  by the unwary  as over-abstractive-
ness,  or spaciness.  Some  alienation may exist  within the  intra-dimensional being,  arising from  the
need  and the ability  to shift octaves of consciousness within mere portions of a second. This shifting
gears in consciousness also affects the bodily metabolisms. The native may experience sudden shifts
in body temperature and levels of alertness, and all parasympathetic functions, as well as some symp-
athetic functions.  Absolute truth  and perceptions result  when the  intra-dimensional  being agrees to
make the  transitions between dimensions. It may occur  any time and place. It is a matter of Time and

Also known as "The Precession of the Ages", it lasts 25,920 years, and is due to the tipping of Earth's
axis which  extends between the  North & South Poles, causing it to wobble in its cycle. This wobbling
cycle is matched by our  outer Solar System cycling around an "unknown" Black Sun__ our sister star.
Earth and its life-forms'__ including humans'__ free wills are  being guided by all of these Cycles,  per-
sonally and collectively.

539 year cycle is divisible by "7" and "11" years, through which Earth and Human historical
events keep repeating themselves,  and also relates  to the Biblical tale of Jesus' reply that "7 X 77" is
the number of years  which one must forgive one's neighbor  for their negative words ir actions toward
oneself. This has become known as the "Forgiveness Cycle",  as forgiveness is what cancels our per-
sonal Karmic actions.

The Great Year__  25,920 years__  is subdivided into the  12 Zodiac Signs  (Constellations) of  Aries
through Pisces,  each lasting
2160 years.  The Precession of  Equinoxes  (or "Ages), i s based on the
Zodiac Sign Degree at which the Sun rose at each Spring Equinox. It began with the Sunrise at 1 deg-
gree ARIES, and 2160 years later, rose to 1 degree, PISCES,  moving backwards from the direction in
which we normally follow the zodiac sign series. Since
12-21-12, when The Shift began, the Sun rose
at 1 degree AQUARIUS, instead of Pisces, creating a major change of influence for our planet and hu-
man events.

PISCES (The FISH) involved Masculine Energy,  and was Patriarchal. Men were raised to "Compete"  
in order to  "Excel" and  "Be in Charge."  Pisces' Style is  absorbing,  vulnerable and imaginative, diss-
olving differences and boundaries  to realize all-encompassing Unity.  A negative Pisces Nature tends
to "
Promise them anything__ then get out of it later." (Think: Government & Corporation).

AQUARIUS (The Human) involves Feminine Energy and
tends to be Matriarchal. Women are raised to "Relate" in
order to  "Belong"__ to "Unify." Aquarius's Style has a de-
tached focus , is Humanitarian, Technologically Inventive,
Unpredictable &  Interacts to Sustain its  Social Freedom,
Unifying with not only Earthlings, but with Outer Space as

David Wilcock,  in his amazing book,  "The Synchronicity
",  describes  more  astounding  cycles of  Earth,  Sun,
Galaxy and Cosmos.

The Zodiac Wheel is also divided into 12 "Houses", or "States". The First House/State is at the left side
of the Wheel, right where the Sun Rose on the day of our birth__ "The Ascendant". In the above wheel,
it is the  Sign of Aries,  with a Ram pictured. The States are counted__ 1 through 12__ moving down to
State Two,  and further down to  State Three,  and in this order around the wheel,  until we reach State
12__ just above the Ascendant, where Pisces and its Fishes are pictured.

Each of us has a  
Personal Mission while alive here on Earth. The North & South Nodes of the Moon
are always in opposite Zodiac Signs and States from each other, and give us clues about our Personal
Mission. The
South Node's  Zodiac Sign and State__ indicate  the conditions and  issues of  our most
recent Past Life. The
North Node, by Sign and State, indicates the Personal Missions and lessons we
are to learn in this present lifetime.

We each belong to a  
Soul Group,  and have a  Group Mission to accomplish in this life.  One's Soul
Group is indicated by the Zodiac Sign and State of the
Prenatal Solar Eclipse point, plus the aspects
to it.

We need an "Ephemeris"__ a book listing the positions of the planets, Sun, Moon, etc. for each day, for
a period of either 50 or 100 years, depending upon the book you choose to purchase. Many Internet
Websites concerned with Astrology will give you the current day's planetary positions when you consult

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses are also listed in an Ephemeris. To find your Soul Group, you check out
the Solar Eclipse that occurred just prior to your birth date. This may be found  just above your Ascen-
dant, or farther around the Zodiac Wheel.

For example,
Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929,  with her Ascendant at 1 degree Leo. Her Prenat-
al Solar Eclipse
occurred  June 9th, 1929 at 19 degrees Taurus, in her 11th State of Community,
emphasizing  Social Roles and Lessons:  The Groups, Social Influences and  How We Fit Into Society,
which,  if overemphasized,  may distract one from the more creative process of actualizing our dream
i.e.__"How do I create while hiding from people trying to kill me?. She overcame this by writing a Dia-
ry about her experiences.

19 degrees Taurus relates to: "The surge of new potentiality after a crisis." Her Soul Group's Miss-
, then, implies a Technique that will  "Allow the Infinite Potential to operate in Unconstrained Spo-
;  meaning__ to have reached state in which the conscious,  rational ego is no longer a cont-
rolling facto
r." In Anne's case, she "Overcame Fear in order to  Create within & for the Commun-

Prenatal Solar Eclipse  is in a  Square Aspect to  Mars in Leo,  indicating the  possible attack to her
creativity by the  German Nazis  who were killing and imprisoning people of Jewish heritage when she
was 10 to 16 years old. (

South Node (Past) was at 20 degrees Scorpio,  Fifth State of Creativity,  creative-destructive
powers__ what needs Love to come alive and how talent is defined.

North Node (Present) was at  20 degrees Taurus__ right beside her  Prenatal Solar Eclipse, (very
rare) __ also in the
11th State of Community.

3-12-88: MEDITATION:  ML: Is the Numerological # of  LIFE EXPRESSION = to the Date of Concep-
, or the Date of the Prenatal Saturn/Jupiter Aspect at 9-21-1921 27 Virgo? By Thy Will:
What is the significant factor that determines the Saturn/Jupiter Conceptual Aspect for an individual?
2. Can I use this in Astrology for the Soul or the Soul Group? If so, how?
3. Does Numerology fit in with this, and if so how? Please help me to understand the concept here?

P.H.: "The Numerology indicates the  Path of the  Soul Group.  In the past,  we used astrology__
words, numbers and symbols__ to help us intuit,  understand & search for the  underlying concepts in
Personality Chart."

"Now,  we intuit or receive cosmically,  the
Concept first,__ then put it into words,  numbers or  astro-
logy, etc.
: as symbols to relate and communicate the concept to humanity. This is now True Creativ-
 in cooperation with  Hierarchical Intentions__ to make the fact of the Soul  become accepted and
proven in the exterior world of humanity on Earth."

he Center of the horoscope wheel chart of the Soul  is neither based upon  Earth position nor upon
Sun as central.  T
he Spirit MIND __ is the central,  directing agency;  therefore, the Head or Crown
is  The Open Door__ the Center of the Soul  within the Soul Group (zodiac wheel of Rays) as
imaged  at the center point of  the wheel chart.  Earth and planets__  (not the 'light')__ indicate  
Systemic Energies
divided into  7 types of Ray functions__ they are as Archetypal Patterns of each
Ray,  representing  
Personality Archetypes for  Individual Souls  upon each of the  7 subsidiary Rays,
which  interact with the subject's own  Personality Ray,  within or at,  the
Time Concept  for which the
chart has been drawn.  The actual humans  who function through and with the planets  will vary  from
time to time, from the perspective of the chart's individual subject."

THE SIGNS REPRESENT (Yes__ there will be added 2 more signs when Galactic Resonance is
__ one representing Systemic Awareness Achievement, and another representing  Galactic
Awareness Resonance
.) This completes a 14 faceted Crystal for the next 25,920 Great Year Cycle: 7
facets above and 7 facets below,  which indicate
Soul Group Consciousness and development below
__ and t
hose above  are those carrying  such development and consciousness  to the more  inclusive
Monadic,  or primary Ray Group__ 1 of 7 Systems
.  The New Zodiac (14 signs)  as a whole circle will
then represent the entity known as the
Galactic Heavenly Man__one of 7 in our particular universe."

"'TIME' will no longer be 'known' as it is now.  An Evolved Soul Group will have Control of Time,  and
can sense an  analog or  matrix of  numerous  'TIME CONCEPTS'  simultaneously__ as well as 'SPA-
                                               (10 Min. Break. Rest, Drink water)

ML: Are the wheel degrees or signs indicative of some TIME__TIME CONCEPT as related to the Soul

P.H.:  "The whirlpool of which we earlier spoke corresponds to the zodiacal wheel,  as it revolves in
'Eternal Now'.  The central,  controlling agency
:  'ZUVUYA' determines where the Focus (Saturn) will
be directed in order to
Expand (Jupiter) communications with One and yet with All,  for purposes of a
relay of information vibrations."

7 Ray Monadic Groups __ 'Types of Man' are the key to application of all types of remedy P\ro-
grams and Processes.  Any one  
7 Ray Energy  indicates a  PROCESS or CONCEP"... (difficulty with
terminology here)
... "IDEA, IDEAL, UNITING ENERGY__ ACTIVATOR__ a Creative Process (Pyram-
idal Form) of energy relationships and  Action of Consciousness Evolution.  A PROCESSOR. The
Mayan Consciousness Evolution Stages
plus 2 more originally planned for the 6th & 7th SubRaces,
but speeded up  within a TIME CONCEPT  ("last days shall be shortened" ) so that the change plan-
ned for the
6th SubRace will occur around 2012 A.D.. Earth Time Structure."

(ML: The 6th SubRace are the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children which began birthing in the early
1980's. The 7th SubRace  will be those who develop their  Light Bodies in the  5th Density,  possibly
2017 or later.)

P.H. (cont.) "Humanity, constantly informed by Planetary Solar and Galactic Resonance, will take an
active part in creating its own destiny  as well as that of the planet,  solar system, galaxy__  and after
the 7th SubRace possibilities are activated__ the Universe as well."

"Earth astrology for
 Soul Groups is set up with the  Wheel Center (controls)  appearing as if one was
viewing Earth from the South Pole, through the Earth's Polar "Axis to the North Pole, centered behind
it. This is what was arranged in the Personality Charts  with the Personality 'self' at wheel center   the
South Pole disguised as Sun-active Force and the North Pole disguised as Moon-passive Force. The
house cusp divisions were the  Form without a polarity charge. The Consciousness was the  Unifying
or  Neutralizing Force for the  Sun-active, Personality Force,  and the Moon-passive Soul Force . The
Consciousness was also given polarity as
Saturn & Jupiter, being 'split' because ot the  Separation of
Genders  and the duality paradigm of  
Pre-Aquarian Age humanity. T he Moon masked the 'unknown'
Soul Group,  and  continually  'drew'__  
attracted  energy of  consciousness  to itself  in order that the
Personality could  eventually  become attracted,  investigating,  discovering and  integrating  with the
Soul Group.  Therefore, Sun & Moon join  and the Sun radiates the
Soul Group's Purpose  through its
Personaltiy self (Sun), which has become a Tool, an Instrument, a Channel of activity rather than the
center of consciousness."

"A new polarity is established  as the Soul Group  senses the magnetism of the  Monadic Ray Group
and begins to  SEARCH that next
'unknown', informed by the Solar System, rather than serving as an
Energy Processor, (
Source of Consciousness)  Activator,  drawing magnetic energy  from a particular
fields of focus  (horoscope Sign/State),  and feeding it to  another magnetic focus
:  Moon hiding Soul
Group, which reflected the energy back to the Personality Consciousness, and prevented the '
perceiving of the Unknown__ The Soul Group."

"Whatever is  Unknown or not Understood to the personality's conscious mind is perceived as 'threat-
ening' to its existence, and so it IS__ for the Unknown or Mystery  always veils a Truth of the Soul, &
when the Soul is dominant,  the ego-personalty self  loses its power or ability  to draw energy.  It can
only channel energy as a tool or instrument in the 'hands' of the Soul/Soul Group purpose__ as does a

"In the
Soul Group,  every individual Soul  has a Function unique to itself,  which carries out the soul
Group's Purpose in the keeping of
The Great Plan.  All the Knowledge,  Information and Experiences
achieved  by all members of the Group  are now open to the  individual Soul's  intuitition__ including
whatever portions & degrees of realization of  
The Plan of the Hierarchy  (the Collective Soul Groups
forming the Kingdom of Souls on Earth)  has been  achieved by each member  &/or  any one member
of the Soul Group. As the Soul Groups become increasingly conscious of each other, so does the co-
nsciousness of the individual Soul increasingly sense the Hierarchical Groups and Plan."

"When the
Planetary Resonancy (ZUVUYA/DNA GRID) is achieved by a majority of human members
of the
Kingdom of 'Gods' (Superhumans)__ Critical Mass occurs and All Knowledge and Experience
is immediately available to every 'Superhuman' on Earth, who can relay it to other Kingdoms, as well.
Solar Resonancy  (ZUVUYA/DNA GRID) is achieved,  through the  collective awareness of the
entire Soul Group members__ (no 'Personality is in any way dominant or unaware of its Soul)__ they
can then attune to other Soul Groups' collective awareness and All Knowledge and Experience of All
Life-forms in the Solar System  is available to  Each Life-Form in the System.... (Other planets in our
Solar System have already achieved such resonancy of their own planet, and are waiting only for our
Earth to do so.)."

"When our Solar System reaches this stage of consciousness evolution,  it will join with 6 other Solar
Systems in our Galaxy... (and yes,  they too have achieved resonance  and are waiting for  Sol__ our
Sun)... so we can all join in  Galactic Resonance.  Each Life-form in the Galaxy  will then have avail-
able to it, every bit of Knowledge, Information and Experience gathered from  All Life-forms in the en-
tire Galaxy."

"It is possible to experience this within  YOUR ... (
reader's)... LIFETIME!  Now we can understand the
Joy and Excitement of the Dancing of Light Beings in the Yurt at the Tetons Retreat."

ML:  Here we see how  every individual's achievement of  consciousness evolution  benefits the entire
;  and the Group's  experiences and conscious awareness  benefit each individual.  We move a-
ahead hand-in-hand__ Mind-to-Mind."

"The instrument is tiring. We will be in contact again soon. Rest now. Drink plenty of water. Stop and
play the rest of the day. The body tires when the brain/mind tires. We have finished."

ML: Who, please is informing me at this time?
"We are
The Planetary Hierarchy."

Once again:  The individual's  Soul Group  is shown by the  Prenatal Solar Eclipse degree
and Zodiac Sign, plus aspects to it

11-4-88:  MEDITATION:  HS.  "The information given today  relates to the  JNANA YOGA__  UNION
through KNOWLEDGE. According to the
Great Circle__ Progression of the Ages__ Mankind is just
now  leaving the area of the  Ninth section  and moving into the  Tenth section. These sections relate
to the  DNA Factors
;   o the various  YOGIC  disciplines,  and to the Ten Commandments;  the Tenth
Sector being a
Synthesis of Systems."

INANA YOGA:  'HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER'__  Union of the right and the left brains
forces a union through recognizing the  Father/Spirit Force,  and the Mother/Matter Force in the phys-
ical body, and integrating them. One's Inner and Outer Awareness."

"HATHA YOGA:  "THOU SHALT NOT KILL". "To KILL is a  denial of spiritual forces in the bodies. To
LIMIT a thing,  and/or to Become Impassive, is to Kill it.  Hatha Yoga deals with  muscular and physi-
cal body organ control. Pursue other Yogas for increased understanding."

12-31-88: "Astrology is useful as a tool for activating our Intuitive Processes,  or for  introducing higher
states of consciousness and for
Timing Cycles, Causes & Effects. A support group  is strongly  recom-
mended while studying astrology.  As with any group sharing information,  the form,  vibrations & atmo-
sphere of the collective membership mirror to us the state of our personal relationship with Spirit."

"Astrology is concerned with  
energetic-spiritual or  non-physical ideas.  The entire idea of  describing
inner influences & characteristics of a conscious being is an activity outside the study of  ordinary facts
and figures.  Trying to understand the actual  
"why" or "how" of  astrological influences puts us outside  
standard physical science. At the very least, astrology deals with a rich and colorful language of arche-
types and myths that one might describe as more of an Intuitive Art than an ordinary Science."

"Man is an energy field nested within ever larger energy fields of Earth, solar system, galaxy and univ-
erse.  His physical and energetic bodies  form a  biological sub-system__ a magnetic network__ deter-
mining his  physical and consciousness development.  Earth's magnetic fields  interact with Sun, Moon
and planetary cycles through human beings to link "Mother Earth" with "Father Sky". All biological sys-
tems include  pathways enabling  consciousness transformation  whenever our  thoughts,  emotions or
beliefs harmonize  conflicting inner vibrations.  Chemical codes in the human body are  activated or de-
activated by resonant vibrations from Earth, Moon, other planets, stars, black holes or galaxies."
(Dane Rudhyar: "An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases").  

"The new hyper-dimensional physics includes consciousness and biology as part of its makeup. Stars
are huge, living collective thoughtforms "programmed" with a universe's creative potentials. Our Sun is
such a star,  transmitting encoded blueprints  to physical objects and life-forms  on the planets through
solar ejections (CMEs)__electromagnetic bursts of energy  coming off our Sun in solar storms & wind."
It is  
The Creative Force's  method for  transmitting messages to Earth  charging us with  stronger and
stronger vibrations that foster broader and more inclusive consciousness levels.

"The  living energy fields of the galaxy  hold supernal  information  and are  sometimes  referred to  as
The Ether".  (Some say the "Ethers"  form from humanity's collective consciousness.) They consist of
hyper-dimensional,  energetic frequencies  beyond the  speed of light.  Its sacred stars  imprint inform-
ation into Earth to pulsate through Her energetic grid lines and through Her humans.  Within Earth's 3-
D manifested reality,  they operate as  electromagnetic frequencies  slower than the speed of light.
(Dr. Richard Gerber. "Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves.")

Solar eclipses and energetic angles (aspects),  between planets,  Sun and Moon at birth  and through-
out life,  continually operate within all biological systems  as pathways for both physical and conscious-
ness evolution.

All the universe is interconnected. Quantum physics calls it  "
entanglement".  Artistic projects show us
the relationships between shapes, lines, colors and textures.  Geocosmic research indicates the relati-
onships between people, life-forms, events, objects, locations and concepts.  Its study and application
teaches us to intuitively sense when there is resonance between time, space, physical beings, objects
and Supreme Source.

Astrology also integrates our two brain hemispheres.  Not only is the  
right side of the brain stimulated
__ our holistic,  intuitive and creative imagination__ but the
left  logical, reasoning brain also sharpens
its focus & sequential reasoning . As the
practice of astrology  unites both brain halves,  creative ener-
gies and processes are activated, opening bubbles of awareness beyond the logical, time-bound pat-
terns usually imposed  via mainstream programming and education.  We are
multi-dimensional beings
with critical roles to play on the planet.

Geocosmic Research reveals our attitudes about life, our relationships, our truths & our personal pow-
ers and challenges. We more clearly realize how and why life unfolds  and we come to underderstand
the nature of
Cause & Effect as they trigger dynamic events in our daily living. We uncover clues as to
we're here on Earth at this time and what we're becoming. We learn what resources of humanity's
past are available to us for unfolding our individual & group missions, & how to
interface with the world
out there and manifest those missions. We uncover what our individual uniqueness may someday sig-
nify spiritually to the rest of the world when our mission completes. As perception sharpens, we correct
old misconceptions that no longer serve us and  peel away layers of stereo-type habits  that once kept
us from seeing true.

The Moon passes between Earth & Sun during a S
olar Eclipse temporarily darkening portions of Earth  
with its shadow. There is a solar eclipse  about every six months
;  sometimes two in a thirty-day period.
At the exact moment  of the solar eclipse,  the
electromagnetic fields of Earth  collapse for a few minu-  
tes.  It is then that souls  ready to incarnate into physical bodies enter the Earth's energy fields, having
only six months or less before the next solar eclipse to find the optimum fetus,  parents, location & circ-
umstances for fulfilling their personal and group lessons and missions.

We enter  Earth's magnetic fields  at birth with our  memory  dampened by  veils eliminating  unneeded  
past-life bleed-throughs  and ensuring  full integration into the current culture.  Individual past-life skills
are stored in our body's cellular memories. Freed from recalling old ties, we are able to merge with  the
new mainstream culture and play our intended roles within society__ Loving, Serving and  Cooperating
with each other__  
because we are all particles of one Greater Being,  and whatever we do to another,
we do to ourselves as well

The concept of
 Reincarnation  is part of most of the world's  major belief systems,  and was included
in Christ's original Teachings. After recalling numerous past lives, my beliefs about what they indicated
changed over the years. Each of us,  connected with Spirit-Source,  is a "fractal", a"cell",  in that Great
Consciousness__ our Creator and Heavenly Father.
This spiritual consciousness part of us never dies;
it has always existed and will exist eternally
.  On the other side of the veils,  all time is Now, and all loc-
ations are
Here. Suppose the life of every individual who has ever lived,  is living now,  or will ever live
__is taking place at this very moment in this very place, but
with other dimensional states or other time-
.  Since  I am another Yourself, a nd  You are another Myself,  is it possible we attune to other life-
times  at the very moment  we become aware of our  chosen lesson or purpose in this present lifetime?  
Perhaps I sensed the lives with the  Lakota Sioux in the 1700s North American plains, with Akhnaton in
Egypt  and with Moses in the Sinai  thousands of years ago  because
at that exact moment in this part-
icular lifetime
, I needed to understand those issues and states of consciousness.   

Each of these dates  is a punctuation mark  designating a  MAJOR  POINT OF DEPARTURE.  In Geo-
cosmic Research, when something major  occurs twice  in the same period,  it produces CHANGE;  but
when major events occur three times in the same period, it produces a CONTINUING NEW PATTERN.
All the pieces are now on the chessboard  for something significant to follow. What will be lost, or gain-
ed, and by whom?

LAW OF ONE: (  tells us that the priests in Egypt,  trying to convert  the know-
ledge that they had received initially from Ra into understandable symbology, constructed and initiated
the concept of the Tarot with the addition of the Sumerian influence.

Astrology,  Tarot Cards, Pendulums &  I Ching are symbols for languages on higher--densities rep-
resenting Time:  where Past,  Present and Future are all one. Hold Your Breath when activating Tarot,
Runes, I Ching, or Pendulum elements, and Pulse Breath when releasing them.  

9- 9-1989:  MEDITATION:  ML: Earlier, that morning,  I had been shown how each set of three Zodiac
Signs,  forming a
Trine Aspect with each other in one's horoscope chart,  indicate three Past Lives that  
formed a Lesson for the Soul's experiences,  including challenges, weaknesses and the means to und-
erstand and rise above them, as well as the skills and abilities to be used in this "End Times" LIfe-time.  
There are four sets of such Trines in one's chart
; together designating the 12 Significant Lifetimes that
are now__ in this Present Life-time__  being merged to evolve one's Soul into an  Adept, able to Serve
as Co-Creator in bringing The Divine Plan for New Earth into manifestation.

MEDITATION:  1-16-11:  Well__ we're all agog about this  "13 zodiac signs"  thing that is i n the news.
Has Earth's axis changed its tilt,  & will we add another zodiac sign
: "Ophiuchus"?  What's really hap-
A: "Thou knowest thy experience  a few years ago  of seeing the sunrise location change from out of
your bathroom window.  Yes, the axis is changing... but slowly.  It will right itself  so there is no more
wobbling.  As human consciousness  becomes stabilized , so the planet changes accordingly.__ Yes,
there will be only
360 days in the year,  & the calendar  will eventually  be adjusted using the Moon's
phases__ 13 signs and 13 houses. The Moon affects our human bodies, the ocean tides, the weather,
growing cycles and our  Decoding Process. Ophiuchus and the 13th State  picture a  Shaman holding
a live snake. It will correlate with the human race becoming MULTI-DIMENSIONAL."

"The dates given for the changes in the articles are off. Someone is confused or is attempting to influ-
ence people with the Sidereal Zodiac, which has been about one sign earlier than the Tropical in cur-
rent use. The signs should be adjusted FORWARD, not backward. This explains why you noticed that
the seasonal weather changes are arriving about 3 weeks earlier than a few years ago. Yes, you said
a few days ago that '
spring is here',  when all the rains,  warm weather,  tree buddings and robins arr-
ived. This is also partly why there is confusion about an 'ice age' or 'global warming' arriving. The zo-
diac will be adjusted for the 13 signs and houses,  but the real change will be in the  SEASONS.  The
Equinoxes and Solstices  need to be adjusted for this.  It matters not how one  labels signs and dates,
but rather the INFLUENCE they have on individuals and the collective. Recall your inner message of
many years ago to '
leave astrology and go only with intuition.'"

4-24-11: MOON'S AFFECTS...         
: *Ch.6,"Timing" (Timing.html)__Not only presents optimum times for tran-
smuting psychological baggage, but also for physical regenerations.   

MEDITATION: ML: Does a Void of Course Moon affect Crystal Healings and the use of Vibrational Re-
A. "Yes. And, an individual's VOC planet in the natal chart might also curtail the effectiveness of such
healing techniques in general, depending upon the Zodiac Sign, the House/State, and the degree.

Void of Course Moon occurs when the transiting Moon is in one zodiac sign,  and will not contact
a planet in one's Birth Chart  until it enters  the next zodiac sign.  
Example:  A transiting  Moon  in Virgo
does not contact a planet, Sun or Moon in the Birth Chart until it enters the sign of Libra. (And perhaps,
not then either!)

5-6-13:  Found information in an old Journal from 3/88.  Two hours of deep  MEDITATION produced a
New Astrology Method of interpreting one's
Soul Group and Its Mission. I asked who provided this__
The Planetary Hierarchy" ,  which seemed to be formed  of all the life-forms  in and upon Earth.   

8-7-13: MEDITATION: HS: "The DNA in bodies IS changing, as Divine Forces already beat down up-
on the planet. This is part of why we feel so tired. NIBIRU is bringing help and good energies to Earth
and to those ready to receive it. Those whose consciousness is not yet ready, will be exposed to cata-
strophes.  It all depends upon one's state of mind. The enforced isolation for Lightbearers,  Wayshow-
ers and Starseeds is not only to enable you to purify your body and consciousness without distraction
from the outside worlds,  but to start weaning self away  from dependency on  family & friends in case
they and you go to differing densities__ or stay in 3-D. This depends upon  each individual. The May-
an Calendar is valid for developing one's Creative Consciousness. The 12-21-12 date was only a Be-
ginning of ascension
;  but some pumped it up to be a full ascension date for all humanity & Earth. No
'Full Ascension Date' exists. It is all individual. For the masses, it will be the number of souls who are
ready for each density level."

"As for Self__ you are trying to find your NEW CREATIVE IDENTITY.... We have Finished."

Jose Arguelles:  ("The Mayan Factor")  "The 13 Moon Calendar Year  is a  solar-galactic cycle that
meshes the
365-day 3-D Solar Cycle with the 260-day 4-D Galactic Cycle__"The Tzolk'in"__   ev-
52 years.  It can be used as an  intermediary between one's Mind and Being and the experience of
the form and process of galactic consciousness. It's daily use helps entrain the consciousness  into the
threshold of  
Galactic Consciousness."... Jose spread the 13 Moon calendar  to more than 90 countries

Jose' found... The simplest way  to access these mathematical codes  was through  daily use of  the 13
Moon/28-day matrix. As deceptively simple as this sounds, it has profound implications.

ML: I followed a combination of the  Moon Cycles and the Tzolk'in in my journal and with spiritual work.
They are excellent for creativity,  and they provide a feeling of comfort and harmony with Nature,  Gaia
and the Galaxy.  I still use the Gregorian calendar for mundane,  daily matters and for coordinating with
others for birthdays, holidays, or community and family events.

The essence of  
Jose's Message was:  "human civilization is living  in artificial time  that is  destroying
the biosphere. To reverse the situation requires a collective return to natural time in reverence with the
Earth where time is not money but  "Time is Art."... Jose' went on..."The ancient Maya fore saw that the
next evolutionary cycle would be the true solar age. They envisioned
2012 as the Entry Point of a puri-
fied humanity, ready for the new solar age.  And they were right__ the Sun is undergoing a tremendous
transformation right now, altering the very nature of life on Earth."

In order for us to survive, we've got to strip down__  get
Back to Nature, root in the garden and lighten
our load. In the new  Solar Age we will learn that our  
telepathic thought waves are really solar signals,  
and that our  mental evolution through the noosphere  is to prepare us for heightened soul travel.  We'll
all become like  One Being,  with a billion autonomous cells, working in unison to become  enlightened.
And since we will see that WE ARE THE  PLANET,  we will know that it is  the planet that is  becoming
enlightened, and our job is to make it an enlightened work of art__ an Art Planet__ a jewel of the gala-
xy." (

David Wilcock  in his 1-13-13 article: " December 21, 2012: "Romance and
Reality",  has given us some awesome new "pieces"  for understanding  just what the  Mayan Calendar
based its numbered days and cycles upon. Their Long Count calendar,  at
5,125 years..."is almost ex-
actly one-fifth of the
25,920-year cycle", of the Precession of Earth's Equinoxes.

Every  Mayan Calendar  Cycle  corresponds to  planetary orbits....David  discovered how  each of  the
sub-cycles the  Mayan Calendar is tracking__
260 days,  360 days +5,  7200 days  (19.5 years)  and
144,000 days (397.4 years)__ were ,,,"directly synchronized with the orbits in our solar system."

The 260-day 'Tzolk'in"  is the most widely-appearing of these ancient cycles in  Mesoamerica. Robert
, an Australian college professor, found that 260 days  is the smallest possible number that knt-
erlocks all the orbits  of the inner planets together.  The Mayans  built a whole system of  divination ar-
ound this__  where they tracked a  
20-day cycle and a 13-day cycle"...  a Wavespell... "at the same
time"... "Each day in each of these cycles has a particular meaning similar to astrology." Our experienc-
es will change as these two cycles  intersect  throughout the entire
260-day period.

There follow  numerous pages of  
Wilcock's  article  explaining  the  Mayan Calendar's  relationship to
Geometric Reality", to..."Our Sun Orbiting a Nearly-Invisible 'Brown Dwarf' Star" and "Our Sun orbiting
another star in a 25,920-year cycle
"; and how "This Geometry Appears When the Sun's Orbit is Smoo-
thed Out into a Circle
." This geometry may be the hidden reason for why the Mayan Calendar works as
it does
: "It is the mainspring__ the central axis__ in the cosmic clock."

David continued to explain how this Geometry fits into the entire solar system picture. Many illusrations
are shown that will  boggle the mind  as to the preciseness of our universal structures and workings,  &
an  animated illustration  shows the Sun  "
beating" as do  our physical bodies'  hearts... "It took s everal
more years  to find scientific proof  that the universe  is made of  
living,  conscious energy that behaves
like a fluid
__ and vibrates."

"History is seen as an evolutionary process that spirals, where similar events are favored at certain poi-
nts in the cycle
; yet there is never an exact repeat, as each cycle is never identical. This process is nur-
tured by increasing levels of consciousness fostered by cosmic energies. There is one source of all en-
ergy which is Divine Consciousness, manifesting itself as an infinite number of possible creations, exis-
ting in all dimensions. Each creation__each Lifestream__ has is own frequency and all matter is essen-
tially interconnected. Hence, Reality is based on Energy, Frequencies and Harmonic Resonance. Time
and Space are not separate entities
; Space-Time , rather like Einstein's space-time, is a single quantity
with frequency,  defining a spiral  where history mostly  repeats itself in a period of time. Understanding
changing cosmic energies  and how these  influence human consciousness enabled Mayan Timekeep-
ers to make precise predictions about the future. "
(Hunbatz Men:  "Mayan Wisdom: The Astronomical Cy-
cles of Time.")

The enclosed diagram;  "Binary Star System"  shows  two orbits
in red__  the larger orbit is  oval-shaped, and the smaller orbit, is
less so. The two yellow circles represent Earth's sun, "Sol",  and
the two small grey circles,  the brown dwarf __  also called  "The
Black Sun."  The tiny green dot inside the area  where two orbits
overlap is the Center of Gravity within the two cycles, and appro-
ximately  where Earth is  at present,  when  "Sol" and "The Black
Sun" are at their very closest approach.

When both  Suns  (yellow circes)  are
farthest out from Earth  (green dot)  in their orbits.  they are half-
way through The Great Year of  
25,920 Earth years;  i.e., it's where it was  12,860 years ago, in what  
India's ancient texts call the "
Kali Yuga", or the darkest  2,000+ years period of Earth history. This was
at about the time that Christ appeared on Earth.
NASA now knows that 80% of the suns in our universe
are binary stars.
(GAIAMTV: D. Wilcock: "The 25,000 Year Cycle" - April, 2013)

When the two Suns are closest to Earth ( green dot) we have what is called "The Shift of the Ages", as
the two Suns' energies  pull upon Earth,  increasing the Solar Flares and  Coronal Mass Ejections from
"Sol" that affect our planet's physical body and all life upon Her.  Along with other energetics from Earth
Herself, from the cosmos and the galaxy influencing us, all planets in our solar system are experiencing
that "wobble",  heating up,  developing atmospheres  or places where new life seems to be evolving, as
well as increased earthquakes, volcanoes and weather changes. This happens every
25,920 years__
every "
Great Year". (Walter Cruttenden: "Lost Star of Myth and Time").

The day after the 12-21-12, the New Moon in Sagittarius marked the end of the "eclipse wormhole" that
November, 2012,  the constellation  "Ophiuchus" (Say:  "Oh-Few-Shuss")__  symbolized as a
shaman  holding a huge serpent in his hands__ began to activate  the physical gateway  through which
the Universal Love (unified) harmonic is being transmitted to Earth,  upgrading humanity and all physic-
al matter to the frequency of  
13 ("You get 13"?),  Enabling us to  experience the excitement of  Multiple
Dimensions of Reality simultaneously, whether awake or asleep.

Transferring from a  3-D to a 4 or 5-D density,  or vice versa,  we move through the  EM Spectrum at or
near the speed of light.  When our consciousness enters those  higher frequencies- dimensional states
of being,  we can then  communicate with matter  and affect the  emotions,  consciousness,  energies &
matter that exist in lower dimensional states__ i.e.,
we will heal and manifest at will.


: 10:42PM:
Moon 27* Aries: Conjunct Natal Sun. BLACK HOLE "CASSIOPIA A": Of all the black holes this one has
the strongest connect to the Past &
Trines the Galactic Center, with the Natal Sun and an inconjunct to
the Natal North Node; i.e.
: must serve Natal Sun & the Transiting Moon.

"THROUGH IMAGINATION A LOST OPPORTUNITY IS GAINED." Revision of attitude and inner revel-
UNDAUNTED FAITH IN THE PURSUIT OF ONE'S IDEALS.  A contrasting degree: The disciple
feels he may have failed his test  due to an overstimulated mind  and obsession with all that appears to
be needing accomplishment.  The "failure" may be  a challenge to the emergence of  a new capacity__
the "
creative imagination". The mind must first IMAGINE that what he wants to accomplish has already

Phillip Sedgwick, in "The Astrology of Deep Space", writes: The emission of the infrared spectrum of
Galactic Center alone generates almost a million times as much energy as the Sun does through its
electromagnetic spectrum.",,,"Those individuals connected to the Galactic Center (withing 4 deg-
rees)  must come to grips  with this type of  reaction  that he/she  knows to be true.  Decisions must be
made as to what to do with the information."

"The wisdom and compassion  which only the experience of suffering and isolation  can bring." ... "The
individual must have learned DETACHMENT,  and it is a lesson that no one can learn without the "cru-
cifixion" of the ego-centered emotional life. The experience of the Cross dominates the mystic Path that
leads to Initiation
;  i.e.,  to the entrance into a greater realm of activity and  participation with an exalted
Company of perfected beings. A Contrasting Stage is reached at which the mind itself has to be left be-
hind,  and perhaps  seem destroyed  in order that  compassion  and  understanding  may rise  from the
depth of the innermost being: A LIBERATING ORDEAL."   

" The ability to explore little known realms and discover the Laws underlying the Complex Proces-
ses of Nature." (Neptune here,
8-90:  "Little America Guru."...."The emphasis here is on the acqusi-
tion of extensive knowledge,  the satisfaction of intellectual curiousity
.  Nevertheless,  there is
also an aristocracy of science:
 this is the modern type.  It's use of acquired knowledge can pose as
many problems as the use of hereditary aristocracy wealth. But it is Man's essential function to become
equally conscious of All Life Forms and Processes on this Earth

At this
Opposing Stage__12,860 years into The Great Year, the intellectual search for empirical know-
ledge  contrasts with  the display attendant to  the wealth and culture of an elite.  Civilization is founded
on  an ever-extended capitalization on  Knowledge and the  Use of Technology. It features  EXPLORA-
TION preeminently at all levels."

POLARIS: 28 degrees, 34 minutes, Gemini.
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Grail once again.  It is a significant  Waystation for the Command.  It guides all COSMIC TRAVELLERS
to their destinies  and realigns the heavens' elliptical paths every turn of the millennium.  It is the PASS-
AGE between  2 UNIVERSES....  a DOORWAY between parallel worlds.  It governs the regulatory cur-
rents in this period which allow or disallow the Earth to SHIFT ON ITS ACCESS-AXIS.

Polaris Star Astrology
Fixed star Polaris is of the nature of Saturn and Venus.  It causes much sickness,  trouble, loss of fort-
une,  disgrace and great affliction, and may give legacies and inheritances attended by much evil. The
Pole Star  is the main star of the  small Bear situated on the Tail,  has a  Saturn nature, combined with
qualities of Sun and Venus. It might seem strange to include this fixed star here, as its latitude is about
60° and therefore placed far outside of the ecliptic in which the planets move. Measured on the ecliptic,
it is situated closely conjunct with
Alpha Orionis, Betelgeuse, the main star of Orion.

The Chinese considered the Pole Star as “
the great honorable Lord of the Heavens.” In a relevant po-
sition in the natal chart  it gives spiritual powers  to the bearer,  who will be highly respected. The Pole
Star serves as a guide and indicator.
If it is conjunct planets  in the angles, the native will have a good
sense of discretion  and be able to follow his or her instincts.  The native  clearly recognizes his or her
aims, and will pursue and achieve them.

Polaris, Ursa Minoris, the Pole Star, is not as bright as we may think, It is still east to find by following
up a line through the lower and upper star s at the end  of the pan part of  the Dipper.  Ptolemy gives it
Saturn-Venus rating,  entirely right for the star which serves so well to guide us in our wanderings, and
that is just what it tells us about people when we find it strong on their horoscopes. According to its as-
pects, they are excellent or not so good at receiving and giving guidance, but give it they always will, &
to any and all who will listen.

Polaris rules the pancreas in the human body. Constellation Ursa Minor is like Saturn and in some deg-
ree like Venus. It is said to give indifference & improvidence of spirit, and to lead to many troubles.
Astrologically both Bears were said to presage an evil influence. They are particularly injurious as reg-
ards to the affairs of nations and kings.

Polaris Star Conjunctions.
Sun conjunct Polaris:
 Many troubles & evils. These persons  will have a difficult time  absorbing cal-
cium properly, with the result that they experience indigestion. The problem is not usually related to the
pancreas. The difficulty in digesting calcium  creates an additional problem with  the skeletal part of the
head. There would be a continuous imbalance here  in spite of the amount of calcium taken. The indi-
gestion would continue as well as the thinning of the skeletal part of the head where they feel sensitive
areas about the head. Eating fruit will help somewhat, but they may continue to have these problems.

Sun conjunct Saturn conjunct Polaris:
With both the Sun and Saturn at this point, there would be complete bone damage throughout the bod-
y, including a weakness in the knees and shoulders. It does ultimately affect the teeth and jaws.

Moon conjunct Polaris:
Hatred of the vulgar, ill-will of women and danger from thieves.

When the planet  Mercury unites with Polaris,  NOTHING can be stopped  from completing its mis-
sion or destiny on Earth.
Polaris is a WAY-SHOWER for the masses into the  New see
their own destiny in the years to come.

Saturn conjunct Polaris: These individuals will experience many weak areas about the body. They
are unable to assimilate the foods they eat, so they experience many different illnesses and weakness-
es. The nervous system is usually damaged, affecting the arms and legs. There is an aching they can-
not pinpoint,  or they would feel that  their skin is too tender  and highly sensitive. They will experience
aches through the arms and legs.

Uranus conjunct Polaris:
Hillary Clinton 1°55′

1. North, South, East & West are only one direction when it comes to the EM currents that rule Earth."
2. Keep a perspective that balances the MOON & ENERGIES with that of POLARIS  and you will re-
veal to yourself the SECRETS OF THE AGES."
3. BELIEVE that  all power rests  within your own consciousness,  when  ego has been  denied.  The
BREATH contains the depth of the knowledge  and provides the means  by which the 3RD EYE
will open to reveal the understandings to each of you."
4. EACH DAY, Take note of CLUES GIVEN, and summarize the info to understand the solution."
ML: Synchronicities?

"February 7th - 12th:  THE VORTEX OPENED. #12: = information received to help Decode the Keys
to begin the process of regaining Atlantean knowledge."

ALIGNMENT. Illusion of Peace. Some may FEEL ILL, as the 8 BODIES attached to the physical exis-
tence  will be producing an  ALCHEMICAL REACTION  in preparation for  the journey.  See this  as a
sign of COMPLETION  and KNOW YOU ARE ON TRACK.  Feel the power contained within your cell-
ular structures, and believe YOU ARE ONE WITH THE FORCE."


The 12 Signs of Zodiac relate to our 12 DNA Strands. (S. Parkes)
: INSIGHT:  Built upon last year's channeled info about The Lower Six Houses of the Horosco-
pe, as "
The way things WANT TO BE." It's how the physical place WILLS US TO BE.

Houses 4 through 6 suggest how WE LEARN TO UNDERSTAND OUR OWN WILL__ through
Home Foundations, Self-Expression, Work,
HEALTH, Service, Duty.

Houses 7 through 9 = UNDERSTANDING THE WILL OF OTHERS: Partner/Public, Ritual Groups,
Higher Self.

Houses 10 through 12 = SPIRITS WILL.
House 10: Learning to use personal abilities to MANIFEST Spirit's Will.
House 11; Administer Spirit's Will to Humanity.
House 12: BECOME AS ONE with Spirit's Will__ the PATH__ TOTAL UNITY.

6-86: KARMA to be worked out: See Journal #5, pg. 136, 140-43. INTEGRATING the Lessons of
the Twelve Houses of the Horoscope Zodiac Wheel.
Journal 6: 1985:


1. KNOW THYSELF__ Meditation & Dreams. The need to gain a Sense of Identity through proving self
or starting something new.
y__ Hatha Yoga Dancing, Swimming, Racing, Dining, Robust Sports. Grooming.
The Body is the Template of the Soul.
3. PERSONALITY__ Openness, Oneness, Creativity, Nourishing. Service to Others. Give when asked
for help, or see a legitimate Need & Desire.

Share personal possessions, money, talents, inner resources__ USE THEM for others to develop Self.

3RD HOUSE: ADAPTABILITY - RELATIONSHIPS__ Cooperation rather than Competition. Relatives,
Partners, Neighbors, Community. To be ACCEPTED= COOPERATE WITH THOSE AROUND ONE.

past experiences.
1. PERSONAL FOUNDATIONS + centered from within and a Oneness with Humanity.
2. THE MOTHER: Expresses Her Love through Affection & Loving Service.
3. HOME (Self-Estalished) HOME IS WITHIN.
4. NEW BEGINNINGS & END OF LIFE MATTERS. Being aware of when & how to best End Things
that are not longer working, &/or when and how to Begin New Things.

1. LEARN TO EXPRESS SELF CREATIVELY, with Enthusiasm and Energy toward personal interests.
3. BALANCE WORK & PLAY__ Learn to Enjoy Self without feeling Guilty.
4. SHARE WHAT ONE CREATES__ Using One's Will to Create Unselfishly.
5. GAMBLING & SPECULATION__ Be willing to RISK one's Physical & Mental Self ( But not one's
Soul) as a Channel through which Source/Great Spirit/Supreme Consciousness can work__ (also
without thought of Reward.)

1,) Overdoing.
2.) Life Style not in Harmony with One's Ideals.
3.) Crises __ Use Meditation, Dreamwork to allow Higher Self to Direct Solutions.
4.) Attempts to Change One's Attitudes.
5.) Aging. Have Patience__ Accept the Inevitable. Know that Aging includes Steps leading
      toward a Higher & Better Existence. Trust In Great Spirit/Source/Supreme Conscious-
      ness. Focus on Positive Aspects. (What am I learning now?).
6,) Emotion: Instead of trying to subdue or control one's negative emotions, which may result
      only in having them finally burst free to speak or act negatively to self &/or others, in so-
      me way, turn them outwardly to benefit self &/or others in some way.
7,) Pain, illness,grief, doubts = our inner feeling of inadequacy, fear or frustration. THE REAL
      ISSUE: What to do when in a Crisis:
      What one can develop in self, rather than what one can "achieve".
8.) Face SETBACKS with courage, optimism & faith = personal growth achieved. Avoid cry-
     ing out against "Cruel Fate"__ or retreating into one's "dream world.".
 SIGNS. (See following information re Zodiac Signs.)
LEO: Heart, back, spine, vitality, body heat, perspiration.
VIRGO: Intestines, bowels, duodenum, food assimiation, hands.
LIBRA: Kidneys, ovaries, filtration of body fluids or urine.
MOON: Stomach... sickness from infancy.
NEPTUNE Retrograde: Contagious diseases, over self-indulgence, poisons, Rx & OVC
       drugs, alcohol, allergies. (Check water purification.)
WORK: Personal development can be gained through contributing to the productivity and growth of
one's community. AVOID: Being resentful of the need to work, or the type of work one has to
do. The world does not owe self a living.
SERVICE: Be willing to serve others because there is a Need, not for personal recognition or for a
reward. No one is so "great" or so "handicapped" that they cannot be of service to others.

SIXTH HOUSE CONCLUSION: It is herein that we are tested as to How to Handle Conflicts & Crises.
Learn Patience and Endurance toward all pain & suffering.
SUFFERING:  A Catalyst to Transforming one's thoughts & actions. Learn to Detach; Eliminate Desire
for Ego-glorification.

One must activate these matters oneself.
1. Maintain balance & harmony in cooperative relationships.
2. Intellectual and Social Relations with others.
3. Cooperation & Sharing.
4. Purpose for a Partnership.
5. The Way we React to Others is the Foundation upon which One will Achieve or Fail to Achieve the
Purpose One set for Oneself before Reincarnating into this Lifetime.
6. If we do not have Love & Compassion for others, we will never end our cycle of Reincarnations.
7. MARRIAGE: Understand Our reasons for wanting to Be Together. (Personal Happiness, Security,
Emotional Fulfillment, Procreation.)
8. All 7th House Relationships involve an Unspoken Pledge to Use One's Personal Resources for the
Mutual Benefit of  All Concerned.
9. The Qualities One needs to use in their Relationships with Partners
:__Diplomacy, Cooperation, Hel-
pfulness, Idealism, Sociability. When One is having difficulties, it is probably because of the follow-
ing Negative Qualities: indecisiveness; Dependency; Insincerity; Laziness; Self-Indulgence.
10. All Relationships experience TENSIONS, which can serve to develop Soul Growth.
11. AVOID ISOLATING SELF to avoid all the hurts & disappointments inflicted by others.

a.) Money; b.) Group Expansion; c.) To Influence Others; d.) Self-Transformation. e.) New Depths
of Inner Awareness.
a.) Do I Trust the Participants?
b.) Is the Project Properly Managed?
c.) RESPONSIBILITY: What Type of Power is Released__ Positive or Negative?
 2. GROUPS__ Ritual, Set Pattern of Operating:
         a.) Business, b.) Religious, c.) Political, 4.) Spiritual or Metaphysical.
4. DEATH & REGENERATION. (Actual & Symbolic).
 1. Through GROWTH from CHANGES & CRISES.
 2. SEX.
5. PERSONAL SACRIFICE. Taxes, Inheritances: Realize One doesn't have to share their personal re-
sources with Everybody, but One does need to share them with SOME persons &/or groups__ as
a means to HELP them.
6, JOINT RESOURCES. A Balance must be achieved between what are One's Personal Resources &
what belongs to Others, keeping them Separate, but USING the resources on a "GIVE" & "TAKE"
Basis with Others. (Not to be all Given by Oneself, or all Taken by Oneself, either.)
One brings One's personal resources to another person or groups in order to Help Fulfill that Per-
son's or Group's Goal. REMEMBER: Whatever One is willing to give must also be what The Other
is wanting to receive__ not what One thinks the Other/s Need or Should Want.
b.) To Decide Upon the Value of the group:__ Examine the Group's Purpose &/or Motives.
c.) All Rituals should be INSPIRING , CONSTRUCTIVE & POSITIVE, rather than Boring or Destru-
8. TRUST: Not Trusting the Participants can lead to Disillusionment.
9. MANAGEMENT: Properly done, will produce Positive Results, Create New Wealth, Release New E-
nergies. THE GOAL: STABILITY for the Group Participants.
10. RESPONSIBILITY: Energy created & released whenever two or more are together (whether posit-
tive or negative). One must decide exactly What Type of Energy One Wishes to Create, and
what One hopes to Gain from the group/s One Belongs To.
11. PERSONAL SACRIFICE: In any COOPERATIVE Relationship, One must Give or Oneself, but must
also expect Something in Return; perhaps only a Sense o Personal Soul Growth.

One needs to obtain Understanding through Broader Viewpoints,set Far-reaching Goals, & to Explore
Wider Horizons, including Abstract Thoughts, Higher Education & Long Journeys & Foreign Lands.

1. EXPANDING ONE'S MIND through Understanding Wisdom (unable to be "proven"). A House of En-
thusiasm & Energy toward Spiritual Urges. One's Outlook on Life  and what One feels through the
9th House may be THE MEANING OF LIFE.
2. OBTAINING UNDERSTANDING (not just Knowledge) through Broader Viewpoints, setting Far-Rea-
ching Goals and Exploring Wider Horizons. All Experience which Expand the Mind (not the ego or
the body) and help to Formulate a Philosophy & Understanding of Life.
3. FORMAL EXPANSION: Relpgion-Spirituality, Philosophy, Archeology, Psychology, Metaphysics, Tra-
vel. Astrology.
:__ Relatives by Marriage (In-Laws); College &/or Graduate School;, Write Books, Prose
& Poetry.

5. UNDERSTANDING comes when we Aquire Wisdom through our Association with other people.

10TH HOUSE: ACTIVITY & SUBSTANCE. (One must activate these matters Oneself.) One also needs
to gain Social Recognition and Respect from Others through Social Standing and Achievements in
the Community. (To be a Channel of Blessing to Others. Not necessarily for money.)
has found to be a Meaningful Approach to Life based onOne's 9
TH HOUSE Understanding & Wis-
dom. One may find theeir CAREER, but this does not mean that One has learned Any, or All of Li-
fe's Lessons along the way.
2. In the 10th House, one is JUDGED, not by One's Personality or Apprearance, but by One's Perform-
ance. If Peforming Poorly, ask Higher Self/Source/Great Spirit: "Have I Chosen the Right Career? -
or, "Have I Listened to My Teacher?" or, "Have i Practiced Enought?"
3. If One seeks the Lime-Light for selfish egoic reasons, One has not learned One's Lessons properly.
By being Loving & Compassionate in Cooperative Relationships, One would have no need to "fe-
ed" the ego with Power (or anything else). One's Ego-Self would be too full of Compassion & Kin-
dness instead.
5. AUTHORITY  = FATHER & BOTH PARENTS__  To be a SUCCESS in any Endeavor
a.) Self-Discipline; b.) Self-Control; c.) Sense of Responsibiity.  
b.) If One Rebels against Taking of Orders, it is because those Traits are Lacking in Oneself.
c,) How can One Teach, unless One has been WILLING TO BE TAUGHT?

likes the Authority Figure__ Ask
 a.) Is that Person Doing The Best Job He/She can?
 b.) Does One Resent His/Her Power to Tell me What to Do?
 c.) Would One/I Do a Better Job in Their Place?
 d.) How would One/I Do it Better?
 e.) Would I practice the Above 4 Traits?__ or would I Misuse the Power Given Me?

1. INNER GOALS & AMBITIONS clarified through Friends & Social Groups__ INTELLECTUAL & SO-
CIAL Relationships encouraging One's DEVELOPMENT & CREATIVE EXPRESSION through Fri-
ends & Social Interfaces.
1. FRIENDS__ can serve as Boosters and Inspiration for Creative People. Friendship can be a
      great Source of Strength or__ wrongly used__ can be Destructive.  People One thought to
      be Friends can appear to be displeased, or jealous,__when One succeeds with something
      Creative. FRIENDSHIP must be based on EQUALITY, but the False Friend wants to hold
      One  down to his/her level.
2. PEER GROUPS" Some Members may not want One to be an INDIVIDUAL, and exert all kinds
      of Pressure to force One to Conform to Their Ways.
 BEWARE!  An 11TH HOUSE can also
      be an
     Here again, is THE NEED TO ACHIEVE BALANCE:
           a.) EQUALIZE the 11th House's need for Friendship & Socialization with the 5th House's
                  NEED for Self-Development & Creative Self-Expression.
           b.) FRIENDSHIP must be based on EQUALITY. Choose Friends who Encourage & Ins-
                  pire One__ and for whom One can do the same in return.
3. SOCIAL GROUPS (Non-Ritual)
 a.) One's socializing and friendships can waste much of One's time, and dissipate One's
                    creative energies__ unless One learns to make a Positive Selection of Friends who
                    Encourage us&d who are also Seeking to Develop in a Way that One also desires.
           b.) It is through Friends and Groups of People that we Gain Knowledge and New Ideals.
                    Through the sharing of their Special Creative Spark with One, One is stimulated to
                    Depend on What One is Seeking in Life__ whatever  One's Goal & Ambitions.
           c.) As One Grows, One must be prepared to be Released by Friends who no longer und-
                    erstand One's Ideas or Mode of Life__or,tot Release Them, as they may seek their
                    own Inner Light.
           d.) One should NEVER FORCE ONE'S GOALS ON ANYONE ELSE. It is not One's right.
                    If One is dropped from a Special Group to which One has belonged for a long time,
                    accept this as a Door Closing.  One will soon find another Door Opening__ that will
                    bring One Greater Happiness. Don't be bitter!

12Tth House is all about SOUL GROWTH through SUFFERING, FORGIVENESS & FAITH in the
UNKOWN. There is a Need to ATONE for PAST LIFETIME NEGATIVE PATTERNS, so that  New and
Better Life Pattens may be Formed, overcoming:
   from Society in a variety of ways, and everything One has taken needs to be REPAID.
3. PAST MEMORIES  need to be Faced  because  One has  created them.  Eventually,  the misdeeds
   must be atoned for, if there is to be any Soul Growth in this Lifetime.
4. ONE CAN REDEEM ONESELF  through LOVE & FORGIVENESS . There is no need to find out ab-
   out all the  Negative Experiences  shared with another Person.  FORGIVE HIM/HER  & ONESELF
   from the bottom of One's Heart.
5. PAIN. The 6th House dealt with  Physical Pain,  & the 12th House deals with  Mental Pain. The AM-
  OUNT OF PAIN One must face  in each of these 2 Houses,  depends upon  the SIZE of each Hou-
  se. If the 6th & 12th Houses  include  MORE THAN  30 DEGREES__ One is  required  to deal with
  more Pain than the average individual. Many Psychic Healers have this feature in their Birth chart,
  though One must also consider the Zodiac Sign on the Cusp, as well as aspects to certain planets
  __ basically, Mercury, Saturn & Neptune.

 Twenty-one percent of Mental Pain is most difficult to bear because the anguish of the mind can e-
 ventually cause physical pain as well. ENCOURAGE AND HELP THOSE AROUND ONE.

"I sought my Soul, but my Soul I could not see.
                                         I sought my God, but my God eluded me.
                                         I sought my Brother__ and I found All Three."
ARIES: "Happy are those who lack the impulsiveness of Self-Will; for theirs is the Kingdom of

TAURUS: "Happy is the one who feels alienated in a material setting."

GEMINI: "Happy are those who are ild in temperament, for they shall Realize the Earth."

CANCER: "Happy are those who hunger and thirst after Justness, (Bond with Humanit) and/or certain
Fulfilment is theirs."

LEO: "Happy are the Merciful,for they shall obtain mercy (Empahsis not on the "deservingness" of the
person, but an adherence to the principle.

VIRGO: "Happy are those who are clear in heart  (feelings not jumbled and that are appropriate; mo-
tives that are known) for they shall take heed of the Presence of God"
Virgo: the mental impulse  to verify (experience) things for ourselves,  unless this impulse to verify beg-
ins with My self__ My desires & motives__ it leads to disorientation and disorganization.

LIBRA: "Happy are the Peacemakers (establish order out of choas"  Overcome Conflict by turning my
attention to Peacemaking in the outside world.) for they shall be called Sons of God (a stage of matur-
ity in one's relationship wit God = characteristics of Jesus Christ.)."

SCORPIO: 'Happy are they which are persecuted  for Righteousness sake  (not to count persecution,
but courage  in the face of opposition to a life  dedicated to the cause of Righteousness__ a personal
commitment to  Justness__ dedicated to  the common  god  (Way of Life)  rather than  the pursuit  of
individual glory (Way of Death) for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven
."  The part that persecution plays
in Self-Transformation is providing the individual with verification that he/she is following the right cour-
se of action, with Peseverance and Tenacity__ ;but not fanaticism!"

SAGITTARIUS: "Happy are you when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all man-
ner of evil against you falsley for My sake. ("
Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow?" Rejoice & be exceed-
ing glad; for great is your reward in heaven;  for so persecuted they  the prophets  which were  before

To those who respond to the Inner Call to share their faith, and to live out in their Outer Lives, the prin-
ciple attributed to Christ. Such persons are in the company of prophets. (Does this mean Our prophetic
dreams and insights indicate that we are actively working ot this Beatitude in our daily lives?) Sagittar-
ius receives & disseminates Higher Knowledge & fosters Higher Learning & Philos
ophical pursuits."

CAPRICORN:  "Ye are the salt of the earth;  but if the salt  has lost its savor  wherewith shall it.. (the
earth) be salted?  It is thence-forth good for nothing  but to be cast out &  to be trodden under the foot
of men
." Refers to those having difficulty expressing their understanding of Life's Purpose. Those who
do sense the true purpose to life should be able to affect others on contact. An Understanding of Life's
Inner Meaning  goes together with  the Events of the Life  to make them palatable. Those of us who al-
ady have  such an appreciation  of Life's Meaning  should act as  a source of  encouragement to those
not yet so developed."

If I cannot Personally Display a Sense of Direction (practical orientation to life) all my knowledge & und-
erstanding come to nought: "
Salt that has lost its flavor".

AQUARIUS: "Ye are the LIGHT (sense of 'radiation') of the World. A city that is set on a hill cannot be
hid. Neither do men light a candle, and pt it under a bushel but on a candlestick; and it giveth light
unto all that are in the house

Refers to those who should be Sources of Illuminations (Light Bearers) by virtue of their inner realizat-
Salt__ works by Giving of Itself (practical).
Light__ works by Being to Itself (principles).
Aquarius = Individual  expresses need  to be a  Trend-setter,  an Inventor,  an Innovator __ to become
the Visionaries and Reformers in Human Society.
[Tendencies to become ECCENTRIC if cut off from Mankind, instead of Becoming Its Inspiration! ].

PISCES: "Think not  that I am come to destroy the law; or the prophets. For verily I say unto you, "Till
heaven & Earth pass,  one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law  'till all be fulfilled. Who-
soever therefore shall break one of these least commandments,  and shall teach men so he/she shall
be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven
: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall
be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven."
)Refers to what to expect from one who has succeeded in mastering the 1st 11 Stages:)
1-9 Beatitudes = progression of VALUES.
10-11 Beatitudes = injunctions that one should be:
) A Source of influence to one's fellowmen.
b.) A Source of inspiration to one's fellowmen.
Upon completion of these 11__
Jesus is a model of the New Being.
Pisces represents: a.) the urge to give validation to experiences, (b.) erect institutions, and c.) protect
that which is considered to be of Value.

AGE OF PISCES: = 2160 years,  then comes the  AGE OF AQUARIUS__ 12-21-12__ teaching  us of
the End of One Age a nd the Beginnings of another,  does not call for the abolition of  the old pre-
cepts and principles that were given to mankind to help him achieve a fuller life. __ He then demonstra-
ted an Expanded Understanding of the old Mosaic Law.

THE BEATITUDES OF JESUS: Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10

7-24-86:  INSIGHT: (More Astrology). John Addy's book, "Harmonic Astrology" has some great stuff
in it.There's a lot about
CIRCLES__ and even DIURNAL CIRCLES__ & CYCLES in his book.

(New entry; Dec. 3, 2017)
11-16-12: Note for Astrologers: Sometimes I hold back on writing certain things, even when I
know I probably shouldn't. Earlier this week,  when outlining the story of the New Moon's en-
ergy (with the astrological aspects and Sabian Symbols), I knew that the evil ruling powers in
our world would strike. This was evident  by the position of Venus and the energy associated
with its current zodiac degree, b ut also because  Venus &
Eris were in opposition  within a 3
degree orb. All astrologers out there should remember that
anytime Venus it located at 21-
22 degrees in  Aries or Libra (the
Eris point),  the illuminati will always use that energy
to empower their actions
.  This needs to be known  and brought into the light. The Eris/Isis-
LillithEresh-kigal energy is an intense object of Love for some groups of the Illuminati, and an
intense object of Hate for others
; and both for some. Regardless, they know its power of the
feminine  that is contained within it.  All of this,  in combination with the other war-like aspects
of the  current  New Moon chart, make it a perfect strike energy  empowered with magic. It's
their Activation Point.
9-24-85: "Hebrew Sages": "A prophet must use his vision to admonish the people & exhort them to a
higher level of conduct."__ (In previous chapters,  astrological predictions fo death by snakebite were
averted or lessened greatly in their severity, because the individual had performed charitable acts be-
forehand.)__ "The measure of the prophet is not the ability to foretell the future,  but rather the comm-
itment to foretell the requirements of God, or ethical conduct

Rabina said: "We learn from this (Daniel, 10:7)  that,  if a man is seized with fright  although he sees
nothing, the reason is that his Star see
s." ("Star"= the constellation on his ascendant.) The Ascendant
"figures in the psychological strength of the native"

The Descendant also directly affects the health of others with whom we come in contact." (ML: Sig-
nifancant  Others.)  "He also visits the sick,  removes a part of his pain__ if his  planetary hour is the
same." (the two must have the same Ascendants!

NUMEROLOGY IN THE TALMUD:  7= Fortunate;  10= more than is needed for sufficiency  & even for
wealth; 40= the Timespan of one generation; 60= "a significant amount."

"An hourly,  ruler-twin of the patient also heals considerably.  "He who is born  on the first day  of the
week  shall be  a man without one thing in him." ,,, (Means either  completely virtuous,  or completely
wicked = i.e.;  completely in tune with one's mode of life,  with no internal conflicts of one's life-princi-
ples, whatever it might be.)  Because lightness & darkness were both created on that 1st day. (Hence,
one's nature shall be one or the other."
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX