By MARILYN LA CROIX
                               CHAPTER 15: HABITAT

MEDITATION:  "At the end of this century,  or early in the twenty-first,  the thoughts of spiritual men will be seen as
higher vibrations of the EM spectrum that can be used to directly operate computers, radios, TVs or projection de-
vices that create visual, sound and sensory images as with art works."

The Fifteenth Step of Creating From the Future & the Fourth Expanded Inter-DensityTechnology is manag-
ing our  local environment  using mind and heart.   
If assisting a client with a  Multi-D Intentional healing,  first
ask what he/she wants to change. In stating the Intention, use
no 3-D terms such as "tumor", "broken  bone", "infect-
ion" or "heal"__ they don't exist in

    *  "A Warm Bed"
              New Habitats.
    *  "Alternative Energy Resources".
             Zero Point and Free Energy Technologies.
             A Fourth Choice.
    *  "Shareholders of Divine Power."
    *  "Thoughts of Spiritual Men."
    *  "Programming Heat."
    *   "Oops__ Hot Water!."
             Etheric Locks.
    *  "Really Cool Stuff"
            These Techniques Are Not Toys.

"A Warm Bed"
The winter of  1996-97 is unusually cold and wet for Arizona,  and keeping warm at night in our RV  becomes a
priority. Hal and I share a queen-sized bed  in the "gooseneck".  He cherishes the electric blanket with its single
control which I find too warm and a source of negative EM effects. What to do?

I retire early. Considering our little conflict over staying warm, I recall the previous episode of "lighting up" in this
same bedroom. Could we also produce heat? With permission from H.S.,  I power up into  The Zone and experi-
ment with breathing through the chakras to produce heat within my body. After a few tries under H S.'s guidance,
I find I can project my body heat into the mattress and bedding.

When Hal comes to bed  I teasingly ask,  "Is this  hot enough for you,  dear?"  He gets into bed,  pleased with the
warmth of the sheets and blankets.

"Did you turn on the electric blanket before I came in?" he asks.

"Well, sort of", I say, laughing. He wants to know what's so funny. I tell him about the experiment. He can't believe
it,  but each night before bedtime,  I "warm up" his side of the bed and not mine.  He touches them both and is a-
mazed. Our problem is solved.
Dependence on  fossil fuel energy resources  bring rising costs  as well as  environmental pollution.   The standard
solution  propose by  our government,  is to
 conserve  the energy used  for homes and automobiles.  We need far
more than nuclear plants, ethanol, big windmills, solar power or conservation, for in a few decades, perhaps soon-
er, given the ever-increasing demand for fossil-based fuels and energy, our planet will be so polluted, we won't be
able to live on Earth any more
. The fifteenth step of Higher Creativity and Fourth Expanded Multi-D. Techn-
ology is mastering our local environment using mind and heart.

New Habitats
Another solution may be to build more energy-efficient homes. A Twin Falls, Idaho "Times-News" article, June 15,
, related how the U.S. Department of Energy promotes solar water heating and individual electric systems in
new homes. Some residences will be able to produce most of their own energy requirements and adapt more eff-
icient strategies for using  the least possible amount of electricity  from  traditional power sources. Anything we do
to lower our use of power for homes and businesses cuts utility bills and saves the environment. The article states
it is now possible to reach 100% self-sufficiency using a variety of energy-saving and energy-producing strategies
but the products and methods required are very costly. (See
Archives for more material conservation technology.)

Alternative Energy Resources
A third and far better way  for power heating,  cooling and electrical needs  is with alternative energies: solar pow-
er, wind,  falling water, tidal forces , geothermal, thermo-electric,  air power, steam,  magnetic power, water-based
methods (hydrogen, Brown's gas and  Fuel Cells)  and cold fusion,  among others. Alternative energy is vastly diff-
erent from fossil-fuel power generation,  yet is still like tinker toys when compared with "
free energy". The common
denominator of  free energy devices is that  they use  a small amount of  one form of energy to control or release a
large amount  of a different kind of energy.
 Many of these machines, i n some way tap the underlying ether field: a
source of energy conveniently ignored by "modern" science.

Zero Point and Free Energy Technologies In both fossil-fuel and wind or solar power, t he energy to po-
wer them comes from within 3-D. Behind them lies the idea that our universe is a
closed system;  i.e.,energy can-
not be added to,  subtracted from,  or increased  within it,  suggesting  there's  a  limited  amount  of energy avail-
.  Although  proven otherwise,  many  scientist still hold with this theory and believe that  perpetual motion and
over-nity energy generation are impossible.

Zero Point Energy  perceives the universe as a  "multi-verse" with many dimensional levels  containing energy be-
yond our own  3rd dimension.  The theory has been  approved by the  U.S.  Department of   Energy  (DOE) and is
founded upon Einstein's famous equation
: E= mC2, which suggests that there is enough energy in one cubic cen-
timeter of empty space__ even the cubic centimeter  between brackets  on this page
 [      ]  to create an  equival-
ent mass of the entire visible universe to the distance we can observe it with the strongest telescope.

Many other systems of energetics exist,  but the point to be made  is that  free energy technology is here, Now. It
offers pollution-free, energy abundance for everyone, everywhere. The dawning of a truly civilized age, it is an ep-
ochal event in human history. Nobody can take credit for it, or get rich on it. Neither anyone "rule the world" with it.
It is simply a gift from Spirit,  enabling us to take responsibility  for our own actions and  for our own self-discipline
and self-restraint when needed.

Our civilization  has now moved beyond any "positive" growth in machine technology. Every new technology pres-
ents us with problems.  It has already manifested the fruits of its own labors with  "dirty electricity" and  cell phone
tumors.  A global mindset has now developed  regarding whether or not  "
unspiritualized human animals" can be
trusted with free energy. Would we use it for taking power over each other,  killing others and eventually__ oursel-
ves__ as before?  This author's experience shows that  one must have attained a  certain level of consciousness
evolution to access and use Free Energy without negative repercussions.

Those involved in  Exopolitics  (positive contact with extraterrestrials)  claim full Discosure of UFO/ET secrets by
the nations of the world  will bring forth  new technologies that are as much as  10,000 years  beyond anything the
general public is now using. When we begin to accept & use free energy technology,  we will be completely trans-
formed by it into  an entirely new world reality,  for free energy technology  is actually the outward  manifestation of
Divine Abundance. It is the basis of the economy  of an enlightened society,  where people voluntarily behave in a
respectful and civil manner with each other. When all members of the society have everything they need and don't
need to covet what their neighbor has, war and physical violence will no longer be profitable,  and people's differ-
ences will at least be tolerated, if not treasured.

Tom E. Bearden  and a  group of inventors_ _Stephen L. Patrick,  James C. Hayes,  Kenneth D. Moore,  and
James L. Kenny__ brought about an historical event of unprecedented importance on March 26, 2002. They suc-
ceeded in patenting a  
Motionless Electromagnetic Generator  (MEG)  that runs  without moving parts. It includes a
permanent magnet and a magnetic core  with two different coil pathways  which work in an  alternating fashion. It is
a n
over-unity device,  producing far more energy  than is needed to run it. This is a " first"  for science,  humankind
and planet Earth.

But some high-minded,  free-energy device inventors  are not waiting  for support or  mass production from billion-
aire financiers or corporations . Instead of seeking patents,  they are actually  giving away  information  about their
work and publishing the technological details in books, on videos and websites. By 2009,
Paul Pantone produc-
ed the  GEET engine. See
http://google.com/  for a demonstration video. Reportedly, anyone can create this devi-
ce at home and use it to run cars,  lawn mowers and household appliances. More of the most innovative scientific
advances in new home technologies now available are included in the

The change from fossil fuels to free energies would make it possible to stop the production of  'greenhouse gases'
and shut down all of the nuclear power plants. We can now desalinate unlimited amounts of seawater at an afford-
able price and bring adequate fresh water to even the most remote locations. Deserts can be turned into agricultu-
ral paradises, and food could be grown in heated greenhouses at any season and anywhere.

Why then, aren't we already using these new technologies?  Let us consider who benefits most from the suppres-
sion of these devices. As this is being written, wars, terrorism, political, medical, educational  and economic chal-
lenges increase daily around the world,  keeping us distracted  from seeking and demanding more  development
and public access  to these new technologies. The mainstream media , owned by the Dark Hats,  will never report
this to us. Instead, we'll hear continually about wars and civil wars erupting everywhere,  leading to UN peace kee-
per occupation in more and more nations.
 We may never see or hear about major governments sponsoring or al-
owing new tech technologies  for the general public.  
We may have to build these machines  ourselves if we are
to have use of them.

We suggest you tune in to the Coast to Coast AM  radio show with  George Noory  to hear  interviews  of people
who are creating these newer and better technologies. Hear streaming replays  (for a small monthly fee)  of these
interviews, or listen to the free, online radio version from 11 PM to 3 AM (MST) nightly.

A Fourth Choice
Alternative homes and free energy resources may be only a temporary stop along our journey towards a new den-
sity world as we continue experimenting with Expanded Multi-D Technologies. During an Energetic Healing class,
Dr. Vogel told me I would be... "continuing the work that your father began." What did that mean?

Dad had a degree  in electrical engineering  and tinkered  with crystal radio sets and  electronic gadgets  at home.
He also was  an accomplished photographer  with a dark room__  but his first love was  music and his " Big Band"
days orchestra. The Great Depression and WWII put an end to all that, and he joined the family wholesale grocery
business to  survive the  hard times.  What did Dr. Vogel mean?  Was I to go into the grocery business,  further my
music studies, or do something with this electrical technology stuff? Audio cassette tapes,  video tapes and comp-
uter disks  are recorded by  electromagnetic energy means.  Perhaps those odd "eraser" occurrences were point-
ing me towards a deeper investigation into the physics of electronic technologies..

"Shareholders of Divine Power"   
Meditation: l-16-90:  "The Spiritual Hierarchy is presently raising  the consciousness of mankind  to a god-like
condition  to enable them to co-create their own destiny with Spirit.  Mankind will become shareholders of divine
power,  of universal energy. One must work through humanity,  rouse the indwelling god  within them and evolve
them to a higher reality enabling them to master the natural laws and forces."

"The four lower centers in the etheric cerebrospinal axis of the body control the elements of nature in man of air,
earth, water, and fire. By this control, humans can influence those elements to do their bidding from within them-
selves. They can then direct emotion, mind, physical body and intention to cause certain effects on Earth."
(Figure 2)

Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of Self-Realization Fellowship said, "The Christ in Jesus lived among men
as one of them that they too might learn  to live like gods
."... We've found we can emit light from our bodies and
turn lights on or off simply by passing near them __ even when they're not plugged in. We emit sound from our bo-
dies without using our voices.  As the energies increase throughout the body, the vibrations can become so great
that water boils in our tubs or pools and skin painlessly peels off in layers.

The human body is made up of exactly the same materials  as animals, vegetables, and minerals. All the elements
in our bodies are the same elements found in the soil,  water and  atmosphere of the  earth. The only  difference is
that we have a higher level of activity within our bodies that gives us higher energy input and output,  and therefore
we have a higher level of consciousness. When you expand your energy, you automatically  go beyond the denser
state, and things become subtler, clearer, and easier to perceive with the senses.

Kirschink's discovery of  magnetite crystals in the human brain  disclosed that  human beings are naturally equip-
ped to receive and respond to  subtle electromagnetic energies and other waves. We have a number of crystalline
tissues and organs in our bodies.  A crystal can receive,  store and broadcast information upon demand. A crystal
also is
piezzoelectric__ under pressure,  it emits  EM energy.  A silicone-quartz crystal  will give off a blue spark of
light and emit a sound when appropriately stroked with a finger. We have often had experience of this during Ener-
getic Crystal Healing procedures. We, too,  can receive,  respond to, and broadcast those energies by shifting our
brains into that  Hyper-dimensional Zone where we connect with Unconditional Love to the Universal Creative For-
ce of consciousness itself.

In earlier chapters we learned how  focusing consciousness  targets thought forms toward a particular time,  place,
person or object. Unconditional Love fuels our thoughts and intentions, and as our changes in consciousness pro-
duce changes in our bodies, the charged sub-atomic particles radiate at ever higher frequencies until light is emit-
Dr. Marcel Vogel  stated:  "At higher frequencies,  radiation is emitted;  first in the form of heat,  then, at still
higher frequencies, as light waves"..."depending upon the energy of the oscillation or spin."

"Thoughts of Spiritual Men"
After the Harmonic Convergence and the Vogel Crystal Healing Classes, the electrical anomalies escalated dram-
atically,  encouraging me to use the  Aquarian Full Moon period of
August,1987 to ask for higher guidance on this
issue. I received a prediction

"At the end of this century,  or early in the twenty-first,  the thoughts of spiritual men will be seen as higher vibra-
tions of the EM spectrum that can be used to directly operate computers, radios, TVs or projection devices that
create visual, sound and sensory images as with art works."

In the18,000 foot high Himalayan Mountains of Tibet,  monks were taught to use  "tumer"  to control their body's en-
ergies. To test their mastery,  they wrapped their naked bodies in wet sheets  and sat in the snow and sub-freezing
temperatures until they dried the sheets. Not only did they  pass the tests__ they often melted the snow for twenty or
more feet around them.

When humans shift from 3-D to 4-D or higher dimensions, the atomic particles of their bodies  produce energy as
heat. However, as an object or being drops from a higher dimensional level back into 3-D, an intense whitish-gold
light is emitted.  Similar light can be seen when crop circles form or when UFO's,  angels or beings from other real-
ms enter the earth plane.

With appropriate attitude,  belief and alignment  with spiritual levels,  an individual or group Intention  can work with
etheric energy bodies by intensely focusing  through their chakras__  specifically the  head chakra or the third eye.
Force flows through both the human eye and the focused third eye. We've indicated how the human eye can affect
other humans and animals by a glance and with a coherent, unwavering stare and also act magnetically.

Unconditional Love fuels energy movement and Breath controls its timing. When meta-physicians speak of the Air
,  they are referring to the movement of Breath  through etheric subtle energy. In these statements lies the
key to doing the "magic" that reconstructs your own life, performs the human reconstruction as certain adepts now
do, and working the "magic" that assists in evolving the Divine Plan and Purpose."

My delight in successfully  "Creating from  Within Self"  encouraged still more  experimentation. If we can  heat the
bed, why not the entire bedroom__ or the entire RV? And with H.S.'s and Hal's agreements, we found that it works
beautifully. Our power bill at the RV campground dropped so low, the manager came to check our electric meter.

But our home back in Idaho was another story. One of those  "All Electric" homes so treasured in the 1970's it was,
by the late 90''s,  connected with  a western states  power company  notorious for  exorbitant rates. In fact,  while liv-
ing in the 1300 square foot house during winters, our electric bills began to exceed our mortgage payments.

"Programming Heat"
When we go south each November,  we close up the house,  drain water pipes and  keep the heat turned very low
for five months. This helps,  but the bills  that arrive for  
November and  December of  1996,  are  nearly as high
as before the thermostats  had been lowered.  Friends and neighbors  watch over the house while we're gone, so
we phone them to please check if something is "on" that ought not to be. But they find nothing unusual.

I wonder:  Can we heat the house in  Lost River Valleys  long-distance from Arizona  using the new-found talents?
I'd had  success with  remote healing  for people  in other  states.  Hal. and  I talk it over,  ask  H.S. for  permission
and assistance,  and give it a try.  When doing  Expanded  Multi-D  Technologies,  all involved  must be in  agree-
ment even if only one person performs the actual intention.

By February and March,  power bills from Home start arriving for $37 or less, and along with the bills come no-
tices advising us  not to pay even that amount,  for we have over  $150 credit coming.  We laugh ourselves silly,
but don't feel ready to share this idea with other people. Since nearly half of the Lost Rivers area was convinced
I  was some kind of a  "witch" or a "wierdo",  most either wouldn't believe us  or would be afraid of this  "woo-woo"

Back in Idaho by April 1st,  we find a sticker applied to the house's electric meter box__ it had been "tested" by
the power company in February. They can't understand  why we use  so little power. The experiment  worked be-
autifully,  and we continued to " create heat from within ourselves." The city finally installed  a new meter box on
our home,  but we still paid no power bills at all until late July.

Hal, eager for a bargain,  suggests turning off  all power to the house,  but I'd only  "programmed"  the house for
heating,  and we still had to  run appliances  and heat water,  so maybe  we'd better not  get too greedy,  too fast.
We''ll wait and  see what else evolves from this experiment  before expanding it.  Spirit will let us know when and
if it's appropriate.

Realizing this method is very good for Earth's environment as well,  I share our creative experience  with our group
members in both Arizona and Idaho. They want to try it too,  and before the end of the following winter, three famil-
ies in the Big Lost River Valley and one in Arizona are successfully achieving it. Using this method, we kept our Id-
aho home heated for nearly five months each winter__ even at 50-below-zero weather__ while physically residing
in Arizona.

"Oops!__Hot Water!"
Later that Summer of 1996,  we ask permission of  H.S. to try heating water  without conventional electric power.
Receiving a "go",  we turn off the water heater,  I power up in The Zone again  and intend  and visualize  hot water
coming out of our faucets.

Imagine our excitement next morning when I turn on the bathroom faucet and piping hot water flows into the sink
as if by magic!  I don't even have to  run it awhile  to remove  the cold water first!  But when  I brush my teeth and
use the cold water tap__ hot water flows out of it, too!  Oh, oh__ Now I've done it! Guess we've a lot to learn about
these  Expanded Multi-D Technologies.  We manage to reverse the experiment,  turn the water heater on again
and have cold water where needed,  grateful for the success  we already enjoy. Later,  I realize we had not stated
our intention specifically.

Etheric  Locks
This  12,000 year-old technique from  Takla Makan, Mongolia,  still used in  Tibetan spiritual initiation ceremonies,
has been an esoteric secret  for eons, and permission has been granted to present it here. Tibetan monks call the
three lower chakras of our torso, the
"Lower Cauldron", where prana/life-force energy is activated, processed and
stored. These three centers together  can develop heat  within our physical bodies  from where it can be projected
into the environment. The creative drive is used as a "heat pump" to lift the energy to higher chakras for  healing or
heating purposes. Performing much as a clear quartz crystal, we negate the need for tools or machines, "Creating
From Within' in simpler,  yet more profound ways, once our consciousness evolves to the point where we can work
well with energetics in several dimensions.

The combined forces of  Intention,  Mind and  Emotion (U. Love)  are activated with Breath as during the Energetic
Healing Technique
. This energy is the same  as is used  in healing,  and anyone who has used it,  probably felt the
"tingling" or "electrical" currents in their body.

The sexual energy of the sacral center  relates to conceiving children.  We were not meant to keep the creative for-
ce at this level  all our lives,  but social and religions attitudes  have trapped us here  for thousands of years. When
we learn to  move beyond this stage,  we can do amazing things.  (An excellent  CD handbook  for learning  to per-
form these Intention technologies is
Lynne McTaggart's "Living the Field".)

We in-draw energy from Earth through the root center for this technique. In time,  each of us will be invited  to pro-
ject it outwardly through our higher energy centers. The breathing exercises in
Chapter 11 prepare us for this te-
chnique. Breathe in and out  hrough the nose  during this exercise,  as that forces  the energy  through the brain
and lungs. Keep the tongue at the roof of the mouth to close the circuit within the body.

There are three major places in the body where blocks can be put on energy centers__ the root,  the solar plexus
and the throat chakras .
(Figure 2)   A block is a barrier  keeping the creative forces  from flowing beyond the area
of the body in which we wish to contain, intensify and qualify the energy before using it for specific purposes. A si-
mple, but clear Intention will do the job.

After entering The Zone,  send Unconditional Love down into Earth from the root chakra,  until you feel Earth's lov-
ing response. As you draw in another Breath,  place a block  on the root chakra  by slightly tightening  the muscles
in the area of the
perineum  (the center of the groin)  preventing energy  from flowing back down  into Earth  again.
We're not suggesting  you should normally withhold energy  from Earth__  far from it__  simply that we can use the
energy in different ways when we truly
 need  to do so  And in that phrase is an important key to the success of the
Expanded Technologies. THESE TECHNOLOGIES  ARE
NOT TOYS!  Yes__  just like crystals,  you will get back
exactly what you put into them!

With the block to the root chakra,  extra energy builds up in the Lower Cauldron. When you Release Breath, intend
the energy remain in your root chakra, then relax the groin block a bit, (too much tightening can cause discomfort).
Listen to the body while doing this, and  maintain the feeling of Divine Love throughout the entire procedure.

Next, Inhale along with Intent to draw in spiritual energy through the crown center and from there, send it down the
etheric spine to the Lower Cauldron. As this breath is indrawn, hold the root block steady. With Intent and Visualiz-
ation,  place a 2nd block  between the heart and solar plexus centers  to keep the energies from shooting into the
upper torso or head. Hold both blocks and Breath for a moment, allowing the energy in the Cauldron to intensify.

Then Exhale,  forcing energy and air  quickly upwards to the block  previously placed  between the heart and solar
plexus areas. Repeat these Breaths,  Intents and energy movements  as often as needed__
 the pumping action
_ faster and faster, until heat is felt in the Lower Cauldron. The body may begin to  perspire at this point. Practice
increases the strength and the rapidity of success.

When heat builds up sufficiently, Pulse the  Breath and, still holding the root center block, use Intent and Uncondit-
ional  Love to  send the energy  (now transformed into heat),  up the etheric spine from the Lower Cauldron  to the
brow center,  projecting it out  through the third eye into the bed, your body, the room, house or whatever area you
desire to heat.  Visualize  what needs to happen  as if it has already manifested, feel the joy of it, give thanks, and
detach,  letting Universe take over the process.

Once we've projected heat from the body, all that's needed is a loving intention to keep the area heated for as long
as necessary. We don't have to keep "pumping" or reminding self of the heating process
; in fact,  over-focusing or
frequent checking on the technique's effectiveness can cause a shutdown,  as it implies doubt that the technique is
succeeding. If a loss of heat does result,  simply repeat the exercise.

"Really Cool Stuff"                                                                 
When 12-year-old grandson, Chris, and friend David visited us in Idaho, the room began to warm up with the after-
noon  August heat that can be quite intense  at mile-high altitudes. We discussed turning on the  window air condi-
tioner, but when asked if they'd prefer to learn how to cool themselves with heart and mind,  they immediately said

After receiving Spirit's permission, and preparing ourselves with Unconditional Love,  relaxation and breathing ex-
ercises,  we visualized and felt ourselves  standing in  swim suits  on top of a  snow-covered  mountain with an icy
wind blasting at us. In a few minutes we began to shiver and had no more thoughts of using  the A/C.
A few weeks
later David's mom told how he'd asked his dad to turn off the central A/C to his bedroom, saying he now preferred to
cool it myself".

UPDATE: 3-16-13: I've sometimes wondered  if this method could be used  to boil water (purifying it) or to heat or
cook foods without a stove, a fire or microwave in case of emergencies?

Once we learn to do this well, we can choose an area in the forest,  arctic or desert,  and heat or cool it from within
self  for our temporary or permanent use. We can  "heat"  a specific area in our yard,  garden  or agricultural fields,
control the temperature or rainfall,  and grow plants all year round.  We can live comfortably  anyplace in nature on
our planet__  perhaps on other planets, too__ no longer needing to ravage Earth's resources,  foul Her with chem-
icals or toxins, or pollute air and water.

We raise the energy  according to  how much  we are able to handle.  As our  awakenings occur,  we vibrate at in-
creased rates  affecting everyone around us.  In time, we will  no longer
 seek knowledge  from outside ourselves.
Other people, energies and information
automatically trigger our minds,  merge us with kindred souls, allow us to
reflect off each other and charge each other to raise the group's, humanity's and  Earth's environment to higher de-
nsity realms.

We all benefit  as we expand our consciousness  and shift our brains and hearts  to co-create with higher creative
intelligence and  All That Is. Think of the  environmental blessings!  Expanded  Multi-D  Technologies  offer us safe
passage home  through these  most difficult,  yet amazing  End Times  and  help create the  New Reality  we've so
long envisioned.

We are now learning to live in higher dimensions, but there is a need for level heads and kind hearts. Dr. Vogel re-
peatedly cautioned us: "
With heightened faculties,  comes the necessity for practicing  a perfect sense of  Harm-
lessness"...  "much damage can occur through misuse

Dan Winter says  human glands and emotions  can bend magnetism and restructure environmental sites. He cau-
tions us  to find ways to  monitor the new technological inventions'  effects on the grids of Earth,  for the new energy
devices... "
may sap Earth's magnetic grids to exhaustion unless we learn to collectively recharge them with Un-
conditional Love:
the most powerful zero-point, magnetic technological tool on the planet".