Intentional Energetic Healing is the Twelfth Step to Creating From the Future & the first Exp-
anded Multi-Density or Dimensional Technologies
. Before we perform Inter-dimensional  healing
or manifestations, we check out the  
Local Apparent Sidereal Time of Day, when our psychic abilities
are 400% stronger and do the Intention then.

    * "Razz-Ma-Tazz-Serendipity"
    *  "The Vogel Crystal Class"
              Dr. Marcel Vogel.
              Vogel-cut Crystals.
    *  "Psychic Research Institute"
              Robert Fritchie.
              World Service Institute.
    *  "Case History: The Power of Love and Forgiveness."
              Timing the Healing Techniques
    *  "The Intentional Energetic Healing Process."
    *  "All Creation is One Greater Self."
    *  "Group Healing"
    *  "Healing in 5-D__ The Arcturians".
Sherry and Darrell, members of our study group, have great love and gratitude  for animals & enjoy
the company of many types of creatures  ranging from various birds, iguanas and llamas to miniature
and full-size horses.  A few years back  they entered  Great Danes in dog shows. The three  canines
lived in the house with them. They were not "pets"; Sherry  & Darrell always referred to them as their
"animal companions".

Razz-Ma-Tazz Serendipity" was a beautiful  brindle Great Dane   and a gentler, more loving nature
we'd be hard put to find anywhere. These dogs,  when grown, are as large as a small horse. "Razzy"
had been born with an inguinal hernia. Although it was expected to improve as he matured, it did not.
Surgery was scheduled.

Darrell asks for help in alleviating the hernia. I receive permission from Spirit, but how am I to comun-
icate with this creature?  How and where will I need to direct the crystal?  Trusting in H. S.'s  guidan-
ce,  we arrange to have Razzy lie on a sofa on his right side, his legs outstretched and hanging part-
ially over the edge of the cushions. Darrell strokes his back and talks to him__ and he's soon calm &
cooperative.  Animals have a well-developed sixth sense,  and they know when something important
is going on.

Darrell and I charge up with breathing exercises & discover that Razzy is also breathing more deeply
than usual.  Marvelous. I begin an Energetic Technique after gaining permission from Divine Source,
programming the crystal and saying the prayer. Then I link in at Razzy's heart area, and his chest ex-
pands a bit toward the crystal as the energy connects.

Following the usual procedure,  all goes well. I intend the release of the old program maintaining the
hernia condition.  We stand back and wait. To our amazement,  Razzy continues to quietly remain in
a state of altered consciousness, as do many humans during the energetic healing technique.

But then  his torso begins to move__ from his backbone, ripples of muscle and tissue cascade down
his flanks from beside his lower spine to the abdomen and crotch. Wave after wave flows across his
sides for five minutes or more.

(Afterwards,  Darrell and I thought of an episode in the movie, "
Altered States", where the hero, play-
ed by
John Hurt,  spent so much time in a  sensory deprivation tank,  that he  regressed back into a
primitive  ape-like creature.  Later in the film,  the regression occurred  even when  he hadn't been in
the tank, and his arms and  torso muscles rippled and reformed themselves in waves  similar to what
we observed with Razzy.)  

When the undulations stop,  I imprint new programs and  close his energy fields.  It is a beautiful and
moving experience. The  good news comes at Razzy's next veterinary appointment a week later; the
hernia has healed itself. No surgery. The vet is mystified.

I had worked to heal  a number of horses  from hundreds of miles away__ but there was  only one o-
ther time when  this "muscle-rippling" effect occurred.  It was after a healing for a friend with an ulcer.
His entire  solar plexus area  undulated  and continued to do so  for ten or fifteen minutes.  The ulcer
was completely healed and never returned.

The Vogel Crystal Class on energetic healing required approximately  two hundred and fifty hours of
group work in class over a minimum of one year. Certification came after we demonstrated our abilit-
y to perform the technique,  completed the required reading,  and applied the technique at home  for
three people and wrote reports on the results.

Over the intervening years, energetic balancing of self and hundreds of others plus guidance from H.
S. and expanded intelligence,  led to realization of the possibility of a profound new lifestyle,  benefit-
ing self, humanity,  Mother Earth and Her life-forms. The regenerative methods  presented here & in

Chapter 11
 are based upon  the knowledge &  demonstrations of  Dr. Marcel Vogel &  Robert Frit-
, plus this author's research, experiments and inner guidance.

Dr. Marcel J. Vogel
A Dominican priest of the third degree, Marcel, with the encouragement of his superiors, left Catholic
orders to use his profound mental abilities  to serve humanity  through science & technology. He dis-
covered the chemicals & their correct proportions that duplicated the luminescent&d phosphor glows
found in some plants and animals, when only ten years old.

During his  twenty-seven years  as senior research scientist for  
IBM,  Marcel invented, among many
devices and methods, the magnetic coating  on audio & video tapes  and the disks of our computers,
including  magnetic technology.  In the
1960' s, he did ground-breaking work in communications bet-
ween man and plants , leading to the discovery of the incredible power of thought and how to project
it through Time and Space.  His work with plants  led him to the  quartz crystal research for which he
has become world;famous.

Vogel faceted quartz  into sacred geometrical forms,  creating a tool with  an immediate and profound
connection with the water molecule. The primary crystal structure he developed  was based on a 3-D
image of the "Tree of Life" of the ancient Hebrew Kabala , taking the form of a four-sided, double-ter-
minated healing crystal. The Vogelcut (tm) crystal is a
quantum converter,  able to store and transmit
energy in a form that has  discreet biological effects. The imprint o f thought-forms or codes is stored
on and within  the crystal's lattice-like particles  or wave packets at the quantum level__ most likely a
resonant effect. On  energetic levels, the human body is... "
an array of oscillating points that are lay-
ered and have a definite symmetry & structure  at both the macro and micro dimensions.
" The spce-
ulation is that  because of  the cohering capability of the  Vogel-cut (tm) crystal:  
it can be used to in-
form and influence reality at the quantum or subatomic level

Marcel's research shows  how these crystals  act as mind lasers , assisting in removing blockages in
subtle energy bodies, thereby allowing balance to occur through the electrical lines of the physic-
al body. The primary uses of the Vogel-cut (tm) crystals are to:
a.) receive and  store information,
b) transfer information from one crystal to another,
c) transfer information from a crystal to water or other material,
d) transfer information from a crystal to a person in wellness or higher consciousness modes, and
e) communicate with beings in space.

Even beyond this,  Vogel developed a new technology  structuring fluids to hold a thought-form prog-
ram. This was the initiation of a new science:
Essence Chemistry. Flower Essences and Gem Elixir
 as well as  Essential Oils and Aromatherapy materials__ outgrowths of his  initial resear-
ches on ancient technologies.

After retirement, Vogel taught groups in Germany, Denmark, England, Australia & the  United States.
He made his transition from the Earth plane February,
1991, exactly as  Barbara Marciniak and her
group rebalanced the Atlantean Vortex at the Bermuda Triangle.

Robert Fritchie
Bob was a Professional Chemical Engineer and  Business Manager for 40 years. His original techni-
cal recognition  occurred in the late
60's,  when he  implemented  the first  computer controlled,  liner
board machine in the U.S.  He continued working with  computer control systems in the chemical ind-
usyr for plastic resin manufacturing.  During the
70's, he was a respected  consulting engineer,  & as
editor-in-chief, produced a widely acclaimed technical manual on water treatment for the Pulp & Pap-
er Industry. In the
80's, he served as ASAT (anti-satellite)  Program Manager for the Strategic Defen-
se Initiative Program. In the
90's & until his retirement, he continued serving in various technical con-
sulting and business management positions in the Process Control Industry.

Bob received inner guidance to "study energy".  In
1979, he formed a lifelong friendship  with Marcel
Vogel , and became interested in crystals,  new energy concepts  & how they might be used for body
balancing. After teaching a group of chiropractors in
Ohio,  he came to San Jose, California to ass-
ist  Dr. Vogel  and a team of  dedicated professionals to bring  
Psychic Research Institute into being.
The lab began a scientific study of subtle energy healing principles; Bob served as Director and busi-
ness agent for the lab.

Marcel, Bob,  and other doctors with the lab  taught emerging energy principles  through experiential
workshops, to help people heal their lives and health problems. The key teachings were based upon
recognizing that the Creator's Love is real & is an energy that can be experienced in our lives to clear
us of many problems in the human condition.

Later,  Bob founded  
World Service Institute  as a non-profit,  non-denominational teaching company
to teach the general public  to understand and respectfully apply  Divine Love in resolving social and
health problems. Bob lectured extensively throughout the U.S and Eastern Canada for many years.
After Marcel's passing in 1991, Bob relocated
WSI to Tennessee. ( )

His books and articles,  including one on  Group Healing  on his website,  are very clear and precise
explanations of this subject.  Bob also formed the  
Spiritual Lightworker Servers group  using  loving
intentions to enlighten, balance & purify Earth & all Her lifeforms,  including humans. He now  shares
information over the Internet and provides healing assistance to people who don't respond to normal
medical treatment.

Case History: The Power of Love and Forgiveness.
A general example of the  Original Energetic Healing Process and follow-up is offered  (Archives)__
however, with the recent, massive consciousness changes to Earth, elaborate rituals, or even a cry-
stal, are no longer required.  Divine, Unconditional Love, Intention and a link with Creative Force are

1988: The week before  contacting me for assistance,  my eldest son, "L"., had been elk hunting with
a pack horse in the mountains. The horse slipped  while carrying the carcass  out of a steep canyon.
L. made a grab for the reins,  landed crookedly on his left leg,  & injured his knee which became pro-
gressively painful. It took their party four hours to get out of the canyon,  as the horse, too, had injur-
ed a leg.

L. had his knee examined by a traditional practitioner five days  before calling me to request an Ener-
getic Intentional Healing.  X-rays indicated no broken bones,  but in spite of medication, the pain was
increasing.  When relating how the accident had occurred,  he blamed himself for putting the horse &
himself into a geographically difficult situation.

Receiving permission from both our higher selves, I examined the knee, sensing the cushioning mat-
erial between the joints of  the two leg bones on the inside__  just beside and below  the kneecap__  
as the site of the original impact. It was severely swollen inside although this did not show outwardly.
Also,  the ligaments or tendons  on the far side of the joint  were twisted out of alignment.  The addit
ional walking and climbing  on uneven land  with the injured join  had further  stretched and  strained
the tendons. When I told L. what I had "seen", he said yes__ those were exactly the places that were
causing him trouble. I, too, sensed no broken bones.

The Healing Technique was done at his home on a weekend.  His four children,  ranging in age from
two to twelve,  and my husband Hal,  were present.  We needed  a quiet spot  at least  six feet  away
from electrical device interference, such as TV, microwaves, stereos or radios.  Using hands,  I sens-
ed  the central area of  the living room  to be the best site.  The children were sent to play in the bed-
room awhile, and Hal observed from a chair well across the room.

I explained Unconditional Love, showed L.  how to pulse his breath,  and stated I'd later tell him when
to hold his breath and when to release it.  Testing his energy fields with my hands,  I found him twist-
ed etherically in the area of the injured knee with no etheric body below both knees__ he was out-of-
body  by almost two feet above the floor,  probably to escape the pain.  L. is an  awakened individual
with tremendous focusing abilities

I sensed his body was generally fit with a strong and steady energy flow.  We first did the Four Stage
Breathing Cycle to pull the subtle energy bodies together, but he was still not completely in his body.
I asked him to center his consciousness farther down in his feet. L. knew how to ground his center of
consciousness from  judo training, and accomplished the grounding within a minute.

After checking my own and his  energy fields for balance,  we found the breathing exercise had done
its work.  The crystal was cleared  and charged with God's Unconditional Love. With my left hand on
his shoulder,  I asked him to tell me exactly what he wanted to have happen here and now. He asked
for removal of the pain  and a mending of the knee joints and surrounding area.  I repeated this aloud
in his own words,  adding that all parts of the injured knee be knit together in perfect balance and ali-
gnment. He agreed to this, and when invited to say a prayer aloud, asked me to do it, which I did.
(Chapter 2).

As soon as I breathed in and held my breath,  moving the crystal to within a few inches of his thymus
gland,  he said he felt heat,  "Like a warm spark".  As the energy locked in,  I sensed a strong flow of
energy through his meridian.  He later said he felt hot and cold currents running up and down his tor-
so and limbs during the entire procedure.

I rotated the crystal in a clockwise direction  until the charge felt full,  then linked in  and amplified the
charge with diagonal strokes across the thymus area, breathing in unison with him. After six or seven
of these strokes, sensing a strong charge had built up, I asked him to breath in, hold breath (as I my-
self did) and  go to the injured knee in his mind,  see the injured area,  feel the pain and irritation of it
and hold that image. In a loud and forceful voice, I then gave the command:

He neither bent over nor expelled much breath.  Later he said  the accident hadn't seemed like much
when it occurred;  most of the trouble arose later as he climbed around over rocks in the canyon with
the injured horse, so there wasn't the usual emotional trauma of a sudden accident.

Immediately after the release, an excited & delighted expression came over his face. "
My entire knee
area is numb__ it feels like  you put a cast on it
",  he said.  I told him it was not I  who had done it.  I
was only an agent to help focus the healing energy. He and the Love of God's Spirit Within him did it.

When he  returned to balance and calmness,  I closed  his energy bodies,  using the crystal  in large,
sweeping circular movements, having him visualize the knee  as now completely healed and comfort-
able, replacing the area of injury with peace, Love and a sense of well-being.  As I held the crystal to
his thymus, there was no swaying or trembling of the body, but I sensed some tension remaining.

I had L. close his eyes,  thank Spirit Within for help,  and pausing a few minutes between each sugg-
estion, had him  forgive himself for the injuries to his knee__ forgive his horse, Sarah__ and then for-
give himself for Sarah's injuries. He opened his eyes for a moment,  looked at me in surprise  as if to
say, "How did you know?",  then smiled and closed them again.  his released any guilt feelings. Imm-
ediately,  the tension left . I had him send Unconditional Love to his body and to Sarah and give him-
self a big hug. I then gave him my love and a hug.

L. related that the kneecap and joint area were completely relieved of pain,  swelling and irritation__  
it felt well.  But I could sense  a bit of imbalance  on the outer side of the tendons or ligaments.  I told
him the healing began at the site of the impact and would spread outward. He was delighted.

But an interesting side effect was occurring,  unknown to the two of us engrossed in the healing pro-
cedure. Hal had observed the four children,  one by one, slowly creep back to the doorway,  curious
about what was going on.  Even two-year-old "N.", generally a real "live wire", remained silent, stan-
ding back  and watching respectfully.  Young children  are completely aware  of Spirit's Love at work.
They intuitively know  when something spiritual is going on.  Hal said he could  feel the heat and the
vibrations clear across the living room.

When the children realized we had finished , they became very animated.  They took the  nearly inst-
antaneous healing for granted,  but what really fascinated them  was a coin lying on the carpet. Earl-
ier, I'd had L. remove all metal objects  from his person  before beginning the technique.  He'd tossed
keys and coins onto the rug  about eight feet away. The children reported that  during the  technique,
one of the dimes nearest the two of us  rose up on edge and remained perpendicular to the floor dur-
ing the entire process.  When we looked,  the dime was still standing on edge.  Consciousness does
indeed affect matter.

J.", the oldest boy,  went for a glass of water.  L. was suddenly thirsty__ a good sign  that a healing  
had taken hold. He was told to drink plenty of water that day  and at least eight glasses daily for one
month, to get a lot of rest and stay out of very large crowds.  He would probably feel like napping lat-
er. I cautioned him about  over-using the leg just because the pain was gone,  to take it easy and all-
ow all healing to complete. L.'s wife, "
D"., arrived home from work in mid-afternoon,  and L. lay down
on the sofa and went to sleep.

The following day, he called to say his knee was a bit tender after he'd walked on it at work all night,  
but after getting some sleep, it was fine. No pain.  Said he seemed to require more sleep than usual.
This is natural, for most healing occurs during sleep. I told him to send Unconditional Love to his bo-
day's cells , to the injured knee area  and to his horse Sarah,  several times a day.  The veterinarian
had checked Sarah's leg,  and it was not badly injured,  just some flesh scraped off. After it was ban-
daged, she was fine. I told L. to call me Monday if he had any trouble, and we'd work on it again in a
few days, or on Sarah too, if necessary.

A week later, I called.   L. said he can't  believe the improvement in just one week. He had some mild
aching in the early morning and evening  as the temperature changed,  but otherwise no pain.  I told
him again how to pulse  Unconditional  Love to it  when it ached. He said it didn't ache at all after the
healing technique until a few days ago  when he turned suddenly at the service station  and ran tow-
ards a malfunctioning gas pump, twisting his knee, but he didn't feel he needed more crystal work.

Ten days after the  procedure, L. was walking normally  and carrying  heavy items  with no problems.
He called to thank me,  his knee  completely well. The two older boys, aged ten and twelve,  became
interested in stones and crystals. They collected stones, looked up their qualities in a book on rocks,
and occasionally asked me about the stones' spiritual and healing properties.
Case closed

Timing the Healing Technique
All Expanded Multi-D Technologies are developed and applied through the use of the Trinity of High-
er Creative Forces: Universal Intelligence, Universal-Unconditional Love and a clear and focused in-
tention  aligned with Universal Purpose.  In describing the  Energetic Healing Technique below,  the
terms "
host" or "client" are used for the person receiving the healing energies, and "server" or"facili-
for the one performing the technique.

1987: Dr. Vogel,  Bob Fritchie &  Psychic Research Institute found there were certain days when the
technique worked perfectly,  and other days when it worked less well.  They asked me to investigate
the issue from an astrological perspective

The Eight Moon Phases  Chapter 6) not only present optimum times for  transmuting psychological
baggage, but also for physical regenerations. These Moon Phase Cycles correspond with a persons'
ages when  critical events can impact and shape their individual life patterns of thought, emotion and
behavior.  The
28.6 day monthly  Moon Cycles  around the Earth  also correlate with  Saturn's Cycle
around the entire zodiac  once every  
28.6 years. The Moon's movement is an  emotional trigger  for
activating events and  transformations. Saturn represents the
respnsibility  and authority for ground-
ing our personal and/or spiritual principles and beliefs onto the physical planes of Earth

In brief review:  the eight Moon Phases appear monthly  as a transformational sky clock.  Each Moon
Phase of
3.5 days  relates to a period of 3.5 years in a Saturn cycle. Saturn repeats its 28.6 year c-
twice in our life  if we live to be 57 or more, and three times if we live past 84.  After 84, we begin
fourth Saturn Cycle.

During the Saturn Phases,  the period from birth (0) to age 3.5 is considered a New Phase; from age
3.5 to 7, a  Crescent Phase
; from 7 to 10.5, a  First Quarter Phase. Age 10.5 to14 relates to a  Gibb-
ous Phase
;  14 to 17.5  a  Full Phase,  and so on.  After 28.6 years,  an individual  starts their  Eight
Phase Saturn Cycle over again,  with age 28.6  to age 33.1 being a  New Phase;  age 33.1 to 36.6 a
Crescent Phase
;  age 36.6 to 40.1,  a First Quarter Phase  and ages  40.1 to 43.6  another  Gibbous
Phase and in like manner through the last four Phases.

Using this concept, let's say the client is 45 years old, in the throes of an emotionally traumatic divor-
ce,  and has recently developed heart disease.  Age 45 correlates with  a Saturn Cycle  between the
ages of 43.6 and 46.1__  a Full Moon Phase. Since our example-host's  heart trouble  began at age
45__ a  Full Phase__
a Healing Technique  performed during a Full Moon Phase of any month has
greater achievement potential.
Going further with the timing tool, the host might examine past Saturn
Phases in his life that correlate with a Full Phase.

Let's speculate that 28.6 years earlier (a full Saturn cycle), when he was
sixteen years old, his moth-
er divorced his father and left home.  A deeper understanding  of the conditions behind the heart dis-
ease can be examined and eventually cleared. Additional healing to aid in emotional balancing & for-
giveness could produce even greater health and well-being.

My research & experiences show a 90% rate of success  for healings performed during the appropri-
priate Moon Cycle Phase relating to that part of the Saturn Cycle when the problem began. The oth-
er 10% had  little or no improvement,  either because  they couldn't recall  exactly whe n the problem
began,  or had fudged on telling their true current age.

1989: MEDITATION: ML: Does a Void of Course Moon affect Crystal Healing & the use of Vibration-
al Remedies?

A. "Yes.  And, an individual's VOC planet  in the natal chart  might also curtail  the effectiveness of
such  healing techniques in general,  depending upon  the Zodiac Sign,  the House/State,  and the
degree &/or if it is Retrograde."

The Intentional Energetic Healing Process
Important: Never,  under any circumstances, perform an Energetic Healing for anyone without perm-
ission from your own and host's higher selves, and a verbal or written request for the technique from
the applicant__ not from a friend or relative, unless the individual is under age 12, unconscious or in
some way incapable of making the request themselves. In this case use intuition, dowsing rods, kine-
siology or a  pendulum to check out their higher self's wishes before starting the healing technique.

Important:  Never perform an Energetic Healing for anyone while they're  undergoing chemotherapy
or radiation treatment.

A server is merely an instrument__ a "human crystal" perhaps__ through which Spirit's Unconditional
Love and Intention are allowed to flow. Server must completely surrender to the Higher Self, which is
always linked with Spirit,  and let their  personality self  serve as the agent.  The clients always  heal
themselves  with the help of  Spirit and their  Higher Selves. The server merely  contacts the  client's
energy fields and enhances them. Whether or not a true and lasting healing takes place is of no con-
sequence,  for Spirit may have  some other purpose in mind  for the client__ perhaps,  simply to help
them  become aware of  other types of energies or powers  available to humans  than they've known
in the past.

H.S: "Healers__ or anyone whose life does not equal their work__may find some difficulty in absor-
bing the  energy of Intellectual Infinity.  They can then become quite distorted__ in such a way as to
cause disharmony in themselves and others__ perhaps even find it necessary  to end healing activ-
ties. Healers are responsible only for
offering opportunities of healing;  but not for the healing itself.
the person wishing to be healed,  does it themselves  with the aid of their  Higher Self/Spirit Within.
The person activating the healing are but channels for Intelligent Energy which offers opportunity."

When an applicant requests an energetic procedure, it may be he has been desirous of regeneration
for awhile, but hasn't felt the time was right to request it,  or hasn't known this type of healing existed.
Somehow, they weren't ready. Perhaps more lessons needed to be learned through their health diff-
iculties;  perhaps they were still collecting the "pieces of their life jigsaw puzzle" but now wish to form
them into a larger picture  that they could not see or understand before. The server then  merely acts
as a channel,  connecting the two higher selves,  accelerating & focusing  
hyper-dimensional energy
in order that the client be made sound.

Steps for the Energetic Healing Modality:
This method seems long and complex to most readers__ and it is__  although with practice it becom-
es second nature to the server. But don't be  concerned__ you really don't need to learn all this any-
more,  although you need to understand how and why it works.  The energies entering humanity and
Earth since
December 21st, 2012,  when the planet began transforming from masculine energy to fe-
minine energy,  are becoming stronger and more frequent day by day, enabling faster & more intsen-
ive healing abilities to manifest  as we move into higher density states of being. As
Part IV continues,
you will see how the healing technique gradually becomes greatly simplified over time.  It is only nec-
essary to read "
The Original Energetic Healing Process" (Archive ) if you wish to refresh yourself as
to how the healing process works.

Becoming a healer,  whether for self or others,  requires responsibility and deep commitment, as well
as personal growth and transformation.  As we achieve  expanded and more inclusive realms of con-
sciousness, we begin to display uncanny powers for healing, but
the acceptance of applicants to this
new technology can affect how well it works. Once fully committed to a healing path, we discover the
people we now attract into our lives  are quite different from those we knew before.  We also connect
with related ancient sacred wisdom and teachings, find new interpretations of what we'd earlier stud-
ied, and receive input from within self that expands on that ancient body of knowledge. As we resear-
ch,  experiment and discover,  we begin to create  a more personal way of  presenting our new-found
concepts of health and well-being to those open to receiving them.

During an Energetic Healing Technique__ or an Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technology__ we con-
nect with our own and the client's higher selves. But in reality, we are really connecting with "another
myself", as Spirit's Creative Force flows through all of us__ through the server, the client, & the crys-
tal, and we are connecting with more than our higher selves; we are consciously linking with Creator
__ our Greater Self__ All That Is.

All of Creation is alive  and is One Great Being.  All creatures are linked to each other.  Each of us is
an individual particle or "
fractal"__ in a Greater Consciousness we call  Spirit, God,  Allah or Creator.
permanently "Become as One" in "Unconditional Love" with Greater Self in  Unity Consciousness
is the ultimate goal__ for an  individual, a group, the entire human species, all life-forms, the planets,
galaxies and Universe.

New, higher density modalities,  including Intentional Healing,  teach us to create,  heal and manifest
without physical devices or substances;  i.e., we can regenerate humans and other life-forms without
chemicals, surgery, radiation, machines or even crystals. The understanding & use of Intentional En-
ergetic Healing  can profoundly alter  our perceptions of ourselves  and our role in the universe.
Is it
possible then,  that individuals at an advanced evolutionary stage, knowing themselves collecti
as a Greater Self, can use the Higher Creative Skills of Intention, Love, Mind and Breath to influen-
ce the direction of humanity or its cultures
__ perhaps the very physics of Earth?

April 3, 2016: MEDITATION:  ML: I Went to the ER two evenings ago with sinus congestion, severe
dizziness, ringing & noises in ears. No fever, aches or pains,  no coughing. They did blood tests. Ev-
erything completely normal... no bacteria or viral infections. Flu virus checked negative.

Got a sulfa Rx . The doctors laughed about the popsicle stick splint on my finger.  I said I didn't know
what had caused the tendon sprain,  except maybe  too much typing for the website.  They ask what
the website was about.  I told them "Creativity"... that I'd been a pro artist. Wanted to say more about
the Inner Tech Energy Healings, but not sure how to word it. I wanted to "Speak my Truth",  but feel-
ing the way I did from the nerve damage, how could I ever help out with their patients, when I haven't
been able to  completely heal myself?   And what else can I say for  the sinus thing,  which many are
claiming is another ascension symptom?

A: "As you know,  you don't have to be in one's  physical presence  to do a healing. You might also
teach hospital staff members to do it. As for the sinuses, Yes, MOST IS ASCENSION SYMPTOMS
are greatly increased downloads of energies,  but continue the meds  and do some  Love Intentions
for it during the days. All will be better soon."

MEDITATION 2-11-11: ML: I seem to be getting worse instead of better. I can't stay in  positive mind-
sets when I'm in pain and despair. What is it I need to learn or change to be well?

A:  "You heard the doctors correctly__  you do NOT have infections  in your ears   sinuses  or else-
. To change__ drop the over-eagerness  to gain information__ especially from outside sourc-
es. It does not often serve you well; for we sometimes get confused later between what comes from
inner guidance and what comes from  seeing or hearing outer sources. Go with your heart's feeling  
& the Inner Guidance.  LOVE HEALS ALL . as you've often said.  Do meditation several times daily
for the Congestion. We applaud your efforts  to be more discriminating  in what you 'feel'  you need
to hear. Stay as positive as you can, dear one; you are making headway, whether you realize it or

ML:  I know we need  to do an intention  for freely available food and water  for the family  and for all
needy life-forms; and the gasoline prices  have been skyrocketing,  although there does not seem to
be any lessening of its use. I'm asking permission to do a second intention for our gasoline-powered
vehicles & machines to run on Free Energy, also.

A: "Stay with your alternative remedies. They do help, and will continue to do so, until later in April.
Your physical changes  and cleansing  are not pleasant,  we know,  and will abate over the next six
or seven weeks.  Do the food intention we suggested before March 8th__  and yes,  the gasoline in-
tention would be helpful too, for it will assist Gaia as well."

ML: I see__ March 8th is the Manifestation of the Vision for my Personal Season Days.

4-6-84: I have a vivid DREAM in which I am given the following information,  although I have no idea
of what it's about:

"A 'VENDOME' is a Space Warp that one creates with Voice Resonance, forming a pocket in Space
and Time into which,  and from which, no energy can move__ It is a Closed System.  It can be used
to heal through the Sound of one's voice, and it does so in keeping with the Laws of Thermodynam-
ics."    (See

"Create and Visualize  a Sphere of Energy (Vendome)  around yourself and the room or space,  you
are within,  using  Breath,  Mind,  Unconditional Love &  Oneness with everything within that space  
__ including life-forms.  No energies can  enter or leave this spher e while you are holding it in your

2. "Create a  Hologram (a Virtual Reality) for yourself  within that Sphere. The Hologram will have a
TONE... a SIGNAL FREQUENCY... that can be made audible with your voice. Inhale a deep breath,
filling first the belly, then mid-section, then lungs and finally, the shoulder and throat areas."

3. "Try out various tones on the musical scale  by strongly exhaling breath  from both your mouth  &
and your nose simultaneously. When you find the Tone__ the Sound Frequency__ that causes your
sinus areas,  your crown chakra  and the area of your throat directly under your chin to VIBRATE__
and you also feel that same vibration coming from your heart and from everything within the energy
sphere (the room)__ you've found the Appropriate Resonant Tone."  

4. "The Sound Frequency  will be different,  according to the  Space and Time  in which  you create
that energy sphere, so you will need to create a different Tone in each location that you wish to use
Sound Vibrations to manifest your Intention."     

5. "The Sound Frequency Technology  can be used to change  Environments,  the Elements,  Earth,
Air,  Fire,  Water,  Minerals,  Ethers)  and/ or  the Geo-physical  structures of the planet  where  and
when necessary.
March, 1988:
"The Fourth Density is for 'charging up' prior to Intentions, Meditations, Healing or Manifestation__ a
Passageway that moves consciousness  from 3-D to 5-D or higher. It's also about Time__ but not as
scientists propose.  
One can Transcend Time in 4-D;  i.e., connect with past and future lives, to the
history of  the human races, of Earth, the solar system, galaxy, universe,and the Akashik Records."

"Feelings, thoughts, beliefs, sensations or dreams become energies that take on a life of their own,
causing events,  changes  in one's personal reality.  Collectively , they also cause   Earth changes.
This is why  4-D still has some  negativities occurring.  The various octaves,  of course,  determine
the amount of, and the intensity of dire events. You may hear or see them, but not necessarily parti-
cipate in, or be affected by them. "

"Emotion is the driving force in 4-D.  Anything wished for,  desired or intended  with strong emot-
ion  (positive or negative)  will manifest__ definitely__ sooner or later in
4-D; a nd possibly,  some-
what in
3-D. "

"As for the  seven planets  of
4-D... This is not entirely true.  It is seven reality level  holograms that
have been manifested. People are on each of these reality levels__ also called  Timelines... accor-
ding to the degree of their personal frequencies (i.e., matching self to the frequencies of the various
octaves of 4-D.  Some of us are on the  7th reality level/hologram/Timeline = the  7th step/octave of
the 4-D level. We are basically well-protected from major dire events here."
Higher Self, St. Germaine, Arcturians.

"Healing in 5-D"
MEDITATION:  "The Healing Process is indeed changed in 5th Density.  The new way is to simply
Change One's Consciousness. You have learned how  injuries and illnesses are basically derived
from an inability to change one's attitudes, thoughts, feelings or beliefs that aren't part of one's spir-
itual identity__ One's True Self.

When former energetic healings were completed, those who recognized the attitudes, feelings &/or
beliefs underlying their problem, and made attempts to correct them, were healed__ some instantly
with that recognition alone. Others continued the misunderstood thoughts, feelings & beliefs, words
or actions, & some so doubted they can heal energetically, continue looking elsewhere for healing."

"We all have Free Will to Intend healing or manifestation, but Spirit/Creator/Universe sets the Proc-
ess and the  Timing for their completion.  Most people's physical challenges are catalysts meant to
cause  Transformations &/or Breakthroughs  in forgiveness and  spiritual understanding,  and when
this is accomplished, healing occurs. This online book and newsletters  direct people towards heal-
ing by clearing their consciousness  and mastering their thoughts and emotions. This method insur-
es permanent healing and teaches people to take charge over their own health and wellbeing."

"A good start would be  to maintain a Perfect Sense of Harmlessness  
as one goes about their daily
affairs.  It can 'rain' & 'pour' in our lives,  but one still must  move into higher vibrations  for messages
&/or manifestations to come through,and always__ of course, with Unconditional Love__MEDITATE
DAILY. Listen to that inner Voice.  Stop waiting for  Changes to come to you__ the Changes need to
be made within Self first, then body and environment follow suit."

SPEAKING ONE'S INNER TRUTHS":  We are a part of both  The Dream &  the Dust.  Let go of the
need to  Analyze.  Without prior analysis,  one's  expression is  spontaneous,  taking place  through
one's attitudes, actions & tone of voice, rather than through carefully chosen & memorized words

Keep the connection__ the Oneness__with Earth/Gaia & Spirit/Creator, & with other living beings,  
remaining aware of this as you meditate,  express & experience with LOVE.  The link with Cosmos,
with Spirit, is not a state that one 'enters' at a certain point in Time and Space, then follows up later
with an 'exit' from  Cosmos & Spirit Contact,  and a 're-entry'  into the physical plane.  The task is to
remain linked  to both  Inner and  Outer simultaneously,  with  No Separation  from  Earth or  Spirit.
Since 'I AM' dwells in everything..... then the link with  friends, family, plant, animal, air __even the
pebbles of the path beneath one's feet__ is a link with "I AM THAT I AM' within All

When you maintain this awareness  in NOW TIME perception,  you can be constantly merged with,
and be of  Spirit's  Universal Purpose,  Intellect,  Love and  Self-Organization. You then  continually
dwell in perfect harmony__ act and express in perfect harmony. If you seek this link Outside of Self
__ thinking, feeling, expressing as if you could  turn it on & off like an electronic device or a faucet,  
you are then holding a state of consciousness of Separation."

"It is the Sense of Separation that prevents full healing and manifestation in 5-D,  where there is no
longer any sense of  Time or Space as we know it
;  no Limitations,  and no Separations. If we obs-
erve our bodies as unhealthy, we are separating the body from its polarity of health__"Your Spiritu-
al Life  is then based upon  the revelation of  Dualism__ what's  'right' and what's 'wrong'. Ask your-
f: "What are the abstract Polarities __ of ''Opposites'__of the spiritual system you follow?  When
you reconcile these opposites as One__  perfect Enlighenment is possible."

We must perceive both sides of that  Spiritual System of Enlightenment 'coin' as ONE COIN__ ONE
BODY  that is continually in BOTH STATES  of needing both  Health and Wholeness,  and that each
state manifests  according to  HOW WE CHOOSE TO OBSERVE IT.  We may  perceive our body as
'Healing',  implying that something is wrong or missing  from it's perfection as 'Whole', and as we per-
ceive both states of  Healing &  Wholeness,  we choose Absolute Perfection and Wholeness  RIGHT
NOW__not tomorrow, or next week, or next month__but as already Perfectly Healthy, Perfectly Com-
fortable and  Functioning Perfectly  at Highest Levels  in This Moment.  Then we must  Maintain that

"As you achieve that Continual Consciousness of a permanent connection with Spirit-Creator-Univ-
erse, you will no longer need to analyze a situation. You will be spontaneously Sensing & Respon-
ding in compete harmony  with All That Is. There is no need for   Question & Answer' sessions with
your Guides. Suppression of  the analysis factor__ the left brain intellect__ in favor of the  Continu-
al Consciousness of the presence of  T
he Supreme Consciousness Within Yourself,  is intended to
sustain contact with Spirit & Earth in Oneness, Unconditional Love and Joy b eyond an un-ascend-
ed intermittent linking in favor of that permanent connection."

"Moving from a Virgo/6th State of Mind of being aware of  'service given' or 'not given',  for example
__in practical or non-practical methods__ to the more Capricorn/10 State of MInd of  simply BEING  
Oneness and Love for All That Is,  you then flow  I AM's  Higher Purpose and Service  through your
own Personal Purpose, Spiritual Gifts and Abilities.  'SERVICE' being a nything & all accomplished
in perfect accord with  Universal Intellect, Purpose, Love & Self-Organization.  Every thought, emot-
ion and expression is automatically a direct download from those powerful Creative Forces."

"It is our  Consciousness & our  Spiritually-directed Clarity that brings about the most stunning per-
sonal changes as we ascend with Earth  through 4-D & into 5-D New Earth Reality.  In Time, (4-D),  
we learned to think in  Multi-Density terms instead of 3-D terms,  and when we did so__ we felt the
higher density  frequencies of  Unconditional Love  flowing through our  bodies,  minds and  hearts.
When we surrender to that Love   and allow it to connect its higher vibration waves of thoughts and
feelings with the highest vibrational frequencies of any given reality, we liberate ourselves from the
brain-washings and fears of the past."

""Humans will make decisions, gain knowledge, recognize patterns, harmonize groups of dissimilar
ideas, events and energies__ and Create, Heal and Manifest from their Multi-D Consciousness, ra-
ther than from the left,  beta brain-wave state  which has__ for most of the last 75,000 years__ been
the primary waking,  discerning and  reasoning state.  The left masculine brain  will then be used to
Act Upon the Choices made in the right, feminine, higher density consciousness."

"Once you are  permanently ensconced in 5-D after ascension,  the 4-D actions,  thoughts, etc., will
no longer be necessary to charge up and Intend,  etc.. It all occurs automatically according to one's
chosen perceptions in THE NOW.  he negative controller will remain in  3-D & 4-D,  unable to stand
the higher vibrations of  5-D New Earth Reality;  & unable to affect those within the 5-D Earth Reali-
 The Arcturians

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                          By MARILYN LA CROIX