I. Preparing Self and Environment
1. To avoid confusion, the Server performing the healing will be referred to here as "She-Her" and the Host recev-
ing the healing as
"He-Him".  It's best that the Server meditate  before meeting with the applicant,  say a prayer of
protection  and surrender to  Divine Will and Purpose. Server removes all metallic or crystalline materials from her
body,  then clears,  balances  and charges herself  using one of the  breathing modalities  offered in  (
Chapter 11).
Next, using intuition, dowsing rods, pendulum or kinesiology, test if you, the Server, are ready.

2. Clear the room  using Unconditional Love,  Intention  and Breath.  Link with Earth.  Test that the environment is
clear, using intuition, dowsing rods, pendulums or kinesiology. Say a
Prayer of Protection. (Chapter 4)

Before beginning the procedure,  ask the host when his difficulty began,  what was going on in his life emotionally,
mentally or spiritually at that time,  what he is doing for his problem  at present,  what he has  tried to date that has
or has not helped, or what he thinks might lie behind the problem. Also ask what would he do when healed that he
cannot do now. Be prepared to maintain  Unconditional Love in the heart  and monitor host's  physical and etheric
energy body  throughout the entire procedure  which may be  as long as an hour.  Most processing takes no more
than fifteen or twenty minutes, but each person is different.

3. Have Host remove any crystals,  magnets, jewelry, (except wedding rings), belt buckles, coins, keys or any me-
tallic or crystalline objects  that he may be wearing or carrying,  placing these items at least six feet away from the
healing space. Also stay six or more feet away  from other persons  and from electronic devices such as phones,
TVs,  VCRs,  stereos, air conditioners, electric heaters, computers, Ipads, cell phones, lamps  and any electronic
appliances while the technique is in progress.

4. Again, check with Higher Self  if you have permission to do this healing.  Server must maintain  open communi-
cation  between her own  and host's  Higher Selves,  and her logical mind  during the entire technique.This is why
Part II  emphasized  higher consciousness practices.  Both Higher Selves and Guides  may direct  the timing and
suggest any necessary variations on the technique.

5. Establish a Loving atmosphere. Check all present for this feeling.  If any problems with observers or assistants
are detected,  ask them to leave,  to cross  their arms and legs  (short-circuiting  their energies),  or  surround the
group with an energy field of Unconditional Love. Proceed no further with this technique  until completely sure that
environmental energies are clear and balanced, and all present are lovingly focused.

At this point,  if Server feels additional higher assistance is required,  she may call on guides,  healing devas, an-
gels, etc.. An individual not yet able to charge up with
 hyper-dimensional energies  can harmonize  most effecti-
vely with a  Vogel-cut  (tm)  crystal
 (Lifestream  Associates)  and somewhat effectively  with a  natural,  double-
terminated, clear quartz crystal. Healing groups can evoke even stronger connections.

II. Preparing the Applicant
6.  Clear, balance and charge host and self  with Unconditional Love, that the server may breathe and talk without
picking up host's  negative vibrations.  Perform the  
Four Step Breathing Cycle  (Chapter 11) with server guiding
both  self and host. For serious cases,  the  
Sonic Breathing Technique i s suggested.  Or use  whatever method
works best for you to activate an
accumulated charge with Creative Force Field.

7. Review any notes made earlier in regard to  diagnostic procedures.  Ask applicant exactly what he wants to be
changed. Check the history of the disorder  to see if emotional trauma  (as from an auto accident,  mugging, surg-
ery)  needs to be released first.  Check if it is a  genetically inherited problem which also must be balanced first. If
capable, view the dysfunctional area using inner sight.

Repeat aloud everything host tells you, checking with him to see if you understand correctly. Ask host if he has an-
y questions. Answer if you can,  but don't confuse him with more details than what he actually requested. Do exac-
tly as host requested without putting your personal judgment into the picture. If client has an injured arm and requ-
ests a clearing process  "to stop the pain",  do just that
;  do not try to  "repair" the injury. Server does not have the
right to force her desires on the host.

8. Ask applicant  if he really wants this regenerative technique. If you get any  negative response from his speech,
body movements,  facial expressions  or through  your own intuition  or higher  guidance,  go no further.  Tell client
you're sorry,  but you can't do the technique at this time,  we're not quite ready or something else needs to happen
first. Host may have issues which he avoids discussing because he's in denial about it.

9. Ask host  if he believes in  God/Spirit,  a Supreme Being,  or Universal  Creative Force. This is  to structure the
consciousness of  a higher spiritual intelligence i n his mind.  Whatever the answer,  take a moment or two  to fully
explain Unconditional Love,  making sure host understands it. Host does
not need to believe in God,  Spirit or any
Supreme Authority to receive a healing; however, he does need to understand Unconditional Love  (Divine Love).

10. Again,  server checks if he has  Higher Self's permission to continue with this healing. Circumstances can cha-
nge even in the short time since starting preparations for the technique.

11. Once again, ask host if he will fully accept the new body. If the answer is "yes", proceed.

III. Clearing and Charging A Crystal
If working  without a crystal,  this part can be skipped, a s the server has already  stored the Intention  in her mind
and energy field.

Step away from the client . If using  a quartz  healing crystal,  hold it in the right hand in a vertical position between
thumb and middle finger,  with the thumb  on the bottom point,  and the finger on the upper point. Place thumb and
middle finger  of your left hand  on two opposing facets of the crystal's long sides.
Indraw breath,  holding an Inten-
tion of clearing the crystal and
Pulse breath sharply. Move the left hand's fingers to the next set of opposing faces
on the crystal and repeat until you have covered all facets. A four-sided healing crystal would require changing fa-
cets twice
;  each time clearing two sets of opposing sides. With my  nine-sided crystal, I repeat this  clearing exer-
cise five times to be sure I've included all nine facets.

The reality of clearing or cleansing a crystal  is in the  Intention and  Breath of the person  performing the exercise,
not in the use of water,  salt,  or any other substance.  All that's required  is an Intention to  "Clear Energy"  and an
outgoing breath to release energies previously stored within the crystal. Once we have cleared the crystal, before
and after each regeneration or other  Advanced  Multi-D Technique,  be sure to  re-program it with  Unconditional
Love. Without the U.L. program in the crystal, it can pick up any negative vibrations in its environment__ thoughts,
feelings, actions, words or beliefs. Think about this
: if an argument occurs  near a crystal not protected with U. L.,
all that negativity is stored within the crystal,  and if not cleared  before a healing technique,  those negative vibra-
tions move into
both server's and host's bodies.

Now that the crystal is cleansed and programmed with U. L., hold it in the
right hand (even if you are left-handed),
the crystal touching the palm of the hand,  with fingers and thumb around it,  and project the chosen  wellness pro-
gram into it  with a  
Pulsed Breath__  Visualizing and Intending  the program  to be  inside the crystal__  as if the
healing is  already complete.  
Example:  a regenerating program  could be:  "The arm is now  completely healthy,
comfortable, and functioning normally." (If preferred, this can be done later in step 13.)

IV. Releasing Old Programs
12. Ground self and host to Earth, using U. L., Intention and Breath. Feel and Visualize self and host as forming a
link between Earth and Creative Force Field, so as to be a conduit for the divine forces.

13. Ask applicant if they wish to say a prayer or have you say one. Afterwards , if the answer is "yes",  pray aloud,
asking Spirit-God to restore the particular issue (an injured arm, for example) to full and healthy function.  If it feels
appropriate,  add
: "This we ask  in the name of Christ  who taught us,  'Ask and ye shall receive';  'Seek, and ye
shall find
'; 'Knock and it shall be opened onto you. Amen'."

14.  Inform  the applicant  that at  one point  in the  technique  you will ask him  to hold his Breath  until you say the
word, "
Release", and teach him how to Pulse Breath for that release.

15. Server Pulses Breath, Inhales again, Holding Breath during all the following, up through step 16__ while Inten-
ding that Her own (Server's) body remains free of any negative energies.

Server needs to maintain U. L. in her heart  throughout the entire procedure. With Love__ and still Holding Breath
__ server approaches the host's  thymus-heart area  in the center of his upper chest  with her right hand,  perhaps
holding a crystal  cleared and charged with  U. L.  and the chosen  regenerating program__ or with  the right hand
held with the tips of the fingers and thumb together, almost as if in a salute.  Slowly turn hand or crystal in a
er -clockwise
direction  (as if turning a screw)  while adjusting the angle  of intersection  (tipping it higher or lower,
to left or right) with the host's thymus. Stop about two or three inches from the chest surface.

At the same time__  still Holding Breath__ Server places her left hand  behind host's back and neck, in a line that
opposes the area  where the crystal-hand is pointing. This second hand is held the same distance from the host's
back as the crystal-hand is from his chest. Wait__  still Holding Breath and adjusting the crystal-hand, up or down,
left or right,__  until you feel the crystal-hand "
lock in", or you feel resistance to the crystal-hand. Then hold it stea-
dy in that same direction and angle,  projecting U.L and well-being during the entire time. The moment the crystal-
hand locks in will be known by one or more of these signals

* Host's body suddenly straightens up, the chin goes up or the chest expands outward toward the crystal-hand.

* Host's breathing becomes deeper, slower and more relaxed.

* You feel a "charge",  an electrical tingle  or a temperature change  in the palm  of the hand  behind  the client's
back. Sometimes the entire room becomes noticeably warmer.

* A blue spark or beam of light leaps  from the tip of the crystal-hand and into host's thymus-heart area. Clairvoy-
ants will perceive color changes in both client and server's auras.

* An unusual sound is heard__  a popping,  snapping noise,  tinkling chimes or bell tones,  even music as from a
music box__ as the hand or crystal locks into host's energy fields.

* Host enters an altered state of consciousness__ "La-la-land"__ Usually, a blissful smile appears on his face.

* A dramatic change  in host's  complexion
:  either the color  becomes  warmer,  more  alive,  or a glow of  light
comes from his face and body.

* A pleasant aroma is perceived__ usually flowers, spices, herbs, or pine wood smoke.

16. Server may now Exhale,  as her projected thoughts of U. L.  have entered the host's energy fields,  protecting
them both from negativity.  Server continues to  Breathe in unison with host,  matching her breathing rhythm to his.

At the same time,  move the crystal-hand up and down,  from lower left to upper right  in about three inch-long,  di-
agonal strokes across host's thymus/heart center,  using the crystal or hand  as if it were a surgical laser,  saying
Breathe in" (pause), "Breathe out" (pause). Synchronize your own breath  and hand movements to host's breath-
ing rhythm.  The hand  behind  host's back  is to be  aligned  with the crystal  or hand  at the chest__  as one hand
moves up,  the other hand  moves downward and vice versa. Continue coordinating the host's and your own brea-
thing,  pumping up the energy,  faster and faster,  until you sense  a large enough charge has built up. Then you're
ready to release old programs lodged in the host's energy fields:

17. Begin rotating  the crystal-hand  more and more rapidly  in a three to four inch diameter spiral,  in a clockwise
direction now. (Note that we changed the direction of the spiral once we locked into the energy fields.) As Server
mimics the host simultaneously,  tell host to,  "
Draw in your Breath__  Hold it__  and with your Mind's Eye,  go to
the area  in your body  where the source  of the difficulty  is lodged.  Feel it.  Visualize  a clear  image of it,  and
bring it up into your conscious mind

Server must Hold a Full Breath as she says this and accelerate the rotation of the crystal-hand. During any Ener-
getic Technique,  moving the crystal-hand  in a  spiraling motion  allows Server to  directly communicate  with the
etheric subtle body  of the Host.  The field is further amplified  by making and breaking  the circuit through Breath-
ing In and Out in harmony with the applicant's own breathing rhythm__ a sort of pumping action.

18. Sensing that a full charge has built up,  server Breathes Out , while speaking with an abrupt,  loud and forceful
command (sound):

At the same time, snap the crystal/hand away from the chest and simultaneously close the empty hand at the ba-
ck, sharply jerking both away from his body.

Usually the host is more than ready to Expel Breath, having held it through the development of the charge. If they
are in "la-la-land", you may have to shout at them, reminding them to Pulse Breath. Some stop breathing altogeth-
er for awhile  during this part of the procedure . Do not worry about this__  it's normal. Tell them to "Breathe Out__  

If client does  NOT  Expel any Breath,  it may mean  he is in an altered state  and has  already  begun  processing.
This can be determined  through his state of consciousness  and facial expression.  An experienced  Server often
develops the ability to carry other persons along with her into higher dimensions during the technique, and
individual breathes for as long as twenty minutes or more

Or,  if the host i s not in an altered state,  and has  NOT expelled any breath,  it means he did not hold his breath
long enough,  and server must  re-instruct him,  then repeat the procedure from steps 14. through 18. Server must
Pulse her Breath before beginning again,  and again Intend she is free of any negative energy the client may have
silently expelled during the mudras (hand movements) and the excitation of his body cells.

Practice the Breathing modalities thoroughly at home  before starting to perform a real healing. It is really not that
hard to learn to suspend breath for longer then normal periods of time.  Inhaling brings in oxygen. The spiraling of
Indrawn Breath through the nostrils and sinus cavities  increases oxygenation to the lungs and brain.  Breath then
vibrates to higher self's tone,  moving through the  "skin" of  the etheric body matrix,  and causing a luminous glow
about one-half to one inch above the surface of the physical skin.

Therefore, the first step in communication between matter and energy in
4-D, hyper-dimensional Time-Space, is
accomplished  by holding the  Indrawn Breath. This forms what science calls  
cold heat,  created by the resistance
encountered when moving through the barrier between 3-D space-time and higher dimensional, Negative Space-
Time in which we can restructure the subtle body energy fields. The stage is then set for host and server to
out of body
, if they have not already done so.

V. Processing
19. Immediately place the crystal-hand at the host's solar plexus-diaphragm area (just above the waistline)

20. Host's body may weave back and forth  or spiral around during the processing period. Some lean backwards
or forwards so far  they nearly  fall over.  Server can place  a finger o n the back of Host's neck to  gently keep him
from falling backwards. Her crystal/hand at the solar plexus during this time will prevent him from falling forward.

Some may  bend over,  cry,  become teary-eyed  or collapse onto the floor.  Others  become  light-headed  or feel
weak  at this  point.  Some even  cry out  with  religious  words  or phases,  or even  profanity.  It's wise  to  place a
straight chair behind them  before beginning the technique. (You can sense the need of a chair when the applicant
first enters  the healing site.)  If he needs to sit down  during the procedure,  quietly and calmly speak to his Higher
Self, saying "
Let me guide you to sit in the chair behind you." Then place your free hand on his back and with the
crystal-hand  still at the solar plexus,  gently and firmly encouraging his body to move backwards,  find the edge of
the chair seat and slowly sit down. Many Hosts are so  "out of it" at this point,  that they literally do not know where
they are and cannot sense physical objects  such as a chair. The server will have to  stay alert to their needs. Very
frail or emotionally exhausted people may need to have the server take hold of their forearms or elbows  to steady
them as they sit down.  After many experiences  with energetic regenerations,  a sixth sense develops  about who
needs  what kind of help.  If Server is  constantly attuned to  both Higher Selves , guidance is available
 before the
need arises

Extreme body movements  indicate a  releasing of  intense emotional tension.  Although this  can be frightening to
the Server at times,  actually it's a good sign that healing has indeed been activated. It also suggests the applicant
has experienced physical, perhaps sexual, abuse in childhood or youth. Do not speak of this issue unless the host
volunteers  such information
;  it could  confuse or conflict with the  primary Intention  for the  present regeneration.
Hosts' Higher Self knows if abuse is involved in the present healing modality, and will deal with it automatically.

If Server and applicant are being assisted by a group of people projecting  U. L. and restorative energy, watch the
Host's face and complexion carefully. If he appears as if he's about to faint, or his face becomes very red or white,
instruct the group to  hold back on the  projected energies. The collective energies  may be too strong f or that per-
son to handle.

Host may stop breathing  for quite a long time  while they process. Do not be alarmed at this. He is hyper-dimens-
ional and has become a  
conscious breather  like dolphins and evolved humans.  He will not need  another breath
until his Higher Self tells him it's time to return to the 3-D body awareness again. Watch the complexion and facial
expressions,  and if he appears to be losing consciousness __ see-sawing or spiraling out of control,  perhaps__  
break into  his reverie  and tell him  in a
 loud voice,  to  "Breathe In"__  "Breathe  Out",  repeating this  as long as
necessary. Otherwise, do not interfere with the processing. Keep still and calm, even if unusual things occur; allow
the host to complete his processing under guidance of his Higher Self.

21. If there has been a lot of emotion with the releasing__ crying, a loud voice, screaming, even profanity, bending
way down toward the floor or collapsing to the floor nearly senseless__ tap the back of host's neck with your back-
hand's forefinger,  using a slight pressure. This further aids release of stress, tension and emotion,  and allows you
to feel if  the negative  'energy ball"  has all been  released.  If not__  repeat steps  14. through 18  again and even
a third time if necessary. Stroke host's etheric spine  from neck to root chakra with your free hand (without actually
touching his physical body),  and then "shake" the junk energy  off your own hand  behind you after each stroke, to
safely dissipate it throughout the environment.

Applicants who do not bend over may enter into an alpha state for awhile. This is natural. Be prepared to maintain
U. L. in your heart  and to monitor the host's  physical and etheric energy body states  throughout this period which
may be as long as an hour.  Avoid rushing the host through this stage. Avoid interfering with his processing unless
guided to do so by Higher Self. Often the host moves  out-of-body  into another dimension,  there to receive some
teachings or instructions from his guides concerning life purposes or beliefs.

If performing the procedure  outdoors,  insects,  birds or small animals may appear  and flutter or circle around the
Host.  A strong wind may begin to blow,  or the odor of burning pine wood, spices, herbs or flowers may arise. We'
ve even seen flowers  turn themselves around on their stems to face the host. Do not be alarmed and do not inter-
rupt unless you see that the creatures are actually disturbing the host. Lights may float around near the host. It's u-
sually nature spirits,  healing devas or  light beings  attending the processing  and aiding the energy movement for
host's well-being. Clairvoyants may sense  the presence of invisible beings__  probably the host's guides,  angels
or dis-incarnate friends or relatives come to assist and support the transformation.

VI. Imprinting New Programs and Closing Energy Fields
22. When sensing that  the old program,  "energy balls"  have been  released from Host's body,  server states in a
kindly,  loving voice: "
When you are ready, take a deep breath, and come to an upright position." Wait until body
swaying or  oscillating  motion stops,  host  returns to  an erect posture,  opens his  eyes  and  becomes  aware of
where he is and what's going on. Usually, he will also smile.

Then place  the crystal-hand  on his thymus-heart area,  and mirror it  behind his back with your other hand. Close
host's energy fields  by moving both hands  in large sweeping circles  around the boundary of his personal energy
field,  as far as your arms will reach.  Move the back hand  in an opposite direction  to the front hand. Gradually re-
duce the size of the circles  until both hands have reduced  to making three-inch wide circles over the heart center,
front and back.

While moving arms in this way, say
: "Let the body heal. Visualize the (affected area __ the arm,  for example) as
already well and whole.  See it functioning normally and comfortably
."  The new program for host's wellness was
placed inside the crystal  or inside the server's energy field  at the start of the technique. All our chakras except the
throat and root centers have the ability  to directly receive energy  from the brow,  hand chakras or energy fields of
another person. As host lets his body heal,  his energy fields accept the new program for health and well-being dir-
ectly from either the crystal or the server's energy field.

If server knows or senses other people were involved in the causes behind the illness, injury or pain, (car accident,
abuse or divorce,  for example),  ask host to  forgive all others involved  and send them God/Spirit's Unconditional

If there has been  pain or physical suffering,  ask host  to forgive the body  for the  pain orsuffering.  Have host for-
give himself for the problem, realizing it was all for purposes of  learning and understanding. Then have host send
Unconditional Love to his body and to his inner self.

23. As the host quiets down and relaxes, stop rotating the crystal-hand and place a side facet of the crystal, tip up
__ or your hand with fingers pointing upward__ in contact with the thymus-heart center area.  Hold this mudra until
sure host has completed immediate processing,  his eyes are wide open  and he's fully aware of his surroundings.
Usually, he'll speak, smile or make eye contact with the server or someone nearby.

Sensations: Some hosts feel nothing at all. Others may sense the renewing energies as a tingling,  a gentle move-
ment  through  the body,  a mild warmth or coolness  moving through them,  a gentle  "electric spark",  or even the
presence of  invisible beings. As before,  do not fear__  these are angels,  light beings or loving,  spiritual guides
come to assist with the transformation.

Host may become emotional,  tear up,  even sob or cry out.  This is normal.  In fact,  it's a  very good sign  that old
emotional traumas or blocks which have been stored in the body are releasing.  It helps if client will
blow air out of
his lungs and bend forward from the waist
if this emotional state continues more than a few minutes.

VII: Detaching
24. Processing is now complete;  the server and the host need to  detach from each others' energy fields.  Server
first creates within herself  the Intention that the two higher selves and energy fields are already separated. Pulling
her consciousness back into 3-D,  and affirming that  the regenerative technique  is completed,  she waits lovingly
and patiently until she senses that  the higher selves and energy fields are fully disconnected. Having experienced
various  states of consciousness and dimensional realms  through  
Part II: Basic multi-D Technologies,  the server
will have no problem sensing the difference.

When finished,  give host a big hug.  Ask him to thank  Christ-God-Spirit-Universe (whatever feels appropriate) for
the healing.  Ask client to  describe his feelings  during the process and,  if he is  comfortable with doing so,  share
any advice or information  received from his guides or higher self  about the causes or inner changes  that need to
be completed by him through thoughts, feelings or activities.

If a crystal was used,  step away from the host,  people present and  all electronic devices,  and clear  the program
from the crystal.  Do this in the same way as the crystal was first cleared in Step 11. Then Recharge it with Uncon-
ditional Love again to prevent its picking up negativity while traveling or being stored.

Next, clear the host's body. Many use an eagle or turkey feather  which helps to neutralize the electromagnetic en-
ergies  on the host's  body surfaces as it  "wipes" the body down with soft,  long strokes  from top to bottom.  This
is helpful if there has been much releasing of emotions, substance abuse or toxins. The healing space should also
be cleared of negative energies which might have been expelled from the host's bodies. Smudging or a simple In-
tention is sufficient.

Server now clears herself,  stepping back at least six feet from the host, other people and electronic devices, and
Pulses Breath  several times. She must make sure she is emotionally,  mentally  and energetically detached from
the host's energy fields. If she has been working to release any sort of disease,  physical injury,  addiction or disa-
bility,  she further clears herself by washing both hands and arms up to the elbows in cold water and drying thoro-
ughly while holding the Intention that she is completely free of negativity.

Once the host and server leave the site of the technique, they should not make contact for two days unless comp-
lications develop. Server needs to  remove her own mind and heart  from the  outcome of the technique . Now it's
all  up to the host and his higher self.

VIII: Post-Technique Instructions to Host
25.  After detaching,  have the host sit down and rest for thirty minutes  and drink a full glass of water. Do not allow
him to drive a car  until he's clear and stable again.  Instruct him to  maintain  positive actions and emotions about
the healing during the next twenty-eight days.

As host rests,  he may feel energies continuing to gently  move through his body. Long-buried  memories may sur-
face, either from the earlier portion of this present life or from past lives. It's beneficial for host to recall these, even
to write them down.  Insights received during or soon after a healing technique__ even days or weeks later__ can
indicate the original  mental attitudes oremotional blocks  underlying t he physical disorder.  It's important the host
pays attention to these insights and tries to resolve them in his personal life,  ensuring a permanent and complete
restoration to health and well-being.

A sleepy feeling is common for the host  in the first six to twelve hours  after the renewing technique.  A "pleasant"
tiredness is a positive sign  that the healing has taken hold.  It's best if host can nap  away from other people.  He
may feel a need for seclusion for a few hours, which gives him a chance to more fully process new-found feelings,
thoughts or guidance. The server and others present  during the technique  often find they have  received an ener-
getic renewal, too.

Another good sign is  the host becoming very thirsty for a few hours. As physical cleansing continues,  toxins stor-
ed in the body parts__ particularly organs and muscles__  as a result of illnesses,  injuries,  disabilities and some
medications, can release over a period of a month or more. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush released toxins
out of the body quickly and comfortably. Smoking,  drugs of any kind, alcohol,  food or drink additives,  agricultural
or industrial chemicals  and environmental pollutants all take a heavy toll on the immune system,  forcing it to work
overtime,  reducing its ability to eliminate energetic disease patterns from the body. A good multi-vitamin and min-
eral supplement, plus 500 to 2000 mg. of Vitamin C spread over a 24 hour period along with rutin, hesperidin and
bioflavonoids, will boost the immune system when the host is under stress. If your vitamins do not include hesperi-
din, eat the pulp of an orange. Vibrational Remedies or Essential Oils,  uplifting,  relaxing music  and time spent in
Nature are also extremely helpful during the re-balancing period.

* Medications or food supplements may need to be cut back or discontinued after the technique. Important
: Tell
Host not to stop taking prescribed medications without his health-care provider's approval.

* Cleansing may take any number of forms. Some may be a bit uncomfortable for awhile, but none will last long, or
be what one might call "painful".

* A bitter,  metallic taste  in the mouth  or a  metallic smell,  as mercury releases  from tooth fillings and wherever it
may have lodged in body tissues. This will not harm the teeth in any way__ in fact, it's beneficial.

* Mildly loose bowels, but not lasting over an hour and not with stomach cramps, fever or pain. If that happens, it is
from some other physical problem the host may have picked up before or after the healing technique.   

* Aching muscles, particularly the limbs or back,  but not severe pains,  muscle cramps  or high fevers. The aching
usually only occurs after releasing  alcohol or drug dependencies,  heavy metals or  radiations  stored in  the body.
Any pains in a woman's  pelvic-sacral area would be due to releasing long-held toxins and tensions  from physical
or sexual abuse. Her moon-flux period may begin sooner than normal, or the flow may be heavier for that one time
only. These aches or pains rarely last longer than a few hours. If they last longer than that,  or become severe, the
Server can be called on for further assistance.

* A light rash, or even a mild case of hives, but not lasting more than a few days. Again, if itching becomes severe,
the Server can help.

* Mild head-cold symptoms
: runny nose and eyes,  phlegm in the throat, sinus drainage, but again, no high fevers,
headaches or sore throats__  unless host is releasing something  that was once imprinted into those particular bo-
dy areas in the past . It will last less than a day or two. Drinking plenty of water,  resting, deep-breathing exercises,
mild physical activities  such as walking  or casual swimming,  saunas,  hot tubs or massages  usually help  speed
things up as the body works to release long-stored toxins and tensions.

* Instruct host to give himself a big hug and to program self with U. L. at least four times a day. This is his "energe-
tic medication." Also,  suggest he stay out of huge crowds as found at rock concerts,  large conventions,  or major
sporting events for the next month.

Host needs to know the server is available  if there are questions  or a need for  releasing mild discomforts. If nec-
essary,  set time and place  for post-counseling  or further sessions.  This is usually needed only  for more serious
problems such as cancer, heart disease, AIDS or other degenerative diseases. Releasing from substance abuse
often requires two or more sessions__ one to release the addiction, and additional ones to balance the withdraw-
al symptoms.

IX. Follow-up
26. Stress the importance of  a loving support group for the applicant.  This is an amazing technology,  and family
or friends  may not yet be open to these ideas. They may,  out of fear or ignorance,  ridicule the technique__  and
the host__ for choosing that procedure. Host needs to be compassionate and understanding with them, but to av-
oid such persons while processing. Family and friends  who respect  host's choices f or optimum health,  who list-
en to him and lovingly provide encouragement, help speed the body's natural healing process.

Server must  remain detached  physically,  mentally and emotionally  from the host  for a full two days.  Resist any
temptation  to psychically "peek" at the host's energy fields  to see if the harmonizing has taken hold or not. Main-
tain   zero-point charge,  holding no personal investment  in the outcome of the procedure. After forty-eight hours,  
server can call or visit the host and inquire as to their state of being.

Host's  body will process  at whatever rate  is safest and  most comfortable  for him.  This can take  a few minutes,
weeks,  months or, on rare occasions, even a year or two,  depending upon how long and how deeply the underly-
ing causes  were originally imprinted into the bodies,  how much of the inner work  was previously completed or is
later completed by the host.  By  "inner work",  we refer to the  activities and psychologies  as presented in
Part II:
Basic Multi-D Technologies

27. One month after the original healing technique, again check with the host as to whether the healing has compl-
eted or not. They may need  further minor adjustments.  After that,  it's up to the individual himself  to maintain that
sense  of optimism. This is why  regular meditation,  affirmations and prayers are so  important. They  provide the
balance, guidance and feeling of Oneness which  maintains those positive attitudes and feelings throughout each

Usually,  one healing application is enough.  If two or three  more techniques  have been required,  and  there has
been  no improvement at all,  tell host you cannot help any more at this time.  If there was  originally some immed-
iate relief , but the problem returns,  it's most likely that host has refused to be responsible for, or to follow through
on his own  state of wellness,  much like people  who don't take all their medication  or follow prescribed diet and
exercise  programs.  They want a  care-provider  to give them  a "magic bullet",  or act as  a "crutch" or  "parent",
prodding them to "take your medicine". In these cases, host's Higher Self evidently has  another agenda and has
not willed complete recovery because there is more to be learned through that dysfunction.

To prevent healing crises,  avoid performing healing techniques  for more than  one major dysfunction __  cancer,
heart disease,  AIDS,  M.S.,  diabetes or Parkinson's,  for instance__ more often than once a month for the same
individual  unless the host's and server's higher selves  give specific permission. They know just how much host's
body can safely handle  without activating  a healing crisis.  If host  requests the server  to  
accelerate the healing
process, and both  higher selves  give a "go" signal,  first warn the host  that there could be  some pain and emo-
tional distress for a few days, but the higher self will not allow more processing than the body can safely handle.

There is also a danger of too many practitioners working on one person's bodies or energy fields simultaneously.
In all healing modalities__ traditional or holistic__ the practitioner and the host are exchanging energies between
themselves,  and only  one practitioner  per every  forty-eight hour period  is best.  When  any practitioner  does a
procedure,  her particular vibrational tone  enters the subtle bodies  of the host.  If another practitioner  works with
the same host, or provides medication or supplements soon after, different tones are transferred to the individual,
possibly creating imbalance and even disharmony.

When a server harmonizes the host's communication with his Higher Self,  a higher vibrational mode is absorbed
into the host's  mind and body.  It's with this vibration  that the applicant himself  provides healing action  within his
body. When the host is ready and willing to accept  Unconditional Love from Spirit and from the heart of the facilit-
ator,  he makes a subtle decision  to act on it  in a positive way.  He is then able  to release the  stress or disease
held in his body.  We're dealing with  
energetic transfers of charge  during these techniques. These charges have
particular  vibrational frequency  characteristics,  and we must  always be sure  we are  comfortable with the vibra-
tions used, and that they do not conflict or compete with each other.

Remote Healing
We do not need to be in each others' physical presence to facilitate Energetic Healings for clients even thou-
sands of miles away.  Remote procedures  can be set up by  telephone,  letter or e-mail  for a specific time when
the host can  separate himself off  from other people  and electronic devices.  After  saying  a prayer  and stating
what he wishes  to be restored,  the host and  the server  then link up  energetically  (with or  without  a phone)  as
planned, and the procedure is initiated.

For a Remote Healing,  the server goes through  Stages I, II, and III,  programming a crystal if it is to be used, and
sitting down at a table  where she will be undisturbed.  A  
"witness"  from the applicant for  healing is needed__ a
photograph__  new or old__  or some of his hair,  nail clippings , drop of blood,  saliva  or his  signature on paper
__ all carry DNA. Placing one of these witnesses on the table before her,  the server holds her free hand beneath
the tabletop and her crystal/hand above it,  so that th
e photo or witness and the tabletop are "sandwiched" in bet-
ween her hands.  She then performs  the energetic healing technique  as above  while  she links into  the photo or
witness with her own energy field sensing the host's physical and subtle bodies through it.

The same prayers  , mudras and mantras are pronounced as when in the host's physical presence, and when the
charge has built up,  the  "Release" is commanded.  When the server senses that the distant host has processed
the energetic transference, the energy field links are closed, and she detaches from the host, the photo or witness
and the process. Remember, in hyper-dimensional realms, all Time is Now, all Space is Here.

Becoming a healer,  whether for self or others,  requires responsibilit y and deep commitment as well as personal
growth and transformation.  When we enter  expanded and more inclusive  realms of consciousness,  we begin to
experience uncanny abilities for healing,  but the  openness and acceptance  of applicants  to this new technology
greatly affect how well it works. Once fully committed to a healing path,  we discover the people we attract into our
lives are quite different from those we knew before.  We also connect with  related sacred wisdom teachings, find
new interpretations of what we had earlier studied, receiving input from within  that expands on that infinite body of
knowledge. As we research,  experiment and discover,  we begin to create a more personal way of presenting our
new-found concepts of health and well-being to those ready to receive them.

During an  Energetic Healing Technique__ or any  Expanded Multi-D Technology__  we connect with our own and
the host's Higher Selves. But in reality, as the Creative Force flows through  the crystal and the host, we are conn-
ecting with more than our own Higher Selves
; we are consciously linking with Spirit__ our Greater Self__ All That
Is,  knowing that all creatures  are linked with each other.  In fact,  each of us is  an individual  particle in a Greater
Self we may call Spirit, God, Allah, Creator or Creative Force. To "Become as One" with that Greater Self through
a  Unity Consciousness  is the  ultimate goal__ for an individual,  a group,  a network of groups,  the  entire human
species, the planet and the universe.

Higher-dimensional,  Expanded  Multi-D  Technologies  harmonize  anomalies  at  subtle  energy  levels  between
mental  and emotional attitudes,  between  individual and universal levels,  or between both personal collective be-
liefs of  All  Life  Everywhere.  An individual  with a blockage  in their  mental  attitudes  (racism, for example)  is in
conflict with Spirit's intentions toward Unity.

These  higher dimensional modalities,  including Energetic Healing Techniques,  teach us to create,  heal and ma-
nifest without physical devices or substances. In other words, we can regenerate humans and other lifeforms with-
out the use of chemicals, surgery, radiation, machines or even crystals.__
with energy alone.

The understanding and use of Energetic Healing can profoundly alter our perceptions of ourselves and our role in
the universe.  Is it possible then,  that individuals at an advanced evolutionary stage,  knowing themselves collect-
ively as a  Greater Consciousness , can use the Higher Creative Skills of  Intention,  Love,  Mind and Breath to in-
fluence the direction of humanity or civilization __ perhaps the very environment of Earth?

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX