There has been a lot of confusion about "Densities" and "Dimensions".

DENSITIES are  Levels of  REALITIES on  Higher Vibrational FREQUENCIES. We've been
living on Earth in a
Third Density Reality, and are attempting to  move along with  Earth to
Higher Density Realities
: Fourth Density first, and later to Fifth Density,  which means we
must first raise our  Personal Frequencies to equal those of each  Higher Density's Frequen-

DIMENSIONS are  WAVELENGTHS__ not Frequencies.  Therefore,  they are  dependent upon our
human thought-forms,  and are the  Key to everything that moves us from one
Dimension to another,
to perform
Multi-Dimensional Technologies.

DENSITY  involves mastering its particular  Dimensional requirements  before we can move
into the next
Higher Density.

The  Universe  Creates  Life.  It is filled with Life.  Life at very  minuscule  evolutionary levels,  such
as  microscopic subatomic particles,  microbes, or
Minerals , having an  awareness of  only  being an
elemental energy and holding a form. This is the FIRST DENSITY.

Over long, long periods of time, Minerals evolve into Plant Forms having awareness of warmth, light,
and growth-change__ as well as being energy & hold form. This is SECOND DENSITY.

Still later, they become Animal Forms in THIRD DENSITY that are first conscious of being a "Herd"
rather than an individual,  and of
movement and  choice in addition to the  awareness and  abilities of
Minerals & Plants.  As Herd-Conscious Animals  evolve their consciousness,  they incarnate in a
manoid Form
,  which is where we humans were  long years ago.  Eventually we became the  Homo
Sapien Sapien
humans that we are today. But we are MUTATING again right now!

Homo Sapien Sapiens exist in, and are
aware of, Three Dimensions__ width, length & height__  in
THIRD DENSITY, having lives that  teach us How to Love Unconditionally, and to  make approp-
Choices so we can evolve to  Higher Density evolutionary levels__ 4h, 5th,  and beyond__ all
the way back to
Creator Source, Itself. Since 12-21-12, Humanity has been moving into the Fourth
various Dimensional levels, where we learn to master Gravity and Time. And some evol-
ved souls are ascending into lower levels of the
Fifth Density to master the Dimension of  "Light"  
during this period as well.

The method by which Earth Life evolves to each next higher Density is through an
Ascension Proc-
.  Every 25,920 years  universal,  galactic and solar systemic cycles reach  a convergence which
allows those lifeforms who have prepared themselves, to move up into the next higher density.Those
beings not sufficiently evolved in consciousness, who haven't raised their energy body's frequencies,
must wait another 25,920 years for the next opportunity. If they
still have a lower consciousness after
that, they must wait yet
another 25K+ years. And, if they don't "make it" then they have only one more
25K+ cycle to go through, & if
still not ready, they must start all over again from the beginning. There
is no other way to evolve.

Humans can use their Innate Creativity to raise their consciousness in various ways.  In
4th Density
we become familiar with
dreams, visions, synchronicities,  Out-of-Body and Near Death Experiences
which teach us  about evolving our  consciousness  to even higher densities.  Ascending into a  
state of awareness allows us to learn to consciously and deliberately Create New Realities for self
and others.

Not intended to force change,  this web-book simply tries to offer hope for the near-future by offering
options for  raising one's consciousness,  enabling Ascension  to higher density states where we can
create and live a more abundant, fulfilled and purposeful life in
The 4th Density.

Energies downloading to Earth and all Solar Systems from the Suns, Comets, Galaxies and Cosmos
first affect changes  on quantum energy  levels__  which then changes our  personal consciousness
level, and our consciousness eventually alters the holographic/physical world.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum  (Archives) which we experience in 3-D  consciousness, is divided
roughly into  twelve known portions  functioning  within our  planet,  galaxy and  universe,  as well as
within our physical bodies.  When a disturbance is produced  at any point in space  by an EM energy
field,  that disturbance  travels through space as a
wave.  We measure the waves by their  frequency  
(fast or slow),  by their
wavelength,  (long or short) & by their  amplitude (intensity). We know Earth's
vibrations are rising in frequency very rapidly now,  and our physical and  energetic bodies are attem-
pting to synchronize with Her.

EM wavelengths  can range  from many miles  to less than  a millionth of an inch.  These wave-
lengths are  important to  understand  as we create with  Multi
- Dimensional  Technologies,  in the
Density of Choice for both Earth and humans

What if I told you that  the next step for the  evolution of  human consciousness  is that of  becoming
sensitive above and below the
visible light and heat range  of the  EM Spectrum?  Solar flares ex-
cite  chakras,  endocrine glands and  living cells to  trigger  mutations of species.  Our Sun has been
producing more frequent  and more intense solar flares  than ever known in recorded history.  As we
move through the Third Millennium,  increased sunspot activity is releasing more energy to stimulate
the activity of living cells,  including  
mitochondria, the... "specific electric power plant  of live cells",
and to accelerate the  endocrine gland functions  associated with our chakras. The latest  solar flare
cycle peaked in  
2011-13.  Could we say we're being   "revved up"  for something very unique in hu-
man evolution?

Examining our  
3-D EM Spectrum,  we find  shorter wavelengths of radiation occur  at the higher fre-
quency end of the spectrum,  while the  
longer wavelengths  occur at the  lower frequency end. To-
day's science books  seldom tell us about a  thirteenth portion of the  EM band  which is even  
down on the frequency scale__ having  
very slow frequencies, but wavelengths far longer than elec-
tricity__ human brain waves are the longest waves with the lowest frequencies on the EM spectrum.

Every  new planet  appropriated for  3rd dimensional-density life,  is " quarantined";  i.e.,  an  energy
shield is placed around it so outside, off-world beings cannot interfere or in any way either ensure or
distort the new planet's inhabitants'  preparation for ascension, since
3-D planets are  Free Will"  pla-
nets, requiring inhabitants to learn to  
lovingly exercise their Free Will  without preventing others from
manifesting their own Free Will
.  We learn that Events in our life are n0t random__ our emotions, bel-
iefs and consciousness  determine what happens
. Karma also has its effects on the events we expe-
Synchornicity events inform us that we are__  in that moment__ on the right path, which may
vary from individual to individual.

The focus should be on feeling  
Unconditional Love & Oneness with All That Is  if we wish to expand
our 3-D consciousness to higher realities.  In
3-D we must deal with Space__  length, width & height.
We're already familiar with 3-D consciousness where we're asked to
become a unique Individual, em-
power ourselves to
live well on earth,  to Serve Others  rather than Self, and understand and  master
Cause & Effect
:  i.e., "Choice".  But how do we know whether we are in  4-D or 5-D  consciousness?
Do we unconsciously slip in and out of these Densities at various times? For there seems to be a thi-
nner division between
3-D, 4-D & 5-D now. If 3-D is a world of cause & effect,  of wars & chaos, then
what is

Astrology, Tarot Cards, Pendulums and I Ching  are symbols for languages on higher-dimensions
Time: where  Past, Present and  Future are all one.  Hold Your Breath  when choosing
Tarot, Runes, I Ching, Pendulum or Dowsing elements, & Pulse Breath upon releasing them.

In our 3-D reality, there were sequences of events that had to be lined up so that the Ascension Pro-
cess and Evolutionary Change could proceed in an orderly manner.  But things are quite different in
Fourth Density.

When we 're meditating, we know we're in 4-D if we can contact our Higher Selves and Gaia (Earth's
Spirit Within).  Entering into  4-D  requires a  quantum awakening in a
 Transfiguration__ a process
where we get a 4-D human body activated in our present human body. We get
Time Travel, Telep-
athy, Remote Viewing, Precognition
and other special gifts.

We can  
transmute old attitudes & beliefs no longer working for us  by seeking  a new attitude or be-
lief that is  more appropriate  for the situation at hand.  We then perceive two  
Torsion Forces'  cone-
shaped tips  as a metaphor for solving our quandary.  A Dream,  Meditation,  or Intention with uncon-
ditional Love and Oneness can show us the appropriate attitude or belief, and WHAM!__ the oppos-
ing two tips meet and we have a  Transformation of Consciousness.  Life changes immediately, as a
Timeline,  a  New Reality is created.  This Multi-Dimensional,  High-Density Technique  must be
learned & practiced  if we are to master living in  higher density/dimensional worlds
.  Whenever there
is a  breakthrough during a  
Transformation of Consciousness,  the experiencer, whether  child or
adult, is permanently changed__ physiologically & psychologically__with after-effects similar to those
Near Death Experiences (NDE).       

An individual may  already be presently residing in 4-D,  yet be under the influence  of the Dark Side.
Because of the Existence of Telepathic Abilities in 4-D__this is the struggle of a lifetime. If one is in a
4-D Reality  in which Dark Beings have already created a power foundation,  then one is likely to find
Mind Controls functioning  in attempts to keep their negative foundation  from being converted  into a
Light Reality.          

The Powers of Light,  which have dominion  over a planet's ability  to rise above the forces of dark-
ness, project geometric patters of creation into 4-D space in order to code spiritual mankind into
The revealing of these  
Codes of Light  are presented in tele-thought communication in Meditations,
Dreams or Hypnagogia.

One begins to  Let Go__ to Trust in the Spiritual  to carry them safely through their consciousness
evolution process.
When an individual or a group  transits from 3-D to 4-D or Higher Density,  an energy release occurs
from their atomic particles,  and we sense that release as
Heat.  However, when any object or being,  
including ourselves,
temporarily moves from a higher density level down to the 3-D again, an intense
White Light with a golden cast  is given off by that person or object.  Such light often manifests when
Crop Circles form or UFO's, angels or beings from other realms visit us.    

Earth's 4-D is the world of Imagination, Dreams, Astral Travel, and of Myths and Archetypes.
Basically, it's a
Passageway to  Other Densities & Psychic Experiences, through which we may Ac-
cess Time, Space and Gravity_
_a source for Past Life  Regressions & Synchronicities. It's through
4-D that one accesses the
5th and Higher Density States. Each density has 13 steps or levels within
its octave of frequencies. One
 octave relates to  the 2 tones or keys in the  diatonic musical scale. A
piano images this scale with its 8 white  & 5 black keys.  Each step-overtone allows for  variations on
what can be  contacted or accomplished,  depending on which  "step/frequency" of a  Density one is
presently experiencing.  In 4-D we experience  shifting in and out o f various dimensions that are trig-
gered with our Emotion__ but here we are seldom confused with  
Time Loops and Time Converg-

Those of us who have been seeking & preparing  to ascend to a  4th Density Consciousness  (which
was established within all mankind in the very beginning)  will be feeling the energetic changes in the  
depth of our being now.  Since
2001, many have moved into the  Transitional Overtone of 4-D where  
Consciousness and Energy are interrelated.
4-D consciousness moves in a  faster frequency.  In the
4th Density  we spontaneously shift between higher dimensions of experience  wherein our minds en-
tertain events beyond our usual physical space-time frames.

We are discovering our "
re-membering"__ he first subtle whispers of The Next Race on planet Earth.
There will be
 new relationships,  the overcoming of fear,  new ways of living,  the Power  Within __
creative imagination__ will be more and more evident. ESP & Spiritual Healing will ensure the surv-
ival of Mankind. You will experience the dynamics of  
Positive Thinking,  Mind Control, Uncondition-
al Love, Unity/Christ Consciousness,  Multi-dimensional Awareness ,
and the True Meaning of Life,
Success & Abundance
through uncovering and following Your Life's Mission.

The basic lesson of 4-D is to
Create with Love, informed by Wisdom. It is a gradual change, that may
take humanity 100- 400 years  to complete the 13 octave levels.  We learn that we are  part of a Soul
Group MInd__ people who share our Mission or Purpose, and who may or may not be in our physical
presence,  but who are serving Earth,  Spirit and  Humanity in similar ways__ ways that are typical of
Legendary Archetypes, such as "T
eachers", "Healers", "Creators", etc,. and even as "Lightning".

4-D Consciousness is a sort of  "Stargate" to still higher Densities. On
September 11, 2001, Human-
ity went into a Transitional State, starting to move out of 3-D, beginning to ascend to 4-D. Where 3-D
Consciousness Breathing was in the Phi Ratio proportion of male & female energetics. 4-D Conssci-
ousness Breathing is one part male to 3 parts female energetics, where
Unconditional Love__Heals.

January, 2013 humans began entering 4-D. Like the Luxor Pyramid experience in Las Vegas, (Ch.8:
he Energy Artist."),  there's little difference  between them  visually.  As we move into  4-D__  "The
Other Side
"__ there are things we need to know. There's really  very little difference between 3-D  &
4-D  experientially.  We can  return to 3-D,  if we wish__  perhaps to  perform some service__ but it's
really hard to go to 5-D and come back  once we reach the 10th to 2th overtone of the 4-D octave, It
just feeels sooo goood.

Jose' Arguelles, in "Surfers of the Zuvua",  says:  "All the frequencies of vertical Time are octaves.
You can literally  recreate  4-D Time  by playing those frequency ranges.  You can do this  by using
colors to create a painting, or by blowing on a kazoo! And when you go 'rooty-toot-toot', you're mas-
tering the vibrational world of appearances.  Through your playing , you're harmonizing the world of
appearances: the
third-dimensional world to the fourth-dimension. And remember, each octave has
its 13 overtones. So in the
third dimension, fourth dimensional time is created or brought into being
through the overtones of music, light and
color.  Sound has its octaves and so does Sight and even
 aromatherapy.  We become masters of illusion.  It explains a whole lot.  Not only why the
Maya had been great artists and mathematicians, but much more."

The Fourth Density is basically all about the dimension of TIME. Time is the next Dimension we must
master after leaving 3rd Density. The ability to travel through 4-D  has already been accomplished on
the level of the mind by the ability to dip into the future.  We are bringing forth information from higher
levels and translating it to the level of the mind.  There is an ability to obtain information from the Uni-
versal Mind, and then apply it in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Density.
This is Mastery of 4-D."

The physical body in 4-D is less dense,  & our carbon-based 3-D body becomes much lighter, higher
in frequency
; our molecular and cellular structure changes, based on crystalline molecules. We don't
need as much food.  Our new bodies produce extra energy.  However, we will have fruits with protein
in them, and may eat them for pure pleasure.        

We will find ourselves Detaching from our Pasts, our Habits, our worn-out Beliefs, and our no-longer-
working  Activities.  This is being replaced  by a powerful emerging  GROUP INTELLIGENCE  that is
Greater than all the individuals with whom you are involved
;  that can even OVERRIDE THE NORM-
AL 3-D LAWS OF PHYSICS.  In both 4-D, 5-D  and higher densities,  

David Wilcock related that:  "The Laws of Physics  respond directly to our  collective thoughts  and
beliefs. If everyone of us humans believes we can fly__ we will!."

It's important to  pay close attention to the experiences and episodes of 4-D  because once we reach
5-D threshold , all the Timelines of the past merge into  One Timeline, and anything still unresol-
ved from our Twelve Past Lives of Significance Timelines, must be balanced and harmonized before
we can ascend further in 5-D.  And as we examine those past-life timelines, we may find we are hav-
ing a sort of  "LIFE REVIEW",  such as one experiences during  Near Death Experiences, or at one's
final death.

That Higher Part of ourselves__  whether we call it  "Spirit Within",  "Higher Self",  "Angels" or  "Inner
Guidance"__ best knows what we next need to learn,  understand or do for the  evolution of our con-
sciousness__ or  humanity's consciousness;  but
because we're becoming  Multi-dimensional,  that
Guidance may not necessarily occur according to the old Linear Time pattern of past,  then present,
then future.  Nor will  Guidance  present itself  in the Spacial manner  that we've been  accustomed
to. Since we  have Transcended Time__ it is collapsing in on itself.

In Fourth Density  we can  ACCESS THE TRUTH & WISDOM OF THE AGES.  It can seem as if our
lives are  fulfilling an infinite,  universal script  that is guiding all life on the planet  through a series of
spiritual  "
lessons" called  "ARCHETYPES";  as if some invisible pattern or  structure that continually
moves in cycles has been guiding us toward spiritual enlightenment and evolution of species.
discovered that History seems to repeat itself every 539 years, playing out the same scen-
narios and main characters (Archetypes?)  but within the new faces, conditions and environments of
each coming  
539th Planetary Paradigm.  It's as if we're in a hologram, that keeps repeating and rep-
peating  the same story,  until we__  as a human species__ learn to  master the  lessons it's trying to
teach us.  He also found a
720 year cycle that relates with ancient mystery teachings. Are we being
driven towards that  Golden Age  we hear so much about__ that seems  just out of reach?  For more,
check out David's
 YouTube video about his recent book: "The Synchronicity Key".

While 4-D  is really not  that much different from 3-D__ 5-D will appear completely altered.  You know
you are in 5-D when your body feels
"charged up", joyful and thrilled within every body cell.

7-15-94: MEDITATION:  "The Mystic Path = Mind, Intuition in 4-D. The Occult Path = Love, Wisdom
ML:  I became extremely tired and cold.  I put on a sweater  and lay down on the sofa  with a blanket
after turning up the heat.  I felt drawn to the "other side",  so I evoked U. Love,  just "let go", and went
into 4-D.  I seemed to "
sleep"  for nearly an hour,  but was  semi-conscious,  receiving instructions on
various levels.  I recall:  
1.) seeing the word "LEARNING"  in big letters  near the top of  the page of a
book entitled
: "Sacred Journeys to Atlantis"  and the #20 at the bottom.  

After awakening,  I looked in that book.  There was no word,  "
Learning" but  "Understand" was used.
It told about the Oracles at Delphi, & how that area in ancient Greece  had been the site of  Manifest-
iing on Earth through the 5th Density. (Dated to the Ancient Greek classical period of  
510-323 B.C.).  
The site of Delphi  was believed to be determined by
 Zeus when he sought to find  the center of his  
Grandmother Earth  (Gaia). At the end if this part of the book,  it addresses the reader as the "Com-
mander", and say, "S
he will have the good health she desires very soon." I felt as if I were being ad-
dressed personally!

2.)  At another point,  I saw the word  "EMOTION" plus printing stating that "This moves us between
Densities and from the ElectroMagnetic Band to the MagnetoElectric Band, and in between."
 I was
shown how to place the EM Band in a vertical position alongside the  Relativity Chart for the planets,
etc., which the  "
Old Ones" gave me  on our way to  Arizona in late 1991. There were 13 portions, or
wavelengths to  the EM Band.  I also prayed for help for  our ailing  granddaughter,  "
Amber"  &  her

Over the next  
200 years, those who have ascended to the Fifth Density World  will be influenced by
the Element of "
Ether": The Creative Force Field.  The energetic frequencies  HAARP  is sowing into
Earth's atmosphere are
Torsion Field Physics frequencies, said to keep us harmonized with the cha-
nging axis of Earth that was altered by the  Chilean,  Haitian and  Japanese earthquakes, (Some say
also by the approach of the Twelfth Planet)__ and to trigger all the pyramids and monuments built on
our Earth's energy grid to broadcast the Great Shift's energies across Earth.       

The Fifth Density  is basically about  
Love, Wisdom,  Honor,  and Communication with  "Light";  the
Light", with a capital "L", referring to a divine emanation from a  higher evolutionary manifest-
ation, or any number of outer-space consciousness forces which can co-exist with many Electromag-
netic spectrums.  The word,  
"light",  with a lower-case "l",  refers to that portion of our  common  EM
spectrum of Earth light, (as from the Sun), and Colors, with a wavelength between Infrared light, and
Ultra-violet light. Matter in our universe is gravitationally trapped, "frozen" light.

5-D we virtually become an INTELLECTUAL__ a Scholar, ferreting out the Wisdom of the Ages.
perhaps through the  Akashik Records, and
Unifying Love & Vision. The Masculine &  Feminine
Natures merge
,  The Throat Chakra intensifies its activation.  People will not like you__ as they
have no understanding of what you are all about,  and therefore,  may even  fear your  strong energy
Conversely, the
Process of Change in 5-D is  Beyond Time and Space Limitations. Hence, that Pro-
cess is  no longer sequential.  Nor do Changes occur all in one place. Instead,
many, many possible
versions of reality intermingle and merge
. The merging of possible realities resembles cells that gra-
dually  or swiftly bond together  to  create the Seed of
 A New Expression of Reality.  In other words,
certain PATTERNS OF LIGHT intermingle with the Creative Force of Unconditional Love to manifest
a matrix upon which a New Reality can manifest.

5-D, r ather than a written &/or spoken Intention,  a simple Dream-Wish or loving desire,  can arr-
rive after
 neutralizing the mind & heart__  letting go__ of one's previous  expectations or desires re-
garding the present situation,  and instead,  choosing another reality/timeline, simply by daydreaming
about it  out the window  for a few minutes during a boring  TV  program,  or pausing  after  viewing a  
thought-provoking passage online,  in a book,  a magazine__or even at night  as we go to sleep.  We
just have to  
Hold the feelings of  Unconditional Love & Oneness with  All Life Everywhere__ and our
"Please Do's" manifest.

Once we've managed to pass through  
"Twilight Time"- 4-D  (Twilight.html ) actual physical changes
occur  in our brains,  producing connections to  The Group Mind  of the Planet.  The PET__
emission tomography
__ has made clear to us  that our brain can rearrange itself in as little as fifteen
minutes,  if it's stimulated in unusual and creative ways.  If we do indeed, become a "
Planetary Mind",
our  collective consciousness  will include,  not only  humans,  but  minerals, elements,  nature spirits,
chemicals, plants, insects  and animals as well.  It is this PLANETARY INTELLIGENCE that now det-
ermines what changes,  what evolves upon Earth.  Our left-brain intellect is dropping.  
Physical tech-
nologies and devices are declining, and our intuition growing, as Multi-D Technologies activate.

One of the first  Multi-Dimensional Experiences that occurs  when we begin moving into the 5th Den-
sity,  is that we BI-LOCATE__ i.e.,  we become aware of existing in two different realities at the same
time. For example, you could be walking along a window-lined hallway, talking with friends,  &  sudd-
enly  you find yourself swimming  outside in a pool in  "
another" dimension.  You see and experience
BOTH realities simultaneously__ the one walking in the hallway conversing with friends__ and at the
same time__ swimming in a pool in another reality that has entirely different plants, buildings and be-
ings,  which were entirely unknown to you  and completely unlike  anything presently existing now on
Earth.  You would be  completely aware o f both locations  and able to carry on conversations as you
participate in another activity at the same time, but in a strange place.

And people or beings  in both realities  can see you__  and you can see them.  During the  transition
phase the atmosphere of the "new reality" is bathed in golden-white light. But when you are
fully into
the upper overtones of 5-D,  you would not recognize anything!  Everything would be  completely be-
yond your experience.  Usually there are no objects,  shapes or figures,  for you will be  experiencing
only through thoughts, feelings and other  energetic modes.  And when you are  in that  5-D state,  it
feels so wonderful, so loving and "right"  that you won't want to return to the lower dimensions again
you want to stay there forever.  Some people in the  
Flower of Life seminars disappeared right out of
their chairs during group meditations, and many were never seen again... not anywhere in 3-D.          

As we move into the 5th density reality we must be very careful
; for here, whatever we think and feel
lovingly happens even sooner.  5th dimension  provides power to  
bend and reshape  the Time Flow.  
Uri Geller  projects his mind  into matter,  heating and reshaping it  by increasing its  vibrations.  His
spoon-bending is one step away from the
6-D talent of using Sacred Geometry molecular structure
of material objects to reshape and create  New Elements.  In governing the molecular structure upon
these levels,  there is mastery of
5-D,  which is Mastery of the Physical Reality from the level of
the Mind

Once we've crossed the 5-D threshold, we will soon be contacting our
Soul Group Minds and serving
the Group's Mission and Purpose  as well as our own__ and beginning to develop our  
Light Bodies
in 5-D and beyond. Each of us must first of all then. BE that energy__ that vision  of ourself. Then we
have it!  Fifth Dimensional inhabitants are Multi-Density Beings  
moving beyond meta-physics & psy-

When faced with difficult activities popping up in your 5-D life, one or more of which you are normally
fearful of, you must first realize that this problem is just ONE STEP in a LONGER PROCESS that will
manifest as  FAR BETTER & GREATER. Then ask ourself: "WHAT WOULD LOVE DO NOW", & ev-
oke feelings of  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE  in your heart as you  VISU-
ALIZE & FEEL  what you desire to occur__  AS IF IT IS  ALREADY HAPPENING TO YOU!. SEE with
your MIND'S EYE,  that activity taking place  joyfully, easily, lovingly, bravely & in  perfect comfort  for
NOW and ALWAYS. If other people, beings or creatures are involved,  see them also finding joy, love
and peace  through what is
now__ and what will be occurring.  Then you  DETACH and  let Universe
do the rest. It is almost effortless. This is HIGHER CREATIVITY__COCREATING WITH SPIRIT.

For example:  Even while still  in the lower overtones  of the 5-D octave, If you have a special project
you are attempting to complete  for your Soul's Purpose  or Group's Mission, you have only to THINK
LOVINGLY AS IF IT IS ALREADY IN YOUR LIFE__ and your Guides and Universe oblige.

I was searching for a particular Meditation that was in Journal #22. I had 70 of these Journals__each
with 200 to 300 pages__ written over a period of more than 30 years. I went through the cabinet con-
taining them three times, but no #22 Journal was there. Rats! Exasperated,  I shoved all the booklets
back into the cabinet, In my haste, my elbow knocked one onto the floor__ It was Journal # 22.

I wanted some small yellow artificial flowers  for a bouquet in my bathroom. Checking online, for over
2 hours, I could not find any of the right size or at a reasonable price. I gave up, and went into the liv-
ing room  to read the mail.  The first item was a catalog,  and I opened it at random. That page held a
photo of three plastic floral bouquets__ red,  blue or yellow__  just the right size,  and only $5.00 plus
shipping. I ordered by phone immediately.

I wanted to know  if I could  manifest with SOUND,  and wished I knew  where to find that information.
In five minutes,  I'm cleaning out some old files,  and pick up one labeled  "
Meditations 1988"  lying on
the coffee table  among 20 others.  I open it.  Right on top is an article on  "QUANTUM ACOUSTICS",
I'd written in response to a friends questions,  28 years ago__ l5 pages of it!  I then  meditate,  asking
Guides  if this was  appropriate,  and immediately receiving  a short message  explaining  HOW IT
WORKS, and to "GO FOR IT"!     

Actually,  I find that while writing about the Densities,  I'm drifting in and out of
4-D and the lower over-
tones of
5-D. The environment and people around me can raise or drop my vibrational level, depend-
ing upon the degree of their  positivity or negativity.  And, if you too,  regularly meditate  or do dream-
work, your
Guides may be different, or you may find that you now have an entire new team of guides.

At the final,  
Self-Realized Stage,  5-D,  of the  "Energy Artist"  (Chapter 8 : http://www.futurerealities.
info/Energy),  magic and miracles  happen spontaneously around us. The intense and  expanded en-
ergy field of one so evolved  is added to the energy fields of  those surrounding or contacting him/her
__and those nearby may have consciousness breakthroughs simply by being in contact with him/her,  
and their group intentions soon materialize through Unconditional Love.

Beyond 5-D
The 6th Density's major issue is  Seeing Self as ONE with other humans, all life everywhere, includ-
ing the Universe & Spirit
.  Hypnagogia may gift you with a greater understanding of,  and use of Sac-
red Geometry
as a method of Creating.

7-D  Density shifts,  SOUND is the  Manifesting Factor.  You will know you are in  7-D  when your  
Voice Resonates with the  Space/Evironment around you & whatever life-forms are present. There is
an increased sense of
Timelessness, of "Foreverness"__ there is NO TIME at all,  and therefore, NO
ONLY TRAVEL-MOVEMENTS, & one no longer even recognizes "Self"__ only "The One-
eness" as their Identity.  Creativity seems to have a mind of its own__ it self-organizes its own path to
create its own natural laws. We will probably experience many other-dimensional shifts,  back & forth,
as we move into New Reality Earth. We will also encounter beings and objects from the past,  the fut-
ure and realities other than Earth, both higher and lower.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX