Another solution may be to build more energy-efficient homes. A Twin Falls, Idaho  Times-News article, June 15,
2002, related how the  U.S. Department of Energy  (DOE) promotes  solar water heating and electric systems in
new homes.  Some residences  will be able to produce  most of their own  energy requirements and adapt more
efficient strategies for using the least possible amount of electricity from traditional power sources.

Anything we do  to lower our use of power for homes and businesses cuts utility bills and saves Earth's environm-
ent.  Articles state it is now possible  to reach 100% self-sufficiency  using a variety of energy-saving and energy-
producing strategies, but products and methods required are costly. A DOE website contains more information.

An AP article  by
Martha Mendoza  told how people in Taos,  New Mexico build homes out of "junk". Many build
them right  into earthen hillsides.  Windows and doors  open to the  light outside  and passive solar energy  heats
them. Glass bottles,  metal cans,  plaster or adobe-covered straw bales  and even old automobile tires form walls
with earth  packed within and around them for stability and insulation. Actor
Dennis Weaver has a virtual "castle"
made of discarded tires in Ridgeway, Colorado.

A similar residential area is also being built in Washington state. These homes use no electricity or gas, produce
no sewage and don't pump underground water. They are, as the Cultural Creatives  put it, "off the grid". Inside the
luxurious structures,  green plants,  even bananas or grapevines,  purify the air. Solar power panels and windmills,
sunshine and underground ventilation tubes provide power, heat or coolness. Thermal mass maintains a constant
temperature, assisted by a pellet or wood-burning stove in wintertime.

Earthship" structures generate power through rooftop solar panels and windmills, while storing electricity in batt-
eries.  An  "Earthship" office can run six sets of computers,  fax machines,  copiers and more with solar and wind
generated power. Water from rainfall is gathered on the bowl-shaped roof, held in buried cisterns and filtered be-
fore  entering the home  plumbing system.  Drain water flows int o purifying  interior gardens  to be recycled  back
through laundry facilities,  then through toilets and finally flushed outdoors as compost for garden plants designed
to further neutralize the waste.

2000 A.D.  Michael Reynolds, Taos, NM,  made a business of producing tire and dirt homes, then offering a
starter package deal at  $35,000 that was  entirely self-sustained,  had no utility bills  and could be erected by his
crew in two weeks.  A book is available  describing the process  and architectural plans  can be bought for those
who want to build their own home or office. And check out "
Cobb Houses" on for a delightful visual
New Home Technology Methods now available:
Radiant Energy: Nicola Tesla, T. Henry Moray, Edwin Gray, and Paul Baumann developed devices that ran
on radiant energy__  a natural energy form  that can be collected  directly from the environment  or extracted from
ordinary electricity by the method called  
"fractionation".  Although radiant energy  does not behave  the same as
electricity, it can provide the same power for less than 1% of the cost. About a half dozen working models of fuel-
less, self-running free-energy machines are currently powering the Methernitha community in Switzerland.

Mechanical Heaters: Two types of these machines exist; either can transform a small amount of mechanical ener-
gy into a large amount of heat. One is a rotating cylinder system  designed by  
Frenette and Perkins of the U.S.,
in which one cylinder rotates within another."The space between is filled with a liquid and this fluid heats up as the
inner cylinder spins.

A second type uses magnets mounted on a wheel to produce large eddy currents in a plate of aluminum, causing
the aluminum to heat up rapidly. Magnetic heaters have been demonstrated by
Muller of Canada, Adams of New
Zealand and
Reed of the U.S.. All of them put out ten times more heat than standard methods using the same en-
ergy input.

Solar-Assisted Heat Pumps: The standard refrigerator is the only "alternative energy machine' now owned by the
average consumer. It is an electrically operated heat pump using one unit of energy (electricity) to move 3 units of
energy (heat) giving it a "
coefficient of performance" (COP) of about 3.It is an"over-unity" device.

Eight to ten  COPs  can be attained with  solar-assisted heat pumps.  In these devices,  a heat pump  draws heat
from a solar collector and dumps it into a large underground absorber, which remains at 55 degrees F.. Mechan-
ical energy is extracted in the transfer. The process is like a steam engine extracting mechanical energy between
the boiler and the condenser,  except that it uses a fluid that"boils" at a lower temperature than water. An industri-
al scale heat-pump near Kona, Hawaii, generates electricity from temperature differences in ocean water.

Super-Efficient Electrolysis:  Uses electricity to  break down water into hydrogen and oxygen  to be used as fuels.
Some automobiles are currently testing this method.

Permanent Magnets:  Dr. Robert Adams of New Zealand,  Dr. Tom Bearden of the U.S.,  Jean-Louis Naudin
of France, Troy Reed, of U.S., and Frank Richardson of the U.S., developed designs and some working mod-
els of magnetically powered electrical transformers,  electric motors,  generators and heaters that run on perman-
ent magnets.

The Milwaukee based
Astronautic Corporation of America  has come up with a prototype of magnetically operat-
ed refrigeators.  Present day  refrigerators or air-conditioning units  are based on the  repeated compression and
expansion of a gas, which cools, expands, then cools again and re-cycles through an insulated compartment. Ma-
gnetic refrigeration operates  by repeatedly switching a magnetic field on & off.  When placed in a  magnetic field,
tiny bar magnets of metallic atoms pivot around to be parallel with the field. This occurs normally in a lower energy
state, but when extra energy is added,  the atoms begin to vibrate and produce heat. When used for cooling purp-
oses,  part of the heat energy produced  is recycled  to nudge the bar magnets  back to former directions, once a-
gain cooling the disk below room temperature. Later, it repeatedly circulates over the device to cool the refrigerat-
or. It runs with a very low motor noise that is inaudible when enclosed in a refrigerator's outer shell.

Scientists at the
University of Amsterdam reported that they had created an iron-based compound that also exhib-
its  a large  warming effect  in a  magnetic field.  
Dr. Robert Shull,  leader of the  magnetic materials group at the
National Institute of Standards and Technology in  Gaithersburg,  Maryland,  said the  iron compound  works at far
warmer temperatures,  operating in  100-degree heat  when other,  more  expensive metals  such as  gadolinium,
might fail. A disadvantage, however, is iron's production of the poison, arsenic.
Dr.Ekkes Brack,  physics profes-
sor and an author of the paper, also noted that cell phones had gallium arsenic .

Dr. Steven Greer: "Alternative Energies", , along with Dr. Ted Loder spoke on 2012 break-
throughs in Free Energy . All the technologies  imperative to our planet's  and humanity's wellbeing  already exist.
Our future has been  stolen from us  because these inventions  were suppressed with threats,  bribes,  blackmail,
confiscation and murder. They blame the military-industrial complex,  with their own navy,  air force and troops as
well as the higher dimensional technologies.

Five thousand patents, once applied for, were seized over the past 41 years, not counting those that were confis-
ated before their creators even applied for a patent.  These techs could end poverty, pollution, hunger, health iss-
ues and suffering.

The media are now pushing Cold Fusion as our next fuel source.
Andrea Rossi, of Italy, has invented an "E-Cat"
(Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer),   purported to produce  huge amounts of heat.  Although it's  under criticism from
mainstream physicists who believe  Rossi's physics don't make sense,  plans are underway to make units for
me Depot
, selling at $1000 to $1500 each, (or less after mass production) for powering one household.

Dr. Greer set up  
The Orion Project  ( to assist inventors to develop
clean energy solutions. They negotiated for years to gain the use of
Stan Meyer's free energy-water fuel cell and
information for mass production after his demise, but were denied its use when his family sold or gave it to anoth-
er source,  still unknown.  The Orion Project website, h owever, contains information on many other devices being
considered, including plans for a car that runs on water and table salt.

Sadly, the solar panels so promoted these days__ as used in Greer's home__ are far less than  20% efficient,  &
cost $100,000 to add to an average size house.

The US spends trillions of dollars on its war machine every year, while coal, gas and oil__ not to speak of nuclear
plants, which really only boil water to make steam__ drastically harming our environment. Remember
: We all par-
take of the dust left behind by collectively manifested, human dreams.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX