Electromagnetism is a balanced combination of electricity and magnetism. Combining both male and
female energies,  it is a powerful, natural healing force  generated by the Earth,  Sun,  Moon,  Planets,
Stars and the Cosmos. These energies,  when combined with Spirit and Love,  can either harm or nur-
ture everyone and everything.

Each time one of us has a realization  or focused visualization,  we emit frequency signals  that can be
sensed  by others.  Sometimes called  "
The Wind"  ..."That is how  the group  mind  grows.  It  occurs
without you rationally understanding it  or specifically having a picture or realization of it,  because it
happens electromagnetically within the body. You create the rising of energy according to how much
you are able to handle
" (Plaeidians)

We become energized when we correctly breathe in prana and move it through the body via the major
energy centers.  As energy moves down from the  
crown-pituitary center, i t passes through the throat
to the heart,  the seat of our consciousness.  Here, Light from  Spirit or  higher intelligence  is stepped
down in vibrations to become human "fire from within"__ a slightly denser form of energy. The breath-
ing exercises offered in  
Chapter 1 1 enhance prana,  and when we focus that breath, the sexual drive
raises our  creative energy  from the root chakra  up through t he other centers.  As this energy moves
upward,  the heart center connects our spiritual,  Higher Self's forces with our personality self's forces,  
transforming denser energy into Light....  "
The heart is  the cauldron  in which energies are  transmut-
ed, in which lower energies are purified into higher, and higher energies are rendered  denser"  (
rations  slowed towards the  matter state
)...  "so that they can  nourish  the physical body".... "This is
the process  I have observed
:  the transmutation of  light to fire  to substance  and th e transmutation
ofsubstance to fire to light

The heart chakras' physical correspondence, the
thymus gland, controls the immune system. Science
says this gland  atrophies at puberty. Perhaps we're not  utilizing the thymus appropriately. At adolesc-
ence, western education emphasizes mental development at the expense of emotional, physical, spiri-
tual and creative growth. The inner energetic drive is often  turned away from  loving creativity with no
other way to express except through sex or aggression.

Prana's lowest vibration occurs in the reproductive and root centers where the sex drive sleeps. "
If sex
is experienced  only in the gonads,  without undergoing transformation by rising up through the chak-
ras"... (through the  heart-Love center conversion)... "the energy is kept down  in the physical realm &
becomes explosive"...."When it moves up through the chakras, it affects every dynamo, allowing for a
holistic sexual experience.
" (Jack Schwarz)

Yogis  who successfully abstain from sex  learn to  transmute  the vital sexual energy  by bringing it up
through the chakras, transforming passion into compassion.  
If they are unable  o bring this energy up
and out through the pineal gland, both pineal & pituitry will atrophy
. Religious celibates must not sup-
press or deny their sexual energy
;  rather,  they need to learn to transmute it  into energies that  assist
spiritual development  and maintain their bodies as healthy vehicles.  We've seen how the sexual drive
can also be raised to higher levels through creative art activities.

Science supports the idea of pranic movement. In the
1960's,  to better locate acupuncture points, the
Russians invented the
"tobiscope" which detected and measured pranic energies. In the process, they
discovered that... "
all life forms radiate this energy,  & the state of this energy could be manipulated."
The effects of color,  negative air ions  and  other external forces  on the energy bodies  was also veri-
fied, confirming what the Hindus said for millenni
a: Prana is in the air and can be converted to energy.

Other human body researchers learned that an individual's energy field can be reflected, refracted, po-
larized and combined with other forms of energy.  It can create effects similar to electricity, magnetism,
heat and light, but is  separate & distinct from all of these. This energy can be somehow  conducted or
transferred through known conductive materials  as well as through what were otherwise thought to be
(Nick Begich)

When co-creating with  Expandpanded Multi-D Technologies,  we activate and direct this creative-sex-
ual drive at will.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX