January 6, 2014

              SUMMER SOLSTICE, JUNE 22, 2013 to AUTUMN EQUINOX, SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

Yes, guys and gals, we really had to work hard this quarter, "Ripening" our New Human Soul. There was so huge an overflow of information
and events regarding the "
Fruits of Our Labors" to mull over and re-organize, that the newsletter prep grew to enough for Two Issues.

Energies downloading to Earth and all Solar Systems from the Suns, Comets, Galaxies and Cosmos first cause change on
quantum energy levels. This changes our consciousness; and consciousness eventually alters the holographic/physical

In our 3-D reality,  there were sequences of events  that had to be lined up so that the  Process of Evolutionary  Change could
proceed in an orderly manner
;  and in 4-D  we experienced shifting in and out of  other densities that were  triggered by  Emotion,
sometimes producing
Time Loops and Time Convergences.

Conversely, the Process of Change in 5-D is Beyond the limitations of Time and Space. Hence, that Process is no  longer sequen-
l; nor do the Changes occur all one place. Instead,  many, many possible options of reality inter-mingle and merge. This merging of poss-
ible realities resembles cells that gradually or swiftly bond together to create the embryo of a new expression of life. In other words__certain  
PATTERNS OF LIGHT intermingle with the creative forces of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness to manifest a matrix upon which
a new reality can manifest.

5-D,  An Intention__ our Dream/Wish__ can arrive after  choosing another reality/timeline simply by daydreaming out the window for a few
moments during a boring TV program ,  when going to sleep at night,  or as we awaken in the morning.  We just have to  Hold the feelings of
U. Love and  Oneness with All Life Everywhere__ and all our "Now Do's" manifest.

However, since
5-D is Beyond Time, that which is in process of being created,  has ALREADY been created in the etheric. We know that
type of thinking is difficult while we're still tied to our
3-D time-bound, or even 4-D thinking. This is why it's important for us all to relax into the
process of  integrating the new  
Multi-Density Operating System  into our  biological  computer Brain/mind.   We may think of our  biological
computer as the personal brain to our
 3-D expression of Self.  Simultaneously,  within our  Multi-D version of SELF, our biological computer
Heart-mind functions like the Internet, so that we can link into our
Soul/Group Mind and the ONENESS in 5-D and beyond.

The major change in this Shift is about Consciousness. Human Consciousness lies behind the reality of any observations we make.
The  Greater  Consciousness we call  'Life'   is an experimental setup.  We have  different ways of  organizing  our thoughts about it.
Some call it 'God
'; others describe it as 'Evolution'. Any time we Observe matter, we Change it;  and when we change it,  it becomes
condensed, measurable, and at times, visible. We need to be aware of these effects at all times, as only a clear, precise, loving, thi-
nking individual can work positively with these effects
." (Dr. Marcel Vogel)

Our "Superconsciousness" reaches beyond our mind and feelings,  operating best through  INTUITION,  MYTH, PARABLES,  SYNCH-
; while Higher-Density Consciousness  exceeds the speed of  light,  and can thereby, Exceed Space-
Time Potentials
, operating as a Womb of Creation__ THE CREATIVE FORCE FIELD__ in which  All That Exists is aware of everything
else  that exists  through Its  interconnecting  high frequency fields.  The darkside  cabal activates its  Black Ops  Technologies through
unprotected  Dreams, Intentions,  Meditations, and Hypnagogia, particularly when they include states of fear, anger and victim-hood.
"Black Ops"  high technologies  came to our attention through  Torsion Field Physics  as discussed in  previous newsletters. We can ac-
tivate these astounding Torsion Field effects while in Higher-Density Consciousness. The Creative Force Field  (photons)__ is a Biolo-
gical Entity that THINKS, as if it were ALIVE.

The next
5200 year, 5-D Multi-Density World will be influenced by the element of "Ether." The energetic frequencies HAARP is sprea-
ding through Earth's atmosphere are
Torsion Field Physics frequencies to keep us harmonized with the changing axis of Earth__ chan-
ged by the Chilean,  Haitian and  Japanese earthquakes (some say also by the approach of second sun,  Niburu) __ and  trigger all the
pyramids and monuments built on our planet's energy grid to send the Great Shift energies across the entire planet.

Torsion Field Physics, also known as "Ether Physics" or "Scalar Wave Physics"__manipulates the Ethers__ the very Foundation of
Einstein spent most of his life  searching for that technology,  calling it a  "Unified Field." This science has been suppressed by
the  dark elite of the planet.  In this web-book and newsletters, "
The "Ethers"__ The Creative Force Field  (the so-called "empty space"
of the universe),  inter-penetrates and surrounds all physical objects.  Its energy field is composed of quantum potentials, waiting for hu-
man consciousness to transmute it into outer world physical matter and circumstances

Earth's New Physics is no longer linear, but Multi-density, in accord with Quantum  Entanglement. Even more new portals, star-
gates or passages through pillars of light to the Multi-Densities are now opening to us, through which huge blasts of divine energies en-
ter from the sun, comets, galaxies and the cosmos. Everything on the planet is being affected by these gigantic energy waves.

 Higher Part of ourselves__ call it Spirit Within,  Angels,  Guides,  or Higher Self__ best knows what we now need to learn, under-
stand or do for the evolution of our consciousness
;  but because we're becoming multi-density,  the Guidance will no longer necessarily
occur according to  the old linear Time pattern of past,  then present,  then future.  Nor will Guidance present itself in the Spatial manner
we've been  accustomed to.  Since we have  
Transcended  Time,  it is collapsing  in on itself.  For example:  In the next year or two,  we
may find that  when we ask our guides for information or understanding,  they may refer us to a Newsletter or Journal entry that we read
or wrote several years earlier. When we check those writings, we find our "answer"__ perfectly explained as if we had just received it in
a dream, meditation, book or online program  immediately after requesting it.
We can transmute old attitudes or beliefs that no longer work for us by seeking a new attitude or belief  that is more appropriate  for the
situation at hand. We then perceive  
two Torsion Forces' cone-shaped tips  as a metaphor for solving our quandary. A Dream,  Medita-
tion,  or Intention with U. Love and Oneness  can show us the appropriate attitude or belief,  and WHAM!__ the opposing two torsion tips
meet and we have a transformation of consciousness. And life changes immediately as a new Timeline,  a new Reality is created. This
Multi-D Technique must be learned and practiced if we are to master living in Higher Density Worlds. Whenever there is a breakthrough
during a transformation of consciousness, the
experiencer,  whether child or adult,  is permanently changed, both physiologically and
psychologically, with after-effects similar to those of near-death experiences. (NDE)

At least 4 to 5 percent of  Earth's population have had a  
Near-Death Experience,  and those having had other types of  threshold epi-
triple or quandruple those percentages. The Science of Third Dynamics tells us that it only takes 4-5 percent of any a group,
condition or situation to change, for the entire unit to follow. Once flow patterns exceed that tipping point, energy excites or becomes
highly charged. When that happens,
superfluidity is reached and the least-expected thing occurs__THE NEWLY CREATED WAVE-
FORM OF CONSCIOUSNESS  IS NO LONGER CONTAINED. We can see that  when groups of people  alter their consciousnesses,
they form
Torsion Field Cones that create Zero Point Energy, Matter and New Realities.

These consciousness breakthroughs are the same as the threshold breakthroughs experienced by mystics and shamans. They bridge
boundaries between the  physical and non-physical worlds,  linking our brains with realms lying far beyond anything the brain accesses
on its own.  Breaking through a  threshold/boundary,  we extend  outward and upward  into higher  states of consciousness  that always
lead to
ONENESS. If enough people have these breakthroughs, the consciousness boost of an entire group, or of All Humanity occurs
as if intended by some universal higher intelligence or force evolving the human race. It is!

In 4-D, You Become  whatever You Focus on as you zone-out in meditation, prayer or deep contemplation."

That Focus should be on feeling Unconditional Love and Oneness with All That Is if we wish to expand our 3-D consciousness to high-
er realms.  We're quite familiar with
3-D consciousness,  where we learned about  Cause & Effect, and  How to Love.  But how do we
know when we are in  4-D or 5-D consciousness?  Do we unconsciously slip in and out of these densities at various times?  For there
seems to be a thinner division between
3-D, 4-D & 5-D now.  If 3-D is the world of cause & effect, of wars & chaos, what then is 4-D?

Earth's 4-D is the realm of  Imagination,  Dreams,  Astral Travel and of  Myths and Archetypes.  Basically, it is a  Passageway  to other
__ It is basically,  Psychic Experiences.  Each dimension has 13 steps or levels within in its octave of frequencies__ allow-
ing for variations on what can be contacted or accomplished,  depending on which  "step" or  "frequency level"  of a  dimension  one is
now experiencing.

(H.S., St. Germaine, Arcturians): "The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time', but not as scientists propose. One can Transcend Time
in 4-D. i.e., connect with past and future lives;  to the history of the human races;  of Earth, solar system, galaxy and universe__  like
Akashik Records.  Feelings, thoughts, beliefs, sensations, or dreams become energies that take on a life of their own, causing e-
vents, changes, in one's personal reality.  
Collectively, they also cause Earth changes. This is why 4-D still has some negativities o-
ccurring. The various octaves, of course, determine the  amount of and the intensity of  dire events. You may hear or see them,  but
not necessarily participate in or be affected by them."

"Emotion is the  driving  force in  4-D.  Anything wished for, desired or intended with  strong emotion  (positive or negative) will mani-
fest__ definitely__ sooner or later in
4-D,  and possibly,  somewhat in 3-D. As for the 7 planets of 4-D.... This is not entirely true. It is
7  '
reality level holograms'  that have been manifested. People are "on" each of these reality levels... (also called  timelines).. accor-
ding to the degree  of their personal frequencies
:  (i.e., matching self to the   frequencies of the various octaves of 4-D.)  Some of us
are on the 7th reality level/hologram/ timeline = the 7th step/level of the
4-D octave.  We are basically well-protected from major dire
events here."

We long thought the Annunaki came here to mine gold to protect their planet Niburu's atmosphere. But there is evidence for countless
ancient gold mines in Africa,  and
Sound Technologies  that processed it.  Evidence shows that both  Enki and  Enlil,  plus other An-
nunaki bigwigs,  have been here for  hundreds of thousands of years,  changing their names  as they became  ARCHETYPES  from our
past,  such as  "Zeus", "Poseidon", "Jupiter", "Apollo", "Diana", "Juno", "Thoth", "Hermes", "Horus" "Aphrodite", "Anubis", "Hathor", "Is-
is", "Osiris", "Ra", "Seth", and many others,  even "Yahwah", and "Jehovah"!  Things ended with  Enlil  taking control of  all the land,  and
Enki of the waterworld. Throughout history  they became known as "
Enki the Creator" and "Enlil the Destroyer". THEY'RE STILL HERE!
_ still playing out their good guy-bad guy roles__Enki fighting to save and uplift us to creator gods, and Enlil attacking to utterly annlhilate
us and Earth.  Operating in
4-D,   they and their human  hit men & women  have high density technologies__ "Black Ops" __ at least one
hundred, and perhaps even one thousand years ahead of what we ordinary humans have today.

Artifacts reveal that this earliest-known Earth civilization had advanced understanding of the energy fields running through Earth's grids.
They made
white power gold, which has miraculous abilities. It is said to promote physical body health even to the degree of Immortalit-
y, and is thought to be the "manna" Moses "fed" his people after returning from  Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments Tablets, finding
them making a golden calf to worship. White powder gold also creates Invisibility
. If you change the frequency of an object or timeline
event, it disappears from one dimensional reality, and appears in another

Particularly clever  with the use of  Sound Energy  coming from  within Earth,  the Annunaki used it to  build millions of  stone circles in
South Africa, and huge monuments around the globe__ including the Pyramids of Giza__ from stones containing large amounts of sili-
con, which forms  quartz crystals.  All the  Ancient Wisdoms,  Truths and  Technologies of the  Ages are  permanently stored in crystals
within these structures,  which were all that had survived the  Great Flood. They also used their technology to create social and political
systems,  introducing the  concepts of money,  religion and the  legal,  agricultural and   health systems  that still  enslave us today.

It is important to pay close attention to the experiences and episodes of 4-D, for once we reach the 5-D threshold, all the time-
lines of the past merge into
One Timeline;  and anything  still unresolved from our  12 timelines/ past lives of significance, must be bal-
anced and harmonized before we ascend to Planet A in

Is 5-D presenting us with glimpses of itself so we can experience, understand and learn to be a Light Being?  Do we need to Become
As One
to enter 5-D?

Guides):  "An individual  can  become  a  Human Computer, using Earth's Energy Girds to re-program Earth's forms through consci-
ousness regenerations
. The Grid System explains how a change of conscious-ness/paradigm in one individual unit can affect groups,
broader groups,  and eventually the planet and beyond. Therefore
This type of Service is "

"There are  Universal  Grid  Systems  as  well,  and  if  you are  "self-aware",
you can learn to tune to the Crystalline Grid of Earth that remains constant in
and around everything in the universe. Everything is always moving through
that  grid.  You can,  therefore,  attune to  METATRON'S  CUBE  GRID and
gain all and any information about  anything and  everything in the universe
__  in infinite detail__
 through the  Merkaba."  All the  energetic,  geometric
Platonic Solids are held within this diagram
. "

"These Star Grids can  then  be used  to  form  TIME  ARCS  which  can be
used to
 change such events as  wars,  destruction of  species,  weather, etc..
Using the grids, trained Mankind (collective)  can raise its mental vibrations
to cause
Telethought Communication to send information to various global
points  within fractions of a second.  
Using  this  method,  the Grids of Earth
can be altered with new resonant patterns

During the Shift/Transition Period,  many of us experienced  "LIFE REVIEWS". It was almost as if  we had to  "let go" of ALL our past
emotions,  intellect,  physical world and  spiritual beliefs__  hitting the  very bottom__ before we could then  rise to the  most incredible,
blissful heights of  Love, Oneness, Consciousness  Expansion and  perhaps, to Immortality.

We are being asked to  face and to resolve__  once and for all__  the  deepest layers of our  wounding.  They are hitting us in the face.
For myself right now,  with a  preponderance of males in the family,  it is the old "
battle of the sexes"__  as we introduce the  Feminine
Energies to be dominant in New Earth.

If you are a Lightworker, Starseed or Wayshower who has already arrived on the threshold of
5-D,  anything that was unresolved on the
level of
4-D,  returns during this lifetime  for cleansing and balancing  before you are able to  ascend with Earth to 5-D;  as all past 4-D  

History tells us  there have been four important
 Leaps in  Human Consciousness  since the  Middle Ages. The printing press made
information available to the  lower classes,  awakening them to new cultures,  concepts and  possibilities.  
Religious  reformations and
migrations to the  Americas  forced people to  learn to get along and unify with people of other  nations,  religions,  cultures and  beliefs.
Forsaking  Old World style  "Aristocratic" government,  Slavery,  the  Industrial Revolution,  and the release of  British Colonial  holdings
fostered  greater responsibilities for better justice, politics, education and employment.  In the 19th century,  
Communications informed
and united us with Telephones, Radio, TV, Internet, and cell phone;  while  the
Space Age  awakened us to the fact that  we  Earthlings
are not the only peas in the cosmic pod, and we must now consider possible relationships and unity with off-world life.  

At each one of these Leaps, humans have had to surrender one of their instinctive habits. It is well known  that human beings
have far less instincts than animals. Examining our Past and Present Lifetimes__
 Which of our instincts will we give up now in order to
reach a  
5-D  Consciousness: addictions, gender gaps, competition, judgement, "eye-for-an-eye" consequences, racial bias, social
status,  victim,  martyr or "savior complexes , fear,  fight-or-flight, or what?  Whatever is being impacted prominently in each of our lives
gives us clues as to what each of us needs to forego.

What seems to be causing most of the distress in our world is "
egoic conflict"..not only violence and wars, but anger, competition and
egotistical motives.
Will we make that quantum leap by letting to of our  "instinctive hostile energy"?  During episodes of perceived neg-
ativity, most of our discomfort arises from fear  or misunderstandings about what is about to manifest next in our lives. We ask
: "Is ever-
ything in this world going to continue to go down-hill? If so__
How do we protect ourselves?"

Many Lightworkers,  Starseed,  Wayshowers,  etc.,  have had interference  and even physical attacks from the dark side,  trying to keep
them from their particular form of service toward planetary and personal ascension. I have had an  "attack" or two on my health from ac-
tual, living "dark" humans,  but never from any entities contacted in meditation or dreams,  nor from wild animals met outdoors.  I always  
begin a meditation period,  a healing or manifestation  with this phrase
: "I draw  about myself  the protection found in The Christ:
in His Perfect Sense of Harmlessness."
It has always worked with people (when the aggressor is in my presence), with wild animals
__ buffalo,  wounded mountain lions, bears, moose, elk and angry dogs,  as well as  preventing negative entities  from interfering in any
way  with  meditations or dreams,   provided   I maintain that  Sense of  PERFECT  HARMLESSNESS  and   UNCONDITIONAL  LOVE
while BECOMING AS ONE with the animals or individuals. It even worked when two ETs appeared in my bedroom.

August 8-14: "There is an energetic wave  beginning this Now moment,  and it will carry those ready for inner purposeful reflection to
a higher place so that all disconnected soul fragments from
Past Lives return and align and in one moment there shall be an instant
recognition honoring one's soul path and purpose, now,  at the end of the current evolutionary cycle."... "Remove yourselves from the
chaotic energies that are around you in order to concentrate on the final leg of the race.  Hold the energy of today with the full intent to  
receive all aspects of your self, returning to you for reconnection. This is the time of the
Convergence of Selves."...

"The  energetic influx shall begin in this Now  and move in an incremental fashion  over some time"...  (A time period of several days
to several weeks was shown)... "to the end culmination of perfect harmonization." ..."The waves of constructive interference, one upon
the other, promulgate a TONE, or COSMIC SIGNAL, which, when reached in its magnificent climax,  is returned back to Source as a
signal of Readiness for the Change.  As each Light Being  reaches  their Wholeness collection of soul fragments,  the light extention
reaches a peak from which the harmonizing tone is released."

"Our clear  and on-going request  is for you to
 continue to decline situations  in direct conflict  with any aspect  of your  Greater
"...   "Your new journey  begins in earnest,  as it is now  the final  culmination  of all the  Forces of Nature,  of all the  Forces of
 all the Forces of Sound,  and all the  Forces of  Time & Space,  which arrive  at a single moment  of realization,  a  conscious
awareness of its own life,  wherein there is an instant knowing  that it is ready,  that Gaia and all life  in,  on and surrounding  Her has
met the  standard for  onward renewal into a new creation,  a new expression of reality."..."You are each and all so very dearly loved."
We are The Elohim.
The last week or so of
August, 2013, was spent going over Past Lives of Significance__ 12 of them__  plus the past of this present
lifetime,  harmonizing and balancing their  Scattered Soul Fragments.  For example: In the Annunaki lifetime  of over 200K years ago in
South Africa,  my body was an experimental  hybrid of ET and ostrich DNA in an attempt to find workers for their gold mines. Not  capa-
ble of working in a mine, I and many other "mistakes" were destined to be destroyed. The fear of that  lifetime recycling into the present
lifetime has been with me for eons, and  when I meditated upon it, (for the umpteenth time),  I realized I had actually received a"spiritual
gift" from that horrible experience. It was my Resonance with Birds throughout all those lifetimes and this one as well. Birds brought me-
ssages or "signals" of incoming  important events  I needed to know at specific times. Other past lives  proved to have blessed me with
special knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and spiritual gifts; and somehow, alll those timelines were pulled together in this present lifetime to
be USED to assist in our Ascension and in Creating New Earth..

What is truly stunning,  is that all the locations,  conditions and elements of those past lives are now congealing, collapsing,  being dest-
royed or  over-turned during this present lifetime.  We are seeing  terrible riots and wars in the  Middle East and even Africa these days
for instance, and this is "releasing" the negativity that was imprinted into those soils in their past history. The entire world is changing it's
geology, it's "face" and it's energetics.

And as I wrote this,  our beloved Idaho  was burning with  wildfires of aspen,  pine,  and cottonwood forests,  with desert sagebrush and
grass. One of the loveliest places in the world__   Sun Valley and surrounding towns and  pristine natural wildernesses of central Idaho,
where I'd spent  many joyful days  painting on location__  were being evacuated  as the fires approached.  We were only 75 miles from
there, and the smoke turned our skies orange and brown, making our eyes smart. But the tears that dropped from my eyes were mainly
for the devastation of Dear Gaia, Her purity, Her beauty, love, and magnificence.

During all of July & August, as I worked with Past Life Concerns,  I was constantly receiving intuitive nudges to once again refine my i-
deas about "Who I Am"__ about MY IDENTITY. The upshot of all this was the awareness that
We will be Required to Update Our Un-
derstanding of  Who We Are every 28+ years  
(a Saturn Cycle)  as the energies entering Earth  pump us up  to new heights . So we
must "redesign" our Identities. In other words,
Who We Believe We Are Now  determines how smart we are,  how healthy, how capable,
how loving,  how compassionate,  how judgemental,  fair,  spiritual, etc. That's why we must  take a good look inside ourselves now and
then to see how our Identification has changed. WE CAN CHANGE THAT IDENTITY (and all that goes with it) AT WILL.

If we've moved onto the  
5-D threshold by now,  we will have  Contacted our Soul Groups,  and are now  serving that Group's Mission
and Purpose as well as our own personal Purpose__  and beginning to develop our  
Light Bodies.  In the 5th Dimension and beyond,
each of us must first of all BE that energy __hat vision __of ourself. Then we have it!
5-D inhabitants are Multi-Density Beings, moving
beyond meta-physics and psychism.

"Once we've managed to pass through "TwilightTime"- 4-D, actual physical changes occur in our brains, producing connections to the  
Group Mind of the Planet.  We now know the brain  can rearrange itself  in as little as fifteen minutes__ if excited in unusual and creat-
ive ways. So we can activate a brain shift just by reading this Newsletter.

If we are now a  
PLANETARY MIND,  our  collective consciousness  will determine  what changes,  what evolves  upon our planet. Our  
Intellect is dropping,  our Intuition is growing  Multi-D Technologies are activating, Physical Technologies are declining.


Jan 14
                                                                                               January 16, 2014
                 AUTUMN  EQUINOX, SEPTEMBER 22, 2013 to WINTER SOLSTICE, DECEMBER 21, 2013  
I put all of the "RIPENING" 3rd Quarter information in one issue, condensing it to complete the "New Human Soul" events and prepare for
focusing on the New Year, 2014. Since transferring to a multi-dimensional reality and to a new computer, the web-book...
http://www. now needs some maintenance and re-organization, so the Newsletters will be on hold for awhile, but we'll keep you po-
sted regularly.

Something happened to each of us around 1999-2000: UNAVOIDABLE CONSCIOUSNESS TRANSFORMATIONS lasting through-
out 2013. For me, it started the 4th of July, 2000. I was 68 years old., having gall bladder surgery and was deliberately given several toxic
drugs that were on my "can't take" list, by a "doctor" who was not on the regular hospital staff . He lied to me about the drugs being "new",
and lied about them being free of side effects, and  just walked out the door without a word when I panicked as they caused breathing dif-
ficulties,  numbness,  pain in my limbs and seizures that  damaged my nervous system.  In the middle of the night, I  awoke with breathing
problems again,  and called the nurse,  who called that doctor.  He refused to come,  saying "It was probably hyperventilation", and I must
do the  breathing exercises for that.  I told the nurse I'd BEEN DOING those exercises  for half an hour,  and they weren't working__ every
time I'd lie down,  my lungs would quit.  She left and returned  with an oxygen mask__ and THREW IT AT ME!  "
What kind of a hospital is
this, anyway?
I asked myself.

After leaving the hospital and seeing a neurologist,  he said  there was no cure or help for this, and the symptoms would  increase as time
went on, although slowly. Some Cosmic Force had set off Its  time bomb within my physical body, and my physical life began to slowly wi-
ther away.

It felt like the biggest "dirty trick" of all time! I was mad at "God". I had to learn to walk again,  to talk clearly and write my name legibly over
the following months. But my muscles and hands were so uncontrollable  that I could no longer work in the yard with my  adored trees and
flowers,  nor could I do more than the simplest of household chores. I could make breakfast and simple lunches, but dear HD  had to cook
dinners and do major housework. Neither could  I  create the paintings or the music I so loved __ my life's two greatest  passions besides
my family.

But, the computer's word processor let me correct the many typos, so that was still left to me, and I began writing "The Book"__ on  Crea-
ivity__  as I'd been told to do in
"THE LODGE"  Personal Dream-Vision back in 1987.   (   I
hadn't forgotten that directive, but in my pain and despair, had allowed myself to be distracted__  to lose focus__  with interests other than
seeking and gathering  ascension information. I later realized that the inability to paint or make music appropriately forced me to "let go of
depending on physical activities" for uplifting and enlightening others as I followed my Mission of "Becoming As One", and instead focus-
ed on evolving my own Consciousness for Ascension. Writing the book led to an examination of this and past lives, and to understand just
where my Self was on Its evolutionary journey. The rest of the story unfolds in the online book: "
Creating From the Future":

Although I'd received guidance from Higher Self/Higher Intelligence Beings for many years, 2013 immersed me in the need to stay contin-
attuned with Higher Self, Guides, Source.  I have folders from 1984 onward,  holding meditation messages. In 2013, the meditations
increased in  frequency and length,  and that folder  became thicker than  all the rest  put together.  They are  basically,  about Learning to
Create in Love, Oneness and Future Visualizations.

After communicating with Frontrunners, Lighworkers, Wayshowers  who volunteered to come to Earth during these End Times and anchor
the "Light", the Ascension Process often became focused on
3-D physical activities that were such great fun, many of us chose to contin-
ue them the rest of our lives. So
our Higher Selves & Guides came to  rescue" us by  giving us certain physical limitations, or "dead ends".
There were not  many choices  left to us,  other than to  do what we  came here to do for  Earth,  Humanity and our  Greater  Selves__ our

September 22, 2013: Many of us have strong desires to  "make a difference"  in the world around us . We've signed petitions,  joined pro-
test movements, written our politicians,  worked for and donated to charitable organizations,  healed people and animals, educated and in-
formed others of spiritual principles and practices. But in the long run,  it has really been about SELF... about changing our own conscious-
ness, our own words, our actions, our very thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

I was recently "dinged" by  Higher Self to  REMAIN MORE FOCUSED on my writing
;  to stop straying off subject to investigate interesting
but non-related information that  popped up. I was also to FOCUS MORE ON MYSELF__  on my  physical body,  my thoughts,  emotions
and actions. For if I, myself, am not balanced and whole__  I have little to give to others.  It became apparent that USING whatever was oc-
curring in  not only our  personal worlds__ health,  relationships,  finances,  environment__  but also  in the world  as  a whole__  typhoons,
increasing  earthquakes,  wars,  famine,  environmental contamination  and destrujction__  AS A  "MEASURING STICK"  for HOW WELL
WE,  OURSELVES, ARE CREATING this New Earth  around us
;  then we are actually  NO LONGER  CREATING THE NEW EARTH.  In-

The New Testament of the Bible tells us how Jesus suggested we "Turn the other cheek" when confronted with verbal or physical attacks
from others. But when dealing with  uncooperative, angry or violent  opponents,  suppressing feelings in the name of  "spirituality"  may be
detrimental to ourselves__ as  
Emotions can directly imprint a code into human DNA.  In fact, intensifying our feelings is actually
the more spiritual way of  working through such difficulties
.  Emotional Intensity  breaks us through to  completely new,  perhaps
never-before-done anywhere types of creative solutions,
and deliberately turns on our DNA Mutation Process.

My personal experiences of this are that Jesus didn't mean for us to just turn aside, letting the opposition attack again.  It is,
 that instead
of responding to the opposition's negative stand or agenda by attacking them,  it may be better to "turn aside" and create our
own group, with our own standards and  agendas, based upon our personal Purposes and Missions__ our Gifts and Talents
__ to serve Spirit's Purpose and Mission.

We've discussed how the  New Physics of Earth have created an entirely  New Reality,  whose new paradigm is  CHRIST CONSCIOUS-
NESS__ including  Unconditional  Love and  Unity Consciousness:  Oneness__  in which there are  no longer any  separations.  Nothing
divides. Normal coordinates and definitions disappear altogether.  Limitations of any kind no longer exist, and we find ourselves existing
in Multi-dimensionality . It all works according to our state of mind.  As
Ghandi said:  "WE must  BE THE CHANGE  that we wish to
see in the world out there

And this last phrase  beautifully expresses  how to manage  our difficult relationships  with  individuals or groups  in the Time and  Space

"American Pickers" TV program on the History Channel:  An old fellow with barns and warehouses full of antiques and junk was
hesitant to let go of any of his items.  He kept insisting on prices which were so high, that buyers, Mike & Frank, could not resell them for a
profit. After several  disappointments,  Mike used an favorite  strategy.  He gathered four or five  small hood ornaments from antique cars,
and  offered a  set  amount for the bundled  collection   The seller, unready to let go,  set a far higher price,  and when  Mike  countered by
raising his offer a bit,  the seller did come down a little,  but would not lower it further.

Mike, knowing exactly what amount he could later sell the collection for, agreed to pay the asking price because he
knew he could sell the
items for the  same price he agreed upon,  and not make a profit,  but neither would he lose  money,  and this deal would probably soothe
the old gent's ego enough  to soften him a little on future dealings.  And sure enough,  the old gentleman's  ego had its  "one-up-manship",
and later on Mike convinced him to let go of an antique motorcycle and a few smaller items at far more reasonable prices.

It reminded me of a night I and several male family members watched a TV basketball game. The guys got very hot under their collars at
the mistakes and fumbles make by some players.  
(Newsletter , Oct. 3rd: "Expressing the Intelligence of Challenge")  The guys became
disgusted with the way our favored team was repeatedly choosing and  executing some puzzling plays. They began shouting at the play-
ers as if they could  actually hear them,  telling them how  "stupidly" they were playing  and what they  "should have" done. Their shouting
and cursing became louder and louder. After an hour or so of this, I began to feel my calm and enjoyment of the game sinking lower and
lower,  and my lowered vibrations even began  to make  me feel a bit ill.  I find it extremely hard these days  to handle  loud noises, flash-
ing lights and long-term conflicts and negativities.  I DIDN'T WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME ANYMORE!

I hit on the idea of  "stroking their egos"  by complimenting them  on their  basketball experience,  saying they were  so  knowledgeable,
they should be the  coaches." This calmed them down, and  although they still made a few negative  comments,  they were quieter and
much less  vehement. It seems that  sometimes,  to keep the peace and be  fair to all involved,  one has to  "give a little " to "gain some

Yes__ "It all works according to our state of mind."   In fact, our scientists have now proven that when we pass  strangers in the  street or
the supermarket, and we think well about them,  it changes our brain for its own benefit. These "Creating Oneness Resonance" incidents
work when we hold a higher vision,  remembering that "
I am another you, and you are another me", and have the courage to release
some of our limiting belief systems by giving the "others" permission to get exactly what they want in their lives.

Pluto and Uranus
again squared each other from late  September throughout  October and to mid-November, 2013, but now__ Uranus
was retrograde, causing us to contact our Higher Selves and Inner Guides to aid us in better understanding the interconnections between
our Past, Present and Future events, lifetimes, actions and beliefs.

November, 2013 (Meditation):
ML: Could I please have some information to pass on to Newsletter readers?
Gaia: "The major request is if humans will nurture and support me, I will nurture and support humans in turn."
ML: We are ignorant of how to stop abusing you and your resources for our food, clothing, shelter, heat and warmth,  transportation, and
things like furniture, utilities, communication__  without material, physical means.
Gaia: "You are already experiencing those methods in small ways. The Lemurians, the Australian aboriginals, knew how to do this.
Your web-book and newsletters  inform others of this. It was not just an example of what one can do if one follows the spiritual path, but
HOW TO LIVE IN A HIGHER DIMENSIONAL WORLD. ... which is where humanity is now!"

Recently I was urged to  check over my Twelve Past Lives of Significance, to discover the Soul Group with whom I am now serving.  It be-
came obvious that this present lifetime was all about balancing out any disharmonies or unfinished business from those past lives, and to
uncover and balance anything that was still out of harmony.

I was also told that I could "
go back and re-experience the choices I thought I had chosen inappropriately, refused to make, or to follow
through on
"  In multi-dimensionality, the veils, the walls are thinned, so this is available to all desiring to change their previous life choices.
I found that each of the  12 Past Lives had  opened me to  one of the 12 dimensions/densities that are now  available full time in
4-D New
Earth.  Yes, we are  All One Being,  expressing  ourselves in those 12 dimensions.  Visualize your  12 dimensional  lifetimes as the  outer
circle part of a  Tube Torus  "doughnut",  all  floating  around and  connecting with its center__  the  "doughnut hole" __ which is where our
Higher Self resides in The Creative Force Field of this present lifetime.

Some years ago,  when we lived in  Lost Rivers,  Idaho,  a dear friend said: "
Someday,  Marilyn,  you're going to tell me  who you really
.!"  I laughed, as I had recently contacted seven of my past lives, and wondered "which one" was the "real me". Now, I know__ I'm ALL
of them__  and I have had to re-live__ re-activate__ all the choices refused or inappropriately made in  all those past lifetimes while living

Two years ago,  I moved from the old computer,  Windows XP, to a Vista  which didn't work for me
; then later to a  Windows 7 laptop with
more struggles to get it to  "work' for me, too.  It didn't.  Of course not!  Windows and I are in a higher  dimensional state now,  and I am to
"WORK WITH" Windows.  All I could come up with was to "PROJECT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE",  and "BECOME AS ONE" with this new
desktop and Windows 7. It worked!

We didn't realize it,  but there has been an energy__  a force_ _ pulsing through us during all our lifetimes.  It was the energy expansion of
"Who We Really Are and Have Been All Along."  Seems we're living in all  12 dimensions at once now
;  perhaps can choose  which ones
we wish to move into and  experience for a particular reason.
 We never made any "mistakes!".  All our past  choices have led us here__
right where we've been meant to be all along. Even when we thought we had "
failed" we manifested success; for those failures showed us
what we needed to change in ourselves __  showed us how to "BE THAT CHANGE"
 we wished to see in our environment.
November 24, 2013:  Unity Consciousness ,"Oneness" and  Unconditional Love can completely change our lives, enabling us to experi-
ence Multiple Dimensions of reality  simultaneously,  whether awake or  asleep.  
"Transferring from a 3-D to a 4-D  or higher  density or
vice versa, one moves  through the EM  spectrum at or near the  speed of light.
"  (Thanks, HS,  I had just been  wondering how we can
move at the Speed of Light!) The new Paradigm already exists on quantum/cosmic levels. We have only to perceive it, and then to bring
it to life on New Earth. Therefore, we are
not creating the paradigm, but discovering, uncovering it within ourselves, and bringing it to life.

We thoroughly explored the  Annunaki ET civilization's machinations on Earth and their part in the Great Flood,  religions,  genetics,  Fall
of Atlantis,  Historical Archetypes__ and the fact that They Are Still Here, impacting our present day civilization.

December 5th, 2013: program featuring Gerald Clark, discussed how the news that 400,000-year-old human
DNA has been uncovered, relates to his research & book on the Annunaki's role in our human origins.  He said the news does not cancel
the Sumerian cuneiform creation epic of
homo sapiens sapiens __ "us"__being genetically engineered over 200,000 years ago; but only
reveals that there were "more potential bipedal humanoids"__ ('such as an ostrich-like "Birdwoman"?)__ possibly created by even earlier
off-world visitors.

Clark defended
Zacharia Sitchin's research, often criticized by skeptics  who claim it was only based on Sumerian tablet drawings. He
explained how "we have thousands and thousands of cuneiform tablets with all kinds of writing detailing the origins of mankind." Sitchin's
work is taught in  anthropology  courses at  
 UCLA today,  and calls for more research into  skeletons found around  ancient gold mines in
South Africa, as
Michael Tellinger has exposed.

We have reached the End of the First Year of The Aquarian Age which began December 21, 2012,  when Nature's new year began. You
may have noted  how the final three months  of each of the Nature years__  
2010 through 2012__  have been the most difficult, trying and
frustrating period of each entire year. And this year,  from
9-21-13 to 12-21-13,  topped them all,  forcing us to change our consciousness
and let go of what no longer works in the new Aquarian paradigm.
I purchased a new  computer in early  November,  and spent the  entire month  shifting programs and  information from  Windows  XP to
Windows 7,  cleaning out the XP to give to a  grandson whose  computer recently bit the dust,  and getting bugs out of the new computer,
(as well as clearing frustration bugs out of my own consciousness).

This newsletter is late due to the computer problems. It always takes a lot of time, and I found myself frustrated and  eventually totally dis-
couraged trying to adjust Windows 7 to what is required for this website.  Of course,  this negativity spilled over into other areas of my life,
and I began to doubt  whether I was  "making it"  in New Earth or not!  Many familiar ways of  thinking,  feeling and  doing things suddenly
changed,  leaving me  ungrounded in the  foundation of the  old  world  energy,  as I try to  figure out  "J
?  We try to manifest or heal things,  but we may just be  manifesting or healing
the "same old stuff", that may not  fit with what we need for now. We must find a better way to  let go of the old  or some new ways to deal
with stuff that does not serve what is necessary now.

Maneuvering around the new  computer was sometimes so  challenging,  that I often found myself in  "survival mode"  because I could not
keep up with adjustments to the changing requirements and circumstances of either the new computer programs, or the  environment sur-
rounding me and get  comfortable with  life again.  But I kept  trying to  convince myself  that we are now in a new world of Empowerment,
and was informed

And if all that weren't enough,  our entire family__  HD and I,  our 3 children  and spouses,  7 grandchildren,  (some with spouses),  and 9
great grandchildren__  were hit with every  imaginable  problem one can  fathom.  In  early  
December,  the bottom fell out of the thermo-
meter. Normally,  this area of  Idaho has  daytime highs of  around 39 or 40 in  December;  but we  dropped  30 degrees  in a day  and a
half. Icy roads  with a few inches of powder snow  became virtual skating rinks. When we went to bed next night,  it was already 10 below
zero. This lasted 2 weeks,  and next a  "high" moved in;  but there was a  "conversion",  so the warmer  temperatures were above the val-
leys, holding the cold air still in place.

Scott Stevens, guest on, offered some insights on the recent extreme winter weather. He suggests
very cold winter  temperatures were a regular  occurrence 20 years ago,  but due to climate change,  they have been much milder.  He re-
calls a
January, 1979 day when the  thermometer at his Idaho home went to 54 below.  HD and I both recall a year in the mid-50s in Wyo-
ming when our thermometer sat at 52 below for a week straight__  day and night!  HD got the car started to go to work by lighting a fusee
under it. Then we heard that mercury freezes at 52 below.

Stevens believed that almost all weather,  including the recent cold snaps,  are being  geo-engineered  on a global scale.  "
There is very
little natural weather left  anywhere on this  planet
",  he said. "Weather is  now being  used as  "eco-terrorism"  by the  military-industrial
complex, and by others with various political agendas, noting the unusual intensity of tropical storm and hurricane activity during the
W. Bush
presidency__  As usual: "follow the money".

Cars,  household appliances, TVs  and  computers broke down;  electrical outages  flashed off and on  repeatedly during  these  last  few
months of 2013.  Cell phones went crazy,  and communications of all types disappeared regularly__  we had  no mail for three weekdays.
Some family members went down with odd illnesses.  I myself, had raging sinuses and a body that ached from neck to toes,  but no fever,
no other flu symptoms. Rather than a "couch potato",  I became a "wet noodle", and spent days  limp and sputtering on the sofa.  I tried to
put "Sore Muscle Balm" on my limbs,  and accidentally twisted one leg,  injuring its ACL,  so I could not walk well on it for weeks,  and still
often use a walker.

More old friends,  relatives,  co-workers and neighbors passed away.  It used to happen  once every few days;  but now the death notices
arrive 2 and 3 at a time.  We have lost so  very many dearly  loved friends and  family members over these past few years.  Some of them
have  chosen to leave now and be  re-born into the  New Earth Reality  later.  Others may not have been able to  release themselves from
enough of the  "old world consciousness"  to raise their  frequencies  sufficiently,  and may or may not  come back to a different version of
Earth or some  other reality.  Those of us "still here"__  striving and  waiting to see if  we make it or not__  are terribly  saddened by these
;  but we may  consider that__  oddly__ it  frees us  gradually to move on to what might be  too new,  too unfamiliar,  and to some__
too difficult a way of life in New Earth.

We discovered the  titles to our  home,  RV,  and  three cars were  missing.  We tore the house  apart  searching to no avail.  One  family
member went out to run the  tractor motor awhile to prevent it's freezing that night, slipped on the ice,  and spent 2 days in  hospital with a
concussion.  A dear 5 year old great-grandson, who regularly did his entire day's schoolwork in 15 minutes, went ballistic at kindergarten
one day,   running around the room  brandishing a pair of  scissors, and was later  suspended from school,  which broke his heart,  as he
dearly loved school.  Meanwhile his  grandparents were  cruising through the  Panama Canal and  various  Central and  South  American
ports for 2 weeks.  They'd won it collecting the most donations for a national charity__  but their luggage was lost.

All through this I was trying to order,  craft and wrap 11 family  birthday and All the Christmas gifts.  And then, to top it off__
our computers
were hacked
!  Our  eldest son's  laptop,  which he  keeps in our home  near his businesses,  was  completely emptied.  His business files
were gone. Gratefully, nothing that could harm him financially was in that laptop. But, later that night his country home's pump-house froze
up, and next morning, the starter on his pickup went dead.  My new computer was still safe,  but we realized the hackers, pretending to be
Microsoft Windows, had our names,  our modem and router serial numbers,  (probably by formerly hacking the companies that sold them)
so I did not dare boot up my computer.  Still no work on the website or newsletter after 5 weeks!  I ordered a new modem from in the mid-
dle of the night, and it arrived a week later.  Took us 2 days to get it hooked in and registered. I swear__  we'll all have to register a  "User
Name" and "Password" just to use our own bathrooms soon.   And yes__  they've turned the entire  Internet into another "Home Shopping
Network"__ just like TV.

I came to realize that  although the  Dark Side has been  defeated,  and could not  really harm us,  they were still playing their dirty games,
hoping to  slow us down or stop us from doing our  spiritual work by  affecting household appliances and home items,  and influencing the
very young,  the old,  and challenged with  mind-control to some degree,  so that we'd get  sidetracked by  family and friends,  by our com-
puters and communications
: billing, hacking personal identity and finances,  causing breakdowns in vehicles and other machinery, delay-
ing mail, and so on.

I dreaded getting up in the mornings. We became afraid of answering the telephone due to what we might hear next.  You get the picture
Life Sucks! I  finally broke down in tears, and  asked  Higher Self and  Guides: "I've  tried to keep a  positive  future in mind,  but I hurt so
physically, mentally and emotionally, for myself and for my family, that I can't maintain it.  I have bad dreams every night about  'being lost'
in a strange,  dangerous land__ penniless,  alone and hungry
;  and when I  return home,  my loved ones do not  recognize me  anymore.
Even my writing is almost  impossible to read,  my hands and nervous system damage are  regressing again.  So,  

: "Yes, this is an adjustment, as you suspected.  In this New Earth Reality, only those things and activities created in LOVE are go-
ing to endure,  and anything that is not vibrating at the  LOVE  frequency,  is going to smash into and total itself  when meeting  LOVE
;  for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE vibrates above everything else,  and nothing can stand against it for long.  Whatever still exists
inside us that is not in alignment with LOVE, is being spotlighted as poisons or live bombs needing to be harmonized or rejected."

"Another point to be made,  is that sometimes,  when negative events occur__  and especially if repeated frequently__  they are really
the First Step leading towards an extremely important, positive advancement in one's consciousness vibrations."

"All the Old and the Low-Key is popping up to be cleansed and released through LOVE. We'll also be hit in the face with any activities,
places or persons on which we have lavished our love to the exclusion of other  people or issues needing our attention and energy. All
this "Releasing"  frees us to be  clear and open to link in LOVE to more universal,   global and group  unifications and endeavors. The
stress, overwhelm and confusion will soon be vastly improved and ready for your new world service."

"You suspected that you no longer needed to do 'rituals',  as you call them, or 'intentions' for healing or manifesting as of old. After the
Winter Solstice,  the Christ Consciousness  paradigm will  completely download  into  those humans who have prepared  themselves,
completing Unification and Oneness with Spirit/Creator
; and you will create breakthroughs in spiritual consciousness in people simp-
ly by being in their presence__ even over telephones__ while you hold Oneness,  Unconditional Love and Visualization of a Benevo-
lent Future."

"Young souls will be contacting you for information and guidance on various subjects, and this will increase.
Depend on your Guides
 Your Inner Self/High Heart  for the information and understanding required.  Forerunners, Light-workers, Starseeds will  gradually
open to complete connection with Universal Resonance, having access to any information or guidance they might need."

"Children with ADD,  ADHD,  Autism,  Asperger Syndrome. etc.,  will soon show evidence of  amazing  spiritual and practical gifts and
talents that will change the antiquated education system,  and eventually bypass it.  The old system will  gradually be phased out,  for
the youngsters will demonstrate that  INNER GUIDANCE is the key to becoming a master __  an  Ascended Master__  a Key Master
who can open all doors , locks,  portals, and solve all puzzlements and mysteries with their Inner Guidance system. "THE INTERNET
And oh, yes!... HD awoke the next morning, suddenly "knowing" where the title papers were. He jumped out of bed,  checked an old brief-
case__ and there they all were! The good news cheered me up. Maybe things are turning around. And it hit me:  MY OWN HOME LIFE IS
If the weather is going crazy, is it changing to a more temperate, year-round climate across the globe?  If our communication devices are
breaking down, does it imply that we soon won't be needing them?__ Will we have Telepathy instead? If we have trouble manifesting and
healing now, does it mean we may all become perfectly well, younger and have continual abundance in our lives without even trying? And
if so__ who needs Ads or Shopping Networks, or Credit Cards, anyway?

If so many  loved ones are passing on,  might we become  Immortal and  all be together again in the  New Earth Reality?  If our New Kids
are being dismissed from schools,  will "education" of the future mean only complete and accurate  Inner Guidance Systems for  each of
us?  And if  luggage often comes up missing, perhaps we won't need clothing anymore. And will we really NEED titles to our homes if we
can simply form  energy shields  around us in the desert, mountains, jungles__  even on the oceans__  at will,  that keep us warm or cool,
give light and privacy from anyone outside looking in? If our cars break down and our energy generators won't work, will they be replaced
by "Free Energy/Zero Point Energy of space, with no needed repairs, no utility bills what-so-ever?

"HARVESTING" could be a "Reaping" of the above mentioned spiritual powers and gifts,  as well as the introduction to our Personal  &
Soul Group Missions and developing and preparing them to Go Public.

We need to  
"Remember the Elegance of Integrity" in all we do.  Instead of manifesting material things or money to give us a  "better life",
necessary , ( not "desired"),
funding or material things will  automatically come into our hands for us to materialize that purpose. The
are essentially  something positive and creative.  It is a contribution  that the individual is here to make  to other people
and to the world at large. There are many ways to Serve Spirit and Fellow-beings to make the world a better place. One can  summarize
one's  life mission or purpose in  about five to fifteen words that  simply  IDENTIFY a direction in which one can explore and expand in the
future.  FIND FIRST  JUST ONE MISSION to which you can devote yourself.  IF YOU FIND SUCCESS WITH THAT MISSION , and feel a
calling of still another mission, then it may be worthwhile to explore that one for awhile.

Since the
December 21, 2013 Solstice,  I've been receiving hints and introductions to how my life __  and no doubt, yours as well__  will
be changing in the year or two  ahead.  Our physical bodies are  transmuting into
 Light Bodies.  Some  minor physical disturbances are
disappearing.  We will be "re-introduced" to public contact and appearances again as we're asked to  "
Take responsibility for ourselves"
__ for our lifestyles,  our relationships,  our health,  and even for our own  consciousness evolution and ascension. There are, in India and
China, 160,000  written  documentaries of  Easterners who have  re-birthed into  Light Bodies.  They  say that  one is  basically  ready  to
ascend__ "
When no other thought than Unconditional Love can enter your mind!"

Until next time:
Hugs, Marilyn   
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