January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We will be crossing a number of Finish Lines during 2012 and beyond.

"The earth that you once knew  is no longer__ a new vibrational pattern  has permeate d the blue-
print of the planet & you now exist as members of the galactic community, cousins to the enlight-
ened citizens of the galaxy" ...
(Pleiadian High Council through Lauren Gorgo.)

We all came to earth to see & experience The Shift of the Ages and to satisfy our longing for Home.
We didn't come to seek  the drama of cataclysms,  the devastating prophecies  or The End of Time.
We came to assist in introducing a new frequency and a New Earth.

As I prepared this Newsletter issue, the themes I intuited for it kept changing day to day\__. I didn't  
know what  the final theme would be until the entire issue was complet
. Is this the new way of  "do-
ing"__ another Multi-D Tech__  just letting the puzzle pieces arrive,  tucking them away in the back
of our mind,  & in time,  letting them organize themselves__ and then suddenly, seeing the Big Pict-
ure appea
r? We know the Creative Force Field is  Intelligent, Loving, Purposeful & Self- Organizing
whenever we contact It.

The Quero Apache call these days,  "The Time of Settling."  Some of us  Lightworkers are feeling
the turmoil around us from the outer environment, yet inwardly,  we're sensing a strange new peace
and harmony within us.

We've had  
New Families  move into  the neighborhood  this year,  on  both sides of us  and across
the alley
. For the first time in 13 years,  we exchanged Christmas goodies with the neighbors.  Yes,
the Shift is approaching ever more rapidly!  Our family chose Christmas Eve to open gifts and enjoy
a smorgasbord.  Later, we played a new game called "
Finish-lines" in which we formed small teams
of two or three that each had to  "finish" a quotation  printed on a card  drawn by another team.  For
example: "
One small step for man"... was read aloud,  and  the first team  had to  finish with... "One
giant leap for mankind."

It was a lot of fun and I couldn't help but relate this game to the Evolutionary Game of Life we are
playing on earth as we move through
2012.  When information for this newsletter  began to arrive, I
realized how we have a lot of
"Finish-Lines" to identify and to step over this year. And Multi-D Tech  
was once again enforced  as I opened my own gifts__ All our needs,  and many of our desires,  are
automatically manifested  through loving contacts with family,  friends,  neighbors,  community  and
universe.  And as we individually connect to our place of peace & power within,  it is made manifest
in the wide world as well.

We were, however, disappointed when our eldest grandson and his two toddlers were missing that
evening.  We so wanted to see their joy  as they opened their gifts.  I thought of how so many of us
humans are still unaware  of the spiritual gifts and talents  that exist within us.  We cannot force this
Knowing upon them
; they must come to the truth themselves and open to the miracles of life. All we
can do is "PLANT SEEDS" of info and hope they take root and grow.  Another Multi-D Tech, & ano-
Finish Line to be crossed in the new year.
Venus makes her  superior conjunction with the Sun,  opposing Earth,  on
January 11,  2012.  We
need fewer "
man caves" and more "woman mountain meadows" across the planet. As our feminine
nature starts harmonizing with the masculine.

There was a  NEW MOON CHRISTMAS EVE  at 3* Capricorn.  That night I dreamed of  being con-
fronted with a great forest  composed of  tangles of trees and underbrush  that glowed  from behind
with a warm,  golden light;  but I could not slip through  no matter how hard or long I tried. Others on
the journey  could not break through either,  nor could we  do it together. The dream seemed to  sy-
mbolize that we'll have a tough time this year,
"slipping through" tangled jungles of challenges. Per-
sonally,  I believe that  the resolutions to our  many global  challenges  will spring up  only  from the
grassroots__ we ordinary,  community-minded  people__ not  a  "
trickle down"  from the  pyramidal

Barbar Hand Clow gives us a marvelous view of current astrological influences. Since... "October
28th,  significant breakdowns  of male dominance are visible
__ the exposure of  abusive foot-
ball coaches,  American troops finally leaving Iraq, and the pressure to get troops out of Aghanistan
and Pakistan"... "and the patriarchal financial system  is being shredded  because the  Euro nations
were forced  to come to an agreement  based on greater sharing.".  Astrological configurations sug-
gest that the world financial system  won't collapse totally because unexpected levels of support arr-
ive that ease the transition into fairness and equality."

"The Capricorn New Moon on Christmas Eve  shone light on our  
Finish Line. "It was loaded with information about  how to personally handle our issues"
"moving into deep states of contemplation, allowing the highest wisdom to come into our minds."

"We've had five months of the bankers & politicians moving money around to strengthen & stabilize
weak parts  of the system."... but... "These bold reorganizations  may not hold,  especially since the
Federal Reserve,  joined by six sovereign-nation banks,  made the deal to  hold interest rates down
while  Mercury was retrograde in early
December. Still__ the big move by the Fed t o back foreign
banks may end up as  the beginning of new financial fairness in the world.  We may probably" have
learned which way this went... "by
December 28th, when the Sun conjoins Pluto in Capricorn."

                    "DO YOU KNOW YOUR

                                        LIVING IN A NEW REALITY
                                                                January 11, 2012
                                                     "FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS"

PHASE 2 of  The Ascension Process is  RESTRUCTURING THE PHYSICAL  in earnest.  In the
260 day long Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar of the Maya,  there are 4 Days known as  "GROUP SEASON
DAYS", occurring every 65 days. They work together in an evolutionary pattern that seems to initiate
or activate extremes. They build and transform evolution as they ascend through each Tzolk'in year.

On Sunday,
January 8th, 2012,  we experienced the  4th and last  Group Season Day (#3 AHAU) in
the Vision  personally chosen June 27, 2011: "END EXTREME HUNGER & POVERTY ON
began to manifest.

The skies are really, really busy these days.  We had the first FULL MOON OF
2012 at midnight that
same night, 12:00 AM, MST,
January 9th bringing "ACCELERATED GROWTH". And, today, Janu-
uary 11th
, Venus makes her superior conjunction with our Sun, opposing Earth, activating our femi-
nine nature  to harmonize the masculine. Venus also squares Saturn__ demanding material support,
and not too concerned about fairness, which could be interesting.

Later in this issue,  we'll discuss happenings  around the planet  over the past few years and what is
likely to occur in
2012 and beyond. One surprising event has been the intentional shifting of the ma-
gnetic poles and changes in the rotation of Earth caused by powerful groups of beings
, that has sav-
ed us from a coming ICE AGE. This means that we can continue to grow food in our present climate
and thereby, AVOID EXTREME HUNGER.  

Monday, January 9th, was not only a Full Moon, but also the first of 20 CORE DAYS of the Tzolk'in
Calendar. According to
 Aluna Joy Yaxk'in's  "Mayan-Pleaidian Cosmology",  Core Days are very...
Intense__ as they teach us how to live in the NOW.  There is no time for the past or the future. We
need to clear resistance  to the future frequency downloads  coming directly after the Core Days &...
another 10 PORTAL DAYS taking place.
(More about these downloads below.) ...

We may find ourselves  rethinking things  we thought were previously understood.  f we resist this,  
we will discover challenges.  Things may also  become confused,  as we are operating from a sim-
ultaneous merging of the past and the future.  If we Flow with it,  we accelerate our personal ascen-
sion process.

On that same Monday,  
Benjamin Fulford  ( announced that  The
Feds... "
approached the  White Dragon Society to negotiate a way to unfreeze their funds. They pro-
mised to use the funds  for humanitarian projects  and to develop hitherto  forbidden technology."__
"Which, if carried out, can "END EXTREME POVERTY ON EARTH

A New Global Economic Restructuring." Video. 24 min.: currency."  
Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio."

Aluna Joy's article: "SACRED GEOMETRY OF A NEW ERA." ...' Click on "NEW"... "The Sacred Geometry of  a New Era."  
She again contacts the
Andean Masters who tell us about a..."New Geometry that is the foundation
for the new world.
 They are offering us... "the gift of this new geometry  to be encoded  inside of us.
We must each give permission for this to take place
.",,"We are building a new world in stages. First
we must en-Vision this new world
"... The next Group Season Day for creating a new Group Vision is
March 13th, 2012... "We must create it in Spirit with our hearts and-or minds.  This part has already
been completed  on a collective scale.  Next comes the process of  making this Vision  a part of our
physical world.
".."Geometry is the framework; then comes Sound as a frequency. Once that's done,
our Intent will begin to take hol

Planet Earth was a much smaller sphere billions of years ago, when all the continents were bunched
into one great landmass  with only rivers or puddles between them,  and the rest of the planet  was a
huge ocean.  Over eons, Earth's sphere expanded greatly,  and as it did so,  the continents began to
spread apart  until they reached their present location s between oceans.  Undersea  volcanic ridges
generated a new crust as the planet increased in size.

In "
The Power of Sound",  Archives,,  we're shown how Hans
caused  particles floating in a liquid  to vibrate to  different sound frequencies,  forming a seq-
uence of different geometric patterns.  Later it was found that
Geometry naturally occurs in a vibrat-
ing fluid. The Creative Force Field,  which inter-penetrates and surrounds everything in the universe,
functions like a fluid.

The changes in Earth's expansions included
geometrically-shaped energy grids, which also cha-
nged over time. They followed the progression of  
The Platonic Solids; the tetrahedron, cube, octa-
hedron, icosahedron & dodecahedron,  each of which fits perfectly within a sphere, with each of their
points equidistant from each others. Brooks Agnew presents marvelous videos of this process
Scroll down to "

The first energetic grid, during the "
Pangea"- one continent state, was similar to the tetrahedron sha-
pe of Earth's present core. As Earth expanded and the continents spread apart, Her grid changed in-
to a cube shape,  then an octahedron,  and presently__ both icosahedron and dodecahedron energy
grids overlap each other  on the planet.  Our planet is not only still expanding , but also  morphing its
energy grid from an icosahedron to a dodecahedron.

David Wilcock:  "in 1986,  Dr. Robert Moon realized that Geometry was the key to understanding
quantum physics __ and it was a geometry in
Time as well as in Space. That means that when you
move through  Space or  Time,   you must move through
Geometry . You can't just  move in  a nice,
smooth, even curve__ you have to pop through one quantity of space__ or one quantity of time,  be-
fore you can go  to the next one."... "The same geometric shapes  we see  in the expansion of Earth
also appear within the nucleus of the atom

Dr. Mark White: 'What is the ideal form of a DNA molecule? It is a double helix. What is the ideal
form of a double helix? It is a
Dodecahedron. What is the ideal form of the Genetic Code? It's also

Aluna Joy's article on GEOMETRY  is filled with needed information  for our creating.  She mentions
how the...  "
Earth has shifted by 10 degrees  this past year"...and... "we will have  a new solar align-
ment."... "We will be shown new pathways & be confronted by many energetic 'new doors' this year,
but we won't be able  to see them at first.  They are  entry points to
 New Dimensions.  Archangel
will help us see these doors if we ask him. He will 'tap you on the shoulder' to get your att-
ention, so you will not miss them

I was called to "the other side" again in the middle of that night, so I got up and me-
ditated. In a few minutes, I felt a light "
tap" on top of my head that kept up until I realized it was Arch-
angel Michael's
signal to view a New Dimensional Doorway.

It happened in an instant.  I was first shown more information about my past life with  
and our family connections to ancient,  highly evolved beings__ who have been, and are now__ pro-
graming humans with thought-forms  for our consciousness evolution,  whether we are aware of it or

Then I was told our space brothers and sisters would begin showing themselves by the hundreds of
thousands all over the planet this
November. And, because of everyone seeing the display, govern-
ments would have to come forth in
 December and  "come clean"  with all they've been hiding about
ETs, UFOs and secret technologies. Our world and our lives will be forever changed.      

And right on cue,  I later finished  
David Wilcock's new book,  "The Source Field Investigations", re-
ading  the mind-boggling final chapter: "
Disclosure".  I do not wish to spoil the surprises  by revealing
all the amazing information  he offers there,  but the  subjects covered include
:  "The Circlemaker"__
Reverse Engineering the Pineal Gland",  "ET Contact in Modern India", "How Do We Travel into the
Parallel Universe?
",  including the sentences: "Two thirds of our brain  is not under our control.  It is
guided by entities in the parallel universe."  
The chapter ends with "Preparing for the 'Galactic Fam-
ily Reunion'
" and "The Testimony of Mr. X".          

Sean David Morton,  "anything that does not Unify us in Unconditional Love, is going to disappear
from our lives and our planet by
2025,"...  the next Mayan Calendar End Date for our current  "Con-
sciousness Evolution Phase 2" to Restructure Physical Earth.

We recall how previous Worlds were destroyed by earth, air, fire and water:  "The Great Flood" follo-
wed by a sudden  Great Ice Age that ended about
11,000 years ago. This Fourth World__ our pres-
ent 3-D physical world__ will be destroyed by  
"ether".  Ether is  the ancient name  for  The Creative
Force Field,
which Wilcock's book calls "The Source Field."  Ether is also known as electromagnet-
ics, radio waves, scalar waves, etc
, which run our technologies today. When this ether breaks down,
we enter the
Fifth World__ a higher dimensional existence.

The coming humungous energy downloads from the Sun and the Cosmos will activate
global telep-
on Earth.  February activates our brains  to evolve things  in only hours,  minutes or even sec-
Morton calls this the  "Gestation Period"  in which the  Nine Underworld levels  of the  Mayan
Calendar are complete.

We're about to be "
reborn" (as symbolized by so many big bellies in evidence these days. The great-
est technology will not be with devices or physical means__ they will be what we've entitled this web-
: "Creating From the Future: with Multi-Dimensional Technologies." All the paranormal episodes
related in this web-book and this newsletter will be available to every human being on Earth__ at will.
As the East and West lobes of our brains merge, so too will the
 Intuition of the East  and the Intellect
of the Western civilizations
of the planet merge;  our bodies will transform,  we will see  through both
Time and Space
, and whatever visions our brains generate will manifest instantly. Yes__ It's already
coming true.

We have not been told everything about the  
Timeline Message  in the  Great Pyramid of Giza__ four
messiahs such as Buddha and Christ,  will incarnate on Earth  up to about the 25th century,
and the first to arrive after
2012 is a messianic female who leads the world with great power & sensi-

Remote viewing by a number of sources revealed that  something very big  and very nasty may be
coming at us after galactic alignment with the dark rift,  
December 2012, and efforts are being made
by the global elite to override this.  Hence, the "
disappearance" of all the money from the world econ-
omy and the development of secret technology__  used to deal with this  expected event
. The secret
underground bases,  tunnels & trains__
Area 51 where the first spacecraft  was back-engineered, &  
on and on, and all the drastic efforts  to keep it hidden from the public__ were evidently  designed to
deal with this coming event.

Philadelphia Experiment (August, 1943) opened a huge hole in the energetic field that was plac-
ed around the planet  by some of the
Annunak i to keep certain entities out and others within.  When
this "
shield" was torn, many entities from outer space began arriving on earth, and by 12-21-12, it will
be open  to all entities from everywhere.  An event,  hopefully,  that will totally destroy  the dark elite's
plans for world dominance.

All the laws of physics are  being thrown out.  
Carbon 12  has now transmuted into Carbon 7, caused
by photons from the Sun.
The frequency of the Sun's light is changing__ it's becoming Bluer. This af-
fects and activates our
pineal,  as well as the hippocampus  that regulates connection between left
and right brains. As we raise our consciousness vibrations, the
pineal gland__ containing a vibrating
fluid that acts on  the body's circulatory system of light__ begins to vibrate, too, making our bodies gl-
ow like light bulbs,  and literally shooting light  out of our eyes, mouths and ears. The
pineal  controls
, which controls the  sleep and dream state,  and serotonin,  which affects our waking state
of consciousness. The color Blue accelerates the processing of serotonin.

Last summer there was a crop circle that pictured the composition of
DMT, which is psychedelic, and
looks almost like melatonin. As the Sun moves towards blue, it also controls an
information exchange
between the right & left brains as it activates the
hippocampus gland. raising our IQ as high as 1000.

Both the rotation and the axis of the planet have been altered  because the
Magnetic North Pole was
moving toward the
True North Pole.  If they had met, it would have caused a polar wobble, and poss-
ibly, a s
hifting of the planet's magnetic field. That is no longer going to happen because the magnetic
pole is now
60 miles east of where it was previously.&d is moving south-eastward through Siberia.

The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster was intentionally created to alter Earth's rotation with their secret te-
; and intentional earthquakes in Chili, New Zealand & Japan sped up the rotational freq-
quency of Earth. Yes__
Time really is passing faster.  All three of those quakes occurred at the exact
same times as the
three major alignments of  Comet Elenin with  Earth & Sun  causing gravitational
fluxes on the planet. And the "
Y2K" event was not a fluke__ is was "fixed" from behind the scenes.

vaccine killing hundreds of thousands of Africans with AIDS, was employed because the global
elite believe that if you mix
 Asian with Caucasians,  you get the best slaves.  Asians tend  to have a
more docile,
"hive" mind",  but Caucasians are stronger physically. Africans,  on the other hand, were
too independent & rebellious
.  All this is being done because  if we had experienced  another Ice Age,
the working populations of
Europe & Asia  could have moved down into  Africa, where it would be
warm enough to grow food.    

This year,  Uranus is in the sign of
Aries,  ruled by Mars, and Saturn entered Libra in August, 2010,
which is the sign it occupies in the
US birth chart,  & will remain there until the US has some sort of a  
nervous breakdown",  and we  shift back  towards closer ties  with our  original constitution. The last
time  as around
1980, and the "Iran-Contra" situation, when Jimmy Carter replaced  Ronald Rea-
as US president.

Right now
, Montana is recalling their senators because they violated the state constitution. Colorad-
, after legallizing marijuana,  kicked out the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency  after it began arrest-
ing visitors  to alternative health clinics  after they  drove on Federal By-ways  and were "
no longer in
". States are now forming their own banks, having National Guardsmen renew their oaths to
protect American citizens__ swearing not to fire on them & to  throw down the gun
s. We will no doubt
see the
Occupy Movement escalate when spring & warm weather arrive. The Revolution has begun.

As unusual things  happen around the globe,  we know that our materially-based civilization  is falling
apart,  but something fairer, higher and more spiritual is replacing it.  Remember that as we move into
the "
Ether World",  imagination,  visualization &  intention become our most powerful tools__ choi-
ces that can determine which reality prevails through these tumultuous times.

WHAT CAN ORDINARY CITIZENS DO?:  We can take the anger and frustration  and turn them into
Unconditional Love & Wisdom  from our Inner Guidance System,  and Oneness with the world as a
whole and  pass this information to our contacts.  And we can make  
small, gradual changes in our
own lives
that, when multiplied by 200 million, can turn things around completely. : "To build Community, and Economy of Gifts__ for a multitude of reasons,
we need to need each other."  "What happened to community, and why don't we have it anymore? It
is a very tepid community indeed, when the only need being met is the need to air opinions and feel
that we are right,  that we get it ,  and isn't it too bad that other people don't... hey, I know! Let's coll-
ect each others'  email addresses & start  a
listserv!"... "Because people in gift culture  pass on their
surplus rather than accumulating it,  your good fortune  is my good fortune,"... "Intimacy comes from
co-creation,  not co-consumption,  as anyone in a band can tell you,  and it is different from liking or
disliking someone.  But in a monetized society, our creativity happens in specialized domains__ for
money."... "The less we use money, the less time  we need to spend earning it,  & the more time we
have to contribute to the gift economy, and then receive from it  It is a virtuous circle."...

"The ideal number of participants  in a gift circle is
10-20.  Everyone sits in a circle, and takes turns
saying  one or two needs they have.  In the last circle  I facilitated,  some of the needs shared were
"a ride to the airport next week",  "someone to help remove a fence",  "used lumber to build a garden",
"a ladder to clean my gutter", "a bike",  and "office furniture for a community center."  As each person
shares, others in the circle can break in to offer to meet the stated need, or with suggestions of how
to meet it.

"When everyone  has had their turn,  we go around the circle again,  each person stating something
he or she would like to give. Some examples last week were
: "Graphic design skills", "the use of my
power tools",  "contacts in local government to get things done",  & "a bike
",  but it could be anything:
time, skills, material things, the gift of something outright, or the gift of the use of something  (borro-
wing).  Again as each person shares,  anyone can speak up and say,
"I'd like that", or  "I know some-
one who could use one of those"....

"Finally, the circle can do a third round  in which people express gratitude for the things they receiv-
ed since the last meeting. This round is extremely important  because in community, the witnessing
of others' generosity inspires generosity  in those who witness it. It confirms that this group is giving
to each other,  that gifts are recognized,  and that my own gifts  will be recognized,  appreciated and
reciprocated as well."...  "It's just that simple
:  needs,  gifts and gratitude. But the effects can be pro-
(And much more from Charles Eisinstein.)
* "
The 12 Most Hopeful Trends to Build on in 2012"__ 2011 was full of surprises, many of them of
the good kind. But which ones will matter next year?" "This uprising"..T
he Occupy Movement... is the
biggest reason for hope in 2012
:  "1. Americans rediscover  their political self-respect'... 2 ."Economic
myths get debunked."..
. 3. "Divisions among people are coming down."... 4."Alternatives are blossom-
5. "Popular pressures halted the  Keystone KL Pipeline__ for the moment"... 6. "Climate res-
responses move forward despite federal inaction."...
7. "There's new focus on cleaning up elections."
8. "Local government is taking action."... 9. "Dams are coming down.".. 10. The US ended the com-
bat mission in
Iraq."...11."Breakthroughs for single-payer health care."...12."Gay couples can get ma-
rried." (
Sara van Gelder offers heart-warming additional info on these trends.

* "37 Ways to Join the Gift Economy." "You don't have to participate in a local currency or service
exchange to be part of the cooperative gift economy.  Any time you do a favor for a family member, a
neighbor, colleague, or stranger you're part of it.
 Beverly Feldman & Charles Gray offer ways you
can spend time in the gift economy, where you'll find fun, freedom and connection."

A Bill of Rights for  Occupied Communities."__ A bill of rights that  protects people  and Nature,
but not corporations?  Your community could be next."   "If we are to elevate our rights  and the rights
of our communities  above those of a corporate few,  we, too,  need to transform  the way laws work"
... "Mainstream progressive groups have failed  by constraining their activities within legal & regulato-
ry systems purposely structured  to subordinate communities to corporate power.  Truly effective mo-
vements don't operate that way.  Abolitionists never sought to regulate the slave trade__ they sought
to transform the legal structure that supported it by treating slaves as property rather than people un-
der the law. Suffragists did the same with the legal status of women."

"The template is based on  real laws  already passed  from the municipal  to the national level__ from
Pittsburgh stripping drilling corporations of  Consitutional 'rights' to Ecuador including legal rights for
nature in its Constitution."... "This style of organizing  moves away from traditional activism__ mired in
letter-writing campaigns  and lowest  common denominator  federal and state legislation__  toward  a
new activism  in which communities claim  the right to make their own decisions,  directly. "... "To help
them do so,  we're offering this model
Community Bill of Rights template."  More from Jeff Reifman &
Thomas Linzey.
"How Cities and States  are Sticking It to  Citizens United."  "From courthouses to statehouses,
the pro-corporate ruling is under pressure."... "In
Montana, the State Supreme Court upheld a longst-
landing law limiting corporate spending in politics.  A lower court held that  
Citizens United invalidated
Corrupt Practices Act , a law passed by citizens' ballot initiative in 1912 when it was common pra-
ctice for the copper industry to bribe state politicians.  Unwilling to lose a basic, century-old protection
agains corruption, the state appealed the issue to the
Montana Supreme Court, which on December
, allowed the law to stand." Brook Jarvis.

* "The People's Public Trust: fixing the nation's public services."

1-11-12: The Guides: "Holding short meditations several times a day as practice to raise your con-
sciousness vibrations  to higher and higher degrees  aids in physical and  energetic body recalibra-
tions. Your Dreams exemplify the
4-D,  so remember your dreams,  as they are  preparing you for fi-
nal ascension. "Repeating someone else's story of doom and gloom spreads more doom and gloom
to the Collective. Create your own ascending spiral of an envisioned present and future."

There have been times when I've dipped into  New Earth for a few minutes,  then for several hours, &
finally for several days at a time. Then there are the times between, when I find myself back in old  
physical earth again.  It's as if I am 2 persons at the same time__ one in old earth__ and another in
New Earth,  where I continually feel  a strong sense of love and bliss,  and it's as if I  Flow through life
effortlessly,  rather than envisioning each movement or task  before I activate it. Something inside me
seems to silently and gently nudge me in the appropriate direction.

November, 2011,  we were in the Old Timeline  before our transition to New Earth began__ an
event that occurred "
beyond time", s o when we are in 3-D earth,  it's hard to understand that no-time
concept. A s we overcome and even  "love" FEAR,__we recognize  how fear has taught us HOW TO
LOVE.  All that is left in New Earth is LOVE__ and THE POWER that we gain  by surrendering to the
                         "HANG ON FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE__ LAUGH A LOT!"

                                         LIVING IN A NEW REALITY
                                                            January 22, 2011
                                                    "WHERE WE STAND NOW"

This web-book, "
Creating From the Future', has become "old hat' except for all those still asleep. It
was meant to raise our consciousness and move with Earth and all upon Her into a
4th or 5th De-
nsity existence__ a
NEW EARTH__ first as individuals, secondly as groups, and thirdly as all hum-
anity. Well__ We're MOVING!__ and there is a great change in direction. So...

I really don't know much more about  "
What to Do Now" than you, dear readers. Like you, I'm sear-
ching and exploring, and then experimenting with what comes up in my life & passing it on. I'd love
to hear from any of you who've discovered something about how things work in
4 or 5-D Earth. Do
forward it to

The online book will remain much the same  with few changes,  as some people still need its infor-
mation,  but the Newsletters will focus on
as we investigate a&experiment with  Energetic Multi-dimensional Technologies  including Healing
and Manifesting, Consciousness, Earth Changes, Economics, Education, Exopolitics and Religion.
The History of Human Origins will also be explored,  for our real human history is that of Consciou-
sness__ not of technologies,  wars,  politics and  economics
;  and for right now, we'll be looking at
Physical Alternative Energy Devices, which are the next step toward creating with energy alone.


Dr. Steven Greer: "Alternative Energies", , along with Dr. Ted Loder spoke
2012 breakthroughs in Free Energy.  All the technologies imperative to our planet's and huma-
nity's wellbeing already exist.  Our future has been stolen from us  because these inventions  were
suppressed with threats,  bribes,  blackmail, c onfiscation and murder. They blame the military-ind-
ustrial complex,  which has their own navy,  air force and troops  as well as the higher dimensional

Five thousand patents, once applied for__ were seized over the past
41 years, not counting those
that were confiscated  before their creators even applied for patents.  These technologies can end
poverty, pollution, hunger, health issues and suffering.

The media  are now pushing  
Cold Fusion  as our next fuel source.  Andrea Rossi,  of Italy,  has
invented his  
"ECat" (Cold Fusion Energy Catalyzer),  purported to produce huge amounts of heat.
Although it's  under criticism  from mainstream physicists  who believe  Rossi's physics  don't make
sense, plans are underway to make units for
Home Depot, selling at $1000 to $1500 each, (or less
after mass production) for powering one household.

Dr. Greer  set up  The Orion Project__ ( to assist
inventors to develop  clean energy solutions.  They negotiated  for years  to gain  the use of  
free energy-water  fuel cell & information  for mass production after his demise,  but were
denied its use when his family sold or gave it to another source, still unknown.
The Orion Project
website,  however, contains information on  many other devices being considered,  including plans
for a car that runs on water and table salt.

Sadly, the solar panels so promoted these days__as used by Greer in his home__are far less than
20% efficient, and cost $100,000 to add to an average size house.

The US spends trillions of dollars  on its war machine every year,  while coal,  gas and oil__ not to
speak of nuclear plants,  which really only boil water to make steam__ drastically harming our
envi-ronment.  Remember
:  we  ALL partake  of the dust  left behind  by collectively manifested,
human dreams.
For eons we've created with material means.  The 1988 Orcas Island paranormal episode told us,
The creatures need to learn to create from within themselves."  (Chapter 8: The Energy Artist:

We accessed our human creative potentials  through combining  Art,  Science &  Spirituality. Many
methods used by artists , musicians and  inventors  are still valid__ but now we can create with en-
ergy alone__ with Multi-Dimensional Technologies.

I find that after meditating for 15-20 minutes,
Intientional Healing (Part II: Basic Inter-Dimensional
Technologies works well whenever  we REALLY, REALLY
CHARGE UP__ to the point where our body tingles & vibrates with bliss and love__ even laughing
aloud  before we state our intention.  I use music to  Charge Up.  Breathing exercises,  chanting or
dancing also help. Intentional Manifesting, however__ seems to work best by just daydreaming as
we visualize our desire for all concerned with love and joy.

Both these  Multi-D Techs  work best at  Solstices,  Equinoxes,  conjunctions of 2 or more planets,
Sun or Moon in the same zodiac sign and degree
;  at Local Sidereal Time,  and at the appropriate
Moon Phase (
Chapter 6: Timing: The next conjunction
of planets will be
February 7th when Mercury joins the Sun at 18 degrees Aquarius__ followed by
February 10th  as Venus & Uranus meet at  3 degrees Aries.  Best of all,  connect with your Inner
SELF for your own special process.

The Shift of the Ages is occurring NOW as our minds,  our emotions and both  physical and energ-
etic bodies change.  We have ascended with NEW EARTH onto the 5th Density's threshold__ yet
although  we slip back now and then  to
4-D or 3-D. Energy downloads from Sun & Cosmos propel
us deeper into New Earth, and we need to learn to balance and harmonize with these energies.

Sometimes we have
 4-D dreams,  and we also often  drop back unto 3-D.  This occurs for several
: One is that we can only absorb so much of that incoming energy at a time,  and we need
to rest, meditate on it & then use it  before it can permanently raise our bodies' vibrations.  Another
is tha t we still don't fully understand that the physics of the planet,\the solar system & galaxy have
changed, how they work, and how we can work with them.

Everything from both our pasts and our futures is coming together in our present. Our children's IQ
jumped since the
1950's. Today's  New Kids' IQ  exceeds that of  yesterday's geniuses.  And we a-
dults are becoming more aware and smarter, too__ experiencing much like the youngsters  who've
been labeled "ADHD"__ we'll see,  feel & know everything both physical, energetic & inter-dimens-
sional  in our momentary environment all at once.  We're becoming well aware  of how  our current
education systems need to change.
PSYCHIC EXPLOSION; Get Ready for 2012. Sara Biermann. "This is the shift we need to make
in order to expand our awareness and knowing without being overwhelmed
." Also, some ideas on
New Geometry:  under "The Alex Sparky Memorial Issue".

* "
HAPPY 2012: THE YEAR OF CREATION". Multidimensional News: Susan Carroll.  
"CONVERSATONS WITH SELF" Though many of us have for years, contacted our Inner SELF for
answers and comfort, the SELF usually seemed to reside somewhere OUTSIDE our everyday low-
er self. Therefore, we remain in a reality that does not seem like true Home.

For many of us (including me), social conditioning kept this part of ourselves hidden from those ar-
ound us__ (and perhaps, even from ourselves). So we perceived this part of us as not existing ins-
ide us,  but somewhere "above" us... "
Our ego worshiped this Being that we thought was God,  as
well as all authority figures.  Unfortunately, our ego was trained to be subservient to God, as well
as to authority figures.
"... But when we connected with INNER-SELF, it felt more like Divine LOVE,
than like an AUTHORITY. So, we asked, "How can I LOVE my-SELF?"

That__ we'd been taught, was conceit__ not a good thing to have.  But as our planetary * physical
body frequencies rise, we're sensing that this LOVING SELF truly reside INSIDE US. For... "
is  NO outside.  
This higher frequency  inside us  is a higher expression  of our  Multidimen-
sional SELF.
" And__ as I've recently discovered__ SO ARE OUR GUIDES!

Our 3-D self  has ached for an instant contact with SELF.  We worked so long & hard  to make our
everyday lives somewhat similar to what we felt inside  that we became angry,  afraid & depressed
when it didn't
;  but as we began  to slowly master our thoughts and feelings,  our successes made
us feel better. Trouble is, "
achievements" became traps for ego to pull us back out of INNERSELF
because ego had finally done what it had so longed to do. But once we KNOW we can have insta-
nt contact with SELF at will, we no longer struggle to "achieve" it.  
Now we want to do  what our
Multi-D SELF inside wants to do, and we find our "needs" are often met before they even

In this new 5-D reality... "manifestation and breathing are the same.  We breathe in that which
we desire to experience & we breathe out that which is complete. There is no work, time or strug-
gle involved in manifesting our creativity.  Therefore,  there is no need for  a reward for  our hard
work. We create our life with the thoughts of our mind and the breath of our heart. However, mind
and heart are quite different here.  In our resonance of Lightbody,  our Mind is the Group Mind of
the ONE and our Heart is our High Heart, which resonates to the unconditional love of the ONE

Some of us have become lost in the Great Game.  Truthfully, all of us have been "lost" in 3-D
illus-ions o f a polarized world at some  'time' or  'life' incarnation.  Laws and  Religion  were
intended to guide and protect us,  and Ego was created so we could define ourselves as
individuals. But all of those three separation factors also became lost, distorted or corrupted.

As our frequency rises,  we begin to remembe r our true  Multi-D InnerSELF.  This recall  provides
tools necessary to rise above the 3-D illusions.  As we  "
Transcend Time",  all "reality" will be  
"ins-ide",  for SELF will BE HERE NOW.  Without time, there is only NOW,  and without space,
there is only HERE.  YOU are  HERE NOW  because  you never left__  you bi-located... "
For now  
we will serve as your  Inner Portal  through which you can experience  the metaphysical
creations  of the ONE"... "We are all here with YOU and YOU are within US.  Turn around inside
your mind to find the  Inner Portal of your own Multidimensional SELF. Your Portal will open
when you choose it to open.
" Susan Carroll. usan Carroll.  


"THE REALITY OF OUR DREAMS" Multidimensional News.Susan Carroll.
As we expand our connection  with our Multi-D SELF,  we also expand  our reception of  important
dreams.   Some dreams suggest  how to gradually merge our bodies  with the higher energy down-
;oads  arriving  ever more often lately.  Usually,  we forget dreams  soon after we  awaken,  so we
need to expand our consciousness into the
4-D dream world and recall them.

For a long time, I had dreams in which I kept looking for Home... "
There are three types of dreams.
Subconscious Dreams' create  scenarios in which  pent-up fears or  forgotten memories are exp-
lored."... "'
Rehearsal Dreams' are preparations for daily life, and 'Higher Dreams' are messages
from our 5-D SELF and beyond that we cannot hear while engaged in daily responsibilities.

A few days ago I dreamed of walking with a male friend (my masculine self?) along a sidewalk. Ac-
ross the street a woman was walking in the same direction. My friend noticed me watching her,
and asked if I knew her. "No", I replied, "but something about her seems familiar." The man then
said, "You'd like her. She's written a book__ but her foundation was fractured." So we went over
and walked along with her. When we came to a cement foundation where a house had once
stood, she said it was hers, but floods and earthquakes (earth changes?) had fractured it. I could
see long cracks that split the cement into thick, ragged ledges.

When I recorded this odd dream, I recalled how the people in our dreams are usually aspects of
ourselves, so I had to conclude that the "woman who wrote a book with a fractured foundation"__
was me! I then realized this online book, first presented in
April, 2006, was becoming outdated as
mentioned above, although I had added to it now and then. Meditation suggested to make
changes as to "Where We Stand Now."

Carroll continues: "Since our 4-D dream consciousness has a Flowing and Morphing concept of
time, 3-D language cannot contain the vast information of our dreams. Therefore, dreams are
stored as pictures and emotions in our 4-D consciousness."... "We need to use our Multi-D
thinking to fully remember our dream experiences. In fact, we do not truly 'remember', for
remembering is a time-bound thought."... instead... "we return to the NOW of the dream by
activating our Multi-D thinking." ... "'Higher Dreams' arise from, or are actual experiences of our
5-D and beyond consciousness, sent to us via Light Language"... "carried on waves of
unconditional love and expressed in symbols, pictures, instincts and emotions. We can only fully
understand our Higher Dreams with our High Heart, which resonates to the frequency of
unconditional love, the carrier wave of all higher dimensional experiences and messages
."  More
about DREAMS in Susan Carroll's article and in Chapter 4: Meditation & Dreamwork                 
Anyone who embodies love, who proposes love-based solutions for the planet, and all those
beings upon her, will meet great success... success in terms of fulfillment of freedom, of joy, of
abundance and abounding radiant blessings
."  Pleiadian High Council.                             

Coast to Coast AM online radio program featured Dr. John Apsley... (It seems Dr. Apsley's
web address has been blocked by sources unknown, so go to ,
type in "Dr. John Apsley" and click on "RADIATION CRISIS ANTIDOTES." ) ...relating that there
have been 14,000 deaths in the US caused by Fukashima radiation in the 11 weeks following the
major melt-down,
March 12, 2011.

Carried by winds across the Pacific, the toxins fell on various places via the rain. The first city
mentioned was
Boise, Idaho, with others as distant as Boston and Jacksonville, Florida on the
US east coast. We live 100 miles from Boise and had much rain last Spring.

Although my family and I did not have the symptoms mentioned, we were, f course, concerned.
listed the dietary supplements and remedies we could take to protect ourselves and to
neutralize symptoms. These were kelp, sea salt, selenium, apples and the use of Xylitol chewing
gum to protect the mercury fillings in teeth from absorbing radiation, which will continue to fall on
the US.

I nearly feel out of my chair! With guidance from SELF since
March, 2011, I have been using kelp
and sea salt daily for a low thyroid and to aid with weight control. Our family eats assorted nuts
daily__ Brazil nuts containing selenium, as do our multi-vitatmins. We eat apples daily. InnerSELF
suggested a saline spray ("Xclear") contain-ing Xylitol for sinus congestion, and the Xlylitol gum
("SPRY") after meals to cleanse teeth and protect from mercury fillings, as does SPRY toothpaste
with Xlitol.  Just Google, or go to for all these items. Once again, my need was
met before I even became conscious of it.

                                                     NUMBERS TO WATCH
The numbers
12 & 13 will be very noticeable this year, which is the completion of our 12 year
iniitiation-disciple- ship, which activated in
1999, the start of the 8th Galactic Wave of the Mayan
Calendar. (Readers may recall the episode of the "Night Visitors" in
February, 1999, when two
ETs appeared in my bedroom. (Chapter 22: What It Means to be Truly Human:. ) This is our
13th year of transformation, whose
resonance begins and ends whole cycles of human experience. We have also awakened our
DNA/12-D blueprint bodies, marking the true beginning of Christed-consciousness on
Earth... "
Those who have completed reconnecting their 12-D blueprint are awakening their 13th
strand of DNA
this year, which is referred to as 'the strand of love." PHC
12-D blueprint bodies activated on the 12:12 portal opening and the 13th strand activated
on the
December Solstice, 12/21-22/11, which triggered the transition from discipleship to
mastership for those at the forefront... "
Jesus the 'Christ' (consciousness) was the 13th apostle...
and of course there is also that newly reviewed 13th zodiac sign, 'Ophiuchus
'"... said to lie
between Scorpio and Sagittarius.       

The number "
555" will also be appearing frequently because the year 2012 adds up to a "5" in
which we merge with the
5th dimension, as we fully activate the "5th" throat chakra. (Hence,
some clearing of the throat, ears, thyroid, etc.).
FIVE is about transformation, freedom, change,
honest expression and communications (Mercury)....

Gorgo:"Those of pure heart resonance will undoubtedly be called  forth to speak their truth to the
outside world... in fact, people all over the world will likely feel compelled to take actions that
support the soul's voice this year, seemingly unable to hold back or remain 'silenced' any longer."
..."This year 'new-age' teachings will become more widely accepted by mainstream thinkers, so
those involved in Communications will be called to service in new and bigger ways. Many are
poised at this venture to take on more public roles and together, those in fields of conscious
communications: writing/speaking/media/music/art/ publishing, etc., will collectively become the
'voice' of new humanity

Up until the
NEW MOON, 1/22-23/12, Midnight, MST at 3 degrees Aquarius, we were in a
holding pattern__ wrapping up unfinished business, preparing for our new reality, collecting our
thoughts and pondering (choosing) what this year will mean for us individually... undoubtedly it
was different for everyone....

Gorgo: "We know that our apprenticeship has brought us to unprecedented heights where we
see so much more than ever before."... "The voices of the past may still try to lure us into an
emotional tailspin, but for the most part, these are tests showing us how far we've come as
fear-based-realities have all but lost their appeal to the ego

12, 13 & 555: "OVERVIEW": "The earliest we can expect any kind of noticeable
breakthroughs, especially with regard to our biological transformation, will be around the
Equinox, March 19-20th, 2012.... "You will know what it means to be an embodied master of

* "ENTERING THE FIFTH WORLD:" Julia Griffin. Group Consciousness. Helpful tips in times of

The Maya said we would "TRANSCEND TIME". We've recently seen that there are no longer
pasts or futures__ there is only NOW. This is perhaps the most difficult factor to deal with since
the Shift began, as time as we've know it, does not exist in 5-D NEW EARTH.

"Time" is doing strange things lately. One day after meditating, I glanced at the clock__ exactly 3
PM. I made some notes about the meditation and when I looked back at the clock__ it was still 3
PM! Was the clock broken, or the batteries run down? I went to the kitchen for more water, and
tidied up a bit around the sink. When I returned, the clock had moved ahead 10 minutes... it was
still working.

Although time seems to "drag" now and then, it can "jump" ahead alarmngly, too. This occurs not
only as days and even months fly by, but with minutes and hours that just simply "disappear". "It
couldn't have taken me an entire hour to get dressed this morning! I haven't even put my shoes on
or combed my hair!"