January 1, 2013
                                                            "DUH__ WHAT HAPPENED?"
Ascension is a Process                                     
Despite many voices claiming that "Nothing Happened" on or around December 21, 2012, we are still in the Ascension Proc-
ess today. We can view this process as having several portions
: a Preparation period, a Transition period over the 12-21-12
Turning Point, a
Re-adjustment period, and finally, The Completion.

The Mayan Calendar is a matrix of the advancement, or evolution of consciousness. The Mayans understood cycles of long
periods of time
and had information regarding them. Modern day Native Americans and other indigenous peoples hold simil-
ar information. The Mayan Sacred Calendar__ the  
Tzolk'in__ is a multi-dimensional consciousness pattern__ a sophisticated
map of Time  and an astronomical calendar of our physical universe.  On Christmas Eve,  the thought arrived
:  "It's a 'System
Restore' to our original Divine Plan & Purpose
." December, 21, 2012,  marked  "The End of Time"__ not the end of the world
__ as we are now
Transcending Time.  In the days that followed, I experienced odd moments of Time stopping,  then starting
again__ or possibly reversing.

The Tipping Point
The ascension process reached its peak on December 21, 2012,  and there was no turning back.  However, the huge blasts
of energy arriving over the three days of  
December 21st, 22nd, and 23rd cemented Transformations into planet Earth and
all life upon Her forevermore. We have been living in an
Age of Individualism, and are entering an Age of Oneness__ the
Return of the Christ"__ the return of Christ-Consciousness & Christ-like energy  to all humanity and the planet.  In this
Age of Oneness, our creativity and service to the planet, to other humans and to all lifeforms__ o planets, solar systems, gala-
xies, multi-universes_ is the name of the game. We need to let go of all beliefs and expectations__ even of the very
idea of as-
cension, for
it is completing automatically now.

Since 12-21-12 has come and gone, this ascension experience may have dramatically changed our personal beliefs & expect-
ations. December 21st found me so exhausted, periodically dizzy, nauseous, mentally confused and with intense muscle pains
throughout my body,  that I spent most of the day trying to sleep. I did meditate earlier in the day, and reached a state of Bliss
that was more intense and far beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. I used the music of
Pachabel's "Canon in D", and
Handel's "Messiah" on You Tube, while watching online photos of Earth's most beautiful places. It got me through the day__ &
still later, I realized my beliefs had changed again. I felt, "
I and my Father are One"__as if each of us has become a "christ".

Chapter 22: "What It Means to be Truly Human" of the web-book, "The Night Visitors" had
come to announce the arrival of the
9th Wave_ the Universal Underworld__ of the Mayan Calendar, which began Februa-
ry 11, 2011
.  "You and I are one  with Universal Creator".  I now feel a more personal relationship__ a  Oneness with  Creator-
Spirit and the Master Wayshower,
Jesus. There's only One Being here in this universe;  just as we have billions of cells in our
physical bodies, so has Creator billions/trillions, infinite numbers of our individual consciousness's cells as Its Supreme Being-

The Transition
Some of us are still completing preparations, for there are multiple ways to ascend. Earth herself is still ascending into 5-D.  I
spent most of December 21st sleeping for hours at a time, then waking__ day & night__ with sudden shocks of  "falling" back"
3-D after having been "somewhere else", leaving me with a sense of  "darkness",  unable to recall  where I'd been,  or for
how long. I may have been in other dimensions, and "darkness" may simply be the inability to recall, remember or understand
what happened, or where we were__ all accompanied with nausea, extreme exhaustion, dizziness, and shortness of breath.

DECEMBER 22nd: Next morning. I found myself STILL HERE, and not much seemed to have really happened; but then I sen-
sed that something DID happen__ something wonderful that is still unfolding__ and will be for some time to come.
 were the  Three Days of Darkness prophesied__ a time when we were without impressions,  knowledge or
understanding of what was going on. My concern today was
"What planet am I on now__A, B, or A/B?" However, Higher Self's
reply was to
"let go" now, of this belief about various Earth planets." Oops!

Intermediate Re-adjustment
The Changes prophesied occur first inside us__ in our consciousness__ not in the outer physical world. It will take time for the
Energy Wave to recede from it's high point of December 21st. Outer global changes manifest as our collective consciousness
transforms.  And if  "nothing happens"  or, "miracles happen", in the following nine months to
September 22nd, the Autumn
Equinox, 2013
, it will be because the collective consciousness of all concerned intend it be so.

December 18th Newsletter told of the silhouette profile of a female figure with a large head-hairdo-hat,  plus a ghostly im-
age manifesting in the doorway of our bedroom. This phenomenon is happening regularly now. During the night of
, I awoke to see Hal standing at the foot of his bed, gazing down at the floor beside the bed. He was fully dressed, wearing
his cozy, old brown sweater and khaki work pants. (This time, in color, rather than black silhouette!) He had not moved after a
few minutes, so I asked, "
Hal__ is everything all right?"  And "another" Hal  answered from his bed..  "Yes, why?"...  "Oh, ah....
", I said, unnerved. "I thought I saw you standing at the foot of your bed." He just turned over & went back to sleep, as
the standing figure faded away.

Very vivid dreams also  arrived during this period, giving clues to what stage of the ascension process we were presently exp-
eriencing, and how to deal with these circumstances. They are still occurring through the end of December, and possibly bey-
ond. These dreams are profound, quite true and give clues as to what is happening inside us and what we are creating.

From the 12-20-12 Newsletter, "Countdown to 12-21-12", the words in my dream, "backyard" and "backdoor" prob-
ably implied that the Way Home would be through our private, intuitive, spiritually directed activities, rather than
through what the intellect or ego directed.
 And the "pink walls" inside the  New Home  could indicate the feminine reality
"Natural wood" around doors and windows  might relate to Nature, to Gaia__ our feminine planet's spirit. In the web-
book, the illustration of the
Medulla Oblongota__ or "Mouth of God", __ at the back of the neck__ could be the  "back door"  through which higher intelligences
communicate with humans before their pineal and pituitary glands are aligned with the crown chakra.

1) I also dreamed of a woman who seemed to be a  "spiritual workshop junkie", trying to create a New Reality on Earth where
every person would be "perfect".
"Charles/Chuck",  a young man,  said he knew how to create  two different realities
__ the "Love have-nots" reality__ and another  more spiritual reality,  but was not sure this was  appropriate.
decided that creating a reality where All are Christ-like or Spiritual might be going against the free will of some people here on
Earth a this time.

2) On Christmas Day night, I dreamed about a complex of old, brick school buildings that were to be used as New Living qua-
rters.  I saw another brick building through a stand of trees,  and was told it was the  
Phone Center.  I wondered how we might
use a phone so far away. Shortly after we settled in,  ear-piercing, shrill alarm sounfd began coming form the phone center. It
stopped, but we dreaded that this might happen often.

A middle-aged man seemed attracted to me,  and asked to marry me,  although we had only just met  at the  school buildings.
He was a "professor of history", and seemed kind, but had an extremely huge, flabby chin that jiggled when he talked. I refus-
ed to marry him, but felt sorry for him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He looked surprised. I asked if the kiss shocked him.
No answer.

All of us, young men and women in our 20's, searched for the  "head phone office"  to find out how to stop the shrill noise. We
couldn't find it. When we returned to our living quarters, inside the front door was a row of lockers. I couldn't find mine; neither
could we find our own apartments, as everything inside the building was now rearranged somehow.
There was an increase in sinus congestion and drainage during the Three Days of Darkness, as our immune systems receiv-
ed a boost that may neutralize the chemtrail toxins. I was still feeling physically debilitated, weak, nauseous, and slightly dizzy
off and on. And, although I'd been having hot flashes now and then over the past year or two. I was now having cold chills af-
ter eating lunch or dinner. I was so cold,  my body shook and my teeth chattered.  A hot cup of water helped, and in about 20
minutes, all would be back to normal (whatever "normal" is these days.)

Our daughter &d hubby had gone out of state to spend Christmas with their son, his wife and new baby. The evening of Dece-
mber 26th, I wondered if she might call to say when they were leaving for home. In 2 minutes, she called to tell us. Is this tele-
pathy__ or prophecy?

I turned over in bed at
2:05 AM the night of December 28th  (Full Moon in Cancer,  conjoining my Nadir__ "The Roots of Hu-
")__ surprised to see a young woman  standing upright,  enclosed within a huge circle  drawn in  blue lines  against the
wall beside the bedroom door. My first thought was that  this was the woman's  astrology birth chart,  but looking again,  I saw
the circle was portioned off in a number of shapes, two of which were
vesica pisces__ a sacred geometry shape known as the
womb of creativity". Other shapes marked off several oddly-formed areas. Inside each shape was a symbol that seemed rela-
ted to astrology,  but barely recognizable in the dim light.  I heard the word  
"hootsvah"  in my mind. I thought awhile about this
word, but was sure I'd ever heard or read it before, and as the woman and circle faded away, I went back to sleep.

But I was not to sleep long, for I kept heard the word, but this time, pronounced
"hoodzpah". I sat up and saw against the wall,
a small,  clear cellophane packet  holding  4 or 5 inch-sized object s reminding me of  "charms",  like on a bracelet.  But these
"charms" were made of plastic  in various pastel hues__  green, blue, pink, yellow.  The one on top was green,  shaped  as a
round circle  with its entire center empty,  but with short  "spikes"  extending outward  from its rim,  somewhat  like a  Captain's
Wheel for steering the old sailing ships. I counted
12 of these tiny spikes__ perhaps representing the 12 "houses" of an astr-o
ology chart. The clock then said

Completely intrigued with the symbols, the circle and the woman__ (me?),  I realized the large circle had not been
2-D,  but 3-
; and the figures inside each shape were star constellations drawn using dots for stars and connected with lines, just as con-
stellations are imaged on star maps. I recognized a few__ Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. All, astrological Zodiac Signs.

This left me even more puzzled.  
So I went into the Zone, and asked Higher Self about it.  I was told the circle was in-
deed an astrological chart,  but reflected  the new physics of 5-D,  which was no longer linear,  but Multi-dimens-
ional  in accord with  the quantum theory of  
entanglement__ the connectivity between all things. The green char-
m's open center indicated a Portal to the Multi-dimensions now opening.

But what did "hoodzpah" mean?  I just HAD to get up to the computer to search Google . I found some old Hebrew words, too
far off in  spelling to be related,  and not applicable to anything  remotely astrological  This didn't seem  to apply  to the circle,
symbols or "charms", either. There were listings for a musical group and many for the "
Hoodzpah Art and Graphics" company,
which had postcards of
The Great Bear Constellation, also known as "Ursa Major", or Big Dipper   (North)__ but that was
not a Zodiac Sign.

So I tried Google "Image" from the "
Art & Graphics" site. Up popped thumbnails of graphics for that company. I scrolled down,
found a beautiful scene  with a blue summer sky  and lots of puffy white clouds  and clicked to enlarge it,  but in one second it
switched to another website
:  "True Life"  (which I could not find again next day,  nor the page with the  blue sky and  clouds
photo). But
oddly, there was only one sentence on the  "True Life"site__ whose entire page was an all blue blank:
Does not relate to astrology."

Whoa! I never used the word "astrology" in my searches! So how did the computer know I was seeking astrologically related
information?  Once again,  I asked  
Higher Self,  how this could happen:  "Did the computer  'read my mind'__  my  
'emotional energy'__or, did 'my mind influence the computer'"?  H.S.
replied: "Both! When in 5-D, your clear
thoughts with lov-ing feelings will cause related events to occur

Something was going on again with emotion__ with E-Motion.  I knew from experience how strong emotions can Move En-
, for Emotions fuel our Intentions. Amazed, I returned to bed, and noted the clock now read 4:44 AM. "444" in my nu-
merology system, means
"You are in ascension now. Look back and see what you just  did."

But we now know something has indeed started to Change__ to grow/evolve within ourselves. We're becoming a new spe-
cies.  Something is now being birthed  within Earth  as well.  Science discovered "
Imaginal cells"__  in catapillars
and butterflies  in chrysalis , other cells begin to mimic them.  The Imaginal cells appear  once the  entire system
(catepilar body) breaks down.
Extremes of Stress are necessary for the evolution of consciousness and for mul-
ti-dimensional technologies to manifest in a human being.

A New Zodiac Sign?
The eclipse wormhole that began on 11-12__ we will land in the Sagittarius portion of our consciousness which is delivering us
to the 13th constellation:
Ophiuchus!)" ...(pronounced: "Oh-Few-Shus".)... Ophiuchus will be responsible for activating the
physical gateway through which the universal LOVE (unified) harmonic is being transmitted to the planet, upgrading humanity
and all physical matter to the frequency of 13..

Back in the late 80's, I had a DREAM in which several young friends and I had moved to a new city. We drove downtown
where I needed to open a new bank account. The friends waited in the car as I approached the bank building, surprised to
see that the bank's offices were upstairs. There I found a fellow behind a desk who made arrangements for a new checking
account. I deposited $10.00 in the account. We thanked each other, and I turned to leave, but before I reached the door, he
called me back. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "Oh, no", he said. "It's just that "you get thirteen", and proceeded to add
another $3 to my checkbook. I left completely puzzled, as to why I'd "get thirteen". Years later, I learned that Earth's

Schumann Resonance
__ then at 7.8, could eventually rise to the next prime number: "13", at which Ascension occurs.

This will change many people's Solar, Lunar and other vital points in their birth charts. The very substance of the person's
nature then undergoes modifications, on the basis of which
a new step may be taken. The inner changes are a kind of inner
birthing__ of group ambitions and emotions__ a kind of
mutation takes place.

I ran a chart for Noon of December 21, 2012. I was amazed to see many changes to my Ascendant, Sun and Moon zodiac
signs, but most amazing of all was the spiritual YOD formation__ looking much like a slingshot lying across the chart__
Jupiter, (Spiritually Uplifting Force) at 8 degrees Gemini; Pluto (Transforming Force) at 8 degrees Capricorn/ and
Saturn (Materially Compressing Force) (at 8 degrees Scorpio__ three very powerful planets. And, if that wasn't all, the
Release Point of the Yod's energy, was at 8 degrees Sagittarius, joining
Venus (Attracting Force) at 7 degrees Sagittarius.
This YOD will appear in everybody's chart for that day and time. 8 * Sag. is also squaring the Release point of my major birth
Yod at 8* Pisces: "A call to participate in service of the race as an evolutionary crisis approaches."... "SUMMONING MEN TO

I began to realize on
December 29th:
* COLORS look different than before. Brilliant Rose-Reds, Intense Blues, Greens, Yellows__ as if they glowed from within.
* My sore left wrist is now healed, as are the muscle pains beside my hipbones, and I no longer need the stretching exercises
for the right leg's sciatic nerve pain.
* My vision is clearer; no eye-drops for over a week, yet no eye strain from long hours at the computer.
* No chemtrails in our skies since Dec. 21st.

* Everything on the planet is affected by this Big Energy Wave. We can pick up information about the energetic state of the
world by observing our environment__ nature__ advancing evolution. Watch nature for clues: The White (Light) of the fresh
snow__ soft, quiet, and calm. Not a single leaf is left on the old aspen tree out front, but next spring's buds are already

* Hal healed the cancerous sore behind his ear, using Love and Visualization. You can't even see a scar now. A few weeks
ago he tried to move a grandson's motorcycle out of a rainstorm into our garage, and it fell over on him, cutting a big gash in
his forearm. The doctor closed it with metal clips, but Hal healed it in only a few days with Love, Visualization  and aloe vera gel
from one of our house plants__all this was his own idea.

McDonald's is opening a new business in a Valley Country Store in our town of only 3500. A grandson, a single dad with 2
toddlers, out of work for over a year, now has a job with them. Although the grand opening was planned for New Year's Eve,
they held a free, private party for the new employees and their families. Grandson has also, after 16 or more years, re-united
with his long-lost high-school sweetheart.

* Daughter and her hubby drive his 90 year-old mother to the airport for her flight to Washington to spend Christmas with her
daughter's family, and she was "bumped up" to first class by another of our grandsons who works there.

* A son whose been making ends meet with part-time jobs after losing most of his business in the 2008 economic crash, is
offered a new job with a retail business.

* Son returns from Christmas in Boise with some prime rib roast for H and me, and cooks up home-made French fries, Caesar
Salad, green beans with fresh mushrooms, and chocolate pudding. Delicious!

* Our daughter enjoys community service. She is responsible for collecting food for bag meals for 74 needy children and
youth during the summer school vadations__ three meals a day, seven days a week__ for our town's "Helping Hearts and
Hands", and also helps with food bank dinners for the needy. This year, they had overwhelming responses from individuals,
businesses and supermarkets where they buy the meal items. The markets donated at very reduced prices, or "for free", and
many organizations, business, religious and social groups donated money or specific foods. A group of dairymen, for
example, banded together to provide hams and turkeys for the Christmas baskets for the needy. Hams were particularly
desired, as many Mexican immigrants prefer hams for their holiday dinners. Boise, Idaho, announced that two or three times
more food, clothing and toys for the needy were donated than in any previous year, calling Boise, "the most generous city in
the nation." Nothing's Happening? Hmmm.

It seems that if one is focused on physical world events, they won't recognize much in the way of change. It's consciousness,
psychology, intuition, dreams, visions, psychic senses, etc. that are "happening." We tend to "get" what we "expect"__ what
we focus on and most identify with__ Mainstream News, Sports, Celebrities, the Bible, Money, Appearances, Competition,
Politics, more "Toys", Religion?

Things aren't going to "get back to normal." We need new ways of doing things, new solutions, because the old and present
ways are no longer appropriate or secure. Prior to 5,000+ years ago, there were diverse geographical sites on the globe. No
walls around communities. No weapons ever found by archaeologists. No war__ no large-scale conflicts. No mass graves.
War is not our human nature; yet our study of history is a record of wars. Why is that? 5000+ years ago marked the begin-
ning of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, scheduled to end this December 21, 2012.

Telepathy is on the rise. The information will broadcast to those ready to receive as we think and write it with Love. We will
Remote View the Future of Earth, Practice Stewardship of the planet, Manifest Coherence__ leading to less about the num-
ber of people; more about the quality of the emotional states. Go deeper into optimism; considering what else is possible.

Follow your Creative Impulses. Stop trying to make information fit into a known system; develop a system to fit
the information and experiences
You are having. Let go of any need to justify your new system to astrologers, artists,
healers, experts, authorities, etc., who work through their own or other people's systems. Ask yourself: What can I offer/give
to the New World that is emerging? Give your Gifts in Galactic/Universal Service. The Galaxy in which you reside is the 'so-
ciety/the group/the environment' into which you wish to Integrate!

Ascension Completion
Everything in our reality is locking into place__ into new order. This takes time, and explains why there is so much interfer-
ence, interruptions, things breaking down, shifting around or just plain "not working" for awhile. We will realize we truly are
the Creator Being__ we have always been. Our creativity will accelerate, becoming easier & faster. Music, Art, Dance, the
Fine Arts & Entertainments will proliferate like never before. We will engage our I AM through creativity and service to oth-
ers and to Gaia. We won't need to manifest or heal ourselves or others__ for either they can do it for themselves, or heal-
ing & manifesting needs automatically occur before they even realize their need exists. We will be more prophetic. We will
transcend all separation between men and women, between man and nature, between ruler and ruled, etc.. We will drop
our limiting expectations and belief systems, as we Co-create with the Divine, as well as with Gaia, nature spirits, element-
als, microbes, minerals, plants, insects, animals, higher intelligences & our space families. Internet security & religions may
de-construct in this new world if they are based on belief, not on fact. We will instead gather with Unity-minded others in Un-
conditional Love, Joy, Co-creativity and Service.

                                                 JANUARY 15, 2013
                                             "BEDROOM BOOGEY BUSINESS"
Seeing Energies
Three shadow figures passed through the living room while I was working at the computer late one night, & two
or three  Synchronicities regarding what's happening  in our family's lives  that day,  showed up on TV.  But High
Strangeness shows up in our bedroom nearly every night! Vivid dreams, figures, shapes, lights and colors app-
ear. We have sliding glass doors to the patio covered by bi-fold doors with louvres in them. These louvres are fir-
mly set in place.For privacy, only a half-inch space is open below each louvre, which cannot flip open or close.
Light flows through onto the floor only when the Sun or Moon shines from higher in the sky. The doors fold open
to let in plenty of light during the daytime.

New Year's Day, about 3 AM, I turned over in bed facing these louvred doors, & was amazed to find
that I could see right through them!
I clearly saw the patio, the tarp and snow-covered patio furniture, the liv-
ing room's outer wall and windows to the right of the patio, the rain gutters, all the trees, the neighbor's little red
barn, their house with its windows and their kid's playground toys. Again__ all in color! It was completely cloudy
outside. I sat in bed staring for at least half an hour before going back to sleep. When I awoke hours later, alth-
ough it was still dark out, the doors were back to normal__ whatever "normal" is these days.

Each night, during the wee, small hours of morning,  an
Arch of Light__ as tall as the doorway,  and about feet
wide has been appearing in our bedroom On
1-3-13, it became Two Pillars of Light, each about 18 inches in
diameter, standing two feet apart__ & now they had moved to the foot of H's twin bed!
In the space between
our two beds, from the floor to the top of the mattresses, a huge Pool of White Light formed, contain-
ing millions of tiny sparkling "stars"

"The recent events in the bedroom concern 'doorways', 'portals', or 'passages through pillars' that are now o-
pening to earthlings and through which huge blasts of Divine Energies are now coming from the sun, galaxy
and universe. It also indicates that we are spending much of our sleep time in other dimensions, and when
waking during the night, there is a bleed-through from those dimensions into the waking state, which is slowly
moving permanently into 5-D along with Gaia."

We did much of this "dimensional journeying" as a child__ particularly while in Nature, and when involved with
music and artwork, which at times caused us and our parents some concern. We understand now, how these
past and present experiences led us toward more multidimensional experiences as we evolved our conscious-
The 'pool of light' from the floor up, is a reminder that our Foundation of Life is now expanding
to fill our entire consciousness, not just that of sleep or dreams, but also the states between waking,
dreaming and meditation"

The early morning of 1-11-13, the two Pillars of Light in my bedroom had become thinner and without in-
ternal spark-ling"stars". Just before sun-up, there was only one pillar left, which had receded back to
the room's open doorway. My impression was that I now had an understanding of what happened:
"The Galactic Bubbles have Burst: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius''__"THE OUTER WORLD REOR-
Much of this hypnagogia occurs in our peripheral vision__ the areas at the outer edges of our eyeballs.
Sources tell of seeing energies coming down from the skies above, looking much like drizzling rain.  We also
see"sun-ball energies" that are tiny, but brilliant gold or white. These sun-ball energies are absorbed by nature,
& that humans can also absorb them if we learn to breath them in. The sun-ball energies become part of fruits
and vegetables, & when animals eat the plants, they retain that energy. We then absorb the energies into our-
selves when we eat those foods. Our spirit guides tell us that these consumed energies "
do nothing until Co-
nsciousness/Intent is applied
." Any of us can easily learn to see, absorb & use these energies from the Sun.

What may Hypnagogia be leading us to?                      
When I close my eyes, daytimes or evenings, I see the heads and faces of people I never met or saw in photos.
They move and look very real, but as if in a somewhat dim light. And sometimes I see scenes in technicolor that
move with wind, waves, or crowds of people; places I never saw before. Last night, while closing the computer, I
saw the inside of some sort of temple or tomb. It was all in grays, and carved out of the surrounding stone, with
some free-standing stones like sculptures here & there, It was quite lovely, although I never saw anything of that
nature before in photos or otherwise. I asked
H.S. what all these "scenes" were about:

Guides:"It is a form of telepathy__ Hynagogia__(Lucid dreaming, OOBEs & sleep paralysis). You are view-
ing the faces and locations that other people are seeing and experiencing in that moment. It is because your
consciousness is expanding to include all Earth, solar system and beyond, as well as time-expansion__ sce-
nes and people from the past, the present and the future. We have often told you that Time is collapsing in on
In 4-D and higher dimensions, there is no Time. All is Now. The gray, 'temple/tomb' is on the Moon.
It was made by a-cient visitors to that satellite in the very distant past. They worshipped a Moon God, and this
temple honored Her. Congratulations. Your Multi-D Self is moving forward."

During the Shift/Transition Period, many of us experienced "LIFE REVIEWS" It was almost as if we had to "let
go" of ALL our past emotions, intellect, physical world and spiritual beliefs__  hitting the very bottom__ before
we could then rise to the most incredible, blissful heights of Love, Oneness, Consciousness Expansion and per-
haps, to Immortality.

In the 5th World , human reality expands into the Galactic Plane where we can recognize more of the dirty
deeds of the dark hats. Over the Shift__ December 20th and onward, I kept experiencing Reviews of Past and
Present Lifetimes. All those of significance had been accessed years ago, their purposes realized, the many
dark team attacks recognized and forgiven, both in the past and in the present lifetime. But this time the purpose
of the review was to neutralize the fears and pains, and to let go completely. I had
225,000 years of lifetimes to
review__ although I was not incarnated in every single one of those years or historical periods.

1-4-13, I awoke at 4 AM. No more sleeping after that, as the next 2-3 hours were spent once again reviewing my
childhood and youth difficulties. But this time, the fear and pain of it all was gone! I was a "neutral observer", as if
I were viewing someone else's life, although I still felt compassion and love for all concerned.

When trying to access the many past lives of struggle and despair to see if their pains and fears were still pres-
ent, only dim flashes of them would come through, and as above, it was as if I were watching someone else's li-
ves, with no fear, no pain__ only compassion__ for self and all involved, as well as complete forgiveness for ev-
eryone, including self's responsibility for creating the situations. The following day, I had a wonderful feeling of
relief, of no need to be concerned about anything, anymore. It made me think of that old song: "He's Got the
Whole World In His Hands."

This December's great Energy Shift brought another powerful crank forward in the "frequency dial", dramatically
changing our relationship with the space/time field, and is now being reintroduced to us while awake. This differ-
ent brain wave state__
hypagogia__ is the dimensional passageway between being awake and being asleep,
and is now being reintroduced to us while we are awake. Some sources say that hynagogia is a
Bridge to Other
. : When you are completely relaxed, and just about to fall asleep...
"you feel warmth spreading through your body and a low tone ring in your ear. Sometimes if you leave a light on,
you will see the light flicker in your periphery vision, or see an object appear in your periphery."

This state is also when you can begin to see the layers of the Illusionary hologram's architecture. The objects in
view may be encoded symbols, geometries and math that are used to form the matrix field that reflects our per-
ception of reality. Our brain neuro-chemistry will organize these holographic bits into colors &shapes that MO-
VE or FIT TOGETHER. The holographic matrix fields are set up as a hierarchical system of "celestial manage-
ment structure" that define and govern each dimensional plane of existence. The experiences suggest that our
consciousness is beginning to move into higher states of consciousness.

This brings us to the realization that the
December, 2012 to September, 2013 series of incredibly high octaves
of galactic energies being sequentially downloaded into our bodies are changing or
DNA Structure. We are fee-
ling these energetic impacts as deep foundational cellular shifts in our bodies.  Everything we thought we Are is
moving away rapidly. Who Are We without this Matrix to define us? We are about to find out!

Accessing Forgotten Knowledge and Wisdoms.
We are on the precipice of monumental change as the end of "The Cycle for Life Eternal" draws near. It is a time
when the veil is lifting and all will be revealed. Never has there been a time when the collective Human Consciou-
sness has so reverently contemplated who we truly are, where we come from, what we are doing here and where
we are headed.

Life's biggest concepts are being revealed as complex knowledge is delivered in ways that are simplistic, under-
standable and resoundingly authentic, like a great and beautiful secret we already know. The information arriving
is breathtaking in scope. It resonates with us highly because it is the most advanced information in any one place
on the planet.

Life in the air__ in light! Is this quantum energy we're seeing in our bedrooms at night? Are we being made aw-
are of New Technologies we never could tune into before? It's coming in slowly, as we may not realize what the-
se new technologies can do for awhile. Will we start to communicate with the rest of the Galaxy, be a quantum
receiver and/or transmitter between solar systems or galaxies? When will we figure out "Who" we're talking to?

In the
hypnagogia state, we are probably in 4-D, where we can transport not only our consciousness, or our
light bodies, but also our physical bodies__ even move automobiles! In an earlier newsletter issue, I told of sitt-
ing in the car while Hal went into the supermarket, and while I rested with eyes closed, I experienced our car mo-
ving down a winding narrow lane between trees, bushes, quaint cottages, etc., that I'd never seen before. I beg-
an to be concerned about "how to get back to the supermarket parking lot", and found I could move the car back-
wards__ but it went through entirely different scenery!

After I've been online viewing other artists' works that I admired for 20-30 minutes, I go to bed, and just before
falling asleep, I see large landscape paintings that are MOVING; each slowly evolving from one beautiful scene
into another scene, all in perfect artistic compositions, although I'd never seen any of them before, either.

When my granddaughter, Amber was only 3 years old, she came with her parents__ our youngest son and his
wife, Betty__ to spend a few days with us in Lost River Valley, Idaho. The guest room was quite small with a
double bed, chair and dresser, so we made a bed out of pillows and quilts for Amber on the carpeted floor. We
all retired for the night, and while in
our bedroom at the end of the long hall, I woke after midnight, wondering if
Amber was warm enough on that floor. I projected my inner vision to the guest room, seeing Amber sleeping
peacefully and comfortably, and was about to glance at her parents' situation before leaving, when something
flashed, and in a split second, my consciousness was back in our bed.

In the morning during breakfast I asked if they slept well during the night. Betty said yes, except she woke shortly
after midnight, and there was a large white light hovering around Amber in their room. She then sat up and said,
Get away from Amber"__ and it vanished!  Oops! I hadn't realize that when I "viewed" from a distance, a light
would appear at the target location. The web-book, "Creating From the Future", is filled with episodes in which
both my own and H's consciousness, light bodies & physical bodies were instantaneously transported to other
locations. In the Flower of Life workshop I attended in Austin, TX in
1994, several people vanished out of their
chairs during the "unusual" lectures. Most returned, but some never came back!
Ken Page, in one of his sem-
inars in Sedona, AZ, demonstrated moving between dimensions by sitting in a straight-backed wooden chair
without arms, as he went into the meditative Zone. He tilted the chair on its hind legs to rest against the wall be-
hind him, with his feet off the floor. He slowly faded from view until no one was sitting in the chair. In a minute or
two, there was a great flash of light, and he instantly appeared in the chair again.

Today, on the Mayan Calendar, is a KAN day. "Kan" is a SEED. Our Seeds__ our children__ will put it all tog-
ether. The autistic kids have no recognition of 3-D physical structures. Will they create "Designer Evolution", ho-
lding dialogues with Gaia, Life, Human DNA & Consciousness? The Hypnagogia state is where Astral Projec-
tion takes place, as well. Are we being prepared for Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Telepathy, Teleportation &
Remote Viewing?

Reclaiming Authority Over Our Destiny
1-3-13: The Shift of the Ages is more about realizing our Truths__ what we value most in life. It is also time to re-
claim authority over our destiny__whatever we've lost in authority, in our relationships with each other, with Earth,
with Creator, with "our other selves" in the multi-dimensions of our Beingness. It means taking back our respons-
ibilities. We can only do this individually; we can't do it for other people. We are Conscious Co-creators__ respo-
nsible for our feelings, our thoughts, as well as for our words and actions.
(Common Passion Program: TalkShoe.
com Audio.)

"Creativity begins with the Higher Self relationship. Through Meditation & Dreamwork, H.S. takes each of us
by the hand & leads us step-by-step to reconnect with our basic goodness, to enter the Dreamtime, the Zone,
Multi-dimensions, and access all the knowledge & skills needed to live well on this planet and come Home
again to
Who We Really Are. This prepares us to raise our vibrations and thereby perform personal transfor-
mations, healings & manifestations, and Co-create our New Earth Reality." Chapter 4: "Meditation & Dream-
." http:/


Dreaming as a 4th or 5th Dimensional Activity
1-2-13: Both Healing &/or Consciousness Evolution can occur as we sleep. We went out of body with our cons-
ciousness during the
Dec. 21, 22, 23, "Three Days of Darkness", stepping into Creator/Greater Self  Conscious-
ness, feeling Its Oneness and Unconditional Love and Reviewing our Lives. Information was also sent on how to
bring forth this higher wisdom into physical reality. We then decide whether to move into Creator/ Greater Self Co-
nsciousness permanently, or to remain in 3-D reality.

For those who feel they may have moved to the New Earth after the Shift, they will find themselves in the higher
octaves of the
4th dimension. (Every dimensional state has 13 different octaves of existence__much like the 13
keys of a piano octave.) To bring about the desired positive changes on this planet A/B, inhabitants must visual-
ize themselves as having
already moved into 4th or 5th dimensional reality.

This is a very Critical Time of Conception, when the New Reality takes form within the womb of the mother. This
Reality is still stabilizing, still in a preliminary state for the next 9 months until it births ad the New 5th Dimensional
Reality__ by
September 23, 2:30 AM GMT; or September 22, 7:30 PM, EST; 4:30 PM, Pacific Time__ the Aut-
umn Equinox.  ("Cosmic Awarenesss": )

Developing Our Creative Abilities
When we lived in the Lost River Valleys of Southeastern Idaho__ the "Idaho Stargate Vortex" area , (Gaia.html)
which extends from the Lost River Mountains eastward to the Tetons, and from the Beaverhead Mountains south
ward to the
Lava Lake area, I did hundreds of successful intentional healings and manifestings__ even  at long
distances__ and my creative juices flowed day & night. Similar intentions were also successfully done at an
zona Indian Reservation
, and a few near St. Louis, MO.

However, after moving back to
Magic Valley, Idaho, in late 1998, I found successful intentional healings & manif-
estations were almost nil! I put it down to having been given the wrong drugs in a hospital in
2000 AD, which sev-
erely damaged my nervous system. Oh, I could heal a sore throat.stubbed toe or skin blemish, etc.,but anything
major seemed beyond me or anyone else I knew. We did manage as a family group to lower all but one  memb-
er's electric power bills quite dramatically for a month,  but it didn't last after that. I put it down to a "l
earning expe-
". The 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar__ the Universal Underworld__began February, 1999. Did that
change the way we needed to created? Did we then need a group to heal and do manifestations?

Another limitation could also have been the lack of energy vortexes or portals that were present at many of the
more unsuccessful sites. I knew of no such vortexes or portals in
St. Louis except, maybe, the Gateway Arch,
& across the wide
Mississippi at Cahokia Mounds in Illinois. A problem here__ at least north of the Snake
r__ is that although the people here are friendly & good-hearted, I have never met a single Lightworker! Not
even after
20 years. I do, however, exchange phone calls, e-mails & Facebook comments with many Lightwork-
ers around the world, for I spend most of my time at home in higher-dimensional states of consciousness, find-
ing it extremely exhausting, confusing, depressing and even physically painful at times, to be in
3-D environments
for very long. It pulls my vibrations way down. Going out into public places is like confronting and absorbing
energetic blasts of fear, desperation, sorrow and anger from out there.

1-4-13: Some new insights did come through, about our creative abilities during these past 20 or so "dry" years.
Fourteen years marks the "Revelations" point of a Saturn Cycle, during which, at ages
28-29 years or more, we
are meant to ground our 3-D knowledge and skills into the Earth environment; and again, at ages
57-58 and up
to age
80 or more, to ground our Spiritual knowledge and skills into Earth's environment. Beyond age 84 (a Ura-
nus Cycle completion)
I suspect it may be the need to ground Multi-Dimensional skills and knowledge
into Earth's environment to help form the New Earth Reality.

With the Shift of the Ages now transpiring, if we are to be higher dimensional healers, teachers, manifes-
tors __Creator Beings__ the
Timing for demonstrating or not demonstrating these abilities is of major importan-
ce. I was informed that unless the people in our contact area are awakened enough to accept, understand & be-
lieve that such seemingly "miraculous" healing and manifestation is possible, or in accord with their religious be-
lief systems, then they are
not ready for such things, & similar intentional creative abilities should not be perform-
, as it could go against their beliefs, or frighten them, their families, friends, neighbors or co-workers, & possi-
bly deter them from spiritual awakening. And__
it would not work__ not for anyone__ in those areas unless the
consciousness of enough residents are sufficiently awakened to be open to it.

And when, or if, the time
does come that residents are ready, they need to realize that there is usually a Time De-
lay in the completion of healing or manifestation while still living in a
3-D reality. Therefore, the only paths open to
lightworkers, healers, teachers, wayshowers in similar situations is to
Set an Example, & to Educate Them lov-
ingly & slowly about their higher dimensional creative powers. The good news, however, is that a few days ago I
was contacted by two lightworkers living in
Twin Falls. Things ARE changing! Hurrah!

A Higher Dimensional, Spiritual Healing Method
Surrounded now by quite a few family members not yet ready to accept higher creative abilities,  it has been al-
most impossible to heal myself of more serious conditions with intentional energy healing. I have, instead fallen
back on
another method__ a higher dimensional spiritual method that is working__ although slowly__ due to the
3-D environment surrounding our home and community. I have since the "Three Days of Darkness" found impro-
vement in numerous health symptoms,  as well as in several relationship issues,  with the intention & belief that
more will follow.

A brief description of how it works: Our present medical system, maintains that most illnesses are due to chem-
ical imbalances in the body, and that pharmaceutical medications will either replace the missing chemicals and
heal the illness, or at least lessen or mask the symptoms. The latter result is often preferred, as it assures a life-
long dependency on drugs for the patient and,  therefore, a continuing income for medical system practitioners
and pharmaceutical companies.  

Higher Dimensional, Spiritual, Intentional/Spiritual Healing methods are built on the premise that the so-called
"chemical imbalances" arise from distorted attitudes & beliefs in the patient's energetic, mental, emotional and
spiritual subtle bodies. The "distorted attitudes and beliefs" must first be identified, then understood, and finally
transformed, and thereby eliminate the "chemical imbalances". Complete healing then follows, often instantane-
ously, or if deeply cemented in a 3-D reality consciousness, over a period of time. In short, a transformation of
one's Inner Consciousness Level will heal the physical level. But__how does one use a Higher Dimensional, Spi-
ritual Healing Method while still existing in a 3-D charged reality?

The trick is to get into
a high state of consciousness & work from there. Since the December Shift, this Higher
Dimensional Method is working, almost automatically__ according to my thoughts & feelings. The recent "Life
Reviews" may be exactly what was needed to connect with and transform past distorted attitudes and beliefs. If
you feel you've not yet quite reached 4th or 5th dimensional states, this connection can be accomplished in se-
veral other ways.  Most of us are yo-yo-ing in and out of
3-D, 4-D and 5-D each day and night:

(1.) Spend about 15 minutes a day__ preferably just after waking in the morning, or prior to going to sleep at night
__ relaxing,
repeating prayers, mantas or affirmations stating your health problem as already healed. (Use only
positive words for this__ avoid " can't",  "won't",  "pain", etc.,  or the specific  name of the problem,  such as "flu",
"constipation", "tuberculosis", "broken arm", "deafness", etc..) Visualize the issue as completely resolved & your-
self going about daily activities with ease, comfort & perfect wellness. The method can also be done while walk-]
ing, dancing, doing hatha yoga, swimming or with any rhythmic, relaxing movements of the body, while speaking
the mantra, affirmation or positive outcome aloud.

2.) Meditation is by far the preferred method, as it is faster and stronger. (3.) Dreamwork, because you have to  
sleep all night, takes longer, and requires analysis. Once learned & practiced regularly, both Meditation & Dream-
work will inform you of past attitudes and beliefs behind
any problem, & will indicate to you the appropriate heal-
ing method. In a
4-D reality, once Meditation or Dreamworking is learned, "answers" come forth immediately on
the first attempt, and/or the healing is instantaneous. However, in 3-D realities, one must repeat these activities
daily, for as long as it takes__ holding faith in a positive attitude that
once you transform the faulty attitude or be-
lief, healing will soon follow
. Instructions for both (2.) & (3.) are at "Chapter 4: "Meditation and Dreamwork":  

A Caution here: If you are healing from any higher dimensional state of consciousness__ i.e., Intention, Energy
Healing, Reiki, etc.__ wait at least Two Days or for it to Begin Working before attempting another healing. Trying
to heal several problems within a few days can lead to a "
healing crisis", in which one becomes even more ill, as
the body gets over-taxed. Also, avoid using more than one healing method at a time. I had a few people ask for
an energetic healing from a distance,  and we'd perform it that same morning.  I always waited at least two days
before contacting them about results. About 2 % would say they haven't had results, but then tell me how they
"even" went to an herbalist the same day as our healing, who gave them remedies which they took, and one also
asked her doctor for Rx meds,  using all remedies in the same day as the healing procedure!  These "
actions inform one's consciousness that one doubts the first healing method will work__ and so it does not.

                                         THE OUTER WORLD RE-ORDERING ITSELF
Well, Folks__ Here it is, at last__ Some concrete information about "What Happened"! December 24th__ Chri-
stmas Eve__ after the "
Three Days of Darkness" (Dec. 21, 22 & 23). "Something big actually manifested in the
physical realm revealing what had already happened energetically during the Three Days/Expiration Date/Shift
Point at higher quantum levels"... "and is still going on!"

* "Monster Outflows Pouring Out Of Milky Way's Center" Video #2, 1 min. 22 sec.
Denise LeFay's website for more amazing details about this event: (Copyrighted with permission to copy
and redistribute if unaltered, content complete and credit given to the author.)  "The Galactic Bubbles Have Burst: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius''   

                                  RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS GROUP INTENTIONS
* "NEW HAMPSHIRE: First state in the union to send an all female delegation to Washington D.C. after the 2012
* "North Korean leader in rare address, seeks to end confrontation with South."

* "NASA's Curiosity rover finds 'flower' on surface of Mars."
* "Secret US cybersecurity to protect power grid confirmed."

* "Idaho woman sues Blue Cross of Idaho in fed court."

* "Surpise! Obama Is Creating More Jobs Than George W. Bush"
* "Canadian dollar rallies after surprising jump in Canadian jobs."    

* "FDA proposes sweeping new food safety rules." (Start Praying?)
*  "Deal could Prevent Spike in Milk Prices."

* "BREAKING NEWS: Powerful Magnetic Outflow Coming From Milky Way Galactic Plane.";id=29367

                                                                      JANUARY 29, 2013
                                            "EXAMINING THE NEW PHYSICS"
                                                    ("HOW THINGS WORK NOW")
                                                                      Part I
We've mentioned before how The Laws of Physics are different in higher dimensional realms. In accord with
this theory, the
"High Strangeness" has escalated during the month from December 21, 2012 to January
21, 2013
. We find that TIME seems to be expanding &/or contracting, and unusual events involving Time are oc-
curring regularly around our home. I want to share the rush of such events below, how we've been attempting to
cope with the  changing planetary physics since the "Three Days of Darkness"__ Dec. 21, 22 & 23, 2012 & the
Galactic Bubbles Bursting on Christmas Eve.  Things work very  differently now, and our challenge these next two
months is to
Learn How to Live and Work With the New Physics.

* Itzhak Bento decided there are two kins of Time and Space: Objective (consciousness)__ Time or Space
that exists as intellectually provable units; &
Subjective (subconscious)__ Time or Space existing as intuitively or
multi-dimensionally experienced units that can be stretched, expanded, compressed or manipulated__ sort of like
bubble gum__ according to our state of mind.  
Bentov told how people who'd had  Near Death Experiences  or
consciousness transformations of one sort or another,  sometimes experienced  "
Future Memory". It was as if
they had previously lived exactly what they would experience sometime later. The paranormal episode seemed
like a
rehearsal or preview of a previously written script. The present, or "NOW" experience, felt like only a "rep-
" or "dream" of the former event.

These individuals had "
Remembered the Future", or,  "Created the NOW event from the Future" while in states of
consciousness where their understanding and sense of Time and Space was altered from the usually accepted
sense__ in
both the paranormal experience, and the NOW reality experience. It seems that Time, whether objective
or subjective, can deviate in ways we've never even thought of. Or we might ask ourselves, "Was the paranormal
experience the
True event, and the present experience, only a Re-enactment?" There was no difference between
them except for the time variation. Either experience could have been the "True" one. What this episode seems to
be showing us, is that Past, Present and Future__ the three "dimensions" of Time__ are no longer confined to their
linear order, as The New Physics allow Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever!

But what determines the new order?
(1.) In the January 15th Newsletter, we described how when the new Web-Building Program was transferred to a
new laptop computer, the apostrophes and quotation marks in the web-book text (
"Creating From the Future") were
nearly all changed to muddled letters and symbols such as a%d#, and so forth. They looked like "cuss-words" that
might offend and turn away some readers. In only a few minutes, Time had distorted the entire text. With well over
1000 pages, these errors could take as long as several months to correct! I put a notice on the Title Page of the
book, and also on the Newsletter Heading about what happened, but it wasn't until
Late January 16th (below) that I
became aware of what really happened.

(2.) 1-16-13: EARLY MORNING DREAM: A middle-aged, unknown man and I (also middle-aged) were searching
for something also unknown__ trudging aimlessly over green, treeless hills on narrow, pale yellow footpaths for
hours. He led the way, and I finally began to wonder why I was following him, as I didn't know him, and he didn't
seem to know where we were going either!

We came up on the backyard of a big white house with large porches__ a "
Country Club". The lawn behind it
sloped steeply downward with big rocks and clumps of loose dirt making it too dangerous to walk down. There was
no back door to the building, so we turned into the side-yard where we met people carrying 2-x-4 wooden boards. I
said, "Oh, it's for an Art Show!" At this, the "unknown man" disappeared. I came up beside a woman who said she
was going to the front of the house to get boards and set up her booth. I went along to help.

Another woman carrying a handbag by a long strap passed by. She had a very pale face and wide-open blue eyes.
She said, "Hello, Marilyn". Her warm voice spoke in a rather slow manner, carefully pronouncing every syllable. I
stopped. OH! I KNEW HER!__ knew her WELL__ but couldn't recall her name! So I introduced her to the artist
woman as "A friend from Lost Rivers". She smiled at that, and suddenly, I realized she was actually Doris from right
here in Magic Valley__ a dear artist friend and kindred spirit__ but__
Doris died this summer! How could this be?
She seemed so real! We hugged each other delightedly, as I said, "I'm going to help Susan with her booth, but I'll
return so we can visit together." She smiled and nodded. Susan and I entered the Country Club's front door to
"register". ("Susan"?__
Who's Susan?)
I wake up. It's 8 AM with bright daylight. Something dark flips by my ear, brushing my hair. I wave it away, before
realizing it's a living creature! It's a bird, covered with shaggy brown feathers from head to tail, with a few red
feathers at its head and a yellow beak. It's wings are outspread, but it isn't flapping them! Then I note it's
SWIMMING through the air in the room__ wiggling its body like a fish moving through water! I laugh out loud, and it's
gone. I realize: That bird was
not a dream!

I close my eyes again, lay my head back onto the pillow and go over the dream and the "swimming bird" in my
mind. After awhile, I "see" green, glowing jewels behind my closed eyes. Lovely. I open my eyes and roll out of
bed__ the "
Green Glowing Jewels" are still here! In a few moments, eyes still wide open, an attractive middle-aged
woman appears, wearing a beautiful shawl that glows from within with an indescribable, light pinky-rose color.
Gorgeous! But, I KNOW this woman; we'd been in the same sorority at the U. of Minnesota. She had graduated
years earlier, but now worked in Minneapolis, and visited the sorority house to see friends there taking classes for
higher degrees. I also had a second cousin named "Judy" who had been a teenager when I was a grade-schooler
at Gramma's cottage on Green Lake, MN. She, too, had lived in Mpls. Both "Judy's" were gracious, cheerful, always
smiling, and friendly to me.

Sorority Judy was at least 6 or 7 years older than me, and had probably passed over by now. Cousin Judy was
more than 10 years older than me, and my sister had mentioned attending her funeral a few years ago. Did the
"pinky-rose" shawl signal being "enclosed in the feminine energies, such as intuition, compassion, nurturing, etc.?
The people in this dream were not from past lives; they were people I had known and admired in this present life__
and whose higher consciousness attributes I wished I'd embodied. They were all dead now; but I "saw" them as
they had looked years earlier, and they seemed Real. This was one of those vivid dreams that we don't soon forget.
Everyone in our dreams is an aspect of ourself, so  the dream was SHOWING ME WHAT I WAS CREATING!

And what was that?
The dream began with me and a male companion (my masculine, logic, intellectual self) searching aimlessly over
the hills: I didn't have a direction for my life, so I followed my masculine/intellectual self until I realized "he" didn't
know where he was going either. The pale yellow footpath: (The "Yellow Brick Road?"
... "Going to See the
... The"False Wizard")

The "Country Club" most likely indicated a community gathering place; or public unity. The downward path (lower
consciousness) signaled "a fall". 2 x 4 boards: (One project morphing into a 2nd, double project) to build a Structure
to Present my Creations. (Paintings). Nowadays, the "art shows" of my past are replaced by the 2nd, "double
project": the Web-book and Newsletter__ presenting writings!  Perhaps "Susan" was Me in my
"artist phase"? We
registered" her/me in "Unity; the public community gathering place". Am I "going public" now? This sounded
reasonable although I seldom go into the outside world these days. But more and more groups of people are now
contacting and visiting our home!

The friends who came to me in the dream had already passed over, indicating the dream was about the Past, but
Green Jewels, "Doris", the woman in the glowing pinkish shawl, the Bird-Fish__ while awake in daylight__ did
they suggest the Future?

The Green Jewels
(, in "The Law of One", Ra stated that certain colors are associated with different
dimensions of consciousness: Red, being the 1st Dimension of Earth's Core; Orange, the 2nd Dimension; Yellow
the 3rd Dimension,
GREEN, for the 4th Dimension, and Blue for the 5th. The jewels seen after awakening from the
above dream, were
Green and they cast a Green Light into the room's atmosphere. Was I now__ or at least in that
waking moment__in the 4th Dimension? Also, our physical bodies are formed from carbon, but we're told that after
ascension our bodies will be formed of silicon. Silicon can form Crystals. "Jewels" are crystals!

The Women Friends
DORIS lived much of her life in deprivation and struggle, but exuded a "child-like" innocent nature__ exceptionally
kind, gentle, soft-spoken, and sweet-tempered in spite of her challenges. In the dream, I promised to return later so
we could visit together. (i.e., I wished to be like her in consciousness and deportment).

Doris' daughter married a very brilliant inventor of High Technologies
. Years later, Doris told me that he had shown
her devices for running a car and a home without electricity or fossil fuels. He was subsequently arrested by the
local power corporation and the FBI, after they planted drugs in his home when he and the family were away. They
then confiscated and destroyed his devices, notes and computers. In the car, going to the police station, the FBI
agent privately told him: "This is NOT about drugs." I mentioned him__ Dr. Paul M. Brown__ in the web-book, but
after his death, no information about him or his specific projects could be found online. Was the dream pointing me
to new information concerning Higher Technologies?

THE TWO "JUDYS: The figure in the glowing pinky-rose shawl reminded me of two women I'd greatly admired.
"Sorority Judy" seemed intelligent, educated, sophisticated, a "Woman of the World" who was cheerful, always
smiling, gracious and friendly. "Second Cousin Judy" was also cheerful, always smiling, gracious, friendly and
uncomplaining__ and come to think of it__ so was Doris! Cousin Judy's husband had been  paralyzed from the
neck down in a water-skiing accident and required constant care, which she lovingly provided. She was a capable
care-giver__ a nurse, for close to 40 years. ALL THREE OF THESE WOMEN WERE SYMBOLIC OF THE

The Bird-Fish
When I woke from the Dream, I was touched by a bird that swam in the air like a fish. It moved through the "Air"__
as if it were swimming through "Water"! The Shift of the Ages has just begun to move Earth and us into another
26,000 year-long "Precession of the Equinoxes" period. Each of five 5200 year-long "Worlds" within that larger
span of time, was based on one of the four elements: "Fire, Earth, Air and Water". The next 5200 year 'world' will be
influenced by the element of "Ether." Can we then__ as 4th or 5th dimensional beings__ "Fly"__ Move at will
through various "worlds" of the Past, Present or Future?

The Law of One states: "All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.", "At the quantum level,
these geometric vibrations of the", fluid-like Field, "of Universal Mind__ turn into atoms and molecules.", "There are
no particles in the atom - only geometric vibrations of a hidden, fluid-like energy.", "Ultimately this means that
everything we see in the Universe is an energy vibration. Nothing really exists as a solid object.", "You can create
your own geometric vibrations in this fluid-like energy with your own thoughts."__ "You can do this to 'magnetize'
certain things to you__ such as in the Law of Attraction., "As you become more advanced, you could use this
same power to levitate objects"__ (and move them around?)__ "with your mind__ or even manifest physical
objects out of the air!"

"My Father and I are One."__ "Great Masters like Jesus were able to do this because they understood the great
secret: they ARE the Source Field" - "The Creative Force Field" - "The Ethers"__"Thoughts are things
." In a
previous Newsletter, we revealed that, "Since December 21, 2012, each of us is Becoming a Christ ."__
UNIVERSE!" Years ago in meditation, I was told of "The Prime Directive": "

THE EARLY MORNING DREAM was A Review of The Various Creative Stages oft his Present Life:
(.1) I was following my masculine, intellectual, logical mind, searching for some sort of Wisdom, but had no
directions__ didn't know where to find the Wisdom. (.
2) I realized the Path leading away from Being Public and
Uniting with a Community (instead of "going it alone") was a Downward Path and could be spiritually dangerous.
3.) I then Structured a way to Unify with more people__ by displaying my creative work__paintings glorifying Earth
and Nature with other artists and to the public at "art shows"__ as Susan". (
4.) When health challenges forced me
out of the art business, I structured a second form for presenting other creative works__ a website with a book on
Creativity plus a Newsletter about "
Living in the New Reality" and putting them on the Internet or a larger audience's
inspiration, education and entertainment. Although I was now mostly home-bound, rarely venturing out in the 3-D
world, due to the health and ascension symptoms, the many private hours allowed for more time to pursue inner
spiritual wisdom and work on raising my consciousness. (
5.) The last phase, showed my artist self/Susan and "I"
__Whoever I am now since the Shift__ "registering" to "be more public" in the "Country Club"__ a Gathering Place
for a Community of like-minded people; and perhaps, presenting my creative works through a wider Public and
Unified venue. Another clue is that in everyday life, people are more frequently contacting or visiting me at my home
these days.

The DREAM showed
how and what I've been creating__ and how and what I'll be creating by

) The evening of January 16th, I began editing the text errors in the web-book, each day trying to correct one
chapter. I fell behind due to numerous visitors, phone calls and dealings with monthly financial matters, etc.. Finally, I
was able to work on Chapter 1: "
The Creative Modes." Then I understood WHY that Time Alteration occurred:  
What I wrote for the web-book between 1996 and 2006__ over a 10 year period__  turned out to be the "Answers"
for the puzzlements and problems I've presently been fussing over

While reading the words from the past,  I "relived" the experiences in my mind and heart, becoming aware once
again of how I dealt with Time while creating. I did so by Withdrawing Into My Inner Self for Guidance as I painted,
made music, wrote, sleep-dreamed or even day-dreamed. But when I was with other people, I held back that
"secret part" of myself. Why?__ Because in childhood and youth, spontaneous psychic and other-dimensional
events I couldn't control or explain, frightened my parents. I was often told I was "different", and as the years passed,
I grew afraid I might be confined to a mental institution, put in a straight-jacket, given drugs or even electric shock
treatments. I  learned that it was "dangerous" to appear "too "different" to others.  

So, noting how people were more accepting of "quirkiness" in academic and fine arts fields, I tried to develop my
intellect and creative abilities to their highest degree possible as a defense against being considered "mentally
unstable". Even so, anywhere I resided throughout adult life, I usually felt unaccepted by others__ "on the outside
looking in"__and there were always those few who noted "differences"__ some labeling me as "reserved", "aloof",
or even as "evil" or a "witch". This triggered terror in me, as I had been tortured  and burned at the stake for heresy
by the French crown and Pope Innocent III during the "Albigensian Inquisition" early in the 13th century in a past life
when I was a Cathar healer. (

The Realization:
Of course I felt "unacceptable"! For lifetimes, I'd been holding back my Inner Self__ my True Self__ out of fear. We
could also view this as Me Not Accepting Others because I didn't consider them worthy of my trust to Be My True
Self when with them, and some people then sensed this "holding back" as an attempt to hide something dark!

This episode also revealed How Ito Handle Things in Time Loops: We can best change within the same Moment
that we recognize a need or a possibility for change! These understandings would have remained lost to me, if
Time hadn't forced me to carefully review every word of that chapter's text and archived information. Can you accept
Time will alter itself to foster our spiritual understanding?.

* (4.) 1-17-13: I find Google ( now has loads of information about Dr. Paul M. Brown and his
marvelous work toward Safe Nuclear Energy: Click on "DR PAUL BROWN NUCLEAR BATTERY".

* (
5.) 1-18-13: Unable to sleep until after 3 AM__ usually a call to "the other side" to be told or shown something__ I
reviewed the connections between various Time Periods in this life, recognizing them as
Time Loops__ certain
issues that would repeatedly occur in cycles of every 2 years, every 10 years, 12 years, 13 years, 19.5 years, 20
years, 28.7 years, 33 years, 52 years, 248 years, 260 years, 1300 years and so on. I found that whenever an issue
would be presented to me in it's "Time Loop Schedule", it was a chance to refine it, uplift it to a new level, or even  
manifest it. Remarkable events occurred on and around those repeating dates. Maurice Chatelain, director of
communications for NASA's Apollo Program, studied the Sumerian clay tablets and discovered the Nineveh
Constant__ 19.5__ the great constant of the solar system's orbits of every planet. These cycles, measured in years,
also relate to the Mayan Calendar's Time Loops. The 260 days form one Tzolk'in, Sacred Mayan Calendar period:  
A Time Map for the Evolution of One's Consciousness.

I decided to try, Viewing and Setting an Intention for my Future in the New Earth "Realtiy. It surprised me by opening
immediately, and being still available. Great! For the first hour, I was even more amazed__ everything discussed
had been  related to me by Higher Self since December 21st, and was mentioned in my previous Newsletters! (A
"Future Memory"?) We're being asked to: "Become aware of the old ways we dealt with Time__ at mornings,
evenings, with family and friends, when following our favorite, joyful activities." and to "Stop segregating__ don't
exclude these times from others, recognizing we are Living Two Lives. We have been living our Inner life one way,
and our Outer Life with others, in another way. This will end. It will no longer be possible!"  

We have a New Relationship to Time." __ "
Time will wait for us." __ "We need to learn how to explore and live
every moment.
                                                           (To be continued.)
                                                           SUMMARY Part I
There is a Higher Part of ourselves__ call it Spirit Within, Angels, Guides, or Higher Self__ that best  Knows what
we need to learn, understand or do for the evolution of our consciousness. This guidance will not necessarily occur
according to the old linear time of past, then present, then future. Nor will Space present itself in the manner we've
been accustomed to. We may find ourselves flipping back and forth between here and there__ or both here and
there__ or everywhere at once.
Time will alter itself  to foster our spiritual understandings. And both Altered Time
and Altered Space can overlap each other, or one may presents itself before the other__ or vice versa

We need to Learn How to Work and Live With the New Physics. Two kinds of Time and Space exist: Objective
(consciousness)__ Time or Space that exists as intellectually provable units; and Subjective (subconscious)__
Time or Space existing as intuitively or multi-dimensionally experienced units that can be stretched, expanded,
compressed or manipulated__ like bubble gum__ according to our state of mind.

In Normal States of Time: Time appears as sequential and orderly, while Space appears as air filled with solid
objects. Our environment and all that we perceive are normal, ordinary and what we are used to. Nothing changes.
The integrity of our perception is unchallenged.

The New Physics Time is becoming more like our present perception of Space, as if it were inside a huge, ever-
expanding ball of fluid-like potentials, and we can move instantly or interminably from one point inside that ball to
another__ or to many points simultaneously. "Future Memory" occurs when we are in an altered state of
consciousness and have a "rehearsal" or "acting out" of a previously written script; only to later have a NOW Time
repeat experience of that first script. Our understanding of Space & Time is shifted. Past, Present and Future__ the
three "dimensions" of Time__ are no longer confined to their previous "linear order"__
The New Physics allows
Time to re-order itself in any manner what-so-ever!

In Altered States of Time: Subjective Time begins to separate from Objective Time. The same separation occurs
with Subjective Space and Objective Space. Time is no longer sequential and orderly. Space changes and objects
appear less solid and dependable. The space-time coordinates we are used to lose their relevance. Our
perceptual modes of awareness are freed to expand and enhance, while sensory feedback either decelerates or

We've seen Time jump ahead or reverse itself in "Time Loops". After I carefully re-read Chapter 1:"
The Creative
Modes", written between 1996 and 2006, and edited the text errors, I found the "answers" to the problems I'd been
fussing over in the present! This helped me resolve an attitude and fear I'd been holding for several lifetimes over
700 years! What if I told you that
these Time Loops occur on a regular schedule, according to the calendars of
various astrological systems__ particularly the Mayan Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar, which is A Time Map for the
Evolution of One's Consciousness?

Our DREAMS can show us how and what we've been Creating. They can introduce us to the next stages of
Creativity forming for SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 (MST). The incoming Feminine Energies will be prominent, as Higher
Technologies proliferate in New Earth: we may even learn to "Fly" through the fluid-like "Ethers" formed of energetic
potential, to visit various time periods, locations and/or dimensions.

We must first investigate our inner selves, asking: "
What determines my new order of Past, Present and Future?"
and "
How do I deal with Time while Creating?" and "How Do I Handle Things in Time Loops?__ The "ethers" are
the Creative Force Field__ the so-called "empty space" of the universe, inter-penetrating and embracing all matter.
It is an energy field composed of
potentials, waiting to be impacted by human  thoughts, feelings, activities or
devices to change it into physical matter
. We can best change things with our thoughts, emotions and intentions
within that same Moment that we recognize a need or a possibility for change__ for we are usually "charged up"
about the issue at that Moment!  
Many of us, when faced with a challenge, a sticky situation, or unwanted news,
immediately go into a defensive mode, and start visualizing how we'd like to "tell off" or "harm" who-or-what we view
as the perpetrator(s). We are extremely emotionally charged-up in that moment. However, if our emotions and
thoughts are negative, we will most like experience a negative result; but if we are instead, seeing the humor of the
situation, or holding a sense of compassion or harmlessness to the perpetrator(s), we'll most likely see a positive
outcome. We could even express Gratitude for this opportunity to learn something and/or to evoke the highest good
for all concerned. Whatever__ we are in that moment "highly charged" for Intentions and/or Action!

These "
Ethers"__ "Creative Force Field", or "Morphic Field" is, quite literally, the energetic manifestation of a
Universal Mind. The vibrations of this 'universal fluid' create geometric patterns. Any vibration of this fluid - any
change in its basic state - is what we call
a thought. We can create our own geometric vibrations in this fluid-like
energy with our own thoughts. We can do this to 'magnetize' certain things to us__ such as in the Law of
Attraction. As we become more advanced, we can use this same power to levitate objects"... (move them in
space)... "with our minds__ or even manifest physical objects out of the air!

Great Masters were able to do this because they understood the Great Quantum Secret: HUMANS ARE "THE
SOURCE FIELD" - "THE CREATIVE FORCE FIELD" - "THE ETHERS"__Since December 21, 2012, each of  us

The next 5200 year 'world' will be influenced by the element of "Ether." The energetic frequencies HAARP is
spreading are Torsion Field Physics frequencies, pulsing the atmosphere with those waves to keep us harmonized
with the changing axis of Earth__ changed by the Chilean, Haitian and Japanese earthquakes__ and to trigger all
the pyramids and monuments built on our planet's energy grid to send
the Shift of the Ages energies across the
entire planet.

SET YOUR INTENT FOR THAT NEW WORLD!  Everything discussed had earlier been related by Higher Self
since December 21st, and was mentioned in previous Newsletters! (A "Future Memory"?) We're being asked to
Become aware of the old ways we dealt with Time__ at mornings, evenings, with family and friends, when
following our favorite, joyful activities.
" and "Stop segregating__ don't exclude these times from others,
recognizing we are Living Two Lives. We have been living our Inner life one way, and our Outer Life with others,
in another way. This will end
. It will no longer be possible.  We have a New Relationship to Time. Time will wait for
us.  We need to learn how to explore and live every moment