1-6-85: According to the book, "MIND RACE", the Russians are using ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT for HE-

1-9-89: MEDITATION:  "COLOR is naturally the spiritualization of SOUND VIBRATIONS. "       

"Since elements  in an excited state  give off light as well as  absorb energy  from light,  it would make
sense that the live human body,  which uses many of these elements  and gives off light  by way of its
aura, could also absorb light."

1992: After returning to Idaho from St. Louis, I experimented with "Light Technologies" to see if I could
live more on Light and less on material food as the meditation suggested. I continued this project from
mid-April to mid-September,1991, eating less and less material food. Instead, I drew in prana and sun-
ight while walking outdoors.  Higher self suggested I allow the sunlight to fall on my bare skin, especi-
ally on the back and chest areas over the thymus gland.

At first, my energy level was down. I had to cut my usual walk from twenty-five miles a week to betwe-
en eighteen and twenty. I gradually reduced food intake at each meal. Soon I was eating only 2 meals
per day.  By the 1st of June,  I was down to one meal a day,  but actually gained weight!  I cut back to
three or four moderate weekly meals,  balanced nutritionally,  but without most  fats,  sugars or  heavy
starches. After three months on this plan,  only one moderate 600 calorie meal was eaten every three
days.  I drank only pure spring water.  In five months,  although I never snacked between meals (I me-
ditated instead),  I had reduced by only  eight pounds__  six of them lost during  the first two weeks of
the experiment.

Over the five months, weight decreased when the skies were overcast and either increased or had no
change on sunny days. Yes, we
can live on energy__ on Light. What is really strange, is that after the
first two weeks, I had more energy when I did
not eat. Intuitive and visionary abilities increased, and I
sensed  Spirit's presence within me most of the time.  All this occurred even  when almost  no sunlight
was available or it was too cold to let the sun shine directly on my skin. I ended the
Live on Light Exp-
in late fall to begin some new experiments, but stayed with a semi-vegetarian diet.

In the
1980's, while traveling on art business, I always lost two pounds per week while in Canada, but
never understood why, as we seldom ate out, preferring to buy groceries locally and cook most meals
in our RV. Then I learned that Canada banned meat and milk from US cattle,  which were given stero-
ids, hormones or antibiotics  to make them grow faster and larger.  Do the  vibrations of these chemic-
als remain in the meat and dairy products to affect us later when we eat them?

Fat cells store toxins,  estrogens and food additives.  As of 2010,  there were over  80,000  non-food
substances added to our food supply. Many of our crop-enhancing chemicals,  food additives and fo-
od processing substances  act on the body as estrogen  causing weight gain,   and for men, a loss of
testosterone.  In
2008,  researches found that the urinary system of women who use birth control pills
expels the estrogens into our sewer systems which cannot filter it out,  thus polluting our water supply.
The body will create fat cells to store the toxins it cannot eliminate fast enough. Each human ingests
... "a
n average of 5-12 lbs. of environmental toxins yearly." (131)  And it is now well-known  that stress
releases the
cortisol hormone in the body, causing weight gain (particularly around the stomach) in a
natural attempt to ensure survival of the species.

When animals are led to the slaughter,  as anyone who's ever visited or worked at a meat packing pl-
ant knows,(both our sons did this temporarily to earn college money)  they smell  the blood  and hear
the cries of pain and anguish  of their companions being killed. The fear of those yet to be killed, cau-
ses their glands to inject  "fear" hormones  directly into their blood streams where it is carried to all bo-
dy tissues.  The negative emotional vibrations  lodge in the muscle tissue,  in what we call  "meat".  In
other words, we virtually eat fear and pain.

Only four major corporations now own all the slaughter houses in the United States and they grind up
dead animals  to feed the live ones__  some even  grinding up  those  dead from  disease  or road kill.
This material,  when dried,  is often added to the feed for hogs,  sheep,  cattle and  dairy cows. In En-
gland it's believed  this practice may lie behind the  "mad cow disease"  which can also affect humans.
In some areas,  even fish  and chickens  are given this  decayed material.  The incidence of  autism in
public schools  jumped from an average of  4 students per school in
1991,  to over  300 per school  by
2010 A.D..  When they stopped drinking milk,  most returned,  overnight,  to normal  mental states. By
2009, it was reported that  1 in 153  U.S.children  now develop autism. Spending time in  nature__ es-
pecially the greenest areas__ can also reduce autistic symptoms.  (
Update: In 2013, 1 in 63 now dev-
elops autism.)

Mad Cow Disease is now found in all industrialized nations of the world,  threatening world food supp-
lies.  And who hasn't heard of
 E. Coli or  Salmonella?  There are many others we don't hear much a-
bout. This author spent nine miserable months trying to harmonize the food micro-organism,
bacter jejuene
. It literally eats out one's stomach and can mutate and move to other body organs.

MEDITATION:  June, 1989:  "When  decomposed lifeforms  are ingested into  the body physical,  a
'death vibration'  is introduced into the body cells,  which begin to deteriorate__  to age. The present
system  of long-distance transportation of food  adds to  decomposition possibilities. The fresher the
fruits and vegetables,  grains or eggs that one eats,  the slower  the aging process.  This is  why it is
best to eat food  grown near where one lives  or to grow one's own.  Eggs,  seeds,  nuts,  and  whole
grains, however, have an ability to store the life force within themselves for longer periods of time."

Vegetarianism is more environmentally friendly... "In terms of caloric content,  the grain consumed by
American livestock alone  could feed  800 million people__  and,  if exported,  would boost  the U.S.
trade balance by  $80 billion  a year.
"  The U.S.  livestock population__  cattle,  fowl,  lambs,  pigs__
consumes  five times as much grain  as the U.S.  human population.  But then,  there are  7  billion of
them in the U.S., competing with  U.S. citizens o ne to one thousand. (
132) Wheat prices are now sky-
rocketing as farmers replace wheat fields with corn to make ethanol,  even though it takes more fossil-
fuel energy to produce ethanol than it can replace.

Grain-fed livestock  consume 100,000 liters of water  for every kilogram of food they produce, compar-
ed with 2,000 liters  for a comparable amount of high protein soybeans.) Soybeans, however, by
are  nearly all a  GMO  product.)  Meat-producing animals  also demand  tremendous  expenditures of
fossil-fuel energy__  eight times  as much  as for a similar amount of  plant protein.  The average  diet
burns  the equivalent of  a gallon of gasoline  per day  for each  pound of meat  eaten__  twice what it
takes to produce a vegan diet.
(132)   Simply replacing several meals a week with plant protein instead
of meat would greatly reduce fuel use.
The ultimate source of  light  (EM radiation)  is the atoms  of the radiating system.  Atoms consist of a
central particle __ the
nucleus__ which has a positive charge and is surrounded by charged particles
electrons.  Electromagnetic energy can appear either as a wave,  or,  as a particle of light often
called a

When negatively charged, electron particles of a body's atom are  "excited"  (by meditation,  breathing
exercises,  passion or sex), they move to higher energy states.  Highly stimulated cells emit EM radia-
tion as photons  when the  electron  returns to its  original state.  As a  human's  consciousness drops
down from higher dimensional states, they too, emit radiation __
light__  whose frequency equals the
decrease in energy involved in the transitions.

The intensity of this body radiation  depends upon the rate of oscillation.  As the charged particle vib-
rates at  ever  higher frequencies,  radiation is emitted first  in the form of
 heat,  then,  at even  higher
frequencies,  as
light waves.  Still higher frequencies will emit other energies  invisible to our physical
eyes.  As we express
emotionally (perhaps while singing,  painting, praying or loving unconditionally),
the electronic flow is amplified, and we get a luminescent haze known as a  
"primary aura" around our
bodies.  We can see this luminescence with our physical eyes,  but the sound must be quite loud, and
we must sit in a completely dark room for 90 minutes while our eyes adjust. (

This luminescence is produced by the ..."electronic transfer of energy   rom one state to another. The
cell  emits an  ultraviolet luminescence  from its nucleus at  1900,  2800 and  3300  Angstrom  units.
The cell also emits  red light  at 6200  and at 6800  A. units
"...."As you  draw in your breath, you acc-
rete a charge of a force__ prana__ which excites the cellular activity to luminescence
." (2)

Light from a strobe flash bulb,  pulsed with breath into water,  ionizes and structures the water, enabl-
ng it to  hold a thought-form.  Electrons  are accumulated  in our body's water.  "
All  bodily fluids  can
hold thoughtforms,  nutritional energies  and effects from  the exterior environment,  and then  adapt
and deliver them  throughout the body.  The body's ability  to attract similar vibrations  to itself is ba-
sed upon  the continual  birthing,  combining and  harmonizing of  positive  and  negative ions  in its
." (130)

Our body's electronic energies flow best at room temperature and are elevated by our normal body te-
mperature.  Emotional agreements and focused Intentions  are what target  thought-forms upon a par-
ticular time,  place,  situation,  person or object. Unconditional Love fuels the bonding between us and
our thoughts as we Become as One__ and Transformation occurs.

When we change our body's fluid states to conduct EME energies appropriately,  we also change our
physical natures.  Drinking pure or distilled water  attracts the chemicals and nutrients  needed for go-
od health.  Later,  we expel unused nutrients and toxins  along with our body fluids.
(130) The food we
ingest also affects the body's fluid state.
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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX