Beyond and parallel to the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum lies the Magneto-Electric Spectrum (ME),  
n energy band believed to function beyond the speed of light. The barrier between these two radia-
tion energy spectrums  s sometimes called the
4th dimensional threshold, or hyperspace.  This may
be what facilitates exceptional human experiences in multi-dimensional realms.

For the following information on the ME energy spectrum, we are indebted to
Dr. Richard Gerber's
book , "
Vibrational Medicine:  New Choices for  Healing Ourselves" (25),  which includes the  Tiller-
Einstein Theories of Negative or Positive Space-Time. The behavior and explanation of such waves
are from
Dr. William Tiller, professor at Stanford University and former chairman of the Department
of Material Science
 at that institution.  He applies currently existing,  scientific frameworks to explain
subtle energy phenomena.

Positive  Space-Time matter  is associated with  EM radiations of  electricity.  Negative Space-Time
is associated primarily with the  magnetism factor of  EM  and a force which  Dr. William Tiller
describes as
Magneto-Electric Radiation (ME).

Einstein-Lorentz Transformation Theory suggests that when an atomic particle is acceler-
ated to approach the speed of light,  its kinetic energy (energy associated with motion)  
increases incredibly.
Particle accelerators are built to observe these effects. Until now, textbooks
on physics stated it was impossible  to accelerate a subatomic particle  beyond the speed of light  
because the  mathematical calculations involved in this activity  arrived at solutions  which contained
the square root of a "minus one"__ considered an imaginary number. Therefore, it was assumed to
be impossible to move faster than the speed of light.  
However,  recent experiments  enabled an
electron to instantly  teleport from one location to another and back
. (25)

The familiar Einsteinian equation: E = mC2  (Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light) was the
basis for Tiller's theories,  but he goes beyond it  to include a  proportionality constant  known as the
Einstein-Lorentz Transformation.  The generally accepted meaning of  Einstein's  famous equation is
there is an incredible amount of potential energy stored within each tiny particle of
. Beyond this,  Einstein's equation suggests that  matter and energy are  inter-connected
and  inter-convertible
. The tiny energetic particles of the atom__ neutron, proton, electron__ are
actually a form of condensed energy.
 We might consider matter as  "frozen energy".  The
atomic bomb  demonstrates dramatically how matter, or frozen energy, can convert into
pure ener
gy. (25)

More daring mathematicians consider the square root of "minus one" to be one of a system of numb-
ers called
"hypernumbers."  Charles Muses theorizes that hyper-numbers can be used in equ-
ations to describe the  behavior of hyper-dimensional phenomena such as  the subtle
energetic interactions of  living systems__  perhaps  what we've earlier called  a space
warp,  energy bubble,  or Vendome-Merkaba.

The Einstein-Lorentz Transformation explanation includes a simple graph  with a curved line plotting
the  velocity of a particle from  "at rest"  on up to and beyond the speed of light.  However,  a second
curve on the graph  appears opposite the first curved line,  somewhat like a mirror-image, lying in the
right-hand section of the diagram where the  hypernumbers exist.  Dr. Tiller calls this right-hand port-
ion of the chart,  "
Negative Space-Time".  The left-hand section of the diagram,  indicating the move-
ment of the particle in physical space and time,  is called "
Positive Space-Time". " Negative space ;&
time is not unknown to physicists,  some of whom  have suggested  the existence of a particle known
as a
"tachyon", which theoretically can exist only at speeds exceeding the velocity of light." (25)

It is known that physical atomic particles are electrically charged as positive, negative or are neutral.
Electromagnetic theory  predicts that  
magnetic monopoles  (particles  magnetically  charged  either
north or south)  should exist in nature,  but no one has yet repeatedly detected or successfully capt-
ured them.  Present scientific devices aren't capable of measuring such subtle energetics.  However,
science measures the EM forces  around the human body  directly with  an instrument known as the
Superconduction Quantum Interference Device__ "SQUID". (25)

(25) Gerber, Dr. Richard. "Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves." Pg. 401-
590. Inner Traditions * Bear & Company, P.O. Box 388, Rochester, VT.  05767-0388.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX