March 11, 2013
                                                     "HEALING & MANIFESTING TIPS"

We've been on a Vision Quest since November, 2012, to attune with Gaia/Mother Earth and her vision for humanity's
uniqueness and co-operation with the Divine Consciousness. Until
March began, we were learning to be responsible for
our personal vision quests, assisting Gaia in her ascension and clearing paths for others to follow suit.

The focus of attention this
early March seems to be Taking Responsibility for Ourselves__ for our way of life, our
relationships, our physical wellbeing, even for our own consciousness evolution. A new evolutionary mission focus__ an
energetic upgrade__ will occur in
April. For now, we continue to clear ourselves and release anything still holding us back.

And, as the Physics of New Earth continue to shift, we'll explore information on healing and manifesting to
enable quantum leaps in consciousness and co-create a miraculous lives of abundance, joy, oneness,
wellness, love and harmon
y. Even the mainstream news these days is about our present Health Systems; interminable
debates about "what to do about it" go on and on without any positive resolutions. So we'll first have a look at__

Where we stand presently:
*  Video Trailer for... "a ground-breaking documentary exploring the vastness of
human potential despite the restrictions of programmed beliefs. For the sheer purpose of profit and control, illness is
marketed to the minds of the unsuspecting masses. The results? A society programmed for sickness and death."

Scientists know about
The Observer Effect: energies behave differently when observed by a human than they do
when unobserved.
Whatever we think and feel as we witness an event affects what occurs as we watch. A focus
on disease, rather than on health, will manifest what we see and experience.
For example, when Kathy was suffering
from chronic fatigue syndrome, she was sent to many doctors, each specializing in one type of disease. After examining
and testing her, each doctor diagnosed Kathy as suffering
only from the specific disease or malfunction that was his/her

The health care problems so evident today are due to our present human belief systems with their rigid, limiting perceptions
of who or what humans really are. Hundreds of years ago a split occurred between spirituality and science. What does that
mean for our everyday lives? It means "
We have put doctors in a parental role, leaving ourselves in the role of a helpless
." (107) Medicine first moved from viewing disease as a physical breakdown, to seeing it as a set of chemical
imbalances. Pharmaceuticals attempt to replace those imbalances.

"21st Century Voodoo". "What Doctors Don't Tell You.":  Medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United

* Naturopathic Doctor Lawrence Sosna on Facebook: "In medicine it always comes down to making a correct diagnosis.
If a doctor has no common sense, then 2 plus 2 adds up to or 25 or 55 but not 4. So that means if the diagnosis is wrong (to
which the AMA has admitted that 67% of all diagnosis is inaccurate in the last 8 years), then the outcome will always be
67% of the time the patient gets very ill from the wrong meds or they die from a combination of drugs they never needed to
begin with. That adds up to 843,000 a year.  
This means for the first time in 80 years, the #1 cause of yearly death is not
heart attacks at 610,000... but Dr prescribed drugs and Dr. errors... 843,000 deaths; so in 10 years over 9 million will
die__more than all the Jewish people who perished in the Holocaust."

* Cancer Cures and FDA Big Pharma Suppressing".

Indications are that the U.S. Health Care System may be changing__ for good or for bad:
Dr. Robin Falkov... "The U.N.'s Codex Alimentarius."  "Working through the European Union to eliminate or greatly
reduce the availability of over the counter vitamins and supplements." * See also:

"Spiritual awareness and energetic healing are largely absent in our medical system today. New concepts in both
spirituality and science today are bringing the two back together. New methods of healing perceive dysfunction as an
energetic disharmony__ based on false thinking, feelings or beliefs__that cause the chemical imbalances. As individuals,
we need to take responsibility for our own health and well-being."  
Chapter 11: "Medicine Bag".

A woman psychic and seer, was in contact with many other psychic people, mostly women, through her website. She had a
doctor friend who did research on medical conditions.
One day the woman said she always wondered if people who
were psychic had some physical condition in common that lay behind their being psychic
. The doctor was
intrigued by this idea, and they decided to try an experiment. Seventy-five of the psychics agreed to be examined by the
doctor. Months later the doctor called the woman and said he may have found an answer.
Every one of the psychic
people had hypertension__ high blood pressure. The cause of the hypertension was that they needed to get
"charged up" in order to access the psychic ability__as did the woman suggesting the research

Lifestyle Changes are probably our first line of defense:
1. Hydrate
. Our bodies are composed mostly of water, and drinking 8 glasses (1 cup each) of the purest water we can
obtain daily, will not only keep our bodies hydrated, but will capture many toxins and impurities from foods and medicines
and rid the body of them. Just drinking some sort of flavored or carbonated drink will not do it, as these drinks are already
overloaded with various substances.

2. Exercise. "Movement is important in rituals or ceremonies where body postures and gestures must be carefully
When hand, head or body moves along with appropriate breathing, an energetic renewal process
activates, triggering energy movemen
t. Our physical body is an open-ended, bio-electrical chemical system." (Marcel

The body needs to move to stay flexible and to help distribute oxygen, water and blood throughout the systems. It is
suggested that 30 minutes of walking or other exercises three to four times a week would do the trick. Walk as if you are
"going somewhere"... not just casually strolling along. Research has revealed that it is the Distance, rather then the Speed
at which you walk or run, that is essential. So if you Walk 1-2 miles a day, it's the same as if  you ran them, except running
takes less time. This exercise can be broken up into 2 or 3 sessions a day. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, as I
do, try getting up about once every hour to walk around the house or office for 5-10 minutes. It can add up.

3. Lighten Diet. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and whole grains, cutting down on or even eliminating meats. Start letting
go of pork products, and then of the beef. Poultry and fish can be reduced in amounts eaten and even eliminated, if that
resonates with you. It is also best to substitute fresh and organic foods for processed foods as much as possible. Juicing is
also recommended, although I find my mouth "wants something crunchy to chew on" sometime during the day.

4. Oxygenate.  As we control breath, moving mind and heart to higher levels of consciousness, a tone (sound) generates
within the body__ a vibrational frequency. The tone can be changed into light or "Light" forming a series of sacred
geometric patterns with each indwelling and expelled breath. Our emotion, thought and intention will ride on our vocal
sounds during any Expanded Multi-D Technology

Most of us breath shallowly, which does not oxygenate the body's organs, tissues and structures. In fact,some researcher
claim that if we use our lungs fully, our organs won't fail in old age. We need to spend some time daily breathing very deeply
and slowly. This can be done either with physical exercise, or with breathing exercises as offered in "
Breathing Techniques"
under "Archives". Each evening at my computer, I click "Start", then "Run", and type in "
prefetch" which opens to junk
program icons. As I delete each one, I do the deep breathing; then go to the "Recycle Bin" and permanently delete them. It
not only oxygenates my body, but keeps the computer fresh and young.

5. Internal Purification  We all know we are bombarded with pollutants in air, water and soil, in food containers and in the
chemical pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives used in our food supply, not to mention heavy metals, GMOs, high fructose
corn syrup, MSG, artificial sweeteners, BPA in food can liners and plastics__ and even some food dyes or flavorings.

There are various ways to detox the body and these can be found on the Internet, or through Amazon and Barnes & Noble
books and DVDs. However, I've found that whenever I have a major consciousness breakthrough, my body detoxes itself
with a day of loose bowels and water elimination. Not painful, but still not so pleasant, but it seems to be working for me. I've
often wondered if the commercial detox products also eliminate needed vitamins, minerals, enzymes or elements along with
negative materials.

* "Natural Ways to Remove Heavy Metals."                                   

* "Remedies and Antidotes for Radiation Poisoning." Scroll down right side bar to "Remedies and Antedotes for
Radiation Exposure

6. Cleanse Aura. The best way is frequent showering or swimming. The spray of water upon and around the body cleanses
the energy field surrounding the body of both physical and energetic negative vibrations that cling to us after we've returned
home from lower frequency surroundings.

5. Reduce Stress. Be mindful of what pushes your buttons, and find ways to eliminate the causes of the stresses in your
life. This might be quite drastic, if you find a family member or co-worker is the cause of your stress. The Internet is full of
various ways to relieve stress. If you meditate or pray, you will soon learn to transmute the stress feelings into those of love,
compassion and oneness. I find that soothing music, uplifting TV or Internet programs based on the beauty  of Nature__ or
time spent in Nature help a great deal.

The best way to avoid stress, is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. For example:
When we cease to create with
our minds and hearts the realities in which we can be harmed, controlled, harassed, etc., it will no longer exist in our
If my vibrations no longer include hostility, my consciousness will never allow me to encounter hostility. SO, DON'T

Beacons of Light; "Smile Your Way Home". "Harmonizing the Fabric of Time." (Eliminating trauma.)

Alternative Healing Techniques for now and the future are abundant.  

(From Feb. 2013:'
Around the Spring Equinox, March 20-22, there will be another Galactic Center alignment at 27
degrees Sagittarius. A huge 100,000-mile-wide "tube" or "tunnel" of energy will totally connect Earth with that Center. Our
Creativity will be greatly intensified. As creative individuals, we will have the capacity to "
Project Ourselves into a Work",
showing our inner life and purpose to the world as
we give form to raw materials according to our personal visions.')

(Chapter 11: "
Medicine Bag".) "Every chakra/energy center of the etheric subtle energy body connects with a physical
endocrine gland. They are vortexes which oscillate with clockwise and reversed surges of charge__ "Light": (5-D)__ and
when combined with emotion and breath, form sacred geometrical shapes and patterns (6-D) in and around the body.
Before we speak, we visualize thoughtforms. Our hands, coupled with emotion, can form the sacred geometric patterns in
space. (6-D) which presage our words. During any Energetic, Intentional Healing, any sound (7-D) we make causes our
body to generate a Tone or Vibrations (5-D), which projects into the hand-patterns we're holding as we speak and visualize
the thought. The hand pattern then  holds the thought in energetic form. As we release the hand pattern, we also release the
thoughtform, and with Intention, Emotion and Breath, direct it to its target."

Mudras are sacred, geometrically-patterned hand positions and gestures (6-D) that activate energy transference. For
certification in the Crystal Healing Classes at Grand Teton Institute, one of our final exams was to perform a crystal
technique as
Dr. Vogel and the class observed. When it was my turn, the host was a young woman who asked for
assistance in releasing from intense emotional trauma due to a relationship that had ended badly.

As I began to charge and program the crystal with Love, Breath, Thought and Intention, Higher Self suggested I hold my
arms straight down beside my body, palms facing outwards abut eight or ten inches away from my hips, holding the crystal
in my right hand with the thumb and middle-finger around its center, while forming a similar circle with the thumb and middle-
finger of my empty left hand. I was also to hold my tongue to the roof of my mouth. No reason was given for this, but I
followed instructions and was later astonished at the subject's extreme release of emotional energy. Not only did she bend
over and expel breath in gasps, she collapsed toward the floor!

With my crystal hand at her mid-section to ease the trauma, I had to hold her up with my other arm to keep her out of the
puddle of tears forming on the floor from her weeping. We were both physically exhausted when she could finally stand
again. This over-whelmingly intense healing had some observing students puzzled, and Dr. Vogel called for comments.
Several asked about the unusual hand mudra. I simply said H. S. suggested it, but didn't say why. One student remarked: "It
didn't seem to matter, as obviously__
it really, really worked!"

I was puzzled about that mudra and its affect on the young woman. I could not find any information about it through research,
and Higher Self only said I would "know when the time was right." Years passed by, and one day, clearing old art studio
files, I found some parchment pages from various ancient books or posters that my uncle acquired from "Abbey Rents" in
Los Angeles and sent to my Dad in Minnesota. But Dad didn't have any use for them, and thought I might use them in my
artwork. I never did find any artistic use, but after re-discovering them, I noted one was from a Martin Luther Bible printed in
German. I found a small English/German dictionary in a book store, and began to transcribe the page. It told the priest how
to prepare himself before performing certain church ceremonies.

Before serving Communion, the priest was to first prepare himself,  and then repeat the same process while serving
Communion to the congregation. As did
Jesus at the Last Supper, he was to hold the bread or the wine with his fingers
forming a circle. (The sacred geometrical shape of a circle represents the Spiritual Whole.)
He also connected the tip of
his tongue to the roof of his mouth__ another circle
. When the bread was put into the mouth (a circle) with emotion (love),
the hand released the circular pattern. The thoughts and feelings held within the energetic pattern of both hand and mouth
circles, were thereby released and directed toward the individual receiving the sacrement__ or healing energies__ as the
priest/server visualized for 30 seconds, what he/she wished to occur next.

We do not need to be priests or ordained ministers to do this effectively.
We are room temperature super-conductors; we
emit electricity; our hearts generate their own electrical circuits
. Our body's electricity, however, does not follow all the
Laws of Thermodynamics.
The body is a transducer__ converting energetic charges or changing energy form one level
to another. Our etheric body consists of Negative Space-Time/hyper-dimensional energy. When we are in Unity
Consciousness/Oneness and a Zero Point State (no bias or emotional charge), our etheric bodies have no charge and
therefore__ no limits.

Bio-informational geometric patterns can be downloaded into an etheric body. We transfer thoughtforms from the spatial
patterns wherein we evolved them, into our water-based bloodstream. Water will hold a program. The blood circulates the
energetic thoughtform throughout the body, where it's transformed into electrical impulses to be encoded into DNA factors,
and later discharged as required. The harmony of our cellular membrane's charges is maintained by our own thoughts and
feelings. And years later, I learned WHY the mudra worked so well:
"THE MAGIC SQUARE".  Google: "Benjamin Franklin's Magic Square." Relating to:

* "Personal Energy Fields."

* Meditation: 2-24-13: H.S.: " The best way to heal yourself and to manifest your needs since the physics of Earth have
changed, is to raise your consciousness vibrations to the point where healing, manifesting needs, etc., happen
automatically. You would need to retain the thoughts and feelings of Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness with
all life around you throughout your waking hours. When you do so, "psychic" events will also naturally occur. "Psychic"
means to be in contact with what is relevant for you to know, to do and be, that is occurring elsewhere than in your
personal space__ such as in the mass consciousness of humanity. Many people become psychic after some traumatic
experience, using it as a security measure informing them when some type of "danger" is approaching. So, remaining in
Love and Oneness, will keep you informed of anything you truly need to be aware of

When "being psychic" is no longer perceived as a necessity for your life, and you remain in U. Love and Oneness with
all, you will not only have healthy, normal blood pressure, but your body will gradually correct its own imbalances, and
manifesting needs will be at your fingertips. Surrendering to a compete openness during and after an Intention for
Healing or Manifesting as to what needs to happen next is the key for both host and server__ for you must SEEK IT
WITH ALL YOUR HEART__ Have patience, for healing may require more or less time, in order to avoid overtaxing the
body and causing a  healing crisis."

(I asked H.S. to please send a sign or signal that all this information about healing and manifesting is true, and not just my
ego speaking. That same afternoon, reading the day's e-mails, I found 7 different messages relating to healing information
or classes!)  

Spontaneous Healing can occur while in higher dimensional states.
* TRANSITIONS.  "The people who are ready to ascend to 5D frequency no longer require
a physical form to function within an so it is set aside so to speak, and they exist and function within a matching 5D
frequency 'body'. When these people want to go visit Plant A/B to  help, teach, guide others there, they can put back their
energetic template clothing that we'd call "Stu" or "Denise". The best of both world and much, much more."    

* "
The Healing Power of Color".

*  "Other People's Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating
Slavery and Private Money Systems."

I had a list of things I wanted to "take responsibility for" and get attended to once and for all. However, it seemed the more I
tried, the harder and longer I tried, many of those tasks were prevented from completing. For example, the weather brought
terrific winds on the day I wanted to do some banking business, making it dangerous to be outdoors; and on another day,
thunderstorms kept rolling through the valley with lightening that kept computers and the electrical system shutting down.
Then it was Friday, and I had some things to attend to at the courthouse, but__ oh, yes, due to the economy, the county and
city offices closed on Fridays now. And on and on. I began to wonder__ is the "B" part of Planet A/B Ending? Are ALL THE

Message arrived: "The old world is fading away, and whatever looks like the End is not really the end. We can't see
things clearly right now, only hazy outlines. It's nebulous. So if you feel defeated about something or feel like giving up or
giving up hope, just park that for today. Put it on hold. Skip it. Walk away. Let Universe take over and work with it for
awhile. Ask that it be transformed. "Butterfly medicine" is at work, but in order for it to work, we have to give it space."

And as Karen Bishop explains: "We may also find that we can manifest things very easily now, but because the old is all
that is left out there, we will continue to manifest the old and it will not be the fit that we currently need."  

Higher Self: 3-8-13: "Soon there is coming, a Great Mystery, a great ability, a great opportunity for you and all who so
choose. You are being asked to rest, to contemplate,to ready your inner and outer selves for this great mystery. We know
you've sensed its coming for a long time now, and have wondered if it were really going to arrive, for there have been so
many setbacks from the predicted time periods. That is because the so-called "deadlines" have been extended so as to
enable more humans to ready themselves for ascension. Fear not; your body is not going to break down entirely,
although it seems so at times. Around the Equinox__ March 20, 2013 MDT__ the New Human Soul will begin to make
itself evident on Earth and within you and other lightworkers who so choose. This date begins the Third Trimester of that
birthing when the fetus begins to "show". The "morning sickness" types of physical events will fade away, leaving you
feeling much better."

"As for your computer problems, the eyes and brains are morphing now, and need more rest from the emanations of
computers, cordless phones, I-pads, etc.. Not to completely stop using them, but to reduce the time spent with them and
to stop when feeling the least bit tired or the eyes being strained."

Check out  

And for an exciting explanation of this amazing turning point, see
Lauren Gorgo's "Energetics of New Creation: magic
in action."

ATTENTION, PLEASE: It has come to my notice that I need time to consider making some major decisions about my life
and my future here on Earth, due to technical problems with computers and websites, economics, possible drastic earth
changes in the Pacific Northwest, ascension symptoms and health issues. Therefore, I'm taking some time off to deal with
all this, and while the web-book, "Creating From the Future", will remain available, there will be no Newsletter issues until
April, and possibly__ not afterwards. I thank you dear readers with all my heart for your acceptance, your loving support and
appreciation. It will never be forgotten, no matter what is chosen or impelled to occur.