March 8. 2012
                                                 Full Moon in Virgo
We now have definite proof of Time Travel. The work of Dr. David Lewis Anderson, physicist, regarding "Time
Technology & Research
" is available on and in his books on Time Travel. (Search:
Freeman Interviews Dr. David Lewis Anderson on Time Travel." This interview series begins with an Introduction
followed by 7 more videos, each about 10 minutes long. It is, without a doubt, the best information on this subject
I've heard.
Coast to Coast AM ( has several archived interviews of Dr. Anderson if you
are a paid subscriber. (At $5 a month, this is the "best buy" online for a 4 hour program every single night.)
Back in
2002, Anderson and team created small time warp fields that could accelerate time by 300% within the
field, as well as reverse time. He described the initiation of a time warp field as quite spectacular to witness...
between the combinations of different chemical reagents and high energy lasers we use to excite or initiate a
time warp field"... "a lot of light, a lot of energy.

2002, the effects have increased by... "two orders of magnitudes"... both in time acceleration and
retardation rates, and living organisms have been successfully tested in the warp fields. By regenerating "
timelike curves
"... (bending space/time so time loops back on itself), we're finding it... "just as easy to move
backwards in time as well as forward.

Currently, countries such as Japan, China and especially India have been experimenting with time technology.
Through a device called the Temporal Tremor Detector (TTD), Anderson's team is able to track such experiments
by observing disruptions in the spacetime fabric.

In the last Newsletter, we mentioned how our personal and family lives were "shaken up" in early
February and
had to be regrouped. Long hidden truths regarding our family bubbled up to the surface to be recognized and
healed. Things are settling back in place now, firmer, more loving and connected than before. The
Full Moon at
18 degrees Leo on
February 8th-9th brought physical challenges to many__ like heart and back problems__ as
Leo rules those physical body areas. Eighteen degrees Leo is the degree of Christ Consciousness. This
consciousness opened for anyone to experience it. It's time to Think with our Hearts!

February 3rd, a Doorway to Heaven opened__ on the Mayan Calendar glyph of CIMI: Worldbridger. This symbol
is about death, release and surrender__ about freeing ourselves from the desire to be in control. It proved to be a
time to Surrender any limiting beliefs or those that no longer serve us. It was a time to look for new ways of being,
new people, new ideas and new directions that move us to where we want to be__ a time to Forgive, Transform,
Release and Surrender Control. Something Greater than ourselves is running the show.

Pluto (The Transformer) is now directly upon the Capricorn "Midheaven" of my astrological birth chart, and
will remain there for most of this year. The 4th House dealing with family, home, parenting, and end of life matters,
(and esoterically: the Roots of Humanity, of which we are learning surprising details!), begins directly opposite that
Midheaven, so Pluto is transforming those issues as well. The Midheaven symbolizes the highest point of any chart
as well as our Professional State of Mind. It represents the fulfillment of the deep, internal wish projected through
our need for recognition and approval in the world at large and presents our highest accomplishment: i.e., "
we want to be when we grow up
." Well__ we did a lot of "growing up" last month! And this month, March, will be a
"Time to Say Goodbye" __to quote the famous song from "
Phantom of the Opera", to people, places and things
that are no longer needed or working in our lives. Everything that has happened in our  lives up to NOW may seem
like a dream__ an illusion that had no importance other than as a Teaching Tool.

Learning to TRUST completely has been a major life lesson for me and for many others. By learning first to trust in
Greater Inner SELF's wisdom and guidance, and then trusting It enough to rely on It solely, we find that as we
radiate perfect Harmlessness due to that trust,
we can call the wildest creatures to us and establish with
them a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding
. Our family's recent experiences showed
us many, many positive changes in the current medical system. We were presented with a picture extending the
ideal of peace and happiness through our culture so it now includes all living things on this planet. Every living thing
plays a role in the world's ritual of existence. Beyond these specific roles, which too often separate one entity from
another, the communities of love and compassion can bring together the most disparate lives__ "The power of
such a culture of harmlessness and compassion generates TRUST EVERYWHERE."
Dane. Rudhyar.

Through these 10 days of rapid change and turmoil, synchronicities accelerated moment by moment__ there was
even a Japanese doctor named "Dr. Emoto!" (Chapter 9: Art as a Common Bond: "Water's Creative Power"__ ) I found several amazing opportunites to "
speak my truth". One was
with an ambulance attendant, with whom I bonded in love, finding her open to psychic healing, of which she'd had
no personal experience. When I explained Intentional Energetic Healings, she became eager to know how to do
them. I described this web-booi, "Creating From the Future", and told her to simply "Google" my name in
quotations marks, and several offerings would pop up.

It happened again a few days later with a physical therapist who asked what I did to keep busy at home, and
showed great excitement about Intentional Energeetic Healing, also wanting the web-address. I'd always
wondered how we could possibly merge doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. with alternative healing methods, as
they were duty-bound to follow the AMA, malpractice insurance companies, and pledges to the pharmaceutical
corporations. But ambulance attendants and physical therapists do not have to deal with that!

Imagine my surprise, when a few days later, I found myself discussing Near Death Experiences with an ER doctor
who said he, too, was spiritual, and had much interest in this phenomena! I described the NDE's attendant White
Light, Familiar Energy Beings, overwhelming Unconditional Love, the absence of Time or Space and the sense of
ONENESS with All That Exists.

An energetic healer and those of the mainstream medical system__ could there be any more "disparate entities"
than these? And yet we merged__ LOVINGLY! Two family members, myself and the ER doctor agreed that we are
seeing more and more amazingly positive changes occurring on our planet now, although mainstream media
never mentions them

When we went through the Doorway to Heaven February 3rd into a tunnel, it gave us an opportunity to look at
ourselves to see if there were still things we needed to release from our consciousness. If you, like our family,
experienced any critical issues during those days, were you able to solve the problems? Was it an illness or some
thought you needed to release? Most illnesses stem from some kind of emotion that we are holding onto.
We came out of that tunnel on February 12th at the Mayan degree of MEN: Eagle. This is the glyph of Vision, Mind
and Creativity. It represents the evolution of the individual consciousness into a Planetary Mind. It is the
compassion of All Hearts Linked as One. It is people working together for the betterment of humanity. Ruled by
Jupiter (heart, expansion and spiritual upliftment), MEN offers visions of how to focus on bringing the energy of
Heaven to Earth, and to totally move into Unity Consciousness. The recent documentary, "
Thrive", viewed on gives excellent examples for this type of civilization. On a smaller scale, this is what occurred
with me, family and the merging of alternative and mainstream healing.

This Mayan Calendar Haab Year (July 26th, 2011 to July 25, 2012) is THE YEAR OF MAGIC & MIRACLES. It is a
time of power, where accelerating changes can cause extreme exhaustion and tiredness. The many transitions
taking place in our lives these days impel us to slowly learn to negotiate new territory. Everything seems to be up in
the air, nothing feels the same or is familiar, and we know "something big" is coming, but we just can't get our feet
firmly enough on the floor to even figure out what is coming or which end is up__ at least for the time being__ until
we reach the Spring Equinox around March 19-20.

We need to use this time before the Equinox to ADJUST__ especially on a a physical level, as our bodies are
certainly changing to higher vibrations. We are trying to get every aspect of our lives and bodies attuned to these
new frequencies. So Time no longer extists__ past, present and future are all jumbled together in a sort of
psychidelic "Alice in Wonderland" fantasy. What makes it barely bearable, is the New Earth Bliss that occasionally
flows up from the hidden springs inside us.

Many of us are feeling somewhat disoriented, but may not be aware of the reason. What is happening, is that our
brains are dipping into "Theta" brain wavelength while we are fully awake! When reviewing videos and audio
programs for this newsletter issue, something strange began to happen. The guest being interviewed would make
a statement about a new scientific or spiritual breakthrough, and InnerSELF would then complete the sentence__
aloud, with my own voice__ with previously unknown information that further defined and expanded upon the
guest's revelations. I seemed to be "tuning in" to some new and all-knowing Source__ a sort of huge Group
Mind__ a Planetary Mind?. : "Theta Brain Wave level is an interface with Spirit, Creative Force and
All That Lives, connecting directly through the electromagnetic spectrum. Theta waves vibrate from 3 to 7 cps
(cycles per second) and are normally associated with recall, fantasy, imagery, inspiration, future planning and
switching thoughtforms. Much deeper than our Alpha State (dreams, daydreams, imagination, healing modes),
Theta is a threshold to other-dimensional experiences, including Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs), Near
Death Experiences (NDEs) and Bi-locations. While in Theta, one is unaware of the physical body or
environment. Here, we don't use our physical senses; we experience through the energy body's super senses."
"For accelerated learning, increased memory retention and mental or astral projection, the 6.3 cps level of the
upper portion of Theta is the required state of mind. This is the highest level of both learning and physical
performance. Here we know and do things we've never been taught__ such as contacting the past via Remote
Viewing to find out how the ancients built the pyramids, or gaining details about Time Technologies."
"Time and Space have no boundaries in Theta. Many artists, writers, healers and scientists work from this level,
as do geomancers and dowsers who research and manipulate earth's magnetic fields and ley lines. It may be
that UFOs exist in this state, occasionally willfully acclerating vibrations to Alpha where some of us can see

"At 5.5 cps we're shown the growth required to transcend data input and simply "know"; and as we approach 4
cps, we interface directly with the Planetary or Galactic Mind. At a still lower Theta, 3.5 cps, we gain enhanced
language retention and the sense of being ONE with Spirit, Creative Force and All That Is."

Now, in
March, 2012, our bodies still perceive Theta as a sleeping state; so when we enter this Dreamtime__
while awake!__ our bodies think we're still sleeping, and extreme heaviness and tired feelings are felt as the
bodies become temporarily confused at the changes. It's almost as if we are "sleep-walking" through our days.
And if that isn't enough, our brains turn to scrambled eggs as they shift between Beta, Alpha & Theta brainwave
states while awake. We may have lucid dreams in the daytime, or become forgetful, disoriented or dizzy as our
brains settle into their new shift patterns to allow us to move between dimensions and to process information
gathered in these spaces so that we can have a firmer grasp of the different layers of reality. We are no longer
only dipping into other dimensional states while in meditation, daydreaming or sleeping; we are now living in
several dimensions all at the same time while fully awake and physically active!

Having entered
Phase II of the Ascension Process, we need to learn to relate to and "operate" our new
biology as we also pull together and interconnect the many disparate parts of our long and meandering journey
toward New Earth. We may even be learning more about our probable Immortality as we learn to stabilize and
function in

As the vibrations increase more and more rapidly, so many new opportunities will be arising soon that it will be
impossible to take advantage of all of them. A major lesson will be learning to sharpen our discriminating
factulties. "Discrimination" does not involve judging others, but rather perceiving the better choices for all
concerned based on our higher purpose for being here on Earth at this fabulous time, on our inherent skills and
wisdom and on the opportunities for service we see around us. Make sure you know your purpose, your role in
New Earth now.

Even though it may look as if we are still on physical planet Earth, we are indeed functioning in higher
dimensions. We have Bi-located__ meaning that we are simultaneously living in two (or more) worlds. Yes, we
recognize multidimensions; but this is a concept that doesn't fit well with 3-D thinking. Before the bi-location, we
found it hard to understand and stick with the consciousness of a Mult-D reality; but now, after bi-location, we
struggle to remain connected with a 3-D reality that still resonates to only one reality.

"Group" and "Multidimensional" have the same meaning. While "speaking my truth" as noted above, I was
always part of a group: myself, family and medical personnel. A 5-D group, however, can also include beings of
many different dimensions of reality.

Our channels of perception are primarily tuned to 3-D thinking, and therefore, 3-D perceptions of life. While we
maintain a physical earth body, it is common to place our attention on the 3-D separate, sequential habits and
procedures; we still have to put on our shoes & socks every morning and brush our teeth every night. And,
because 3-D is based on separation, if we suddenly merge with someone or something, it can cause an
"accident" such as dropping objects, or even a car running into a tree. Yes, we may even  "forget" about our 3-D
responsibilities because we feel so much better while we're focused on the love and light of the higher realms.
As we move into a frequency where every thought and emotion instantly manifests, our greatest challenge is
not with those around us, but whithin our own hearts and minds.

Every Change has two parts: creating the change and maintaining the change. Therefore, in order to
continually live in 5-D New Earth, we need to perceive it. In order to perceive it we will need to so deeply believe
that we are a Multi-D being, that we confront and release any 3-D fears, attachments or habits.
"Since there is NO TIME, we have as long as we need to live in both worlds. In this way, we can allow the higher
frequency light and unconditional love to slowly and steadily integrate into our consciousness so that we can
gently transition out of who we thought we were ad return to who we have always been__ our Multidimensional
El Morya

Susan Carroll: MultidimensionalNews:
"Releasing the illusion that you are human will be much easier if you have
released many of your other 3-D illusions."... "There is no simple way to release the human sense of self that
you have retained for myriad incarnations. In fact, each of you will need to call upon your experience to find
your personal process of releasing the HABIT OF BEING HUMAN."

"All 3-D habits must be conscious before they can be released. Part One of releasing the habit of being human
is to bring the awareness of your Galactic SELF up from your unconscious into your daily life. If you can find the
courage to share this personal return to SELF with others, you will greatly assist the process of Planetary
Ascension. A physical human bound in the belief in Time and 3-D thinking will not be able to navigate the
transmutation into 5-D Earth. Hence, each of you must first ascend beyond your own humanity in order to assist
others to do the same.

"The process of ascension begins in your consciousness. The frequency of your consciousness will dictate the
frequency of light that your form can download and integrate."... "TRANSMUTATION is the process of infusing
the frequency of"... "Light into any situation, place or thing to transmute the shadow into light. Due to Earth's law
of free will, you will not have permission to transmute another human, but the"... "Light will clear all shadows in
order to assist others to do the same."

"I am feeling a 'ME' inside that is beyond any expression of my SELF I have known within my grounded earth
version. I want to BE that person in daily life"... "I know that it is the next Phase of my process."
"To CHANGE A HABIT, you must bring it up from your unconscious mind and into your conscious awareness.
Once you can consciously observe your habit, you can begin to change it.

"Certain habitual actions or thoughts make you feel unhappy. You can trace that feeling back to its source.
When you realize the action/thought that makes you unhappy, you can begin to change that thought by
'catching' yourself in the act of producing it. And after you catch yourself in the act, you can stop the thought just
before you have it and transmute it to a higher frequency thought. 3-D thinking is based on time, space,
separation, limitation, gender and illusion. It is largely fear-based.

"Whereas your 3-D thinking has been trained to use only 3% of your DNA and about 5% of your brain, Multi-D
thinking arises from the 97% of DNA that was formerly turned off. As the higher light from the Galactic Center
enters your Pineal Gland and is integrated into your physical being, the 97%
DNA is turned on and your 'whole
brain thinking' is activated. With whole brain thinking, the 95% of brain activity comes online to originate your
Multi-D Operating System, which is based on Multi-D thinking."

Susan Carroll: "Whereas 3-D thinking is based on the illusion of Time, Multi-D thinking is based on the NOW of
the ONE. With continued experiences of the NOW, you lost Time. And, with no time, there is no space.
Therefore, there is no 'separate'. At this point you begin to have 'NOW experiences', in which you are ONE with
your Multi-D SELF. In these moments of unity with the ONE, you can perceive and experience higher
dimensions of reality."

"TRANSMUTATION is your innate ability to change any experience through raising its resonance into a higher
frequency of reality. Raising the resonance of your reality IS ascension. As you ascend with your beloved Gaia,
you will choose to perceive and participate in progressively higher frequencies of your ascending reality.
"All patterns of resonance are created by one's consciousness. 'My Reality'__ the reality that I AM creating
__begins with a thought form, which I created by the thoughts and emotions that I am consciously, or
unconsciously allowing to fill my heart and mind. This sentence is the key to being able to remain on New

The Star Elders through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in: "We have reached a critical point in our evolution"... We are... "having to
deal with our rapidly morphing DNA and beyond that, adjust to the actual laws of nature that are changing under
our feet. You will feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under your feet. But remember... this is your time,
and you came here for this time. SO MANY have come to experience this rapid evolution and rebooting of an
entire system. Your body IS going with you. This has been the plan for eons. Altlantis was only a dress
rehearsal, and we know that it didn't go so well. But you have all learned and grown through this age, and this
time.... Your Time! We can see from NO TIME, and we can see that you have completed the job. You are
victorious, and you are celebrating in the most extraordinary style. Hold this dream of victory as you pass
through this year with all of its tidal waves of energy that are coming.

"There is no doubt that your body will feel rocked and surprised by this year's energies. but your heart and inner
truths are unshakable now. Rely on this inner truth when your body is telling you differently. No one will be
immune to this process. There are going to be a lot of mixed signals in the outer world. Don't listen to them.
"There will be medical experts out there telling you to drug yourself with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant meds.
This won't help you as you are gong to reboot anyway. Fighting the process will only make it less joyful. There
will be well-meaning alternative healers as well who will tell you to eat this or do that. Again,
don't listen unless
your heart is in full resonance with their suggestions
. Everyone has a unique past that comes from their
spiritual ancestors. We are not talking about your genetics; like who are your parents or grandparents. We are
talking about our spiritual past. This is an akashik past that is much more potent than that of your genetic past.
Listen to your heart, your core, your inner constant. This is your orientation point in a world that is wobbling like
an out of control gyroscope. Fighting the transformation at this point will only make it harder and less joyful.  
There is no escape. If you are in a body, you will re-boot and re-calibrate. Remember... this is great fun for your
spirit and soul.
This is why you came here.

"There are going to be a lot of huge energy waves in
2012 that we will be surfing together.This is a good time to
gather with like-minded soul family that live in a place that is centered in the heart and not from fear. Surround
yourself with FEARLESS beings. We love the logo: 'NO FEAR' that some wear, because this is what we are
asking you to BE now. FEARLESS and FULL OF LOVE, TRUST and a deep KNOWING that the big
celebration is nearly upon you all."

"In these coming waves you are going to feel out of sorts and your body is going to give you weird issues that
seem to come and go. You might feel like you need to hunker down and lay low for these shifts and changes;
but we do not suggest this, although it is your free will to do whatever you want. Let us explain... You know when
you sit in a chair too long, you get stiff. This is what will happen if your don't KEEP MOVING while these waves
wash over you. You will not find the answers you need while hiding in your home praying for solutions. The world
is moving into a unified field of collective manifesting. You cannot do this by yourself. Pieces of your solution to
this transformation are spread out among all of you. This is why you need like-minded ones around you. These
waves are too large to surf alone. You must do this together."

In the future newsletter issues we will be covering some of the energy waves that, at this
2012 year in our
perspective, are expected to arrive. This does not mean that it will happen exactly as we or the Star Elders
suggest, for the future is not real__ and, as our recent Time Technology report shows__ can change at any
moment as we evolve. There may be other waves coming as well that we don't see today. We will keep you
informed. The first big wave of energy is on the
SPRING EQUINOX... March 19th, 10:26 PM, MST__ or March
20th, 12:26 AM, EST
. However, the US will shift to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 11th, so the
Equinox will actually begin one hour EARLIER than for standard time. If you plan some celebrations, healing or
manifesting on that date, it is not necessary to do it at that exact hour and minute. The first 24 hours AFTER the
dates and times mentioned above are open to intentions.

"Twilight of the Old Boys Network."  Project Camelot Forum features Bob
and Clifford Stone in a 1 hour, 40 min. video regarding their UFO and ET experiences and what's really
been going on with the Space Program. This one will fill you with hope, with comfort, and warm your hearts
regarding humanity's glorious future.

                                                                   "UP, UP AND AWAY!"  
                                                                  March 19-21, 2012
                                                                 "SPRING EQUINOX"
Part I

,  a time to GATHER TOGETHER and to prepare and balance
ourselves for what is coming afterwards. (Also covered in March 8th Newsletter) Since we passed through the
11-11-11 Portal on November 11, 2011, (Remember Nov. 15th?__Yuk!), we've been inching forward on
momentum alone during this last strange transition period. As we enter the Spring Equinox today or tomorrow, we
will be COMING ONLINE with the New
5-D Energies that will be flowing into and through the New Earth Grid, our
Re-wired brains, bodies and nervous systems and everything else. It's like bringing a huge new factory into
operation through switching on the power bit by bit to make sure everything is running smoothly without blowing
any weak systems with too much energy. This continues throughout

This "power" is the higher 5-D energies coming in as we enter a New Evolutionary Cycle, which will gradually
increase throughout the year. The first full capacity test comes
December 12th (12-12-12 Portal) and the
complete transition occurs
December 21, 2012, as we enter an entirely New System and function entirely in the
Light. We've been having 13 months since October 28, 2011, the "End" of the Mayan Calendar evolutionary cycle,
to prepare for this momentous event in human history.

During and after
March 19-21st, plan three things that you SERIOUSLY wish to see manifested on Earth before
the end of the year. Aim high, dear readers, as this power input is tremendous!

March 21/12 we enter the Mayan Kiche Long Count Calendar Year of 2 KAN__ &/or the Yucatan Haab Count
Calendar Year of
10 EB. The Star Elders through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in say KAN is about balancing duality, but Kan
can also bring up survival issues. #2 is always a Challenge; this may be why we are strongly being urged to
"gather together" with like-minded souls and collectively intend more positive results regarding survival and body
issues. Negative and fearful friends, family, etc., will be toxic to us now.

10 EB is about the awakened human family finally arriving and anchoring... "We are putting our feet down on a
new foundation in a new world. '10' is all about manifesting in a real physical dimension. 'EB' is about projecting
outer peace, but inside there can be inner turmoil. The outer peace is our heart knowing and truth. The turmoil,
fear, etc., that we have inside is the last of the old programming fading away. If we do not feed it, it will starve.
Feed the Love; starve the Fear."

The world is in a lot of chaos right now, but to manifest love we have to forget about judging or being critical of
people. When we are critical of someone else we need to look within.
Edgar Cayce said the people around us
are mirrors__ if we see a flaw in others, we will find it somewhere in ourselves, too__ or how else could we
recognize it? So look within to see why you are being critical.

SIGNIFICANT DATES FOR 2012:  (Aluna Joy & Star Elders).
FEBRUARY 8th & 9th were "shake-ups" for many of us, including physical heart or back challenges. Since this
date there seem to be plenty of sudden and unexpected (Uranus) events and/or potential happenings manifesting
after years of being locked-down into the things we have been doing for many years or even decades via the
Ascension Process. Up to now,
March 20th, it's been a Time to get things in order, if that's what we felt a need to
MARCH 14th: Jupiter & Venus conjoined at 10 degrees Taurus. This dealt with Self-Reliance, what we valued
most in life, our connection with Earth, and our local environment (real estate and health as related to pollution,
radiation, etc.). It was also the Last Quarter Moon Phase, so whatever we envisioned or initiated on the New Moon
of February 21st, manifested on this March day.

MARCH 14th to APRIL 5th: We reach a sort of plateau where we're realizing we are learning things faster than
ever before.
Part II
During 2012, humanity will, for the first time ever, be operating with both halves of their brains. But jumping back
and forth between
3-D linear Time and 5-D spherical/"NOW" Time makes it hard not to mess up somehow.
Yesterday I put H's used coffee cup back in the cupboard with the clean cups from the dishwasher, and oh, yes__
"what happened to  my toothbrush?", and "who took my pen?", and "we didn't get a newspaper this morning,
again!"__ were bad enough, but now its things like misplaced tax forms, unbalanced checkbooks, changed or
missed appointment dates or times, not clearing out the voice mail, or trying to figure out the new meds__ do I
take this one in the morning or evening; which is with water only and which with food; and don't eat any graprefruit
with one of these; and H's pharmacy sending a generic without his knowledge that makes him itch all night; or
even just being sure we have shoes and pants on before we leave the house for the supermarket. Somehow we
muddle through, and perhaps it's Higher Self or guardian angels that see us safely through another day by creating
delays and putting things on hold until the Time is right to deal with them.

And how annoying is Daylight Saving Time? Here in this part of Idaho, although we're in Mountain Time, we're so
close to the Pacific Time Zone line, that now the sun does not come up until nearly
8:30 AM, and because it's
much colder and darker then, we have to use more heat and light. How the heck does that "save" energy? I don'
even want to think about smart meter and cell phone radiations and gas prices! It's hard to remain loving, joyful
and positive when things keep falling apart around us. Will we ever get new systems in place? Yes, our civilization
is going through a Near Death Experience as the old world falls apart, and many things just don't work right
anymore. New Earth is just beginning to get organized as we try out first this, then that new idea to find what
serves best.

The summer of
1987, after taking Dr. Marcel Vogel's energy healing classes at Grand Teton, Wyoming, H and I
drive the 200 miles back to our home in Lost River Valley, stopping in Idaho Falls to pick up some stain for the
deck at Fred Meyers. I'm feeling so wonderful, that I choose to stay in the car and bask in the warm sunshine and
fond memories of the amazing information and like-minded people I'd contacted in class.

After awhile I realize H has been inside the store far longer than necessary, so I get out of the car and go inside to
seek him out. As the automatic doors open to me, I'm hit with a blast of energy so strong, so overwhelmingly
negative, that it nearly physically knocks me over. It was the contrast between the loving, unified mindsets of the
healing classes, and the greed, despair and fear of humanity's, then normal, 3-D linear

Our family has been through some big shocks this
2012 February & March, and although I personally felt I'd been
in a "trial period" of 5-D New Earth for 4 days and nights, with hundreds of synchronicities, feeling entirely
protected, care for and comfortable, and being shown what 5-D Reality felt like. When I once again returned to 3-D
Reality__ I felt even worse than after the eposide above__ as if I'd just hit the pavement from a second story

Since then__
mid-February__ all the systems of our life: banks, insurance companies, hospitals, doctors' offices,
the IRS, government, credit card companies, PayPal, internet & TV providers & programs, property taxes &
misfunctioning cell phones, even our Online Pass to NBA games watched on the computer, were beginning to fall
apart. And sadly, many of the online programs that once offered free information about the world and our spiritual
paths, have now chosen to offer "conferences" or"online classes" at hefty prices. It takes more and more energy
and time (not to mention cash) trying to find out what's really going on with these institutions, how to straighten
things out with them and perhaps, how to replace them or let them go.

I try to keep focused on the paradise world I know is coming soon (and for which I did three Intentions today) telling
myself that this "3-D confusion/chaos" stuff will soon be over. Okay__ I apologize__ I know you have your
annoyances and challenges, too__ but gee, it felt good to vent a bit.

However, to make matters even worse, between the new medication and continually "fixing" one thing or system or
another, I found it impossible to fully connect with my HigherSELF Guidance! This REALLY worried me! But Divine
Guidance "works in mysterious ways":

Dr. Kirby Surpise on Veritas Radio:  "TIME moves inside a sphere of uncountable opportunities, rather than in a
straight line. The passage of Time is actually our movement through one parallel universe to another, then another
and so on, within that sphere. This allows any human being to change the sequence of his life at any moment. We
create the miraculous coincidences__ the synchronicities__ of our lives through the Creative Force Field. (Part I:  Our Thought that generated the synchronicity does not necessarily
indicate a direction in which we "should" go__ it is a signal that we had at that moment, attuned to universal

I once again attempted a formal meditation, and eventually began to see things from an entirely new perspective.
Perhaps our 5-D New Earth does NOT have National Sports competitions, nor will we "PAY" anyone or anything
for information and guidance. In fact, maybe New Earth will have NO online information, NO newsletters or blogs__
perhaps NO COMPUTERS! I realized that none of the things or systems that had malfunctioned over the past 6
weeks or so, had even existed in the 4 days & nights of my "5-D Trial Period"! Is this what we're being shown? Are
we then, when in 5-D New Earth, to contact each other strictly with TELEPATHY?

It was like HigherSELF said: "Okay__ now you know the difference between the Old and the New Earth__ SO
FIND YOUR WAY BACK TO NEW EARTH!" Well__ gee!__ "How do I shift into this New Earth life? I'm lonely,
bored, depressed without my usual connections via phone, visitors, computer, TV, etc., and I haven't found
anything to replace these 3-D activities. Maybe, if there is NO TIME in 5-D, we just LIVE IN THE NOW & FOLLOW

And HigherSELF clicked in fully at last: "YOU GOT IT,TOOTS! You will gradually move into new "activities"__
Multidimensional activities__ as the Old Reality fades away, so just RELAX and PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS
* LET GO OF FAULTY SYSTEMS that make life complicated, heavy and dreary, and

Part III
Layers and layers of the truth about what's really going on in our world are being revealed like peeling the
proverbial onion, exposing the many levels of how we're being lied to and controlled. We know there are human
beings on the planet planning and executing dastardly deeds against Earth and most of us, and some tell of
off-world visitors with nasty agendas, while others insist only benevolent ETs are here. Still others claim both
groups are in conflict with humanity, the planet and even with each other.
Do we really need to know all this negative stuff? Doesn't it suck us down into lower fear vibrations, thereby
negating our personal and collective ascension? Or is there some purpose behind these dark energetic impacts
and human frailties?

As we move into our new identity as multidimensional beings and into the next stage of our emergence into the 13
octaves of 5-D New Earth, many of us are sensing that we're bouncing up and down on the trampolines of our
limits, hoping to suddenly catapult into some advanced level of spiritual evolution. Some of us are being joggled to
"get up to speed", to re-educate our belief system, get over our delusions, get our inner or outer work done, &/or
"show up" for something big and new. Some are being challenged physically through accidents or illnesses,
business disappointments, personal chaos and emotional tragedies. Others are being pushed really, really hard in
whatever level of self-mastery we signed up for prior to birth. Many feel like they've not had a restul sleep for

All of this turmoil, no matter what form it takes in your life within your spiritual purpose, is about one thing:
Incredible forces are impacting us with energetic chaos and with disruption in the environment. Perhaps, like me,
you've been wondering: "What the heck am I missing here? What IS it that is eluding us regarding our clarity of
SELF, our mission and purpose?" What's happening in the environment around us; what's really happening to
humanity and the planet? Wars are now being fought less and less with troops, tanks, ships or guns. They're being
fought now with economic and cyber manipulations. Are we going to war in the Midde East again? WHY? Sources
say the rising prices for oil and gasoline (and thereby, everything else) are being manipulated to gain control over
China's economy, which is having trouble importing and paying for oil to run all its industries and provide products
for the West.

What is the resolution that allows humans to be free of artificial control and manipulation? What if I told you that the
resolution to every problem that exists on this planet__ economic, political or social __can be fully resolved by
committing to and reclaiming your spiritual identity? That all pain, suffering, sickness and atrocity, even
cataclysms, are based on spiritual disconnection, whether that form is human or nonhuman? That__ in the Big
Picture__ it really does not matter who is President, what organization is spreading toxic chemicals, running the
Vatican, manipulating prices or financing negative "black ops" projects.

Seeing the Big Picture clearly and encountering this level of information leaves all of us with a choice: "JUST HOW
MUCH TRUTH ARE WE WILLING TO KNOW?" With a Humanity united in Oneness and the courage to face our
deepest fears__ many of which will never come to pass__ the shadow forces and their boogeymen can be
vanquished overnight. How much are we willing to let go of our out-worn belief systems, willing to see the lies
being fed to us to keep us fearful, ignorant and compliant, willing to finally look under the bed, stick our tongues out
at the boogeymen, and refuse to let them control us as "authorities"? Do we, on this planet, need to be terrified of
this fact? Absolutely Not. Do we, living on this planet, need to be informed and aware of this fact? Absolutely Yes!
We need to know what's happening so we can learn to overcome it and banish it from the planetary
.  http://www.energtic

The choice to see the Big Picture means we will be facing our fears and will open to rapid spiritual growth and
protection. It will require an ability to let go from everything (in your personal picture) that you thought this "reality"
was all about. And that "letting go" experience will be challenged and pushed very strongly this year, until we finally
have direct "spiritual experience" with our InnerSELF. To know direct spiritual experience as a truth, one has to
experience it directly (as I was privileged to do in the 4 days and nights of 5-D) to discern what is real and what is
not. Manipulation Agendas always impose fears, threats and terror (and sometimes even glamour and flattery) as
a means of compliance  or complacency. As long as we are scared of them, they know exactly how to manipulate

If we persist in mental rigidity, ego arrogance or fear-based beliefs, or a need to control outcomes, we block the
actual spritual experience (contact) from happening. Focused left brain development (3-D linear) without
emotional sensory development of the right brain (5-D to 7-D spherical), blocks our inherent human intuitive or
higher sensory development. This mentally "freezes" us within a very small window of 3-D linear perception. We
are stuck in a tiny "reality bubble", unable to see the bigger picture that exists beyond 3-D linear perception. It also
blocks our higher sensory ability to access spiritual experiences. When we are ONE with our InnerSELF-SPIRIT
and have surrendered our personality to that higher power, we are fearless, knowing we are protected, cared for
and comfortable. "Mind control implants are designed to limit our awareness, our perception
and to create obstacles to our higher senses and spiritual development. Many of these implants are now creating
issues in our human neurological system. Higher Sensory Perception allows us to see, sense and experience
multidimensions and the presence of spiritual forces and intelligences. Our goal is to free ourselves from Mind
Control and the negative implants. However, ONE CANNOT CLEAR OR HEAL WHAT THEY DO NOT "KNOW"
Be aware of The Big Picture to learn how the sickos influence human events that we see everyday in the 3-D
world. For example: humanity has evolved from numerous extraterrestrial sources__ not from apes. If apes
evolved into humans over the millennia, why are there apes still here on Earth who never evolved? We will not be
free until we are aware of this fact.

The Big Picture includes the alien agendas which have always existed here on the planet and have been hidden
from us by mind control, frequency blocks and "half truths" concocted by distorting ancient mystery school
teachings into "organized religions", to place controls on humans with fear and ignorance in order to use us as
slaves. (Chapter 21: "Who We Really Are" )              

* As we Unify, we will be empowered to learn our personal "spiritual identity" and then can choose how to
participate with the larger global impacts.  (Chapter 4: "Spirit Within"              

* Becoming open-minded and evolving our spiritual consciousness through re-educating ourselves to the hidden
agendas, humans gain access to healing damaged genetics and become immune to possession and mind
control manipulations. Positive Contact occurs and we interact with the Law of Love.

* Humans that have been contacted or abducted were chosen for their genetic relationship (hybrids) to that
Extraterrestrial Family. Being clear about who is contacting you and making that choice__ whether to live in
freedom or fear-based manipulation__ is each individual's responsitibility. All damage from hybridized genetics
can be healed through applied spiritual and consciousness development. There are benevolent higher
intelligences ready to support heart-based requests for spiritual healing. Every Starseed has access to this.     
(Part II: "Basic Inner Technologies:
* The more we dedicate our energy to spiritual development and fearlessness of what we find out about the Big
Picture, the more knowledge and information spontaneously arrives to support and expand us. It takes courage to
let go of mainstream input and listen only to divine inner order. It means researching and compiling levels of
information with which we feel energetically resonant. This Web-book and Newsletters are meant to assist in this
process. We need to test and verify our spiritual sources continually. Divine Sources never control or manipulate
anyone; only one's InnerSELF/SPIRIT knows the real pathway to Creator. (Chapter 4: "Spirit Within": "Discerning
True From False Teachings.": )

* Become skilled at developing our inner spiritual identities by reclaiming personal empowerment and
rediscovering our Multi-D Spiritual Anatomy. As we become skilled at focusing our minds and directing
consciousness to clear fear-based mind control, we are empowered to heal our DNA, have Positive Contact with
Divine Spirit Within and the incredible advantages of protection and consciousness expansion. We can then
discern what agenda is running, and consciously shift the placement of inner authority__ where one focuses
energies, attention and value. "If you place your authority on impermanent or insane structures, your
consciousness energy will direct its power to value its 'impermanence and insanity.'"

Remote Viewing demonstrates how this works. If we hold expectations or fear of dark future events, that is what
we will view remotely. Remember__ the Time Sphere holds innumerable probable futures, and our consciousness
determines which futures we will contact. Positive expectations will access only positive future events. This means
that neither "positive" nor "negative" events accessed are necessarily "truths" __ they are only Possibilities based
on our mental and emotional bias.

Part IV
Earth is entering a time of great conflict within a consciousness network callad
The Dove Grid. (J.J. Hurtak: "The
Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge."):  "It has to do with all the 'Armageddon Software', including the Pale
Horse and Jahovian/Annunaki/Crucifixion timelines and their implants. When there is inter-dimensional conflict
and war consciousness coming into the planet through  its grid (via collapsing timelines) it will manifest as war or
threats as perceived in our physical world." (i.e., Middle East, presently).

The consciousness grid network of Gaia's body intersects grid lines and impacts the multiple ways the planetary
life force has been used by negative agendas. Since a human being is an individual nerve cell of Earth, many of us
are havng Ascension Symptoms reflecting these earth changes in our energetic bodies. The Dove activations
have shifted the currents of the planetary body, which impacts the energetic function of the same name in our
personal light bodies.

As the planetary body undergoes changes in its emotional "Heart Body", directly interfacing with our human
bodies, many of us are experiencing light body changes along with the frequency accumulations, especially in the
4-D and 7-D (Crown) intersections. The pathway of this energy runs from our Heart to the Palms of our hands and
may become activated and greatly sensitized. This pools the healing "current" into our palms and hands and then
we have "palm/hand" vibrations that can activate others when we touch them (Soul reconnections.) Activity in the
tailbone could be a precursor to the activation of kundalini &/or Merkaba.

(Chapter 19:Wierd Science 101: "The Space Warp":
Others of us have already embodied the changes in our Heart Body and feel it through our feet chakras, which
connect with Gaia as a Planetary Interface which changes the strength and increases the vibrational intensity in the
collective human energy fields. Chaos, disruption and energetic pressure is extremely strong for those highly
sensitive to being impacted by these frequencies. There will be increasing attention given to the alignment of ETs
this year. Discernment is imperative as to who or what to align with, as some groups of visitors are warring with
each other. Do not take sides__"Stand firm and know that YOU are in charge by developing your personal energy
shield, and commanding your space within it."                     

* NEUROLOGICAL SYMTOMS: On the surface, this event is impacting the
brain and nervous systems of both planet and humans. Cranium/head, Jaw/Neck, Shoulder Blades and Flanks
may feel like they are bruised or sore; there are a lot of popping noises and aching in the body for some. The
sensation can be one of feelng like a chemical burn, hot or cold flashes, with the bodies' nerves flushing and
tingling, with pressure on the heart and head, and with chaotic thinking interference. Become aware of and focus
on protecting and strengthening your nervous system.

* SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES: "The impacts occur mostly in the back of the neck and back of the heart, as these
are the areas that source into your nervous system and its controls.

* ONE Pay close attention to how those areas of your body feel and Intend that your personal energy be
concentrated there to repel intrusions.    
* TWO: Speak to your body as a separate intelligence. It is you, but it is not you__ it is like an intelligent space suit.
Tell your body that you love it and appreciate all it is doing for you and that YOU ARE IN CHARGE.
* THREE: Program your brain and nervous system to accept only messages that are organic (intuition, direct
contact) and in allignment with your higher good and Divine Being. Speak to and treat your body (brain and
nervous system in particular) as an Intelligence that is separate from your SELF. Train your brain and nervous
system to accept no messaging or impulse that is "inorganic" or "artificial" (not created by material means).
* FOUR: Stay as calm and relaxed as you possibly can. Do not permit mind looping and adrenalin to take hold.
Become aware of what pushes your buttons. Unplug from stressful stimuli, take warm baths, do deep breathing,
listen to uplifting music, spend time in nature and generally remember to stay as relaxed as possible. To achieve
this clarity, one has to stop allowing external programs and other people's energies to run their life. When one
learns to create the inner space to communicate clearly and embody one's spiritual core identity, one can begin
the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering."

THE LORD OF TIME is considered to be
Saturn, which is also the Lord of Karma and of The Law of Attraction.
Saturn can teach us how to release the karma of our dogmas so we can see that all of us are really working to get
enlightenment and that we all have our own ways of doing it.

Neptune is now transiting the sign of Pisces, over which it rules, so its influence is increased for 14 years.
Neptune in the birth chart shows the pathway of direct connection with the Divine. It's like when we look into a
baby's eyes, we see the power of our own Creator Source Within. We are born with it into our karma on Earth; and
through Saturn's influence we learn to find it again as adults.

Neptune is also associated with addiction. What is it that addicts are trying to get? It's that feeling of Creator
Source's energy that was there at birth. Neptune's association with Creativity makes sense. What is it that artists
work with? It's their perception of Creator Source energy. What flavors their perceptions? Their personal karma.
Why do creative talent and addiction so often seem to go hand in hand? One of the things we're all addicted to is
the ego's need for recognition and appreciation. A lot of the ways people work with the Law of Attraction is in a
personal sense that has to do with getting to be the kind of person they always wanted to be__ abundant, healthy,
attractive, yatta, yatta. Over the
last 15 years Neptune was in the sign of Aquarius, so many people were then
dedicating themselves to personal abundance rather than to universal abundance. There was a huge growth in the
number of spiritual methods devoted to personal abundance during that time__ like "The Secret".

Most of us learned about the Law of Attraction while Neptune was in Aquarius during the
past 15 years. And
since Aquarius as a zodiac sign is associated with a unified humanity, anyone who really knows an Aquarian will
tell you that, at least for the first half of their lives, they tend to have a strong need for personal recognition, for
being recognized as distinct from others. Maybe even a little smarter than others. Maybe even as a little better at
the Law of Attraction. And we all have Aquarius somewhere in our birth charts, so it seems that separation is an
illusion, and we are really all in this seven-billion-ring circus together.

Neptune entered the sign of Pisces this year,
2012 and remains there until 2016, so we will all be learning about
uniting with each other and with Earth, and probably with the Galaxy as well (which, as far as I know, is a major
reason for us incarnating here at this time). During the first New Moon, February 21st, of Neptune in Pisces, there
were no less than 7 astrological bodies in Pisces. So hold hands with as many people as you can, and dance the
dance of letting go__ letting go of the illusion of separation which was once so juicy, yet so lonely. What comes
next? We learn to
                                                                  "CREATE TOGETHER"