May, 2012 Issues
                                                             MAY 5, 2012:
THRIVING IN A NEW REALITY: After crash-landing on the New Reality-planet, and dealing appropriately with our
physical bodies, understanding Who We Really Are and assessing what Experience and Inner Wisdom we have to assist
us with this huge sudden shift,
our next concern is what resources exist here in this New Reality that will help us
survive and sustain what we BEGAN when we first landed__ "
something unknown, to be manifested in ways
that never-before existed
"__ in this New Planet-Reality. We feel "frozen in Time", somehow.

"We may be concerned about money and our personal material resources, but there is also a strong sense of
illegitimacy'__ of not being an 'authentic person'__ because this strange experience is so new and unfamiliar to us. We
lack confidence, feel '
dumb' about life. We try to create reasons to feel better about ourselves__ to attain more income, to
make important human contacts, become recognized, or gain education or some kind of credentials to prove our
competency. We cast about at random for useful information."
Steven Forrest.

Benjamin Fulford's recent blog described 8 U.S. Navy warships and an "archaeological ship" stationed off the Philippine
Islands, with a Chinese/Russian fleet challenging them as they all search for huge stashes of Asian gold hidden both
offshore and in the island bunkers and tunnels at the start of WWII. These Black Hats'
dark deeds are increasingly coming to light, shocking us with the horror of their viciousness. This is necessary to clear the
air so we'll know what's been going on that we'll no longer tolerate and can then design our future with more clarity and

May 5, 2012: Full Moon, 19 degrees Scorpio. A REVELATION is offered. A Technique: "The capacity to transmit
transcendental knowledge.__ CHANNELSHIP.
" Dane Rudhyar.    

April seemed to pull us deeper into the "Time of No Time", each moment showing us how the future is conceived
in the present.
Because of this awareness and the truth that everything in the universe is ascending to a higher
consciousness level, are we now understanding that
The Law of Time is also changing with this dimensional shift? Life
certainly is moving faster. Where we used to experience a notable event about once a month, now we are having one or
more shocking events every day! Is everything going to be happening all at once in a few more months or so? Is Time
going to disappear entirely? How can we cope with this?

"If the Hourglass is a symbol for our perception of Time, at the point in the evolutionary cycle where our perceptions begin
to change, can we step far enough out of the box to turn the Hourglass on its side and see it as a symbol for Infinity? Or
would it be better to leave it standing and focus on the center of the vortex where every grain of sand spirals into one
moment? A
nyway we look at it, our relationship to Time is changing. To accommodate these fluctuations, and
any sense that we are either short of, or 'out' of Time,"... we are reminded to... "keep returning to the still point
that lies within"... "Live your life from moment to moment and let your connection to the NOW light up and
transform the world"
Spirit of Maat.

2012 and the years ahead are not only a period of rapid transformation, but also one of rapid and open-ended
knowledge-creation wherein InnerSELF Knowing opens us to our natural state of spontaneous humanitarianism and
introduces what may be an "Era of Great Abundance".

When we've been Journaling our spiritual experiences and lessons for some time, we will begin to receive
Direct Transmissions from Creative Source
. It is then time to integrate and ground whatever came in__ i.e., put it to
use in our daily lives__ and to enter groups where we can share whatever we learn through our conversations. Telling
others what we saw, felt or did makes ascension seem normal.

"We no longer wish to obey rules, limitations, or confining polarities of the 3-D world.... We can release our habits and
addictions to the 3-D world life.... Release Polarities: anger, separation, competition, fear, attachments to the matrix of
systems, institutions, hierarches and corporations"... "If you're in a beautiful boat on top of the ocean, the monsters of the
deep can't touch you__ they can't SEE you, because you are on a higher frequency."
Susan Carroll.

I woke one recent morning feeling EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED! Not just physically tired, but also mentally, emotionally and
spiritually as flat and dried-up as a week-old pancake. Frustrated with the ascension symptoms, the danged, blood
pressure meds' side-effects, the weird weather yo-yo-ing and the continual mistakes and harassments from worn-out
systems and corporations trying desperately to remain "in-the black" and in control. And I was also, of course, weary of the
state of our dear Gaia with incessant wars, pollutions, radiations, fracking and other environmental destructions, causing
millions of humans to suffer daily in poverty, hunger, disease, genocide and just plain misery.
And most of all, for me and many Lightworkers, the DESPAIR of so many lifetimes, years, months, weeks of trying to follow
our missions against overwhelming odds, with "time" for the Final Shift running out, feeling an utter failure, and still being
perceived as "the thorn in the side" of unawakened friends, family and neighbors who don't understand__ and don't want to.

WHY am I and family being so impacted with these negative events (we even had a fire in our kitchen a few nights ago)
and things breaking down faster than we can fix them?
Have I "Lost my Magic?" Is this yet ANOTHER blankety-blank
Dark Night of the Soul?" Am I totally wrong about why I came here and what I'm supposed to be doing? Or is
this "
spiritual path" yet another merry romp around the mulberry bush?

I held my face and arms up to the ceiling and once again cried out aloud for "HELP"__ for Understanding__ for
Guidance__from guides, Arcturians, angels, HigherSELF__ ANYBODY who knows what's REALLY going on here? I
again tried meditating on my exasperating Series of Challenges__ "Zit". (What else is new?)

After I pulled myself up out of my pity-party to re-insert a few paragraphs regarding Subtle Energy Bodies that had
somehow disappeared from the web-book, I noted a list of previous Newsletter issues on the next page, with the
January-February, 2010 first issue. "Hmm. Let's see how writing these issues has changed over several years", I
thought, and clicked on that date.

t was a very short issue with an explanation of what lay behind our discomfort over a seemingly negative
series of downturns and challenges.
Synchronicity? Did I really write this? I couldn't recall doing so: "What
we've been perceiving as 'good' or 'bad' events are actually STEPS IN A PROCESS leading towards a future
"... it said, and went on relating how I'd found a file folder long left on a table near the computer
and had put it away in the file cabinet. As I did so__ just behind it sat a folder marked "
1998__ the year we moved back to Gooding, Idaho. It held some old meditations I'd completely forgotten about,
telling me WHO I REALLY WAS and WHAT I CAME HERE TO DO__ no less than 11 typewritten pages! And I
was amazed to see how I have been, and am now,
still following those directives. WOW! "Ask and ye shall

So__ maybe our recent failure to receive the usual lengthy, verbal messages in formal meditations is no longer
necessary. Maybe NOW we're just intuitively (the "dings") being attracted to the information, or attracting it to
us automatically. Somehow, HigherSELF/Arcturians/, simply CONNECT US WITH WHAT WE NEED. When
something miraculously works for us like this, we KNOW and TRUST that the Ascension Process is REAL, and
not deceiving ourselves by following a false flag.

Judging our own Process or the Processes others are following teaches us nothing. The New Earth Reality does not
support judgment and spiritual arrogance. All Processes are perfect reflections of Spirit__ and of ourselves. We can never
free ourselves from anything that we resist, so we must allow our life stories to process. Wherever we have been, and
whatever we have been through__ "good" or "bad"__ has led us to where we are today. A brief look back reminds us of
how much we have already evolved.

All Life on Earth is divinely synchronizing with Its collective consciousness. Humanity and All Life is integrating within the
Whole, the ONE. We are going through this dimensional portal together, and everyone, everything needs to be in similar
fequency, in the same bandwidth, on the same page.

Ask yourself: "Do I need to speed up my spiritual process by following stricter disciplines?" Or, "Do I need to
slow it down with less meditation, heavier meals and even what appears to be__ goofing off
?" Just do what feels
right in each moment, not caring what others may think, and avoiding any judgment of others because their life stories are
lived differently than ours. There are good reasons for why each of us is living out our Processing the way we do, even if
that Processing is quite different from a few years ago. Next week, month or year, we may be dong the exact opposite to
today's Processing.

And finally, we ask ourselves:
"Just what is this 'MANIFESTATION' that this Series of Challenges__ this
PROCESS is leading us to
?" Jesus' Story is not about a divine being who descended to Earth to "save us" from our
"sins" just by "believing" in Him and "worshiping" Him. It is the classic, yet "other-worldly" example of the Ascension
Process as experienced by Jesus, who taught us DIY__ How to Process It Ourselves. He went through a horrific series of
attacks, crises and challenges, and what Manifestation did that lead to? You know the rest of the story__ including the Two
Centuries that followed.

No. I'm not suggesting that we'll be "crucified on a cross."
Perhaps these Series of Challenges, attacks, crises, are
our modern-day "crucifixions." Can it be that we are now learning
How to Master Our Inner Energies, as did
Jesus? To master our ability to remain calm, positive and loving during emergencies, attacks or crises; control
our thoughts, our feelings, our physical body changes, sensations and energies; provide for our wellness and
prosperity as we cut loose from the Matrix; trust both our Intuition and The Process we are living through as
together, in unconditional love and unity consciousness, we learn to Control Ourselves, rather than control
others and Nature__ and to Manifest Heaven right here on Earth? Could it be that "
The Return of the Christ" is
MANIFESTING HERE__ NOW__ in seven billion enlightened human beings? Aren't we ALL ONE GREATER
BEING?__ including CHRIST'S CONCIOUSNESS__ becoming as Little Children who perceive the Wonders of
Life, who Delight not only in the similarities, but also in the differences between ourselves and All That Lives,
and  who Trust in the goodness of both our Sacred Intuition and our Divine Processing.   

Everyone is asking the Big Question: "WHEN WILL THIS BE OVER?" We're so dumbed down with all this Waiting! But in
a time of transition, there are no black and white answers__ that's the old 3-D type thinking. We can , however, look back
at what has transpired, and look ahead to some major

October 28, 2012 was a big cutoff point or expiration date, as was the 11-11-11 portal on November 11, 2011. Another
huge transition and cutoff point was entering
2012, January 1st, and we could feel that everything had changed again in
important ways. The months of
February & March were potent and March 22-23 altered things in major positive ways.
FULL MOON of MAY 5TH, is "The Festival of the Buddha", and it is more powerful this year than any time in the
MAY 20th is a SOLAR ECLIPSE (another healing/manifesting day) when Earth, Sun and Alcyone of the Pleiades
system align to bring in tremendously positive and amplified higher Pleaidean energies to humanity and to Earth. The
month of
JUNE is packed with multiple powerhouse energy events. Physical life and reality will begin changing
dramatically beginning
June 6th when Jupiter returns to its zodiac position at 29 degrees Taurus, the zodiac location of
the Pleiades, to trigger, expand or spiritualize anything that occurred around
July 4, 2000. We'll discuss JUNE 20th, the
, in another issue. We're not even half-way through 2012, and yet we can see that acceleration of the
physical dimension dismantling of the global patriarchal control is truly occurring, because__ things just don't work well

If your consciousness has been elevated through the work you've been doing as you radiate Unconditional Love and
Oneness through your own Process, expect to RECEIVE unusual visions, pictographs or messages__ either verbally or
written__ which give you personal guidance. If you ACT on them, more will follow. Also, unusual sensations or changes
may occur in your body, and you will begin to meet New People__ those who are "awakening."

ome useful Questions & Answers: "ALL OF LIFE COMES TO ME WITH EASE AND JOY." (Upon waking in the
Another way is to write your question down on paper. Then go to the bookshelf, close your eyes and move
your left hand lightly about an inch above the backs of your favorite books, keeping your Question in mind.
When you inwardly sense a tingle, vibration or temperature change, choose that book and open it at random.
Re-read your Question, and find the Answer on the open pages.

Listening to uplifting music as we meditate is especially powerful, for Sound at 110-111 Hz is known to shift the
brain from the left to the right side, as evidenced in the underground Hypogeum on the island of Malta
.  As we
attune to brief moments of clarity, repeated many times, our natural, right-brained Inner Knowing becomes more and more
obvious until it is predominant at all times. Information by itself is not enough to evolve the Soul. The reception of this
InnerSELF Intelligence is highlighted when intelligence and data merge. Although InnerSELF Intelligence is present in all
humans, its Source is not from within us__ it is spontaneously present, equally and evenly, through all of Nature. Humans,
however, do have the amazing capacity to enfold the Intelligence of the entire universe within themselves and use it in
beneficial ways. Contact with Source Mind can change the direction of physical happenings.

"CHANGE THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE__of a tumor or other damaged or diseased organ, and of water, food,
.__ or a microchip?"

"Lastly, we are asking you to
NOT go into deep sympathetic resonance with anyone going through hard
Feeling sympathy will only bring your energy down, and make their journey harder. Remember__ there is
nothing to 'fix' and nothing to 'heal'. Each has chosen their path. We are harmonizing the collective field. Trust the Process.
Remember that what everyone is going through, is the process of bringing us all to that same page, so we can enter the
new world awaiting us__ together."
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in & the Star Elders.

"We are all becoming accountable for our own energies and how we direct them in this physical world, at a level of
energetic responsibility that has immediate repercussions. The majority of people, and the energies and/or entities
controlling them, feel backed into a corner. This"... "does not generate good behavior. This also means we have to really
discipline ourselves to not feed or reinforce that bad behavior, and engage with any dramas designed for
interference; the
result at this time is similar to a piranha feeding frenzy".... As we come to understand the power of the Creator Source...
"and of the consciousness that we carry, we become equipped to defend that Light and to direct it"... "to multiply goodness
into our lives and the lives of others."

It is as if we are in an intergalactic chess game... "existing between the most immense and powerful forces imaginable.
Yet it is our human beingness that is the game piece directing these forces on the chess board." ... allowing for... "two
choices: One may act from the wisdom and clarity to be consecrated as the divine vessel of Creator Source__ or be
jacked around by the ego dominataion of its shadow self, to be pushed around the board like a lifeless pawn."
"You realize Creator Source is exchanging with your light body massive amounts of life force nourishment that allow you to
continaully expand your consciousness and express your highest creation, while dancing with all other creators in harmony.
Every cell in your being pulses with the inner will to do so__ to create, to love, to express. The Inner Knowing is aware that
there is plenty of life force for everyone that seeks it, as it exists from the inside of your heart, which connects directly to the
heart of Creator Source."...

"While in this spiritual Process of energetic mastery (of which some of us have no other choice but to participate), we are
placed in the throws of Extremes. During these end times, extremes are coming at us from every direction, which is similar
to learning how to be an energetic, '
kung fu master'. Know that self-doubt takes you out of your core, and allows weakness
to overtake you. Stay in your core, locking down your field, no matter what."... (Pulse your breath as you mentally and
lovingly pull your energy field back into your physical body.)... "This is the 'dark arts' discipline. There is a
Progression of
that is 'exacting' in these mastery stages.":

First Stage: "You will need to overcome the weakness arising from not Believing in yourself and from any self-doubt by
calling upon 'Faith', As one places all their consciousness power in faith__ faith in self, faith in InnerSELF, faith in the
goodness that is present, faith in the Process__ one will be impacted by any weaknesses created by any particle of
lingering self-doubt. When in doubt, apply Faith. One cannot get to the sensory ability (present in the spiritual subtle energy
body) of '
Direct Knowing' through self-doubt. Never will Doubt lead to Knowing." Lisa Renee

Our Search is over. There is nothing more that we need to learn. Everything we will ever need is inside us right now! We
FEEL this, but now we must have BELIEF__ in our Inner Knowingness. Yes, it is another Step-by-Step Process. This is a
failsafe app to keep us from "frying" in the intensity of the Ascension energy. In Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt, we learned the
hard way that if we ascend too soon, or are not sychronized with the ascending planet and timing, we fail__ because we
are not ready to endure that unified energy.

Second Stage: "As one masters the application of Faith/Belief to replace self-doubt, as one pays attention to life lessons
to strengthen the core and rid the body of dark shadows, the
Process of Knowing begins."... "The spiritual body can then
anchor into the core, to which the experiences of
"Direct Source Intelligence"... of... "InnerSELF Cellular Knowing" occur.
As one shifts from learned 'faith/belief' to Direct Knowing, there is nothing anyone on the phsycial external can say, through
harassment, or criticism, to move you away frm that core of truth living inside of you."
Lisa Renee

A butterfly flaps its wings somewhere in the universe, and because everything__ even a speck of dust or a whole planet__
is connected__ everything changes; and we call it "
MAGIC". So flap your wings, Lightworkers__ change yourselves and
your environments and physical happenings will also change, and others will observe and "go and do

Our Inner System__
our MAGIC__ will soon be fully charged__ if we ASK for it! It will not automatically come to us without
our asking for it. We need to be at that stage of non-self-doubt, where we Know/Believe we are capable and able to handle
it with love and oneness. Once we accept, request, receive and activate this Process, we move into the
Age of
, for we are no longer in a polarity field where we judge things as right or wrong, good or bad, black or white,
higher or lower, better or worse, loving or fearful. This balancing of InnerSELF with Direct Knowing allows us to begin to
see things differently, and we begin to become a single ray of Light again as we Connect to All our Dimensional Selves__
first through our nightly dreams, then through our daydreams and finally through our Reality. The transition is not easy, dear
friends__ we need to help each other to empower these Processes to work,__ for "T
he Magic is on planet Earth NOW.
You have come here with Magic. You have held it within you all your lives. Now USE IT. PLAY with it every day. There
is nothing to wait for__ THE TIME IS NOW"
. Beacons of Light

                                                                                    May 18, 2012
                                                                          "TIME, SPACE & ENERGY"

Three-D life is disappearing more and more rapidly. With these body changes, I 've given up eating red meat and a few
other foods that hamper transmutation. I'm rapidly losing interest in more and more activities and information sources that
I used to enjoy so much. Family members seem more "distant" as each of us  becomes distracted with new challenges
from a wider range of life issues.
The hassles with corporations have advanced to the point where this may be the last "Living in the New Reality"
Newsletter Issue. It is in danger of being shut down by outside forces, due to blocks to credit card, PayPal, bank and
web-hosting systems, making them unable to complete monthly payments to keep it operating. Although Yahoo has
graciously assured me that they will not shut down this website__ as I write this in the middle of the night__ the past five
days of negotiating have still not solved the problem. Everyone has tried their best to be most helpful, but to date__ no
My first thought was that it could be solar flares or some sort of glitches with communication systems, but other monetary
transactions have posed no problems. Then, late last night, we had a mysterious phone call. H answered, and a man's
voice asked if he had the correct phone number. H said yes, and asked who was calling. The reply, obviously a recording,
was "Armed forces__ we want to speak with the lady of the house." Assuming it to be yet another request for donations,
H hung up. But I felt a chill run down my spine.
We can understand that these events, too, are Steps in a Process that is leading to a future manifestation, but for now,
that manifestation remains a mystery. Recently we learned to "look up" to see the Big Picture of strings of unusual events
occurring to and around us. Now we are "looking ahead" to perceive a probable Future Manifestion. Trust the Process
and Trust Your Higher Self.

Part I
THRIVING IN A NEW REALITY: After dealing with concerns over what Resources exist here in our new reality that will
help us survive and sustain our new project: "something unknown, to be manifested in ways that never-before existed", we
begin to feel more at ease__ IF we proved ourselves to ourselves since
May 5th, and now feel more like "authentic
persons'. Next we wish to GATHER INFORMATION about this new reality__ find out what's available that can be utilized
for the new cycle's further development. As we enter yet another speeded up pace of life, our curiosity is high, and we
cast about at random for useful information.
Steven Forrest                                                                                

SIGNIFICANT DATES AFFECTING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS:                                                             
MAY 5th:Full Moon at 1degree Gemini: "A New Dimension is sensed by the earnest inquirer."      
MAY 13-14: Sun & Jupiter conjoined at 24 degrees Taurus, symbolizing: "A belief in violence for survival."
MAY 20th: SOLAR ECLIPSE at 4:25 PDT over Japan, moving down through Mt. Shasta, CA., St. George, UT., through
the Hopi Nation, to Lubbock, TX. and "The Heart of the Dove" as offered in J. J. Hurtak's "The Keys of Enoch: The Book
of Knowledge." (See Map:

The Brotherhood of Light's first attempt to raise the consciousness of earthlings (aka, "The Return of the Dove")
ago, was in the Takla Makan Desert area of what is now Mongolia. This experiment failed, and another tried in
Atlantis also failed. The last attempt occurred in ancient Egypt,
6000 years ago, by introducing Hebrew genetics and the
concept of "One Creator Mind: "I AM that I AM" through Joseph, Akhnaton, Moses and Jesus.

The "Return of the Dove" is now taking place during the current S
olar Maximum 24: 2011-2012. It is shifting the portal
for entering higher consciousness energies from the Eastern hemisphere to the Atlantean undersea "shelf" center__ the
Bermuda Triangle__ making the Americas the new focal point of the present consciousness raising experiment. The
areas where Higher Intelligence Technologies of Light are being received in North America are displayed on pg. 49 of
The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge." Areas of reception in the U.S. are centered at Great Falls, MT., Great Salt
Lake, UT., Phoenix, AZ., Denver, CO., Chattanooga, TN., St. Louis, MO., Minneapolis and Duluth, MN., New Orleans, LA.
and others.

All powerful events that occur on Earth leave energetic footprints in the planet's energy grids and ley lines. These can be
amplified and perpetuated by the energy flow through the grids, which is fed by movements of the Sun, Moon and planets
overhead. This
May event is an annular eclipse, which does not completely obscure the Sun, but leaves a ring of sunlight
visible around the Moon's dark disk.
Eclipses offer opportunities to release negative energy imprints and enable new, positive patterns to encode into the
grids. As an eclipse shadow passes overhead, the Earth's subtle energy lines power down to almost nothing, becoming
indiscernible to dowsing rods; then, as the Sun's light returns, the grids spring back into life. This is a bit like deleting an
old computer program, loading a new one, and then rebooting the system. Annular eclipses have a very subtle effect on
the energy grids, releasing, transforming and healing the energetic 'blueprint' that can enable new spiritual archetypes to
emerge into the collective consciousness.
Two major energy lines, or Dragon lines, encircle the planet from east to west. These are the "
Plumed Serpent" or Great
Male Dragon line, and the "
Rainbow Serpent" or Great Female Dragon line. They are the two primary meridians of the
global energy system, similar to the two main acupuncture lines in the human body.... "
Everything else in Earth's energy
grids is fed by these two vast circulating reservoirs of spiritual life-force energies.
"The path of the annular eclipse on
May 20th will intersect the Plumed Serpent/Great Male Dragon line at two
locations__ Mt.Fuji in Japan, and Mt. Shasta in California. Adak Island lies almost exactly midway between these two
sacred mountains, and is the nearest land to the point of maximum eclipse"....
Eclipses occur when the Sun and Moon meet the Moon's North or South Node.... "The
May 20th eclipse is a South Node
eclipse, which will release the energetic thought-forms, outmoded patterns, attitudes and patriarchal archetypes of at
least the last
5,125 1/4 years, and probably the last 25,625 years of the Galactic Great Year. The eclipse will release
negativity left from the mis-aligned expression of male power in the Pacific grids and along the entire length of the Great
Male Dragon line, as it encircles Earth. So, it will affect the consciousness of the whole planet.
"In the Pacific Ocean, the mis-aligned use of male power expressed itself in some of the most horrendous battles of

particularly in such important energy points as Midway Island at the very heart of the North Pacific grid; similarly at
the Iwo Jima and Hawaii itself, with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The imbalances in the grid were deeply aggravated by
the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And of course, more recently, by the nuclear disaster at the Fukishima
power point."
1946 to 1958, the U.S. conducted 67 nuclear tests, totaling the equivalent of more than 7,000 Hiroshima bombs in
the Marshall Islands, a pivotal anchor point in the North Pacific Grid. At the Aleutians themselves, in
1969, the U.S.
detonated one megaton nuclear weapon at Amchitka Island.

"On a journey with a small group of people, out to Akutan in the Aleutians in
2005, we became aware of profound levels of
grief held in these grids. At first it appeared to be grief resulting from human suffering, but we also had a startling
experience of the grief being expressed by Earth herself through one of the group members. Quite apart from the
relatively recent abuses already mentioned, there is also the grief that has been generated by the imposition of
patriarchal religious systems on indigenous peoples throughout the Pacific, who had a long tradition and profound
understanding of Earth as a sacred being."

"Now it is time for the final healing of that long-held grief within the most crucial planetary grids, so that the planet can
begin to truly emerge into the Light after the
December 21 Solstice, 2012. As the eclipse releases these old patterns, it
will bring the possibility of seeding new expressions of male power that is fully aligned with the heart and the spiritual will,
and so enable collective healing at both personal and global levels. This marks the beginning of a whole new paradigm of

The significance of this
May eclipse is further enhanced by the exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon with the Pleiades
constellation. This cluster of stars above Taurus, has held a significant position in world mythology throughout the Ages.
To the Maya, the Pleiades represent the handful of maize seeds from which the original humans were born. These seeds
are symbolically re-planted in the Earth at the beginning of each new 'Sun' cycle of
5,125 1/4 years. (Five Sun cycles
complete one full precessional cycle of
12, 676 years.)"

"While the old patriarchal patterns of the last
5,000+ years are being released, the Pleiades, hiding behind the eclipsing
Sun, will be planting the seeds of the new consciousness that will begin to birth the new
5,125 1/4 year cycle that begins
December 21, 2012, as the Solstice Sun emerges from the center of the Galactic Equator, which the Maya
perceived as the 'Womb of Creation'."

"This eclipse marks the 'point of no return' on our journey towards
12-21-12. The more each of us is able to release
emotional attachments, thoughts and ideologies that hold us back from experiencing full conscious awareness of our
connection with the Oneness of All Life, the smoother the transition will be for us. The May eclipse brings a golden
opportunity to create Right Relations in all aspects of our lives and stand fully in the power of who we truly are and what
we truly believe."
Marcus Mason:

During the May 20th Eclipse Path, there will be a Temporary "No Time" Space in which to reboot all upgrades. It will be
intense, and we can be glad most of the path is over the ocean. Try to relax, remain in peace and neutrality as the
rebooting flows across Earth. This Eclipse energy wll be in effect until
November 13, 2012, when a Total Solar Eclipse
occurs at the North Node, enabling new patterns and archetypes to be seeded within collective consciousness.
"While in the six month long,
May-November Eclipse Period, it is going to be difficult to hold a space around yourself
and your affairs, as the world is very radically morphing now. The universe will clean up everything we might have
assumed or done that came from anything but Love. Try to relax and "be your truth". Afterward, we will be running on a
fully upgraded and re-calibrated system. It's time now to give this new world a test run."
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

                                                                         NEW HEARTS & BODIES
Just as Earth is building a new grid, we humans are building an entire new body. The ancient Egyptians always began
building their temples from the center__ from the heart of the building__ and we humans have been building our new
hearts for the past few months, so now we will build new bodies from the state of our new heart, based on descending
frequencies, beginning at the crown chakra down to our root chakra:                
"The Fall of Atlantis was also the Shift of an Age. The world was to ascend up to another frequency dimension. It failed
back then, but we will not fail now."... America has been set up as the '4th Atlantis', that we may remedy the abuses and
falsities of the first Three Atlantises... "This new body we are building will be our new vehicle for the next world
frequency."... "So check your heart. Has everyone felt like they have given their heart to the process?"..
When we do Intentions for healing or manifesting, we begin them from our Hearts... "then we add the intellect and the
physical means to make it happen. Let everything birth from your heart."... "All energy in the chakra sysem has a failsafe
protection, so no one can use it until they can match the frequency."... As our new bodies evolve, we will find that we begin
to appear
25 years younger than we used to."

"When Atlantis began to 'fall', the 'powers that were' learned how to get around this. There was a flaw in the system, so
they could use the power to control the people instead of using it to free the people. The energy we are being given here
now is to free us, not to control us. Atlantis fell because this powerful energy was applied with mis-use of power and ego.
The ascension of that age failed, and everyone that survived the fall of Atlantis moved into another cycle without the
evolutionary jump that one experiences at a Shift of the Ages. But we learned__ and we will not fail again."

Now... "we are ending a
104,000 year cycle. We are starting back over again. What"... the Ascended Masters... "Serapis
Bey, Thoth and others did back then is a lesson for us, because we don't want to hang on to the old world that we are
leaving behind. We might waste a lot of time trying to recreate what we had instead of learning about the new energy.
Trying to hold on does not work, because the Laws of Nature"... of Physics... "are changing along with the Shift."... "So the
trick is not to hold on to any of the old stuff that is falling away from us now. This is part of the divine plan that you agreed
to or you would not be here at this time. WE ARE SUCCEEDING!"

"The Master of the 4th Ray"... of Harmony Through Conflict, through which the human race is experiencing... "was known
on Earth as Amenhotep III, the Divine Architect."... "As an Egyptian Pharaoh, he was the founder of monotheism in Egypt,
a practice continued and expanded by his son, Amenhotep IV, known today as Akhnaton, incarnation of the Ascended
Master, Lanello... who extended his father's reformation of the ancient Egyptian religion of 'many gods' into that of 'ONE
God', represented by the Sun"... whose rays blessed the Earth in uncountable ways.

The pure Atlantean Energy... "is now being passed on to us. This true essence of the Atlanean era can now be released
into the world without any illusion or lies attached. It can now come into the world as a pure, creative power so we can
build a new world. Remember, if you don't create your life__ someone will do it for you."...

We were given a new heart and are developing a new body, but now we get WINGS"... "We now get to Be Who We
Really Are, coming out of the "closet", so to speak, to live our life's purpose in the open."

The golden light is increasing around us... "It is pure, unqualified Energy, and as we go through the next days, we will start
defining what that Energy will create. It is pure potential."... "The more we become REAL, the more we attract like-minded
beings and circumstances, which resonate with us." And the more we do this... "the stronger the love, the unity and
harmony becomes in our family and personal lives. We will carry this harmonic resonance within us and spread it across
the world just by being."
Aluna Joy Yaxk'in through Goddess Hatshepsut & Her Guidardians.

"Contact Has Begun", featured James Gilliland's interview of Lindy Cowling, announcing that
"THE TIME OF GREAT AGITATION" on Earth has begun. The Energy fields of our planet are in chaos, and it feels like
having a handful of pebbles thrown at each of us to break down our worn-out perceptions of 3-D life. We feel more and
more pressure, as if we are accordions being repeatedly squeezed into very tight little spaces, causing us to shift through
what would normally take years to process, in only weeks or months. Everything is speeded up. The only way to deal with
this is to Calm Down, and Allow ourselves to Drop into the Flow. There is a Great Plan, a Great Process for Earth,
Humanity and the Universe that is now flowing through All That Is. We are here now to discover, explore, understand and
eventually fully embrace this Plan-Process and live our lives accordingly.

We're clearing all human history from our personal Energy fields, as Earth clears Hers. The old souls, the more evolved
who have lived many lives here on Earth, have the most to transmute, so the physical problems of the Lightworkers and
Starseeds feel as if they are again being hit by a ton of bricks, rather than by a few pebbles. Some of us are taking on the
faulty World Financial &/or Corporate Systems__ whether we want to or not. Is this Process leading to the manifestations
of "NO MONEY" or "NO CORPORATE SYSTMS" in the New Reality? We are all cleansing and clearing at very deep
levels, getting repeatedly knocked off balance, but the "cages" around us are being dissolved so we an "FLY FREE" with
our new wings.

Once again, the only way to cope with this is to drop into our hearts__ LIVE FROM THE HEART. Everything now is about
the heart and love. It's where we manifest, heal or create from. The brain/mind can no longer resolve our challenges or
take advantage of new opportunities. Beware of spiritual ego and arrogance. MIRACLES occur when we live this way.
Whatever we NEED__ just APPEARS.

If we run into people or situations that challenge us, we might find it helpful to consider them as MIRRORS of ourselves.
What is it that the person or situation is showing us that also exists WITHIN US, that we need to CLEAR or ADJUST? The
Energy now coming into Earth AMPLIFIES everything. We cannot continue with "Business as Usual"__ SERVICE now
means coming together as ONE without separation.
                                                                                     May 29, 2012

Our website has been rescued! Thanks to a host of very helpful, kind and capable people at the credit card, bank and Yahoo
Web-Hosting systems, we have completed the new, monthly transactions to keep it operating. Lightworkers are reporting an
increase in both the number and the nastiness of multidimensional and 3-D reality attempts to distract us from our spiritual
practices and service to others. It seems the closer we get to the
2012 Ascension Timeline, the more negative,
multidimensional and Earth-based Dark Hats activities from both past and present are revealed to us. We have to integrate
and deal with these horrible issues now, whether we like it or not__ believe it or not__ or want to or not.

                                                                          "TIME, SPACE & ENERGY"
Part II
There is an Electromagnetic Peak Cycle this month. Many people within the Starseed gene pools are being exposed to
sleep state ET Contact. Starseeds have the consciousness ability to neutralize artificial technology (material devices) and
replace it with organic codes (intentional energetic manifestations. If one is not clear who their authority is, and that ETs are
not Angels or 'Gods' to be trusted, one can be manipulated to serve an alien agenda that is not in service to human
Ascension & Sovereignty.

"Whether we observe the World News with our outer vision, or observe the Energy (consciousness) Field with our inner
vision, the fantastic surreal to paranormal observations will manifest as common daily events."

"Our relationship to Time and Space is fundamentally changing at the Energy physics level. All the while there are still those
totally oblivious to it."... "We cannot be of this world, engaged with the chaos and maintain our sanity."

"In the creational structure of Harmonic Universes, there are two timelines per dimensional octave, so within our 3-D Earth,
we have six timelines. When we energetically evolve and move up an octave, (being initiated into higher frequencies), we are
exposed to even more dimensional octaves, and therefore, even more potent timelines."... "We have to move through the
series of timelines in each dimensional octave and Reclaim  our Identity while recoding and changing the obsolete or false
reality from interfering with our continued spiritual growth."... "We have to move through all the artificial inorganic timelines
(negative alien timelines) with their false, selfish agendas in order to arrive at the God Gateway."

"Because the Original 5-D Plan was not achievable, it required our evolution through the time fields in the Harmonic
Universes to be drastically sped up. Those serving The Law of One, are moving through extreme amounts of future timelines,
observing their collapses in order to arrive at the Gateway Octave where the Organic and eternal light is overriding the
artificial and replicated alien coded, False Timelines and False Software__ Nostradamus Prophecies, Armageddon
Programs, Pestilence Software, 911 Military-Industrial Complex Revolution and terrorist and cataclysmic inorganic events
generated by negative aliens. None of these programs are sourced as natural."... "Controlling humanity is used to deter
humans from their organic and natural ascension evolution. This is why Earth is called 'the prison planet'."

"Moving through octaves of dimensional frequencies is synonymous with moving through Time. The Ascension cycle is the
end of a 3-D combined timeline, and Earth is moving into a higher frequency of Future Time__ a future dimensional octave,
skipping the planetary consciousness field, and pushing human beings and their consciousness into Future Time Fields and
higher dimensional frequencies."
Lisa Renee.

As our consciousness evolves, we're increasingly recalling multidimensional memories form other lifetimes, events, actions
and hijacked timelines crafted by negative aliens' past deeds and agendas, as well as the impacts from our 3-D corrupt
systems. More than ever, we need to stay in our Hearts and avoid fear-based thoughts and actions. I firmly believe that the
only way we are going to get through this global mess is to raise our consciousness vibrations to the point where we will
enter the New Earth/5-D Reality along with Earth, and leave all the 3rd negatives behind to flounder and gasp in their own

Since the
May 20th Solar Eclipse, tremendously increased energies are flowing into both humanity and Earth. For many of
us, it feels as if we are being TURNED INSIDE OUT. Our everyday, outer-life now seems like a dream, and our inner
sensations, revelations and discoveries have become the "everyday reality". Some of the old Ascension Symptoms have
returned__ head, sinus, eye, ear & neck pains and pressures, mild hot flashes, dizziness, or that sense of being about to fall
or tip over in slow motion. A "morning sickness" type of nausea is back, too, along with back aches, and let's not forget the
"new" pains in joints__ particularly the feet and hands. Of course, the never-ending exhaustion has failed to relent as well.
Cold chills, short blasts of feverishness, clamminess and sometimes indigestion miseries have popped up, too. Yes, our
bodies are changing__ inside and out__ and we still have seven more months with major earth, solar systemic and galactic
events ahead. So hang in there, folks!
On a
Laura Lee Audio Program : Preston Nichols and Peter Moon revealed
little-known information about
Time and Time Travel:  

1915, Nikola Tesla created a tower on Long Island, NY, at Warden Cliffs Station that was related to Earth's energy grids...
"Today, there is a shore, nuclear power plant there, built about eight miles from Brookhaven Institution, and about sixty miles
from Montauk, NY."... the site of numerous secret Time, Free Energy and Consciousness experiments.
Richard Hoagland
( has more information on this.

Nichols related that up until the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, humans were insensitive to Electromagnetic Energy
Fields, and that
Wilhelm Reich speculated that human beings are very psychically susceptible to the 400-450 MHz range of

He went on to say that the pyramid shape always relates to Time in some way__(we've heard about the "Timeline" inside the
Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt)__ and that the Stealth Bomber was a hyper-dimensional vehicle that had a pyramidal shape
and was flat as a pancake__ reminiscent of the "Phoenix Lights" event in
Earth's grid can be used as an amplifier, and the Tesla coil device, when placed on a grid line, can actually tap the power of
the Earth. Montauk, NY, was a huge thought transmitter where they could target weather and precipitate material objects from
the ethers__ and it all happened "Out of Time".

1987, at Grand Teton Institute crystal-healing classes, Dr. Marcel Vogel told us: "Time and Space do not exist. You
intitiate Time with the start of your thinking. When you write down what you perceive, feel or believe, you SEQUENCE
TIME and precipitate this pattern of thought more and more into a state of objective reality.

Nichols, on the Laura Lee program, added: "The mind of man is a Time Function, so if you're going to get into the mind of
man, you must generate a Time Wave. That is the first cousin to a Time Device. A Time Device already exists because
our essence__ our non-physical beingness
"... our Spirit Within... "is encoded in the Time-Space continuum."
At Sigma Conferences held on an army base just outside of Olympia, WA. in
1978-79, they re-designed the system, adding
the Delta-T Antenna__ or 'change in Time antennae', modified after two pyramids, base to base, one pointing up and the
other down."... (An Octahedron, one of the Platonic Solids, and the geometrical form into which Earth's energy body is
currently morphing.)

They were told to build a stable Time machine. They were attempting to create a Time Portal, not sure whether it actually
became stable or not, between
1978 and 1981... "It opens from Time-A to Time-B and you can go through bodily or just in
consciousness. It forms a hole in Space & Time where you could walk, for example, from
Dec. 5, 1980 right into Dec. 5,
You take a radio signal and change its frequency rate to go very fast__ to go from F-1to F-1, very fast__ and it distorts
Space and Time. But by controlling these frequency hops and these amplitude pulses while  putting into it an
astronomical amount of power, you're able to literally bend Space and Time, and control it with the proper
translaters-transducers known as the Delta-T Antennae. In the center of the Delta-T, it would first create a twister in Time,
and then a spinner, and then you essentially get something first cousin to a black hole, which is a wormhole between
Time-1 and Time-2.

n 1981, they went back to WWII Germany, and then back to Mars, and projected into the underground of the Mars
pyramid, finding relics of an old culture there.
Duncan Cameron said he, when there, also thew a switch from "on" to "off"
that was the solar system's defense. This may explain the big increase in aliens arriving since

Peter Moon: "They went back tens of thousands of years__ perhaps 200,000 years ago on Mars. A dark force was
basically in control of it all. The pentagram shape is symbolic for Mars__ or pentagons.

Al Beilek told them, "The ETs know that there are certain bio-rhythms of the planet when things like Montauk or the
Philadelphia Experiments readily happen. Earth peaks in
20 year cycles"... (Jupiter conjunct Saturn cycles)... "and
".... The August 12th date was important. A woman who researched the Mayan Calendar based on planetary cycles,
explained how they synchronize with human cycles. She discovered correlations with the
August 12th dates between Jose'
' Dreamspell Calendar__ and the Classic Yucatec Mayan Calendar.... Dreamspell noted that August 12, 1943
(Philadelphia Experiment) was a Galactic Activation Portal. There was another in
1983, but the next will not occur until

"Beilek said Tesla was also involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. The woman then did the date for Tesla's experiment,
July 22, 1942, which was even more significant because it was a Polar Kin Date (Classic Mayan Calendar) which can
activate an entire spectrum of Time. The important point is that Tesla's date is one of dissolution: "
I dissolve in order to
."__ or, "CHEUN: Blue Monkey Plays Magic."

The "
Matthews Function" for going in and out of body, occurred after John Van Neuman invented the modern-day computer
in the
1940s."... (This writer worked with those computers in the family business as a teenager.)... "Many people were sent
individually through a tunnel in Time to
6037 A.D., and all went to a dead city in ruins where a gold horse stood on a
marble pedestal. Duncan Cameron felt it had some sort of machinery inside

They did a lot of WWI and WWII viewing through the time tunnel work. There is a large school of thought that we really
lost WWII__ it became a Time Battle, where it was the Nazi Time machine battling the American Time machine, and the
American's finally won out at a future date beyond the war.

Nichols: "Did the Philadelphia Experiment HAVE to happen at the 8/12/83 date and in the 20 year cycle? The
Philadelphia and Montauk Experiments were only several incidents in a long string of experiments going back in Time,
3.6 million years, and into the future as well. They think the 'Fall of Atlantis'"... (Fall in Consciousness)... "was due to the
Time Device going awry. This information came from a 'read' by six different psychics. They also saw 'something drastic'
happening in the future around
2012-2016__ almost as if Time stops for awhile."

We're dealing here with a set of one order of magnetics where you're crossing the electrical field__ the magnetic field__
within our reality.
"... "Now, considering the human psyche__ it's all Electro-Magnetic  induction__ image induction,
through the imaginary components of the EM equations, from one reality to the next.
"... (i.e., from one dimension to the
next)... "
Imaginary components appear when you solve equations in electro-physics__ you get a real solution and an
imagined solution. The imaged resolution is the one 90 degrees rotated out of our reality, essentially. This is what the
'curl' factor is in electromagnetics. This new curl is referred to as a sphere that's rotating, and the curl is normal to that
sphere. But the sphere is one reality reference frame, and the curl is the normal/90 degree rotation to the next reality or
reference frame. Tesla worked with imaginary components. Ninety degrees shows up in a lot of Sacred Geometry, which
maps out the whole invisible fields
." (

Moon: "There were connections between the CIA and the MK-Ultra program. The Phoenix Project included
Montauk/Project Redhawk."... "Other scholars substantiated
Zaccharia Sitchin's work"... regarding our off-world genetic

A woman caller to the audio program said when she puts her consciousness into her 3rd Eye and focuses very hard, another
part of her opens up, and she has perfect vision, can go out of her body, anywhere. But, the body she uses is like a mass of
silvery cells. She doesn't have a physical form then.

Moon: "A lot of the UFO's and alien vehicles are really holographic projections."... "Some of the Mystery Schools were
very positive, but others negative. Like the '
DUNE' book and film__ all have their own agendas."

Nichols: "At the Thames River in Britain, another Philadelphia Experiment was done. Wormholes are generated for Time
Travel. If you connect a series of wormholes, the Time frames of the different areas connecting them change, so that
gradually you are changing the rate of the Time Flow over the entire universe when you do this. This is how you modulate
the Time Continuum and make a Time Wave. That was one of the side effects of the Montauk Project. By opening a
portal between Pt.-A and Pt.-B (a potential future), they make that actualize
."... "In the 'TOTAL RECALL' film, what he saw
inside the pyramid matched perfectly with what Duncan Cameron described on Mars before the movie was made
Earth and humanity are in a Time Warp... ( (Scroll down to  "Space Warp")...
in a reality that we essentially created through all these Time projects__ we're in a loop we created. The soul is capable
of Time Travel, if you're not tied to a physical body."... "In
2012-2016, Time collapses in on itself; Past meets Future."

Moon: "The occult technique called "spanning the distance' occurs when you're in an internal here & now, and you go to
the future or past__ you're going into a different reality

Nichols: "We are seeing the"... "same signal from the 70's & 80's picking up again. There is also a channel beacon
coming out of Montauk underground, via a camcorder influenced by a particle beam radar from the cliffs. Is this the next
form of mind control? A particle beam can interrupt or distort synaptic exchanges between human nerve cells in our
neurological system. It's also rumored that it can be used to replicate the DNA and do programming directly into the DNA.
They may have used this in the Gulf War. Big helicopters went over, and the enemy just suddenly threw down their guns
and gave up

In 1989-90, the Air Force had a contract to build maintenance on Montauk air base. They re-furbished and upgraded the
power lines."... "We need now to protect ourselves from rays, etc....We tell these stories to alert masses of peope to open
their minds and raise their consciousness.
When enough people have raised awareness to a high degree, they will
be above the level of vibrational consciousness on which these mind control devices can affect them.
" (Emphasis
"If your consciousness is above that level you aren't subject to it. Control your own mind and educate your
subconscious to what is going on in the world and in your surroundings. Be concerned about keeping your own synoptic
interchanges entrained by self. This is done also through higher consciousness levels. Remember, your Energy Being
interfaces directly through the magnetic matrix to your physical being. If you keep your Energy Being strong enough,
where it's controlling the physical being, you are the only one who can then control that physical being, and you won't have
feedback from the EM Being to the physical.

Laura Lee: "It's the immune system of the psyche, then?"

Nichols: "Yes. You have to educate and activate your psychic immune system. They're using all frequencies from ELF"...
(extremely low)... "up to microwave. It doesn't matter which frequency__ raise your consciousness and you'll be in control

J.J.Hurtak: "The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge.":  "Light is the foundation through which and by which all higher
forms of Energy are transduced"...
(moving from one system to another)... "This is how the Brotherhoods of Light project mental
signals through the magnetic shielding of Earth by Light geometries, so that they can be picked up by our mind's
perception apparatus

"MASS, TIME & SPACE are Time dependent."... "ENERGY, TIME &  SPACE, are pieces of a greater whole which
modulates consciousness grids.
"... "It is in REAL TIME-REAL SPACE that the promised spiritual gifts can take place."... "In
clearing the Space-Time Grid of our present physical universe
"... "the mind must go through certain basic
NINE BASIC PATHWAYS"... "you have to work through in your consciousness evolution in order to
create a compatible network for spatial provisions. Thus, the Time-Locks in the mind are thrown open.
1. Your mind learns to see the events of cause and effect and begins to transcend these events."
2. Seeing the difference between "I am a body" and "I have a body".

3. "
When your expanding mind is aware of its own power of extension, you traverse the lower 3rd & 4th dimensional
creations. You then understand how
"... "there are higher orders of consciousness which colonize your thoughts."

4. "
Beyond your immediate biological form, your mind begins to deal with the entities who are in the intermediate state"...
which is between the vital cycles of death and rebirth."... "This means that your mind will connect with the projected
imagery of the messengers and guides observing and calculating your spiritual evolution

5. "
In receiving the projected imagery from the Brothers of Light, you can turn your mind from the affairs of the world and
around feelings of joy because of your
"... control... "over the material body of form. This is acomplished thorugh the
identification of your Body of Light with the spiritual intelligence that will guide your mind through the interplay of the
higher and lower worlds

6. "
These yet-to-be-explored frontiers are the world of your immediate"... Multidimensional Self... "which is itself evolving
towards pure divinity. Here you experience the unity of
"... Multidimensional Self... "and the human self. All the memories
'hidden from knowledge' by the physical identity are released through the
"... Multidimensional Self... "Which apportions
TIME & ENERGY to stimulate memory 'instantaneously' out of the sluggishness of the material worlds.

STEPS 7-9 are longer and more complex, but can be found on Page 473 of "
The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge".

                                                     The Guides: "But we won't understand what each of
                                                      these steps really is until we ourselves climb that step."