May 9-10, 2013
                                                      ASCENSION 102"

All of Space in our universe is filled with "stardust"__ tiny bits of hollow matter carrying the life force of
the Universe withwin them. They're everywhere. The implications for our New Life's potentials & abilit-
ies are tremendous. Current research unveils unbelievable possibilities for humanity. Our bodies'
actually upgrades & heals by absorbing
photons (light particles) from the sunlight. Photons throughout
the universe are in some way, all linked together.

We might ask ourselves:
"How will we use this New Life, these new energies and informations?"      

One way is to Assist in the Creation of New Earth.  The First thing we need to do is to  use the
. Secondly: once
we have a good grasp on that vision, WE "BECOME" THAT NEW WORLD; we imagine/visualize
ourselves as BEING THAT NEW WORLD.

The Third Step is to  WATCH FOR A SIGNAL  FROM DIVINE POWERS  confirming the  possibility of  
that New  World __either from meditation, intuition, from Higher Self, from dreams or from three or more
synchronicities. We then know its manifestation is probable!

The Fourth Step,  is to train our minds and emotions into a state of "SPONTANEITY"  in which our
conscious, rational ego  is no longer a controlling factor; i.e.,  we
allow Universe__ the Creative Force
Field__ to choose the Timing & the Pro- cess by which the New World will manifest, holding neither
positive nor negative expectations of the results.

To demonstrate how this works, let's pretend we have Intended
 A New World Totally Free of Pollution.
We could
) Ask  Higher Self__ (fastest, simplest and most accurate method)__ and abide by what She says.
2.) We could  Ask for a Dream  that includes conversations, visions or some verification that  the Pollution
Free World is      a possibility. (This works fine if we can recall our dreams and interpret them correctly).
3.) Synchronicities:  A TV,  a computer program,  a newspaper article,  or book,  radio,  or other people's  
words,  etc.,      mentioning or illustrating a "pollution free world". These synchronicities  have to occur at l
east 3 times within,  say a      week to ensure a likely outcome.

(A Third Step Alternative): Let's say we did have  a Dream of a Pollution Free World.  Now we must set
aside our Ego;
i..e., we do
not continue searching for clues  as to whether or not that unpolluted world is manifesting;
neither do we worry about whether our intention is working, nor repeat the intention,  nor try to " Do"
something  to bring it about,  as these actions imply Doubt,  which cancels  the Intention. The same follow-
up  is necessary f or responses from  Higher Self  or from the synchronicities.

If this doesn't seem to work for you:

The Pleiadian High Council
announced a new energetic upgrade that occurred in April,  as  The New
Human Soul
began to show itself on Earth  within those who chose to embody It.  This can be a time of
great healing. The human form begins to resurrect into its  
Light Body. The Light Body Process  has been  
ongoing for as long as  
15 years  for most starseeds,  lightworkers and wayshowers,  and is in its  end
stages now.  We are not mutating  into something "alien"  or formerly  un-known.  We are "Coming Home  
to ourselves  within ourselves".  The days ahead will  introduce us to  new beginnings,  to many
revelations and open us to the amazing capabilities of the New Human Soul.

During the days following the
March Equinox, many of us became "Christed." This means we sensed a
merging with our Higher Self in Unconditional Love and Oneness with All Life Everywhere, as did Jesus on
the Cross. We can create with our physical bodies now, as sacred codes are already downloading into us,
triggering our memories of how to activate the restorative essence contained within the bodies and blood
of Christed Light Bodies.

Expect Miracles!__ for we will have many unusual experiences. We may be sitting in a semi-darkened
bedroom on the edge of our bed before retiring, & simultaneously view a beloved landscape from our past
while still seeing our bedroom. This is
Multi-dimensional Viewing. And when we find that we can walk
through that landscape,  experiencing it as if we were really there__
we really are there__ we are  "Bi-
"__ in two places at once,  & also traveling multidimensionally with our mind,  as if trying out
different versions of it. This is
Multi-dimensional Creativity. It is all done through Porta-\ls__ Stargates__
that are re-opening across the planet, and new ones that are now forming; not only at sacred sites, but
even in our bedrooms, our hallways,  our backyards or a favorite vacation spot. We're New Human Souls
in a New World rising from a Sea of Multi-dimensionality.
Jesus was an ascended master and walked the
Earth in a lightbody. As we be-come Christed, then doubt not that we too, can and will do the same.

The March Spring Equinox began the Second Trimester of this birthing of the New Human Soul, when a
"fetus" develops a recognizable form. We were asked to clear ourselves of past negativity and release
anything still holding us back from ascension.

The weeks of
late March and early April were so filled with both positive and negative energies,
episodes and revel-ations, that they were probably some of the most difficult, yet most transitional weeks
of our lives__ complete with multiple new understandings of changes to our Life Contracts, more Past &
Present Life Reviews, and absolute turmoil and chaos in almost every area of our personal and family lives
as old systems, old ways of life began to fall apart. This included__ for this writer__ computer and tech-
nological interferences preventing the writing of the Newsletters and con-stricting the integrity of the web-
book. Every facet of our lives had to be re-adjusted to the New Human Soul's perspective and activity.

Of course, after every "new understanding" or "consciousness change", there would be a day or night of
cleansing__ through the digestive system, or by cold and hot "flashes", muscle aches, cramps and jerk-
ings, sometimes nausea &/or dizziness that could put us down for hours.  I "went undercover"__ retreating
from 3-D world participation in order to deal with all that physical stuff, and to try and understand what was
happening to me and my life. I recalled an old WWII movie title: "
To Hell and Back", that pretty well
suggested where we've been all these weeks. LOL.

Although we are now in the
Solar Maximum Period of every 11+ years, noted for huge solar flares and
bombardments of Earth with Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's), scientists were puzzled as to why there had
no strong solar ejections for more than the entire first year. However, April 13th, Earth was hit by the
most powerful solar flare of the year according to NASA and

Idaho, it began around dinnertime that night__ 6 PM, MDT, April 12th__ and lasted well into the
morning daylight hours. It also produced unusual repeating
Dreams, which woke me several times with
pounding heart, yet unable to recall the dreams' details. I did, however, retrieve one dream in which I was
"searching for something" (a common recent theme) and came upon a building that had at first seemed like
"home" to me, but was being torn apart by a construction crew. I spoke with one guy working on plumbing
fixtures in a small room. Two of the walls were already gone, and he was tearing apart a third. I asked,
"Where did the bathroom go?" He stopped, looked at me oddly, and said, "Well__ it's gone.
There are no
more bathrooms
."  I awoke.

Oh, my gosh! Are we finally done with these darned ascension
cleansings? (As the days pass, by May
, it has been true! We're still having downloads, but the sunshine and photons are doing a gentler
cleansing for our bodies!)

Most recently, that
April 11th CME released, (although it didn't hit Earth until the evening of April 12th
and the next morning), but the energy it brought seems to have made the world into a "Collective Warrior".
I've lived through a world collective warrior attitude many times__
WWII, Korean War, Cold War, Viet
Nam War, Eastern European War, the Iraq
and current Afghanistan Wars; but it now seems to
increasingly permeate governments, corporations, religions, all our social systems, the economy, and
finally__ even our families, small businesses, schools, movie theaters, sporting events, factories and
automobile and airline traffic.

Battles" are being fought on all fronts, and I myself became part of it, as I "took on" a credit card company
after they lost our checks for the previous month's bill. (H and I write 2 checks to cover each of our
purchases.) They said we didn't make a payment last month, and added a $25 "past due" charge and
$10.10 for "interest". We have had this card for 35 years and have always payed the bill in full every month
within three days after its arrival.

We called the banks. They had cleared the checks 3 days after we'd received the bill. When we called the
card company with this information, something about the stern tone of the woman's voice, ticked me off, as
well as her request for
another $25 "to pay for searching their files" for the check's history, plus my bank
account number.

What happened, is I, too, "
began to battle". I said "No__ you already lost our two checks, and I'm not
going to give you my checking account, too. And__ I'm not paying for a "search". Neither am I doing your
office work for you any longer. You have my name, my address, my bank and its address and phone
number, the check number, the amount and the date. Use your computers.
" (I wanted to say that my six-
year-old grandson could do the search for them, but I refrained.)

My family was shocked at my outrage, as I usually don't handle mistakes or delays in this way. I said:
!" They
make us feel like criminals, even when
they are in error. THEY WORK FOR US! Every time we charge
something on a credit card, the seller has to pay the card company 5%. If large numbers of us don't charge
on the cards anymore, the card companies couldn't stay in business.

This attitude may be at the foundation of all the rage/warrior stuff so prevalent. We are fed up with the way
this world is being run__ or ISN"T being run__ and, like the old movie,
"Network"__ "We aren't going to
take it anymore!" I suspect most people on Earth are feeling this way, too. I couldn't call this "Christ-like"
behavior__ until I recalled led the episode where
Yeshua went into the temple and over-turned the tables
of the money-lenders.

HS suggested later, that I may have been a wayshower for many who followed suit. "The mere act of
'breaking the yoke
' and defying the programming altered the future of mankind simply because others had
listened to my outburst and message of truth."

Perhaps we
have to have breakdowns of some sort__ like my "Pity Party" of the last newsletter__
breakdowns caused by too many overwhelming challenges piling up at once; maybe even earth
catastrophes, economic collapses, pole shifts or more war, more violence, fear porn and "false flag"
shootings and bombings before we can make a change of consciousness. (I play music when writing or
meditating, and "shuffle" a long list of composition choices on Windows Media Player, so I don't know
what's coming next after each tune. As I write this,
Carlos Santana's "Europa" is playing__ Its sub-title:
Earth Cries; Heaven Smiles.")

As for the "new forms" and the "potentiality of new consciousness", they are becoming evident with specific
groups deeply involved in encouraging humanity and Earth's ascension process. The
Planetary Ascension
comp-\osed of at least ten thousand evolved individuals from around the planet, are often in
telepathic rapport with each other; and the
Arcturians who frequently communicate with me regarding
technologies, play a major role in our con-sciousness evolution. Other sources say if our inner spirit's
frequencies are high enough, we will soon be moving at will through sacred sit portals (
Stargates) to other
locations and/or dimensions.

And, there are reports from several quarters about people being as disgusted and fed-up with the state of
the world as I was in
mid-April, and demanding a change, or to be "left out". This could be a form of
telepathic rapport between groups of lightworkers, starseeds and wayshowers, most of whom are quite
empathic__ sensing the feelings and moods of other people__ and thereby feeling encouraged to accept
these sensations as lead-ins to telepathy, and as valid for their present stage in the ascension process.
They were upgrading their DNA as they cleansed themselves of what was labeled, "
The  Savior Complex";
i.e., the desire to "save' people, to heal or assist them.

Humans are at that juncture in their mass ascension process where we must take responsibility for our
own evolution of consciousness, our own light body process and our ascension, rather than remaining
dependent on those we perceive as "more evolved" individuals. We ourselves need not serve as other
people's Higher Selves. They need to contact their own Higher Selves. The simple Truth might be that
"Other people's business is Creator's business __not Our business." All the information others need to
"DIY"__ is out there__ and of course, within their own Higher Selves.

Higher Self: "Did not Jesus do the same as He left, stating: " I go now to be with my Father... but I leave
you with the Holy Spirit"__ the "Spirit Within.?" They' have done a job on you and so many others, my
dears, and you are breaking those chains, but it's hard to be a master after you've been a slave for so
long. Yes, we will send you signs and signals. And congratulations, dear ones, your missions ARE being
fulfilled."... "Can you not  perceive connections over the centuries of  lifetimes with Pharaohs, Jesuits,
Cathars, the Inquisition, the Healings, the Black Pope/Peter of Rome? It is finished! Humanity's Mass
Ascension is on the doorstep! Well done! Now, Instead of worshipping or bowing down to false gods,
'Become as One with the Ethers__ the Creative Force Field'."

The Arcturians say that if we check out our past lives of significance, scan our childhood, youth and
adulthood for clues to what all the activities, studies, experiments and experiences have truly been about,
we're likely to discover they have been about some form or other of Creativity. Have we not learned, taught
or worked with groups, with teams of some kind, perhaps in leadership roles, other than the past few years
of seclusion for contemplation and ascension preparation? Even then we continued to uplift, influence and
exemplify Spirit Within despite our exhaustion, aches and disabilities.

Many of us ascended to the 4th dimension in a past life under the oversight of an Ascended Master__ St.
Germaine, El Morya, Raphael, Gabriel,
etc.. If we have done it before and graciously returned to Earth
to assist
Gaia and Humanity to do the same, we have "made a difference"__ without rewards, fanfare, or
recognized glory__ in many ays, in many lives, and when and if we contemplate what happened, we must
realize many of our contacts had to accept that the world could be a very different place. If some do not
accept or use what we told or showed them, that is their sorrow__ not ours. We cannot make them
evolve. It must be done by them, as we have truly sensed for eons of time.

The Arcturians: "The ascension symptoms, the pains, the exhaustion, the "attacks' on body and
activities, etc... are similar to Christ's crucifixion. Only, it was sent in fragments to lightworker's, star-
seeds, wayshowers of today, or they would not have been able to survive it. ("If the days had not been
shortened, you would not be able to survive.")

"Humans have just now found life elements on Mars. The roots of humanity are vast, and exist throughout
the entire universe. It is not just Earth that is ascending; it is the entire solar system, the galaxies, the
whole universe, to their appropriate dimensional states! And you have all been a part of that."
Media Player is now playing: "
The Mission:" " Performed by The Rome Symphonic Orchestra.)
April 26-27, I began feeling a sort of "wobbling', a vibrational trembling in my body and even to the
furniture and the whole house. My entire being felt agitated. My first thought was that it's coming from
Earth, from Gaia. Her magnetic field is changing, building up energy in preparation for some grand event.
Something Big feels about to occur__ either within Earth, or within we earthings__ or both.

Checking the current astrological charts.
Pluto in Capricorn is again about to form a perfect square aspect
(a challenge) to
Uranus in Aries, as it did June, 2012 and September, 2012. This new perfect square will
peak on
May 21, 2013, as the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Gemini (The Twins). The effect of this powe-
rful aspect is now increasingly being felt throughout the world, and will continue in effect until
June 11th. It
often implies "
A Fall of Kings". Since Pluto is moving retrograde all this time, all the nefarious deeds of the
2000 years will be exposed to our full view.

Pluto ("Transformation: The Will to Express God.") will be at 11 degrees Capricorn. This degree concerns
Rudhyar's Sabian Symbols states: "By the use of biological techniques, man is able
to develop new species."... "Wilderness is turned into the gardens of an aristocracy having the leisure,
taste and money to produce or encourage the creation of beautiful forests." We have here a New Vision.
One which shows how man can cocreate with Nature in creating beauty and elegance by capitalizing on
skill and opportunity."

Pluto was at 11* Capricorn in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down, breaking the division between East
and West  Berlin and Europe, at the same time that H and I moved to
St. Louis, MO with only 9 days
notice. Something is "coming down", "dividing", and/or "moving". Events will occur quickly and su

Uranus, ("The Autonomous Force: Rebelling against externally-imposed restrictions; originality and
genius") will be at 11* Aries. Here is another New Vision involving what
Rudhyar calls, "THE RULER OF A
NATION." ... "The power resulting from the formal integration of the collective desire for  order." ...
"Actually, the ruler at this social-political and mental level of integration"... "A CENTRALIZATION OF
POWER at the level of a rigidly structured consciousness."

If and when the "Something Big"__ "moves","comes down", "doubles" or "divides"__ on Earth, it could be
the dark cabal finally collapsing, plus the Split between present 3-D/4-D Earth into the Planet A/B and
Planet B timelines; or a Magnetic Pole Reversal ... within Earth or within our collective human
consciousness__ maybe the overcoming of Duality. The Zodiac sign of
Gemini seems to emphasize a
two-some/twins" situation. And Earth and Humanity may finally "move" into higher dimensions.

Related Websites:
For a more in depth read, see Barbara Hand Clow  
on the "
Third Pluto-Uranus Square."

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, which deals with "What we are becoming", with higher technology and
extraterrestrial matters. For those and several other possibilities, check out David Wilcock's April
article: "The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit" on . It's a long read, but
worth it. I couldn't stop. I sat up reading unti
l 2:30 AM. LOL.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in: "First Signs of Physical Ascension Are Here!' The
Star Elders give us a glimpse into 5th-dimensional life. Comforting!

                                                                                    May 24-25, 2013                                                    
                                                       "ASCENSION 103"
                                                                            Part I

The "Elephant in the Room" these days may be neither the development, nor the choice of a best Technique for ascen-
sion, but rather:

LUNAR ECLIPSE: 10:11 PM, MDT at 9 degrees Sagittarius:  "Every generation must have a SOCIAL CONCERN for
developing Techniques to assist the less evolved in their management and resolution of the problems standing in
the way of the planet's and the race's continued existence.
" (Rudhyar) (9* degrees Sagittarius/Gemini is The Nuclear

Causes of Planetary and Human Evolution.  
25,920 years, Earth's "Axis" (Not the "Nuclear Axis"), but the line running through Earth from pole to pole descri-
bing an oval pattern above and  below the poles, completes one revolution. One complete cycle of this pattern is called
the "Progression of the Equinoxes", or "The Great Year". At completion of this oval pattern at the Galactic Center (27-
29 degrees Sagittarius), a "
Shift of the Ages" occurs, with the collapse of the Old Reality of the planet, and the start
of a New Reality in a higher dimension. It has happened many times before, and is recorded in nearly every major reli-
gion and indigenous culture around the world. The last time this happened, was labeled, "The Fall of Atlantis."

On this "Shift" date, increasing energetic rays from the cosmos, galaxy, and our
sun cause all the planets in this solar system to raise their vibrational frequen-
cies to a higher level enabling Earth and her minerals, plants and animals to
enter that higher dimension. However, humans need to raise their own cons-
ciousness to match that of Earth's in order to move into the higher dimension
with Her__ in other  words, "to Ascend".

    This "Progression of the Equinoxes" is an event that regular-
    ly occurs like clockwork to evolve Earth and Her lifeforms to
    higher levels of existence, thereby leaving behind all currently
    existing negativities.

Earth and Her lifeforms, including humanity, have been in (3-D), the Third Dimension for the last 75,000+ years, as our
race failed twice to achieve a high enough frequency vibration to move to the Fourth Dimension (4-D). Many humans
have been able to move into 4-D briefly during dreams, meditations and certain rituals, but the majority do not recall
having done so, nor do they remain at that level.

The "Great Year" of
25, 920 Earth years is combined of 360 periods of 72 years each, as the axis moves 1 degree
every 72 years. This is a Cycle of Creativity, and by examining your astrological birth chart for any two planets that are
72 or 144 (
2 x 72) degrees apart from each other, you can discover how "creative" you are. The planets involved, plus
their zodiac signs and house positions, indicate the areas and issues in which you have strong creative abilities.

Our Binary Star System.
Something, however, is causing  Earth to "wobble' at Her North and South Poles during "The "Progression of the Equi-
noxes". There have long been myths and legends telling of Two Suns appearing in our planet's skies in ancient times.
Recently, a second "Sun" was discovered approaching Earth. These two Suns and their interactions are what cause
the oval pattern of the "Progression of the Equinoxes" and Earth's wobbling. We haven't seen this second Sun for nearly
26,000 years__
a Great Year. It is a "dark star", or "brown dwarf" that gives off much fainter light than our everyday visi-
ble Sun, "Sol". The photograph heading this newsletter issue is of Charlotte, North Carolina; a second sun is just barely
appearing at  each sunrise and sunset, and soon disappears below the horizon until the following day. This  photo is un-
retouched. has videos of the dark sun rising and setting over not only Charlotte, but also the South
Pole, Arizona, Scotland and elsewhere__ YES! THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

The enclosed diagram; "
Binary Star System" shows two orbits in red__
the larger orbit is oval-shaped, and the smaller orbit, less so. The two yellow
circles represent Earth's sun, "Sol", and the two small grey circles, the brown
dwarf __ also called "The Black Sun" The tiny green dot inside the area
where the two orbits overlap is the Center of Gravity within the two cycles,
and approximately where Earth is at the present time, when "Sol" and "The
Black Sun." are at their closest approach.

When both Suns are farthest out from Earth (green dot) in their orbits they
are half-way through the Great Year of 25,920 Earth years; i.e., it's where it
was 12, 960 years ago, in what India's ancient texts call the "Kali Yuga", or
the darkest 2,000+ years periods of Earth history. This was about the time
that Christ appeared on Earth.
NASA now knows that 80% of the suns in
our universe are binary stars.
GAIAMTV: D. Wilcock: "The 25,000 Year Cycle" - April, 2013)

When the two Suns are closest to Earth (green dot) we have what is called "
The Shift of the Ages", as the two suns'
energies pull upon Earth, increasing the Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections from "Sol" that affect our planet's
physical body and all life upon Her. Along with other energetics from Earth Herself, from the cosmos and the galaxy
influencing us, all the planets in our solar system are experiencing that "wobble", heating up, developing atmospheres
or places where new life seems to be evolving, as well as increased earthquakes, volcanoes and weather changes.
This happens every 25, 920 years__ every "Great Year". (
Walter Cruttenden: "Lost Star of Myth and Time").

Spirit Within is "Gaia", and She and physical Earth are raising their vibrations to a frequency level where they
will ascend into a higher dimensional state of existence. All the plants, animals, etc. upon Gaia are ascending with her;
but only those humans who have raised their consciousness frequencies to equal those of Gaia, will ascend into the
4th and 5th dimensions with Her. We are going through "Transfiguration" as our DNA and the energies of the Shift of
the Ages mutate us into
Beings of Light, who will exist in a reality far removed from dark controllers.

How Ascension Begins.
December, 21, 2012__ t
he "End" of the previous Mayan Calendar__we reached the Shift's TURNING POINT, when
the Ascension Process
began to manifest. Many people were disappointed, as they had expected something like a
great  flash of light, visits from hundreds of thousands of ETs, or some sort of huge earth changes on that date, propel-
ling them into the New Earth instantly. However, Nature does not work like that; even a volcanic eruption gives signals
in advance__ minor earthquakes, rising local heat, steam from vents, smoke from the crater, nearby underwater
springs bubbling, etc..

Earth is moving into 4-D permanently this time, and those humans who have evolved their consciousness  
sufficiently, will move with Her, leaving behind the mean-spirited beings,
as the heart-centered enlightened
ones move into a much more peaceful, benevolent and stable planetary reality.
We do not know the exact date for this
to occur, as many factors are involved in completing this event. Some spiritual groups believe it will be within a month
or two; others that it will be nearer the
September Equinox__ 9 months after the 12-21-12 date__ as when a baby__
or a "baby" planet is born.

In the past, smaller groups of people ascended over various periods of time, but this time humanity is scheduled to
move in mass __all of us at once__ IN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES, which has never been done before__ anywhere! If
this Mass Movement is unable to complete, the Ascension Process will return to the previous method, and humans
who have evolved sufficiently will again ascend in smaller groups at various times.

Planet Earth's Ascension
When Earth moves into 4-D, the Plan is for Her to become the New Earth A/B, which is a combination of those per-
sons who are not quite ready for ascension ("
B"), and of those who are ready and actually ascend to ("A/B"). Both will
exist on the same planet together in 4-D, but there will
not be the worst catastrophes and barbaric events that are be-
ing forecast and we are seeing now on our present-day planet. Those humans in  the "A" portion of New Earth, will be
assisting the "B" part dwellers to raise their consciousness to the point where ALL will ascend into 5-D, the Fifth Di-
mension. This requires the development of the
Light Body which means we will no longer have a physical body, but
will be able to create one at will if and when we wish to be of service in the lower dimensional realms.

After some time (unknown, but not many years longer), New Earth
A/B will again divide. The "B" part will become
Planet B__ like the Old Reality, (where we are presently dwelling), but composed only of those dark-spirited indivi-
duals and controllers who will be experiencing the earth catastrophes, the pollution of air, water, food and soil, and t
he devastation of Earth's resources, which they themselves have been heaping upon Earth and all Her lifeforms. They
will, in effect, also experience the dire miseries, sufferings and every negative idea they had planned for the rest of us.
Even more monstrous storms, etc. will escalate to unbelievable destruction, and evil events will increase beyond our
present human conception.
All the evil-doers  will be living on that Planet B__ through anywhere from 1000
years to the next Great Year __ with no hope of ascending for at least 1000 years, providing they then have
raised their consciousness to the required level.

Planet Earth A
(sans the part "B") will ascend into the Fifth Dimension, permanently. Minerals, plants and animals will
move with Her. However, humans will need to evolve their Light Bodies before ascending into 5-D. The holy Gurus,
Sages and Yogis of India, ancient China and the Himalayan Mountains have been keeping and practicing the secrets
of this Process for hundreds of thousands of years. They gave out the information and taught the methods for evolving
the Light Body after each of the failed Shifts of the Ages, when any humans were ready. And when Earth and Humanity
not ascend to the next dimension, these amazing beings retained and passed on all the information and practiced
all the methods to keep it alive for the next Great Year period. There are, in India and China, 160,000 written documen-
taries of Easterners who have re-birthed into Light Bodies. They say that one is basically ready to ascend:

How Outer Space Aids Ascension
We experienced five Coronal Mass Ejections (Solar Flares) in only a few days, four of which were "Class X", the lar-
gest possible CMEs. The last one was May 18th, and was a lower, "C" class, but caused auroras (Northern Lights) to
be seen as far south as Colorado.
( Although CMEs don't affect our technology for 48 to 72
hours after their discharge, we humans feel them as soon as they flash from the Sun, because of our
humanity's connection to everyone and everything in the universe. The energies contained in any solar flares released
can be Game or Life-changing:  We are ONE. Personally, I feel these solar flares as increased heart rate, exhaustion,
and a physical sense of heaviness and muscle stiffness, making it harder to move around. Many people experience
even more sensations. I usually curl up on the sofa, read, listen to soothing music, watch some TV, or just stare out the
windows at Nature. I find it hard to meditate at such times, as the physical symptoms are very distracting. Drinking plen-
ty of water, eating lightly and breathing deeply are helpful; and remembering that we are spiritual beings caught up in
all-too-physical bodies evolving to something infinitely better.

These light pulses from the Sun contain magnetic energy. They are part of the Divine Plan. They are filling us with light
from a new planetary paradigm to help us ascend far beyond the darkside's influences. We are in the home stretch of a
very long, very difficult journey, expanding us beyond our familiar old body forms. Whenever these flares make us feel
as if we can hold no more "light" (read: "misery"), we feel we may just blow up and get it over with. Many humans have
chosen to physically die before crossing over to the higher dimensions.)

And then, here comes another CME... as big as, or even bigger than the previous one. They pull up into our aware-
ness, all the old "inner junk" that will not fit within the new, collective divine plan. We "release", we "let go", we "surren-
der', not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well, until we feel as limp, bedraggled and as empty
as last year's Christmas stocking.

And to add "insult to injury", the world outside just seems to plod along as always... political scandals, more bombings,
shootings, more threats from Iran or North Korea, and arguments over everything possible as prices keep rising. More
weather and earth changing devastations arrive. How can this be? If I'm feeling like a worn-out rusty garbage can, why
isn't the world out there changing, too? Well__ it is.__ It's purging itself of everything that no longer resonates with that
new, collective divine plan. Each of us will deal with these energy blasts from Sol in our own way.

Actually, it really doesn't matter what we do now. The Light WILL COME, and NOTHING CAN STOP IT. The CME's are
coming so fast and so strong now, that we have no time to avoid them, to run away or to pretend they're not happen-
ing. The old "fight or flight" habit, will no longer works in the New Earth, either. We're not allowed to have any space in
which to get "comfy" before the next bonking begins.  

Okay... Ascension is not what we thought it was going to be... so JUST DO NOTHING__ LET GO and LET GOD
WITHIN take charge. We're being called to realize the basics of life on Earth. We find ourselves longing for a simpler,
gentler, slower-paced life. We're going to make it through okay. We're already making it! We're being watched over
and protected by higher beings. It's all worth it: we're being transformed into something we can't even imagine yet.
We're becoming "MORE THAN HUMAN."

The many pyramids built around the world have served Earth in various ways. One way is by forming a protective shield
around the planet which has kept specific meteors and comets from hitting it. But this shield has now been released__
for a very important reason. You may have noted that several large meteors have recently hit Earth... one over Russia,
for instance... but there is also an increase of small meteors arriving that the media seldom report.

November 28th this year, the comet that NASA calls "ISON" is expected to reach Earth and distribute a wide
blanket of cosmic dust on Earth that is carrying new seeds of life. All life was originally planted from comets and mete-
ors. Scientists do not agree with this idea, but
humans did not originate here on Earth; we were carefully placed here
from other planets, other realms,
by ourselves."... "Have no fears about this comet, for Earth has been losing life form
for a very long time and now it is about to be re-seeded in a new way, so watch and celebrate the November comet."
... Every time it passes, it disintegrates a bit more, and when it does, it sprinkles more cosmic dust on us.... "It won't hit
Earth, but is going far away from it and hooking around the sun, but it will sprinkle all these beautiful seeds of life on
planet Earth."

You are here, dear ones, at an incredibly beautiful, critical time in all of humanity and all the timelines of
Earth herself, the entire energies of Earth, are being re-energized_
_ even the ley lines, the magnetic ley lines
that form the magnetic grid that carries your Earth are reducing. Magnetic structures on planet Earth have reduced 12%
over the last 100 years. That is also leading to your awakening from the dream. Very beautiful. You have done well: you
have carried it here and you are here. You made it. Not only did you make it, but you are sitting here asking what can
you do next?  You re in perfect position to be conscious creators of planet Earth and we hope that you enjoy this jour-
ney, dear ones, for you have signed up and waited an eternity for the opportunities that now lie in front of each of you.
You know the way Home, and if you stop thinking with the brain and start feeling with the heart, it will lead
you Home.
"  (Beacons of Light)

Human Ascension.
Meditation: "When the soul takes leave of its previous form, there occurs a process of transformation which deals with
the Galactic Genetic Code for the evolution of consciousness. This process is a part of the Creative Process and
tells the informing beings of the progress or lack of progress made by the soul in incarnation. Once this is re-coded
into the genetic makeup, it is available to the soul at any time. However, when the soul again takes a new form, that
genetic code of information is encapsulated within the new physical form's cellular memories. Unless the soul was
evolved enough to consciously recall the information from its body cells and memory banks, the genetic data was
considered to have 'destructed', 'un-manifested', or to be 'un-created'. This is not entirely so. Nothing is truly creat-
ed or un-created, for all is but energy and__ 'Energy cannot be created nor destroyed'__ therefore, it is only the en-
ergy's form which changes and the memory data is also energy that is transmuted or moved"__ yes, a soul function
__ to another type of storage system which contains in itself an energy-vibrational form."

"The soul holds together its memory banks and information contained therein through its own 'form'; not the physi-
cal form, but a form of a higher level, of  'Ether'
, as is often called by human researchers. A Soul Group, or 'Monad'
holds the 'forms' of  its souls together, and announces the 'un-manifestation' of the particular soul/form or bounded
space at the time when the individual and Soul Group's total consciousness can connect and draw upon the genet-
ically coded data of all souls in the Soul Group__ not just one individual's soul memories. The individual then only
identifies himself as a part of the Soul Group, and his individual memory no longer exists apart from the collective
memories; the collective past, or the collective destiny of the Soul Group. Therefore, his individual past or history
has no meaning for him individually, but is only seen as ONE INSTANTANEOUS EVENT OR "IDEA" in a GREAT-
ER "EVENT" or "IDEA" of the Soul Group."

"Once this paradigm is wholly, continually integrated into the individual's conscious mind, TIME ceases to exist for
him other than the Collective Present - the Eternal Now __ and he also becomes continually conscious__ IMMOR-
TAL __since he can retain the Groups' identity consciously, even after his body's material form becomes 'unmani-
fested'. There are still members of his Soul Group who are existing in 'younger' forms and of whose consciousness
he is entirely and continually aware."

"This is the 'group' being sensed at the 'center of the whirlpool'. The indistinct forms 'whizzing' past in a blur at the
whirlpool edge, are those brother & sister souls (vibrations, actually) who are not in dense physical form at this time.
When one or two seem to 'swing' into one's 'center' (field of consciousness) it is because they are 'tuning in' to one's
physical life experiences and ideas.
Regular contact occurs as one becomes more strongly attuned to the Soul
Group and
its 'plans'__ its group or collective destiny.  We are then able to communicate fully even as now__ when
quiet activities are taking place in one's dense physical body. Not just in meditation, or half-sleep, but also while read-
ing, watching TV, writing, thinking, doing home chores."__"We have finished."  
(The Planetary Hierarchy)