MEDITATION: "Thou knowest the struggle is required to release from past mindsets, & to fill that
void with more constructive  newly-created attitudes.  When successful,  the new mindset  alters  
genetic makeup,  enabling the physical body to regenerate . Every human on Earth today  holds
Galactic as well as Original Earthling DNA.

The Eleventh Step to  Creating From the Future with  Multi-Density Technologies  is to trans-
transform or heal  the physical body with energy alone.
 When we use Multi-D Intentional manif-
estations or healing,  we first locate ourselves  at least six feet away from  electronics,  in some  quiet
place where we won't be disturbed.
                                                       *   Chaos Produces Change"
    *  "Resurrection."
    *  "Healing the Pharoahs."
               The Observer Effect.
    *  "Crystal Modalities"
    *  "Hierarchy of Medicinal Remedies."
               Expanded Technology Tools.
               Love prevails over suffering.
               Human Emotion is EM "Light".
    *  "Emotion Entrains Electromagnetism"
               Guidance from Higher Intelligences and Creative Force.
    *  "Breathing Techniques"
                Personal Energy Fields.
    *  "Leonardo da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man'."
    *  Reading Energy Fields.
                Connecting with Earth Energies.
                Preparing the Healing Environment.
    * Protection.
               Types of Energetic Healing.
Magic Valley, Idaho,1960: Hal goes into shock the morning after a severe knee injury. He turns grey-
white,  stops breathing and has no pulse. Our phone is out,  and I can't reach a doctor, ambulance or  
hospital.  As he lies on the bathroom floor , all efforts  to revive him fail.  I soa k a washcloth with cold
water and  begin praying desperately  in a very loud voice,  asking Spirit to  "
Please help us.  Please
tell me what to do.
" (Later,  I wonder why I'd been looking in the mirror over the sink  at a point above
my head as I pleaded for help.)

As I apply the cold cloth to Hal's head, his body begins to  jerk violently. I fear he might hit some bath-
room fixture and further damage his knee.  I truly believe he is  experiencing death throes.  He has no
pulse, and has stopped breathing! All I can think of is to lie on top of him. "
Face to face, heart to heart
__ eyes to  eyes,  and hands to hands
",  is the phrase that pops into my head. I pray even harder and
louder as I try to will the seizures under control. When he makes strangled noises deep in his throat, I
fear it is a "death rattle", but he resumes breathing and slowly regains consciousness.

My logical left brain  accepts only that  he was simply unconscious , but I'd had  a great deal of home
nursing in youth, and wondered why I could find no signs of life in him at all before I began praying so
earnestly.  Years later, I learned how  the prophet  
Elisha  had used this method  to revive  a widow's
dead son (
II Kings: 4:23)

Regenerating Pharaohs.
Lost River Valleys, Idaho,  1985:  Full Moon in Aquarius: Spirit World Intentions and Education:
DREAM: I find myself in a large luxurious residence__a palace?  I'm in a bed with a very dear pers-
on. I  have great love for his spirit.  His name is  
Akhnaton,  and we lie  face to face,  heart to heart,
hands to hands as we talk and laugh. His noble face & clear shining eyes  remained branded on my
memory cells even three thousand years later. I'm transmitting something to him__  healing energy,  
perhaps.  I sense that I'm a priestess/seer, & an energy exchange is occurring that must be done in
secret.  My guides tell me  I have 'done the same  with
Amenhotep III and  Thutmose III  in earlier
times.' (Akhnaton's original name was
Amenhotep IV.)

The dimly lit, bluish-gray room suggests pre-dawn light or perhaps an higher-density energetic glow.
Open archways along the wall  let in the morning air  and a cool breez e gently flows  through sheer,
floor-length white draperies.  I hear a group of people  approaching the room,  so I snatch up a robe,  
put something  on my head and hurriedly slip out through the tall windows to avoid being seen.

The Dream Shifts:  In a classroom,  I'm being taught  by a group of  advanced  beings__  something
about becoming an alchemist,  about transmuting my soul  from common to finest gold before  I can
transmute iron into  purest, spiritual gold. The "
Electricities of the Creative Forces" were to be used.  
Like breathing in and breathing out", they tell me. "It's all the same,  only different phases  at differ-
ent times and spaces

The night before this vivid dream,  I had asked for information  on past life relationships & skills.  This
was two years before discovering
Dr. Marcel Vogel and his crystal energy classes. Research on an-
cient healing techniques revealed t hese energy exchanges were used  to regenerate a body or raise
the dead.  The Egyptian technique  had to be done  within twelve hours  of the physical body's death.
Dr. Vogel  later told us that
J esus,  for example,  use d sound  (a 7th Density factor)  when  He said
"Lazarus, arise!" He healed with pure energy.

Research revealed that  
Akhnaton was the so-called  "heretic" Pharaoh of Egyp t from 1387 to 1370,
who introduced  the idea of  "one god "  to the Egyptians.  Amenhotep III  was his father,  and
Thutmose II,
 his grandfather.  Supposedly murdered by his enemies,  Akhnaton's physical body has
never found. Some authorities think he later reincarnated as

The eleventh step of Multi-Dimensionl Technology is to transmit, transform or heal the phy-
sical body with energy alone
.  Healinga occurs through the  5-D circulatory system. Termed  
Energetic,  Spiritual or Intentional  Healing, it regenerates the physical and subtle bodies by
harmonizing them through the Creative Force Field.  Basically, the technique moves energ-
y from one state to another,  or from one time or place  to other times or places,  using body
motions,  sound , light, thought,  emotion,  intention or  other energetic  factors  that will aff-
ect matter.

MEDITATION: Q:  I asked for  more information on that Egyptian past-life and the energy exchanges
with those pharaohs. I also asked if these healing abilities__ if that's what they were __could be used
by me in service to others. I am told

"As one serving in the Temple of Isis,  in the episode with Akhnaton  as with previous pharaohs,  we
read the pharaoh'  genetic imprints, and healed the body's energy flows. Pharaohs of the18th Dynas-
ty were galactic in origin, and  normally lived thousands of years,  due to their  home planet's longer
solar cycle.  After residing on Earth  for a very long time,  their DNA  adapted to Earth's shorter solar
years, and they began to lose their longevity. With that change, there also came increased vulnerab-
ility  to the thought-forms, diseases and aging as as inherent in humans of today."

"One of the functions of the  Temple of Isis priestesses,
 who were themselves descended from both
Arcturian and  Earth ancestors,  was to use their  higher consciousness powers  to channel healing
forces for two purposes
a) Cleanse the human social mindsets from the subtle bodies of the pharaonic company to allow for
more effective  use of their  galactic expanded powers. This was  accomplished  through the  "
eye to
eye, mouth to mouth
" method,  recently recalled."

b.)Through heart, hand, mouth, and skin contact, energies were projected into Ahnaton's body using
the same process as advanced yogis__ a sort of  osmosis or  absorption of visualized thought forms,
electroromagnetic and etheric energies."

"Every cell in our body changes within a seven year period.  Transmitting,  transducing & transform-
ing energy involves linking  several dimensions. When healing with energy alone, we link the  ener-
gy fields of both healer and recipient with the
5th Density, where we can  bridge Time and Physical
Reality to link  several densities as one. We promote  
resonance  by altering the  vibrations of living
beings to Harmonize
(a creative skill) with the matrix of Universal Time & Space.  Re-balancing the
body's sacred geometries regenerates it__ for the body's natural tendency is to move toward perfect
health. When both inner and outer energies are in harmony, the body will heal itself, often instantly."

"Chaos is necessary for change to occur.  Earth's current rapid changes  require us to regenerate
ourselves & our lifestyles at an  ever-accelerating pace. We must live in resonance with Earth/Gaia,  
while not allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed with fear and doubt. Changes are perceived by ma-
ster healers as  opportunities for higher awareness.  We've long considered  the universe as a huge
machine, ignoring or denying invisible or energetic anomalies unrelated to that mechanistic view of

ML: We know now that the world is not entirely functioning as a well-oiled machine; so what
causes the exceptions

A:  "Scientists know about  The Observer Effect:  Energies behave differently  when observed by a
human  than if un-observed. Whatever we think and feel as we witness an event affects what occurs  
while we watch. A focus on disease, rather than on health  will affect what we see & experience. For
example, when Kathy was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, she was sent to many doctors__
each specializing  in one type of disease.  After examining and  testing her,  each doctor  diagnosed  
Kathy as suffering only from the specific disease or maltunction that was his specialty."

"The health care problems  so evident today  are due to  our present human belief systems with their
rigid, limiting perceptions of Who or What Humans Really Are.  Hundreds of years ago a split occur-
red between spirituality and science. What does that mean for our everyday lives? It means we have
put doctors in a parental role, leaving ourselves in the role of helpless children"

"Healing moved from viewing disease as a physical breakdown, to seeing it as a set of chemical im-
. Pharmaceuticals attempt to overcome these imbalances.  Spiritual awareness and energ-
etic healing are largely absent in our medical system. New concepts in both spirituality and science
today are bringing the two back together. New methods of healing perceive dysfunction as an energ-
etic disharmony__  based on false thoughts,  feelings or beliefs__ that cause the  chemical imbalan-
ces. As individuals, we need to take responsibility for our own health and well-being.
We have finished."
Crystal Modalities
Quartz (silicon dioxide) crystals have  piezzo-electric qualities;  i.e., when subjected to pressure, they
produce a measurable electrical charge.  Quartz, having more "spaces"  between its atoms and mole-
cules than most minerals, stores the charges in our computers. We humans can place thoughts into a
crystal's lattice-like spaces to program it for a specific use.  As a
transducer,  a crystal can change en-
ergy from one state to another. As an harmonic  
oscillator  (a vortex alternating its spin directions with
surges of electrical charge),  it becomes a  linking & communicating device using,  Intention, Thought,
Love and Breath to transduce soul vibrations.

My teachers,  
Robert Fritchie and Dr. Marcel Vogel,  continually stressed the importance of Uncon-
ditional Love__ Divine Love__ as the primary spiritual cohering and healing force  in this universe. Dr.
Vogel  developed a way of cutting quartz crystals  that magnified their healing potentials exponentially
using the shape of the  Kaballa "
Tree of Life"  with angles  similar to the sides of the Great Pyramid at
Giza. He continually cautioned students to be extremely careful with crystals as,"
They'll play back the
same type of stuff you pump into them

In this and following chapters,  the terms  "
server" or  "facilitator" are used to indicat e the person per-
forming the regenerating technique for someone other than themself, and the terms  "
host",  "client" or
recipient"  refer to the one receiving the modality.

The potential of a clear quartz crystal lies  in the heart & mind of its user,  not in the gem itself. A crys-
tal is a tool that amplifies, transduces & coheres  thoughts & energies or stores information.  Although
a crystal is alive,  by itself,  it has no power;  it is through  the intentions of the host__ the crystal fac-
ilitator that transformations take place.
Stanford University scientists proved this by transferring a 3-D
image of the Mona Lisa into a quartz crystal and retrieving it.

Although  my teachers told me  I didn't need a crystal  for healing  with energy__  at home  it soon be-
came clear that people had trouble believing  mere humans  could invoke  powerful  healing energies
without some sort of device. At first, I used a large natural, citrine quartz crystal from the Fayoum De-
sert in Egypt__ where the ancient pharaohs built their summer palaces__ for healing . After that, peo-
ple were more confident,  believing in that chunk of rock,  and regenerating procedures  were eagerly
accepted. The citrine quartz worked fine, but after a few months it began to crack as my personal vib-
rations increased.  A stronger,  more powerful one  made of purer material,  with more  facets or sides
was needed, or I could  do the techniques without a crystal. I chose to order a nine-sided, double-ter-
minated, Vogel Cut (tm) Quartz Crystal from
: Vogel-cut Crystals.

1989: MEDITATION: ML:  Does a  Void of Course Moon affect Crystal Healings and the use of Vibra-
tional Remedies?
A.  "Yes . And,  an individual's VOC planet  in the natal chart  might also curtail  the effectiveness of
such healing techniques in general,  depending upon  the Zodiac Sign, the House/State,and degree,
&/or if it is Retrograde."

As we move toward  Ascension and  Creating with  Pure Energy,  our manifesting tools  and
skills will become  totally non-physical,  non-material technologies  and energies,  replacing  
brushes,  paints,  clay,  stone,  paper,  crystals , guitars,  gyms and arenas, theaters or books
and even computers.

The Hierarchy of Medicinal Remedies.    
When we take a complex molecular, Rx drug into our physical body,  it dissolves and interacts chemi-
cally,  but it also  fragments into ions in our system,  interacting electromagnetically with tissues in the
body.  Any diseased tissue is in energetic imbalance.  It's symptoms are  sometimes  corrected by the
medications we take, but not often & not completely. The Hierarchy of Medicinal Remedies  compares
chemical, herbal and energetic healing.(
Archives give a more complete explanation.)

Energetic Healing Tools
We've been developing energetic tools since we first applied Creative Skills from our art works to Ba-
sic Inner Technologies.  We became  Energy Artists,  and saw how Art can therapeutically  Bond one
Dimensional or Density State with another,  and as Lightworkers  we learned how pure creative ener-
gy and  Divine/Unconditional Love can assist healing.  We'll explore the Energetic Healing Tools  bel-
ow, and in
Chapter 12, we'll demonstrate their application in detail.

The  energetic creative tools are
:  Emotion,  Mind,  Intent,  Breath;  Connections with Earth,  Hi-
gher Self & Spirit;  Movement,  Sound,  Light,  Sacred Geometric Shapes, & a  Perfect Sense
of Harmlessness,
following Permission from Higher Self or Spirit.

1. Emotion : Unconditional Love__ Divine Love__ Creator's Love is the most expanded and powerful
emotion that exists. It's the ultimate energy for all healing, manifestation or regeneration. Loving self &
others  unconditionally affects  the
heart chakra/thymus gland__ the master portal  to the immune sys-

Strong emotion,  whether positive or negative,  fuels the energetic movement, transmutation or trans-
formation of matter.  Unconditional Love  moves energy through all densities & dimensions,  including
Negative Space-Time, operating beyond the speed of light.
(Chapter 10: "Weird Science  101").  Lov-
ing thoughts and positive expectations  set us up for  congenial outcomes  because Love  accesses a
future density state where Love prevails over every form of suffering. I.e.," Suffering does not exist.

Human Emotion = "Light"= "Electromagnetism".
We can entrain electromagnetism  with our emotions. No permanent regeneration will occur  
without  the presence of  Unconditional Love.  Using Love  in our energetic work  eliminates
any part of ourself  influencing  the outcome.  With  Spirit's Love,  WE OURSELVES  become
power transmitters and transformers.

Energetic Healers use magnetic resonance to achieve expanded states of consciousness. Sending
Love from one discharged body into another discharged body  doubles the charge in both. The recei-
ver of the ministrations always  regenerates himself with the aid of his own Higher Self,  Spirit and the
Creative Force.  The server merely acts  as a channel or vortex point__  a human crystal  Stargate__
focusing  the Creative Energies  to cohere  the client's  energy fields.  The client and his  Spirit Within
heals him in every case.

2. Mind:  Mind is the energetic tool holding the technical knowledge__ the "how-to"__ that brings ab-
out desired transformations.  Transformational energy  always comes from a Density State above the
one in which the dysfunction exists. We can receive this creative mental energy rfom sources beyond
logic and reason
(Ch, 4: "Spirit Within"). Mind accesses guidance from Higher Intelligences and Crea-
tive Force to realize the appropriate process through which the energy exchange will occur
. When we
find ourselves in those Higher Densities where we're supported neither by material objects nor by lo-
gic, most of us feel threatened.  Fear, as we know,  is a major block to creativity__ and thus,  to heal-
ing. Hence the need to learn  to overcome fear.  Divine Love will always  overcome fear.  (
Chapter 7:
Dragon Taming.")

The brain has four neural centers. Recently, a "fifth neural center" was discovered at Oxford
in England.  "Neurocardiology",  indicates that 60-65% of all heart cells  are neural
cells,  identical to those in the brain,  and the heart is a  major endocrine  glandular structure
of the body, producing hormones profoundly affecting the operation of body, brain & mind.

the heart produces two and a half watts of electrical pulsation with each beat, creating an electromag-
netic field identical to that of Earth.  This could be behind our human ability to either continue our viol-
ent ways and destroy ourselves__ or achieve consciousness evolution through our emotions.

An energy artist (Lightworker)  is an effective communicator  in both conscious & unconscious realms,
and in both  logical and intuitive states
.  Inspiration expands our thoughts  for reception of  new ideas,
and  stretches our imaginative thinking processes  beyond  what we'd thought possible.  The creative
skill of
Focus  is critical  to mastering and understanding any craft,  as it coheres  mind and  thoughts
through an energy vortex to manifest the vision.

Mind is able to focus on only one step at a time__on the next step only. Every disease, pain, injury or
disability carries with it  an opportunity  for consciousness regeneration.  Because  the body's  natural
tendency is toward increased order, with Energetic Intentional Techniques, we do not "treat" a condi-
tion__ we release energy blocks to enable an Energetic Balance.

We must move to expanded brain states  and take our mind off what we're doing  during healing tech-
niques. Our Higher Self-Spirit Within  already knows perfectly well  what to do. The host's Higher Self
triggers Creative Force  to effect the healing.  
Surrendering to a complete openness  to what needs to
happen next is the key for both host and server
. Mind projects emotions, thoughts and ideas outward-
ly in standing waves that remain forever__ as in the Akashic Records.

3. Intent: Consciousness always precedes manifestations__whether creative or destructive.
Movement of the larger limbs of the body in rhythmic fashion actually increases the power of personal
will & motivates Intention.  ( Hence Judo, Tai Chi Yoga,and Karati. ) When Mind & Emotions are clear
and focused, Intention chooses the target toward which the energy will move from one state to anoth-
er. Wording the Intention in a positive, loving manner is of the utmost importance.

Before beginning any Inter-Dimensional Technology__ whether Basic or Expanded__write down your
Intention;  then speak it aloud. This promotes a clear and focused awareness  of what needs to mani-
nifest.  Avoid using negative terms such as
"can't",  "shouldn't",  "prevent",  "break down",  "eliminate"
or "destroy",
and use only positive terms, such as "is now balanced", or "has transformed", "allowing"
or "now functioning normally
"__ i.e., it is already healed or manifested__THE FUTURE IS NOW!

4. Breath: Breath controls the  Timing of the  energy movement__ starting, stopping, speed-
ing, slowing.
During an Energetic Intentional Technique__ Time is a bridging point between Densities, Dimensions
and matter, or between energy and matter, enabling healing through  nner growth and creative trans-
formation. When we  breathe deeply and are in balance, we can maintain the well-being of the physic-
al body.  Every diseased form  has breathing difficulties__ for every cell  in a physical body  reacts  to
breathing patterns. Negative thoughts & imbalances inhibit energy flow within the body. Persons suff-
ering from anxiety or depression can't draw their breath in fully  They experience  shallow breathing.

Breath Control is a major requirement for moving into Dimensions or Densities beyond the
speed of light

Controlled breath  moves energy through our bodies &  regulates the magnetics of attraction & repul-
sion, of expansion and contraction. Often, a minor dysfunction can be corrected simply by holding the
feeling of Loving Oneness with the affected cells and "breathing through" that area of the body for ab-
out a full minute.
                                                      BREATHING MODES
Breathing Modes are used  when working with the Energetic Healing Technique and other Expanded
Multi-Density Technologies:

YOGIC BREATHING or PRANIC BREATHING: features  slow, deep inhalation of breath as an every-
day method for inhaling and exhaling. Useful for entering meditation,  it's absolutely necessary for ac-
cessing energy fields  to do any Expanded Multi-D Technologies.  The
Merkaba method  is now also
available to the public via
: Search:
"Drunvalo Melchizedek - Geometria Sacra - Merkaba 07/19"  10 min. (Sound poor).

a. First draw breath in through the nose__ not the mouth__ spiraling air  through the  nasal and  sinus
passages, energizing the indrawn breath. Draw it in deeply,  filling the stomach  smoothly and entirely.
without stopping. Next fill lung areas completely. Finally, fill the shoulder and lower throat areas. This
is done in one long, smooth indrawn breath, retaining air until all three areas are full.

b.  Releasing the Indrawn Breath:  Breathe out of  the  three torso areas  through your mouth  in one
quick,  smooth operation.  It's best for  health and consciousness  to always breathe  in the yogic way,
rather than in the short shallow breaths we've used for centuries. As air pollution intensifies it may be-
come vital to breathe this way, as it brings in the most oxygen and distributes it quickly throughout the

c. Holding the Indrawn Breath: Hold the deep breath, before expelling any air. It takes practice to do it
well__ Energetic Healers must be able to speak while holding their indrawn breath.

d. Expelling the Breath in one long, slow smooth flow, as opposed to "b".

e. "Pulsing" the Breath:  Expel a previously indrawn and held breath in one very quick release, with a
burst of forced exhalation through the nostrils,  rather then the mouth.  It sounds and feels much like a
sneeze. (Have a few tissues handy until you catch on).  You can feel the energy  spiraling out through
the upper nasal passages.  In Energetic Intentional Healing,  it is important for  both server and  client
to practice this step until it's comfortable, smooth and unselfconscious.

f. Withholding Breath:  Lungs & all areas are entirely free of air__ no breath inside __ for a short time.
Regular meditators will be familiar with this state,  for breath sometimes stops for hours  while in deep
altered states. With-holding breath charges the bio-energy field of the breather, & can facilitate sens-
ing the thoughts  of the client. (It also works when listening to a doctor, lawyer or salesperson.)

The Four Stage Breathing Technique
In a Two Stage Cycle such as the Yogic Breathing above, we breathed fairly naturally. In a Four Sta-
ge Cycle, we control the pumping mechanism rather drastically.  Humans, when in hyper-dimensional
states, may become "conscious breathers". When whales, dolphins or evolved humans choose not to
breathe,  they begin to move into higher dimensions.  Automatic, two-stage breathing keeps a human
linked to the  
3-D  planes of Earth. ( See Archives  for further instructions.) Robert  Fritchie, "A  Path
to Self-Healing  Using God's Love  and Crystals
.": World Service Institute.  Ontario, CA. 1986:

Breath control is used to put specific thought-forms called "programs" into a crystal or a body's energ-
y fields. The Four Stage Breathing Cycle enables us to store informational programs in our body  or a
crystal by  relaxing ourselves in the  Holding Breath Stage,  creating a clear mental image  of what we
desire as we link with our intended target.

The Sonic Breathing Technique
An even more powerful,  controlled breathing method is  The Sonic Breathing Technique,  the power-
house of charging up  in preparation for major regenerations__  absolutely vital for balancing  genetic
dysfunctions, cancer, heart disease, etc.. It consists mainly of deep breaths & pulsed breaths in a fix-
ed sequence, and is accomplished while standing with arms relaxed at one's sides. (See
Archives for
further instructions.)

Both the
Four Stage Breathing Cycle & the Sonic Breathing Technique pull prana/life force energy in-
to both individuals  involved in the  Techniques.  Prana structures or  encodes  both the lattice forma-
tions of the crystal and the water in the body, prior to releasing energy into the client.

All successful remedying techniques  require the server to  draw energy from an accumulated charge,
which can be built up either through these breathing methods, &/or by grounding to Mother Earth and
linking to Spirit-Creative Force with Unconditional Love in one's heart. Once we feel ourself to be link-
ed between Earth and Spirit,  we intensify the charge  by thinking and feeling uplifting thoughts  such
as peace, joy, gratitude or love. Listening to uplifting music also helps. When we reach a state of ecs-
tasy, feeling heat, tingling or floating sensations, we are fully charged. These transmissions are activ-
ated by using
Breath along with Mind, Intent and Unconditional Love.

If the server is capable, it is best that she channel the necessary energies from higher densities or di-
mensions from Spirit-Creative Force  than from her own inner life force,  or she will soon  deplete her-
self of both physical and emotional energies.  We need to evolve our consciousness to a point where
we can serve as a channel for the healing energies of  Universal Love, Universal Mind, and Universal
Purpose. The Creative Forces should do the healing, not our personal energies.

With any energetic healing method, prana moves through the energetic link (with the server's hand or
a crystal), into the client's chakras, and from there  circulates through the energy circuits of their body
via nadis and meridians), through the nervous system, the glands,  the blood and thence to tissues &
cells. The client may become red-faced or experience  "flushing out" with sweating,  sneezing, cough-
ing, runny nose, or frequent potty breaks. This usually occurs after the procedure is completed.

5. Intuition: Connects with Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, other Densities or Dimensions,  or Creative
:  As covered in  Chapter 4: "Spirit Within",  this is the power which must be invited in and activ-
ated to trigger Energetic Intentional Healing and other Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies and
which preserves the server from depleting her own energies.

6. Light, Sound and Movement:  Sound,  light and  color are  vibrational frequencies of the  electro-
magnetic spectrum conditioning the environment in which the healing is to be performed. Sound bells,
songs, music, rattles, mantras, chants), light, and physical movements (mudras) catalyze energy to vi-
brate, preparing it to move toward the intended target.

All sound, light or color can be produced from Mind & Unconditional Love alone. No physical device is
needed. Each individual has a  different and  specific basic vibrational tone  to their body.  As we con-
trol  breath, moving mind and heart to other levels of consciousness,  a tone (sound) generates within
the body__ a vibration.  The tone can be changed into  
light  or Light,  forming a series of sacred geo-
metrical patterns  with each indwelling and expelled breath.  Our mood, thought or intention also rides
on our vocal sounds during any Expanded Multi-D Technology.

Chapter 9:  Common Bonds" discussed how  light color, sound and shape cause changes in the body
and consciousness.  One of the very first conditions Spirit produced  to bring Creation into  manifesta-
tion was "
Light". "Light" is the universal "messenger", a direct means of carrying information from one
place or one state, to another. "
Light Technologies"__including both Basic & Expanded Multi-D Tech-
Technologies__ consist of the development and practical application of Unconditional Love and One-
ness with Creative Force & the client  in non-material,  non-physical,  co-creative processes. Remem-
:  Creative Force is an emanation of Spirit-Creator.

Every chakra or energy center of the etheric body  is connected to a physical gland.  They are vortex-
es which oscillate with clockwise and reversed surges of charge__ "Light"  (
5-D)__ and when combin-
ed with emotion and breath,  form sacred geometrical patterns (shapes) (
6-D) in and around the body.

Movement is important in rituals or ceremonies where body postures and gestures must be carefully
coordinated.  When hand, head or body moves along with appropriate breathing, an energetic renew-
al process activates, triggering energy movement.

"Our physical body is an open-ended, bio-electrical chemical system. Before we speak, we visualize
thought forms.  Our hands,  coupled with emotion,  can form  sacred geometric patterns  in space"...

)..   "which presage our words.  During any  Energetic  Healing,  any Sound"... (7-D)... we make
causes our body to generate a tone or vibration"... (
5-D)... which projects into the hand patterns we'-
re holding as we speak and sense the thought. The hand pattern then holds the thought in en-rgetic
form.  As we release the hand pattern,  we also release its thoughtform, and with Intention, Emotion
and Breath, direct it to its target." (
Marcel Vogel)

For Example, a priest, in the serving of communion, as did Jesus at the Last Supper, holds the bread
or the wine with his  fingers forming  a circle.  He connects  the tip of his thumb  with the tip of his mid-
dle finger,  completing an electrical cycle.  It also helps to  hold the tongue  to the roof of the mouth__  
another circle. When the bread is put into the mouth (a circle) with emotion, the hand releases the cir-
cular pattern. The thoughts & feelings  held within the energetic pattern of  both hand & mouth circles,
are released  and directed toward  the individual receiving the sacrament__ or healing energies __ as
the priest/server visualizes for 30 seconds, what he wishes to occur next.  We don't need to be priests
or ordained ministers to do this effectively.

We are room temperature super-conductors
; we emit electricity. Our body's electricity, however, does
not follow all the  Laws of Thermodynamics.  The body is a transducer,  converting charges or chang-
ing energy from one level to another. An etheric energy body consists of Negative Space-Time/hyper-
dimensional energy. When we are in  Unity Consciousness & a Zero Point State, no bias or emotional
charge), our etheric bodies have no charge, and therefore__ no limits.

Bio-informational geometric patterns  can be downloaded  into an etheric body.  We transfer  thought-
forms  from the  spatial patterns  wherein we evolved them,  into our  water-based  bloodstream. The
blood circulates the energetic thoughtform throughout the body,  where it's transformed into electrical
impulses to be encoded into DNA factors, and later discharged as required. The harmony of  our cell-
ular membrane's charges is maintained by our own thoughts and feelings.

Mudras are sacred, geometrically-patterned hand positions and gestures.. (6-D)..that activate energy
transference.  For certification in the Crystal Healing Classes,  one of our final exams was to  perform
a crystal technique as
Dr. Vogel & the class observed. When my turn came, the "client" was a young
woman who asked for  assistance  in releasing  intense emotional trauma,  due to a  relationship that
had ended badly.

As I reached the point of  charging & programming the crystal  with Love, Breath, Thought,  and Inten-
H. S. suggested  I hold my arms  straight down  beside my body,  palms facing outwards,  about
eight or ten inches  away from my hips,  holding the crystal  in my right hand  with thumb and  middle-
finger around its center,  while forming a similar circle  with the thumb and  middle-finger  of my empty
left hand.  I also held my tongue to the roof of my mouth. N o reason was given for this,  but I followed
instructions & was later astonished at the subject's extreme release of emotional energy.  Not only did
she bend over and expel breath in gasps, she collapsed toward the floor. With my crystal-hand at her  
mid-section to ease the emotional trauma, I held her up with my other arm  to keep her out of the pud-
dle of tears on the floor, formed from her tears.  I stroked her  etheric backbone  with my free hand for
half an hour. We were both physically exhausted when she could finally stand up.

This overwhelmingly intense healing had some observing students puzzled,  and
Dr. Vogel called for
comments.  Several asked about the unusual hand mudra.  I simply said H. S. suggested it,  but didn't
say why.
Melissa said it didn't seem to matter, as, "Obviously, it really worked!"

For years  I wondered about that mudra.  Research on mudras and healing techniques  from books or
other healers never disclosed anything about that hand formation, and why it so greatly increased eff-
ectiveness.  Higher Self, when asked,  simply suggested  I would  "
know when the time was right"__  
seems I didn't yet need to fully understand it.  Sometimes, with permission, I used it for healing and at
other times not__ but it always  intensified the releasing effects by at least ten-fold,  and always there
was almost instantaneous, complete and permanent healing.  It was especially valuable when altering
genetic disease tendencies.

Personal Energy Fields: THE VITRUVIAN MAN.
1994: Seven years later, I participated in Drunvalo Melchizedek's "Flower of Life" worlkshop. As we
Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of "The Vitruvian Man" (Figure 8-A),  also known as "Universal
", and the sacred geometries connected with it, our attention was drawn to the  Sacred Geometry
forms of the  
Fibonacci &  Golden  Mean  Spirals ..,(6-D),,,  moving through  certain  areas of  the  64
Energy Field Grid when overlaid upon the Man's body. (Figure 8-B). I felt I was on the track of
the strange mudra that was so effective in regeneration; it concerned the 64 codons of our DNA.

Early in
1999,  Drunvalo Melchizedek's book, Volume I of  "The Ancient Secret  of the Flower of Life"
arrived. Having the diagrams drawn out and explained in detail,  I was then able to  take time to study
them and understand their purposes.  The diagrams presented here are based on  the Flower of Life
seminar workbook.

Personal, Living Energy Field__ the 64 square grid formed of sacred geometric patterns ...6-D)... a-
lso known as  "
The Magic Square" (
html __  representing codons that turn off and on our DNA,  interpenetrates and  surrounds the physi-
cal body.  As we perform Energetic Intentional Healing,  we access that field to restructure the body's
etheric blueprint.
Leonardo da Vinci's  "Vitruvian Man",  featuring the human body  in two positions,  
is a diagram of some of those geometries. It is a Key to understanding
how to unite several Densities
or Dimensions simultaneously

The "Vitruvian Man" stands with legs together & arms held straight out from the shoulders  to fit within
the large square.  When his arms are raised, and his legs spread apart,  he will fit within the big circle.
The square represent
 3-D Earth, & the circle, Creative Force-Spirit-Hyper-dimensional realms.

Reading Energy Fields
Sensing the energy fields around our own or others' bodies can be done with dowsing rods, a pendu-
lum or kinesiology
. A partner can help us practice as we measure the boundaries of each others' sub-
tle bodies.  Beginning with dowsing rods__ two wire coat hangers bent into  L" shapes, with the short
ends forming the handles__ and intending  the long rods  
open with a "yes" response,  or cross with a
"no"__ the dowser can soon sense energy fields  with only  his empty hands.  Further practice sharp-
ens senses until inner sight alone is sufficient.

To intuit energy blocks in a body: First link Mind with Unconditional Love, then intuitively scan the bo-
dy with rods, hands or inner sight for past traumas that appear as energy blocks in the part of the bo-
dy trapping the disturbance.  Usually, these blocks occur  where the host reports  pain dysfunction, or
unusual physical symptoms such as tingling, itching, cold, heat or numbness. Servers can detect the-
se symptoms with the  palms of their hands. As confidence and trust grow, we begin to  "see" with our
inner eyes  xactly where and how something is out of balance in the body. For a clairvoyant, the inner
sight recognizes blocked areas as dark, blurry, angry, reddish or churning energy patches. At more a-
dvanced consciousness levels,  server's and client's  Higher Selves connect, & server simply "knows"
where the problem lies and what needs to be done.

7. Connection with Earth and Earth Energies: Earth is our  home base  in the solar system and
universe.Although the healing energy  comes from other  densities or dimensions,  we need to  
consciously link mind and heart with Gaia/Earth  to anchor energy movement  into
3-D Time & Space
during a healing or manifesting.  In
Ch. 3: "The Great Mother",  grounding with Earth completed a
circuit that created a conduit for  the transference of Creative Energies.  

Healing self  or assisting others to heal,  produces resonant effects  in the planetary grid and
affects others so attuned.  In a sense, when connected with both Earth and Spirit while heal-
ing one individual, t is possible to trigger healing of both planet and humanity.

. Preparing the Healing Environment:  One of the first things taught when  co-creating with  Creative
Force is how to prepare a space  for meditating or doing energy work.  It can easily be done by purify-
ing a chosen area__ a room, a large Hall  or simply setting a sphere or column of energy around one-
self & those to be included in the procedure. The ancient, traditional way is to smudge and use sound
__ rattles, drums, bells, songs or chants.  It can also be done  by visualizing  a protective energy field,
separated off from the mundane physical world with Love in the Heart, Intending it tot be sacred. One
may prefer to visualize this field as consisting of Divine Light.

9. Protection: The best protection for both server and host  during an Energetic Technique is
to steadily hold a  Per
fect Sense of Harmlessness  and to  intend results be  in keeping  with
Creator's purposes,  and for the highest good  of all concerned.
 This prevents  negative energy
from splashing back  onto both server and client  through any subconscious negative thoughts or feel-
ings held by those present. A
Prayer of Protection can also be spoken aloud, as offered in Chapter 4:

The variety of physical,  mental,  emotional & spiritual therapies  to be balanced with  Energetic Tech-
niques is virtually endless . Personal experience has revealed some of the "
Types of Energetic Intent-
ional Healing
" that can be done for individuals. (See Archives for the list)

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                            By  MARILYN LA CROIX