In general, entering a New Earth Reality feels as if you just crash-landed on a strange new planet.
It will appear somewhat different to your eyes, and it will work by different rules. The first thing you
have to do is check your body over  to make sure you are Physically Intact,  and then understand
Who You Really Are  and what Experiences and Inner Wisdom you have within that will help cope
with this sudden huge shift.  This is where our attention is focused now,  and where we will attract
intense development and change through  these matters.

We are starting something new__ something unknown,  and in ways that never-before existed on
Earth. In the months and years ahead  there will be other really big changes in this
New Reality
,  but we will continue with the basic survival & evolutionary project or ambitions that we are
formulating now.

There is a definite
Ending of old patterns of life now__ a sense of  being freed from the past__ of
chains being cut. What we're now starting is symbolic. We have to
do something for ourelves__ be
a bit selfish now__ even if we don't consciously know why.

1. Something occurs__we do something__take action. It's not a thing that happens to us, but what
we make happen ourselves.

2. Whatever we do now also symbolizes what we'll be doing over the months & years ahead. It is a
very busy time__ life seems intense.

                                  Ascending to a 4-D Threshold
Earthly lives are Learning Processes through which we develop our Consciousness to the vibra-
rtional frequency levels that will enable us to ascend to the next higher density reality.

Since 12-21-12, humanity has been attempting to move into the Fourth Density's various 13 Oct-
ave levels
. This is where we humans begin working with Energy, instead of physical forms. We
also learn to deal with
Time & Space.

We call this transition through the various Densities,  "
Ascension"__  but we really don't  "go" any-
where physically__we are in the same Earth Reality__but we can then OPERATE through various

We are actually pulling in our lost
DNA Strands, by changing our thoughts, feelings, beliefs & ac-
tions to more Loving and more Unified states of consciousness.

Each Density has 13 Octaves__ or Steps__that must bd activated before we can rise to the next
octave.  Life is usually improved  when we step onto the next higher octave,  but there are always
challenges that encourage us to make additional changes in self before we move to the next level.
It is not necessary to activate these Octave Levels in the order of #1 __ #2__ #3, and so on. Most
of us will find that
Life will offer us opportunities to master each particular Octave  in the order that
is most appropriate for our individual program.

Mastering Meditation,  Dreamwork  and the various "Octave-Levels" of each  Density will
enable us to reconnect with those missing DNA Strands.
Some humans now existing in 3-D are evolving their consciousness to be able to work within 5-D
__ but we must pass through 4-D to reach 5-D;  and when we can work within the densities bey-
5-D, we must first again pass through 4-D to do so.
Fourth Density
is basically A PASSAGEWAY to various dimensions and to higher densities

Octave 1: of the 3rd Density, where most humans now exist, asked us to Bond with Ea-
rth & Nature
,  and change our lifestyles in a manner which  respects and  cares for Earth  & Her
lifeforms__ including we humans.
(Chapter 1: "Bonding With Earth and Nature.").

Bonding with Earth & Nature is a major step toward full consciousness.  If we care for Earth
and nurture her, She will do the same for us__ and we can move with her to higher densities. Sci-
ientists now tell us that Earth is moving into a highly energized area of space,& we are being bom-
barded by as many as 500 huge energy blasts per day. Whew! No wonder we're tired!

We are now in a Null Zone of Space where all and any Futures can manifest.

The choices made by our Global Collective Consciousness determine the future we will
soon be living.
Gaia__ Earth's spirit within, will aid us from her Core__ the FIRST DIMENSION,
with the physical challenges of our lives.

To connect with Her,  move into meditation__ preferably in or close to  Nature__ send Uncondit-
ional Love down, down into Her Core, and wait for a loving signal to return to your heart. Then still
holding Love in the heart, ask Her for help with questions about diet, clean water, manifesting your
material needs, nourishment, health and care for your body.

By spending quiet time in Nature, communing with plants, animals, & even mountains, rocks or
minerals, we recover ancestral wisdom stored as DNA  n our bodies' cells.

At the  University of Illinois in  Urbana-Champaign, after youngsters with  
Attention Deficit Disorder  
spent time in Nature__their symptoms were relieved. The greener the setting,the greater the relief.

Sunlight is Nature's greatest harmonizer. I once healed tendonitis in my left elbow by sitting in
the sunlight with Love in my heart, gently stroking the inured area with my golden wedding ring for
10 minutes a day, over a week's time.

An even closer  Bond with Earth and Nature can result,  perhaps, in living a simpler, more nomadic
lifestyle. Healing methods shift towards the herbal and alternative methods.  One remains aware of
the Ascension Process and may find it necessary to move to new locations where they will be bett-
er able to perform new works, new projects.

Some, however, move to where they must deal with issues from their past lives.

Hobbies, entertainment and material desires may be forsaken in favor of more spiritual & metaphy-
sical activities. One may attract information about ascension, its symptoms & the changes to one-

Children born to us at these times prove to have a greater number of spiritual gifts & aib-
lities, higher IQ's and knowhow.

Creative individuals world-wide are kindred spirits

intuition and inspiration from higher realms, we can recapture our original sense of  Oneness
with Earth, Nature & All Life on the planet.  Like pieces of a complex jig-saw puzzle,  human genes
hold unused DNA codes for expanded creativity__ codes waiting to be rediscovered, activated and
used once again.

Creative energies running through Earth and Universe are the same as those penetrating
the bodies of humans, animals, plants and minerals
__ for all are formed of the "dust"__  the
minerals__ of the cosmos and the planet.

Octave 2: Relationships with Earth, Nature &/or the Creative Arts can awaken our "Sleep-
er" consciousness and propel us into "The Seeker" Stage of Consciousness Evolution
Soon we become aware of a Secret Inner Life, passionately desire it__ and begin to seek it with all
our mind & heart..

Octave 3: Connecting With Spirit Within. (Chapter 2: "Connecting With Spirit Within.")

1-15-89: MEDITATION, St. Louis, MO.: "Active Intelligence is contact with Universal Divine Con-
and the capacity to adapt our individual minds to such regular contact. Then, to apply
mind to adapt to the tasks at hand. Divine Love__ Unconditional Love__ is contacted and a-
pplied in the same way.
This Creative Process then,  is ever-changing,  ever-adapting & mov-
ing. It is a continuous MOTION of Divine Mind and Love."

"Divine Will & Purpose
, as sensed by the individual mind and applied with Divine Love, then al-
so involves MOTION__ a movement and adjustment of Divine Will & Purpose with individual will-
purpose, moving in Oneness__ but also functioning through
Intellect and Love. It is best realized
as Individualized functioning within the sense of
Oneness with Source."

"We know it is difficult to bring through the vibrations in the center of a metropolitan area conges-
tion. This is part of the learning process for this period in life. Once settled in, we can perform our
daily functions with ease and skill'"

"Continue then, the contacts as before, & begin to move out into the surrounding environment,  to
meet & contact as many persons as reasonably capable. Watch for those who seem drawn to us
and those to whom we are drawn. Both teachers and students shall manifest."
We have finished."

13,000 years ago, mankind "fell" greatly in consciousness. Prior to then, we had been far, far
more aware of how to live and create well on the planet.  With The Fall,  we humans lost our ability
to consciously attune to the Creative Force__ and later, the Great Flood left only a handful of survi-
vors. In a few more thousand years, we fell so low in consciousness,  that except for a few indigen-
ous tribes, our bond with Earth and Nature disappeared, as well.

Instinct is an ancient human cellular memory triggered by our need to survive physically. Intuition,
however, is a spiritual faculty.  

Earth is a library of knowledge to aid us in remembering
:  Who We Really Are  and  Why We Are
Here Now
. When we Bond With Nature and drop irresponsible adolescent atttitudes__ (blaming or
relying on others to make us happy)__  we connect through Earth  with our  original racial  memory

Western cultures have a clear bias toward the mistaken belief that ancient peoples had powers of
cognition that were substantially inferior to modern people. It is typical of today's Western Cultures
to believe that intelligent and conscious evolution always moves in a progressive manner
; & there-
fore, current intelligence and knowledge is way ahead of past knowledge. But this is not necessar-
ily true.

Octave 4: Grouping: Creative Persons__  particularly those who were teachers or coaches
__ enjoyed comparing their skills with those of others and finding the highest and best in self. Ha-
ving a Group that shares similar interests with us is amazingly helpful in our consciousness evolu-
tion work. Discussions on dreams , meditations or unusual experiences with others  help us move
forward on our paths more quickly, and certainly more easily.

One creative person expressed joy in performing well as an individual  while merging his  person-
al uniqueness with team work. Several artists garnered ideas through their dreams. One received
duing regular meditation. A coach and teacher would  "hear" a word or two upon waking,  or while
out jogging in the morning.  The words later proved to be keys unlocking  a new project he'd plan-
ned__ and He also__ like five percent of the practicing artists,  connected with ideas while watch-
ing and listening to other people; then adjusting those ideas to his own current needs. Several in-
dividuals intuited while in the shower,

One even admitted to getting her best notions in the bathroom __ seated on "
the porcelain throne",
imagining words expressed from the "tinkles".

A successful outcome is NOT the primary purpose of a Creative ora Spiritual Process. it is  
The Journey__ the Striving,  the Joyful  Loving interaction between Self,  Inner Guidance,  
materials & environment.
Like a Passion-Play performed only once, the very Dance of Creation
__ A Multi-Density Journey__ is the supreme work of art.

We all__ artists or not__ are Creators, & we need to keep replenishing ourselves from Inspirat-
sources, firing ourselves up through the physical senses as well as through stimulating inter-
iests. Happy memories, music, breathing exercises, time spent in Nature,  poetry, prayer, exercise,
yoga or tai chi__ even fasting a day or so__ an re-energize us to access other-dimensional truths.
Now and then,a musician can renew her receptivity by viewing sculptures
;  a blocked writer might
dance or swim
; a burned-out entrepreneur build sand castles on the beach.

Groups of people  meditating & praying  at a sacred site  have been known to  transmute
their energy from that site to another sacred site,  to  themselves,  to other people & even
to the Cosmos for healing.
There follows a complete shift in consciousness,  life-styles, relation-
ships, social security and standing among the Spiritual Group.

Metaphysical and astrological information can be received from off-world visitors, through
the group channeling, meditation or during rituals at sacred sites
.  New information & teach-
ings may be structured into formal education systems. New methods of healing & technologies bas-
ed on metaphysical & spiritual knowledge can be invented and later shared with the public.

Octave 5: Following some of these suggestions, it's not long  before "The Seeker" senses the
Other Side of Life, eventually entering the
"First Enlightenment Stage." People at spiritual
seminars & metaphysical conferences like to share stories of how they got their first  "
pop"__ the
unusual event that triggered their electrifying awakenings. Classic triggers are an incredible coinc-
idence, a severe blow to the head, an accident or serious illness, a lucid dream, an amazing ment-
al shock, a vivid vision or even being in a coma.

In the
"First Enlightenment Stage" our greatest strengths are independence from mainstream
mindsets & rigid dogmas.
 In order to be more original, artists try to release from habitual tech--
niques & patterns that compromise surprise in their work
: from the stiff, "This is how to paint a sky"  
or  "
This is how to paint a rose" type of approach.  Using trite color formulas__ or eagerly wishing:
This will win prizes at the exhibitions", for example. The unfamiliar can be frustrating, even scary.  
But to the determined,
Change is an important element of both creativity and spirituality. As Creat-
ive People work, they are always asking
: "What else is possible?" or, "How can I change my a-
pproach to this subject and discover something new?

In the First Enlightenment Stage, we may discover whether we are a "Lightbearer": one who walks
the path of  "Light"
;  a "Wayshower",  informing people about  "Light",  or even a  "Walk-in", who
entered the physical body of another soul that had to leave Earth  before completing its mission.  A
Walk-in will take over that soul's mission and strive to complete it.

Octave 6: "Unconditional Love."
I fly to Minnesota. Dad is in the hospital after surgery and not expected  to live.  He seems better,
but then he sinks into withdrawal. Mom & I are at his bedside.  She glances at me curiously now
& then and finally says,"
Marilyn, can't you tell Daddy you love him?"

I'm shocked. Do they think I don't? Aren't I here with them now, having cancelled the week's work-
shop and flown 1700 miles?  But at the same time, I  feel something welling up from  deep within;
and soon I'm trembling with rage. Where is this coming from? Why am I feeling this fury?

Then I know
:  I'm over forty years old__  but I can't recall  a single instance  when another human
being actually stated aloud that they loved me.  Incredible!  Impossible!  Yet it's true.  Our parents
took good care of us, but they never said aloud that they loved us.

During the Great Depression and WWII, people did not impose their feelings or pain on each other.
Their focus was entirely on Survival
:  having enough to eat,  fuel to stay warm in winter,  tires and
gas for the car to get to work; prayers for our dads, uncles, sons, cousins, brothers, grandsons  &
friends in the service. Like many, our family was talented, intelligent and generous__ but emotion-
ally undemonstrative.

Hal grew up in the same era.  We had frequently discussed marriage, but never actually used the
words  "I love you".  Now, I stand here,  being asked to tell my parents  I love them, when I myself
have been inwardly screaming for someone to "please, tell me you love me", for over forty years.

Tears fill my eyes, as I realize that I never said it to my now-grown children, either. Oh, I praised
and encouraged them, hugged and kissed them, sang lullabies to them, read to them &  told stor-
ies about love,  and tenderly cared for them as best I could. But I never said those words
:  "I love
you!" I can't believe it! Why haven't I seen this before?

I want to immediately rush to the phone and  call Hal and the children to tell them how much I do
love them. But, instead, I swallow my rage, blink the tears away, take Dad's hand in mine, put an
arm around his shoulders__  avoiding all the tubes and wires__ and say, "
Of course__ I love you,
."  He looks at me strangely. I'm not sure he heard.  Then I understand  how he ,too,  must be
realizing how our family failed to  communicate its feelings.  

Dad closes his eyes, sighs, and soon quietly slips away as if he, too, has been waiting for those
words __ "I  LOVE YOU!"__ to release him from this w
I stay with Mom for several weeks, telling her often that I love her, & I tell Hal and our children over
the phone.  It seems outrageous  that we could all have been so  close-mouthed about our love for
each other. After returning to Idaho, Mom and I call each other weekly, always expressing our love.  
My relationship with Mom changes
;  a new responsibility creeps into my life. It seems that I've now
become the parent, and she the child. I try to understand what's going on inside my heart.

We came here to Earth as part of a vast experiment of having to deal with a
Free Will to make our
Own Choices
, based on Love for All Concerned__ & it starts with  loving ourself. We fill ourselves
with love first, for one cannot pour out from an empty bucket. Loving self allows us the greatest ho-
nor & dignity to
be. Love self first __ then love all else.

Each of us has a real need to receive and bestow affection and nurturing. Some of us ignore Love,
thinking only poets, artists or deeply religious persons need it__ or can make sense of it. How often
have heard
:  "God is Love"__  Unconditional Love?  Love must be  "felt" in the heart rather than
simply "thought" in the mind. To truly
feel love, recall a moment or period in life when you were hap-
piest, when you most enjoyed being alive. Was it when you were reunited with a lover?  When you
were married?  When a child was bor__, or you landed a great job? Maybe it was an exciting vaca-
tion, a wonderful gift received, a favorite spot in nature, a person or animal companion you loved or
the achievement of a difficult goal.

Close your eyes and try to
FEEL what was in your heart at that moment. Remember this feeling,
& Practice calling it up until you can do so at a moment's notice. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is

Use Mind & Heart to evoke happiness within yourself any time you choose,  rather than depending
upon some exterior event, person or thing.

No one can make you happy or unhappy unless you yourself Choose to be so.

Deliberately triggering feelings of Love moves the creative drive up to the high heart__the midpoint
between lower, personal creative energies &
Higher Creative Energies.  We must go through the
heart. We can reach the Physical through Mind, but

Only Heart__ Emotion__ links us  directly with Spirit.  

The higher energy centers (Chakras)  of the body serve as inspirational portals to expand-
ed levels of creativity.  
It's not selfish to put ourselves first. Whenever we're making life choices
that keep us less than happy, it may be because we don't value ourselves
; we are getting someth-
ing out of playing a "victim-rescuer" game, or we don't know
Who We Really Are__ so we settle for
less. We settle for less because we're afraid that if we don't__ we may end up with nothing. We be-
lieve everything in life has a price__ that Divine Creator-Source wants us to give up or  "sacrifice"
one thing in return for something else. Is that Unconditional Love?

Because we fear we're unlovable, we follow a path limited to physical activity and intellect__
learning more, working harder, longer, smarter__ distracting ourselves from that unspoken fear.

Life does not become  simpler or easier as we seek only  chievement upon achievement.  Life be-
comes more & more complicated,  because decisions erupt ever more frequently, demanding ever
more difficult resolutions. We feel like a juggler with too many hoops. We see ourselves hurlng out
hateful thoughts, crying dry-eyed_ _ silently wallowing in the  numbing tangle of superficial,  clock-
dictated rituals, never pausing to consider what else in life might lie beneath it all. Some try to esc-
ape from the insanity by moving away,  only to discover that  settling in a far-off city  does not stop
the challenges of life.  Within about two years, most people find themselves right back in the same
old circumstances they thought they had left behind.

We've been taught that "God is Love"__ Unconditional Love__ and nothing can destroy
Creator's Love for each of us and for humanity.  

Then who are we to decide we are unlovable?  We don't need to "earn" Creator's Love, or to
earn "points" towards health, happiness or abundance. We were born with that right__ and
it never will leave us, unless we choose to forego it.  

If Creator-Spirit Within
is Unconditional Love__and we were "created" as a hologram of
Creator-Spirit__ then we are Unconditional Love, as well.

Creator's Divine Unconditional Love is the greatest &  most powerful Force  in All the Uni-
The Primary Creative Force.

Unconditional Love frees the person we love to be as they want to be,  go where they wish,  do as
they like, just as they choose.  We continue loving them long after they've left __ accidentally or by
choice.  We put no strings on one  who is loved unconditionally
;  make no rules about our relation-
ship with them. We don't even need to be in each other's physical presence in order to continue lo-
ving unconditionally.

CREATOR IS LOVE__ AND SO ARE WE.  Creator wants us to be happy. Unconditional Love will
never conceive of anyone as a
"sinner", would never consider offering a "hell". If we find ourselves
in any sort of  "hell"__ it is our own state of consciousness__ and of our own making.  We can rise
above our trauma-dramas,  rise above the trials, sorrows and struggles of the world, and see them
for what they really are__
lessons to be learned stemming from fear and ignorance. Our Feelings
are our Teachers

Once we learn to balance those feelings: to get out of Fear and into Lov-_, the needed su-
pport arrives as if by magic.

Transforming Consciousness with Unconditional Love Enhances Our DNA.

DNA and the Transmutation of Consciousness.
DNA alterations affecting body, mind and emotions result from inherited cellular memories, cosmic
and solar energies caressing Earth, and from Her own uprising energies, speeding up for the Shift.
Consciousness clearing is central to our evolutionary path.  e will soon learn, or rather,remember
__ almost unbelievable skills and knowledges needed for Earth's Shift and Her New Reality.

In the early
1990s, scientists decided that our DNA describes  What it Means To Be Human. They
found a direct link__ a measurable factor indicating that
Human Emotion is Electromagnetic in
and can be measured in wavelengths and frequency vibrations.

When living cells from inside a donor's mouth  were placed in a device  measuring DNA electrically
in the same building. One room held the DNA sample, & in another,  the donor viewed videos  that
evoked  strong emotional responses.  When the donor had peak emotional experiences,  the DNA
responded with similar emotion, & without a time lapse.
 Non-locality caused both Donor and DNA
to respond at exactly the same instant. The experiment went on to see just how far apart the donor
& DNA had to be before it stopped working.  They quit after a 50 mile separation continued to give
the same results.

Heart-Math Institute  discovered that loving meditaters have increased salivary IgA, indicat-
ing enhanced immune system functioning. Loving meditaters also had the ability to voluntarily aff-
ect the winding and unwinding patterns of DNA in test tubes__ whether the DNA was in the same
room, or at a distance of half a mile. In other words,
Unconditional Love can change our DNA
*   "Principles to Ascend to 4-D Threshold."
*   "The 13 Levels of 3rd Density."
Bonding with Earth & Nature.
2.  The Seeker Stage
3.  Connecting with Spirit Within.
4.  Grouping with Creative Persons.
5.  "First Enlightenment."
6.  Unconditional Love.
"DNA & Transmutation of Consciousness
"Creating New Earth with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                                                By  MARILYN LA CROIX