At the New Moon Phase, when we cannot see the Moon's light, we instinctively jump-start some new idea or vi-
sion.  Three and a half days pass between phases,  and at the second phase, the
Crescent,  information arrives
defining that new idea or vision . At the third phase,  called the
First Quarter Phase, we're urged to take specific
towards  manifesting the vision,  and at the fourth,  the Gibbous,  a major decision  about  this vision  con-
fronts us.

Full Moon Phase , two weeks after the New Moon,  brings revelations  concerning the cycle's vision, and at
Disseminating Phase, we share  what we've discovered  with others. The Last Quarter  enables manifest-
of the vision into 3-D reality. The final phase, the Balsamic, is for letting go, for clearing out old issues and
for the start of the next Moon Cycle.

The eight phases of the Moon__ indeed, for any planetary cycle__ correspond to a human's seven energy
centers (chakras), plus an
eighth center above the head which communicates with Spirit-Creative Force
Field, one frequency octave higher.  (
Figure 2)  Our intellect can then evolve beyond space, time and

For astrologers,  any Natal Planets or chart Angles (Ascendant,  Descendant,  Midheaven, Nadir) at 27, 28 or 29
degrees of a zodiac sign will always be strongly affected by the New Moon and the entire Moon Cycle.

Synthesizing  the significant degrees  of the chart wheel  develops our  higher minds,  enabling us to
"see whole
This is a  Jupiter function.
Example:  Perhaps we have at birth,  Venus at  13 degrees Gemini,  Jupiter at 15 deg-
rees ,
Leo, and  Uranus at 14 degrees Scorpio.  When we connect  the significance of the  14, 15 and 14 degree
connections with the  interaction between Venus,  Jupiter and Uranus,  plus the interactions between Gemini, Leo
and Scorpio,   we gain tremendous understanding  of a significant factor  imprinted in us at birth,  and our intuition
greatly  accelerates our  growth in consciousness.  We begin to "see" and understand the  "
Language of Light",
which is  first  perceived as  "phosgenes"__ colored  lights  or symbols  behind our  closed eyes,  and in  visions,
dreams or meditations. Later, as we continue to work with those inner symbols, our brains can automatically tran-
slate them into thoughtforms accessible to us as we speak, write, make music or art.

When,  through enlightenment,  we reach the  
Observer Stage  of  Consciousness Evolution,  we view  ourselves
from a  higher vibrational vantage point,  watching our personality selves act,  think and feel.  All higher conscious-
ness states occur on a collective spirit-soul level. In subconscious memory, all is recorded, but we may not always
access it  from a  conscious beta-state.  However,  with Higher Self- Superconsciousness,  memories open to the
everyday beta mind, too.  At the end of even  
sixty or seventy years , in an Observer State,  we can recall every si-
ngle thought,  feeling or experience we ever had  in this lifetime and possibly, i n other lifetimes as well. Our life le-
ssons then occur  
beyond  time and space__  hyper-dimensionally,  as we  explore  advanced creating  through
multi-dimensional realms. The dimension from which we now create is Consciousness Itself.

Cyclic astrology  helps us get out of other people's mental and feeling patterns,  seize the patterns that are ours a-
lone, and use them to move through life in a more thoughtful fashion. We perceive the behaviors that repeat them-
selves over the weeks and months, keeping us from being all we could be. As long as we still have strong feelings
about something or somebody__ whether of fear, anger or intense desire__ we are still emotionally attached, still
holding a "charge",  and the issue continues to affect us. When we develop that unattached,  Zero-Point emotional
state, we can release from the feelings that control us.

As we adjust our inner selves,  we learn to respect both the wisdom of elders and the  inherent innocence of child-
ren,  cherishing their teachings and contributions. The United States, in particular, has long been without true spiri-
ual guidance among its leaders.  This fosters  cultural difficulties.  We need  socially and  culturally experienced el-
ders to show us how to interact with society. Their ethical wisdom and pragmatic gifts to family, school, community
and country can open younger individuals to their own inner truths and expanded minds.

When we make a change, things often get worse before they start to get better. Even though we know we're
man-aging life pretty well  and becoming a more balanced person,  those around us are used to relating to us in old fa-
miliar ways. When we suddenly act and speak differently,  they get upset, not knowing how to respond to the "new
us". The old games are no longer played;  we don't react to the manipulations or trauma-dramas__ or at least, we
respond in a gentler way.  People are thrown off balance,  they feel insecure,  and a period of adjustment for them
is needed before life settles down.

For many who are evolving their consciousness, a materially rich life has been purchased at a price of inner alien-
ation and emptiness. How many people below retirement age find it nearly impossible to just sit in silence,  listen
to inner guidance,  and do absolutely nothing?  Instead,  they define themselves by their work, achievements, per-
sonal appearance,  possessions,  activities or the entertainment used to keep their minds distracted from the fear
of having to confront their inner selves.

Perhaps  the deepest of  life's secrets is  how to  cultivate our inner lives  to ensure  our elder years  are filled with
growth,  joy,  wisdom and  a deeper  attunement  to  Creative  Force.  As we  review  our life's  journey__  walking
through  the inner landscapes,  peering into their misty valleys  and ascending their dizzying peaks__  we observe
the spiritual dimensions of Eldering

Some people  would rather remain hurt and dependent, than risk  becoming healthy and alone.  Having learned to
use our pains as power,  we behold wounding  as a primary reason for  either defining  or empowering  ourselves.
Behavior patterns rooted in our wounds become our tools of life, we study
"spiritual intimacy" and we observe the
contemplative moments of Eldering. We release our painful histories and move from "age-ing" to "sage-ing".

By Marilyn La Croix