The Cosmic Seeds were introduced in Part I: The Creative Process. The First Wavers born between 1926 and
1939 are also known as "Cosmic Mothers". They were the "different" children who came into our world to help
prepare it to birth the new human species and  actuate the  
Divine Potential Plan.  Because of their psychic ab-
libities,  they braved ridicule,  threats, institutional confinement,  shock treatments, abuse and even death using
their special skills  to prepare the culture  to accept,  respect and even  admire beings  who differed psychically
from the norm.

As they matured,  the Cosmic Mothers,  despite the need for masking their true selves, influenced the conscio-
usness of those near them.  In time,  the world began to accept  the psychic and paranormal  and even  openly
investigate them. These  unusual kids  made t he world  safer  for current  generations of   "
New Kids"  to birth
into families that can accept and even cherish their abilities.

When investigating the Cosmic Mothers,  
Free Wynn related: "I found undeniable reference to the existence
of a fluid or secretion  in the female reproductive organ"
... "apparently directly  linked  with intelligence"... "in
some way a minute trace of a very potent liquid seeped from the brain of a woman and collected in the womb
or vaginal cavity;  or, if not,  it was secreted there and had properties associated with the brain. It would further
appear this secretion was cyclic  on a monthly basis
".... "Was it  continuously generated  in every female  body
and  expelled twice  every month?" ... "
To imbibe this fluid  elevates the mind;  this is  liquid intelligence;  the
bridge between the  conscious and  superconsciousness
".... "The origin of this  accelerated intelligence prob-
ably dated from only 200,000 years ago.
" (207)

Native American and ancient teachings relate how post-menopausal women "hold their blood"; a statement of-
ten whispered in a manner  suggesting that this phenomenon  gave elderly women special abilities. Is the liquid
intelligence still secreted twice monthly,  but not expelled from the body,  and instead,  utilized by the elderly fem-
male's brain, promoting greater wisdom?

In many Indigenous traditions,  the elderly women of the tribe  gather together in seclusion  for several days dur-
ing the  Full Moon period,   recording their dreams and visions. When they emerge from this  "
Grandmother Lo-
",  they report their insights  to the chiefs and medicine men  who use the information  to guide the tribe.  In
Brotherhood of the Rose Cross  ("Rosecrucians"),  the Rose and the Lily  are symbolic of this  great secret
of  femininity.

Cosmic Mothers are women who, over lifetimes, serve as vessels for the birthing of new realities and cultures.
(207)  Free, Wynn.  "The Shift Is Happening Now":   Interview with   Gregg Braden. Spirit of Maât:  Prophecy
2003, Vol. 3, January 2003.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX