David Wilcock had a new article o n http;//  which I discovered  late one evening
and read to 1 AM, skipping over his audio interviews and videos related to the subject matter due to
their length and the lateness of the hour.

Next morning, I began listening to David;s interview on
OM Magazine:
 What I wrote above, is what David said on that audio interview with
OM!  He also verified my idea that we all can tune in to ideas, thoughtforms, inventions and feelings
of others__ and do so
before they are made public (Future Memory?) __ but NOT by hearing it in ac-
tual words; it comes as a simple "Knowingness".

This is  the same energy  that animals in the forests,  deserts and  oceans use  to  call to each other
when the time of their mating  or migrating is near.  It is the force governing
 The Hundredth Monkey
and the basis of telepathic communication. The telepathic linking of minds is often a genetic
connection, either in reincarnated biological beings  or through  Unity Consciousness  These geneti-
cally encrypted  DNA codes can be karmic in nature,  connecting  loved ones  throughout linear time  
from  lifetime to lifetime.  Or__ they can be  between  biological family members  whose love for each
other is so strong  that it calls  to  "another myself" __ the call of the Oneness of Unconditioal Love__  
even before the cellular structures have had time to be reprogrammed in each individual's new body.
It is Loving Oneness calling to Life.

NATURE is TELEPATHIC. I have an aloe vera plant in front of the computer room window that conn-
ects with the Weather Control Portal. Late one evening, as I was about to close down the computer
and retire for the night, I heard singing coming from that window area. It sounded like a children's
choir singing in a church. I was delighted.

A year or two later, the same thing happened; except this time it sounded like a choir of high school or
college voices singing. And__ a few more years later, the singing was from adult voices.
"A thoughtform is a photonic transmission of energy into space."    

Reading people's Past Lives.
We had been told that our present day Earth Consciousness Level would end after 12-21-12, and this
was substantiated by other psychics who had been unable to "read" any future lives or events beyond
that date.

That has also been this writer's experience up to
1986. Although I had precognitions of some Events
that would occur in this lifetime, I had never been able to contact a future
Lifetime for myself, despite
numerous earlier Past Life realizations.

I was, however, able to READ A PAST LIFE for my friend Harriet when she was a Reptilian, and in
Idaho Falls for a metaphysical group for all the members without using astrology, tarot or Inner
Guidance; in fact, I wasn't even aware that I was doing so until afterwards.

Electronic Anomalies
If  Electronic Anomalies  were indeed  teaching me  through  electronic   devices, their  functioning or  
non-functioning  could represent  my left-brain,  3-D  ,beta state mind,  and my low-alpha  brain state  
could represent a 4-D state of mind. If the two minds together merged the energy field flows between
and around them, was I opening to a new level of existence?

"We've shown that  human brain waves are  affected by  Extremely Low Frequency,  electromagnetic
waves ( ELF).  Then is the reverse  equally true?  Can ELF or any,  or all EM waves  be affected by
human brain waves__ thoughts? Thoughts are  electrical impulses  surrounded by EM fields. These
EM fields  channel  thought forms__  units of  consciousness__  throughout the universe in
.  The chakras,  as etheric body pumps f or this greater EM field,  move at speeds  the  human
mind cannot even  begin to comprehend.  In that  EM  force,  a
tensor equation  consisting of EM
en-ergy and Emotion,  determines the degree of manifestation of the thoughtform.  It can both project
or attract  thoughtforms  and is a  shared power  between the  EM force  and the  free will  intent  of
the projecting or receiving being. Designed as  
the foundation of co-creation,  the paths possible for
ach-ieving mastery  of this gift are as  diverse as  thought itself.  Through this force's movement,  
images related to  visualizations, emotions, intentions and the
Language of Light are transferred."  
Arc-turians through Dr. Norma Malinovich)

A  quantum leap  occurs  when we  arc between  EM and  ME- Hyper-dimensional__ energy
 Was it possible the electronic anomalies were signaling me  it was time to release from dep-
endence on electronic devices in preparation for the Shift of the Ages?       
Dr. Marcel Vogel  explained how we  imprint our  very bodies  with  visualized,  sacred  geometrical  
patterns.  We build  oscillators in space__  energy vortexes__  within those  patterns,  even at a
dist-ance. A human's higher mind then beams them  through space wherever we intend. Higher mind,
vis-ualizing  geometrical patterns of  wellness & harmony in space,  can transfer the  energetic
vibrations of  the  thoughtform  beyond the  normal  EM  spectrum  because  sacred  geometric  
patterns  occur
 outside  th e Space-Time continuum  of our  3-D material plane__ in hyper-
dimensions where Nega- tive Time-__Space and  Negative Entropy thrive.  We can  "fix" computers,  
disks, printers or  remote controls  because  negative entropy is  a force  tending  towards  greater  
organization and  structure. And the Universal Creative Force Field is Intelligent, Loving, Purposeful
and Self-organizing.

Computers operate through
quartz crystals which perform various functions when EM energy flows
through them.  Natural crystals  have a capacity  to absorb energetic thought forms  released  by the
mind of man.  When I repaired the computer's and printer's  operating systems  and restored informa-
tion to the disks,  I went to the  2nd dimension, which exists  just under  the outer crust of Earth,  and
communicated with the crystal deva, accessing the necessary guidance from the
minerals, elemen-
tals and nature spirits of that dimension.

The crystal, being a living and conscious mineral form, transduced the EM energies which
program-med the computer, disks and printer, to the ME spectrum  which then re-activated the crystal.

An ex-panded and unified consciousness can override EM systems of matter.
When I connect with a
com-puter's crystal  through an expanded ME spectrum  of spiritual consciousness, my Intention
ted through the crystal and back to me__the steps necessary to bring the EM back into balance
with-in the computer and printer systems.

A crystal coheres EM energy like a laser beam.
Mind can do the same. Dr. Marcel Vogel told us how
the ancient Maya taught their young through quartz crystal skulls.  The priest lay his left hand chakra  
(receiver) on a wise  Elder's head,  and his right hand chakra (sender)  on a crystal skull.  Later,  the
energy transfer was reversed. This time the priest lay his  left-receiving hand on the crystal skull, and
the right-sending hand  upon the head of  a young person. This was repeated  with other  young
per-sons until all wisdom and knowledge of all the previous generations of elders were transferred to
the next generation.

Creative activities, inventions and sports train the mind to focus on the activity at hand, thereby co-
hering thought. And when we useUuncondional Love and passion to create, our energy field greatly
expands outwardly, like a balloon blowing up, and there is a warmth, a sensation of Oneness."
Remote Viewing
Some would call the episode of seeing a figure in a doorway  which later proved to be  non-existent,
a "Future Memory" incident. There is a theory that Past Lives & Probably Future Lives are being liv-
ed simultaneously in various realities.  It makes no difference where or when an event occurs. With
remote viewing we can track a person or action that happened  at any point in time__  past, present
or even future. However, contacts with future events usually only reveal "probabilities" based on the
viewer's personal biases during the moment in which they are envisioned. A team of remote viewers
is more likely to produce more accurate readings.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
By Rev. Dr. Marilyn La Croix