Children of the New Human Race
Part I: "The Creative Process" of  "Creating From the Future" introduced the three recent waves of
Cosmic Seeds who came to this planet to trigger our awakening. Something common to all these Star-
seeds is the  inability to recall much of their  previous lives until they were 5 years old. This was partly
effected for their protection,  to avoid the unacceptability and harassment  experienced by many  First
Wavers and to prevent depression if they should remember their homes in higher realms and compare
them with Earth's current negativity.

These "seeded kids", once they do recall their pasts, connect with some unusual adventure or theme
meaningful to them at around age five. This experience triggers memories of commitments made prior
to coming into physical form. They then must decide if they wish to continue their mission after having
had a taste  of what life is like on Earth now. After that second commitment,  it is much harder for their  
Higher Selves/Souls to allow them  to leave  this reality . Most young children, still connected with the
creative forces, don't fully bond with this present reality  until they start school. When public education
begins,  they became
de-programmed"  as they absorb current cultural paradigms. Sadly, these days,
we "drug them up" and "dumb them down" into robotic slaves.

All the Starseed youngsters, but particularly the 3rd Wavers, may encounter beings, guides or teachers
from ancient cul tures or other star systems. Most peculiar of all are the alien abduction scenarios many
face. These kids must receive  loving support  rather than fear,  denial or even  punishment  for  "telling
stories". Riding in a UFO or contacting ETs is important. It can awaken memories and past life informa-
tion needed by today's civilization,  and it may help the cosmic kids perceive a glorious probable future
for Earth and choose to move toward that vision.

Not every abductee has a negative experience.  Our individual and collective  belief systems will inter-
pret the directions indicated by our off-world encounters to reveal the ways we dealt with our own past
. If we refuse to cope with those encounters, are very rigid about our beliefs or hold a lot of
pain,  anger or grief stored there from childhood,  then our  other-worldly contacts  mirror those events.  
Our reactions to them  will not necessarily be to the contact itself,  but to what is  emotionally triggered
within us.
A major purpose of the Creative Force has been to evolve humans into Creator-Gods. The new race of
human beings is emerging now. The
August, 1997 issue of "Science News" reported on research car-
ried out by the
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York. About 1% of the population tested  
had genetic mutations making them resistant to HIV infection. The findings suggest a recent evolution-
ary origin of the mutation. Ancient texts indicate body changes to accommodate the Shift of the Ages.

Although most of our  genetic codes are still  misunderstood by us,  we do know that  certain emotions
turn on  additional DNA codons, and frequent positive emotions give people stronger immune systems.
The world-wide  external conditions  support or damage DNA  through the  Quantum Hologram. Wars,
plagues, famines, terrorism__ and forecasts  of the same__ plus crime and fears  affect  the health of
every one of us Earthlings.

A paper was released in
1993,  entitled  "Local and Non-local Effects of  Coherent Heart Frequencies
on Conformational Changes of DNA
". Tissue from human placentas  was placed in ionized water,  and
the container grasped by  people trained in  Emotional Self-Management. Too technical to make main-
stream papers and magazines, the media ignored the data.

During these experiments, the shape of the DNA changed  in response to human emotion.  Originally ti-
ghtly wound,  the DNA strand transformed  during emotional reactions.  When whoever held the vial felt
forgiveness, compassion and love, the DNA unwound into separate strands. Under feelings of rage, de-
or rear, it wound itself up very tightly.

As seen  by previous experiments,  these DNA changes  influence  the energy fields  around our bodies,
possibly indicating why our Intentions work.  Previous research covered was "
The Phantom DNA Effect"
through the Quantum Hologram experiment,  in which both the tissue donor and the DNA placed in sep-
arate rooms  had instant responses to emotional videos  shown to the donor.  Combined with the above
experiment of winding and unwinding DNA strands,  we can see how  
whatever is felt by one human on
Earth also affects the DNA of all the planet's humans.

Scientists working with healers and people trained in Emotional Self-Management found that a human's
intent will override the five  conventional laws of electromagnetism
.  They found... "non-Hertzian fields of
quantum energy__energy that did not need to be transported or shifted through wires or radio waves to
affect other areas.  This energy holds the blueprint for all the possibilities of life. They even created a
formula for its effectiveness
:  If only the square root of 1%  of a given population live life in very positive
ways,  the entire population will benefit.  This amounts to  only one hundred people living positively in a
population of one million,  or in a global population of seven billion,  less than eleven thousand are nec-
essary to shift the balance.

We have mutated__the new children are here. It is no accident that just when Earth's scientists learn to
manipulate genetics, the human race evolves into creator beings. There are many names for the super-
kids and many books written about them, including "
Indigo Kids" by Kryon/Lee Carroll and Jan Tober;
"Children of the Fifth World
" by  P.M. H. Atwater;  "China's Super-Psychics" by  Paul Dong;  'The Star
" by Mary Rodwell and "Children of AIDS" in Gregg Braden's "Walking Between the Worlds".
The Internet also has many websites covering this topic.

There seem to be three different types of new children
:  The first group can heal themselves of of sev-
ere illnesses__ while still infants. Terminally ill small children,  many born with AIDS,  suddenly became
well. Years later, tests show no trace of their ever having been ill. By changing their DNA patterns, they
turned on  formerly unused human DNA codon sets.  Not only had the children overcome AIDS or canc-
er__ they were now
immune to everything. In Bible Code researches, t he world "AIDS" correlated with
"The end to all disease".

A second group focuses on math , physics,  biology and computers__
scientific sages. The third group,
mainly  in China and the Far East,  are extremely
psychic,  reading photos and printed material  through
their hands,  the soles of their feet  or other parts  of their bodies,  and  energetically heal  other people.
They don't  need the Internet__  as early as age four,  they've been  
communicating telepathically  with
adults and similar children__ on the other side of the world.

They are now  finding that  adults have changed their DNA and followed the children.  It is possible for
any human, at any age, to transcend this point into the same regions as these children.

Many recent articles are telling how the  New Kids/Indigos  who suffered from ADD,  ADHD,  Autism or  
Asberger's Syndrome.  Some say it is because Western humanity has lost its connection with Nature
and Mother Earth. The feminine/intuitive, Nature & Earth oriented side of our culture has been overshad-
owed, dis-respected and even trashed by our current, Masculine-based "Now" focus on the Illusions of
Progress, Advancement, Forging Ahead, Evolution and our attachment to Time__ Hurry, hurry. Do it
now. Get it Done, and hurry on to the next project! This symbolizes ADHD perfectly. Most of those af-
flicted are boys.

They cannot reduce their Force. Unable to Hesitate, to Change their Direction, they reflect the consta-
ncy, inflexibility and totality of the mal-Yang Force Itself. Enlightening, inspiring, Strong and Spiritual,
they are the Center of Activity wherever they are; the Positive, Impelling of life emanating directly from
themselves. They give Direction and Meaning to the Patriarchal Ancestral Dominance to the circle of
people and events around them. They make their own World just as the "Heaven Past" creates itself,
"Heaven Future" above__ in constant motion and harmony with the Universe.

Part of the problem with the Indigo children  is that most schools are moving so slowly that they're bored.
They get it in the first half- second,  and then the school keeps  talking about it for a week. They are go-
ing to have to create a form of much more rapid teaching.

The New Kids, especially those with the Syndromes, are here to Enlighten Others, make them See the
unrecognized Unity in their discordant spiritual ideas. Enlighten Others so that the alternate paths they
ponder will dissolve/resolve themselves into a question of semantics. Enlighten Other, so that paradoxes
will become symbols for them instead of problems. When they can seek out someone at the center of
their sphere of activity__ "Confer with the Great Man"__ Meditation with their Higher Selves.who have
great influence__ they will naturally combine forces with Spirit/Nature.

Many with these Indigo Syndromes have  turned out to be  geniuses in their  specific fields,  and earn  
big  incomes in  adulthood.__ as long as they comply with the principles of the current Masculine
Nature. Their  DNA sometimes checks out as being a bit similar to the 12 strand DNA of ETs. These are
the long-prophesied  "sixth race" of humans,  most of whom have  developed their consciousness  in
other realms,  and this is their  first time in a  physical body.  

Our culture seems slow-paced and varied to them; they are  unable to focus on any of it for long. About
all they can do in childhood and early youth, is mirror back to parents, teachers, and other ordinary
folks, what those  adults are  projecting into the  world at present.  "AIM"  (  is a
group that has developed ways to help these children and youth find balance and integration into our
physical world, and to aid parents in coping with these unusual, gifted children. Scholarships are  
available at  AIM for those  economically disadvantaged. More prevalent in cities than in rural areas, the
increase in wireless technology is suggested as a major cause of this. Also, it may be a result of our dis-
connection and disrespect with Earth and Nature. The New Kids are so immersed in their electronic
technology, they have little or no time__ or interest__ in the outdoors. Time in Nature__ the greener the
better__ may be a healing tool for them.

The young people of the whole world are asking for change,  seeking transformation of a system that is
no longer positive.  We are going to see great changes. The sleeping spirit of humanity will awaken be-
cause now there are  
instant means of communication. There is the Internet.  Now people can comm-
unicate instantly  with millions of other people.  Our youths are  seeing what  people want__  and they
are creating new structures for manifesting them.
Having several "new kids" in our family, I find they have Uranus prominent in their natal astrology charts,
Aquarius on an angle, or both.  (Planet Uranus is the ruler of the sign of Aquarius)  Also, many have the
same  configurations between  Neptune,  Mercury and the Sun  as in the charts of the  "Elder"Indigos__
the Cosmic Mothers__  born in the  early 20th century  at about the time of the  Great Depression  when
Hitler rose to power in Europe.  Many new children and Cosmic Mothers  have one or more rare spiritual
configurations called a "Yod" in their charts.

Visiting three of our  great-grandchildren__  a newborn,  a two year old  and a two and one-half year old
__and watching them with their toys,  I sensed something unusual about the way they played.  They had
a different attitude about play
;  it was deadly serious__  purposeful, as if they "worked" at their play, as if
they came here  for a particular mission  and they knew it,  and nothing  was going to  stand in their way.
Playing with toys was simply  an exercise for learning physical skills  needing mastery  before they could
go about their "real work".

Most of the negative forecasts by
Nostrodamis, Native Americans, Edgar Cayce and others__ who
had nearly 100% accuracy prior to 1972__ failed to come true. This was because groups of individuals,
as few as 12, or as large as 250, who organized on inner levels, found positive ways to morph Earth into
another Timeline__ a Parallel Reality. We humans are now experiencing a diff-erent destiny: one which
didn't come from the past, but from people who came from the future, altering our planetary past. The
first group were in Israel. These 10, 11 and 12-year-olds have changed something; and more and more
are arriving from the future. We called them "Indigo", "Crystal", or "Rainbow" children, who came in the
early 1980's, and are by now (2015), aged about 35, 36 and 36 years old. But the next group to arrive in
1998 to 2010, are even more miraculously advanced, but ae being labled "ADD", "ADHD", "BI-POLAR",
"AUTISTIC", or with "ASBERGER'S SYNDROME" and drugged out of their spiritual gifts.

We have a great- grandson, born in early 1999, and whose arrival was announced to me by ET messen-
gers in my bedroom  one night__  who,  at age 7,  was wonderfully  talented in art,  and receiving "All  
A's" on his report cards, despite supposedly having ADHD.  His "welfare" mother of many children, ins-
ured they were  diagnosed with more and more of those physical/psychological problems as they grew
up, receiving more and more federal and state income; and therefore, the kids were dosed with more
and more medications. Dear,  Sweet,  Steven, now 16,  has regressed to doing 2nd Grade work__ with
Sylvia Browne
, renowned clairvoyant, describes the "New Children",  (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow)  now
birthed  into our families
:  "They have more than  their share of  geniuses.  When they say  they want to
change the world,  it's not due to rose-colored altruism,  but because they know how. They're born arti-
asts,  scientists and healers,  deeply intuitive,  resentful of  authority,  prone to  depression and  strong
feelings of entitlement, restless and able to spot a phony from a mile away. They are multi-sensory be-
ings who multi-channel and live in a mutli-verse.

They do not reside (yet)  on mother ships. They may or may not  share our DNA,  but they do share our
breakfast tables.  They're our  children,  our grandchildren"... and  our  great-grandchildren... "and  they
might just represent the next necessary step on the evolutionary ladder."

"If we simply  pay attention and listen,  without fear,  without prejudice , without  interrupting  or cutting
them off out of our own confusion, without close-minded skepticism, without coming up with a hundred
silly and completely illogical explanations  for what comes out of their mouths, we'll find in children an
end to our fear of death, and a brilliantly lit pathway to the eternity God promise
d us."

Ms. Browne tells of a "veil"__ the actual, invisible to us barrier between the dimensions that separate
us from the "Other Side".  This Other Side  is where our spirits come from when we enter the womb
waiting to be born  and where our spirits go  when our physical bodies die.  It is heaven,  paradise__
more stun- ningly beautiful than our earthly minds can imagine.

Many of our "New Kids" were labeled with ADD,  ADHD,  OCD,  AUTISM or  ASPERBER'S  and given
drugs to suppress it,  as if they had some disease  or mental deficiency.  Actually__  they are extremely
gifted,  even brilliant__  to the point where they may be humanity's next step in consciousness evolution.
They both  think and  communicate  with  ictures__ like  "
Hypnogogia"__ as a  visual form  of telepathy.
This is why they get along so well with animals  who also communicate in pictures . After
12-21-12,  we
will all become  telepathic,  using the  new grid lines as  Pathways of Light.  (
Chapter 16:  "Co-Creating
With Nature
."  and,  (Chapter 17: "Telepathy."

                                                      Healing Autism
In an interview on,  Program 122, Sandie Sedgbeer (U.S.)  announced a new
series of articles  on her website  concerning  Healing Autism  with
Sound.  The  Seti  Institute  in San
Diego has been experimenting with this approach and so far it does seem to reverse autism and ADHD.
The National Institute of Health (U.S.) has launched a funding program to aid in this research.

It has also been introduced on the TV program,
"60 Minutes" and in the  Los Angeles Times as a new
natural healing method.  A DVD is  presently available  for home use  of this therapy  from the  website
Melchizedek, Drunvalo. Spirit of Ma'at Research.

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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX