Living in the New Reality
                 What we want to do in this Newsletter is to keep you informed of the information and experiences of individuals
                 and groups who are attempting to learn how to both create and live in the New Reality. Those of you dear readers
                 viewing this website would not be doing so unless you had awakened considerably by now. Some readers are fully
                 into the advanced stages by now, others just entering them, and still others yo-yo-ing in and out of the various con-
                 sciousness stages.

                 People are reporting unusual physical and emotional anomalies as huge surges of new energy arrive on the planet     
                 and dimensional boundaries merge. Gaia is also adding major transformational shake-ups to the picture. We will be
                 applying our intuitions to our daily lives. We will learn to Lovingly Serve by Inspiring and Empowering those within
                 our contacts through Arts, Entertainment & Education, to Merge Spiritually with Technology, to Develop Exopolitics-
                 Galactic Dipomacy and Unity Consciousness, to share insights and experiences in Transforming Planetary Systems
                 and to Unconditionaly Love, Purify and Bond with Mother Earth.

                 These changes are first occurring with families, friends, neighbors and co-workers. In time, what we learn and apply
                 will spread outwardly into other neighborhoods, to communities as a whole, to counties, states and provinces, nations,
                 continents and the entire globe. It occurs not by laws or by hierarchies, but by individual and group intuition, intention,
                 and spiritual gifts applied for the highest good of all concerned.
                                                                                     July 13th, 2011

As we enter the
FOURTH NIGHT of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar, which is abuot "Bridge-building to Prepare
for the New Consicousness"
, we are still in a "Proliferation" phase. The keywords are  "Rain" and "War" involving the "Dissemination of
Unifying Synthesis.
" This is either another period of dark, or the application of new procedures.
 During this time, a plant is multiplying its leaves and root system like mad. (True to form, in past corresponding Days and Nights, events listed
covered one page. For the preceding Fourth Night in
2006-7__ 3 1/2 pages!)  In human his-tory, a Fourth Night has usually been a period of
rebuilding and a time of healing. The previous Fourth Night of the 8th Wave/Galactic Underworld was from November 29, 2006 to November
18, 2007.
to view, go to We re now experiencing the same number of events that occurred over this
year-long period in only 18 Days!. This newsletter issue covers only 9 of those days!

EVENTS SINCE JULY 5TH: As of our last issue, People Power is again by far the most pressing factor in alternative news, building-bridges for
Economic, Political and Social reform, followed by
Consciousness Raising and Earth Changes.

"What Are We Capable Of?"
This is one of the most significant factors of the entire 9th Wave/Universal Underworld.  [Neither Internet Explorer nor Firefox would let
me in today to view this video again. If this will not open for you, go to and Search for "What Are We Capable Of?" Scroll down
to "What Are We Capable Of?  THIS IS ANONYMOUS  (MIRROR)
" by SceptikSnarf .

Ten Most Hopeful Stories of 2010":

"People vs.Corporations... Keeping private profits from getting in the ways of public good."

"The Consciousness Shift and the Global Banking Scam". Ae you up for another blast from Daivd Icke? If so, hang on tight and go to, click on "Heart of the Sun" Issue, then scroll way down to "LINKS & VIDEOS": "Conscous Media Network" and
open to David on two videos.

"Stop Supporting Corrupt Systems" was Maxwell Igan's admonition as the best way to defeat illegal elites. A guest on World Puja's "Contact
Has Begun", he revealed that the Spanish Revolution, ongoing in Barcelona since mid-May, has been blacked out in U.S. news. It is not violent,
but "peaceable non-compliance". The system elites are illgal due to bank manipulations and high interest rates. His website: or

Iceland Declares Independence From World Bank."    

"Current TSA Tech is Helpless Against Terrorist's Rectal, Breast Implant Bombs."

"Amazon to Shut Down California Affiliates Over Sales Tax Law."

"Peru Approves 10 Year Ban on GM Crops"... "Thai Government Commits to GMO Free Rice."... "Sweden: Activists Hinder Planting
of GM Potato:
... "Norwegian Regulators Say No to GM Potato."

"The Story of a New Economy... a group of citizen-activist leaders from around the world began meeting in 1994 to share their actual
experiences with"... 'unilateral trade agreements... "They found a consistent pattern of results wholly contrary to the corporate story, broke the
silence and spread the real story."

7-9-11: PORTAL DAY:
From the Arcturians: "Your process of sscension is moving into a new frequency... because your Solar System has moved
into a new area of space." ... (This may explain why we see our sun rising and setting in new directions and arcing overhead higher than usual.)
..."Within this region of 'outer space', which is simultaneously 'inner space', you must keep careful watch  on ALL your thoughts and emotions
because  your powers of instant manifestation are quickly returning."... "FIRST we say inner space because you can only experience the power of
this area if you go within your SELF  and calibrate your consciousness to the resonance of the 5th dimension and beyond. We will guide you to
that calibration"... "SECOND: we wish to remind you that your clay, earth vessels will be undergoing great transitions once you align your
consciousness with the resonance of this area of space"... "THIRD it is vital that you maintain a consciousness of unconditional love, as much as
possible, so that you can drop the ego protection of your self that has allowed you to come this far in your process
  More at

"Liberation ino Spiritual Abundance"__ Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood of Mt. Shasta."
..."Just after the June eclipse gauntlet, a new and refined quality of light, encoded with our divine collective destiny, is flooding into the sacred
mountains of the world"... "This light has the capability to set us free from all things that have made us stagnant or stuck. It also clears the fog
from our consciousness to help us in knowing what direction is next for us; not only for us undividually, but also collectively"...
   "The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood share that we are coming out of a fog, created by a long incubation period, and that
we are now entering a new age of enlightened, unity consciousness"...
   "As we wake from the old, collective dream into a new reality, our perceptions will shift radically with irresistible spontaneity and with much
more force behind them than we have been used to. All that resist the call of the new, infused inner light will find life more challenging than
ever. The speed of which we will be called to move will be staggering. So the message is to let go and allow the radical shift that is upon us."...
  "W are being asked to join in a new movement. We are being asked to take our places
."... continued.   A MUST READ.

"Light Quest International" Galleries of tranformational artwork based on "The Language of Light". Find the one appropriate for your own
transforation and education.

ML: The "stars" ;n my bedroom at night have increased again. Also, the "shadow images" sometimes seen out of the corner of our eyes are now
moving beyond the shadow stage to reveal colors in clothing, skin, hair, etc.. Sometimes when I glance quickly at a TV program or a living
person in the room with me, their image seems to "fragment"; i.e., if I'm viewing a person wearing a white tee shirt, his arm and the border where
shirt and skin meet are split__ as if the tee shirt sleeve edge is to the right, and his arm below the sleeve has moved to the left a few inches.
 Occasionally, there seem to be quick flashes of other people outside the window or in the corners of the room, but when I turn my head, no one
is there. Sometimes tiny birds or big flying insects swoop across my field of vision when I'm at the computer or just in a Dreamtime mode with
eyes open. The Guides say the "stars" are protons and they will increase until the room__ and our reality__ are one solid white light. Our 3-D
reality is beginning to break up__ to fragment the illusion__ and reveal brief glimpses of other dimensional life. Their suggestions: "
Raise Your
" See Part II: Basic Inner Technologies: Chapters 3-7 in this web-book.

Swedish Research Program Proves Sigmund Freud Right"... "people can intentionally learn to forget certain memories."

"Loving the darkenss is the greatest way of healing it."

Teleportation: Dr. Bruce Goldberg reported on his encounters with teleporation, other dimensions and astral travel. He says the difference
between OBE's__ Out of Body Experiences__ and Teleportation is that one's spirit within moves out into other space-time realities with OBE's,
but the physical body stays behind. With teleportation, both spirit and physical body move into other realms. People near you will see your
physical body begin to slowly fade from their sight and finally disappear. It will come back again, but occasionally, it does not, as the spirit has
chosen to stay in the other realm permanently. The process to do this is expalined at

"Lightworkers Unite!" and "Stonehenge" Videos.

"Flying/Levitating/Jumping in Modern Tibet."

"Dr. Carmen Boulter" discusses how the Mayan Calendar mirrors the Egyptian Dynasties, which she sees as a feminine driven civilization as
outlined in their culture and art. Expecially interesting as we shift into a more feminine world.
On the Sidebar in "Heart of the Sun" Issue:

"Stone Sea & Volcano"... Island rises from the sea in front of yacht.

Ice melt in the Arctic (North America) has opened a Northwest Passage. It is expected to be a major maritime area of activity. Norway
transported a ship loaded with ore to China by this new route, saving a bundle of money by not needing to go through the Suez Canal and able to
avoid Somalian pirates as well.
* A huge mass of radioactive flotsam and jetsam from Japan's shores is headed for California. Now near Hawaii, it may reach California shores
within about 2 years or less. U.S. needs to find ways to deal with this safely.

"Record Tempratures Seen as Heat Wave Plagues 23 States." CNN

"Our Most Urgent Climate Struggles__ and How We Might Win Them."

Climate Change was the topic discussed with Mitch Battros ( ) who says... "something is going on with the Sun
and beyond".... There is less potent activity, but the higher class flares are projecting charged particles... "narrowing as if a beam". A recent M-
class solar flare (low class) having the same impact as a large X-class on
June 7th, produced CMEs (coronal mass ejections) both large and
small, and was impacting Earth at the top intensity of any solar flares ever projected. Scientists don't know how or why this is happnening.
    The ozone layer depletion has little to do with pollution or exhaust emissions and is instead, caused more from the charged particles from the
Sun. The jet stream, caused by the magnetic field of Earth, is also doing unusual things and that magnetic field is also being impacted by the Sun.
Regarding the current spate of extremely hot weather, Battros commented that such patterns are cyclical and cited heat waves that occurred
1925-35 in which temperatures soared up to 130 degrees in a number ot American states.
    Twelve more undersea volcanoes were discovered  on
July 11th alone. According to Battros we are presently experiencing a polar shift, but it
is a very gradual shift. (ML: This also could explain our concerns about the sun rising and setting in unseasonal places and
describing a new arc across the sky.)

Huge, Mysterious, Spherical Shock Wave " over Hawaii.v ideo.

"Mount Etna Eruption closes Airports and 'knocks clocks 15 min. fast."  Sicily.

"New Madred Fault Plan"... "North Dakota Floods"... "Nebraska's Floods & Fort Calhous Nuclear Power Plant"
"Conscious Media Network."

"Report: North Carolina Nuclear Facility with super-heated uranium leaking 10 gallons of radioactive cooling water per hour."

Wayne Herschel's Pyramid Star Map Breakthough on Tikal, Stonehenge and Mars, plus Lost Symbols. This is not just a global Earth star-map,
but one that evidently exists on other planets in our solar system. h
ttp://www.the hidden &
  A related site from earlier newsletters:   A video shows our solar system moving to a new area of the
galaxy. (Disregard the comet headws for Earth... no implosion will occur)

"Sustainable Arizona" tips on environmental securit.

"Europe's Temperatures Show No Evidence of Warming Since 1998"

"7.6 Earthquake Shakes New Zealand Islands."... "Strong 7.0 Earthquake Rattles Tsunami Weary Japan."  USAToday

"How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Us."

"The Bizarre Case of the Kera UFO Encounters." (This one is really wierd!)

NASA's Last Space Shuttle Blasts Into History." YahooNews

"Inspiration Gal: Elinen, Mayan Calendar 9th Wave & Astrological Key Dates."

"UFOs Appear Over Phoenix Sandstorm" Videos. www.redicecreations .com

"Forbidden History of the Nephilim" ForiddenKnowledgeTV

"Planet X"

"ET Life Inevitably Exists Due to Universal Laws", and we'll soon discover it.

:  A proliferation of suggestions for Economic, Political and Social Reform: "A Crumbling Cultural Story... the unraveling of the
myth that underlies our economic behavior"... "An Appeal to U2: Who is More Rooted?... much criticism of "what's wrong with the world; but
what's right with it?" ... "The American Dream vs. the Gospel of Wealth... three deep contradictions ask "What's Next for the American
Dream?"... "The Old Economy's Not Coming Back; So What's Next?... "Toward a Post-Growth Society"... "Righting Wrongs the Maori Way...
New Zealand chooses restorative justice and community problem-solving instead of prison"... "White Roofs Project Helps NYC Beat the Heat"...
"Better Policies Without the Politics... how regional policy centers can drive change"... "Austin, TX: Learning to Run a Cooperative"... "How the
Bailout Killed Local Lending & How Some States Hope to Bring it Back"... "WATER... protecting it from overuse, pollution and privatization."

USAToday: "Home Births Rise by 20%".. "Tough New Clean Air Rules Will Target Drifting Pollution"...  "BP Wants to Stop Payouts for Most
Future Losses at Gulf Spill."... "End Gender Apartheid in U.S. Mosques."... "Pro-Regime Demonstrators Atack U.S. Embassy in Syria."

"Three Unexpected Marketing Lessons From Amish Farmers."  

Http://CNET: "TSA Worker Stole Passenger's iPad, Hid it in HIs Pants."... "Climate Impact Threatens Biodeisel Future in EU."... "Researchers
Reprogram Brain Cells into Heart Cells."  

The world is indeed making changes on every level. And so we leave you today with this message:
Dear Ones, as we enter the final stages of ascension, many find themselves at odds over contrasting thoughts of whether the new reality will
really happen or not. We assure you through this newsletter that it is happening__ day by day__ and more quickly than ever anticipated by any
beings involved in the process. Keep to your paths. You have noted the changes in your own actions, your words, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs
and attitudes. You have noted how the negativity around you is slowly fading away, and more joy and laughter are moving to the forefront. Hold
fast the unconditional, loving unity in your hearts. Live from your hearts; and keep your resonance high as we move into total free will,
abundance, complete health, trust and beauty for all the world
."  The Arcturians.

                                                                                       July 3-4, 2011
                                                                                 "THE GOOD NEWS".  

MIDPOINT DAYS of the FOUTRH DAY of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld have arrived__ when the most significant points of the Fourth
Day are exposed. We are still in "
Proliferation: The New Consciousness Balances the Old. The keywords: "Sustenance" and "Maize" (corn or
food). However, this Fourth Day period is also showing us "
The Most Pertinent Expression of the entire 9th Wave New Consciousness."  WE
in the Fourth Day of Light to firmly attach the plant while the stock thickens and branches form. It's another period of expansion of the foundations
laid. In human history
the "new" point of view and ways of doing things takes dominance. For instance, the empire of Greece was built during
an earlier Fourth Day.

                                                                                PEOPLE POWER:
Political and Social Reform topped the list of events by far during this 9 day period, with nearly 50 new items. Some of the highlights:
"A freshly launched Christian campaign to end extreme poverty introduced by
Scott Todd__ if the churches put their backs into it.";  "Time to
Rethink U. S. Military Role." ; "Illinois Death Row Officially Shuts Down.";  U.S. Cooks Up Ad Bliz for Food Safety. "America Can Learn From
Better Practices Abroad."; "Federal Judge Blocks New Kansas Abortion Law."; "Why Justice Means Fewer Prisons."; "Meet the people and ideas on
the cutting edge of the movement for a new economy.; "Local Community Radio Powers Up."; "How Sustainable Activism Transformed Detroit";
"U.S. Mayors: End the Wars, Please."; "Building a Resilient Congregation"__ a new role: economic support groups.; "Youth Movements: Civil Rights
Lessons & How to Get Things Done."; "Benefit Corporations: A New Kind of Company"; "Nurses Band to End the Despair with Tax on Wall Street
trading."; "The People vs. the Pipeline Climate Struggle"; "Thousands Rally Against Georgia Immigration Law."

Corporate Control? Not in these Communities"
                                                                              by Allen D. Kammer
"Citizens of Mt. Shasta, CA have developed an ordinance to keep corporations from extracting their water. The ordinance would also ban energy
giant PG&E and any other corporation from regional cloud seeding"... It would refuse to recognize corporate personhood, explicity place the rights
of community and local government above the economic interests of multinational corporations, and recognize the right of nature to exist, flourish
and evolve."...This is... "part of a (so far) quiet municipal movement making its way across the U.S. in which communities are directly defying
corporate rule and affirming their sovereignty of local government."
" More than 125 municipalities have passed ordinances that explicity put their citizen's rights ahead of corporate interests"... "They have banned
corporations from dumping toxic sludge, building factory farms, mining and extracting water for bottling"... "Over a dozen townships in
Pennsylviania, Maine and New Hampshire have recognized the rights of nature to exist and flourish."... "Four cities have passed laws imposing
penalties on corporations for chemical trespass__ the involuntary introduction of toxic chemicals into the human body."
 "Enter the
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, (CDLDF) a nonprofit public interest law firm that champions a different approach.
The firm helps communities draft local ordinances that place the rights of municipalities to govern themselves above corporate rights"... CDLDF...
"is collaborating with
Global Exchange, an international environmental and workers' rights organization, to help supporters of the Mt. Shasta
ordinance organize."... "Sharon Biggs, director of Global Exchange's
Community Rights Program"... "connects the current minicipal defiance of
existing state and federal law to a long tradition of civil disobedience in the U.S. harkening back to
Susan B. Anthony illegally casting her ballot, the
Underground Railroad flouting slave laws, and civil rights protesters purposely breaking segregation laws."
 "These communities, are adopting laws that, taken together, are forming an alternative structure to the global corporate economy."... "The best
place to start"... "is with banning corporations from making compaign contributions to local elections.The municpial movement could provide one of
the most effective routes to building nationwide support for an
Environmental and Social Responsiblity amendment to the U.S. Constitution. In
fact, the movement is already expanding. In Pennsylvania, people are now organizing on the state level and similar stirrings have been reported in
New Hampshire." (
Yes Magazine.)

* "
UK Teachers, Civil Servants Strike Over Cutting Pensions"; "Green Cities Span Coasts as Eco-efforts Intensity__ San Francisco ranks
first among Green Cities, but 3 eastern cities, New York, Boston and Washington, make the top 10, as do Denver and Minneapolis."
(Yahoo News)

"The Hague is about to boost its image as the International City of Peace with the opening of a new international think tank.
Princess Margreit of
the Netherlands and former U.S. Secretary of State,
Madeleine Albright"... "attended a ceremony"... "to launch the Institute for Global
"... "Albright, a member of the Institute's Advisory Council, said, " because"... the institute will be involved with... "a range of issues dealing
with property, labour and energy law, it will mean legal empowerment for the poor." (
Radio Netherlands World

7-3-11; Midpoint Day Two:
"The Old Economy's not Coming Back. So What's Next?"... "The new economy movement seeks an economy that is increasingly green and
socially responsible, and one that is based on re-thinking the nature of ownership and the growth paradigm that guides conventional policies."

                                                                    NUCLEAR & ALTERNATIVE ENERGY
                                                                           Next most prolific in the news:
"Japan is investing 8 trillion yen ($100 billion) in new energy technology; oil and nuclear power will be phased out." (
Benjamin Fulford)
Barbara Lamb gave her insights. She and James Gilliland, host, related how some ETs are assisting us by reducing radiation from the Japanese
nuclear meltdowns, and did so as well, at Chernobyl, Russia years ago. (
World Puja.)
 A lightworker friend sends information on Nuclear Radiation: "Sedona now has low radiation levels. They were high after the ... (Japan)... reactors
melted down, but now we are lower than most other places. Infant mortality rate is up 35% in U S. since this happened! I shudder to think what we
will see in pregnant women here and in Japan. Japan is now
unlivable, and the only reason they are not evacuating is there is no place to go."
  Ecological biologist
David Blume gave updates on nuclear power plant situations and alternative fuel and energy. Germany and Switzerland now
have given up on new nuclear plants, as did Japan earlier. He says the ocean is contaminated from the Japan disasters and radioactive tuna has
arrived on U.S. shores. David introduced the use of alcohol as automobile fuel, citing many advantages, lower costs and using crops other than
corn, along with other ecological benefits. His website: has information on how individuals can manufacture this
substance in their own homes or in new local businesses. It is not necessary to make radical changes in cars and trucks to use this fuel.
(Coast to
Coast AM
 Professor of engineering,
Peter Haglestein, reported that from Italy to Japan to the U.S., breakthroughs are occurring in the creation of Cold
Fusion. ( ) Massachusette Institute of Technology, Plasma Science & Fusion Center, has been able to create "cold fusion",
but not yet able to do so on a continuous basis. (
 "The Philippine inventor,
Ismael Aviso has started using ambient energy collecting technology to crack water and start producing large quanties of
Hydroxyl or HHO gas (Brown's gas) with very little energy input."... He collects energy from the ambient environment for use with his self-charging
electric car, a
"Motionless Electric Generator", designed to produce energy for home or industrial use and a "Universal Motor" that utilizes a repelling
force to produce motion. (
Pure Energy Systems News) PESwiki News.   
Adam Caggino is open sourcing his fuel vaporizer technology that holds the potential to boost gas mileage several-fold while also improving
performance and reducing emissions. The system involves pre-heating the fuel to over 900 degrees F. to remove the additives that prevent vast
mileage gains; then subjecting the fuel to magnets and electromagnetic fields, resulting in a crystal clear liquid."
PESwiki News.
Boston: Greentown Labs held its official opening for"... people willing to... "plug into the active, clean-energy technology scene."
The Astounding Potential of Plasmic Power in PlasmERG Engine."... "The American company, PlasmERG has developed a"... new FREE
ENERGY technology that... "utilizes the power of plasma to run engines. These engines have the ability to revolutionize the energy landscape, and
benefit human civilization in countless ways."

7-3-11: Midpoint Day One:
* "India's poor give up on power grid, go solar."

7-4-11: Midpoint Day Two: "The Ancient God Stories are Actually Recipes for Power." ... "This week we will look at some of this secret
knowledge of kings."
Benjamin Fulford.

William Henry, one of the world's cutting edge mythologists, discussed secret sciences and technologies of our ancient ancestors on his
Revelations" online radio program... "His working hypothesis is that wormholes and Stargates are at the center of all the world's myths and
religions"... "A secret that has been handed down for millennia; a creation of wise beings who called themselves The Shining Ones, who hailed from
Planet X, and carried the creation across the darkness of the cosmic ocean."
  "Throughout the years, scholars translated ancient texts to give us the information on which our religions and sciences are based, but they always
contended that Egyptian hieroglyphics were false information."... "William contends those inscriptions tell us there are Stargates all over the
universe, including one on our own Sun."... "Stargates"... inactive... "exist in a small town called "Portal" in Arizona".. at least one in Peru, and
surprisingly, under the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.. Each stargate is connected with a star, such as Sirius, Orion or Betelgeuse.
Chaper 3, The Great Mother on this website, tells of the Arcturian/Idaho Stargate in the desert near Arco, Idaho. William's latest book, "Oracle of
the Illuminati
", states that we are on the verge of rediscovering the sacred science of creating peace on Earth. His website:
 William Henry's "Revelations" this week, is about "The Perfect Ones", who have become Light Beings, and how we can join them. Our Sun__ a
celestial being__ is producing cosmic rays__ sub-atomic particles causing increased decay of Carbon 14 molecules. (Carbon 14 is a radioactive
isotope of carbon. It's presence in organic material is the basis of carbon dating.)
 In ancient Egypt, a type of "oil" was rubbed on the body to transform or assist the righteous to become star beings. The temple at Dendera was a
"perfumery" where oils were produced.
  William suggests a wormhole is a transportation system from star to star or from one universe to another__ why it's called a "star-gate."
Linda Moulton Howe: "Science has discovered that black holes and galaxies grew up together after the Big Bang. Every galaxy has a blackhole at
its center. (   
Tad Friends' discussion on comets and asteroids, L. A. Mazulli spoke on the relativity between current world chaos and biblical prophecies.
Several call-ins noticed that the Sun now comes up in a different place than normally at this time of year and follows a new arc across the sky. The
Moon seems to be doing the same. (I've noted this myself since the Summer Solstice,
6-21-11.) In a conversation with Dr. Robert Leir, who
removes mysterious implants from people's bodies, the latest news on this subject is that the implants are changing people's DNA. A video is availble
at under "Startling New Research." (Coast to Coast AM.)

* "
German Lab Generates the Strongest Magnetic Field Ever Created." Larger magnetic fields allow for better tests and characterizations of
* "
China Taking Lead in Material Science Studies." A study of scientific publications globally warns the "quality gap" between nations is starting
to close.
* An informative little video on
Michael Tellinger's Facebook page: "The Propagating Sound". A scientist shows how Sound and
Electromagnetism exist not as waves, but as spherical "bubbles"!

* "
Lung Cancer Scans Unreliable"... risk of false alarms high, and too many CTs unsafe.
* "
Farmers are Killing Us with Antibiotics" FDA reports that 80% of antibiotics in U.S. go into livestock, not humans. The drugs are
administered to keep animalsfrom getting sick because of holding them in squalid, crowded conditions.
7-3-11: Midpoint Day One: "Hospitals turn to telemedicine for remote care of patients." Man in Phoenix hospital treated by doctor in Tel
Aviv. U
6-26-1: PORTAL DAY: I ask the Guides for further information on "The Voice of Unity". A: "This is neither a comet nor a spacecraft. It is an
energy-entity of sorts__ one not known on Earth before. It is loving, intelligent, purposeful and self-organizing, and in a sense is the 'return of the
Christ' , although few will perceive it as such at first. It brings revelations to the masses and to lightworkers that will cause Unity-Christ
Consciousness to PORLIFERATE throughout Earth. Then you will see telepathy and other spiritual gifts evolving at a rapid rate. The entire world
will be transformed in a very short time__ this is the New Reality you have been creating."  
 "All the 'gods' in mythology and religions of the past have been Annunaki or some evolved beings from higher dimensions. They are returning, but
not in a negative way. The scattered 'pieces' of the galactic family will become whole again."

7-1-11: PORTAL DAY: NEW MOON: SOLAR ECLIPSE at 10 degrees Cancer: "THE ROOTS OF HUMANITY". And "Craftsmanship: the
training for perfection".: For an excellent article on what this eclipse brings to lightworkers, starseeds and the New Children, see
Lauren C. Gorgo's
latest offering at html

A lightworker friend requested clarification about manifesting physical needs. I had earlier stated that "whatever I need will be there for me."  
However, this does not mean that it will always arrive
free,; i.e., without effort or price. I'd ordered some vitamins and paid regular pricez for them,
but they were not for myself__ they were for two family members who are working themselves ragged with several jobs, often run-down with
colds, etc., but unable to afford vitamins. The food storage is meant for my husband and other family members who are not "into" manifesting. We
all help each other with what we can __ with money or needed items, computer advice and repair__physical service.
 When I say "
whatever I need will be there for me", sometimes it does show up for free. Other times I could not find the needed item or
information and it appeared either within a day or two__ or it was already received before I realized a need for it. Sometimes material necessities are
offered at reduced rates, or at a price that I can easily afford at that time.
 Every now and then, things "appear" for other people. For instance, I ordered some sinus remedy for myself and they sent a sample box of
probiotic capsules. I did not need them, but next day a son mentioned that his wife, who had caught
e-coli on their vacation to Mexico some years
ago, was looking for something to help with the digestive complications that occasionally cropped up again. She tried the capsules and was
delighted... only needing one now and then. She helps out with her step-grandson's toddlers by buying clothes for them at a Boise "reycle/barter
shop". I suspect this "give & take" thing is behind our needs being met so smoothly. Remember: We can choose what to manifest, but Universe
chooses the timing and the process by which it will manifest. It can be confusing, but it always works out in its own way if we just relax, believe
and "let it". It ain't easy folks__ we walk the line between outer and inner worlds, between 3-D and higher dimensions and between our individual
uniqueness and our collective unity.
St Germain: "If an intention does not work out, know there is a better way for it to come about"

ASCII Code in Italian Crop Formation"... The crop circle is formed near Turin, Italy, where the famous Shroud is kept. "The outer rim
contains the names, "
ENKI, EA", coded in ASCII."  (The ASCII is the American Standard Code for imformation exchanges, as used in computers
and communication devices.)

We've been following the work and writing of Michael Tellinger,scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author who has become an
authority on the origins of humankind and the vanished civilizations of southern Africa. Micheal gave us an update on
Spectrum Radio:
We've been told that the earliest civilization on Earth was Sumer, 6000 years ago. Tellinger and a team of respected scientists have made new
archaeological and scientific discoveries revealing how Sumer and ancient Egypt received their vast knowledge from a far earlier civilization that
began more than 200,000 years ago at the southern tip of Africa.
 "These were also the people who carved the first Horus bird, the first Sphinx, built the first pyramids and built an accurate stone calendar right in
the heart of it all. Adams' Calendar is the flagship among millions of circular stone ruins, ancient roads, agricultural terraces and thousands of
ancient mines, left behind by a vanished civilization which we now call the FIRST PEOPLE. These settlements cover most of southern Africa,
equivalent to an area about twice the size of Texas."
"They carved detailed images into the hardest rock, worshiped the sun, and were the first to carve an image of the Egyptian Ankh__ key of life and
universal knowledge, 200,000 years before the Egyptians came to light"... They knew about the natural laws and how to generate FREE ENERGY
from within Earth with Sound and Frequency. Michael presented his philosophy on ..."a new social structure, which he refers to as
CONTRIBUTIONISM, ( see suggesting how we can learn from those early humans in our search for peace and a harmonious,
unified world with abundance for all."
 Michael on Consciousness: The more we expand the limits of science, the more we learn about the universal mind__ the Creator...."It seems that
the more information we gain from quantum physics, the unified field theory and space-time studies, the closer we get to understanding the true
meaning of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Michael believes that quantum physics is a gift from the divine to allow humanity to find its way back to
source__ back to unity__ from deeply divided species not only on Earth, but in the entire universe."
 This was a two hour program in which he stated that organized religions have been the #1 propagator of separatism and division in the world. Gold
was mined in southern Africa 400,000 years ago, not for its economic value, but to make
mono-atomic gold, a white powrder that can be used
spiritually to raise consciousness vibrations and awaken psychic abilities__ telepathy, de-materialization & re-materialization and teleportation of self.
He is currently touring U.S. and Canada to announce this information. In his live lectures, Michael explains how Stonehenge is at least one million
years old,.
  His latest book, "
Temples of the African Gods", reveals his discoveries that will be the catalyst for rewriting our ancient human history. His

I've noticed that many of the metaphysical/spiritual researchers and investigators are meeting  at large conferences around the world, and this way
they exchange new information with each other. What's happening is they are not only re-inforcing each other's offerings, but establishing a
common structure for the way things work in the world.

If you're feeling some really strong energy download since the
July 1st Solar Eclipse this inspiring message from The Pleiadiens through Lauren
may explain it: "We made it through the shadow lands and can slowly come up for air"... "The space that proceeds this massive evolutionary
event is one of fast-moving change on the inner planes, tumultuous restructuring on the outer planes, and the re-connection of the divine feminine
intelligence as the forerunner of human consciousness. Take heed... from this day forward, new rules apply and there is no going back"... "the
new-human prototype is officially online & operating on the new server"...
(which they say)... "is all about 'resonant versus causal
                                                                                    June 25, 2011

June 25th, starts the FOURTH DAY of the Mayan Calendar's 9th Wave/Universal Underworld.  We will be involved with "Proliferation:
The New Consciousness will Balance the Old."
These next 18 days will show us "The Most Pertinent Expression of the New Consciousness."
The keywords are "
Sustenance" and "Maise" (corn or food).

This issue may take several days to get online, as I watched the
"Elinen Conference" sponsored by Project Camelot yesterday, June 24th, and it
went for 5 HOURS! It was by paid subscription only, so I took notes__ TERRIFIC INFORMATION__ but it will take time to transcribe them.
Thank you for your patience.

I find myself very concerned with "
The Roots of Humanity." The newsletters of late have focused on this issue repeatedly. It's due to the fact that
Mercury is now crossing 10 degrees Cancer, and that is my Nadar (the lowest point on the zodiac wheel of the birth chart), so it's "where I've come
from__ my groundedness". In fact, it's where we've all come from. The 12-13 degrees of Cancer are where the U.S. Sun and Sirius reside and is the
release point of a Yod in my chart, so these issues are often prominent, too.

Let's start by taking a look at what transpired during the Fourth Day of the 8th Wave/Galactic Underworld, from Dec. 4, 2004 to Nov. 29,
December 4, 2004
: Missile test fails, setback for Bush administration missile defense system; Yushchenko delclared prime minister of Ukraine;
Enormous tsunami devastates Indonesia__ at least 225,000 killed.
January, 2005: World-wide help pours in to 11 tsunami devasted countries;
Sudanese sign a peace agreement ending a 20 year conflict; 8.5 million Iraqis vote in a 275-seat National Assembly; Bush announces plan to reform
Social Security.
February: Saudi (men only) allowed to vote for first time in municipal elections; Former Lebanese prime minister, Hariri is
March: Terry Schiavo dies after federal judge refuses to order reinsertion of her feeding tube; Pope John Paul II dies. April: Violent
protests against flawed elections in Kyrgyzstan; Benedict XVI becomes new pope; Syrian military in Lebanon withdraws after 20 years; Tony Blair
becomes Labour Party prime minister for third term.
May: South Korea announces new procedure to successfully reproduce human stem cell lines
from a cloned embryo (claim discredited Dec. '05); European Union drops plan to ratify proposed European consitution by
Ahmadinejad wins Iran's presidential election & defiantly pursues nuclear ambitions; Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor retires.
July: NASA Deep Impact spacecraft hits comet Temel 1 to research primordial remnants in our solar system; Islamic terrorists kill 52 in London
Group of Eight industrial nations pledge to double aid to Africa to $50 billion a year by 2010, cancelling the debt of poor countries; Federal
court upholds decision that Partial-Birth-Abortion Plan is unlawful because it does not consider health of women in jeopardy; Pentagon finds Iraq
police force "partially capable" of replacing U.S. troops; Irish Republican Army ends violent campaign for a united Ireland; Bush signs CAFTA,
removing trade barriers between U. S. and Central American countries.
August: Peace treaty between Indonesia and Free Aceh Movement, ending
30 year civil war; Israel evacuates 8,000 Israeli settlers from Gaza Strip after 38 years occupation; Hurricane Katrina kills over 1000 and leaves
millions homeless on the Gulf Coast. Americans shaken by how ill-prepared all levels of government were in its aftermath; Chief Justice William H.
Renquist dies.
September: House majority leader, Tom DeLay steps down when accused of conspiring to violate Texas election laws; A 7.6
earthquake in Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir kills over 80,000 and leaves 4 million homeless.
October: Bush selects Harriet Miers to replace
Justice O'Connor; Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf chosen first African woman head of state in Liberia; Angela Merkel becomes Germany's first woman
chancellor; Millions of Iraqi voters ratify new constitution; Saddam Hussein goes on trial; U.S. deaths in Iraq reach 2,000; Harriet Miers withdraws
after strong criticism; Weeks of violent rioting in Paris' impoverished French-Arab and French-African areas after 2 boys killed while hiding from
police; I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice during White House investigation.
November: Israli president Sharon quits to form new centrist organization, "Kadima"; California Republican congressman Randy "Duke"
Cunningham resigns after pleading guilty to taking almost 2.4 million in bribes; Public Discourse Project reports U. S. "alarmingly vulnerable to
terrorist strikes."

CURRENT EVENTS SINCE JUNE 16TH, during the last half of the Third Night: Information is rolling in so fast these days, that I can hardly read or
listen to it all within 8 or 9 days, let alone write it down, so I'm mainly listing the website addresses with a few notes on their content, unless it is
something few readers may access. (Some news links may have expired by the time we go online.)
USAToday: President Hamid Karrai achknowledged today that U.S. and Afghanistan are engaged in peace talks with the Taliban, to end the          
nation's 10 year war.

* Charlotte Iserbyt, while serving as head of policy at the U.S. Department of Education during the Reagan administration...          
"discovered a long-term strategic plan by the tax exempt foundations to transform America from a nation of rugged individualists and problem           
solvers to a country of servile brainwashed minions who simply regurgitate whatever they're told."

U. S. Supreme Court threw out the sex-discriminaion lawsuit alledging unfairness in pay and promotions brought against Wal-Mart, stating that   
the case was... "improperly certified under federal rules of civil procedure". The flimsy explanation was that the women who brought the case had
failed to offer proof that the discrimination was a world-wide policy of Wal-Mart, who employs about a million female workers. Guess the
corporations are allowed to screw is over, as long as they don't do it in one store or office somewhere in the world.

Yahoo News: Newt Gingrich's top campaign fundraisers resigned due to struggles amid anemic fundraising and heavy spending.
* Syrian troops pushed the neo-democracy uprising to the Turkish border, sending panicked refugees, including children, rushing to safe havens
in           Turkey. The European Union announced slapping new sanctions on the Syrian regime becuase of.. "the gravity of the situations." 1400
people          have been killed in the relentless government crackdown.

Benjamin Fulford: "Bilderberger meeting cancelled halfway through as participants flee to avoid arrest."... Queen Beatrix of the
Joseph Ackermann, CEO of the Deutchebank and a representative from communist China... "contacted the White Dragon
Society (Japan)            and offered to cooperate in setting up the new financial system."

Whistleblowrs Radio: offers an interview of Marshall Klarfield on "Adam the Missing Link", which
again                   verifies
Zacharia Sitchin's work about the Annunaki creating homo sapiens to work their gold mines.

Chris Dunn, in William Henry's "Revelations" interview, reported on mysterious markings inside one of the shafts leading out of the Queen's
Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Although it had been investigated several years ago with Gatenbrink's small robot, a new device carrying a
more flexible camera was able to move past the door with the copper handles to find unkown symbols dating back
4500 years. More investigation
will be done this
August. Dunn has long believed that the Great Pyramid was a tremendous power plant.

Later in the week, Dunn was interviewed by Henrik Palmgren on Red Ice Radio from Sweden. New research and evidence point to the fact that
the ancient Egyptians had far more sophisticated technology than earlier believed, including mega-machines that not only moved huge blocks of
stone, but also created them with absolute precision. Building and operating a small machine similar to what might have been used in Egypt, Dunn
found it produced the sound of the human heartbeat. He believes the Egyptians used acoustics (sound) in what he called "non-linear" ways that we
don't understand today. Evidence reveals that these tremendous technologies were lost after a devastating catclysm.

6-18-11: PORTAL DAY: Another wonderful interview with Michael Tellinger, with new information on . Click
Radio", then "Past Shows" and open Michael's May 27th offering for a real treat. A second download is available, for which one needs to be a paid
subscriber__ and if you're up for it, it's terrific! He reveals an existing new technology called "
saser", similar to "laser" technology, but this one
coheres sound rather than light. If we find the correct sound frequency which boils water (and there is a fellow doing this right now, but afraid to be
identified), we could produce enough energy to run everything__ yes, cars too__ in the entire U. S. on one battery and a sound amplifier, i.e.,
, at last.    

USAToday: "U. S. states are taking the lead on energy efficiency"... "26 now have rules that are lowering utility bills for consumers and reducing
the need to build more power plants"... "following the lead of Texas and Vermont."
* The U. S. and 27 other countries agreed to release more oil from their reserves on news of U. S. economic weakness. Crude oil prices tumbled__
but of course, oil stocks rose.

Veritas Radio interviewd Clif High from WebBot , a company using... "radical linguistics" to reduce extracts of
dramatic postings on the internet into an achetypal database"... "calculating the rate of change of language".Their WebBot method then forecasts
probable futures.
Free Energy: This year will see new electrical and free energy devices popping up__ nothing definite yet__ due to the dramatic
language distractions of more immediate challenges that are causing fog around all events in the more distant future.
Nuclear Problems: WebBot
maintains that various concerned groups around Earth who've been actively urging greater safety and moving away from nuclear energy plants, are
now acting differently__ more of an "I
don't want to know" attitude". The larger mass of humanity seems to be in "active denial"__ shielding
themselves from any more information about the dangers now so apparent around the planet. There is also concern about why no world scientists,
physicists have gone to aid Japan's disasters. Fukishima is viewed as a deliberate attack, and is affecting the entire world with radiation. (Remember,
nothing is written in stone; and if it is, we can change it together.)

Pakalert Press: "seeking to avoid fallout on Obama's support of nuclear energy to replace coal power, the Obama regime has ordered a "total
and complete" news blackout regarding any information relating to the near catastrophic meltdown of the
Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant
near Omaha, NB due to serious flooding causing... "one of the worst nuclear accidents in U. S. history."

Yahoo News: AP: Radioactive leaks found in 48 of 65 nuclear sites in the U. S.... Leaks from at least 38 of those plants contained concen-
trations exceeding the federal drinking water limit; sometimes at hundreds of times the limit."

Coast to Coast AM: Robin Falkov on the many Gulf of Mexico toxins and their dire effects on people and sea life.

Sunscreens used by bathers in the ocean are killing not only the coral, but all sea life. All sunscreens have been found to cause skin cancer as well
as block beneficial Vitamin D3 from the sun's rays.
Dr. Elizabeth Plourde suggests using only natural substances on our skin__ olive, coconut, or
aloe verde oils can help to prevent sun damage and rapid aging of the skin. She suggests exposing ourselves to the sun in small doses and slowly
extending them, as well as wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.: "It's no longer news that many 'leaders' in psychiatry are paid by the PharmacoMafia to inflate results to get an
increasing number of people on their mostly dangerous and useless drugs." On
June 2, BBC released the latest recommendations from The Wolfson
Institute by no other than Professor Sir Nicholas Walds__ 'ALL people over 55 should be 'offered' drugs to lower cholesterol and blood pessure!'...
"Instead of the 'expense' of screening, just push the potentially poisonous drugs even on those who do not need them. He even says, 'Everyone
would benefit because, for blood pressure and cholesterol, the lower the better'."... "What absurd psychotic nonesense! Sicko!"... "Cholesterol below
150 is dangerous to your brain, hormonal system and immune system. Blood pressure below a systolic of 90 is dangerous and, for them,
unnecessary drugs. I suggest he be put on the strongest anti-psychotic drugs available__ all of them!"

WebBot Predictions: The Economy is in meltdown, also... possibly around October-November this year. The many pyramid schemes (think  
Ponzi Scheme/Bernie Madoff) which have collapsed, are forerunners to a world-wide economic collapse. Pyramid schemes are built "from the top
down", with one or a few higher-ups and needs a next lower layer with a little larger number of members, and the next down still larger, and on and
on. Well, they always collapse__ because they run out of new members for another lower level; the population can't support any more levels so only
those near the top benefit. This is what's been happening with our world-wide economic system.
Along with the economic crash, WebBot sees
food riots for October-November this year due to weather affects on crops during the summer plus
economic problems. There is a possibility of
UFO/ET Disclosure. If ET becomes known, there could be a great breakdown globally in religious
institutions as the population realizes how they've been lied to for millennia. However, billions of Buddhists, Hindus and Chinese won't 'give a hoot"
about the lies as their belief systems are unaffected.
There are, however, strong indications that the
Vatican Library will be looted by mobs__ whether due to anger of ET Disclosure: "They have
billions in wealth and secret knowledge and lied to us all this time
"; or due to Food Riots,"They have billions in wealth, while  we've been working
and starving
"; or to the growing Universal Harmony__ or all three. These issues may distract the controllers from protecting the Library, but WebBot
indicates it to be something more like an "accident". Too fuzzy to tell at this time. (Again, remember this is only a trend and not written in stone.)

* Native Americans won several lawsuits against the
Vatican for not only hiding Nazis after WWII, but for putting black frocks on them and
sending them to reservations where they continued their horrible experements.

WebBot: Sun Changes are more apparent now. Our Sun's light is shifting away from the red light spectrum and more toward the blue & violet,
somehow affecting plants, animals and humans. A Native American seer foretold "
leaves turning from green to purple", but no explanation of when
or what this means. The Sun's rays, of course, directly affect or DNA changes, and speed up the spiritual renaissance. Similar solar changes in the
past suggest a coming ice age.
* Comet Elinen probabilities show no death coming from it, but some minor influence on earthquakes. It's mass is unusual for its size, which is the
opposite of our Moon which is too light for its size; Elinen has to be very, very dense. As for
Planet X, WebBot sees it as a disinformation
campaign. (See the last entry in this newsletter which covers the  
Comet Elinen Conference June 24th.)

Coast to Coast AM: We are going into an unusual Solar Cycle that has us baffled. Some say this cycle is dropping in strength way below anyhing
in the past, leading to an ice age. Others tell us that although the solar storms and flares are fewer in number, those that are erupting are far more
intense than in the past. So it looks like what we've been experiencing here in Idaho is par for the course. We will have a few days  much colder than
usual for the season, a yo-yo pattern suggesting we'll be shoveling snow one day, then sweltering in 100 degree heat the next, and on and on. Just
how intense and how high and low these temperature will go boggles the mind. "
I don't want to think about this now".

CNN: A lone penguin swam 2000 miles in the wrong direction, ending up on New Zealand as the first penguin ever to appear there. Are the shifting
magnetic poles behind this?

WebBot: Earth Changes are also partly due to Sun Changes. Calleman's version of the "end" of the Mayan Calendar is October 28th, 2011. Clif's
interpretations suggest that Australia, having it's Spring around
September 4th, will then experience intense storms, heavy flooding and wildfires in
various regions. In the U.S., the
New Madrid Earthquake Fault could become active, although no specific date is set. There could be a series of 3
minor quakes beginning around
October, building tension into November, each with higher energy peaks and lower energy "valleys", ramping up to
December when the entire New Madrid area would be affected. Airplane Travel is very dangerous now due to the many volcanic eruptions
and expecially the radiation clouds at high elevations.

Beacons of Light: "I find it intersting that a supreme being with similar attributes was found throughout. I fact, I find it interesting that god in some
form managed to surface in our reality no matter where we found ourselves living on Earth. I will also point out that there is no real need being
fulfilled here and don't let the use of the word stories make them any less powerful. People in all walks of life need to see their own reflection
regularly and religion has been one of many ways that this has been fulfilled on Earth. In  this beautiful message the group led us on a journey to see
how we find and use these mirrors in our lives everyday. The funny part is that rarely do we see that it is our own reflection in the mirror"... "
All of
humanity has reached a level to which there is no return. There is no going backward in vibrational status and this day humans have
reached a critical mass level
. .

Lynne McTaggart's new book, "The Bond": "I have been struck by how much of scientific theory, and consequently our model of how
things work, is currently going up in smoke. With every new finding in the sciences, yet another cherished notion we hold about ourselves is
overturned. An entirely new scientific story is emerging that challenges many of our Newtonian and Darwinian assuptions, including our most basic
premise: the sense of things as separate entities in competition for survival. The latest evidence from quantum theory offers the extraordinary
possibility that all of life exists in a dynamic relationship of cooperaton. Quantum physicists now recognize that the universe is not a collection of
separate things jostling around in empty space. All matter exists in a vast quantum web of connection, and a living thing at Its most elemental is an
energy system involved in a consistent transfer of information with its environment. Rather than a cluster of individual, self-contained atoms and
molecules, objects and living beings are now more properly understood as dynamic and protean
processes, in which parts of one thing and parts of
another continuously trade places. "... "The world essentially operates not through the activity of individual things, but in the connection between
them__ in a sense,
in the space between things."    

Whitley Streiber was guest on hosted by George Knapp, discussing events in the new version of Whitley's re-released,
classic book, "
The Key". A strange man showed up in 1998 unannounced in the middle of the night and taught Whitley lessons. Many of this
Master of the Key"'s revelations about the future are now coming true. He called Crop Circles... "two-dimensional portraits of beings who were
'us' in another state trying to find a way to communicate with us in this state." He concluded with the importance of Meditation, which... "helps the
soul keep its integrity after the body dies, and how this planet at one time was covered by a gigantic instrument of communication and ascension."
(Could this be the world-wide grid of stone monuments and pyramids with the Giza Great Pyramid as control center?)

Bill Ryan, of Project Camelot, interviewed a most remarkable woman who "helps" people overcome negativity simply by sitting beside them and
doing nothing... just "letting" it work to raise their vibes... after being directed to them by her Higher Self. She says we all have this talent and any
others, but they cannot be activated by deliberately working to do so. We must raise our own vibrations, or consciousness, and they will
automatically develop. I am finding this to be happening to me on occasion. I ask the guides: "What about the Intentions I've been dong now and then
for healing, for aiding in catatrophes. Is that over, or should I continue doing them?

A: "This is true, indeed. The Intentions you were doing did raise your vibrations, as you connected Earth and Spirit in your heart. You have of late
realized "something different" is happening, as with the dove on theb ack of the patio chair & the African volcano erupting. You noted these were
not formal intentions... they were more of a "Dreamtime" when you put your ego aside, went into your heart, and just "let it be" or "let it come".
 The first intention for releasing from the electricity grid worked when you did this alone.You will find that now you won't need to do intentions...
just enter the Dreamtime, see/feel it happening, drop ego and "let it happen". You raise your vibrations by remaining at peace, in lovingness and in
oneness through personal, family and community events."
 The trial intentions with family members showed them how to do it. Although it did not 'work', they now know how to do it when or if the time
arrives that they need to. "

Our manifesting seemed to activate only half-way, partly or temporarily during the past year or so, but we are moving more fully into the New
Reality Grid now__ actually, an entirely new space in the cosmos__ and our creations will now be more grounded in the physical. It is becoming
apparent that some of the things we previously Intended were blocked, for they probably would have had to be reversed as we enter this more
perfect prardigm. We may have new purposes, new tasks, and may even need to start over from scratch. Our hearts now run this show that
operates entirely differently__ again__ we are rising so fast in consciousness.

6-21-11: SUMMER SOLSTICE: The Sun released a huge solar flare early today that will reach Earth about June 23rd, triggering more storms...
both geographically and emotionally.
No doubt you're noticing huge changes in your personal and collective lives, since these 9th Wave Days and Nights are only 18 days long, making it
difficult to "let go" and "relax". Look to the projects, attitudes and beliefs we've been creating since the Spring Equinox last
March. Have they made
progress? If not, why__ and if they did__ how? Remember: The events occurring in the outer world are deeply affected by what's going on with our
minds, our hearts and our beliefs. What's popped up in your life that you didn't plan or expect? And what is it showing you?
Our world is reorganizing itself, and choas is necessary for new creations to occur. Three major issues that need immediate attention are staring us
in the face:
1) Nuclear power crises, 2) Middle East chaos, and 3) Global financial instability. Ouch!
The European Union Times offered a revelation about the real reason that Dominique Srauss-Kahn, president of the International Monetary Fund,
was arrested by the FBI for sexual issues with a hotel maid. Seems that he discovered that all the U.S. gold bars in Fort Knox, which are the U.S.s
basis for drawing rights in the international banks, are missing!
The Sun is moving into the sign of Cancer today, and Cancer wants comfort, nurturing, security. During these stressful times, we can reflect upon
the personal growth that has evolved from the outer world chaotic events, and to build__ at least in our minds and hearts__ what we want for the
coming New Reality.
It's time to heal our separation from Spirit. The only thing that really matters these days, is how we live our lives; hopefully,
we're living them in our hearts__ Who do we love now, and why?
The old ways of doing things, stretching way, way back in history, are leaving now, for
nobody believes that they are valid any longer. We have to
find new and better ways of being, of living. The the focus of world news these days, but it's really all about cleansing our global emotional
body, and this we can do by cleansing and healing our personal emotional bodies. Are we warriors or peacemakers? Are we competitors or
cooperators? It's your choice.
(B.H. Clow)

* Texas passes no groping law for airport scanners. Feds start shutting down the state's airports. * TSA:  No groping of children 10 or under;
instead__ will nuke' em with the scanners.
* Staged alien invsion set for
9-9-11__ OV.ONE VIBRATION. Click on "LightMembers".

Coast to Coast AM: Steve Quayle offered some of his views on the world situations. He stated that Mythology is historically "real". He believes
another war is starting as Turkey and Syria face each other across their border; then commented that men and war machines are being moved
around inside the U.S., perhaps as preparation for a false flag attack. He believes that with the feminine energies of this
9th Wave/Galactic
of the Mayan Calendar, our minds will have no filters__ no biases__ and know no separation; resulting in no more dominance. There is
choas now because our systems are not in harmony with this 9th Wave, and Nature will backlash; we must have no more dominance over Nature;
we must cooperate with her as One.
There are Mayan inscription dates that speak of other future datesssuch as "
4772 A.D.", so Earth is not ending. The uprisings in the Middle East
have no "leaders" coming forth to dominate the rest. They are Transcending Dominance. Earth can be seen as a global brain: the Eastern Hemisphere
is like a right brain, the Western Hemisphere like a left brain. Quayle believes earthquakes are due to these "world-brain" adjustments whenever a
New Wave comes in. The current 9th Wave is removing barriers between us and the Creator. We are dropping our attachments to outside issues.
 He goes on to tell of the relationship between the Mayan Calendar, the Bible, the Koran and other belief systems__ all coming from the same basis__
only seen from different perspectives. Living without Unity Consciousness has made us take on various religious and belief systems and now, as
Oneness returns, we can see the Unity in all religions and belief systems. The program completed as a caller commented that
Coast to Coast is
growing at a phenomenal rate; 60 million are listening every night from around the world. He says this program runs counter to the "extreme right"
media, and people want to know these things as they are now "cleansing" themselves.

                                                                                       June 24, 2011
Panel discussion with Kerry Cassidy, Richard Hoagland, Keith Hunter, Andy Lloyd and Joseph Farrell.
reported numerous cyber-attacks on their website to prevent this program from going online.. Some of us attendees had trouble logging on, receiving
odd messages suggesting the program had been cancelled by the channel owner. Since a replay is available and later, a transcript for a fee, I will only
hit some of the highlights of this show___ which were many.
 If you imagine the concentric circles of our solar system's planets orbiting around our Sun, you will see Mercury on the innermost circle, then
Venus on the 2nd circle,  then Earth, and then Mars.
Elinen, named for its discoverer, has a 13,000 year orbit. 13,000 years ago was about the time
of the Great Flood, which is synchronous because it is just half of our
26,000 year Precessional Cycle. However, this is believed to be a "captured"
comet, so it has never been near Earth before. If it is locked into our system, it will return in another 13,000 years.
 The "comet's" behavior and density indicate it is most likely
a piloted spacecraft__ either from inside it, by remote control from outside our solar
system, or locally controlled from Earth. It crosses the orbit of Mars about
August 2, 2011. JPL is tracking it course. August 2, 2011 is the first
day of the FIFTH NIGHT of this
9th Wave /Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar. Elinen will continue to cross over Earth's, Venus' and
Mercury's orbital paths to it's closest approach to our Sun, passing within 1.482 AU: (less than half the distance between Earth and the Sun.) on
September 11, 2011 (9/11!). This date is the first day of NIGHT SIX of our 9th Wave. It then crosses in front of Earth on October 17th, 2011__
Midpoint of the SEVENTH DAY (only 9 days before the October 28th "end" of the Calendar)., and leaves our solar system November 8-9,
just as a SECOND OBJECT #2005YU55 comes across Earth's orbit, closer to Earth than our Moon, and passes behind the Moon. Oddly, this
new object spins at a rate of once every 20 hours! And, oddly (or not so oddly?) FEMA asks all TV networks__ airwave communications__ to
relinquish control of their operations temporarily for 3 days__ in preparations for__ WHAT? And if that hasn't cooked your gizzard, on
11, 2011__ "11/11/11
" Elinen, Mercury, Venus and Earth form a perfect alignment across the solar system. Richard Hoagland exclaimed "Something
VERY  WONDERFUL is coming!" I asked the guides what Elinen is about:  
A: "The Voice of Unity".
There is much, much more. I've barely touched on 3 pages of my notes, and there are 13 pages altogether.The five hour long program is well worth
the $20 fee.

6-25-11: THE FOURTH DAY begins today. Thie summer, as we move into this period, a tension begins within us and within the world outside that
reaches its peak in
2012 through 2014. This Fourth Day's 18 days mark the MIDPOINTOF THE ENTIRE 9TH WAVE/GALACTIC
... indicating its most significant issues. Pay close attention to the dates from this point on throughout the Fourth Day.
Everyone on the planet will now realize that traditional old ways are not returning, and this realizaton will Ground the Shift into its Future Realities.
The activations of this tense realization will pop off like a series of fourth of July sky rockets through
June 27th, and we'll soon see the new
issues__ and they will be complicated. It's time to let go of our teddy bears and snuggle bunnies as the human race "
womans-up" with an entirely
new culture. It's a major healing for individuals and the race. The only way to heal and to endure thorugh all the chaos is through opening our hearts
and living from within those hearts. :
"Through this beautiful summer season, the end of dominant cruelty is coming for all of us"... "We are healers of the spiritual heart."... "Our sense
of self-knowing is highly intelligent and evolved."... "This summer will be a time of
female revolt in the bedroom"... "the ultimate moment when men
have to stop warring and whoring because the goddess refuses any more male-dominant abuse."... "This aspect may also be playing out through the
weather, such as hurricanes."
As we shall soon see, after the report on the
Elinen Conference, the cosmos is ..."offering great physical support for the great process of letting
go of everyting we have ever known or experienced"... "Our belief in ourselves as a species is the source of our survival, and we can do this by
activating our healing heart."... We are being... "reminded that the biological structures of Earth have gone extinct and then rejuvenated many times,
and life has continued to evolve. This time is no different, yet"... It's... "the human heart that survives this time"... "Trust in your feelings this
summer since they may be all you have!"... We' re being given... "amazing powers to alter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields
forever." ... "After the summer of
2011 we will think of history as before and after this moment."... "It's time to nurture the exquisite powers of our
intelligence."  People are becoming aware that the gold bars have been stolen out of Fort Knox. Between
August 2011 and February 2012... "we
can be sure the apocalyptical fools will be predicting doom and gloom. Review all of the successful spiritual tools you've already garnered because
you are going to need them"... '"waves of enlightenment will be sweeping our planet"... "sit in lotus and accept this joy, and then you won't care
whether the gold is in Fort Knox or floating in the atmosphere of Nibiru". (
B.H. Clow)