April 1, 2012
                                                              "BREAKING NEWS!"

DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section 1__ Defeating Financial Tyranny."
http://www.divinecosmos.com     David Wilcock's latest Blog is a blockbuster. PLEASE PASS THIS
ON! It's long and utterly awesome, and the best news ever since the beginning of modern Human
History:  "
Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all
plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other
fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets' expectations."

[PLEASE NOTE: "This investigation is undergoing dynamic updates, including new sections that
will be uploaded as time permits. For this reason, please LINK to it and pull excerpts but do not
COPY and REPOST IT, as it will be constantly changing. Thanks!" (

not,everyone is now being confronted with evidence that the world is being controlled by powerful,
occult, negative forces behind the scenes."... "In my full-length e-book, entitled
Financial Tyranny, I
shared everything I have gathered on this controversial subject__ since I first found out about it in
If you have already read
Financial Tyranny, the full scope of the problem we now face will be
muchmore apparent as you read this first section. This is the sequel to Financial Tyranny__ where
we talk about the 'good side'."
                                                          April 12, 2012
                                            "THE RULES HAVE CHANGED"

The "April Fools Day Good News'"from
David Wilcock:
"Most importantly, Divine Intervention cannot occur until and unless there is a significant
enough movement from the mass public to support these actions. Those are the rules. IT

Dr. Dain Heer
on the World Puja program, "Facilitating With Earth" (http://www.worldpuja.org),
dealing with challenges as they arise in various ways: ASK QUESTIONS, but do not
reach for immediate answers; just Pay Attention for the next 24 hours. The answers will
* Close your eyes, drop mind barriers__ allow self to receive: "What does Earth need now?"
* "
Does what is going on in my body have anything to do with Earth? If so, what can I do about it?"__
suggesting that when we feel pain or discomfort in our body, ask HigherSELF "
Where in Earth is
something happening? What can I do about this?
Ask for assistance from Earth for your challenge by saying: "1, 2, 3"__ and mentally,
lovingly, throwing lightning bolts to Earth.
She will respond. We also need to "Give something
back to Earth
." Groups of people, working together, can intend to stop geological changes, create
weather changes, etc. on the planet.

My body generally ached all over except the head. Asking the above question__ I
immediately received: "Multiple minor quakes in Yellowstone"_
_ then, with eyes closed, a
feeling of spinning around in a vortex, followed by: "
tornado storm cells forming in Alabama and
heading northeast toward Washington D.C and Maryland
A check of the Weather Channel showed a man talking about small tornadoes reported in Alabama
and northern Georgia, and storm cells forming and moving northeaast toward the coastline and
Washington D.C and Maryland! I checked the Earthquake website__ no quakes near Yellowstone, but
they do not report small tremors.
MARCH 19-20 SPRING EQUINOX, 2012:  INNER GUIDANCE:  "Take your lessons from the Book
of Life__ Your Life
!"  "Sometimes we have to be hit hard right in the ole breadbasket to SEE
something we couldn't know or believe until then. For instance, Higher SELF arranged for a series of
negative shocks to happen to the family so they could perceive how very much they loved each

                                  "HEALING PROCESSES HAVE CHANGED"                                             
The new way is to simply CHANGE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. In the Vogel Energy Healimg
, you were shown how injuries and illnesses were basically derived from the inability to
change one's attitudes, ideas or beliefs that were not part of their Spiritual Identity__ of 'Who They
Really Are'. When an energetic crystal healing was completed, those who recognized the foundations
underlying their problem, and made attempts to correct them, were healed__ some instantly with only
that recognition. Others continued their misunderstood thoughts, feelings, words and actions, and
some so doubted that they could be healed, they continued to look elsewhere for 'healing' from other
practitioners, without giving the energetic healing a chance to lock in permanently. We have free will to
intend healing or manifestations, but Spirit/Universe sets the Process and the Timing for their

he Newsletters and Web-book show people how to heal themselves by clearing their
attitudes, beliefs and actions throug
h controlling their thoughts and feelings. This method
insures a permanent healing and teaches people how to be in charge of their own health and
"A good start would be to keep a '
perfect sense of harmlessness' as you go about your daily affairs.
It 'rains' and it 'rains', but one still must get into the higher vibrations for messages &/or manifestations
to come through__ always with Love."
Listen to that Inner Guidance. Stop waiting for the changes to come to
you__ one needs to make the changes within self first__ then body and environment will follow

Meditation: "We are a part of both the Dream and the Dust. Let go of the need to Analyze."
M: If I don't analyze inner and outer experiences, how can I express them and my feelings about them
to others?
A: "Without prior analyses thy expression will be spontaneous and will take pace more through they
actions and attitudes, thy tone of voice, rather than through carefully chosen, memorized words. Keep
the connection with Earth, with Spirit, and with other living beings, always being aware of these as
you act, express and experience through Love.
"The link with Cosmos/Spirit is not a state that one 'enters' at a certain point in time and space, and
then follows up with an 'exit' from Cosmos/Spirit contact and a 're-entry into the physical plane. The
task is to
remain linked to both Inner and Outer simultaneously, with No Separation from
Source or Earth.
Since 'I AM" dwells in every life, then the link with friends, family, plant animal,
air__ even the pebbles of the path beneath thy feet__ is a link with ME__ for I dwell in ALL."
 "When you maintain this awareness in NOW TIME perception, you can be constantly merged with
and aware of my Purpose, Intellect and Love. You will then continually dwell in perfect harmony__
act and express in perfect harmony. You sought this link outside of SELF__ thinking, feeling, acting,
expressing as if you could turn it on and off like some sort of electronic device. You then held a
feeling of Separation."
 "As you achieve that Continually Conscious connected state of awareness, you will no longer need
to analyze; you will be spontaneously Sensing and Responding. There is then no need for question
and answer sessions."
   "Suppression of the analysis factor is to sustain the contact with Cosmic Mind/UnityMind beyond
the present 75-80% and toward 100%. Moving from the Virgo mindset of being conscious of service
given or not given in practical or non-practical methods to the more Capricorn mindset of simply
Doing what a Unity Mind and Unconditional Love produce through thee. Every thought, word, action
and feeling would be a direct channeling of those two powerful Forces."
  "Last week, the message related to a triangle in depth. The triangle was what the Kabbalists called
the lower triangle of the Tree of Life, where the two lower Sephiroth feed into the lowest,
Mulkth/Earth. It represents where the Spiritual Human becomes fulfilled and channels that fulfillment
into Earth in service;  being All and Anything accomplished in perfect accord with Universal Mind,
Purpose and Love."
People are now opening up and
speaking their truth openly, based on their own experiences, both
positive and negative. It's all the same__ every experience, whether we view it as "good" or "bad",
opens us to a higher consciousness opportunity. Recently, I was in a city hospital for a few days, and
before I left, noticed a lump in my left forearm the size of a quarter. It was very sore, and soon turned
blue with bruising. One of the nurses told me this was where a microchip holding my "complete
medical history" had been implanted. She felt pleased to relate that
now__ wherever I am__
doctors can access all my medical information
. Over the following 2 weeks, the bruising
intensified until it spread halfway around the arm in a variety of colors.

I was furious. I'd heard of microchips placed in pet cats and dogs as a means of retrieving them when
lost__ the chip allows tracing through a GPS type device. The chip has killed over half of the pets due
to tumors and cancer forming from the implant sites. Sometimes the chips migrate to other parts of the
body. Do I want it in my heart, my lungs, eyeballs, liver? H worked for a major railroad, and for 60
years, we moved so often that in later years doctors complained they couldn't get my medical records
from other providers or hospitals. So I have no inkling of what is on the microschip that
shouldn't be
there__ or what is
not on it that should be.

I went for a blood test at the local hospital, and after a long wait in the large waiting room, at the
registration desk, I was asked to sign a release paper in three places, agreeing to pay for the "proc-
edure", and that I had been "informed of" and "understood" this procedure. I asked the clerk what this
blood drawing was for. He didn't know, but made some calls. Then he said it was because my "medi-
cation had been changed" and they wanted to make sure my body was accepting it appropriately.
Well__ I was still taking the same medication prescribed when I left the city hospital 5 weeks

I apologized to the clerk for my hesitancy, saying he was not the cause, and explained about the
microchip placed in my arm without my knowledge or permission, and my concern over what was or
wasn't on that chip that was true. I then noted the silence in the waiting room where a dozen or so
people were all looking at me and listening closely. I went on to say__ louder__ that I felt I'd been
BRANDED and now was a CASH COW! (I didn't know where that last came from, but later realized it
was an opportunity to
speak my truth for the benefit of those listening who might be admitted to a
hospital in the future. Perhaps they'd spread the word to family and friends.)

At home,I asked HigherSELF for help with the microchip problem. The next day our young-
est son visited with his daughter who suffers from extreme epilepsy. She has a device
impanted in her chest connected to the part of her brain causing seizures. When she goes
into a major seizure__ in spite of heavy medication__ a strong electromagnet needs to be
run over the device, which usually stops the seizure. As I spoke of the microship implant, our
son told how the magnet is so strong, that when placed on a TV or computer, it
wipes out the
information on that part of the TV or computer__ no images, no color, no text. So, although the
bruising had gone and the lump had decreased to the size of a pea, I ran the magnet over the area
where the chip existed. I can't be sure whether this worked or not, but I'm passing it on as a possible
solution that might help keep us out from under the nosy eyes of "Big Brother".

By speaking our truths and passing on any information that resolates with our Spiritual Identity, we
can also help to make changes in the world's false assumptions.
Gregg Braden suggests our
civilization is formed by many false scientific assumpations and that if we are to confront our recent set
of crises we need to change these outworn beliefs. Five key assumptions are still being taught in our
1. That Darwin's Theory of Evolution explains life and human origins; 2. That civilization only
began about
5000 years ago; 3. That consciousness is separate from our physical world; 4. That the
space between things is empty, and
5. That nature is based on the survival of the fittest. There is new
scientific evidence to refute all of these ideas and yet this is what our children and grandchildren are
still learning in

Nassim Harriman: "During this time of transition of consciousness, the geometry of the particulate
matter"... (physical objects)... "in our lives is changing, and with this geometrical change come new
attributes of a higher frequency vibration"... in our bodies.... "Carbon 12 is mutating into carbon 7 as
crystalline formed neutrinos coming into being with higher vibrational bodies__
within the next 7 or
8 months

                                           THRIVING IN A NEW REALITY
In general, entering a New Earth Reality feels as if you just crash-landed on a strange new
planet. It will appear somewhat different to your eyes, and will work by different rules. The
first thing you have to do is check your body over to make sure you are Physically Intact,
and then understand Who You Really Are and what Experiences and Inner Wisdom you have
within that will help cope with this sudden huge shift
. This is where our attention is focused
these days, and where we will attract intense development and change through  these matters.
We are starting something new these days__ something unknown and in ways that never-before
existed on Earth. In months and years ahead there will be other really big changes in this New Reality
Cycle, but we will continue with the same basic survival and evolutionary project or ambition that we
are formulating now.

There is a definite Ending of old patterns of life now__ a sense of being freed from the past__
of chains being cut.
What we are now starting is a symbolic event. We have to do something for
ourselves__ be a bit selfish now__ even if we don't consciously know why. Everything about this new
cycle's beginning has a double meaning.
1. Something occurs__ we
do something__ take action. It's not a thing that happens to us, but what
we make happen ourselves.
2. Whatever we
do now also symbolizes what we'll be doing over the months & years ahead. This
will be a very busy time of it__ life seems intense.

                                    April 23, 2012: ""SOLAR & ENTITY IMPLANTS"
* April 21st: NEW MOON at 2 degrees Taurus, beginning a period or project lasting 28 days
during which we experience, "The cosmic power able to transform all the implications of natural
." Dane Rudhyar "Revelation is implied, at least as a potentiality. The consciousness
may be deeply disturbed by THE VISITATION, but the substance of the individual being can be
fecundated by the experience.

April 23rd: Mercury joins Uranus in Aries. Another healing/manifesting opportunity.

We are hearing more and more these days about how the Black Hats of the world are desperate to
save themselves from being discovered, captured, dis-empowered &/or punished as they go down.
They are now turning their dastardly attempts toward individual Lightworkers/Starseeds who have
been initiating positive changes to our civilization. They are impacting these White Hats physically,
emotionally and mentally with negative forces__ but not in the way we'd expect.

* A recent guest on
Coast to Coast AM, (www.coasttocoastam.com) was Thomas P. Fusco,
paranormal researcher, who offered his
theory on how supernatural and paranormal
phenomena can be explained as the opening of "bubbles", or portals in space-time. He
discovered that paranormal and supernatural events share a common thread__ they are
all observations of a physical effect with no directly connected physical cause
. There is
something extra-dimensional behind these events
. When a bubble of space-time expanding
from an outside source pushes into our realm, a resulting gravitational anomaly puts atoms under
mechanical stress, causing electromagnetic radiation and shifting electrons. This creates
which paranormal investigators recognize as
luminous orbs. Fusco feels there may be a Force
behind it all.

In the second portion of the interview, Fusco told how t
hese bubbles of space-time open only
in certain places in the world such as the Bermuda Triangle__ or Big Lost River Valley,
? It works whenever strong emotional traumas break the fabric of space-time at such
locations, where all sorts of entities can enter through the bubble/portals. Many of the entities
remain permanently connected at these places; hence, the ghosts, disembodied voices and
negative entities or thoughtforms which may contact humans.

* In a related article,
The Hathors via Tom Kenyon sent a message at http://tomkenyon.com/
Click on "Entering the Solar Storms." You may wish to read "Partaking From the
Solar Winds
" first, if you are not familiar with this subject. The Hathors speak about our etheric
energy body
, one of our subtle bodies (http://www.futurerealities.info/Subtle.html ) which the
Egyptians called the "KA". With ever-increasing solar, galactic and cosmic energy waves entering
Earth and our bodies, we can use them to not only keep ourselves calmer and more comfortable,
but to greatly accelerate our ascension process, which occurs through the Ka/etheric subtle energy
body.  See
http://spaceweather.com for daily info on incoming solar flares.

Negative thoughts and actions can be implanted into the brains of humans holding onto
high ego, control and competition without their being aware of its source coming from
outside of self.
These onslaughts from the Black Hats through and by UNAWARE HUMANS in
our lives has been escalating in
2012, but expanded tremendously in March of this year__ and
cularly on
March 22-23rd at the New Moon at 3 degrees Aries.

This zodiac degree symbolizes: "
individual person can truly become"... "an agent through whom the Whole may express itself in a
creative resonance and outpouring. This is the AVATAR ideal__ the idea of a trans-personal life
and consciousness totally consecrated to and directed by a Divine Power. This Power can also be
conceived of as the archetypal SELF, the Christ-Principle, as it operates through an individual
person and destiny who have become its outward manifestation in order to meet a collective
human need."

Obviously, those of us who agreed to "Participate in a Greater Life" are NOT welcomed by the
Black Hats, who, in their desperation as their empire falls, have taken to attacking
Lightworkers/Starseeds; not by impacting the Lightworker directly, but by implanting negative
thoughtforms and words into "Unaware Humans" surrounding the Lightworker.

Our family has been dealing since
February with our standard medical system and its stranglehold
by Big Pharma to the point where doctors must follow the prescription and procedure requirements
of insurance companies, or lose their malpractice insurance and perhaps, their licenses. Big
Pharma also sets up and controls the medical schools.

After CEOs and higher-ups retire from pharmaceutical corporations, many become directors, board
members or consultants for the FDA, which means it, too, follows Big Pharma programs__ i.e.,
don't cure anyone of anything; just give them enough meds to keep them alive as long as possible
so more money can be made off their drugs, doctor and hospital visits and procedures.

Some of us Lightworkers/Starseeds are now being directed by Higher Divine Powers to
once again step into that medical bear-trap and try to PLANT SOME SEEDS,  perhaps even
AWAKEN a few staff members.
And it's not easy, folks! However, just by being Who We Really
Are, and accepting guidance from SELF/Divine Power, our very energy fields affect others in
positive ways, as we do so with Love and Oneness in our hearts, recognizing that both patients
and medical personnel are caught up in this together.

Other ways we have been impacted with dark energies that keep us spending time and
energy to "fix" unusual happenings and faulty assumptions, is with corporations or institutions. We
have been frustrated by J. P. Morgan-Chase Bank, NBA (National Basketball Association), Wells
Fargo, Centurylink internet service, Idaho Power Company and someone or some group posing as
Union Pacific Railroad acting through the IRS.

These issues have escaped resolution for weeks. We have "LET GO" of them as much as
possible, as it exhausts us energetically, time-wise, and somewhat financially.
Through the Dark
Hats' mental and emotional impacts on OTHER PEOPLE IN PHYSICALITY, it DISTRACTS
us, BURDENS us and DERAILS us from the creating and manifesting that we've been
doing for humanity, Earth and ourselves
during this part of the Ascension Process. It also limits
quality supportive time and activities with family, friends and neighbors necessary for a joyful and
peaceful lifestyle.

If any of you are finding yourselves in similar situations, some
suggestions for overcoming the
dis-empowering confrontations with people impacted with negative thoughts
, words and
actions are offered:
Risa Rence on "Hundredth Monkey Radio" offers the following: "There are psychotic beings
here on Earth__ which is one of the densest planets in the Cosmos__ that are sociopathic, having
no emotion, and therefore, no spiritual development. Human and other parasitic forces are
sucking it out of the Earth's physical. They need a host to exist upon. The present Shift is to move
us from the"... above parasitic-like existence... "to a higher being who does not feed upon others
and is self-sufficient."
(And, as an example of this "sucking action", the day after I read this
Hundredth Monkey Radio was no longer on BBSRadio.com.)
Risa continued:
* Understand where people are coming from. Sense the urge behind the words and actions.
* Change begins from within. Using your intellect to fight your way out of a paper bag won't work.
Experience from the Power Within is the only true knowing.                                  
* We are under a Massive Suppression Project. We need to UNPLUG from the Matrix to some
degree. By
choosing to follow our mission contract, we may be attacked by not only the negative forces, but
also by
humans themselves, who feel threatened by change.
* Where we place our attention__ Is What Is!
* No one spiritual recipe fits all. Empower others to be free and united in Love.

We can also ask for protection from Divine Intelligences, Guides, Angels, HigherSELF,
etc.. Place a column or sphere of Divine Light around yourself as a protective energy
shield. Override fear with Love and Oneness held steady in your mind and heart.

The Arcturians, March 23, 2012: "We cannot take our pain away by handing it to someone
else."... "Nothing out there can make us feel happy or fulfilled. We have to find happiness inside
ourselves if we want it to be instantly available, and lasting."
       "UP, UP AND AWAY"
                             LIVING IN THE NEW REALITY