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"As Winter Begins, the Light Returns"

                      December 21, 2013

Last year,  from 12-12-12  to  12-21-12,  The Crystalline Grid Structure of Unification__ of "Oneness", was
triggered for planet Earth.  
As the sunlight of the preceding season dies, the sunlight of the new season
welcomes the 13th strand of our DNA__ the "Universal Love" strand.
Like fine wine, the Winter Solstice,
12-21-12, began the
Incubation period of that Love strand, which stores all the information necessary to live in
New Earth in ascended mastery, as the New Christ-Conscious Human Soul. March 21st, '13, the Spring Equinox,
it;  June 22, the Summer Solstice  brought its  Ripening,  and  September 21st,  the Autumn Equinox,  
implanted that  "resurrected Christ intelligence"  Love strand into  Lightworkers, Forerunners, Wayshowers, etc.  
The  Harvest:  on 12-21-13, for all who are spiritually-embodied.


12-21-12 found me with  ascension symptoms  causing me to spend most of the day trying to sleep.  I did meditate
earlier in the day,  and reached a state of Bliss  that was more intense and far beyond  anything ever
experienced before. I used the music of Pachabel's "Canon in D", and Handel's "Messiah" on
You Tube,  
while watching online photos of Earth's most beautiful places. It
got me through the day; and still later, I
realized my beliefs had changed again. I felt, "
I and my Father are One"__as if each of us was inheriting "Christ

many voices claiming that  "Nothing Happened"  on or around December 21, 2012,  we were still in
the Ascension Process.
 Nothing seemed to happen to us personally because  "what happened first" was
occurring on  cosmic/quantum  levels.  

Very  vivid  dreams  
arrived  during this  period,  hinting at what was occurring on those quantum levels,  what
stage of the ascension process we were presently experiencing
,  what we were  creating from within ourselves  
how best to deal with those circumstances.  It  seems that  if one is primarily  focused on physical
world events,  they won't  recognize much in the way of change
.  It's consciousness, psychology,  intuition,  
dreams,  visions,  psychic senses, etc.,  that are  "changing us."
 We tend to get what we expect__ what we
focus on and most identify with.

Entering New Earth,  December, 21st, 2012,  we faced  two  versions of  "What's Going to Happen Next".
The Mayan Calendar Time  spirals in cycles,  moving through the  "Ethers",  which consist of infinitely  manifesting
and re-creating Potentials
. Therefore, either both a "Fifth/4-D World" and a "Sixfth/5-D World" may
manifest. They are two different TIMELINES, depending on the tilt of the flow's spiral. December 21st,
changed the flow of energy into a flow of accelerating, ascending wave forms. Therefore: the Potential here
is off the charts."

The oldest  Mayan  Calendar  known  covers  "octillions" of  years  and  beyond  into the  future,  and  includes an
exceptional pattern relating to The Shift now in progress. This extremely unusual actual event indicates
The  New
Physics allows for  accelerating energies  that do not and will not follow any particular course
.  We now  
exist in a manic period  where everything seems to happen at once or in rapid-fire succession, and
nothing is really clear as to whether it's positive or negative or even aimed any particular way! Predic-
tions seldom hold true and  plans often go awry. The formerly ridiculous, can  suddenly make sense.
However,  our  New Kids are made for this: they
find directions intuitively  and__ because they put group
needs firs
t__  they can improve on things as they go along.

We need to network with people who have "pieces" of understanding of the Mayan Calendar, so as to Understand
Our True Abilities for  Directing Our  Creativity,  
because That Calendar is a  Template of the  Ethers.  This
calendar is of major importance due to its relationship to Our Sun Orbiting a Nearly-Invisible  "Brown Dwarf" Star in
a 25,920-year cycle
,  because this geometry appears when the  Sun's Orbit is smoothed out into a  circle. The Sun
actually "beats"  as do our  physical bodies' hearts!  
The Big Secret of  Quantum  Mechanics is that on our most
fundamental level,  the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of
pulsating  power  constantly  interacting  with this  vast  energy sea.  
Therefore,  our  thoughts,  Intentions  and
feelings can and do affect the environment!

"Strange Emissions by the Sun are Suddenly Mutating Matter."  (Red Ice  December,  2012
to  September, 2013,  
a series of incredibly high octaves of  galactic energies began to  sequentially  downloaded
into our bodies and  are
Changing Our DNA Structure.

We're becoming a new human species.
" Doorways",  "portals", or  "passages through pillars"  are now open-
ing to earthlings (even in our bedrooms), through which  huge blasts of  Divine Energies  are  coming from the
sun, galaxy and universe.  
We are spending much of our sleep time in  other dimensions,  and when
moving  permanently into  5-D along with Gaia
.  We feel these energetic impacts as deep foundational cellular
shifts in our bodies.  Everything we thought We Are is moving away rapidly.  Who Are We without this corrupted
Old Earth Matrix to define us?  We are about to find out!

December 21, 2012 and  throughout 2013,  What to Keep or to Let Go for our  New Earth Life has
been uppermost in our minds and hearts.  As a human race,  we created something during these last 26,000 or so
years, and as  individuals over this lifetime,  that creation has now  lived its life cycle and  served its  purpose.  So
now we need to  release it.  If we are  grossly  materialistic  people__  holding  attitudes  such as a  Piscean  
"Promise them anything now, and get out of it later."__  our passage through this period was__  or is__ "A Passage
Through Hell". Very  spiritual,  etheric-minded  people will come through  2013 in  Utter Joy and  Bliss.  At this point
in our  spiritual evolution,
 it is not that we have to push anything away, but only that we need to Release it, and  
See if it "Goes" Away
.  The rule of thumb here is that  there's really  nothing you "have to do".  The questions
are all existing in our subconsciousness and our "Being".  Just let something flow up from inside.  What's flowing up
are those incarnated seeds of intention from our births blossoming into the  Tone that will  "ring" into to action when
we cross the
12-21- 13 horizon.

Another  concern we've each entertained  during this  Incubation  Period is:  "Which  New Planet Earth  Am I On
Since the Shift?__  A, B, or A/B__
 or will I  Return Home to Creator Source?  We watched the outer events in
our personal lives and on the planet as a whole, and found conflicting indicators regarding our new home planet.

Everything is  Speeding Up to the point where  Everything From Our History Happens All at Once at  "Zero
which may be December 21st, 2013. There could be not just one or two timelines but ALL the
timelines of ALL our lifetimes;  ALL the timelines of every life lived on Earth;  ALL heading to the  Zero
Point. This would explain the  crowding of events in our lives life right now__  as if they are overlapping
each other;  and why the  "figures" in my bedroom at night", represent several of my recent Past Lives.

For some of us,  December 21st to January 19th was utter pain and disillusionment. For others, it was a time
deep  introspection and  great  revelations . I experienced both:  The  Past Life Reviews with  tremendous
grief and  weeping__  no  doubt  for the  eons of  misunderstandings,  their  consequences,  and for the  loss of the
familiar,  the traditional,  and of those  who may be  left behind__  (including,  perhaps,  myself!)  It was a  period of
substantial transformation.
This was followed by an awareness of somehow  
Being Freed from the Past. An Old  Pattern Had Ended, and
we could now start Something New...something REALLY BIG! We also had to
Do Something For Ourselves
__ to be a  bit selfish,  for we were  no longer who we used to be.  All was  complicated by the  big topic in
exoteric anthropology these days__  that all  homo sapien humans are,  in part, genetically manipulated  
off-world beings!
We had to  find out  what we'd  truly become;  as  WHATEVER  WE DID__  OR DO NOW__  
2014__ YEAR!

January 4th through 13th, 4 to 7 AM,  I spent once again reviewing childhood and youth difficulties . But this time
Fear and Pain of it all Was Gone! I was a "neutral observer", as if I were viewing someone else's life, although
I still felt compassion and love for all concerned.  When trying to access the many past lives of struggle and despair
to see if the pains and fears were still present, only dim flashes of them would come through; and it was as if I were
watching someone else's lives, with no fear, no pain__ only
Compassion__ for self and all involved, as well as
complete  Forgiveness for everyone,  including  self's responsibility for  creating the situations
.  The next
day I had a wonderful feeling of
Relief,  of no need to be  concerned about  anything,  anymore.  It reminded me of
that old song : "
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands." Each of us souls here on Earth today has had AT LEAST
ONE  LIFETIME  where  we have  reached an  Ascension-worthy'  state,   including  even the  'wicked ones'.
LIFE will  ENSURE the  TRANSITION for  ALL THE  OTHERS.  This is  possible,  because  
All  Time  occurs

We learned that  Divine Consciousness is the  Source of All Energy__  The Ethers__  manifesting  Itself as an
infinite number of possible creations,  existing in all dimensions.  Each of us  human co-creator beings has our own
frequency,  and  all  matter  is  essentially  interconnected.  Hence,  
Reality  is  based  on  energy,  frequency  and
harmonic  resonance
.  Time and  Space are not  separate__  space-time  is a  single  quantity  with  frequency,
defining a  spiral where  history is mostly  repeating itself in  cycles of time.  As we become more familiar with these
changing cosmic energies  and how they affect human consciousness,  we can make
 Precise Predictions about
the  Future
.  Astrology is a  good way to  learn this.  

Great Masters like
Jesus were able to do all this because they understood  THE GREAT COSMIC SECRET: "WE
each of us is becoming a "Christ".  Not only are We the Ethers,  but WE

B.H. Clow:  If we are now A PLANETRY MIND,  our collective consciousness will determine what changes, what
evolves  in  our  planet.  Our
 Intellect  is  dropping;  our  Intuition  growing.  Multi-D  Technologies are  activating:
Material/physical Tech is declining
. A Higher Dimensional, Spiritual Healing Method was revealed to us.

A lot of information arrived about
 "THE NEW PHYSICS":  ("HOW THINGS WORK NOW"). Itzhak Bentov told us
how  there are  
Two   Kinds of  Time and  Space:  Objective  (consciousness)__  Time or  Space that  exists as
intellectually  provable  units;  and  
Subjective  (subconscious) __ Time or  Space  existing  as  intuitively or  multi-
dimensionally experienced units that can be stretched, expanded, compressed or manipulated__ sort of like bubble
gum__  according to our  state of mind.  Bentov said people who'd had  Near Death  Experiences or consciousness
transformations of one sort or another, sometimes experienced
"Future Memory".  It was as if they had previously
lived  exactly  what they would  experience  sometime later.  The  paranormal  episode  seemed like a  rehearsal or
preview of a previously written script. The present, or  "NOW" experience,  felt like only a  "repetition" or "dream" or
the former event.

The Law of One  related  What Determines the  New Physics Order:  "All things, all of life, all of the creation is
part of one original thought."
... "At a quantum level, these geometric vibrations of the", fluid-like Field, "of Universal
Mind__  turn into  atoms and  molecules."...  "There are no  particles in the  atom -  only  geometric  vibrations of  a
hidden,  fluid-like energy."...  "Ultimately this means that  everything we see in the  Universe is an  energy vibration.
Nothing  really exists as a  solid object"...  "
You can  create your own  geometric   vibrations in this  fluid-like
energy with your own thoughts."...   "The Ethers"__  "Creative Force Field", or  "Morphic Field" is,  quite
literally,  the  energetic  manifestation  of a  Universal  Mind.
 The  vibrations  of  this  "universal  fluid"  create
geometric patterns. Any vibration of this fluid__  any change in its basic state__ is what we call
a thought.  We can
create  our  own  geometric   vibrations  in  this  fluid-like  energy  with  our  own  thoughts .   
We  can  do  this  to
"magnetize"  certain  things to us__  such as in the  Law of  Attraction
."...   "As you become more advanced,
you could use this same power to
levitate objects"__  (and, perhaps, move them around?)__ "with your mind__
or even
manifest physical objects out of the air!"
We need to  
Learn How to Work and Live With the New Physics.  The New Physics  Time is becoming
more like our present  perception of Space,  as if it were inside a huge,  ever-expanding  ball of fluid-like  potentials,
and  we can  move  instantly  or  intermittently  from  one  point  inside  that  ball to  another__   or  to  many  points
Our  understanding of  Space and Time is shifted.  Past,  Present and  Future__  the  three
"dimensions" of  Time__  
are no longer confined to their previous "linear order"__ The New  Physics allows
Time to re-order itself
in any manner what-so-ever!

We've seen  
Time  jump   ahead or  reverse itself in  "Time  Loops".  After I  carefully  re-read  Chapter 1: "The
Creative Modes
", written between 1996 and 2006, and edited the text errors,  I found the "answers" to the problems
I'd been  fussing  over in  the present!  This helped me  resolve  an  attitude and  fear  I'd  been  holding for  several
lifetimes covering 700 years!   What if I told you that these  
Time Loops  occur on a regular schedule, according
to the calendars of various astrological systems__ particularly
The Mayan  Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar, which is A
Time Map for the Evolution of One's Consciousness?

We are learning more about A Higher Part of ourselves__ call it Spirit Within, Angels, Guides, or  Higher Self
 that  best  Knows  what  we  need to  learn,  understand or  do  for  the  evolution  of  our  consciousness.  This
will not necessarily occur according to the old linear time of past, then present, then future.  Nor will
present itself in the manner we've been accustomed to.  We may find  ourselves  Flipping  back and  forth
between  here and there__  or both  here and there__ or everywhere  at once,  for  Time will  Alter  Itself to
foster our  spiritual  understandings.
 And both  Altered Time and  Altered Space can  overlap each other,  or
one may presents itself before the other__ or vice versa.

We must  first  investigate our  inner selves,  asking:  "
What determines my  New  Order of  Past,  Present and
?", and "How do I deal with Time while Creating?",  and  "How Do I Handle Things in Time Loops?"__
The "Ethers" are the Creative Force Field__  the so-called "empty space" of the universe,  inter-penetrating and
embracing all  matter.  It is  an  energy  field  composed of  potentials,  waiting to be  impacted by  human thoughts,
feelings, activities or devices to  change it into physical matter.  
We can best  change things with our  thoughts,
emotions and intentions  within that same  Moment that we  recognize a need or a  possibility for  change
__ for we are usually  "charged up"  about the  issue at that Moment!  Many of us,  when faced with a  challenge,  a
sticky situation,  or unwanted news,  immediately go into a  defensive  mode,  and start  visualizing how we'd like to
"tell off"  or  "payback"  who-or-what we  view as the  perpetrator(s).  We are  extremely  emotionally  charged-up in
that moment.
However, if our emotions and thoughts are negative, we will most like experience a negative
 but  if  we are  instead,  seeing  the  humor  of the  situation,  or  holding a  sense of  compassion or
harmlessness  to the  perpetrator(s),  we'll  most  likely  see a  positive  outcome.  
We  may even  Express
for this  opportunity to learn something  and/or to evoke the highest good for all concerned.  Whatever__
we are in that moment "highly charged" for Intentions and/or Action!

This next 5200 year 'world' will be  influenced by the element of "Ether."  The energetic frequencies HAARP
is  spreading  are   
Torsion Field Physics  frequencies,  pulsing  the  atmosphere  with  those  waves  to  keep  us
harmonized  with the  changing axis of  Earth  (changed by the Chilean, Haitian and Japanese earthquakes) and to
trigger  all the  pyramids and  monuments  built on our  planet's  energy grid to  send the  Shift of the Ages energies
across the entire planet.

Everything  discussed  here  had  earlier  been  related  by  my  Higher Self  since  December 21, 2012,  and  was
mentioned  in  previous  Newsletters!  ( A  "Future Memory"?)  We're  being asked to "Stop Segregating"/ not only
other  persons or  groups,  but to not  exclude the  joyful  times from the  sad or  fearful  times,  recognizing
We are
Living Two Lives.  
We have been  living our  Inner Life one way,  and our Outer Life with others,  in  another way.
This will end.  It will no longer be possible.  
We have a  New Relationship to  Time.  Time will  wait for us.  We
need to learn how to explore and live every moment.

On 1-25-13,  as Huge Portal Energies  entered Earth__
What had caused the  VCR to  change itself?  It was my  State of Mind  while first  setting the  timer: I was annoyed
because "my program" had been replaced with a political announcement and, hoping/thinking/intending, I'd be able
to listen to it the next day__The Ethers obliged.

The New Physics Space is  becoming more like our  present perception of  Time...  i.e., we  know we are in
a  Space in the Present,  but we can  recall a  Space from the Past, or  imagine a  Future Space  from that  Present
moment.  With the  New Physics Space,  
we can be existing in one  Space and  existing in  one or more past
and/or future Spaces simultaneously
.  I suspect, that soon we will be experiencing both the New Physics Time
situations and the New Physics Space situations all in the same moment/place.

Getting into bed that night,  similar images to my beloved  "
Craters of the Moon"  appeared in the air before me__ it
was as if I were Really There!  I could see,  feel and even smell the scenes.  I could WALK through these PLACES
__  SPACES,  which  kept  shifting  themselves  according  to  my  thoughts,  feelings  and  intentions.  
I  was  RE-
CREATING the locations__  
not just in my mind, my imagation__  but  IN AN  INTENDED  REALITY__ and I was
totally aware of being simultaneously within the Craters locations and within my  bedroom at the same  Time. It was
"Convergence of Time"  episode.  It was great  LOVE,  PASSION  and  GRATITUDE for Nature  and the
Craters area that  triggered this Time & Space event of  "
no separation"__  not between  Time and Space,  and
not between Nature, the Craters and myself.  I "BECAME AS ONE" with them All.

They include:  Divine Mind, Unconditional Divine Love and Divine Purpose.  They actuate when the  creative-
sexual drive rises to the throat center,  enabling energy artists to co-create with those Forces to
move energy and
matter between  various  times,  locations and  dimensions.
 The quality of our  Higher Creativity  will depend
upon the way we craft our lives and how we affect others.

The One Source of All Energy__  Divine Consciousness__  manifests  itself as an  infinite  number of  possible
creations, existing in all dimensions.  Each of us creator beings has our own frequency and all matter is  essentially
interconnected.  Hence,  
Reality is based on energy,  frequencies and harmonic resonance.  Time and space
are not  separate__
 space-time,  is  a  single quantity  with  frequency,  defining  a  spiral  where  history is mostly
repeating itself in cycles of time.

Since December 21, 2012,  I've been doing  quantum jumps from one  Time/Space or  Space/Time  to another,
from Dimension (3-D waking?) to Dimension (4-D dreaming, bi-locating,  remote viewing,  causing leaps in
time and space
.)  Synchronicities  occur daily.  And while writing about  Time Distortions,  I often  felt  myself
slipping in and out of  altered  states of  consciousness,  almost
 "re-living" what I was  writing about.  I had to keep
pulling  myself back into 3-D  to find and put together the words  explaining it all, and take a  few deep  breaths and
look out the windows before I could continue typing. Oh, yes__ "Do be careful what you think and feel."

NEWS FLASH: 2-11-13: Pope Benedict XVI resigned!

What on  Earth is this  New World  leading us to?"__  It's  leading us to a  Paradise of Our  Own Making__  To
Heaven on Earth!  



"Spring Flowers Birth from Craters of the Moon Lava."

December 31, 2013

March 21st was the Spring Equinox, and this one was very special, because  "The Great Mystery" began to
Birth within us: "
The capacity in man to tear himself away from the known and the familiar, gambling everything
on his Vision or Dream.
" We have here__ "The combined strength of  MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BONDING INTER-

A new energetic  upgrade occurred in  April as  The New  Human Soul began to show itself on  Earth in those
who chose to embody It.  This can be a  time of  great healing,  as the  human form  begins to  resurrect  into its
Light Body.  The Light Body Process has gone on for as long as 15 years for most starseeds, lightworkers and
wayshowers; and is in its end stages now. We are
not mutating into something "alien" or formerly unknown.  We
are  "Coming Home to  Ourselves",  within ourselves" . The days ahead will  introduce us to new  beginnings,  to
many revelations and open us to the amazing capabilities of our New Human Soul.

During the days following the
March Equinox, many of us became "Christed",  as we began to sense a merging
of our  Higher Self in  Unconditional Love &  Oneness with  All Life Everywhere, as did  
Jesus on the Cross. We
can re-create with our physical bodies now, as  sacred codes are now downloading into us, triggering  memories
of how to activate the restorative essence contained within the bodies and blood of Christed Light Bodies.

We will be experiencing  tremendous  expansions of consciousness  throughout the  universe and within multiple
dimensions, and this  awareness will become our everyday  reality.  Do you not  feel more and more "tiny bits" of
your usual  habits and  activities slowly slipping away day by day?  Not to worry.  We will still have times of inner  
contemplation and  balancing.  Earth's  quarantine will be  lifted and  Arisen  Humanity will  "fly"  as never before.

The first  apparent  evidence  that  "The Great  Mystery"__  The  Christed  Human  Souls__ had indeed
"birthed" was a new way of healing and manifesting:
Meditation:  "The best way to  heal  yourself and to  manifest needs since the  Physics of  Earth changed,  is to  
raise your  consciousness  vibrations to the point where  healing, manifesting, etc., happen automatically.  You
would need to  retain the  thoughts and feelings of  Unconditional  Love and  Unity  Consciousness  with all life
around you  throughout  waking hours.  When you do so,  psychic" events  will also  naturally  occur.  "Psychic"
means to be in  contact with whatever is relevant for you to know,  to do and to be,  that is occurring  elsewhere
than in your personal space__  as in the mass consciousness of humanity.  Many people become psychic after
some traumatic experience,  using it as a  security measure that   informs them when some type of  "danger" is
approaching. So,  remaining in  Love and  Oneness,  will  keep you informed of  anything you  truly  need to be
aware of."
"When  "being psychic " is no longer  perceived as  necessary for your  well-being,  and you remain in
Higher Love and Oneness, you will not only have healthy, normal brain and nervous system functions, but your
body will  gradually  correct  its  own  imbalances,  and  manifesting  needs will  spontaneously  appear at your
fingertips. Surrendering to  
Compete Openness"  during and  after an Intention for  Healing or  Manifesting as
to  what  needs to happen next  is the  key for  both  host and server__  for you must SEEK IT WITH ALL YOUR
HEART__  Have patience, for healing may require more time so as to avoid overtaxing the body and causing a
healing crisis."
(I asked H.S. to  please  send a  sign or  signal that  all this  information about  healing  and manifesting
is true,  and not just my ego speaking. That same afternoon,  reading the day's e-mails , I found 7 different posts
relating to healing information!)  

APRIL 2013:   We were asked to  "TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OURSELVES" __ for our lifestyles, our health,
our relationships,  and even for our own consciousness evolution and ascension.  And then it hit me:  "IT'S TIME
TO STOP PLAYING THE 'SAVIOR GAME'"! Yes, it's time for All of us to learn to do it alone. To become our own
"savior"__ to "save" ourselves! And to teach others how to "save" themselves, as well.

 Late  April,  I began  feeling a  sort of  "wobbling',  a vibrational  trembling  in my  body and  even  in the
furniture, and the  whole house.  My entire being felt  agitated. My first thought was that  it's  coming from  Earth,
Gaia.  Her magnetic field is changing,  building up energy in preparation for some  grand event.  Something
felt about to occur__ either within Earth, or within we earthings__ or both.

Checking current  astrological charts ,
Pluto in Capricorn was forming a  perfect  square aspect (stress) to
Uranus in  Aries through  late April,  all of May and  early June,  2013.
 The  effect of this  powerful  aspect
increased and  was soon felt  throughout the  world.  It often implies  "A Fall of Kings."  Since  Pluto  was moving  
retrograde during this time,  all the nefarious deeds of the past  2000 years began to be exposed to our full view.

We then "Birthed" another question: "HOW DO WE  MAKE USE OF THIS NEW LIFE, THESE NEW ENERGIES
"  One way was to  ASSIST IN THE  CREATION OF  NEW  EARTH:  First:  We were to

Second: Once we had a good grasp on that vision WE "BECAME" THAT NEW WORLD__ imagining/visualizing
ourselves as BEING THAT NEW WORLD.

Third:  We WATCHED FOR A SIGNAL FROM DIVINE POWERS  confirming the possibility of that New World__
coming either from meditation,  intuition, dreams,  Higher Self, &/or from three or more Synchronicities, indicating
that its manifestation was probable!

Fourth:  We trained our  minds and  emotions into a state of  "SPONTANEITY"  in which our  conscious  rational
ego was  no longer a  controlling  factor; i.e.,  We  Allowed  Universe__  Creative  Force  Field __ to Choose the
Timing and the Process by which the New World would manifest, holding Complete Openness to the outcome.

To demonstrate HOW THAT  "SPONTANEITY"  worked,  we
pretended we had intended   A New Earth, Totally
Free of Pollution by:
1.) Asking  Higher Self or  Guides__  (fastest,  simplest  and  most  accurate  method)__ and  abiding  by Their
guidance. Or,

( 2.): Asking for a  
Dream that included  conversation,  visions or some verification that a Pollution Free World is
a possibility.  (This works fine if we can recall our dreams and  interpret them  correctly).  Or,

(3.) Watching for  
Synchronicities:  A TV, a computer  program,  a newspaper  article,   or  book, radio or  other
people's  words, etc.,  mentioning  or  illustrating a  "pollution  free  world".  These  Synchronicities  had  to  have
occurred at least 3 times within, say__ a week, to ensure a positive answer.

An Alternative for Step 3: If we DID receive Guidance, Dreams or  Synchronicities indicating that a Pollution Free
World was a "Go", we then set aside our EGO; i..e.,  we did not continue seeking clues as to whether or not that
unpolluted world
 was actually manifesting;  neither did we worry  about whether our intention was working,  nor
repeat the intention,  nor try to  "do" something to  hasten its' coming true,  as these actions implied doubt, which
cancelled the Intention.  If this didn't seem to work for us,  we ASKED HIGHER SELF,  GUIDES OR  CREATOR/

May 9-10, 2013. Newsletter:  We learned to  STAND IN OUR  "POWER"__  IN OUR  "SOVEREIGNTY".  I had
been informed that two checks  sent to pay our  credit card balance  had never been  received by that company;
although they had both  cleared our banks.  They not only wanted two more checks, but had charged us a large
late fee, plus charges for a "search" and more private information about our bank accounts for that search.

I said  "No__  you already lost our two checks,  and I'm not going to give you my  checking account number,  too.
And__ I'm not paying for a "search". Neither am I doing your office work for you. You have my name, my address,
my bank and its  address and  phone number,  the check number,  the amount and  date.  Use your  phones and
computers." (I wanted to say that my six-year-old grandson could do the search for them, but I refrained.)

My family was shocked at my outrage,  as I usually don't handle mistakes or delays in this way.  I said:  "I DON'T
like criminals, even when they are in error. THEY WORK FOR US!  Every time we charge something on a credit
card,  the seller has to pay the card company 5%.  If large numbers of us don't charge on the cards anymore, the
card companies couldn't stay in business."

This attitude may be at the  foundation of all the  rage/warrior stuff so prevalent.  We are fed up with the way this
world is  being run__  or  ISN'T  being run__  and,  like the  old movie,  "
Network"__  "We  aren't  going to  take it
anymore!"  I  suspect  most  people on  Earth are  feeling  this  way,  too.  I  couldn't  call  this  "Christ-conscious"
behavior__ until I recalled the  episode where  
Yeshua went into the  temple and  over-turned the   tables of the
money-lenders.  HS suggested later,  that I may have been a  wayshower for many who would  follow suit.  "
mere act of  'breaking the yoke'  and  defying the programming  altered the future of  mankind  simply  because
others had heard or read of your outburst statement of truth."

Within fifteen minutes, our bank called:  the credut card company had notified them of the missing checks, which
had already processed, and the problem was resolved.  And in the weeks and months that followed, I did hear of
family members  who'd been  present at that outburst,  also take on their own  Sovereignty and  refuse to  "PLAY
THE GAME"__ the "Game of Being SLAVE" to the old world's Corrupt Systems' over-demanding authorities.

Although we've often discussed the value of  researching  PAST LIVES,  a new relationship with those lives was
"Birthed" within us in since the
Spring Equinox, 2013:
The Arcturians said:  If we check out our  PAST LIVES OF SIGNIFICANCE,  scan our  current  childhood,
youth and adulthood for clues to what all the  activities, lessons, experiments and experiences have truly been
about,  we're likely to discover they have been about some form or other of  Creativity__  for you are becoming
creator gods."

Have we not learned, taught or worked with groups, with teams of some kind,  perhaps in leadership roles, other
than the past few years of  seclusion for contemplation and ascension preparation?  Even then we  continued to
uplift, influence, exemplify,and co-create with Spirit Within despite our exhaustion, aches and disabilities.

The Arcturians continued:  "The  ascension s ymptoms,  the pains,  the exhaustion,  the 'attacks' on  body and
activities, etc... are similar to Christ's crucifixion. Only, it was sent in fragments to lightworker's, starseeds, and
wayshowers of today,  or they would not have endured it.  ('If the days had not been  shortened,  you would not
be able to survive

We discovered that  
.  I  became  concerned  when  wondering  why those  twelve  lifetimes  had held  so very many
horrendous experiences, so I used my Inner Guidance System to check out each of those terrible memories, and
found there were hidden gifts,  talents,  wisdom and  blessings wrought by the struggles,  pain and catastrophes
that taught me to  
harmonize the negativities of those pasts  and to balance them  with this  lifetime's  thoughts,
feelings, actions and beliefs.

We are developing
Light Bodies now,  instead of physical bodies;  becoming self-sustaining solar systems. We
Creating from Future",
Part IV: Chapters 12-20 explain how we can do this:   (  We will radiate
Light from within our solar plexus. People will have Spiritual Breakthroughs and Understandings simply by being
in our presence__ even over the telephone, and perhaps, through computers. Instead of using masculine "force"
to manifest, we will use the feminine "magnetism" for co-creating and manifesting.

Our  creative abilities will  blossom__  big time__  with wonderful  ideas to  manifest for the  future of  New Earth,
Humanity and ourselves.  Right now, it is especially valuable to  Take Notes on what is most affecting our loving
hearts at this time,  for this will clue us in to what  WHAT WE WILL BE DOING DURING 2014 AND AFTER.  For
me,  it's the challenges and suffering of our children and youth, and for our lame duck education and health care
A wonderful program on  PBS a few nights ago:  
Extreme By Design"  showed  groups of  young people
with degrees in business,  medicine,  sociology,  psychology,  computer engineering and  high technology being
gathered by  Stanford University to  solve problems rampant in  Bangladesh,  Malaysia, and other countries with
high populations of  poor and  undernourished  children and adults.  They were coming up with some marvelous
and affordable creations.

The  MERGING WITH OUR SOUL GROUP FAMILIES__  OUR "MONADS" was  "Birthed' within us,  as noted in
May 24-25, 2013 Newsletter. After the December 21, 2013 Winter Solstice,  we each begin to be BIRTHED
__ to be  "REBORN "__  into   what  we  would  call  a   "CHRIST  INCARNATE".
"   We are the LINK between Heaven and Earth.

Dec. 21, 2012 was the  "Turning Point"  for ascension to begin, it has had its delays, it's temporary set-
backs, as the Higher Realms are also moving to higher levels than they previously occupied,  and since this was
the first time that humans were ascending while still in their physical bodies, often what was planned didn't come
about as expected.  Other methods,  other approaches  then had to be  included.  Humans who are the  "earliest
prepared" for ascension may be  "test pilots" for this  process.  There are bound to be glitches,  do-overs, and so
on and so on.  It's up to Source,  the Higher Realms,  our Higher Selves,  Guides and Gaia to decide how all this
will happen.

Many of us are now experiencing repeating Hot Flashes__ a gentle warmth spreading through our bodies __and
temporary cessations of breath, as we commence the shift into  Christs Incarnate. We may also  notice small but
positive changes in our physical bodies as well. We have entered the
Final Phase of our  Light Body Process
to become creator gods.  We humans are the  GREAT EXPERIMENT'S success or failure.  We may see positive
evidence that our  Soul Contracts,  our Missions,  are now being  fulfilled.  
Every  Solstice and every  Equinox
each year from  2014 up to about 2016  will present us with  another  ascension portal  with more changes within
that Process.

Next Issue: "RIPENING" OF THE NEW CHRIST-CONSCIOUS HUMAN SOUL.