November 11, 2013

Completing our research on what life in the masculine-based, Atlantean civilizations as compared with the
more ancient, feminine Lemurians and our currently-forming more feminine New Earth, we end with:
The Fourth Atlantis
Our collective  human karma was such  that after the  Lucifer Rebellion,  the Fall of  Mankind and the  Great
Deluge ended third phase Atlantis about 12,500 B.C, we couldn't be "pure" Atlantean anymore.  Our present
civilization was set up as an artificial, temporary "Fourth Atlantis", and we humans struggle still to understand
why  we're here.  
Everyone  alive on planet  Earth today is a  former inhabitant  of one or  more of the
earlier Atlantic Civilizations
.  We have come to correct,  to balance and to  harmonize what we created or
allowed to happen in those earlier times.  But the need is dire.  This is our last chance.  Time is running out, for
our sun has now aligned with the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy,  and all planetary, solar, galactic and cosmic
cycles and
timelines will culminate by the end of 2013 A.D.

The two Annunaki half-brothers, Enki and Enlil, were originally given control over Africa and the Middle East,
respectively.  Enlil was also made   Supreme Commander of all  Earth Annunaki territory,  although this right
should have gone to Enki, the eldest, who supervised the gold mines in Africa, and it was he with his genetic
scientist wife, Ninhartsag, who created us__ homo sapiens sapiens__ from the local Neaderthal primitives.

The Annunaki headquarters and spaceports at Nippor, Jerusalem and Baalbek, Lebanon in the Middle East,
where Earth's gold was shipped to their planet  Nibiru,  supposedly to remedy their planet's atmosphere that
broke down whenever it approached Earth, every 25,920 years. However, between
Zacharia Sitchin's and
Gerald Clark's researches,  it is undeniable that much of that gold was__ and still is__ used to make mono-
atomic gold,  or "
white  powder gold",  as familiarly known.  Books or  websites of  Lawrence  Gardner and
David Hudson explain much more on this subject.

White powder gold can create a number of amazing miracles,  but here we concentrate on its ability to make
Immortal.  Yes... I'm serious!  We find now that the two Annunaki brothers__  Enki and Enlil__  both used
this powder,  as did their offspring,  and they are nearly all still alive today!  Enki,  considering us humans as
his  "children",  is known throughout history as " The Creator", (not our Universal Creator)  and Enlil, as "The
Destroyer". They are still at each other's throats__ Enlil, fearing the humans' growing population would over-
take the Annunaki,  hated us,  and still  repeatedly attempts to  destroy our species with  incessant wars and
more and more  catastrophe-enabling technology;  as Enki works against him to not only save humanity, but
to raise our consciousness to the point where we can ascend, become multi-dimensional and free ourselves
from over 200,000 years of slavery.

During the last 2000 plus years,  the openly visible "King" of the original 4th Atlantis was
Enlil, calling himself
Markus Morphus", meaning "sleep" or "death". He and his cohorts introduced drugs to keep people
dumbed down, dependent and dis-empowered. With crystal electronic devices like our walkmans,
IPods, cell phones, smart meters and  electronic games which  slowly destroy  brain cells,  they
controlled  people with  low level electromagnetic  frequencies  (ELF)
 that are very disruptive of
emotional and mental energy fields.  Besides the problems  engendered by the  Lucifer Rebellion  (creating only
with physical, material means),  we Homo sapiens struggle still under additional handicaps. We had been
created genetically by 4-D  "god-like' beings:
the Annunaki-Nibiruans-Nefelim, who distorted our DNA and manipulated our minds and emotions.  Unknow-
ingly,  we acted as their 3-D puppets,  controlled by lies,  fears and technologies,  playing out, over and over
again, these wars,  famines,  plagues,  economic ups and downs,  political coups__  all  correspondences to
Enki and Enlil's competitions among themselves __  their power ploys to gain and maintain control over each
other's descendants,  over Earth,  Her inhabitants and resources.  They have  programmed us, brainwashed
us,  enslaved us into believing it's  "noble", "patriotic", "god-ordained" to play out their War Games while they
sit and watch in luxury and safety,  growing wealthier and more powerful, destroying and polluting Earth, Her
resources and us__ as if merely enjoying a game of chess or watching the Super Bowl.

Enlil  spread his  wickedness  westward into  Europe,  and on to  North and  South America.  Enki,  however,
established the United States in the "New World", as a land where humanity could flourish in Unity and Love,
serving as a  beacon to  the  rest of the  world.  For millennia,  we've been  made to  believe that our  ancient
"myths" and "
figures"  such as  Zeus or Nero,  Apollo or Merlin,  were merely  ARCHETYPES, when actually,
they were "
real beings' in various disguises adopted by  Enlil and Enki  throughout the centuries.  It was Enlil
who sent Abraham out from Ur, and called himself "Yahweh", "Jehovah", "Jupiter", "Zeus", etc.; and Enki was
the one who started the  "Zoroaster" religion,  who told  Noah to build the  Ark and save the DNA of  humans,
plants and animals from the  Great Flood.  He was also "EA",  "Posiedon",  "Neptune", and  "Ptah" in  Egypt's
First Dynasty. Enki's wife, "Ninhartsag"__ the genetics expert__  was also "Isis", "Innana" and "Sheba".  Both
Enlil and Enki  began  most of the  religions of  Earth,  except for  Tibetan  Buddhism,  and  Native  American
beliefs as far as we know.

The Annunaki have a
"Counsel of Twelve", long presiding over Earth matters, composed of six favored sons
and descendants of Enlil,  and six of Enki's.  Each one is given the right to be  supreme  ruler over the planet
and humanity during an  "Age of the Zodiac  according to the  25,290 years long  Precession of the  Ages, or
"Great Year".  Every  Age of the Zodiac  equals 2,160 years__  of "Aries",  "Pisces",  "Aquarius",  "Capricorn"
etc. , according to  how the  Procession of  Ages moves.  We have been in the  "
Age of  Pisces"  for the  last
2160 years,  with Enlil's family in power.  But there's hope:  We moved into the "Age of Aquarius",  December
21, 2012,  as  Enki and family take over.  We are now going through a  one-year period of readjustment...  of
"re-orientation"  to every  thing on  Earth,  and to  Earth Herself.  The Enlil  faction has been  playing  its very
dirtiest games over recent years in hopes of wiping us out,  or leaving us in as much  destruction as possible.
But that is over. Done. FINISHED!

Interestingly,  have you noted a  "change"  in the  Vatican since the  New Pope took office?  T
he Vatican has
been a major ruling seat of control for  Enlil's family for hundreds of years
.  An old German saying, is
"A new broom sweeps clean."...  and folks,  it looks like we have a  "New Broom" in charge...  not only in the
Vatican, but around the world, as mean-spirited people in high positions are being cast out.

The  Bermuda Triangle experiment was  Enlil's attempt to create an External Merkaba Energy field that went
out of control. It appears to our current culture as if it was a great failure of the Atlantean civilization, but from
the Elilean's point of view, it was an overwhelming success; for it let in from second dimensional levels within
our planet,  billions and billions of unattached,  dis-incarnate  elemental spirits.  They freaked out here in 3-D
in what to them seemed a dangerous alien realm.  Their only hope for survival in 3-D was to attach to human
bodies like parasites,  feeding vicariously off our emotions,  thoughts and  experiences.  Nearly every human
body had at  least  several of these  disembodied  "spirits"  interfering with their  thoughts and  feelings.  The
Annunaki also kept us emotionally vulnerable through their 4th dimensional rituals over these elementals.

Another  problem we  humans still have,  is the  Annunaki's  tampering with our  genetic  "wiring".  One of the
conditions of the original  Free Will Experiment was that we would lose  awareness of our  inner connections
with each other and with  Spirit-Greater Self.  But it was not  planned that an  even further  Fall in conscious-
ness would occur,  creating the  serious  challenge of our  gradual loss of  links with  Gaia/Mother Earth  and
Nature as well.

We forgot Who We Are__ forgot our origins, our foundations,  and our history as well as our destiny. We just
kept right on re-creating the same old 3-D & 4-D  subconscious scenarios while two-thirds asleep__  even in
our daily waking state!  We refused to wake up,  refused to look inwardly at ourselves,  made up excuses for,
or looked the other way at corporate,  religious and governmental lies,  excesses,  thefts,  pedophilia,  torture
and genocide.  We deny that there is anything ordinary humans can do to change the situation, a nd we look
outside ourselves to "gods" to "come save us",  not realizing that our "god" is inside us, and We Are the Ones
We've Been Waiting For. The True "Golden Age of Atlantis" is in our future__ not in our past!

The Naacal Mystery Schools to assist humans to expand their consciousness were originally established by
Enki in late  Lemuria.  They  taught the  keys to the  Creativity Codes,  but these  keys were  lost  during the
demise of Lemuria and Atlantis. ("Mystery Schools" in

DREAM:  I was walking with a  friend down a dim corridor on the upper floor of a huge old mansion.  Rows of
closed doors  stood along both sides of the  elaborately-carved  wooden  walls of the  hallway as we  walked
upon beautiful, colorful and ornate antique rugs. As we reached each door, we tried its knob, but none would
open.  I said  to my  companion:  "Behind  these  doors are  beautiful,  wondrous  things for us to  behold,  to
experience and to learn,  but they are not  unlocked yet.  My task is to  open the doors for you__  but you will
have to learn the ways to pass through them."

10-23-13: Meditation with Gaia:
ML: Could I please have some information to pass on to the readers of my Newsletter?

    Gaia: "The major request is that I will nurture and support humans if they will, in turn, nurture and support me."   

ML: We are ignorant of how to stop abusing you and your resources for our food, clothing, shelter, heat and
warmth, transportation, and things like furniture, untilities, communication,  without material, physical means.

    Gaia: "You are already experiencing those methods in a small way. The Lemurians, the Australian aboriginals,
    knew ways to do this.  Your web-book and newsletters inform you of this.   It was not just an example of what one
    can do if one follows the spiritual path,   but  HOW TO LIVE IN A HIGHER DIMENSIONAL WORLD. ... which is
    where humanity is now!"

"Once we have uncovered the  'ARCHETYPE'  of our  Soul Group,  this  Second Phase must be
experienced in the depths of one's being,  physically and emotionally.  We may think of the ideal of  "civiliza-
tion" in all its  complexity of  interpersonal relations,  or at a higher level of the ideal of the  true occult  White
Brotherhood and the 'White Lodge", but one has to be there in some deeply personal experience__ perhaps
a very vivid, unforgettable dream__  if the ideal is to become an irrefutable reality for the consciousness and
a steady, indestructible commitment."

In this Second Phase,  of "Collectivization", the deep concern of the social group for the safety of any one of
its parts or individuals begins to Manifest in the outer world, perhaps as HUMANITARIANISM.

A  Parrot keeps  repeating the  conversation he has  overheard,  but the capacity to  transmit transcendental
knowledge  belongs to the  individual who  lives in a state of  ardent and  sustained faith,  for it may  become
possible to  become a  channel for the  transmission of a  knowledge or  wisdom that  transcends his normal
mental  understanding.  The  mind  that has  learned to be  silent  and  attentive can  become  attuned to the
rhythm of utterances which he may not comprehend intellectually,  yet which may truly manifest superhuman
realizations. Discrimination is needed here to balance the overeagerness of faith.
We are now being introduced to a  Technique hinting at our  human  capacity to  attune to sources of
higher wisdom if we can be  sufficiently  attentive and careful in channeling a  "higher Voice".  To stress here
the negative elements of  automatism and  unintelligent  repetition is to use only one's  intellect.  All BIRDS in
symbolism  suggest  spiritual  faculties or  forces.  What is  evoked  is the  possibility of  learning from  higher
intelligences: CHANNELSHIP.