October 1-2, 2011
                                                                          "LIGHTWORKERS, COME HOME"

MIDPOINT DAYS of the SIXTH NIGHT of the 9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar are upon
us, indicating
The Most Significant Aspects of this Sixth Night, as we continue to Fine Tune the PROTO
revealed on the Sixth Day. Our Keyword: "Dawn".

Autumn Equinox, September 23rd, occurred when our Sun entered 1 degree Libra. A huge download of
energy arrived the next day,
September 24th, when the Sun connected with the Super Galactic Center at 2 de-
grees Libra
, and was activated by the New Moon, September 27th.

Phillip Sedgwick, in his marvelous book, "The Astrology of Deep Space", writes: "The emission of the infrared
spectrum of the
Galactic Center alone generates almost a million times as much energy as the Sun does
through its entire electromagnetic spectrum."

According to Sedgwick, The Super Galactic Center (SGC) is a huge galaxy called Virgo A (also, M-87) with 27
galaxies rotating around its common center, including our own
Milky Way Galaxy. Astronomers define the SGC as
a "super-massive black hole that holds the mass of about 5 billion suns." So its projected energy is vastly more
powerful than that of our Sun or our GalacticCenter.

it seems we are moving out into the Universe itself, influenced by the pull of the SGC. This is the huge
space required to awaken us as nine-dimensional beings. As things go faster and faster, trust that we are
all on our true path to Oneness when we are all equals within our chosen worlds
." (B.H.Clow)

Sedgwick:  "Individuals with stronger connections (within 1 degree) to the Galactic Center hold the potential to
make massive changes in the direction of human affairs. These natives, when attuning to the
GC, make state-
ments clearly defining the state of progress of human affairs, both personally, for other individuals, and within
collective situations. These natives may be forerunners in innovative thought. Evolution must be sorted out from
revolution. The essence of change suggested is transitional, not radical or catastrophic. Progress becomes the
motivation and counter-progressive tendencies must dissolve. As an individual utilizes the energies of the GC in
his/her own horoscope, the issues of life become easier to master, and greater issues and concerns are
encountered. The native resolves greater difficulties and personal challenges with an increased sense of ease. To
totally utilize the energies of the GC, an individual must overcome a sense of discomfort with relating what needs to
be disclosed. The reactions of others are secondary to the need to communicate the GC's essence."

M-87, (1* Libra) "contains the most futuristic implications of the magnetic entities__ elements in our consciousness
that reach all nine dimensions." ... When  connected to
M-87, the Super GalacticCenter__ such a natal horoscope
constitutes an
intra-dimensional personality."... "An individual with an intra-dimensional personaliy transcends the
essence of space and time, plunging through a
4th dimension, existing in another environment, at least as viewed
from the Earth. These persons carry unique perspectives, and their way of relating to the real world differs signific
antly from the norm. This ability to refer to vaster reams may be perceived by the unwary as over-abstract-iveness or
spaciness. Some alienation may exist within the intra-dimensional being, arising from the need and the ability to
shift octaves of consciousness within mere portions of a second. This shifting gears in consciousness also affects
the bodily metabolisms. The native may experience sudden shifts in body temperature & levels of altertness, and all
parasympathetic functions, as well as some sympathetic functions.
Absolute truth and perceptions result when
the intra-dimensional being agrees to make the transitions between dimensions.
It may occur any time and
place. It is a matter of Time and Space."

Benjamin Fulford: keeps us tuned in on the nefarious activities of the
dark-siders with his latest blog: "
Cabal resorting to desperate measures as they try to prevent reboot of
financial system." and "Tunnels to at least 13 underground bases being sealed off

During the Sixth Day period to date, the following PROTO FORMS arose"
*The Controlling Cabal is Failing.
* First Wave of Ascended Masters to leave 11:11:11.
* Earth to receive a second Sun mid-October.
* ET groups restoring Earth's environment.
.* Moon to be removed from Earth's Orbit,
* Lightworkers Confusion in the End Times.
* The Role of the Plentary Ascension Team at the Stargete 11:11:11.  "
* Magnetic Pole Shift this Fall Due to Earth's Ascension.
* North Pole moving to Siberia; South Pole to between South American & Africa.
* Weather Control Technologies
* New Global Financael System.
* Manifesting with ATTENTION only.
* Healing the Causes instead of the Symptoms.
* Building new things that will Thrive.
* Taking Personal Power.
* Overcoming Fears.
* No more "teachers" or "leaders"... We Walk Together in Cooperation.
* Educational Requirements for "No Child Left Behind" reduced.
* Bullfights banned in Spain's Catalonia.
* Saudi women to vote and hold office for first time.
* World's First Printed Car, lasts 30 years, 200 mpg. on highway.
* Changing World Religion.
* Indigenous Elders Banish Organized Religions from tribal lands.

Hadron Collider, Geneva, Switzerland: Subatomic particle travels faster than light. PROTO FORM:
David Sereda, on reveals his experiments with "Light Speed Communications."
After  he developed a faster than light speed radio that he used to talk to a star in the Pleiades, some 444 light
years away, in
August, 2010, he received a loud telepathic voice response: "Congratulations: we received your
message loud and clea
r.."  A PROTO FORM for our New Earth?

Then in
August, 2011, he transmitted a set of questions to the same coordinates about earth changes, Comet
Elenin and a request for the ETs to show up physically in his home in
Sedona, AZ. He also asked the Pleiadeans:
10/28/11 still on?" The next day, a huge, mysterious Time Signal appeared for the first time in the magnetic
spectrum, lasting 10 hours in Sedona, following the strange series of earthquakes from Colorado to Virginia.
Sereda believes the massive quakes and tsunamis around the world of late are caused by gigantic sun spots__
coronal mass ejections (CME)__ but may be intensified by the alignment of Comet Elenin with our solar system sun,
planet and ecliptic.
September 27th, someone posted a Video from USC telling how they received a radio wave
from Elenin, but although the comet was then perfectly aligned with Earth's eleciptic that same day, this has not been
verified. Also that day, a huge, mile-wide triangular hole was cut out of the clouds over Sedona. Sereda s
ays the
Mayans completely understood these phe
nomena when they developed their Calendar.
He also told of a 7-8 ft. tall "space age-looking woman" pointing a computer-like device at his infant daughter in their
bedroom, and that his communications might have opened up a portal. His radio device, however, is tuned to be a
"sender" only__ not a "receiver."

Sereda and C2C host, George Noory, plan to send questions to the Pleiadians in the near future. Sereda claims
he has so much to tell about the messages from the distant star system, that it would take an entire C2C show to
relate them; i.e__ 4 hours.

Michael Tellinger speaks to the South'African Parliament promoting "CONTRIBUTIONISM & UBUNTU".
We quote from his speech received via e-mail:

"Discoveries in South Africa are helping to pull together some crucial missing links of our human origins"... "so-
called advanced civilizations around the world can be traced here to South Africa where it all seems to have started.
Not with some ape-like creatures, but modern anatomical humans in vast slave colonies__ mining gold."
Here in South Africa... "gold was discovered in vast quantities about
445,000 years ago."... "Mysterious stone
circles without entrances__ more than 10 million of them, linked by roads or channels, and connected in a web
of agricultural terraces that indicate a population of about 50 million people who occupied this land."... "They used
SOUND as a source of energy and they used it in an advanced way as 'SASER'__'LAZAR'__ but using sound
instead of light."  (
ML: SOUND is an aspect of the 7th Dimension__ this is  Multi-Dimensional Technology)... "has
only recently been rediscovered and scientists are jumping up and down with excitement about its advanced military
applications. No surprise there - right?"...

"The other important realization that struck me was that all this activity took place here for about
300,000 years
__without the existence of money..". "Although this was a new species cloned and created, living in absolute slavery,
for the single-minded purpose of mining gold and all that goes along with it, this was not brutal slavery as often
portrayed in movies. It was in essence, a PROTOTYPE MODEL, (emphases added) for a money-less society.
Money was NOT part of human evolution as many people believe. Money was a cunning and malicious plan introdu
ced by t he Annunaki to the Sumerians,  only after the destructive flood__ some  2-13,000 years ago, when the min-
ing operations were re-started all over the Earth. Money became the new form of slavery and absolute control of the
human slave species."

"When the colonists arrived in southern Africa, there was no hunger, no homelessness and no money. There was

order and abundance for all, which was completely destroyed by the colonizers so that they could take control of the
gold fields. They introduced western

"Many ancient te
xts and wise humans have stated that 'The End Days Will Be as the First Days.' This is here I take
my inspiration for the new social structure I call CONTRIBUTIONISM. The Africans have a name for almost an
identical philosophy. It is called UBANTU. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the
greater benefit of all in the community. In the
early 80's, the Hopi chiefs came to South Africa to meet with"... Credo
and others... "to discuss their belief that the New Age will start in South Africa"... "since 2006 I have been
perfecting this UBUNTU model and found some astonishing revelations. I now know that this is the natural order of
things__ the exchange and sharing of people's energy. There is no money, no barter, no trade and no value
-ed to anything. Everyone is equal and everyone's contribution is seen as infinitely valued. There is much more
on this new social structure on my website: and basic plans of implementation in small
towns."... "In a world of misery, poverty, conflict, crime and separatation, UBUNTU - CONTRIBUTIONISM provides a
real solution for the human race, and a fitting place to launch it__ South Africa. I will be doing much more work on the
subject in the coming months and at the
25-27 November, 2011
. Info on this is at .

"If you are a registered voter in South Africa, we need your signature to register the movement as a national party__
to secure protection and credibility and media exposure. Not because I want to be in politics. Please print out the
attached form, put your name, signature and ID number on it, and please post it to me at
PO BOX 201 Waterval
Goven 1195
"Till next time__ when I will fill you in on the Free-Man movement in SA and my contrubution with my action against
Standard Bank__ Keep exploring....
Michael Tellinger."

Saturday, October 1st:
* "What is the Role of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) at the Stargate 11:11:11?   Scroll down about 1 page to the Title in Blue Print.
* "Recycled Water Quenches San Antonio's Thirst."
* "Dozens Arrested at Bank of America Protest."    
* "700 Arrested on Brooklyn Bridge after protesting Corporate Greed for two weeks."    
* "The Fight to Save the US Postal Service".    
Sunday, October 2nd:
* " How Budget Battles Keep the Economy in Limbo"
* "Typhoons leave dozens dead in Phillipines."   USAToday
* "Listeriosis toll rises to 15 dead, 84 sickened."    USAToday
* "California farm recalls lettuce amid listeria concerns."   USAToday
* "New material claimed to store more energy and cost less than batteries.  t
* "Another Satellite to Crashland Soon."   

Marie Allizon (MZ Essential OiIs) with Drunvalo Melchizedek: " I don't think anybody can prepare on a
physical level. It isn't possible to prepare for what is about to happen. You see, nobody knows. The prepa\ration
is inside you."... "If you can remember the ancient way of living and get into that sacred place, and just sit and
watch all of this like a movie and not have to be concerned in any way at all. Remember, Mother Earth knows who
these people are that are going to become the one heart"... "This place in the heart has always been referred to
as the lotus.. And when you find your way there, Mother Earth will completely take care of you and protect you and
provide everything for you. Even though everything outside seems to be insane, it will be miraculous."

"Mother Earth is changing the world. She is in control now, so we don't have to do anything but just be of service.
If she says to do something, okay we do it, and if she doesn't, then we can relax. We've won the game, everything
is almost in place. Everything is in balance."... "Stay out of fear and just believe in the presence of Spirit

When everything starts breaking down, the Taos Indians say"... "Just stay in your heart and let Mother Earth and
all the energies that you are intimately part of do their job and stay in trust."... "We are immortal, we've always
been alive, we are going to get through this one. Remember it is a time of Transition. Transitions always get
crazy. Stay out of fear and be in the presence of God

Gaia: "It is not necessary to 'keep up' with current world events, as you can receive that from us, your inner
guidance system, when needed. There will be no 'distressing world events' in the new consciousness news.
You may offer the arts and music, if it is uplifting and done with joy from the heart. The TV will not be necessary
unless it too has uplifting and joyous programs. Reading uplifting books is fine for now, but books will not be
necessary in the New Earth consciousness, for people will be telepathic and can receive information from within
self and from others.

"Some cooking, house, plant and animal care are still necessary as long as there is a physical body; but for now,
it is mostly clearing out non-essential material things. Eat light, Use as much raw, fresh fruits and vegetables as
possible. No need to be a healer, as everyone will be healthy. "Helping those in need right now consists mostly of
showing  them how to contact their own inner selves and me, Gaia, to manifest and heal. Heal self first.

"Banking is still necessary for now, but when you purchase less, banking will be less. Trust in universal
abundance rather than in money matters. As for investments, no need to cash them in unless the cash is needed
to help others, as money will not be a factor in the New Earth.

"There will be no Christmas celebrations in the new consciousness, for all are ascended as demonstrated by
Jesus and other masters... No Easter, either. Personal material gifts may no longer be given at birthdays, etc.,
because everyone can manifest their own needs and desires.

"Yes, it is lonely now, but will not be so much longer. You may wish to work with other-dimensional beings. Peace
be with you."

The Arcturians: "Multidimensional Consciousness doesn't mean higher consciousness. It means ALL
consciousness. Therefore, if we don't get lost in the distractions of physical life, we can have this FEELING of
BEING HOME, SURROUNDED BY UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as we go about our daily lives in a glorious New

"There are all sorts of notions about what is going to happen as the Shift/Ascensions occur. Some say it wll
happen during 3 days of darkness. Others say it's only 30 hours of darkness. Still others tell us it will happen in
the blink of an eye__ we won't really GO anywhere. One moment we're in the old consciousness Earth, and the
next in the New Earth.

"Everyone's individual Ascension Process is unique. Perhaps we will simply be seeing and feeling our present
home-life and loved ones, and
gradually come to see and feel that THINGS ARE NOW VERY DIFFERENT. The
environment around us may LOOK the same, although the illusionary walls and objects may glow with an inner
light. Mainly, THINGS WORK DIFFERENTLY than before. For example, whatever we turn our Attention to, will
instantly manifest, as in a dream

September 29th, Dr Oz revealed on his daily TV program that 800 Near Death Experiences are occurring
every day around the world! My sense is that Humanity is going to have a mass NDE, and when we come to again,
we'll be in a very different world__ either "
Earth A: The Golden Age" , or "Earth B: Catastrophy". (See Chapter 1:
The Creative Modes
", "The Seeker Awakens" for a NDE. This is the only Free Will planet in the universe: so


October 11, 2011
                                                             "PREPARE FOR LIFT-OFF"                                                      

Today we move into the
SEVENTH DAY of the 9thWave/Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calendar... the very
last period of this entire calendar. There is no "Seventh Night". This Seventh Day ends on
October 28th, 2011. It is
another period of "Light"__ a time of enlightenment when new perceptions are gained by consciousness__ and a
time of readiness for something new and different. It is the time of Ascension__ going from one level to the next
higher level. The first Ascended Masters (Star Seeds, Lightworkers) will ascend to the
5th Dimension with Gaia
October 16th and November 11, 2011__ when that Stargate opens. The rest of humanity__ those who
have worked to evolve their consciousness and have chosen to ascend with Gaia__ will go into either the 4th or the
5th dimension by
12/21/12, as the last Stargate opens.

This Seventh Day is also the
FULL MOON in Aries at 8:07 PM, MDT, so watch for Revelations during this and
the next two days. It is also the time of
Fruition__ The Manifestation of the Highest Expression of the New
and a Connection with The Creator as an Enduring Presence.

In the World Tree's life, the seeds spread or the fruit drops to begin again a thousand times over. In human history, it
was during these repeating 7th Day sections that Consciousness evolved
Homo sapiens sapiens, agriculture and
domesticated herds, signed treaties to establish the sovereignty of nations and peoples, and put up the Inernet
creating a planetary consciousness in
1992. The Seventh Day of the previous 8th Wave/Galactic Underworld, was
November 3, 2010 to March 9, 2011.

This pattern of Creation__ an action plan__ can be seen happening everywhere in the universe from sub-atomic
particles to galaxies, over and over. "
As above, so below." Notice that we go from a "Light" section directly into
another "Light" section__ there is no "seventh night". The clock is stacked__ Creation is on our side and always has

As I write, we are still in the last half of the Sixth Night. Our planet and its residents are experiencing dangerously
polluted waters, air and soil. Earth and humanity are being destroyed by greed, carelessness and lack of Love and
Compassion for our Great Mother and for each other. Protests are being held around the entire world; some are
peaceful but many are bloody. Our social systems are crippled and failing. Terrible hurricanes, tornadoes, storms,
floods and volcanic eruptions blast the planet and the people. Food poisonings and other illnesses abound. Inflation
rises as home values, jobs and incomes rapidly decline, although taxes increase. Huge chunks of space "junk" fall
from the sky. New energy devices are invented, but funding is restricted and patents held in "consideration" for
years__ or outright denied and sent to the military. Our civil rights are either cancelled with new laws, or ignored.
We're at the "bottom of the barrel."

A few new ideas have come out: Contributionism; particles and messages raveling faster than light, a new material
that stores more energy and costs less than batteries, and a greater understanding of our universe and how it works,
along with increasing revelations about higher dimensions and consicousness. Let's hope this "enlightened" 7th
Day will bring POSITIVE RESOLUTIONS & PEACE!           

October 19/20, 2011
                                              "EMBRACING MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY"

These two days are the MIDPOINT DAYS of the SEVENTH DAY of the
9th Wave/Universal Underworld of the
Mayan Calendar, indicating T
he Most Significant Aspects of this Seventh Day Period:

Richard Hoagland, on Coast to Coast AM relates that Comet Elenin will be at its closest approach to Earth
October 20th, and at a 90 degree path to Earth, which in hyper-dimensional physics, makes it "real". He says
Elenin is a Time Capsule of some sort and will affect our consciousness, perhaps with greater Unity
Consciousness. (
ML:The Guides said months ago that comet was "The Voice of Unity"

The 7th Day also brings us The Highest Expression of the New Consciousness and a Connection with the
Creator as an Enduring Presence:

Guides: "Occasional body pains that move from place to place are from the increased energy downloads from
outer space. 'Patience' is the name of the game these days. All will be well. FEAR NOT."
"Use multi-dimensional skills as often as possible. This familiarizes you with the process of moving from one
dimension to another quickly, and with becoming aware of being in several dimensions simultaneously. The
Inter-Dimensional Technologies will be necessary in higher dimensional states. Pay close attention to the video
information from
Dr. Suzanne Lie regarding whether one is ascending into the 4th or 5th dimension. You are
becoming aware now of how everything in your life fits together, as if everything is happening NOW. This will
increase in the days ahead."  

"We send you info in 'real time' through your computer, TV, books, etc., as you stay attuned to our incoming re-
lays This brings you lengthier informative downloads than those sent in meditation."

"The only current modifications to the Inner Technologies is they will work much faster. Give your TOTAL ALPHA
STATE ATTENTION to what you wish to manifest or heal, for about one minute, and then keep it in
the back of your mind, so to speak, believing it has already manifested on energetic levels. The process of
manifesting will grow shorter and shorter until it is instantaneous.
"Floating on the River of Desire, all our needs and wants will be manifested in the next dimension. Share your
experiences with others, for they need to know how things are progressing in the ascesion process, as well as in the
3-D world. Things will move very fast now. Please wait for me, as I am coming, too. It has been awhile since we last
met, but it will be so again soon....Yes, it is I,

We are reading and hearing many phrases: "Intra-Dimensional", "Inter-Dimensional", "Hyper-dimensional",
"Higher-Dimensional" and "Multi-Dimensional". All refer to either moving between various dimensional levels, or to
experiencing in several dimensions simultaneously. The Intra-Dimensional Things we do are done between various
dimensions, such as from 3-D to 4th or to 5th-D, and vice versa__Meditation, Intentional Energetic Healing,
Dreams, Visions, Geomancy, Communications with Nature... birds, wind, trees... Manifesting our needs, Connecting
with Mother Earth/Gaia and Spirit/Creative Force, and Synchronicities. We go into a higher dimensional realm,
either automatically or intentionally, to receive information, guidance or energy to create or resolve sometihng in
3-D. Those of us who are on the consciousness evolutionary path have now reached the part where we will soon be
ascending permanently into a higher dimensional existence. WE SHOULD BE CONNECTING, AT LEAST
BRIEFLY, WITH THOSE HIGHER DIMENSIONS BY NOW__ whether spontaneously or intentionally.

* David Wilcock, on his website, presents a terrific new article, "Disclosure Immin-
ent? Part II
" that ties in perfectly with our previous information. His article relates: "They may have had many bizarre
synchronicities in their lives, inviting them into the truth that we live in a magical universe designed to promote
spiritual evolution, but they wall these experiences off in some separate category__ apart from 'the real world'"...
"The purpose is to provide a mirror of the collective negativity we all are wrestling with."

Some readers have asked for clarification regarding
Phillip Sedgwick's information on the Galactic Center
and the Super Galactic Center as appeared in the October 11th newsletter:
As we create our own realities__ our physical bodies, our homes, our cars, our relationships, our jobs__ all the
elements of our 3-D lives act as barometers showing us how we are evolving our consciousness__ or not. Have  you
found that once you finally "fix" some aspect of your 3-D life, in a very short time, something "else" pops up to be
"fixed"? Our inner self tells us, "
Okay.. you did that just fine... now its time to work on THIS."  If we don't accept
these Intra-D experiences as valid, and intentionally perform them, things in our 3-D life start to fall apart__ we
become ill, things don't work, we lose things, etc.. These negative physical manifestations happen when we don't
connect with higher realms to find the causes and resolutions for them.

edgwick's phrase, "smooth integration between the past, present and future" implies that if we have an issue to
resolve, it could be from past lives, from the past of this life, or from our present__ or from all of them__ and needs
to be resolved before we can move into a more harmonious future. We are all struggling in a mass illusion as to the
true nature of our world and how it works.         
Wilcock: "The more you realize that these"... bizarre current happenings... "are genuinely real, instead of laughing
them off as nonsense, the more they will happen. This mass, collective lucid dream responds to our thoughts,
intentions and desires__ and is conveniently disguised as 'reality'. This illusion was created for our own spiritual
growth and development__ by forces vastly more powerful than all the minds on Earth combined."... "The 'Illusion' is
also extremely ancient."  

Sedgwick's "psychic attunement" is connecting in meditation, dreamwork, intuition, higher states of con-
sciousness, and receiving information, guidance &/or energy to resolve our troubling issues. To "
connect the
resolution with individual responsibility to humanity
" means that whenever we harmonize some inner turmoil or
imbalance in ourselves and/or with those of our contacts, we add balance and harmony to Humanity and Earth
as well. Our very thoughts, feelings and beliefs are broadcasting continually to every living thing in the Universe. (See
Lynne McTaggart's book, "The Bond" and David Wilcock's book, "The Source Field Investigations"
for confirmation.)       
Sedgwick's reference to "the collective issue becoming responsible handling of technology" refers to hum-
anity as a whole becoming more ecologically aware and taking steps toward the environmental purification, re-
storation and stability of our world through the appropriate creation and use of technologies.
So how can this be applied to our personal, 3-D lives? Suppose our home's plumbing malfunctions, and try as
we might, it only continues to get worse and worse. If we do an energetic intention or some sort of clearing for
the problem, we might link it with something that is for the benefit of the planet and her lifeforms. This could si-
mply be our positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs that project outwardly to humanity and Earth, or maybe to find
some way to decrease pollution and save energy with a different type of plumbing technology.

In my experience, plumbing problems always dealt with WATER, of course, and water represents EMOTIONS. If it is
LEAKING, there may be some negative emotion regularly spurting out into the household from one or more
members. Or, if there is CLOGGING, then one or several persons are HOLDING IN EMOTIONS that subcon-
sciously affect their behavior and underly disharmonious relations between household inhabitants. Are we all on the
same track__ or at least respecting each others beliefs and choices? Usually the holding back is based on FEAR.

Wilcock: "The interesting thing about fear is it often lurks in the subconscious. The real source of this very
strongly-held belief then remains unavailable to the conscious mind."  That unspoken "elephant in the room"
needs to be brought up into the light of day through meditation or dreamwork and a win-win outcome found for
everybody's peace of mind.

4th-5th-D, we must be continually connected with the Creative Force/Creator/Spirit and with Earth/Gaia in order
to function there.  We therefore need to learn to go into higher dimensions NOW, to achieve these connections at
will, and to deal appropriately with the information, advice and energy received. When we do so, life works like a
beautiful, harmonious symphony of sound and light, and everyone, everything thrives.

I've had three consecutive nights of unusual dreams:
Dream #1: I was on my knees on a bathroom floor, trying to clean up what appeared to be slimy "do-do" (sorry, no
other way to describe it) off the floor with rags. I would wipe away over and over, rinse the rags in the toilet bowl,
then repeat it and repeat it.  I became exhausted, but no matter how I tried, the filth just seemed to get pushed
around, and never completely removed from the floor. (
Our foundations?) Then a woman appeared in the door-
way__ "Mother" said, "Let me help you." (
Gaia?) She went to work on it too, but we never did finish the nasty job
before I awoke."  (Trying to "clean up" the world's messes?)

Dream #2: Another "bathroom" dream. I had to "go", but could not find a bathroom to "get rid of the toxins". Others
were also looking for bathrooms without success. This dream repeated several times over. (Trying to purify my

Dream #3: H. & I, with several women, were in 4-D, looking at terra-cotta-colored huts that appeared to be made of
plaster or adobe with rounded corners. Each had a large wooden door with dinner-plate-size circles holding Mayan
symbols at either side of it. We examined several buildings, but could not open the doors (portals?) which, we ass-
umed, led to the 5th dimension.

Perhaps the circles held the keys. I noticed  the circular glyph on the door's left (
left brain?) had two outer rings ar-
ound it, but the one on the door's right (
right brain?) had none. I removed one of the rings from the first circle and it
fit perfectly around the second. (
Circles symbolize Spirit). I then turned this ring every which way around that glyph,
but nothing lined up __ the door did not open. We were frustrated.

Then I noticed H. was gone. We looked around for him and the other womens' dear ones, too. Finally, I spied H. way
down in a lush green valley beside a big black rock. He waved and called to me to "Come on down here." I replied,
"There's nothing down there__ Come up here." He didn't, so I walked down and we looked at the big black rock.
"Why, there are black rocks all over this place!" I cried out__ and woke up. (Seeking a way to reach the 5th

Later I realized the black rocks were lava rocks.
Lava rocks hold scalar wave energies. .
Glen Rein at Stanford University and nuclear engineer Colonel Thomas Bearden__ revealed the
potentials of
scalar energy fields, a phenomenon that sheds light on the information field intuitiives and meditators
may be accessing. "Scalar refers to a quantity that has magnitude or size, but no motion__ for example, pressure.
The pressure of a gas has a value and can be measured, but pressure has no motion. When applied to field theory,
scalar refers to fields of potential energy and information that lie outside the usual spectrum of ElectroMagnetic (EM)
Energy. Glen Rein said... "Scalar fields"... "are distance and time independent."... (unlike EM fields)... "They act at a
distance; they can have negative ion energy; they even have the characteristic of being able to
travel backwards in

"Thought, arriving from the brain or heart is scalar in nature. This means it is
apriori"... (Websters: "from cause to
affect; from a general law to a particular instance.
" )... "to matter, is steerable and infinite and has no relationship
to time or space
. It is, if you will, that which is before matter."

Patrick Marsolek: "When Science Meets the Psychics: New Research Buttresses the Challenge of Mind to
." Atlantis Rising, No. 15; May, 1998. (See Chapter 10: Weird Science 101).
This information correlates perfectly with the
5th Dimension state. It seems that we enter 5-D from "down in the
valley"__ our inner selves__ rather than through some outside portal.

Like many of you as you lived out your years, the day came when I began to wonder just
Why I was here on Earth,
What I was meant to do. I tried out the usual choices__ religion, education, earning more money, music,
painting, marriage & children, librarian, being "successful",  metaphysics, astrology, spirituality, alternative healing,
paranormal technologies, geomancy, working with the Mayan Calendar, and finally, using Inter-Dimensional
Technologies to help "clean up earth", to release toxins from our bodies, to balance extreme weather and violent
earth changes, and then to write about them. On looking back over all this, however, I can only conclude that all of
it__ every single choice, struggle, achievement and failure__ has only been about
Preparing for Ascension!

* "Pioneering Transdimensional Sciences". Dr.Steven Greer and Dr. Jan Bravo on Referring to the Hadron Collider and the sub-atomic particle that moved faster than
light: "
Anything going faster than beyond the speed of light is Inter-Dimensional traveling."  If we have flying dreams,
in which we fly over landscapes or through outer space, we are preforming Inter-Dimensionally in our Light Bodies.
"ANDROMEDA COUNCIL: The facts about life as a 4th Dimensional Human" 1 1/2 hours.                             

VIDEO: "Earth Changes, Ascension, Arcturians and the Multi-dimensional Being." at                    A look at present day shifts on our planet and within us about
Ascension, the Arcturian  Race, Channelling, 11-11-11, Portals, Mayan Calendar, Human Evolution, Transformation
and more."  50 min.  A MUST WATCH.

"CREATING THE NEW EARTH", Part I".  Susan Carroll tells us what the 5th Dimensional New Earth living
may be like.

* "MANIFESTING IN A NEW WORLD." Aluna Joy Yaxk'in.  A short history of our consciousness evolution
and what we are creating while in this profound preparation mode.

We have again lost issues of the Newsletter due to Yahoo Website technical glitches. It will be several days,
perhaps a week, before we can restore them.It seems that someone or something doesn't want this to get out to the
public. So sorry,  Marilyn

                                                              October 28th, 2011

This is the
LAST DAY of the 5000+ year-long Mayan Calendar. We start this issue on October 22nd, with no idea
of what this final date will bring, if anything. Dr. Carl Callemen chose this date as the end of the
calendar, although other respected authorities believe it is
December 21, 2012.                                                         

* "Girls given equal rights to ascend British throne." USAToday                                
* "Ex-Goldman board member indicted on insider case."
* "EU Considers Import Ban on Tar Sands Oil."
* Dr. Robin Falkov: "Over 2300 'Occupied' Cities around the world now."
The Concern is that imposters will infiltrate the groups and create violence, blaming the protesters.
* US Troops in Iraq coming home; Afghanistan War running down.
*  More and more saying "NO" to Nuclear Power.
* "10 Ways to Support the Occupy Movement."
*  "Seven Billionth Baby Born."  USAToday
*  "Yemen Women Burn Their Veils."   USAToday
* "Montana Looks North for Health Care that Works."
* "Replacing $1 bill with coin could save 5.6 billion."   USAToday
* "EDITORIAL: A Flat Tax is not the same as a Simple Tax.  USAToday

MORE ON ELENIN: Another team of astronomers spotted the "cloud" around supposedly broken-up Comet
Elenin. "The cloud was extremely faint and diffuse." said Guido. "We wondered if it might be scattered moonlight or
some other transient artifact."  (
Richard Hoagland and The Guides said Elenin had cloaked itself with a
tetrahedron-shaped energy shield.) But when the team looked again on Oct. 23, the cloud was still there. A two-night
blink animation shows that the cloud is moving just as the original comet would have. Note: Some readers have
noticed a fast-moving streak to the lower right of the debris cloud. That is believed to be an "unrelated" asteroid,
2000 OJ8 (Magnitude 14), which happened to be in the field of view at the same time as the cloud of Elenin.
More information about this and continued tracking of the "comet corpse" may be found at "Astronomy Blog"
* "
Dwarf Planet Eis is 'Almost Pefect' Pluto Twin."

* "AWAKEN NOW."  Susan Caroll. html The
"Living in Two Worlds"; "Changing Primary Consciousness"; "Opening a Portal"; "Closing the Gap." to
aid in merging 3-D with 5-D. "It used to be that the third dimension was in your present and the fifth dimension was
in your future. Now, more and more, you are experiencing the reality that you have known as the third dimension as
your 'past' while the reality that you experience as the fifth dimension is moving into your 'present'. There is no
'future', for when your consciousness moves into 5-D, there is only NOW.
"Furthermore, your energy is pulling away from the mundane actions of the physical world, and you only feel
energetic when you engage in an action with people or places that resonate to your 5-D consciousness.
Nonetheless, this 'coming attraction' that you feel just beyond your reach still alludes you. What is actually happening,
is that whatever you are feeling, wanting, predicting is integrating into your daily life. In fact, it is integrating into the
lives of all who can accept this frequency of light."...
The Meditation Video at the end is great.  13 min.

*Calleman. "
3 possible alternatives that may follow after the universe has attained its highest state,:
1. Perhaps another 9 Waves/Underworlds__ at a more advanced level__ would continue on with more of
the 13 "Days" and "Nights" periods, as well as the sacred Tzolk'in 260 day Wavespells for each day's
Life would most likely NOT be an eternal NOW... "Rather, all of the 9 waves that are currently driving our
evolution would continue after achiiving Unity Consciousness, etc.__ but really without end.

2. The 9 Waves do end, having accomplished their intended purposes, but the sacred Tzolk'in matrix still
requires that we attend to the urges and requirements of its 20 Solar Glyph Days and 13 Number Days of
its Wavespells
. In this case, we would live moment by moment without a need to raise our consciousness
according to the universe's driving evolution, but the Tzolk'in matrix would require some sense of daily variation in
choices correlating with the Wavespell Glyphs & Number Days__ so we may have a loose sense of time passing,
although the ideas of "past" and "future" may be meaningless; i.e.., we know we are living another day, but the
choices we make in each moment of that hour, minute or day may be insignificant to any past or future timeframes.

3. All 9 Waves of Underworlds over their 16+ billion years, as well as the sacred Tzolk'in daily matrix
come to an end
. We find that we are no longer influenced in any way by Energy Waves projected to us, and we are
also Free from any regulations of our personal lives by the Tzolk'in Glyphs and Number Days.  We would then live
our lives fully free to choose what we desire and see it instantly manifest, instead of being urged to follow an
energetic program of consciousness evolution. We would... "live fully moment by moment by moment and each
moment would be an eternity that would not be linked to other moments."

ML: I'm perceiving this, possibly, as each individual experiencing his/her own personally chosen momentary
experiences that no longer hold any karma (rebalancing) or dharma (life paths) for him or her, as their Untiy
Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Constant Connections with Gaia and Spirit would ensure that the choices
were always automatically for the highest good of all concerned.   
4. OR, all three of these alternatives occur in succession until we have moved from 3rd through 4th to 5th
. I've noticed changes occurring in my personal life of late and listed them below. So, dear readers, I'm
leaving it up to you to decide which of the 4 alternatives &/or which dimensions are manifesting:

* I've found myself living each day as a separate "mini-lifetime" with little or no recollectioin of "yesterdays' activities,
thoughts or choices, and no thought at all of "tomorrow's" needs or plans__ and I don't care. I've learned not to make
plans__ life is moving so fast these days, and there are always unexpected events changing those plans. I just have
to FEEL my way through each moment, and make choices KNOWING that ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE.    

I can see places and times where I could be more loving or patient, yet at times I'm absolutely overwhelmed with
unconditional love for Earth, family, friends, birds and animals, the community, state, Spirit and all of humanity. My
outer life days are more like the dreamtime, and my Inner Life is now the primary consciousness.

Sleep habits are changing dramatically: First, I'm not always sure if I'm asleep and dreaming, or awake and
thinking__ inner guidance arrives in both waking and sleep states. For instance, after going to bed, I find myself
considering some personal or global issue for what seems like 20 or 30 minutes, and begin to wonder iwhen I'll fall
asleep. Then I turn over in bed, glance at the clock, and 2-3 hours have passed since I retired. So__ have I been
awake or dreaming about those issues all that time?  And "Time:?__ what the heck is that?

Second: I have many short nights. Either I stay up late listening to Coast to Coast AM, or I "can't sleep" and get up to
listen, or I wake very early in the morning and can't go back to sleep. Then, I take frequent naps in the afternoon.
Yesterday, I slept an hour on the sofa after lunch, then 2 more hours in the early evening while a World Series game
blasted out of the TV. I seem to be shifting to a pattern of 2-4 hours of sleeping several times a day, and 15-18 hours
of waking a day. One day and night I was awake for over 24 hours straight. Or am I really "sleeping" or not, as per
my confusion over all this?

I used to occasionally catch a glimpse of a shadow figure passing an open doorway with my peripheral vision. Now
I'm seeing figures of "light" passing by.

All our pasts are racing to catch up with our present. Past lives, significant dreams, long-unanswered questions
being clarified and enlightened. Everything is tying in with everything else, even if its from 200,000 years ago. As we
become more unified locally (groups organizing to aid each other in troubled times) and globally (world-wide
protests, countries banding together to overcome economic, political and religious ignorance)__ the Guides once
forecast that Comet Elenin is "
The Voice of Unity"__  telepathy and precognition are now blossoming between
family and friends; wierd objects appearing in our bedrooms in the middle of the night; and vivid, strange and
repetitive puzzling dreams impacting our senses. At times I'm half dizzy as if I'm floating in outer space without a
gyroscope. The sun and moon seem to "come up" and "go down' in different places on the horizon; yet, other days
appear they quite normal. Are the dimensional veils growing thinner? A SHIFT is certainly occurring, not only with
Earth, but also with both consciousness and relationships.

As for our personal and group needs__ they automatically arrive according to our sense of Universal Abundance.
I've always had an interest in finding out "how the world works"__ and after stumbling upon the fact that there is a
universal plan for how the world is "supposed" to work__ it seemed that we humans were not wholly following that
divine matrix. The rest of my life has been an attempt to find out just HOW to live by that divine plan. And when I do__
life is beautiful. Recently, "things" seem to show up that I've thought would be nice to have, but never actually "asked
for". For example: last month's bank statement showed a surplus of over $200. The bank has made mistakes in the
past (myself as well), but I wrote only 4 checks that month. Surpluses had occurred before with smaller amounts, and
the bank usually "discovered" and corrected it on the next statement. (There have been so many layoffs everywhere,
that remaining employees have to wear 3 or 4 hats; it's no wonder mistakes are made.) Well, the next statement
arrived__ now it's $455 too much. Go figure.

Last night was another "little sleep" night__ incoming Solar Flares and CMEs charge me up, especially during this
last week of October__ so I got up to listen to some music on Windows Media Player, deciding I'd like "something I
haven't heard for awhile." Checking my Albums list, I came across, "
The Best of Terri Clark". Now WHERE did
THAT come from? I'm the only one who uses WMP on this computer. Besides, the label says, "Country Music" and
I'm not much of a fan of that. So I check it out__ It's 40 songs and instrumentals I never listen to on some of my
albums__ I made Playlists holding only my favorites. So I listened to some, and really enjoyed it.

As I prepared this newsletter the following morning, I didn't recall Miss Clark's first name, and checked it out on
WMP. Well__ NOW there was something different on that album: "
Better Things to Do", and when I played it, a male
voice began with, "
We are pleased to announce that 'Lutterin' Airlines is now operating in Minneeesodaa and
Weesconsin, etc.
"  I grew up in Minnesota and howled with laughter at the delightful Swedish accent. Now how did
THAT get there? Oh, life can be soooo interesting these days; I'm always eager to see what happens next. LOL.
More and more, the ability to change every situation in a few moments is escalating__ telepathy, precognition,
connection with Gaia, All Life Everywhere and with The Creator as a Constant Presence Within.

The newsletter almost writes itself, as I simply add new thoughts, intuitions and information that come to me moment
by moment, day by day; and soon after, confirmation arrives from outside sources that are experiencing the same

I ask
The Guides for some sort of tentative "theme" for each issue. After 7 or 8 days, I look over my notes, choose
what seems appropriate, and arrange the info in some sort of order. The first suggestion for this issue was,

Bit by bit came the realization that in some way or other, this current life situation may already be "4th or 5th
dimensional living." Is our consciousness changing to the point where we have the ability to SEE with our Inner Eyes,
how every moment, every situation, every action or non-action is already "The Golden Age" we've been striving for
over the millennia? Is "Higher Consciousness" really the ability to appreciate and be grateful for what we have in
each moment of the NOW?       
                                       "HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS?"   

Disappointingly, however, our physical bodies have not seemed to catch up with our consciousness growth. Oh, the
pains have lessened and I've noted small, thin patches of skin peeling off here and there, but that's about it; the
"pregnant" bellies are still with us__ we're still trying to "birth" something from within ourselves. Perhaps the physical
transformations will evolve between now and 11:11:11 or up to 12:21:12. There will, no doubt, still be plenty of other
things to learn in preparation for eventual ascensions into still higher dimensional existences.

"THE GRID OF THE GODS". Joseph Farrell was the guest on . Commenting on his
latest in a series of books, Farrell considered the possibility that there is an
alchemical cosmology in the grid of
very ancient, megalithic stone monuments that form a network around the planet.
Is it possible that an
ancient hidden elite laid out an entire global construction grid, and then built it over millennia? Also consider if the
"elite" behind this alchemical agenda disguised an advanced science and concealed a higly sophisticated physics
within religious myths and fake scientific dogma.

The dimensions, sides, heights, even corners__ as they relate to other corners, mid-points, etc. of pyramids,
Stonehenge and other world megalithic sites... are a form of hyper-dimensional geometry (6-D); i.e., they cause
energies to move to &/or affect dimensions other than 3-D, and, with either the power of Love or of Fear, engineer
space and time. (See scalar waves... Oct. 19-20 Newsletter.) Finally, it may be that when the hydrogen bombs were
tested (and are still being tested around the world), they might have tapped into the unkown sources of energy from
that grid... with runaway results!              
The first hour of this mind-blowing program is free; the second open to paid subscribers, in which Farrell talks about
the cosmic war and conflicting time scales in our current chronological data. They discuss the two factions of the
surviving elites of the cosmic war and their aftermath on Earth. One of these dark groups required bloody sacrifices
at high points. Farrell tells us this idea was programmed into us through religious and political myths. These elite are
believed to have tampered with our genetics &/or socially engineered us into a specific agenda. They announced
that since they__"The Gods"__ gave us life and domestic technologies, we earthlings "owe" them something.
Hence, the continuous blood-letting, the sacrifices, including the distortion of  Jesus' Teachings of Mastery, into the
idea that "God's Only Son" was sent to Earth to be "sacrificed for 'our' sins."__ putting us even further into debt to
them. (What else is new?)

Then he described modern cities, which are laid out according to the knowledge of this grid, including what is
behind Masonic architecture, as in Washington D.C., Paris, France, and Rome. Farrell points out the striking
similarities between various megalithic sites,  even including Angkor Wat, Cambodia. His latest book explores the
idea that these sites were laid out as a key to our immortality, and discusses the physics behind them and the
knowledge of this tehcnology written in the Vedas. He says we are catching up to the level of technology that was
once new, and shared his opinion about the elites releasing any information soon.

* Last night I asked
the Guides just HOW can we possibly solve our huge economic, environmental and other
. It seems that no one has so far come forth with an understandable, reasonable and fair plan. This
morning, they sent information seemingly related to Joseph Farrell's program

"Not so long ago, an online EXPOLITICS.COM program told of extraterrestrials expressing their amazement at
how we earthlings become so enthusiastic, excited and emotional at ballgames, rock concerts and celebrations.
Evidently, other-world denizens do not do this.

From our Intentional Energetic Healing and Manifesting, we learned that THE GREATEST POWER WE EARTH
UNIVERSE. When we create lovingly in accord with the Universal Plan, things manifest according to that divine
plan; and the more people that are Lovingly intending together to create a particular situation, the stronger and
faster that manifestation occurs.

However, the "dark elite" long ago realized that if they can CREATE FEAR/ANGER/HATRED__ i..e, negative
emotion__ in ANY group of people, they can OVERRIDE THE DIVINE PLAN and CREATE THIER OWN
SELFISH AGENDAS. And they know, too, that the greater the number of people holding the negative emotions,
the faster and stronger their dark agendas manifest on Earth. This has gone on for___ how many millennia?

Mankind was and is sttill seen as some sort of threat to the "Gods, ETs, dark brotherhoods". That threat is our
Earthling ability to evoke extremely intense emotions, and if millions of us ever find out about our true
humongous emotional powers, and use it as UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, those "dark gods" could no longer exist
on Earth.

Every time we say or do something to hurt another being__ or Earth__ we give power to the Fear-mongers, and
this empowers them and perpetuates the horrendous negative behaviors on the planet. Every time we do
something to share, enrich, empower or benefit some other being__ including Earth__ we change time and
space__ we change the planetary alchemical grids to matrices of peace and abundance for all.

Years ago, I was told my future on Earth was: "THOU SHALT BECOME AS ONE!" Evidently, this is the only way
to overcome our overwhelming challenges. "IT HAS TO COME FROM THE GRASSROOTS"
, said the Guides.
Hence, the emphasis on both personal and group Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness to create The
Golden Age.
The Guides gave me a second theme as I began this newsletter:    "SO THIS IS HEAVEN!"