October 10, 2012
                                                                    "PRE-CONDITIONAL ACTION"

The messages from Higher Selves never come to me as a "channeling"__ as when another entity takes over your mind
and body and controls you. Information and guidance come as a conversation in which answers and suggestions
respond to my questions. I am never led to believe that I have to follow this advice, or that something ugly will happen if I
don't. They are always sent with love and kindness, and I am always fully aware of what is going on. The following
information was received over
20 years ago, and is offered here now because it seems so relevant to what is going on
as we approach the
12-21-12 date for the Final Shift:

FROM THE JOURNALS: 1991: "Our study group__ using Edgar Cayce's "Search For God" lessons and experiments in
consciousness__ seemed to have moved beyond the written or printed words we'd been following. We liked the topics,
the issues brought up to be studied and experimented with, but the suggestions in the book began to puzzle us because

The five page channeled message which follows, although written over
20 years earlier__ (and I could not recall rec-
eiving or writing it!)__ was truly relevant to what is occurring now and up to the Final Shift,
December, 2012!:

Palm Sunday, 3-24-91:  DIRECT KNOWING: "Meditation at New and Full Moons is imperative to remain attuned
during these transitional times. This will be a period when many are attracted to group vibrations. There will also be
tremendous changes in individuals during the decade of the
1990's, which is a time of Catharsis, an emptying of
doubt, fear, guilt and judgement, and a time of Healing and Purification in preparation for the coming Earth Ascension
2011 A.D.. This period includes the Laying of Foundations of what is to be manifested. We have until January,
to blueprint these foundations, to find our "place" and our "people" with whom we shall experience the ascension

The years from 2000 to 2011 A.D. will be vastly different from anything ever experienced by those now living on earth
before, for 'history', as presently known, will gradually disappear. With the coming greater socialization of behavior,
people are being encouraged to belong to the collective of their choice, one which supports their unique individuality
instead of dissolving it, as has been the case in much of past 'history'. Globally, there is developing the assertion of
multiple group identities interacting as Group Minds to decentralize past historical tendencies of religious-state type
governments, dictatorships, monarchies and fascist fanaticism. A greater self-detachment is necessary to fulfill
humanity's new evolutionary imperatives."

"Knowing that one's Higher Self is always available to the lower self, we soon recognize the need to activate
Unconditional Love within the heart in order to contact Universal Mind &/or Universal Will/Purpose/Plan. Once
tele-communication (telepathic downloads) have been received from the Universal Plan, and are personally
acknowledged or acted upon, verification comes through Synchronicity events, comfirming that we have indeed
attuned to the Greater Reality Plan

It is no longer necessary to find 'Reasons For', or to 'Analyze' these incoming communications once we have learned
to trust them enough to Act on then willingly. Under such Trust... i.e., acting upon the Universal Plan information
without analyzing it or needing 'answers' as to the Purpose or Motivations behind instructions__ or their future
results__ a Light Being finds himself acting 'Pre-conditionally'; i.e., he has already accomplished the future task, or
has met a future need or request before the need arose or the request was made. This is how the Cosmic Dance
works.... in 'Now-Time', when past, present and future are experienced simultaneously."

"Analysis is useful when and where the received Universal Plan Concept has been brought to your awareness, and
you then need to step down that concept by putting it into words, thoughts or actions which can be, and need to be,
understood by the concrete mind of self or others, and to pass it on in a verbally understandable manner.
When we are perfectly 'tuned in' to Source, we will be thinking, acting and living 'From the Future'.This is what
'precognition' really is. Recognize the difference between "Living From the Future' and what society calls
'fortune-telling' or 'forecasting'."                   

"This 'PRE-CONDITIONAL' action denotes the kind of Service that may be performed during this Earth/Humanity
Transitional period. This type of service is in preparation for Non-Incarnated States of Being__ we do not need to be
incarnated in a physical body to serve in this manner."

"The recent phenomena of '
Doing the Study Group Experiments Before they have been Assigned', (or even read) is
an example of this type of 'Pre-Conditional' action. whenever we have
'Transcended Time'__ there is no longer 'past',
'present' or 'future'__ it is as if we earlier received the tele-communication input and have experienced the assignment
in a Conceptual, Inner State of Being, prior to the meetings; and when the new lesson experiment is suggested, we
realize we have already 'Done It' on a non-verbal level, and have only to bring it down into words through our analyt-
ical, logical, concrete mental faculties"... our left brains... "and relate our personal version of the experiment to the rest
of the group. Some of us will find we have already verbalized the new idea to other persons, or have put it in writing
before attending the meeting. Each person interprets the incoming tele-communication in an individualized manner.
This promotes better understanding of the Concept communicated.

One of the reasons it works like this is that the lesson-experiments are done FOR THE GROUP as well as for SELF,
and therefore, the Group Mind__ working from a higher dimensional level__ DOES THE EXPERIMENT for all the
members of the group. When working through the Group Mind, the more we, as individuals as well as a group,
continually Clear, Forgive and Let Go of our Pasts... our 'history'... the Greater our ability to Work From the Future__ to
Create the 'NOW' From the Future.

"As individuals we may find a need to either do more Writing now, or to Find Friends we can trust and confide in, to
whom we can safely release our doubts, fears, confusions and judgments, and against whom we can 'play off' our
ideas, intuitions and synchronicity event verifications. Whether we choose the Talking or the Writing method, we need
to take care that the talking or writing does not take the place of Acting On the new ideas and projects. ACTING upon
the incoming concepts is in itself an act of FAITH and TRUST in what we are privileged to receive, and fuels the
Process so that more Input arrives."

"Those already familiar with this process will find this year (
1991) and in the following 20 years, a great increase in the
tele-communication receptions. So much will be coming in__ so many opportunities will be presented__ that one
must choose wisely, for we cannot do all, or be all, to everyone in our contacts. We may need to make adjustments in
our relationships at that time. Let them go with love, with forgiveness and understanding in our heart, being grateful for
their sharing presence in the past. New relationships will occur spontaneously. We will recognize our fellow
Lightworkers instantly__ as long-lost friends from earlier times and places once again make contact

"Individually, as soon as possible, CLARIFY YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM, YOUR PURPOSE HERE ON EARTH, and
ORGANIZE YOUR PLANS IN A BROAD FORM. Once clear on these, as you begin to bring them to mind regularly,
the details within the broader plan can be allowed to 'flow freely' out of the daily contacts__ whether vertical or
horizontal. If one's 'Vision', one's Ideal for the group's or the world's future is correct, the 'successful' outcome is so
amazing, so sure, that it may prove to be more difficult to handle than the 'failure-lessons' of the past. Most of you
reading here have had some previous experiences of having to handle this type of 'success syndrome'. Recognize it
now as having been a preparation for the present transitional period."

"This will also be a HARVEST PERIOD. By
1993, your 'vision', if in alignment with the Greater Reality Plan, will be
manifesting beautifully and smoothly upon Earth. Synchronicity events will be occurring regularly. If not, you may
need to make the necessary adjustments by
December of 1993. The 'Harvest will occur in several ways:  

1.) "We'll be 'harvesting' the Souls who are Awakening and aiding them to prepare themselves for the Earth-Humanity
Ascension between
1992 and 2011... 20 years until Saturn and Jupiter again oppose each other on the zodiac wheel.
Some of you may feel a need to learn the rudiments of astrology in order to stay On Time as the vibrational resonance
of our planet moves past the speed of light. Our planet's vibration reached the threshold of the speed of light in
February of this year. (1991) You probably noted some adjustments in the body, mind and emotions during this
period. Not all of them were pleasant, depending upon just how clear and open you were able to keep your lower self."

2.) "Everything you have learned in this and/or past incarnations will be called into practice on the physical plane of
Earth in order to prepare Humanity for ascension to higher dimensional consciousness. Some of you may learn
Meditation or Dreamwork and similar methods to keep yourselves attuned vertically. Others may feel a need for Past
Life Explorations in order to Re-access the Necessary Skills & Knowledges for this present transitional period."
"We are here together today because we have a part to play__ a vital function__ necessary to assist Mankind and
Gaia through this wonderful opportunity. We may not have been clear on this before coming__ or even know why we
came here__ but we will KNOW our Next Step without any doubt by the time we leave here. We chose to incarnate at
this time in Earth's 'history', and therefore we have brought our personal energies with us for loving service."

"INITIATION opportunities for humanity and for individuals will become increasingly frequent, for the Initiation Process
activates geometrically, rather than arithmetically in the 3-D Earth Space-Time Continuum. Once the 3rd Cosmic
Initiation (the 5th initiation for earthlings) is achieved, opening the door of the 4th Dimension through Time, Space and
Gravity, and we enter into 5th and higher dimensions, the Process stops being geometrically progressive and
Nuclear... a sort of Super-Nova Explosion of Consciousness occurs and the process moves 'Beyond'__ or
Outside of Time'. This enables light beings to work from the future, or All-Time, into the present or Now-Time, and with
All Dimensions of the known universes."

"In our present universe, we can experience in 6 dimensions__ the 7th dimension being Consciousness itself, which
is an independent variable not limited to space, time or gravity, (which are 4-D constraints.) The 4th Dimension is a
PORTAL... a Doorway... to the higher dimensions. Once we have moved through that doorway and can dwell at will in
the 5th or higher dimensions, WE OURSELVES BECOME THAT DOORWAY, aiding those humans still sleeping to
move through the doorway, too."

"Lessons of Self-Defeat will be uppermost, including the issue of sexual anomalies. Parental Disfunctioning in early
childhood will be found to be behind many of these anomalies. Parental disfunctioning __'the sins of the
father-mother'__ repeated in families for hundreds, or even thousands of years, has been brought to a head by
present generational changes in gender roles and role-models. This lies behind humanity's and Earth's present
FALSE DEVELOPMENTAL MODELS (Ex: "how to be a success in life"). If we can clarify, purify and then release our
own sexual &/or gender relationship issues during the rest of this year, we will hold the KEY to healing humanity's false
perception that 'Violence is Necessary for Survival'.

"The 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST' still holds true on Earth today, but over the next 2
0 years"__to 2011__ "the
'Fittest' will not be those who have achieved strength physically, financially, politically, or intellectually, but those
having developed direct lines of communication with SOURCE, with EARTH & HER LIFEFORMS, and with
AWAKENED FELLOW SOULS with whom we achieve Telempathic Mind Links.

"Many will come forth now with FALSE CREDENTIALS. It will be necessary to use the Intuitive-Higher Self skills to
thrive in this period. Those who are not uplifting consciousness in attunement with the Ascension Program, will find
themselves caught up in ROTATIONAL CRISES OF SECURITY ISSUES, eventually promoting physical debilitation."
"The process of Self-Activated Consciousness Evolution actually creates a NUCLEO-GENESIS (1) __ ("the creation
of chemical elements"__
Answers.com; "The Big Bang"__ Wickipedia)__ "for the birth of even higher levels of
inelligence. These "INTELLIGENCE BOOSTS" are the basis of an Accelerated Learning Program. Instead of
teaching children to memorize data gleaned from what others have chosen to state about 'history' or 'science', children
will be taught how to Solve Problems individually and/or in small groups, thus activating the Accelerated Learning
POSSIBILITIES through Direct Knowing of 'GREATER SELF'."

"By 1
999-2000 A.D., these Direct Lines of Communication need to be fully developed, for the Synchronicity factors
plus Crystal Technologies will replace verificaton for Positive Attunement. Current physical plane communications__
travel, phone, mail, TV, radio, internet, Fax, etc.__ will be in a chaotic state due to INFORMATION WARS which begin
during the GULF WAR CRISES in
1990-92, and will no longer be available or fully trustworthy as sources of
information or verification. One will need to go on Pure Intuition and Telepathic Rapport, Psychometry, Inner
Group-Mind Consciousness Attunement from a Distance, (Remote Viewing) and/or Direct Contact with Gaia and
Higher Intelligence. Evidence of this will become public between

"It is necessary to keep in mind the fact that for every major consciousness breakthrough, an individual (or humanity
in mass) achieves, a NEW FORM must be built. The physical body will change slightly. Body Workers__ holistic
healers, crystals, vibrational remedies, etc.__ can aid greatly here. Our DNA and Genetic Factors are changing
drastically, bringing some strange and difficult or impossible-to-diagnose symptoms. These include Sensory
Disturbances: Hearing, or visual distortions, and touch, smell and taste alterations. Nosebleeds, pressures in various
parts of the head, neck, hands & feet; tingling or 'electric shock' sensations. Skin peeling off in various parts of the
body. Much sinus &/or bladder upsets. Feelings of pressure or sounds in the ears, as when at high altitudes."

"These may be accompanied by periods of extreme fatigue, mental disorientation and a need for much more sleep
than normally, alternating with periods of super-energy, when little or no sleep is needed and the mind races along at
break-neck speed. The emotions will also fluctuate in such manner, alternating between over-emotionalism __anger,
crying, sadness or vague fears__ and almost non-emotional periods when we don't seem to 'care' about anything.
During these 'non-emotional' periods, we will be working inwardly on mental issues, and may find short-term memory
losses, disorientation, inability to concentrate, and 'spacing out' quite common. How many of us are 'seeing' mental
pictographs, hieroglyphics, flashing intense colors or lights__ colors that are not a part of our 'rainbow' spectrum of
light__ or 'hearing', strange languages or sounds? These are early-stage methods by which the higher intelligences
train our minds to receive tele-communication inputs."

"If any any of these symptoms are continual, or interfering with your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, seek help
from the practitioner of your choice. You could simply have an ordinary illness in the making.

"For the rest of us, Meditation, Dreamwork, and/or Self-Healing methods will be almost vital to maintain our ability to
function as our Higher Selves__ to do what we have come here to do during these changing times__ while our bodies
are changing so rapidly. By now, you all know how to maintain good health__ it has all been given in recent years.

"Some people will experience occasional episodes of a sense of 'dying' and/or 'near death' events. This is part of their
preparation for the Ascension. They sense that the no-longer-necessary things of the old 3-D world and energy are
leaving__ i.e., 'dying'__ and strongly relate to that sensation. However, these people can help others deal with the
negative emotionalism of cutting loose from a fading culture which is no longer supportive of a higher dimensional
existence. To some, this will indeed feel like 'dying', but it is not to be feared, and human or other beings will be there
to help and to lovingly guide."Our bodies or faces may outwardly appear
10-20 years 'older' at times, and then at other
10-20 years 'younger'. This will level off after 2011 to an appearance best described as 'a look of indetermin-
able age.'

"Whenever we make a major change in Consciousness, we need to create a NEW FORM through which to Express
that Consciousness. As the physical and subtle bodies change, we will more rapidly build & discard forms or vehicles
through which to serve &/or express These forms can be anything from physical bodies, relationships, groups,
organizations, new communities, careers, to creative activities including music, sculpture & painting, astrology, dance,
sports, writing, remote viewing, healing, channeling, gardening, homemaking, crafts, ecology, inventions, etc...

"It is best to stop looking for ''ANSWERS'__ for 'WHYs' during this period. Learn to live with UNCERTAINTY as things
change and events occur ever more rapidly__ even with CHAOS as a way of life__ BECOME 'UNCERTAINTY'__

We are coming together now to help each other Synchronize Our Energies and develop our spiritual gifts; to get
ourselves Tuned In and On Schedue as we move, along with our entire solar system and galaxy, through this
ELECTROMAGNETIC NULL ZONE which promotes an Accelerated Learning Process__ speeding up our Evolution
of Consciousness__ our Higher Abilities.

"We're moving now towards less of the Left-brained, Sequential Logical, Concrete Mind of the past, and into more of
the Right-brained, Wholistic, Inter-dimensional, Telempathic Mind. We will still use both mind;, but first we will "Go
Upstairs' through our Right Brain for VERTICAL RECEPTION of Guidance & Wisdom, bring it down into the
Group-Mind, and then use the Left-Brain, Logical Mind to "TRANSLATE - INTERPRET and EXPRESS these higher
concepts through words or actions. This process is known as 'THE ELECTRIFICATION OF MATTER', or as 'THE
TRANSMUTATION OF MATTER' for it needs to be done with Unconditional Love in order for it to work!

"Be FLEXIBLE__ Learn how to ADAPT_ To CHANGE Quickly as the need arises. STABILITY will depend upon our
ability to rapidly change and adapt

During the years of
* 1981-90, PERSONAL FOUNDATIONS were established, and we learned how to release ourselves from the negative
'GARBAGE' of the past.
* "1
991-2000 will be a time of FORMING THE GROUPS with which we can Serve, FINDING THE GEOGRAPHICAL
LOCATIONS from which we will Serve, DESIGNING THE FORMS through which we will Serve, and CREATING
* "

Sept. 27, 2012: The Guides explain: "When people are told that the 'Big Bang' created the universe and all matter,
they ask, "Then who or what created the Big Bang?"  Well, It did not happen. There never has been a 'nothing' to
create from. There is no 'nothing'.  One cannot experience 'nothing' in any way, as it does not now exist, never did, and
never will. What occurred as 'The Word" being pronounced, was SELF/Consciousness/Infinite Intelligence__Direct
Knowing of GREATER SELF__ which has always existed, exists now, and always will.
* We're beginning to get conflicting reports from various news agencies. "Follow the money", and use Intuition to discern
the truth.

* "
Video: Water as Fuel (via ZPE)" http://peswiki.com/index.php/Video:Water_as_Fuel_(via_ZPE) 3:13 min.

* "
Gas prices drop for first week in nearly three months."  http://www.usatoday.com/ (9-24-12).
* "
Wells Fargo asks employees to give time as well as dollars." http://www.bizjournals.com/
* "WASHINGTON: Measure of US home prices rises by most in 6 years."  http://www.idahostateman.com/
* "WASHINGTON: 'Fiscal Cliff' fears put senators to work." http://www.idahostatesman.com/   "A bipartisan group of
leaders is trying to avert automatic tax increases and spending cuts."                              

Coast to Coast AM.com; 9-23-12: "Corporate Takeover & Geopolitics": An analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy,
Craig B. Hulet spoke about how corporate interests now dominate over governments, and the fallout we're seeing from
this around the world. He characterized the US as a surveillance state, and bemoaned the loss of personal liberties, yet
the public, suffering from the recession, has not made much of an outcry, he observed.

Regarding military conflicts, "America will go to war 'over and over again, for only one purpose, and that is the self-
interest of the wealthy, and most powerful corporations." he said...."Discussing the recent attack in Libya, he suggested
that it was well planned and was essentially unrelated to the controversial American film that has been protested there.
The Muslim people are objecting to the American corporate government's control in their region, he argued. A
Daniels Midland
and Monsanto, and a host of other US and western corporations, are buying up land in North Africa,
running the locals off, and planning enormous farms and use of infrastructure there, he reported. Further, he said that
military hardware that's being pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan is going to Italy (so that the US can be prepared to in-
vade North Africa via Libya) and Uzbekiston (to serve as a buffer between Russia and China, when the US takes over

* "
United States of America Corporation looting individual bank accounts to postpone bankruptcy."
10-1-12: (September 30th ended the US Fiscal Year.) "This desperate stalling maneuver comes as the members of the
old pentagram of power,
David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior, Queen Elizabeth, Evelyn deRothschild and the
Pope all argue amongst each other over what to do next."

We need a new economic system to replace the one now collapsing. One group involved in  collapsing the Soviet Union,
wants the trillions of dollars belonging to them, while another group believes it all belongs to the OITC. Then there are
those wishing to right historical financial injustices in the West, but various Asian groups who were cheated out of gold
and money for the past 1
00 years want restitution. The White Dragon Societies choose the "not-so-secret" OCS__
short for "Operation Santa Claus", which would involve... "Chinese, Russian, American and other militaries together with
industrialists and charities"... giving... "every child on earth a present and a healthy, delicious meal on
December 25th,

After the Romans symbolically return old stolen Menorahs to the Temple of Solomon... "a new temple could be built on the
site of the original one beside the Muslim mosque together with a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple, a Church and a
zone for alternative belief systems."...  The advantage of such a plan is that it would show how much more humans can
accomplish if we... "
sincerely agree to something than if we try to manipulate them with violent, divisive incidents
triggered by paid hoodlums. Peace and properity are goals we all share.
"  http://benjaminfulford.net

* "
Ancient Life could Return as Arctic Warms."  http://english.farsnewsagency/newstext.php?nn=9106241654  

* "
High court's roadless ruling closes book on an era that ended 20 years ago." http://www.idahostatesman.com/
"US Supreme Court rejected an appeal challenging the
2001 Clinton roadless rule that stopped logging and road
building on 58 million acres of national forests."... ("By lawsuits over water quality and endangered species.")... "Idaho's
separate roadless rule for managing the state's 9.3 million acres of roadless lands was upheld by
US District Judge B.
Lynn Winmill
and is up for appeal before the Circuit Court of Appeals. A hearing is scheduled in Portland, Nov. 9th."

Coast to Coast AM.com/ 9-27-12: Linda Moulton Howe was interviewed regarding GMO's. A new medical study
examined the long-term effects of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide and Roundup-resistant GMO corn and found that rats
exposed to even the smallest amounts of Roundup, developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as
early as 4 months in males and 7 months in females. She spoke with
Stacy Malkan, a GMO specialist who is working for
the passage of Proposition 37 in California, which would make it mandatory to label genetically engineered fish, crops
and foods, and to clearly separate them in supermarkets and grocery stores from foods not genetically engineered. More
at Linda's site:  

* "
Hospitals to be fined for readmitted patients."  USAToday.com/
* "Is medical science built on shaky foundations?"  www.newscience.com/

* "The Pentagon, now that its Rockefeller and Bush factions have split from the Rothschilds, are seriously
considering closing over 44 bases around Iran in order to speed up the collapse of the 'attack Iran' Talmudic faction and
put a definitive end to the constant 'attack Iran' yapping by Rothschild thugs like
Netanyaho." http://benjaminfulford.net

* "Big-Pharma Whistleblowers Sue State of Hawaii for Neglect of Duty to Protect Community Against a
CIA-Linked Attorney and Conspiracy to Steal Sacred Healing Property.
" (i.e., Oxysilver: Healthguard)

NEW YORK: "Overnight dimensia 'camp' allows caregivers rest." http://www.idahostatesman.com/
"Just after 10 PM when most people their age are just going to sleep, a group of elderly folks suffering from dimensia are
just getting started, dancing and shaking tambourines and maracas in a raucous version of 'La Bamba'."... "It's mean to
provide care and activity__ lots of activity__ to fill the wee hours for people with Alzheimers and similar diseases, who
live at home and can't sleep at night. And it's meant to provide their caregivers - usually a son or daughter - with a
treasured night's sleep."

"Doctors unsure of Big-Pharma following 11 Bn record fines." http://www.wddty.com "The pharmaceutical
industry is starting to lose the confidence of its delivery system__ the doctors__ after it was revealed it has paid out big
fines of 11 Bn for criminal wrongdoing in the last three years. Doctors are becoming skeptical about 'scientific trials' that
demonstrate the effectiveness of drugs because vital__ and sometimes inconvenient __data is left out, researchers have

Before performing an Intention, Clarify it and write it down in positive, specific terms, as if it has already
Holding Unconditional Love in your heart,
Become as One with the Courts, Judges and legal participants of Earth's
Justice Systems, and state aloud: "
I intend that the Legal and Justice Systems of Earth be honest, fair and
compassionate, operating in keeping with Universal Plans and Purposes and for the highest good of all
." (Visualize the positive outcome, Express Gratitude, give Thanks, and state aloud: "How does it get any
better than this?
                                                                             October 24, 2012
                                                              "THE NEW OPERATING SYSTEM"

Friday, 10-12-12: My MORNING MEDITATION on this day was: "Be sure to know you are the CONDUIT for the
incoming healing energies.

I later listened to the online program, "
Transcending Genetics: How to Master Our Human Abilities for 2012 and
." on "NEW WEALTH EXPERIENCE", as found on www.worldpuja.org. Jennifer Hough gave a very informative
talk, although I was somewhat puzzled by her statement that because the physics of the planet have changed, the new way
of living would require us to "DANCE DIRECTLY WITH CREATION".

Then, that same evening,
Denise LeFay's "TRANSITIONS" article, "The NEW Coming Online", arrived, relating how
Phase One of the Ascension Process was about all the difficult and dirty prep-work we struggled through as we transmu-
ted negativity in our minds, bodies and inner spirits, as well as overcoming the polarity, mind control, fears and emotional
turmoil surrounding us. Many of us Starseeds-Lightworkers-Indigos-Wayshowers have had to deal with the Dark Side in
not only
3-D earth, but in the... "2-D Elemental and 4-D Astral dimensions"... also.

It seems that
Phase One is now finished, and a New Evolutionary Cycle is about to begin for the ascended Earth-
Phase Two of the Ascension Process is now arriving as we Starseeds-Lightworkers-Wayshowers- etc

.... "
embody the new higher frequency blueprints first__ individually, Consciously Creating and Co-Creating as an
5D group to help anchor the higher fequency energies and energetic systems and blueprints within the
ascending Earth and timeline.
" ... Phase Two should be much faster and easier than Phase One__ IF we let go of any
first phase stuff that needs to be cast out. (Cheers!)

Denise then called attention to Inelia Benz's recent article, "Call to Action - Change of Human Collective Operating
"  Inelia says... "we now have the capacity, power and ability to change the Operating System (OS) of the Human
Collective, to the New Paradigm version.
"... "The OS is carried within human verbal language, and our DNA."... "Our
jobs and focus have been or are being modified due to this major transition from Phase One to Phase Two."... "In the
different dimensions of the new higher frequencies and much more complex blueprints"... "more complex energies are
being transmitted to Earth's electromagnetic field and new planetary grids; growing higher consciousness, more Light
and less density, etc."
... are arriving.

And Source, Gaia and the Planetary Council needs volunteers to become conduits (emphasis added) for the new OS
to enter our Human Collective

f you don't know what the new OS is, ask your higher self to show you first." ... "Sit IN SILENCE with the intention to
become a CONDUIT FOR SOURCE to upload the NEW PARADIGM OPERATING SYSTEM into human collective
language (your mother tongue and DNA) through time/space."
Inelia invites each of us to join with her every Saturday until the end of 2012. http://www.ascension101.com

* Saturday, 10-13-12: PERSONAL SEASON DAY. NEW VISION.
MEDITATION, I asked Higher Self for a definition regarding the New Operating System for the Human Collective and
was told that it was somewhat similar to telepathy, and that in the new OS, "
ALL is NOW__ Past, present and future are
All One/Now. A 'Now"'attitude can change both past and future.
"... and we would be... "bringing forth new Free Energy

I wasn't sure just how this was going to work, and had no time for further contemplation of it, as we spent that afternoon
with family and friends at a son's home, watching Boise Broncos football on his TV. I was able to SIT IN SILENCE during
part of the game, and asked to be a Conduit for the New Paradigm Operating System, and for Higher Self to further
inform me of exactly what this new OS was. I sensed the energy coming in, but with a room full of people and TV noise ,
the actual words did not manifest. Instead, I "filed" the content away in my heart, knowing it would manifest into words later
10 PM that evening, although I had not used the computer all day, H watched more TV football, so I checked e-mails.
Then I felt a need to open
Chapter 6: "Timing" (Geocosmic Research__ "astrology") of my free online book, "Creating
From the Future:  A Curriculum for the New Human Species to Create with Multi-dimensional Technologies.
http://www.futurerealities.info/Timing.html, as I had not finished an attempt to re-edit and refine it a few days earlier. (The
Dark Side repeatedly changes words and spellings__ even eliminates entire paragraphs at a time, or adds
gobble-de-gook sections, so it has to be gone over and corrected frequently. This is one of the ways they try to keep us
too distracted to continue our light work.)

I had decided
Jennifer Hough's "Dancing Directly With Creation" was a good clue, but needed more definition from
Higher Self. However, near the end of the "Timing" chapter, I came across information that seemed to be my "answer"...
and it fit perfectly with the last "
Living in a New Reality" Newsletter__ 10-10-12: "PRE-CONDITIONAL ACTION"__ in
which "
INFORMATION ARRIVES BEFORE THE QUESTION ARISES." It was similar to when some teachers from an
Idaho University visited our grandson's High School physics class and presented them with a difficult problem that had
taken the teaching group three weeks to solve. Our grandson had the correct answer in ten minutes, stating that, "
effect arrived before the cause.
" When asked how he'd solved this puzzle so quickly, he replied that he wasn't sure, but
thought it might be because of his musical training.

Well, I realized__it had happened AGAIN!__the "
Pre-Conditional Action."__the "answer" to the questions put to us by
Denise LeFay, Inelia Benz and Jennifer Hough__ "THE NEW PARADIGM OPERATING SYSTEM"__ had arr-
ived before their questions. It was near the end of the "
Timing" Chapter__ and how appropriate; as this phenomenon is
ALL about

"The Galactic Artist"
"The primary purpose of the Creative Intelligence Grid (Archives) is to allow humans to serve first as planetary, then
as galactic artists. We discovered how to contact, activate and manifest from higher intelligence realms through music,
sports, films, paintings, literature, inventions or other forms of innovation. We began to experience both 'magic' and
'miracles'. We once perceived magic as something that accidentally happened beyond the normal laws of physics, and
miracles as unusual phenomena triggered by Greater Spirit's divine intervention.

"At the
True Enlightenment Stage, lightworkers know that they themselves play a co-creative role with Creator's
Intelligent, Loving, Purposeful and Self-Organizing Force in producing both magic and miracles. As our personal
consciousness evolves, we find we really can create magic. 'Spiritual magic' or 'miracles', are terms for linking Creator's
galactic purposes with the physical plane__ creating new personalities, new social structures, new cultural realities for
Earth. Magic and miracles seem to defy the Laws of Nature. Galactic artists are co-creative individuals who have gained
the skills to lovingly negotiate in both the energetic-unmanifested and the material-manifested worlds, acting as Spirit's
agents, linking divine galactic blueprints with space and time on the planet.

"Conscious reception of encoded, higher thoughtforms occurs through regular meditation or dreamwork, listening to
Heart's voice__
Spirit Within__ consciously attuning with solar-lunar or planetary cycles to gain direct input of that
part of the galactic plan with which we are ready to understand and cooperate. Over the millennia, a grid of monuments
and temples was erected to receive, record and further broadcast stellar programs throughout the world, but NOW, Heart
lovingly transmutes the stars'
Language of Light into forms our physical senses can understand. When these messages
from Creator's energetic realms are willingly and lovingly acted upon, broadcasts become clearer, lengthier and more
frequent. Eventually, an Intuitive, a healer, spiritual teacher or other energy artist springs forth to serve, linking compas-
sionate Loving thoughts and actions with other individuals"... telepathy... " and creating beyond time and space."
"When we Become as One with the various dimensional lifeforms of Earth, we can go with Love to the very heart of a
human, animal, plant or mineral and sense if it has developed to the peak of its potential, or if there is unmanifested
potential still yearning for release. And when invited, we can, if we so wish, help to facilitate that release through the
Timing of astrological cycles.
Marilyn La Croix

"Artists who work with higher vibrations 'inspire matter to participate intelligently in its own development and
re-creation. In fact, when we merge galactic purposes with our own purposes, we find that matter will re-create itself with
results surpassing anything we might have imagined. The materials themselves inform the energy artist of the possibilities
inherent within them." (66)  

"But, if our culture remains glued to the goblins of its past, denies its Inter-Dimensional, Co-Creative powers or renounces
its capacity for Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness, it also destroys the spirit of its children and thereby negates
its profound future."
(66) Carey, Ken. "Starseed Transmissions". Harper-Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, N.Y. 10022.

I printed these paragraphs from the "Timing" chapter. This web-book was put online April, 2006, and of course, written at
2 years (2004) previously. Once again, a "Pre-Conditional Action" occurred, presenting us with information about
the way our minds would be working after the end of
2012. In fact, our minds have started to do so already, as the more
recent "answer" (Conduit, etc.) was aleady in the
2004 Timing Chapter, the 10/10/10 Newsletter, and in the 10/12/12

Taking a second look at "
Dancing Directly With Creation", Higher Self suggested we "Become as a little child again."
Do  you remember when you were a young child__ playing catch with a ball, playing paper dolls, tea parties, swingi-ng
& see-sawing, hop-scotching, jump-roping, trying out new crayons, or playing musical chairs? We didn't want to, or need
to, think about past actions or events, or worry about who or what might be coming in the near future, for we depended
upon Mama & Daddy, Gramma, Aunt Lil, or whatever loving grownups were there for us, and we didn't have to make
choices or plan anything ahead of time__ we just GENTLY RELAXED INTO WHATEVER SHOWED UP IN EACH
MOMENT__ with no judgment, no re-consideration, no reservation.

A New Wave of Energy is coming in like none ever seen on Earth before. GO WITH IT! RELAX GENTLY INTO IT! There is
a need to be completely independent now, except for the guidance and information coming from Higher Self/Source, for
the support we used to have from other people, groups, systems or institutions may be fading, taken away or confused  in
the months ahead. Let go of any "addictions" to negative TV or computer programs, unhealthy foods, clutter, competitive
sports, low-frequency music or people, or 'shop-a-holism"__ What ever makes you feel "down". STAY ATTUNED TO

It takes a lot of courage not to ponder and stew over what "
might be creeping up on us from over the horizon"__ when
the mail, the mainstream news, or a phone call brings another dreaded old challenge into our lives. Actually, if we regularly
stay attuned to Higher Self/Source
, we may find the "answer" or information has already arrived; and if not, we can just-
relax, lovingly envision the positive outcome we'd like to experience__ perhaps meditate or do dreamwork on the issue__
and it automatically works itself out in its own good time. It's as if Time has somehow "reversed" the way  it worked__
whatever we need, or need to know__ has already been presented.  "
The Effect has arrived before the Cause".

PORTAL DAYS. OCTOBER 20th thru 29th. We are in the last series of 10 Portal Days for this Mayan Tzolk'in Sacred
Calendar. These are days when energy and information return to the Cosmos. It's a space or time when we reach out for
new information and frequencies. We know we are receiving information, but find it difficult to realize it in a manifest
physical way. Describing what we receive is difficult, but we will be able to articulate the remembrances when we once
again return to the beginning half of theTolk'in cycle, about
120 days later.

There will be more individual portal days before
2012 ends. These are time-wave intersections that facilitate the
receptivity of cosmic knowledge. If  you work with any of the portal days, you can accelerate your awakening and
transformation by being consciously open to receiving cosmic knowledge on those days.

SOLAR FLARES are felt by sensitives as soon as they burst forth from the Sun. This will be hours before space
weather has time to post it. What solar flares do for us, is they raise our frequency and open ascension portals. This is
part of the divine plan as we line up at the finish-line to birth ourselves out of the dark rift"... "Soon the energy will slowly
begin to lighten up
" Aluna Joy Yaxk'in  

RESULTS FROM PREVIOUS GROUP INTENTIONS                                     
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* "
New Pantry to Help Hungry Students at BSU". "St. Paul's Catholic Student Center at Boise State University adds
on on-site food pantry__ '
The Horse's Bit'__ open twice a week to anyone who shows a BSU ID. People in need will be
able to pick up supplies to fix their own needs."... 'If we can do anything to make it easier for students to stay in school, we
will.' says
Theresa DeVino, campus ministry assistant."

* "Burger King, Wendy's suspend relationship with Idaho dairy where cows were abused."

* "
RFID & Microchip Cancer Report" http://www.antichips.com/ "Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D, Answers Frequently
Asked Question

* "
Transportation Opportunities: Automobiles, Aircraft, Railway, Space."                                                            

                                   GROUP INTENTION TO PERFORM BETWEEN OCTOBER 22ne & 31st.
Always link with Gaia, The Creative Force Field, and Source/Spirit and bring them into your High Heart before
you state the Intention.
Holding Unconditional Love in your heart, Become as One with the election officials, locations
and voters across the nation, and state loudly: "I
Intend that the next General Election for the President, Vice
President, Senators, Congressional Representatives, as well as for State, County/Province and Local offices
be fair, honest and honestly reported across the United States of America.
" (Visualize the positive outcome.
Express Gratitute, give Thanks, and state aloud: "
How does it get any better than this?"