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                                                                                    October 3, 2013

Although the days following the 9-22-13 Autumn Equinox eventually brutalized both body and soul, it came
in with a faint whisper.  I slept through most of the next two days.  Although I'd had two good nights of sleep,
I took three naps  during  daytimes, each  lasting from  20 minutes to  2 hours.  It was as if I  were  drugged;
I could  not  think or feel,  and I didn't  want to__  I just  wanted to sleep. It seemed  as if I  had gone "some-
where", but couldn't recall where that was or what had happened there.

By suppertime the second day,  I realized I'd completely  forgotten to take any blood pressure medication__
but my blood pressure read: 118/73.  I drank half a can of diet cola  (something I never do) to bring me back
to full  awareness and  eat supper.  After that__  breakthroughs in  consciousness  poured  through  in both
dreaming and waking__ synchronicities and precognitions included.  I asked Higher Self what was going on
__ did we ascend or not?  And a familiar Voice from the Past announced: "
Our Father who art Heaven,
              Thy Name is forever Hallowed.
              Thy Kingdom is come.
              Thy Will is done ON EARTH,
              As it is in Heaven.
              Thou hast given us this Day, our Daily Bread.
              Thou hast forgiven us our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors.
              Thou hast Led us out from Temptation,
              And hast Delivered us from Evil.
             Thy Power and Thy Glory reigne Forever and Ever." AMEN.

Very vivid  Dreams give us clues to what stage of the  ascension  process we have been, or are  presently
experiencing,  and how we might  deal with their revelations
. These dreams, these clues are still occurring
through 2013 and  possibly beyond. The dreams are  profound, specifically true, and  inform us as to what
we are creating from inside ourselves, and what outer world happenings may result from those creations.

For the past few years we have been  yo-yoing from
 3-D into the  higher 4-D and/or 5-D,  and because our
bodies were not yet  able to stand the  higher frequency  vibrations,  we had to move  upwards at a  slower,
more infrequent pace__ one ladder rung at a time.  Now that we are existing mostly in the higher vibrational
densities, we find that
3-D is causing us greater fatigue,  mental and emotional  confusion and  distress with
3-D  material  things  and  events.  Our  extreme  fatigue is  because  our  bodies,  our  
DNA is  more rapidly
changing.  This will  accelerate as we maintain  Oneness and  Unconditional  Love for  All  Life  Everywhere
and radiate it to the outer world.

ascension process occurs mostly on cosmic/quantum levels first, is then  broadcast to  humans'
inner consciousness levels where it is meant to be radiated to the outer world by the receiving human. When
we  experience  a  problem  in  our  outer   world  reality,   we  must  look  first  to  our  inner  levels __ our
consciousness__  to  perceive what is  going on  inside of us  that may  unconsciously be  radiating to the
outer world. And if we do not see a  relationship  between our  consciousness  and our outer world reality,
we can  consult our  Higher  Selves in  meditation,  dream-work,  I Ching,  Tarot Cards or  Astrolo-
gy or a pendulum
to see what is changing on the quantum-cosmic levels of the universe.  

When things in our home began breaking down, banks and  utility companies made  frequent mistakes and
many relatives and old friends passed over to the other side, I became quite concerned about our personal
security. Although I hadn't yet formally "asked" for an answer, a dream arrived next night:

Buildings" or "houses" in my dreams always  relate to  specific "Lifetimes" or "Timelines". My  dream was
about a complex of old, brick (made from earth)__ "school  buildings" that were to be used as  "
New Living
". I saw a  "New Brick Building" through a stand of "Trees" (connecting Earth & Sky), and was told
it was the
"Phone Center". I wondered how we could use phones over "so long a  distance" as "from Earth
to Sky
". Shortly after we settled in,  ear-piercing,  high-pitched sound "alerts"  began coming form the Phone
Center. It stopped; but we dreaded this might interrupt us during the nights.

All of us, young men and women in our 20's, headed for the "
Head Phone Office" (The "Controllers") to find
out  how to  stop the  high-pitched noises.  We  couldn't reach it.  When  we returned to our living  quarters,
inside the  
"Main  Entrance Door" was a row of  "lockers"  where we had put our  belongings. I couldn't  find
mine.  Neither  could  we find our  previous  apartments, as  everything  inside the  Building  was  now  Re-
arranged  somehow.
When I awoke next morning, I realized that I'd  been shown how the Old Reali-
ty was falling apart, and the New Reality was beginning to form.

We  have long  believed  that our  dreams, our  thoughts, our feelings and  intentions  originate from within
ourselves, but it is now  becoming quite clear that they are being  broadcast from extremely high frequency
levels, to be picked up by our  higher consciousness. Many of us are not yet attuned to these inputs; and if
we are, we may not listen or respond to those messages, not realizing "Who or What" is informing us.    

There  has  been much  improvement  in the  outer  world that  will  become  apparent  in the  days  ahead.
However, with the  
changes in 4-D and 5-D  Physical Laws. The Outer World Is  re-ordering  Itself and with
the way  things work now, it will be a  long, slow  process to  bring that about.  Since the  Autumn  Equinox,
September 22, 2013,  life on  Earth has  completely  changed. One  good  thing:  with the  dark  controllers
entirely  concerned  with their own  chaotic  problems, which will be far more  serious than  those of us, our
families and our groups, they will be unable to keep track of our needs or obligations, and unable to harass
us as before.

The first  portions of the personal missions of hundreds of thousands of starseeds, lightworkers &
wayshowers have been accomplished
. Earth Herself, with Her elementals, minerals, plants and animals,
has ascended. A goodly portion of humans__ far more than originally hoped for__ have done so as well.

We now know  something has  definitely  started to  change__ to grow, to  evolve  within ourselves.  We're
becoming  a  new  species.  Something  is  being  birthed  within  Earth as  well.  Science  has  discovered
Imaginal cells"__  in  caterpillars and  butterflies in  chrysalis;  and their other cells are soon  beginning to
mimic them.
These Imaginal cells appear once the entire system (caterpillar body) breaks down.  Extremes
of stress are necessary for the Old Reality Paradigm to beak down&d for the evolution of consci-
ousness, Light Bodies and Multi-D technologies to manifest within human beings

Expect Miracles!  Watch for Signals from Divine Powers confirming the possibility of that New World__ either
meditation, intuition, from Higher Self, dreams or from three or more  synchronicities.  We then know its mani-
festation is near!  We will have many unusual  experiences.  We may be sitting in a  semi-darkened bedroom
on the  edge of our bed  before retiring, and  simultaneously  view a  beloved  landscape from our past while
still seeing our bedroom.
This is  Multi-dimensional Viewing.   And when we find that we can walk through
that  landscape,  experiencing it as if we  were really  there__  we
really are there__  we are "Bilocating"__
in two places at once, and also Traveling Multi-dimensionally. The next thing we know, we're moving rocks,
trees, bushes, & clouds  around in that  landscape with our mind, as if trying out different versions of it. This
is Multi-dimensional  Creativity. It is all done through Portals__ Stargates__ re-opening across the planet, &
new ones that are now forming;  not only at sacred sites,  but even in our bedrooms, our hallways, our  back-
yards or a favorite vacation spot. We're  New Human Souls in a New World rising from a Sea of Multidimen-
Jesus was an ascended master & walked the Earth in a lightbody. As we become Christed, then
doubt not
that we too, can and will do the same.

During the  days  following  the  March  Equinox,  many of us  did  become  "Christed",  meaning  we  had a
merging with our Higher  Self in Unconditional Love and Oneness with All Life Everywhere, as did Jesus.
can create with our physical  bodies now,
as sacred codes are already  downloading into us, triggering
our memories of how to activate the restorative essences contained within the bodies and blood of Christed
Light Bodies.

Humans who ascend to
4-D or 5-D will find that  because there are 3 "levels" within each dimensional octave
i.e.. between 3rd & 4th, or between 4th & 5th-D__ they will find  themselves slipping in & ou bof the  various le-
vels and dimensions. Moving into a higher density or dimension & immediately remaining there is virtually imp-
ossible, as the individual will need to learn how to maintain the ppropriate thoughts, feelings, beliefs,  words  &
actions  associated  within each dimensional level, without creating new karma for themselves or their groups.

We are now connected with our Galaxy & receive Its beneficence, Its grace, Its peace, Its joys, Its gifts to be
applied in  Service to the Whole.  Ask  yourself:  
"What can I offer/give  to the New World that is emerging?...
Give your Gifts in Galactic/Universal Service. The Galaxy in which we reside is the "society", the group/the e
nvironment "into which we wish to Integrate.

"There cometh forth the Love of the Masters, of the Angels, of the Elohim, of those who oversee the planet-
ary ascension  processes:  We Thank You,  Dear  Ones__  The Greatest Love  ever known or felt  increases
daily, overtaking the darkness as it leaves in droves. Fear not, for "I AM WITH THEE ALWAYS, EVEN UN-
Time, as you know it, is ending. You will be visiting other dimensional worlds,
other  places and  times that you  never knew existed. Your Explorations will be magnificent, & you will bring
back Information,  ivine Love, and Oneness with All That Is to those of New Earth. We shall bring you peace
and joy, and you shall receive new talents, new gifts, to use in service to the Galaxy and All That Lives.

Everything on the planet is being affected by this  Big  Energy Wave. We can pick up information about the
quantum-energetic  state of  the  galaxy, the  solar system or the  planet by  observing our  environment__
Nature__ advancing  evolution.  Watch  Nature for  clues: the  white (Light) of the  fresh snow__ soft, quiet,
and calm. Not a single leaf is left on the old aspen tree, but next spring's buds are already prominent.

Being "Psychic" is really  changing one's  conscious  perception of the world, of spiritual matters,
and of all life by freeing oneself from culturally-conditioned concepts & beliefs;  i.e
., checking over
one's life or lives, perceiving and understanding the truths behind what parents, religions, governments, eco-
nomics, advertisements, health care systems, etc. brain-washed us into adopting. Actually, anyone who's tru-
ly healthy is automatically "psychic."

As we experience great expansions of  consciousness across the universe within multiple dimensions, this
awareness will become our everyday reality. Do you not feel more and more tiny "bits" of your everyday hab-
its,  activities and memories  slowly slipping away day by day?  Not to worry.  We will still have times of inner
contemplation and balancing.  Earth's quarantine will be lifted and  Arisen Humanity will "fly" as never before.

H.S., St. Germaine, Arcturians: "The Fourth Dimension is about 'Time', but not as scientists propose.
One can Transcend Time in 4-D and 5-D...i.e., connect with past & future lives, to the history of the human
races, of Earth, solar system, galaxy & universe__ like the
Akashik Records.  Feelings, thoughts,  beliefs,
sensations, or dreams become energies that take on a life of their own, causing events, changes, in one's
personal reality, & collectively, cause  Earth changes. This is why
4-D still has some negative  events oc-
curring. The 3 octaves, of course, determine the amount of & intensity of dire events. We may 'hear' or 'see'
them, but not necessarily participate in or be affected by them. "
Emotion is a driving force in 4-D & 5-D. A-
nything desired or intended with strong emotion (positive or negative), will manifest__ definitely__ some-
what in
3-D, sooner or later in 4-D, and immediately in 5-D."

The New Testament of the Bible tells us how Jesus suggested we "Turn the other cheek" when confronted
with verbal or physical attacks from others. But when dealing with uncooperative, angry or violent  opponents,
suppressing our feelings in the name of "spirituality" is detrimental to ourselves__ as Emotions can directly
pmprint a code into human
DNA. In fact, intensifying our feelings is actually the more spiritual way of working
through such difficulties. Emotional Intensity breaks us through to completely new, perhaps never-before-done
-anywhere types of creative solutions, and deliberately turns on our
DNA Mutation Process.

My personal experiences of this are that
Jesus didn't mean for us to just turn aside, letting the opposition att-
ack us again. It is, that instead of responding to the opposition's negative stand or agenda by attacking them,
it is better to "turn aside" and create our own group, our own standards and  agendas, based upon our pers-
onal Purposes and Missions__ our Gifts and Talents__ to serve Spirit's Purpose and Mission.

Mayans taught that Hummingbirds are connected to the Fifth World, which we are now entering. They
can tell us how to solve the contradictions of
DUALITY. "Hummingbird conjures Love, has an inherent sens
of beauty and brings the promise of joy

We are now being asked to "
Take responsibility for ourselves" __ for our lifestyles, our relationships, ou\r
health, and even for our own consciousness evolution and ascension. There are, in
 India &  China,160,000
written documentaries of Easterners who have re-birthed into Light Bodies. They say that one is basically re-
ady to ascend: "  
When no other thought than  Unconditional Love  can enter your mind!"  A new Vision or
Project is about to  begin__ dramatizing the latent ability in man to tear himself  way from the
known & the
familiar, risking everything to develop "AVIDITY __ to overcome competition and opposition by
structuring cooperation  with the combined strength of  Bonding  Interactions.  Normally, un
stressful situations, humans either "flee" or "fight", although neither action seems to resolve anything.

One evening, shortly after the  Autumn  Equinox, some  family members and I  watched a  football game on
TV. It was an  exceptionally long game, and our favorite college team was really messing up.  I'm  neither a
big football or TV fan, but do enjoy evenings with family, so I did acrostic puzzles and checked on the game
after each puzzle entry or two.

The men became  disgusted with the way our team was repeatedly choosing and  executing some puzzling
plays. They began shouting at the players as if they could hear them,  telling them how "stupidly" they were
playing and  what they  "should have" done.  Even  some  cussing  escaped  now and then, and  they were
getting  louder and  louder.  After an hour or so of  this, I  began to  sense my  vibrations  sinking  lower and
lower, and even felt a bit ill,  finding it  extremely hard these days to  handle long-term  conflicts, loud noises
flashing lights and negativity

Normally, I 'd either leave the room, or ask them to  please tone it  down when it  really began to bother me,
and  they  would  then  lower their  voices and  slow  down a bit;  but  soon it  would  escalate  once  again,
becoming even  louder and more  negative than before.  About the  third time I asked for a little peace, their
predictable reaction would be to shout at me about how their team was "
playing like high school kids" (as
if it were my fault). And I'd respond with "
All that shouting & cursing is not going to change anything. They
can't hear you__ so why keep doing i
t?" Which of course, only inflated their anger.

Every now and then I would  silently  radiate  Unconditional  Love and  Oneness with  All That is, including
everyone present, and things would be smoother for awhile; but after several hours, I was so tired, I had to
stop and rest awhile, and soon they returned to their "gladiatoring" and I'd have to do it again.  By this time,
I wanted to try  something  different.  But__ What?  Any response of either  fleeing or  fighting would only
produce more conflict. I wanted to stop all this, but didn't want to show anger and trigger even more conflict.

After meditating a few minutes, I saw I had to find a way to unite all of us. However, I didn't expect them__
in the  state  they  were in__  to do or  say  anything  that  could  unify us,  so it  was  up to me. I had to do
something that would make me appear to  be "on their side";  to be in harmony with them,  as well as them
with me.  Most people like being  complimented or  appreciated.  I had to  soothe their  manly  balled-egos
with a compliment of  some sort.  So I said:  "I'm amazed at how you two know  everything  there is to know
about  football!   You  ought to be the  coaches.!"  They were so  surprised, they  became  very quiet,  and
although they did not quit their tirade entirely,  they made less  negative remarks and a  lot less noise.  I just
smiled to myself.  

There is a need in both  Man and  Nature to bring all  opposing forces into an  undulating harmony. Spring
gives way to summer, and summer to  Autumn. Day gives way into night, and night to day;  life moves ever
towards death, and death toward life once again.

The "I CHING" is based on the Eastern philosophy of "TAO"__  what we have been calling, "being present
in the NOW moment." __ imaging ourselves as standing within a Gateway, a Doorway, always able to step
backward into the  ever-changing  Past,  or  forward into the  ever-changing Future with our mind, emotion
and even our energy or our body.  When opposites are viewed from that  higher perspective, they actually
seem to Flow into One Another__ to BECOME AS ONE__ rather than to  remain in conflict. This  Tao, this
Gateway,  Unites everything__  releasing Duality__ for everything that exists is a part of Its ever-changing,
flowing patterns.

If opposites do indeed birth each other,  then Reality must spring from  Non-Reality!  Opposites seek each
other out in constant  attempts to create Unity.  Unity__ Oneness__  is always the  inevitable end  result in
Creator's Plan. In the old 3-D reality, it took time__ sometimes a lot of time__ &, it took commitment: the
will to stand firm in our truth, our purpose, keeping our Vision alive.

In learning to stop rewarding our  spouses, our  children or our co-workers for violent outbursts of emotion,
it is  important to realize that strong  attention is considered a  reward to the subconscious ego mind!  
 we  are  'rewarding' a  child for  lashing  out violently  when  we  scold,  yell or  strike  that  child.
Between  spouses,  nagging  is  a  subconscious  reward.  Child  or  adult__ whenever  another responds
strongly to our behavior, we are learning that this behavior "gets results".

Also__  and this is mostly true for  younger  children__  if one child  receives a lot  of attention for  negative
behavior, others in the family learn by  Observation that "violence gets Results".  In fact, between birth and
six  years of age,  up to 50 % of all  learning  takes  place  through  Imitation  alone.  Locked in  competitive
battles, we have no freedom to create, or to follow our own agendas;  by responding with more competition
or anger, we are Forced into joining with the opponents' Agenda.

The Multi-Dimensional Technique of "Becoming as One" with an  pponent, is  a  higher  level of Co-
creativity, or the  Creative  Bonding  experience.  The
I CHING teaches us that we must learn to work with
Time  as the  vehicle of  The  Creative  Force  Field.  Working with Time  adapts us to the  fact that  slow
progress is the only progress that endures, for it's part of the process of
Non-Action. We need to withdraw
from impatience and "flow" as with water that only runs downhill.

Unity  Consciousness & Unconditional Love can completely change our lives, enabling us to experi-
ence Multiple Densities & Dimensions of reality simultaneously, whether awake or asleep. Transferring fr-
om a
3-D to a 4-D or higher density,  or vice versa,  one moves through  the EM spectrum at or near the
speed of light.

David Wilcock's new book, "The Synchronicity Key"  fills us in beautifully on the New Laws of Physics,
Creation & Consciousness: There are Parallel Realities  underlying Life in this Universe. "TIME" exists
only in  
3-D.   In higher  densities,  it  is an  Illusion, as is  Space.  The  material of our  universe  is  built  by
photons.  We know that photons are what the  Creative Force Field is composed of,  & this Force Field is
what we connect with  when we do ou r
healing & manifesting , for human consciousness can affect
that Force Field.
 The photons are  emanations of  Intelligent  Energy__  an emanation of  the  Intelligent
Infinity that is the
Cosmic  Awareness of this whole  universe. The photons are  necessary aspects  for It
to create aspects of  Itself,  giving  them  F
ree Will, so each  aspect  can have  its  own  autonomy;  i,e.,  &
not be controlled by a "
hive  mind"; so as to have the experience of Co-creativity, which is the underlying
foundation of  
Karma: Honoring and not interfering  with the Free Will of others,  (Even hurting  someone's
feelings counts here
The Key to  Ascension is  How We Treat Others__ Our  Karma__ & Our  levels
of Love & Compassion.

have the ability & intelligence to Build Life from the1st  Density (minerals, etc.) on up through
higher densities.
Human Life (3rd density and higher) is Gateway, the Doorway, for all life to eventually
ascend to where it can
Unify with Creator. As we humans & earth move through 4-D, we develop a Light
, become  telepathic and are totally unable to  create or to cause  disharmony in any way, and we can
MOVE THROUGHOUT TIME.**  2011 through 2013  is a period of  rapid  transition. The  foundation
state of our beingness is  
Consciousness,  & when enough people  shift to perceive the dark,  dirty world
deeds taking place, it Changes the Laws of  Physics, which are determined by the percentage of observers.

TIME IS MOVEMENT. SPACE IS FIXED.  TIME in 3-D is divided into two Parallel Realities. Any Movem-
ent in one reality, becomes Fixed in position (in Space) in the other
. There is always a perfectly recip-
rocal relationship between these two  realities __  a  constant, fluid- like flow between  them __  with atoms
continually pouring in and out of the two  realities.
TIME IS  ENERGY IN  MOTION.  In 3-D, it is only our ap-
parent movement, our perception.  (
Remember: Our perception creates our reality.) When we get to the
other parallel reality,  
we will think we are moving around in Space,  but we're really moving around in Time.

Light Speed is necessary to cross between Parallel Realities. Therefore, it is vital to learn Meditation
and/or Dream-working. (Chapter 4: "Spirit Within".) Our Dreams take place on the Astral  Plane, where we
can easily see the Future:
Precognition: "What we are Creating". Any distance (Space) traveled in the
dream's Parallel Reality  =
Time Travel for us here in our "other" = our "waking" reality;  i.e., while we are
dreaming this dream, we are
Moving Through Real Time. "Entry" & "Exit" points determine Where we'll
end up and What we'll see. From my personal understanding, the "
Entry  point" of the dream, is the iss-
ue(s)__ positive or negative__ that are concerning us before we go to sleep & have that dream. The "
it point"
is the dream's recollection revealing "What we are  Creating  for our  Future" after we awaken.
We can change that future if we choose.
I CHING  teaches us to Work with Time as the vehicle of The
Creative Force Field
."  We are then, working with Layers of Time)__ with "TIMELINES".

If, when we Travel in a Dream we have Moved in Time: Into the past or the Future, depending upon Where
we Entered  (
The prior Issues at hand) &/or Exited the dream  (What we later recall as being created), then if
Traveled according to the "prior Issues at hand"__ we will have grown older in our waking reality during
the dream. But if we
Traveled according to "What we recall being created"__ we'll have grown young-
during the dream.

Let us then consider the recent  "
Life Reviews" that were taking place throughout this  Gestation Period for
Birthing of the New Human Soul, from December 21, 2012 - August 22, 2013. Much of that nine-month
period was spent in being "
pulled to the other side", in dreams, meditations, and just plain "la-la lands". So, we
may have been  rowing younger over those nine months. And why not? If we were  birthing"
a New Soul, would-
n't we become like a "baby soul"?

And, what about those of us who spent months, years investigating our
Past Lives? Would we have become
younger during those times? Would we
"look younger"?  When increasing sinus congestion caused extreme
dizziness,  I visited the ER. The doctors and nurses wouldn't believe I was
80__  they thought I was barely 60
years old.

MOVING  THROUGHOUT  TIME?  Between naps, on those two  groggy days of the 9-22-13 AUTUMN E-
QUINOX, I watched part of an old 1942 movie. (Something  else I never  do  daytimes.) Actor, Van Heflin was
with a  young woman writer when she commented: "The Secret of Love  s greater than the Secret of Death."
I immediately wondered, "What's the Secret of Love?"
HS  jumped in. (Something else that never happens;
I always made a request first.)  
HS said: "The Secret of Love is PURPOSE"

That didn't make much sense to me__  stupified as I still was__  but, later in the film,  (after waking from the
second nap, heh, heh) the writer had been murdered, and Heflin, seeking the culprit, questioned a waitress
who had earlier worked with the writer The waitress said the writer had been a "
Woman of Purpose". Heflin
was puzzled,  so she  explained:  "She had a PURPOSE in mind:  To find a very rich man and marry him!"

Surprise!  Was this  Precognition, or was  it Telepathy?  Did I read the mind of an  actress  (now dead) in a
1942 film__ 72 years ago?  How could that be  possible?  On reflection,  we now know that  
Time has only
one  dimension__ it's like a sphere, in which all events are still occurring in the NOW. Therefore, we
can connect with an event by moving our mind to the point within the sphere where that event for-
ever exists.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to SMILE or GRIN...  even LAUGH...  when confronted with
very  stressful  messages or  responses?  There  may be  more to it  than just  inappropriate  psychological
responses. The  Limbic  System within the brain is involved in processing emotional expression and certain
aspects of memory. It is rich in  Endorphins.  Smiling,  grinning or  laughing  when in  pain or  severe stress
causes  endorphins  to  release into the  blood  stream  via  the  limbic  system, dulling  both  physical and
emotional pain.  The  limbic  system is also closely  tied to the  autonomic nervous system, controlling such
bodily functions as  breathing, heart activity, and blood flow.  Students or practitioners of Multi-dimensional
Technologies well know the importance that breath plays in alternative healing, balancing and manifesting.
A Smiling healer or patient might even aid the regulation of breath, heart and  blood flow during the Multi-D
Tech process.  I have used  grimacing,  smiling, and even  laughing  when  minor pain or emotional trauma
occurred, and it has indeed been helpful. Do give it a try in your own life experiences and share the results
with us.

Handling  negative  feelings within ourselves,  requires us to be able to evoke the feelings of  Unconditional
Love for All Life  Everywhere within our Hearts in order to even  BEGIN a Multi-D Technology Process; and
meditation can  develop this.  When we have  successfully manifested a more  creative way of  dealing with
opposition,  the final result is  Mind making a  quantum leap beyond the very  shadow it cast before upon all
experiences. This is the self-transcendency of the Mind:  Fulfilling the Plans, the Purposes of God. It is how
we  can  build the  New  Earth  Reality  Forms in  service to the  Forces of  Light  through  which  "data" can
pioneer  atonement with  the  potency of  Nature's  invisible  forces__  nature  spirits,  earth grids,  lifeforms,
elements, DNA codes, etc..

         As Mahatma Ghandi said:  "There is no path to peace; Peace IS THE PATH!"

                                                        October 16, 2013

The Shutdown
On October 18th, a Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Aries, promotes the "Transmutation of Life into Love," As we
observe the  summer  greens  change into  the golds,  reds and  browns of  autumn,  we notice how  Nature's
cyclic rhythms echo the ebbs and flows between Creation and Destruction. Our Sun has had a magnetic pole
flip,  and
astronomers and astrologers scratch their heads as to why  2012 and 2013__  solar maximum years
__  have had  only a few  minor solar  flares to  date.
 On  October 12th,  two  "X-Class" flares reached  Earth.
(  When  solar  magnetic  field  reversals occur,  the Sun  switches  from a radiating
masculine, to a radiating feminine energy to our planet, or vice versa. We will now be experiencing life from a
"Feminine" mode until the next solar cycle.

A continued  "Shutdown" of the U.S. government from October 1st to 18th will effectively shutdown the entire
planet.  Humans have been trying to cope with these cyclic  "End Times " throughout our  history as physical
beings on planet Earth,  and even on other planets. The "Shutdown"  is the "Turning  Point" of the demise of
the  dark cabal  that has been  controlling and  destroying  Earth and  humanity for eons of  time.  It signals a
change-over from a  masculine  civilization based on  competition and greed,  (Think
: "Atlantis")__  to a more
feminine one of cooperation and sharing.  (Think
: "Lemuria").  We humans have had to learn to "start all over
from the beginning" again, and again throughout history.  But, we still haven't got it right!  We haven't learned
to  Shift from one  type of  civilization to  another type  without wars,  famine,  planetary devastation,  poverty,
racial elimination, separation from Spirit__ and just plain ignorance. Can we do it this time?

All Timelines and Energy Grid Structures of  Earth from early  Lemuria and from the previous three Atlantean
civilizations failed, except for small groups of humans who managed to raise their consciousness and ascend
to 4-D or even 5-D.
 A New  Crystalline Grid  Structure for 5-D New Earth  was completed  October 11, 2013.
Groups of humans began ascending to 5-D New Earth since the Autumn Equinox, 9-22-13; and on  October
12th, a
Magnetic Pole  Reversal shifted the  uppermost level of 4-D  Earth's  geographic map by  90 degrees,
which could put the new Magnetic North Pole somewhere in Malaysia__ or even in northern Australia!

"The Elohim":  "This event occurs to contain choices made by those in positions of power,  where abuse of
this  power  leads to  great  irreversible  damage to the  fabric of the  time/space  continuum
.  The  nuclear
event" .
..  (planned Nuclear Third World War)...  "must  always be  contained, so as  not to  flow  through to
other precious levels of Creation,  and hence remain untouched.  
The fourth dimensional level 12 is now
sealed for all  Time
."... "Timelines and parallel realities co-exist almost together.".. "Junctions align where
the flow of light is  maximized, creating new  exchanges with the  other.
These exchanges represent purely
creational  windows  where every  conscious  expression of  light is able to  join in the  beautiful  outward
expansion into  God-perfection." ... "For the chaff has been separated clearly and cleanly.  Mal-intent is no
longer supported. The Creation supports truth, love and light along its energetic pathways, and there is no
other.  Many have risen very high above the collective, in awareness."
(Universal Law)

It is time to get serious about building our next  civilization based on the  New Earth Paradigm: "Transmuting
Life into Love".  And so,  without knowing just what the end result of our research will produce__  if anything
relevant or not__  we'll take a broad overview of where we humanoids of this solar system have been,  what
we've done that worked,  what we've tried to do that didn't, and gather some on-point information from Spirit,
Gaia, and the  Akashik Records to help us more  smoothly build and move into a New Earth  Combination of
BOTH Feminine and Masculine attributes.
The Great Experiment
Over a million years ago,  intelligences from higher realms began an experiment to see if beings,  entirely cut
off from  connections with  their home planet and with beings in other  densities,  could eventually
evolve their consciousness to a point where they again regained those connections and became Co-creators
with Spirit. The First planet  Maldek, failed to evolve,  blew itself up and became the  asteroid belt.  Mars was
chosen for the next  Free Will  Experiment planet. The
Face on Mars", the  pyramidal-type  constructions and
underground cities there are remnants of a big temple complex,  reminders of the  creative energy inherent in
all humanoids. It's sacred  geometry layout  suggests  hyper-dimensional physics. The Cydonia ruins discovered
by NASA years ago seem to represent, not "aliens" but a former long-forgotten
era of human civilization.

The second Free Will Experiment on Mars broke down about a million years ago,  when free will technology,
unguided by spiritual concepts, darkened the skies and befouled water and soil to where the planet could no
longer support physical life.  
Vincent Di Pietro found radioactive xenon,  a by-product of  nuclear activity, in
meteorite fossils from Mars
. A small group of  Martians managed to flee to nearby planet  Earth in their space
, where a  Third Free Will Experiment began. They landed and settled on an island in what was then
the civilization of  Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean area.  They learned to  survive on this planet,  but kept pretty
much to themselves.
Cosmic and galactic cycles of Time were ticking toward a period known as the "End of Time"__ which occurs
on Earth every 25,920 years__  the deadline for Earth,  and those of her inhabitants who could match Earth's
increasing  vibrational  frequencies would move into a  higher  dimensional  existence.  Still later, due to inter-
ference from outside forces,  human evolution stalled__  mostly due to  Sirians and  Reptilians from the Orion
Constellation__  it became necessary to  intentionally stimulate the  consciousness  evolution of the little third
planet and its lifeforms before the galactic cycles ran out.

The spirits who agreed to take part in the  Earth experiment,  were completely cut off from Spirit/Creator,  lost
their memories of former lifetimes  and lived utterly alone and rootless until they could evolve their conscious-
ness to once again remember both their origins and their destinies __ or until Time ran out. Those who chose
to take part in so unusual an  undertaking were brave spirits indeed,  and for hundreds of thousands of years,
the tiny planet  Earth and its  inhabitants  drifted through  time and space without  cosmic guidance, observed
with both compassion and awe by brother and sister beings of the galaxy.

Lemurians lovingly  cultivated their  island empire.  Basically empathic,  they  merged with  Nature and  Gaia-
Earth.  Highly  receptive,  instinctive  and  feminine-minded  with a  more  feminine,  matriarchal culture,  they
thought and felt as One.  All communication took place through a heart-oriented knowingness. To our present
civilization,  they seemed cloaked in  romance and  mysticism,  their ethereal reality only a myth, yet their very
naturalness gifted them with a unique pragmatism. (More details in
Archives , "Past Civilizations").

These early humanoids were not savages__  not even hunters or meat-eaters.  They were nomadic, roaming
the land,  living off  vegetation,  fruit and nuts.  The  scarcity of food in  dry seasons  forced them to  eat bone
marrow from the left -over kills of large animals, once hyenas and  buzzards finished with them. These bones
were brought  back to central camps and cracked open.  When modern anthropologists found the bone piles,
they assumed that humans had been the hunters.  Early Earth humanoids  lived simply and were not warlike.
They did not have to "make" things out of matter with their hands or tools, nor did they need physical devices
or machinery. They directly found everything they needed for their survival  from intuition and heart in accord
with the laws of Nature and Spirit.

My  husband, "H" and I played a little "game" when shopping at large malls and seeking a convenient parking
space. We would empty our minds of all thought and feeling, and "psych out" an empty space.  In less than a
minute,  we  intuitively "knew"  where the next  empty space was,  and quickly glided into it.  Lemurians found
food, water, remedies and necessities in similar fashion.  
Marlo Morgan's book about Australian Aboriginals,
Mutant Message, Down Under"  reflects a  similar  lifestyle.  I have a first  edition  of this book,  in which she
relates how she came to be drawn into this unusual lifestyle experience,  but when I purchased another copy
to send a friend, the Australian government had forced Marlo to add an announcement that the book was not
true, and had come purely from her imagination. I immediately knew she told the truth in the first book, as I've
had similar experiences__ (not with the aboriginals)__ myself.

Lemurians were so psychic,  they began leaving their motherland many years before its final sinking,  "know-
ing" that the orbit of a planet named
Nibiru would eventually come into contact with our solar system to once
again influence all  Earth and  humankind  as it linked our  solar system  with the  double  star, Sirius and the
Orion Constellation. Yes, Lemuria had its "End Times" to deal with, too.

Among the overseers of these  Great Experiments,  were those who i nsisted that planet  Earth should not be
entirely  abandoned  by the  Galactic  Federation.  These  ascended  masters of  Earth,  working from  higher
realms,  foresaw how  material technologies along with further genetic entanglements from the arriving planet
Nibiru, might completely eliminate feminine spiritual principles from Earth.  At that time,  Lemuria was still in its
prime.  We're often told about the  problems that arose in  Atlantis,  but the flaws that led to  Lemuria's demise
were  deliberately  covered up.  They too,  had  difficulties  because they were so very  heart and  psychically
oriented.  Although inspired by  Nature's Inner Guidance,  they often failed to take  responsibility for caring for
themselves through physical actions,  relying too heavily on  divine intervention.  So just how did our feminine
-minded humans forget
Who We Really Are and become so materialistic, so competitive, so aggressive?

Nature and Evolution Interrupted
And then__ Niburu and its  Annunaki  humanoids arrived__  overwhelming  forces still strongly  entrenched in
our 21st century culture.  Their powerful  establishments commanded our  human reality for over two hundred
thousand years,  holding back  higher dimensional technologies and systems,  and introducing other lifestyles
and  technologies which have  eventually  brought the  Free Will Experiment,  our planet and all  life upon it to
face imminent extinction today.

Highly advanced both technologically and psychically, the 4-D newcomers competed amongst themselves for
power and territories on Earth.  They genetically created  
Homo sapiens sapiens__ us__ 220,000 years agp,
through experiments with the animals and primitive homonids indigenous to this planet. We carry the inherent
traits of not only Earthlings,  but also of these__ to us,  "god-like" beings__ the Annunaki.  They created us to
work as slaves in their  gold mines in central,  east Africa.  They manipulated our  DNA to  "dumb us down" so
we could neither breed offspring nor evolve our consciousness and realize what was really going on.

Later, some humans were brought north to work in the gardens and orchards near "E-din" in what is now Iraq
and Iran. The Bible calls the Annunaki, "Nephelim", and tells how some of them went in unto the daughters of
men and fathered children. The male children grew up favored by these Annunaki-Nephelim and were placed
in positions of power as  demigods, kings or overseers of  Earth territories.  The Bible tells of these wars, and
describes how the Annunaki used the hybrid descendants as cannon-fodder for their own territorial wars.  We
gave our power away  because we were still like  twelve-year-old children at our  mental and emotional levels.
They're still doing it today. They use us like possessions. We let them.

To us,  they seemed like "gods",  and we soon began honoring,  worshiping,  obeying and  sacrificing to them
as such.  Seduced  by the  glamour  of the  material  goods and  technologies the  Annunaki  possessed,  we
wanted to be like them, wanted power, prestige, slaves, palaces, gold and material possessions. And we soon
learned to lie, to cheat, to kill to obtain them__ and to make war even amongst ourselves.

Science fiction entertainment  media are filled with stories about extra terrestrials on Earth,  cattle  mutilations,
UFO sightings and human abductions.  At this writing,  the return of  planet  Nibiru__  "Planet X"__  became a
probability when Japanese astronomers found astronomical anomalies in our outer planet orbits, and a planet
size object was seen next to and behind the sun in Australia,  coming from the South Pole.  The  "return of the
Annunaki" may be imminent.
 Acculturation is the  peaceful,  but total  destruction of an existing culture due to
the arrival of a  technologically or  intelligently advanced group of beings.  This may be why  UFO and  "alien"
reports are being debunked by most governments.

We must  learn to use  Time and  complete the  Great  Experiment  successfully  if we  are to  regenerate our
creative  potentials and come home again to full  galactic  consciousness.  Will we  utterly  destroy our  planet
through misuse of our Free Will,  our violence and  technologies as did Maldek and Mars,  or will we meet this
incredible challenge to evolve ourselves into a race of peaceful, higher dimensional, creator beings?  

Earlier  attempts to create only with  physical  technologies and  machines  destroyed  Mars  many years ago.
The refugees who  managed to escape to  Earth after their  planetary disaster,  settled on one large island of
Lemuria. When a comet approached their motherland, Lemurians knew it far in advance through their intuitive
abilities.  They  understood the  Unity  Consciousness  power of  Intention could avoid such attacks,  but they
simply shrugged and said, "Well, this is Spirit's Will__ it's just Nature__ let it happen. Spirit will keep us safe."

And so  they did.  And  Spirit did  protect  them in their  naivety,  their  innocence,  their  cooperation and their
compassion;  but the asteroid landed on the Martians' island, destroying a huge number of the population, as
well as their culture and way of life.  The masculine-minded ETs remaining on earth__  as many still do today
__ and their hybrid followers,  viewed the catastrophe as an opportunity to recruit the remaining Martians into
their  plans for taking over Earth and its inhabitants on all levels, and they formed the First Atlantis Civilization
__ completely and utterly masculine in nature.

The Martian colony destruction was due mainly to the  Lemurians' lack of effort,  but it was the  Martians who
experienced the most devastation.  Over the  centuries that followed,  angry, embittered  Martians joined with
mean-spirited  off-world vi sitors,  gradually  taking control over the  Lemurian  empire  spreading  around the
world.  Although  Lemuria's many islands were slowly sinking right from the start,  Martian  dominance greatly
accelerated the  drowning of the  motherland.  Lemurians__  and Martians__  left the islands over a period of
hundreds of years as the  islands  gradually  disappeared.  They fled to  various  lands  bordering the  Pacific
Ocean, moving into Eastern Asia and Western North and South America. A great shifting of peoples, cultures,
arts, music and ideas took place.

Next Issue:  "The First, Second, Third and Fourth Atlanteans" and "The Great Deluge".


                                                                          October 29, 2013
                                        "THE PROCESS OF COLLECTIVIZATION"

Well, folks__  really, really big energy blasts from the Sun have us off and running again__ or is it "limping
along" again? And Pluto in Capricorn is forming yet another perfect square aspect (a challenge) to Uranus
in Aries, starting
Oct. 20th, continuing in effect until late-November. It implies "A Fall of Kings". This time
Uranus in  Aries is  retrograde,  assisting  us in  breaking  free  from the  Old  Reality  slave-control-greed
paradigm through another revision of attitude and actions as we begin this new cycle of experience.  This
is a phase of  abstraction and  emotional allegiance.
 Pluto in Capricorn suggests the  overcoming of fear
and its reward

Pluto-Uranus square comes  two days  after a partial  lunar eclipse in  Leo__ emphasizing  emotion,
creativity & love given)__ making visible abundant opportunities and potentials, and emphasizing relation-
ship adjustments__ and, as
Tara Smith says: "particularly the love triangles and intimate partner violence,
exposing the  past,  feelings of being  overwhelmed,  un-contained and anxious  plus,  insomnia,  attention
deficiencies, racism,  encounters with the  shadow side of ourselves and others, and mainly: Freedom and

We have been viewing
Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations to familiarize ourselves with the differences
feminine-oriented and masculine-oriented ways of life as we now enter a feminine-based 5-D
New Earth era.  We are not looking to return to a society  controlled and led only by matriarchs,  but rather,
to a balanced  blend of
both masculine and  feminine attributes,  since every human,  plant and animal has
both male and  female natures within their being.  Our task this time around is to merge the more  Loving &
Unifying  elements of both  feminine  and  masculine__  matriarchal and  patriarchal__ cultures, to  provide
loving and equal potentials and benefits to both genders, both sets of attributes.

We have indeed moved into yet another cycle of new experiences since the autumn equinox, 9-22-13 when
the 5-D New Human Soul was birthed. Until next Spring, we will be learning "THE PROCESS OF COLLEC-
TIVIZATION".  Because we have passed beyond the old world  patriarchal  barrier, we cannot continue that
way of life  because we are no  longer the  same persons.  The  evolutionary  process has won us over; we
can only move on towards an ever more inclusive consciousness. In fact, We Have Become The Evolution-
ary Process__  Each individual's inner  masculine nature is now  responsible for  evolutionary  commitment,
change,  support and  responsibility with  Love and  Oneness;  and Each  individual's  feminine nature now
relies on inner guidance to nurture, inspire and birth with Love and Oneness.

Many newly ascended  forerunners and lightworkers  find  themselves in new  geographical areas with new
relationships, different jobs and few or no nearby kindred souls. Our lightworker friends may also be moving
away. We can communicate by letter, phone or e-mail, but feel isolated and confused about what to do next.
We have each been  placed where we can more effectively  evolve,  and where our  Light can beam forth to
influence the new reality in positive and creative manners.

Any sense of  separation needs adjustment before we can  effectively interface with society.  We can sense
or foster  similar interests or  purposes with those of our contacts,  and when we feel the first  stirrings of an
inner connection,  we can establish  co-creative  partnerships.  As we discover ways to build the New Earth
Paradigm  appropriately,  we will  connect with  other  like-minded  souls.  Surprisingly,  we may  find  those
"others" among our families,  friends and co-workers, as the New Crystalline  Grids of Earth now provide for
every person to now become "Gaia conscious",  connected with Her, and take responsibility for Her welfare
as well as for humanity and all life
. Our individual creative potential now morphs into that of a World Server.

It is,  actually,  only  Phase  One  of our  new  souls'  REORIENTATION TO  LIFE  IN A  5-D  NEW  EARTH
REALITY.  When the New Phase started 9-23-13,  my computer lost all  seventeen pages of  information I'd
researched and saved for writing future newsletter issues,  including a poem about Life's spiritual stages I'd
slaved  over for weeks.  I was shocked,  yes__  but pleasantly  surprised when I realized I  wasn't that much
upset over it,  viewing the incident as "showing" me something I needed to know or change.  Perhaps it was
calling my attention to the many people and things I'd lost over the past years and months, but somehow__
I just  didn't really care that much about it anymore!  Later, I wondered if it was  attracted by thoughts I'd had
over the previous week about revising the  web-book or the  newsletters for the  "New 5-D Earth Paradigm".
Yup__ gotta watch what we think and feel!

            Higher Self stepped in:  "In 5-D  people will have  achieved  their own  inner guidance.  The Ascension
             Process occurs  mostly on Inner Levels first,  radiating to the  Outer World from higher consciousness
             states. Yes, there is improvement in the outer world,  but with the changing of the  Laws of Physics and
             the way things now work,  it will take  long slow efforts to  fully evolve that  Process into the  physical."
Yes,  our outer world is changing,  but not necessarily to what we thought  we needed or wanted. The days
immediately following  9-22-13 impelled us into  "Fix-It-Time"__  to get straight with any outstanding mix-ups
and misunderstandings.  For this old gal, it meant:  financial corporations,  gifts and  vitamins ordered online
not arriving, or annual checkups with the so-called "health care" system . I tried to be Loving with a sense of
Oneness with those involved without letting myself be manipulated.  Most of this worked out fine,  except for
one company,  impossible to reach by  phone, putting me on hold for hours each time.  I decided that "some-
thing else" needed to be done here, and I'd know what that was when the time was right.

My favorite brand of yogurt (Read
: "breakfast") was discontinued, and those available were either unhealthy
or more  than  twice as  expensive.  The  TV  cable  company was  charged a  50%  increase  by the  Turner  
Network, couldn't afford it, and had to drop nine channels, including several favorites and TNT, on which my "beloved"
San Antonia Spurs  basketball games were telecast.  ( Horrors!)  However,  a healthier and tastier

brand of  yogurt  arrived with the  Senior  Citizen  "meals on wheels"  a few days later,  and  Information for a
"new" web-book & newsletter began to arrive from other sources.

    HS: “In Lemurian times,  early humans were  empathic and telepathic,  able to  teleport  information from
    other densities, other times and  realms. This will be true again for those of  5-D Earth.  Connections with
    Gaia, Nature, and all lifeforms, including matter, plants, animals,  ETs, humans and many creatures that
    are still unknown to  Earth's humanity will be available and common. As for the masculine part__ it is the
    male ability  and willingness to “take action”  when something needs to be repaired or crafted on physical
    levels.  This will extend to issues with groups,  with organizations, angels,  ETs, and other types of beings
    who can assist  earthlings or  who wish for  earthlings'  assistance.  Earth will be restored to  paradise__ a
    natural  one,  in which  all living  things will  flourish,  will  cooperate and create  even more  beautiful and
    harmonious  life,  objects,  situations,  events. co-operation, higher guidance, intuition,  compassion... all
    must be upgraded for the NEW EARTH REALITY."

ML:  I’m feeling as if I’m not really connecting with  Higher Self,  guides,  etc.__ as if I am answering my own questions.  
Sometimes the  answers pop into my mind before I'm  through asking them.  What is happening? Have I lost my higher

    HS: “No. You have become your Higher Self. In 5-D there is No Separation: ALL IS ONE. Therefore, YOU
    ARE the Arcturians, The  Angels,  Gaia,  El Morya, The  Elohim, etc.... YOU are  everyone and  everything;
    That's how you receive instant  connection and  information.  No, you are not just trying to make it  “easier”.
    It will be faster, yes... and as true and complete as you wish it to be.”

ML:  A Reorientation" usually requires finding a New Directions and particularly, A New Source of Power. Is this merging
with you,__Higher Source__ the "New Source of Power"?

    Arcturians: "No, it is an  update to your  communication  system__  your  pipeline to the  New Power Source,
    will be revealed later."

The  rising  sun in the  East has always  symbolized the  source of  power and  vitality.  This New Power is
* "'
CULTURAL' means  'Fine Arts & Visual Arts,  of or relating to artistic or  social pursuits or events consi-
dered to be valuable or enlightened
.'__ 'SOCIO' relates to a civilization or culture." (

In order to be of "permanent" value and to carry a more-than-personal meaning, any Group enterprise needs
to  incorporate  the  essence of  an  ARCHETYPE;  i.e. of an  idea and  ideal that is  part of the  evolutionary
purpose and structure of the cycle in which it takes form.

HINTS:  This  "Archetype" can be  discovered by checking on  (1)  This Present Life's completion of arduous
training for perfection in developing a personal  CRAFTSMANSHIP in some talent or ability.
2) THE FAMILY TREE__ the Ancestral Roots of your individual character.  
(3) The artwork you hang on your walls, the music you most enjoy,  the books you read,  the online  programs
you frequent,  the clothing  styles you wear,  your hairdo or  beard,  mustache,  jewelry,  the groups to  which
you belong,  your hobbies and  vocation.  (4) The Power available to you in times of crisis or decision that has
very deep roots in your past, whether of this life, or a  series of  physical  incarnations  colored by a  dominant
purpose__  the many phased  developments of your particular type of complex character."

Our basic need is to first  VISUALIZE that archetype:  There are many ways this Visualization can take place
__ for  instance,  the  semi-unconscious  and  inspirational  way of the  evolved  creative artist,  or the  more
consciously directed way of some sacred and mystical meditation__  (symbolized by a butterfly among a col-
lection of  perfect specimens,  displaying the beauty of its wings,  its body impaled by a fine dart)__  such as
the pendulum, astrology, I Ching, tarot cards or alchemy.

The  ancient  Sumerian  
(Read; "Annunaki")  term  for the  two  forms of this  power is  "Kriyashakti" __ "The
mysterious  power of  thought  which enables it to  produce external,  perceptible,  phenomenal results
by its
own inherent energy
. The  dark cabal used  Ichchashakti  to create destruction, control, genocide and a general
"hell on earth" in horrendously evil  rituals for extremely  negative results.  Used with the  Unconditional Love and
Oneness of Christ Consciousness,  it performs miraculous creations of a " Heaven on Earth"  benefiting not only
humans and Earth, but All That Lives.

From the October 3rd Newsletter:  "When male members of the family kept making loud, derogatory remarks about a TV  
basketball game for hours,  I felt my energies wilting,  and my  requests to tone it  down brought
relief for only  ten minutes or  so before they  resumed their badgering....  "After  meditating a few  minutes, I
knew I had to say something  that would show them I wasn't 'taking sides'__  i.e. I was in harmony with them,
and also they with me.  I had to  soothe their manly egos with some sort of compliment.  I said:  '
I'm amazed
at how you two know everything there is to know about football!  YOU should be the coaches!'  They
were so surprised,  they quieted down,  and although they did not entirely stop their tirade,  they made fewer
negative remarks and a lot less noise. I just smiled to myself."

Relationships have certainly taken first place in our lives these days.  I find lately, that when I am in physical
presence  with some  people,  I want to "touch" them__  and  sometimes I do.  But  this is not  normal for me,
though it may come from holding a sense of  Loving Oneness with not only  All That Is,  but also with certain
individuals.  "
Touching" provides a physical connection in addition to the emotional, mental and spiritual.  It's
a sort of  "RECIPROCAL" sensation__  a complementary companionship, a correspondence or interdepend-
ency__ creating a more precise, more permanently connected link.

Personal breakthroughs and understandings about past incidents with parents,  sisters,  friends, hubby and
children have been almost  overwhelming since  9-22-12,  and  particularly through  
October.  We may feel
impelled towards  more equalizing  tendencies,  adapting to and harmonizing  relations to encourage affinity
and a greater sense of balance. We desire more harmony and cooperation in beautiful relationships.

         Higher Self: " The incoming Christ Consciousness and Its Unconditional Love and Unity Consciousness
         invite us to  BECOME AS ONE  with whatever and whomever we are  dealing with. That’s why one wishes to       
         touch__  to exchange energies!  The Love &  Oneness attitude is the  KEY for  operating in the  New Para-
         digm. Y ou had experience with this and  your family.  Keep track of these " family experiments”  and learn
         from them, then offer their teachings to others."... "There is also a  greater need to cement our relationship
         with Mother Earth__ Gaia__ and Nature. This will become more and more important as the months pass."

         Gaia: "The New Crystalline Grids will support only a perfect sense of  harmlessness and those that are of
         Love, Unity,  Beauty, Compassion,  armless,  Synchronicity,   Higher Guidance,   Support,  Equality, Joy,
         Gratitude, Truth, Peace, Trust, Neutrality, Generosity, Naturalness, Appreciation, Altruism, Co-Creativity,
         Environmentalism,  Global Consciousness,  Health,  Intuition,  Co-operation,  Abundance,  Forgiveness,
         Spirituality, and Self-empowerment."

No matter what our  physical body's gender,  we each have both a  masculine and a  feminine nature  within.
During this period of earth changes and the Shift into a higher dimensional state of existence, our masculine,
logical, individuated linear minds will begin to fade into the background and our feminine, intuitive,  nurturing,
collective minds become more empowered. We will not lose the use of our right brain__ our task is to merge
both feminine and masculine into a balanced whole. The masculine nature used the outer life circumstances
for assisting  with support and protection.  The feminine nature uses the power within to benefit the whole of
the outer life relationships.  It is,  however,  the feminine intuitive mind that  informs and  inspires us how and
when to  manifest the  New Reality,  and the  masculine  mind  organizes and  acts  upon that  inner wisdom.
Using both  left and right  brains,  we then apply the  
Basic  Multi-Dimensional Technologies to  intentionally
transform our personal lives in preparation for group healing and manifesting with  
Expanded Multi-D Tech-
nologies, which enable us to co-create with the Creative Force Field and to cope with economic and political
stress,  energy  resources,  environmental  restoration,  health, educational,  medical and  judicial system re-
organization and Earth changes on a global scale.

As  “outer” or  3D-visible  changes occur,  World Servers are called to follow  “Higher Guidance”  to discern
their missions and carry out what Gaia calls for on a moment-to-moment basis. There are no
“according to
time  schedule” prediction
s or future calls. However, our responsibility, as “Gaia Conscious Companions"
and “Gaia Travelers”,  is to monitor Gaia's requested desires and actions on energetic and 3-5D levels, and
pass them  to all.  Those  who are  called to such  missions as  Gaia Consciousness  Companions or  World
Servers,  will find an  ease of  acceptance that  “the mission”  is what is  yours to  “do”__ whatever “mission”
means to you)__ and whatever “do” means, for You.
(" Gaia Portal: Gaia Consciousness")

Difficult tasks  still present  themselves.  A lightworker who has  ascended  may live a  semi-reclusive  life of
meditation  and  Expanded  Multi-D. Tech  activation.  Even  so,  their  Light  radiates  through the  Grid and
throughout the globe.  Enlightened others,  aware of being on the  evolutionary path  themselves,  may often
attune to the inner world of the  World Server/Gaia Conscious individual  with amazing changes to their own
minds,  bodies and  exterior lives,  even when  never in  physical presence.  Masters of  creativity  assist the
evolution of the collective consciousness through telepathic and empathic exchanges.

Expanding emotional, mental and spiritual awareness is how we evolve ourselves on Earth, collectively as a
species,  and  individually as  unique,  loving spirits  within.  Higher  Intelligences are  broadcasting  through
Earth's grids all the information required to raise our consciousness and complete the greatest  evolutionary
leap in all human history.

We are  coming to  know
 Spirit -  Loving  Creative Force -  Greater Self -  Source -  Great Spirit__  as...  "a
Sacred, Supreme Consciousness in whom all lives are fully present." But who are we humans, to have been
gifted with this power?   We will be addressing the questions:
"Where Have We Come From", "What Does
it Mean To Be Truly Human"
and "What is Our Probable Future"?

First Atlantis
Scientists today have long searched for clues to where Atlantis existed. The problem is that they are looking
for Plato's image of One City, or One Nation,  when Atlantis was a Civilization that covered at least one third
of the  planet,  and  pushed  its ways  of  life  throughout  Earth   except for  small  areas  where  indigenous,
aboriginal or  native tribes kept  portions of the  Lemurian culture  alive in hidden,  or  sheltered areas of the
globe that were hard to find or to reach.

There actually were  three different  Atlantean civilizations which rose and fell over many tens of  thousands
of years, plus a Fourth Atlantis, which may surprise you. (For more details, see
Chapter 21: "Who We Really Are"..
(  Chronologically,  the Atlantean civilization overlapped the  Lemurian
and could be separated into three distinct phases.  It was the Annunaki's creation of we  
Homo sapiens sapiens
__ (our modern man, the "Adamic Race")__  and the meteor hitting the Martian colony that initiated the First
Phase of Atlantis.  Atlantis's empire was not just one city, island or continent.  It was a vast empire extending
over much of the globe.  Atlanteans were neither as fully in tune with  Nature nor as  intuitive or  cooperative
with  Nature as the  Lemurians.  When  people from two  divergent civilizations  intermingle,  stress and new
diseases develop.  In our  21st Century  world,  we recognize  similar  problems when  people move from an
urban to a  rural area,  or immigrate  from  third-world  countries to  industrialized  cultures.  There  were few
diseases in  Lemuria,  and what  was there was  easily cured  with the  native  plants and  shamanic psychic
abilities.  Many diseases developed for the first time on this planet during the Atlantean culture.

A Second Atlantis
No two cultures could be less alike than Lemuria and Atlantis, when two contrasting cultures met head-on__
one formed of  indigenous, native peoples who lived a simple,  nature-oriented  spiritual life and the other, a
modern sophisticated  civilization of  high-tech inventions and weaponry.  Lemurians__  feminine oriented__
had coaxed Nature into co-creations with gentle,  loving strokes. Atlanteans, were all power, political control
and  strategic thunderbolts.  In the  beginning, the Atlanteans,  having  knowledge of earlier Lemurian times,
built their  civilization with  respect for the  wisdoms of  Lemuria,  while we of today's  western world  seldom
even recognize benefits derived from indigenous cultures. Later, taking a cue from the Annunaki, Atlanteans
commandeered their  Forces of Nature  ecrets and developed into  "Star-War" wizards,  mastering the world
as demi-gods.

A great ice age  occurred 75,000 to 50,000 years ago.  Although 2nd Phase  Atlanteans suffered from disre-
specting  nature,  their  growing  dependence  on  corporeal  inventions  and  devices  did much to  develop
humanity's scientific logical mind; for the faster science and technology is fed into humans brains,  the faster
they are forced to evolve their  mental faculties,  making and collecting more  "things' causing their  intuitive,
spiritual faculties to degenerate.

A Third Atlantis
The five largest pyramids in the Western Hemisphere: Monks Mound,  Cahokia, Illinois, the Cholula and the
Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico, the recently discovered Bosnian Pyramid and Emerald Mound near Church Hill,
Mississippi,  which are  mathematically  arranged to precision.  Native  inhabitants claim  these mounds and
pyramids were there  before their people  arrived in the  Americas.  
Jeff Goodman  found human skulls older
than 40,000  years in the United States__  so old,  their carbon 14 dating was blank;  the C-14  isotope only
reads to 40,000 years.

The Third Phase of  Atlantis existed about  50,000 to 13,000 years ago.  It was in this  period we  began our
own "Great Experiment"__  creating without  reference to the spirit in forms,  without permission or in accord
with  Divine Purpose.  Most of us agreed to go along with this new idea as a  learning encounter at first,  but
the new idea evolved into what we now call  "technology"__  physical,  material technology__  often focused
on gold or precious gems, instead of spiritual purpose.

Things soon  began to go badly in what was left of  Lemuria.   We'd  forgotten about how  you can't  change
one thing in the world without affecting other things, too. Eventually, the entire "Mu" civilization disappeared,
as we worshiped the Annunaki.  Power games proved to be the downfall of  Third Phase Atlanteans,  toying
with advanced lasers,  huge crystals,  mind-control devices and ray weapons,  misusing the forces of nature
in disregard of universal law. Disconnected from the Creative Force and without compassion, their profound
knowledge  and  practical  information  lost  them the  wisdom  coming  from  knowledge  applied with  Love.
Gradually, over tens of thousands of years,  we were tricked into giving our personal power away,  enabling
certain self-labeled  "experts" to impose their political,  educational and religious "rights" over us, over-riding
our  Free  Will__  the #1  Cosmic "no-no".  In time,  we  forgot our  ancient  foundations,  forgot  why we had
originally come here,  who we really were, the Great Experiment, our sacred missions and lessons.

All three  Atlantis civilizations had to cope with  End Times every 25,920 years.  Where Lemuria slowly sank
into oblivion,  Third Atlantis imploded itself in a series of dramatic,  fatal  flash-points as we tried desperately
to fashion more and greater material technologies, hoping to hold back the cycles of time.  (Sound familiar?)
But inevitably, our potent scientific culture crumbled. Groups of Atlantean refugees fled to lands surrounding
the Atlantic ocean, vowing to usher in a kinder and safer lifestyle for all peoples and all life everywhere.

The Great Deluge
Every now and then,  the magnetic poles of the planet reverse,  bringing massive changes to land and sea.
About  13,000-16,000 years ago,  we were at a similar crossroads in our  planetary history,  Ordinarily, with
an ability to work with Intention and Expanded Multi-D Technologies, we would have been able to eliminate
__ or at least greatly reduce__  the devastating effects of one of these reversals.  But the magnetic grids of
Earth had  collapsed,  causing us to lose our memories,  and the  Great Flood  nearly wiped out all humans
and animals on Earth. Legend tells how some humans were forewarned by a kind-hearted Annunaki, "Enki",
who took pity on us, his "children", before returning to the safety of their space-ships and leaving our planet.
Some  who had been  warned,  like  biblical  Noah,  built  boats or arks,  saving  collections of  DNA to start
human, plant and animal growth all over again.

After the  flood and  pole shift,  we sank way,  way down in  consciousness.  We could  not r ecall either the
creativity codes or the  material technologies.  We lost our  attunement to  Creative Force/Greater Self, and
soon we also  lost all attunement to  Gaia/Mother Earth and  Nature.  We lost  two-thirds of our senses! We
became an entire planet of refugees.  Today, this devastating series of fiascos is referred to as "The Fall of
Man".  We sank so low in  consciousness  we would have  fallen out of  existence,  had not a few ascended
masters convinced the  Galactic Federation that there was a chance__  a very slim chance, but a chance__
that humans could be  retrained to elevate our  consciousness once again and assist Earth to new life.  The
planet's  ascended masters,  beings from  hundreds of  off-world  civilizations,  came here and stepped in to
create an  artificial,  second-lowest  consciousness level as a  temporary  safety  zone from  which we might
learn to  evolve once  again.  Until now,  this is where we have been  sitting for over  12,000 years__  we've
been calling it the  Sleeper  Stage__  and many  humans are still  struggling to  move  beyond  that  artificial
consciousness level.

October 22, 11:11 PM, (MDT) or October 23, 12:11 AM, (PDT),  before this Newsletter Issue goes online,
we will begin updating our relationships by  balancing confrontations,  resourcefulness,  and desires, as we
catalyzing change to provoke greater emotional honesty and growth.  We'll want power,  intensity,  purpose
 Mission in all our  relationships.  VIVID DREAMS will increase,  and  MANIFESTING &  HEALING will
work once again, although in different ways!

Next Issue:
"The Fourth Atlantis".