By MARILYN LA CROIX

                       CHAPTER 20: PARALLEL REALITIES.
You are ready to take the Twentieth and Final Step to Creating From the Future, to review the
ninth Expanded Multi-Density Technology and move between__ perhaps even create:       
                                                       Parallel Realities.

An Infinite number of possible Timelines exist.  We can at any moment,  change our  current reality by
Jumping  Timelines."  As Energy Artists,  we have that  privilege;  but it is also  our  responsibility to
choose,  or not to choose,  a future reality/timeline that's for  the highest good of all concerned,  and in
accord with Creator Source's purposes.  After performing an  Intentional Multi-D  manifestation or heal-
ing, express Gratitude for that privilege.
    *  "Where Were You?"
             The Akashic Records.
    *  "Altering Reality."
    *  "The Desert Healing."
             We are what we Hold in Consciousness.
    *   "Observing Matter Alters It."
    *  "Altering Reality."
             Recent Paradigm Shifts.
             Parallel Reality Timelines.
    *   "So Be It"
    *   "Until You Know You Are the Fire, You will keep on Getting
              Consciousness Connects many layers of Possible & Probable  
    *  "So Be It."
    *  "Short Cut Healing."
                       Shortcut Healing
              Ancient Mysteries Revisited.
              Imagination Changes Brain Structure.
              When Creatures Create From Within.
              Everything is Consciousness.
    *  "Creating From the Future."
              A Third Masterpiece.
    *  "Amber's Self-Healing."
    *  "The Ultimate Healing."

"Where Were You?"
Christine  Griffiths,  
the new girl in Miss Smith's elementary classroom,  arrives a few days after my
eighth birthday,  looking like the most amazing person  in the whole world. I can't keep my eyes off her.
With dark hair arranged in long,  fat curls  (just like mine),  she gets to wear  frilly yellow dresses, long
white stockings and  black patent leather shoes every day,  not just on Sundays or holidays.  Yellow is
my favorite color, & I envy her  not having to wear the  drab, walnut-brown stockings  & sensible brown
oxfords  the rest of us girls  wear for school.  Christine sits  across the room  from me,  but we  smile at
each other throughout the day. At recess, we spend every minute together. We're soon best friends.

Our favorite game  at recess is  "dodge ball".  One team  throws  a big ball  at the legs  of an  opposing
team member.  If they're hit,  they're out of the game.  Then they throw the ball back at our team.  But if
you aim too high & hit them above the waist,  they get to put a player back on their team. When recess
ends,  the side with the most players lef t wins the game.  Christine and I make sure we're on the same

Our team usually wins , but one day we're way behind with only a few members left.  Christine looks at
me slyly&d whispers
: "Watch this!"  She takes a deep breath, squints her eyes & then  throws the ball.
But the ball soars high above us, makes a right angle turn in mid-air and disappears into the vacant lot
next door.  All the kids start yelling,  for we're not allowed to  leave the playground.  The Janitor comes
over to see what's wrong,  and he calls Teacher to come out.   We tell her what happened,  and every-
body searches through the high weeds  in the empty lot  until the Janitor rings his bell.  Recess is over.
We never did find that ball. We're disgusted, because that was the only ball, and now we can't play our
game anymore.  Teacher asks how the ball happened to go so far away in the first place.  Several kids
pipe up and point at me:
"Marilyn made it go crooked".

I'm shocked.  I look over at Christi,  expecting her to confess  that it was she__  not I __  who made the
ball do its crazy thing.  But Christine just  looks at the ground  and walks away.  I say  I didn't do it;  but
not wanting to snitch on my best friend,  I say no more. Teacher gives me a puzzled look&d all the kids
are mad at me. Why didn't Christine tell the truth? I feel bad about this.

A few weeks later, the ball incident is forgotten,  and Christine & I are as thick as ever. One Friday she
asks me to  come over  to her house  after school.  While home for lunch,  I ask my parents  if I can go.
They say it's okay, but I must be home by
5:30 when Daddy gets home from work & we have supper.

Oh, boy,  I can hardly wait!  School's out at
4 PM,  nd we walk  the four blocks  to Christine's house, a
yellow clapboard with white trim. This really is surprising,  because nobody  painted their house yellow
1940. There is a big front porch and we play paper dolls out there,  drink orangeade and  eat peanut
butter cookies. The front door is open  & after awhile I call in through the screen door to ask  what time
it is. Christine's mother  says it's just 5:35.  Oh, boy__  I have four blocks back to school  and then four
more to my house,  mostly uphill,  and I'm already late. I say goodbye, thank Christine's mother,__ and
run for home.

I'm late for supper and  Mother and Daddy are upset.  They worried when they discovered the Griffiths
were  not in the phone book.  I'm grounded f or a week. Well,  that's twice now  that my  friendship with
Christine has gotten me into trouble. The fascination is wearing thin.

On Monday,  Christine is not in school,  and by the end of the week,  she's still absent. The next week,
still no Christine,  and I begin to worry.  Is she sick,  hurt,  or what?  I ask  Miss Smith about it,  but she
doesn't seem to know what I'm talking about. "Christine", I say. "
She's the new girl".

Teacher gets a funny look in her eyes, and says, "
You mean  Yvonne Christiansen?  Why, she moved
away  at Christmas vacation
;  she's been  gone for months."  I'm struck dumb.  I remember Yvonne,  a
little blond pixie who was here only half a year,  but Miss Smith doesn't seem to remember Christine at
all. Did she move, too?

A favorite  Sunday afternoon family entertainment  in the
1940'. s is to take a drive  around town or into
the countryside. After I'm freed up from being grounded,  Christine's still absent from school  & the next
Sunday I beg Daddy to please drive past Christine's house so I can see if she's moved away, or is sick
or something. He agrees and asks for directions to her house.

Oh, she lives  just a block down the hill from  Renee's__ a yellow house with white trim & a big front
porch. You know, at the bottom of the hill where we go sledding in the winter

Daddy says,
"What? There aren't any houses in that block__ and nobody paints the house yellow. Are
you sure that's the right block?'
I insist it is and we drive down that street.

But  Daddy's right__ there's no house there.  And from the look of the  weedy,  rocky empty lots,  there
have never been any houses there.
 Mother puts her hand  on my shoulder & demands__ "Just where  
were you that Friday afternoon, then
.?" I have no answer. They keep asking me all the way home,

Paradigms are collective concepts  held by groups of people with similar values,  ideas & beliefs. Most
world cultures share paradigms on many subjects. These days, we often hear the phrase, "outside the
box", to describe belief systems beyond mainstream paradigms.

Nearly all peoples of the world base their fundamental notions about life on religious, spiritual or philos-
ophical beliefs.  Our sense of  Separation  has led us to  think that   
Who We Really Are  resides  "in a
", & What Is Not Us  lies "outside the box". We might say that  a box"  shared by most industrialized
world cultures is the idea of  birthing, aging and dying,  And that's the end.  Ideas of reincarnation, age-
reversal or immortality are thought to exist "
outside the box" in westernized cultures.

The over-all  consciousness paradigm__ the experimental setup we call  "Life"__ is given  different lab-
els by various organizations of thought.  Some say it's  "
God".  Others label it   "Evolution",  "Intelligent
Designer", "Creative Force", "Allah", "Source", "Brahma", 'Great Spirit"
, "Jehovah" or "Universe".  Pres-
ent day cultures put
a box, of limitations around our beliefs about Life,  bout Supreme Intelligence and
about laws allowing for true realities or illusions of reality. If you have read this far in these chapters  &
sincerely resonate with what was offered,  you are now ready to step  "
outside the box"  yourself,  and
experience  expanded versions of   
Who You Really Are  in this and  the next two chapters.  You are
ready to take the twentieth & final step of Higher Creativity and move between__ perhaps even create
__ parallel realities with the ninth Expanded Multi-D Tech.

The world of matter  is formed of  atomic particles, & at its core,   t's really just  particles of energy. We
have an equivalent in our etheric subtle-energy body, but our body's energy particles have no charge
i.e., they are in a zero point energy state,  and therefore are  timeless and  resistanceless. Such part-
icles are not ordinarily charged unless we catalyze them with a strong feeling, thought or belief. These
particles are cohered by  Mind ("
Light"),  then drawn from  7th  Density  energy fields by  the Creative
Force which networks the particles together into  
6th density sacred geometrical patterns as they sur-
round our bodies.

When these particles link,  they exist forever  in their sacred geometrical patterns in the etheric energy
of space.  They become
 Akashik Records__ the collective consciousness  of  the entire human race,
including every possible thing said,  thought or  done in our entire past, present__  and in our probable
futures. As Earth's & humanity's vibrations rise under consciousness transformation,  Her grid changes
radically.  At this transitional period in history  each time we pray, meditate, intend a  manifestation or a
healing,  we re-pattern__ re-code__ that planetary grid, imprinting new ideas & thought-forms  or hum-
anity and Earth's evolving paradigms
.  These thoughts can be  released into  reality wit h 5th Density  
Intention and "Sound".

The principle behind the Akashic Records is a  quantum hologram holding the blueprint of all  possibili-
ties of Life.  Scientists call it the  "
universal,  unified  energy field".   We've seen that  strong  emotions
Truly Enlightened Individuals can change DNA.  It's also true that our DNA can change the quantum
hologram, the Ether\Unified Field/Akashic Records
. In other words__we can create alternate realities
and move into them at will.

Collectively,  we can create Heaven on Earth.
This is presently coming into being right now. October, 2008 , the stock market rapidly fell, &  by 2013
our  oil-based energy system  was still  drastically  driving inflation.  The "Old Consciousness" world is
crumbling.  The "Christ- Unity Consciousness" grid for Earth  was begun about  
12,500 years ago  with
the building of the Giza Pyramid and completed in
1989  when the Gateway Arch in St. Louis  became
a huge "tuning fork",  uniting  East with West__ all the energetic meridians,  sacred sites & monuments
around the world. T he Berlin Wall came down that year,  symbolizing  a rejoining of  global,  east-west
paradigms. Using  Expanded Multi-D Tech, we can collectively access  The Creative Force, excite this
new grid,  and program it with positive thoughts & feelings of a benevolent present as we choose.  We
can re-program it with new world paradigms. We can redesign our future.
The Desert Healing
Consciousness plays a key role  in the reality of any observation we make__  for we are what
we hold in consciousness.  

We Learned how to move energy. & as we did, it became particulate, measurable & sometimes obser-
vable. As clear, loving individuals, we can put that energy into our own crystal hearts, & use it to activ-
ate the energy fields of a human, plant, animal, mineral__ or a planet.

When we consciously observe matter, we alter it.
We must always be cognizant of these effects,  especially while performing  healing or  manifestations.
Consciousness evolves, and similarly,
Energetic Intentional Healing continued to evolve:

 A friend at  Riverview RV Resort  on the Colorado River  becomes seriously ill  and is taken to
the hospital in
Phoenix.  Weeks of tests ensue,  but they cannot discover  the cause for  Dan's illness.
Shortly before Christmas, he becomes gray & too weak to eat. He has not slept lying down for months.
His doctors finally  ecide he has some kind of virus concentrated around his lungs. I tune in telepathic-
ally to Dan that evening & sense his request for help.  Our higher selves  give permission  for a remote

Early next morning, friend
Jane relays a phone call from Dan's wife, Joyce, stating the seriousness of
his condition and confirming his plea for help.  I 'm already prepared,  but need some kind of  "witness"  
carrying his vibration__ hair, drop of blood, photograph or signature will do. I have nothing of  his near
me. The resort managers help me find  a photo montage placemat which includes his picture. As I loo
at his dear face smiling out at me, my heart overflows with love and compassion, and we instantly con-
nect on inner levels. Higher Self guides me as to what needs to be done. I make notes,  put them in an
old K-Mart plastic shopping bag
 along with the big crystal and the photograph, then head towards the
nearby desert where I won't have to smudge rooms or shield from electronic devices. Haste seems ex-
tremely important__ can we do this in time?

I cross the wide, dry wash area
& head up the far embankment. I'm already charged up with the tense-
ness of the situation, and to save time, I anchor myself to Earth as I walk
__ Immediately__ the ground
trembles beneath my feet
 and everything around me takes on a bright, golden-white glow. A 5th Den-
sity effect)
 I look up,  but there is no sun to be seen in the completely overcast sky.  As I turn to move
on, my inner voice says,
"Go home. Even now he is healed. He will be up and around by evening."

What's this?  I haven't even started the healing yet__ no cleansing,  no ritual,  no mantras, no mudras,
no stated intention . I haven't even  taken the photo or the crystal out of the bag!  I stop walking.  I'm  in
a quandary. The logical mind wants to  continue another ten feet into the desert and perform the usual
technique anyway,  but the  "new" consciousness  wants to do as  Higher Self suggests  and go home.
Realizing that it will be Dan who suffers if the healing hasn't occurred, yet
; and intuitively knowing that
everyone involved has agreed on some level to do this experience together__ we are, indeed, one un-
ified consciousness, one being! I swallow my fears,  & return to our RV. As I put everything away,  rain
pours down in sheets
& continues until morning__ Christmas Day. Three days later,  Joyce calls. Dan
is making rapid improvement
; he is off antibiotics. They're cutting back all other medications & wean-
ing him off the ventilator tube in his throat. He can get up to use the bathroom.

Five days later,  Joyce, comes to  Riverview on business.  She tells how on  
December 23rd,  Dan had
asked if our group could help him,  and the next morning__ at the same time I was heading towards the
desert   to perform the healing technique__  she felt  he healing energies charge up her body, and was
instructed  by her Higher Self  to direct energies  toward  various areas of  Dan's body.  She  had been
fully aware that the three of us were connected, and that we were coordinating the healing. As we wor-
ked together on higher levels, visible blue lightning bolts flashed from her hands into his body.

Afterwards,  test after test was taken  to find out why he  improved so rapidly,  but no answers  appear-
ed.  The doctors were mystified.  By the end of the week,  Dan was out of ICU,  off all medications and
breathing supports, and had begun physical rehabilitation.

Although healing with a group or without a crystal  had been done in the past, this time we effected the
healing using completely
non-physical means: Unconditional Love, a sense of Oneness,  group intelli-
gence, spiritual guidance and common intent.  We were in telepathic communication through the invisi-
ble, unified energy field.  
Creative Force Energy  was relayed through several cooperating individuals
in Unity Consciousness and transferred from a 5th to a 3rd dimensional reality

It appears that when we have achieved Unity Consciousness we are so lovingly connected as a group
mind,  that we each understand perfectly  the role we are to fulfill  for the highest good of the whole, as
well as for each individual within that whole
.  We need no formal "business", "institutional" or "govern-
" organization.  We need no  "leader" or  "laws".  We are already lovingly organized inwardly al-
ong the energetic networks of Earth, and in this way we accomplish technologies which need no phys-
ical materials or devices.

Altering Reality
On my daily walk along the Lost River Valley, Idaho, canal banks late one September morning,
I reach a point where  overhanging aspen trees illuminate the area with amber and coral light through
their autumn leaves. The same colors glimmer like stained glass shards from the surface of the gurg-
ling canal water , as green, yellow and brown-speckled fallen leaves  nod and spin  across its flowing
reflections. All is crowned with a vivid, deep, electric blue sky,  as billowy white clouds gently sail ac-
ross the valley and the mountain peaks play peek-a-boo within them. The wild desert land  below the  
mountains is  polka-dotted with late-booming or dried wildflowers
; a nd purple, white  gray-green and
gold blooming sagebrush scents the air. Could anything, anywhere surpass such beauty? As my eyes
brim with joyous tears, I give thanks for the privilege of living in this perfection.

My attention is then drawn  to the little dirt road at my feet.  Charged up with ecstatic love for  Earth &
Nature, I  feel my body vibrating at higher frequencies. Then I spy an interestingly-shaped pebble ab-
out the size of a peanut at my feet. I  bend down,  intending to grasp it &  examine it more closely, but
inches away from that pebble,  my hand stops of its own accord. I straighten up, look at the perfection
of the scene again,  and "
know",  without any doubt,  that simply moving that pebble even a quarter of
an inch, will set into motion some incredible chang
e  in the universe. I will instantly create another re-
(Science calls this "The Butterfly Effect").

I stand there, unmoving, for as long as ten minutes,  pondering over  the various possibilities  open to
us as energy artists,  and what kind of parallel reality  might manifest  if I do move the pebble. Part of
me is intensely curious  to see what might happen.  Another part realizes  the passion & gratitude felt
for the reality in which I'm now residing. I choose__ let the pebble lie where it is.  Life is  glorious and
beautiful in this moment. Why change it?

Perhaps by not moving that pebble I denied myself the experience of an alternate, even more glorious,
reality; but something different is not always better. What I did, was affirm my belief in an already exist-
ent beautiful, abundant universe. The lesson learned through this encounter is that we can at any mo-
ment, change our current reality. As energy artists, we have that privilege__ it is our birthright,  but it is
also our
responsibility to choose, or not to choose, for the highest good of all concerned and in accord
with Creator's purposes.  Our consciousness alters the world itself  because   t alters how we appraise
the future; i.e., we experience world the way we do because we choose to do so.

Recent Paradigm Shifts
Some prophecies of  Nostrodamis,  Native American Elders,  Edgar Cayce and others which were
nearly 100% true, have changed. Most negative forecasts since
1972 did not come true, due to the ef-
forts of certain groups. These groups__  as few as 12, or as large as 250 persons,  organized on inner
levels and found positive ways to morph our planet into a parallel reality. Humanity is now experiencing
another fate__ one which didn't come  from the past
:  it was people who were  coming from the future,
altering our past
. And the first was a group of 12 children, who were in Israel. Those 10, 11 & 12-year-
old children have altered something
; and more and more are coming from the future. We call them "In-
digo", Crystal" or "Rainbow" children.

This move to a  
parallel timeline changed things . At least four different reality shifts occurred between
1998 and 2001,  and possibly more.  We, as a race, were able to overcome the Y2K prophecies easily.
We're going to keep jumping from one reality__ to the next,  to the next , to the next__ till we get to this
place where we're OK.  The prayers for world peace  and the people activating their Merkabas...  (light
bodies)... have made this possible.

September 11, 2001,  more changes have occurred.  One__ an almost global sense of compa-
ssion made people worldwide aware of the need to work together to alter conditions under which such
mindsets develop  fester and grow into outright mass murder. At present, many groups across the pla-
net are praying & visualizing peace with the
 Middle East, North Korea and certain African countries.

A third change in our global reality  could be the tremendously increased  influx of  immigrants & refug
ees to various  westernized , industrial countries and perhaps, the growing power & technological sup-
remacy of China and India. Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian Tsunami , and more recently, the Haitian
and Chilean earthquakes,  the Gulf of Mexico oil explosion,  Middle East protests and conflicts, and the
earthquake and tsunami of Japan  with nuclear reactor meltdowns  have expanded our  group compas-
sion and the realization of a need to prepare ourselves & to change the way we treat Earth,  due to the
probability of  further earth changes.  The Swine Flu scare  also made us aware  that we  cannot often
trust information presented by the mainstream, and that  corporations and  the military are in control of
world governments.

Weather Changes: On February 12, 2010 , there was snow on the ground in every state in the U.
. except Hawaii. While it snowed in  Florida & Dallas, TX, here in central Idaho, it was in the 50's F.
__ the trees were budding out.  A few months ago,  California was plagued with wildfires , but as I write
to-day, it is drowning in torrential rains.
 Iceland's volcanoes erupted,  shutting down airline for weeks.
Australia was hit  by a gigantic cyclone and March, 2011, Florida had been without rain for 3 months,
while the northeastern
U. S. flooded over and over again.

Another change could be our perceptions of extraterrestrials  & their possible public contact with Earth.
Will they come as destroyers, conquerors and enslavers? Or will we perceive them as yet another "
", giving them the authority of parental, god-like figures? Or, will we take our place beside
them as intelligent,  loving and  compassionate brothers & sisters__ co-creative,  responsible
 adults at
?  However we choose to perceive them,  humanity's developing paradigm about  off-world species
is that Earth is part of some grand design. much larger than originally conceived.  We are, after all, gal-
actic citizens as well as planetary citizens.

The recent  
Steven Spielberg film, "Signs",  portrayed  evil aliens. But in "Taken",  the ten part,  Sci-fi
channel series, the ETs were shown as a type of consciousness  reflecting each human's  thoughts, e-
motion,s expectations about what they might see or experience if they did interface with an ET. This a-
lien intelligence seemed to have  lost its ability  to feel emotion
;  hence, their interest in  Earth humans
and our ability to feel so intensely. It is, indeed, our most precious gift__ our emotions  connect us with
Spirit. Our physical and mental cannot do so. The "
Taken" series ended  with some humans and aliens
being able to form a friendship, teaching each other about Creativity.

Parallel Reality Timelines.
Another opportunity for altering reality arrived in October, '91 when energetic healing took yet another
We are worried.  Since our retirement from the railroad, Hal has been exhibiting symptoms of  Alzheim-
er's Disease. His mother died of it last year after twelve years in a nursing home, gradually, becoming
unable to recognize any of her six living children
;  eventually drooling & babbling like a baby.  Hal has
been getting worse
: the distressing emotional changes, the forgetfulness,  and__ although he' s never
been overweight,  a twenty pound weight loss in only three months . He finally admits that he, too, is a-
fraid that he has the disease.

Since he's not open to alternative healing methods,
I beg him to seek some kind of mainstream medic-
al help. He refuses. He's afraid of what might be discovered. This is particularly painful to me, an ener-
getic healer who has assisted self and hundreds of others toward greater wellbeing__ and now, my life
partner, my best friend, my lover, will not allow me to help

I have to face facts, to re-organize our life somehow and prepare for the worst. Over the coming weeks
we change his life insurance policy to provide terminal care.  We increase our savings plan, cutting out
all non-essentials. I talk with women who had to place their AD afflicted husbands in nursing homes, &  
seek out related agencies and support  groups. I arrange for the time when I can no longer care for him
at home__ I'll sell our house
& most of our possessions__cash in our investments & take more compu-
ter training to support us until my pension is available.  I do everything I can think of to rearrange our li-
fe so we'll both be provided for as well as possible. Once again a "pebble"__no, a boulder!__  appears
in our life path.

I awake next morning  in intense anger
.  "Why is this happening  to us?",  I snarl  to myself.  Meditation
brings no "answers"__I'm too fearful. My rage increases daily. Over the years, I've learned humans us
ually require some sort of limiting structure or great shock,  to propel us to build up  the inner force that
causes things to manifest. Frustration and emotional pain were certainly
"building" up something within
me,.& then, I realize this is similar to the rage I felt in St. Louis after a
NDE and seizures in the hospital,
followed by over five hours  of tremendous convulsions at home__ all caused by  a mix of  medications
that proved toxic to my body.  At the height of my distress,  I'd asked  Higher Self  for an explanation of

what I was being shown that night, too. And it came immediately:
                   "Until you  KNOW you are THE FIRE,  you will keep on  getting BURNED".

Well,  if I AM The Fire,  then it seems it's up to me  to prevent myself from  "getting burned".  If I AM the
fire,  then I should also have control over  
not being burned.  But this time it was  Hal's illness  that was
burning both of us. Somewhere deep inside, I could sense the answer, but had no words for it.

When I awoke
 next morning__  I KNEW I AM The Fire.  I had not  the slightest doubt..  I sat up in bed,
cross-legged,  and with quiet but strong determination,  and Love in my heart,  said aloud: "
I don't want
this experience of  Hal having Alzheimers Disease   We don't need to have this experience.  We don't
deserve it,  and we're NOT going to have it!  He can move into that reality  if he wants to,  but  I'm  not
going to move into it with him. I'm going to have a beautiful, loving reality  in which he and I  are both
in perfect health  and move happily and actively into our future togethe

I had declared my intention in no uncertain terms,
 without any doubts,  and I kept it alive  in my mind &
heart over the following days. I had created a space in which Hal could heal himself if he so desired, &
I held that space steadily  in my mind and heart.  Oh,  I slipped now and then__  but I'd immediately re
think and re-feel it  the way I envisioned it to be in our future,  as if it were  already accomplished.  I felt
the joy of its manifestation and gave thanks to Creator.

Within a few days,  I noticed that  except for a tendency  to sleep longer than usual, Hal  wasn't having
the physical problems  which usually accompanied  the mental and emotional breakdowns of  Alzheim-
ers. I kept assuring myself  that he was only having trouble adjusting to retirement. As the weeks pass
ed,  Hal slowly returned to his old self.  He stopped losing weight & developed  a schedule of activities
for his days. His mental and emotional outlook on life returned to normal.

Consciousness is the quantum connection between the many layers of possible and probable realities.
Some researchers say that all possible futures really happen somewhere
; and each of us is now living  
in all of these possibilities,  although  we're aware of  only one at a time. There are  numerous  parallel
universes in which  we are existing simultaneously,  and there are  parallel universes  in  which  we do
not exist. The difference may lie in  our beliefs,  or in our sensitivities__ perhaps in our ability  to image
other possibilities,  other choices & therefore,  other realities available to us.  The normal worlds  seem
to be more abundant than maverick worlds where things go crazy.

Twenty years passed since that trying time,
 & sometimes I ponder over it and wonder:  In some "alter-
nate reality", are a Hal and a Marilyn going through the pain and misery of his having Alzheimer's? Mo-
dern physics, to its own amazement, allows for, and even professes the existence of dimensions or de-
nsities parallel to our own."
Non-locality," is an essentially conscious medium, sensed as a foundation-
al reality  behind all appearances,  time & space . Notable physicists speak of the existence of a
, in which our reality is one of many existing in non-time/non-space,  a principle echoing from such
disparate sources as from the
Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency__the power behind the famous
Stargate remote viewing program. This Stargate program was reactivated to locate Saddam Hussien.

"So Be It"
 While visiting Sherry at her shop in Lost River Valleys, Idaho, Cathy comes in looking for some
vibrational remedies or aromatherapies to help with intense TMJ syndrome pain.  Since this is Sherry's
business,  where she sells alternative health remedies, I don't suggest energy healing,  but Sherry,  af-
ter examining her stock,  tells Cathy she's very sorry,  but none of the remedies for TMJ are in stock at
this time. Sherry looks at me, nods her head and suggests Cathy try an energetic healing.

What do you do?" asks Cathy. "I can't wait. I can't stand this any longer." Something inside me brings
forth the reply, "
I don't do anything. Your pain is already gone."

Cathy is startled. She puts her hand up to the side of her face,  and her eyes widen with astonishment.
It's gone!  What did you do?"  she asks.  I tell her she has done her own healing__ I only projected ex-
tra Divine Love energy and helped focus it for her inner spirit's use.  She sits down awhile to think,  but
later leaves the shop still mystified.

Sherry says, "Now
that"s what I call The Ultimate Healing!"  We laugh joyfully.  But years later,  we find
we hadn't even
begun to see the truth of an "Ultimate Healing".

In the fullness of time,  word of remote energetic healing spreads. Soon strangers call me at odd hours
of the day or night.  When I found myself on the phone or performing remote techniques from
7 AM  to
11 PM,   seven days a week,  I knew I had to find another way of dealing with this.  I didn't want to turn
away anyone suffering or disabled,  but I had no private life  and was burning out. Time became a real
problem. Soon I would have to make a list ,  requiring people wait days or weeks for a healing, or have
choose whom to help or not.

Recalling the episode with Cathy's TMJ,   I wondered if remote healing  could be done  the same way.

I went out to the old scotch pine in our front yard after dark, grounded with Earth, linked with Creative
Force and "sent" healing energy to all who had requested it. The 'shortcuts" worked!

Short Cut Healing
Then, late one evening, a request comes from a severely injured young  man on the East Coast
who is  training for t he Olympic trials.  I'm so tired, I can't even drag myself outside to the pine tree. In
stead, I just stand beside the kitchen phone,  evoke Unconditional Love, & project wellness toward the
injured fellow. I sigh, and promise myself to do a more formal healing in the morning when I feel better.

But, with additional calls arriving at 7 AM, I forget all about my plan to "do a real healing"  for this fellow
until late the following evening when
he calls__  to thank me__ relating how he felt the energies  infus-
ing his body. His leg was now feeling well & the pain was gone.  He tested the knee the next day,  and
finds he's able to compete after all.

Here is yet another lesson on "ultimate healing".  But something still had to be done about the increas-
ing number of calls.  I realized that I needed to
 teach this to other people . In fact, the procedure could
be taught in only a few days,  but to tell people  how todevelop a consciousness that enables the proc-
ess, takes at least a week. Then I hit on the idea of writing a pamphlet to be used as preliminary read-
ing for the classes.

I began writing that pamphlet in late
1996,  and saw how all the strange experiences throughout my life
had been leading me in this direction. The text expanded  to become something  far more than a hand-
book on healing.  I never went looking for data until later,  when I saw the link with  Higher Creativity to
how artists create &  began interviewing artists.  All other information poured in  from many sources the
moment I committed to writing the booklet. (See
Archives for "Quantum Possibilities")
Ancient Mysteries Revisited
In the  Periodic Table of Elements,  the Transition Group  includes gold and the heavy platinums.They
can allow their energetic levels to change to m
onoatomic white powder state, known to ancient Egypt-
ians as
mfkzt, and believed to have magical powers.(See Archives for further details. )

Britain's Astronomer Royal,  was attempting to find out  how to access parallel dimensions. Related re
search into anti-gravity aircraft & a new Stealth Technology  based on  super-conducting elements has
long been underway. Articles have been written about using
monoatomic plantinum metal to  treat can-
cer in the  "
Platinum Metals Review". The latest discoveries are that  single ruthenium atoms can cor-
rect distorted
DNA. No surgery, drugs or radiation need to be used.  Our human DNA will vibrate in ac-
cord with
monoatomic ruthenium, which unlinks the short-length helix and reconstructs it again corres-
ponding  to its original memory.  Both
iridium and rhodium have  anti-aging  abilities,  while  ruthenium
platinum compounds will affect both DNA and our cellular bodies  by triggering off seldom-used or
never used parts of our brains.

Both science and consciousness evolution now seem to be leading us into formerly unknown realms__
hyperdimensions__in which all things may soon be possible . Scientific studies indicate that
tion can change brain structures
.  Researches revealed how long-employed  London taxi drivers' in-
creased needs  to remember the city byways enlarged the
 hippocampus areas  of their brains.  Other
experiments showed how  practicing musical scales on the piano  with all ten fingers,  for five days in a
row, enlarged that area of the brain connected with those digits.  In fact, just
imagining the movements
caused a similar, measurable brain change. Our sharpened
focus will physically alter our brains.

We can do anything we want to.  We do it all the time__ in fact,  we're are doing it right now. The world
we're existing in at this moment  is the world we've created  for ourselves  
Continual Consciousness  is
the awareness of all possible alternatives  at any one moment. Then we know all there is to know, sen-
sing everything that can be sensed.  At such a moment we are free.  We "feel"  which realities we want
to experience as our real life. An incredible Peace of Mind results.

When Creatures Create From Within
Everything has consciousness.
 "Light" is an  unconstrained form of consciousness,  & matter
is a denser form.
Events are condensations of focused & projected conscious intentions with
strong emotions.
What creates condensation is a sort of  "trapping" of consciousness for a period of time, using our abil-
ity to hold Imagination & Focus. If something starts out as substance, once we no longer focus on it, or
observe it, it behaves differently.

We move in and out of  Parallel Realities  by allowing both realities to exist  while we  choose
the one we wish to experience.  If we start seeing the world in a certain way,  it will change__
but for group or consensus perceptions, we must convince others to see that world as we do,

Our machine technology__ leaking "dirty electricity"__no longer works well for us and is actually killing
our planet, its life-forms and ourselves. We must take command of our lives and our planet. The differ-
ence between being Asleep & being Awakened, means the difference between our planet self-destruc-
ting due to extreme imbalance, and our planet & all of us  ascending to the next density fully intact and
empowered. The Maya and other indigenous North and South American peoples hold pieces of the in-
formation jigsaw puzzle that, when put together appropriately, can lead us to  "
The Path Beyond Tech-
"  The Basic and  Expanded  Multi-D Technologies , as presented in this text,  are one of those

The classic Mayan's primary god was  
"Time".  One of the best ways to learn how to  create new reali-
ties is through the  Mayan Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar.  Its 260 day cycles teach us that  "Time is Art".  A
Mayan solar glyph represents
how an idea occurs,  and the 13 number-tones of each wavespell period
show how an intention begins as spiritual energy,  then evolves into thought,  into emotion and eventu-
ally into the physical world as a creative force which can propel us into a parallel reality. Information &
instructions for using the Mayan Calendar can be obtained by contacting
Ian Lungold's website (www.
mayanmajix) and his www.youtube.com videos.

The  basic tools  for creating new realities are the same as those used for  "
Energetic Intentional Heal-
"__ (Chapters 11 & 12).  In a Unity Consciousness,  we expect miracles,  are willing to  create them
and eager to live within them. Loving ourselves,  and knowing we deserve it is extremely important,  for
since we are  creating new realities in every moment__ with Love,  or with a lack of Love__  we will att-
ract Loving or non-Loving situations.  The Zone enables us to be future "reality artists" for ourselves &  
for the world. If you've been reading this website in the order suggested and have allowed your aware-
ness to expand and grow along with it,  you will now find yourself  living in a  very different reality  than
the one in which you viewed the first page.

Creating From the Future
We have two potential paradigms  about causation and effect f rom which to choose.  The intellectual,
technological mindset believes tha t The Past Creates The Present.
 It's why we cleared out our "inner
baggage" with Basic Multi-D Technologies.
The "new" consciousness__ the intuitive,  holistic mindset
__ believes a Loving, Visualized & Intended Future can change the Present, the Past  and the Future
Together, these inner conceptions generate
space/time__ the parallel worlds   (See Archives for more
on "
Quantum Possibilities".)

Some northern hemisphere airports  had to change markers along their runways  because the magnet-
ic North Pole shifted as much as 80 miles,  indicating that our world has already begun to move to new
realities. We're no longer involving ourselves in the intellectual,  mechanical,  Past-to-Present mindset.
We have already begun to create more and more of our reality out of a Future-to-Present paradigm__
where inner,  spiritual environments  create bot h present & future worlds.  By
January, 2011,  science
reported that  Earth's magnetic north pole is moving southward through
Russia at the rate of 40 miles
each year. The long-foretold Shift is well underway.  It's as if we walk backwards  through the corridors
of Time, yet still face toward the future.

Yes,  the Shift is happening right now,  but hav e
you personally,  begun to shift your world  to the new
unity consciousness?  One way to tell  if you are attuned harmonically  with your world,  is that you will
be adjusting to and resonating with a reality that is "working" fairly well for you, in contrast to an  unad-
justed one that is becoming  increasingly chaotic & disharmonious. Yes ,There will be many more cha-
llenges ahead__ this is how we evolve__ but  ask yourself  if you are still functioning in the old mecha-
nical mindset,  relying on what worked in the past  to generate your present.  You may need to change
attitudes, expectations, feelings and perhaps even your surroundings  to a different set of rules to exist
in the future you've chosen.

Our media  daily bring examples of  many people  still stuck  in the old  "competition" paradigm, basing

choices on it,  working harder and longer,  scrambling for more money,  buying more material goods, &
fighting for it,  acting insanely, creating violence and chaos__ or dashing from one pleasure to another,
distracting themselves,  trying to hold on to outworn values & criteria for creating material "success"  in
their lives. An old value system is dying  as a new system tests itself. The gap widens. Remember how
it often gets worse  before it gets better"  when a Multi-D Technology is activated?  We may see  two,
three, even four or more parallel timelines existing simultaneously on Earth for awhile.  Many who base
their way of operating upon that of their parents or grandparents,  will not understand  what is "wrong",
and those who have awakened must help them to understand  what is happening  and lead the way by
setting positive examples.

When forming our reality on the spiritual, intuitive mindset,  it is no longer necessary to just  
want mira-
cles. Now we
create miracles.  It is part of what we came here to do,  & we're ready to show the world
that it is possible to shift reality paradigms at will. Our Higher Selves can show us the ways to activate
the potentials already inside us
. Creating resonance & harmony with the  changing Earth energy fields
triggers  a magnetic force  which attracts the gifts and skills  needed to fulfill our  life purposes.  These  
new treasures elevate us to new realms, to even more expanded realities formerly hidden,  which have
no limits. When we generate this field of force__ this resonance__ it can, and does,  change our  DNA,
as well as our awareness. It is a never-ending process.

A Third Masterpiece
Some possible life purposes that could be activated include:
creating astonishing & transforming works of art, music or literature, broadcasting Peace, Beauty, Wis-
dom and Love into the world, abolishing poverty and hunger,  ending discrimination & intolerance, pro-
viding free college educations, providing safe, enjoyable, comfortable  homes and safe, enjoyable jobs
for everyone needing one,  clearing the environment and  restoring Earth to safe,  healthy and  pristine
conditions, providing free, complete physical, mental and emotional wellness and comfort for everyone,
and inventing, testing or using devices and technologies that no longer pollute, destroy Nature or end-
anger life, yet provide clean, renewable, low-cost or free energy for the world,  and even being Exopol-
itical liaisons or ambassadors.  It is by experiencing & exploring the  depth and  power of our Emotions
that we continue  to evolve our creative abilities to ever more expanded & inclusive levels. Another ex-
ample of the power of
 Unconditional Love & Unity Consciousness to heal  was demonstrated August

Amber's Ultimate Healing
Along with our son J. and our granddaughter, Amber, I'm visiting our daughter C.__ as J. & C. go on-
line searching for motel rooms for their upcoming trip to a  
Seattle educational conference.  Knowing
this will take some time, Amber and I go down to the basement family room to watch her favorite car-
toons on TV.

Amber has had  severe epilepsy  and its resulting developmental delay since age five,  with frequent
;  some requiring quick transport to the hospital within 4 minutes  when heart and lungs stop
working. Left  with the mind of  a five-year-old , at the time of this incident she is  physically aged
A few years ago, an electronic device was placed in her upper chest area and connected with the part
of her brain causing the seizures. It triggers mild electric shocks when seizures begin, but sometimes
that is not enough and someone must pass a strong magnet  over the chest area  above the device to
set off more intense charges.

Amber and I have had several  minor telepathic incidents over the years.  As we sit in recliner chairs,
watching  "
Winnie the Pooh",  I recall that her magnet is  upstairs with her dad,  in another part of the
house, and I ponder on what to do  if she has a seizure. I close my eyes,  wondering if I could  charge
myself up and use my hands in an energetic healing mode like her magnet. I form my  right hand into
a wedge-shape with the fingers and thumb meeting at a point__ much like a crystal. Then I wonder if
the left hand, the more receptive one, would be the more magnetic, and I make a similar gesture with
that hand as well.

Amber notices this, and asks,  
"Gramma, what are you doing?"  I'm startled out of my reverie and say
only that I'm trying to hold my hands in a special way. We continue watching TV,  & after a few minu-
tes,  I hear Amber say what sounds like "Out, Out!"  I see she's holding both her hands as I did  thum-
ping her chest over the area of the implanted magnetic device. Listening more closely, I realize she's
really saying, "Ouch,  Ouch", with each thump.

As I lean over to see if she's all right, she gets up from the chair, obviously disoriented  and with eyes
glazed__ she's going into a seizure! I help her sit down again, go to the foot of the stairs,  & call up to
J. to bring the magnet right away. In a few moments he's downstairs. She's better,  but still a bit  "out
of it" by the time he's beside her.
J.'s face is white, which surprises me, because he's handled this for
many years, & is always cool, clam and capable when seizures occur. Amber starts giggling & laugh-
ing with her eyes closed as she often does when coming out of a seizure. We watch her for awhile, &
she falls asleep in the chair__ another indiication that she has indeed had a major seizure.

It's only later I discover that , for the first time in sixteen years,  
J. and Amber  forgot to bring her mag-
net! Did she telepathically pick up on my reverie and use energetic healing on herself?  Is it possible  
she taught herself to BE her own magnet?
New doors  are opening  in the energetic healing arts . If we can  telepathically  teach the technique  to
a  person needing a healing, could it be telepathically transmitted to entire groups?

As energy artists  attune to each others' needs on inner levels,  knowing how groups of us can change
world realities, the truth becomes evident: A New Earth Reality is the masterpiece we are now crafting.
Through linking with Spirit,  mastering creativity and achieving compassion,  Unity Consciousness and
Telepathy, could we remove all physical disease, pain and disability from every-one and everything on
Earth?  Every single human  alive on Earth today  is either  blocking or  co-creating  this new reality.  I
and a few lightworker friends have also formed a group working through e-mails.  If you'd like to join
us, contact us at

This is a fairly new way of healing for our civilization , and we are still learning the finer points. Recent-
ly,  healing intentions for myself worked fine for a few days, and then the problem would return. An alt-
ernative healer friend offered to send one of her expensive healing devices to me  to use for cleansing
the body  of toxic materials,  suggesting it could  enable the body to fully heal.  For some reason , I felt
very uncomfortable about it and said  I'd think it over and let her know later. In a day or two,  

I wondered if I was blocking my own recovery, & meditated for guidance. The phrase that arrived was
To use material devices  remedies or medications after you've done an Intentional Healing,  assures
that you do not believe the Intention worked.

I then Intended" that my body be cleansed of toxic substances,  & spent  Memorial Day weekend  mak-
ing frequent trips to the bathroom. After that, Intentions worked just fine.

The Ultimate Healing  will come from  higher consciousness realms  when  a critical mass of humans
fully intend and accept that  perfect physical health and well-being are their natural birthright. The very
notion or concept of  disease,  disability , pain or even of aging or physical death, will be completely in-
conceivable to this highly creative,  
5th-Density  Unity Consciousness Culture. They won't know ill-
ness in any form. Higher Creativity will then operate automatically, without individual or group energet-
ic manipulations.  It will operate at the "pure level of Matter".  Matter__  as we perceive it__ seems life-
less and dead in
3-D.  When global consciousness  shifts to the  higher densities,  matter is co-created
with degrees of consciousness  used by higher intelligent life everywhere . All matter is then  saturated
4th, 5th or 6th density characteristics. We are indeed,  Creating Today and Tomorrow From the
__ Creating It From Within Ourselves.