As our world becomes crazier day by day, many of us look around to see who or what is causing such
horrendous challenges, fear and misery. We tend to blame others for our suffering__ but it is WE who
have created so pathetic an existence for ourselves__
We are the creators of our own Reality.

The goals of  
Multi-Dimensional Technologie s are not about success,  fame or fortune,  but rather
healing ourselves, inside and out, and manifesting our needs (not necessarily our "wants") with  
Intellect, Emotion & Intention. We do this by raising our consciousness, which means we need to un-
derstand the Creative Process and how to apply the Creative Modes and Skills to contact our
conscious - Higher Selves
. We are not attempting to tell you what you "should" do__ your Higher Self
can do that. We merely want to  inform you of options,

We normally exist day to day in our
 Conscious Mind,  but unknown to most,  it is the  Sub-conscious
,  holding our beliefs,  hidden motives,  attitudes,  desires and  beliefs that  determines what we
attract into our daily lives. The Superconscious-Higher-Self Mind can override both the Conscious &
Sub-conscious Minds. Our Superconscious-Higher-Self connects us directly with Spirit-Creative For-
ce. The odd thing is, however,  that the more we
consciously access the Subconsciousness, & clear
it of negative attitudes and beliefs,
 the better we can access the  Superconscious Mind  which emp-
owers us to perform
healings, transfomations and manifestations with the Creative Force Field.

In this entire universe, the more advanced you are in consciousness evolution, the less ma-
terial technology you need.

How To Develop This Ability  is detailed in  Chapters 3 through 7.  We can learn to evoke Uncondit-
ional Love
and Connect with Higher Self  (Chapter 4: Spirit Within)__  for Inner Guidance is vital to
both our personal and group consciousness evolution, enabling us to co-create together for the entire
planet's well-being.

New energies entering Earth from the Cosmos, the Sun and from Earth Herself, are filling our bodies
and environments with huge energy surges, bringing new information, speeding up the pace of life, &
enabling  rapid transformations  on both personal and global levels.  We learned to  develop our  left-
brain, masculine logical minds to a high degree over the past
5000+ years, and now __ to handle the
incoming energy changes__ we are learning to develop and use our right-brain, feminine/artisti/intit-
ive minds to contact our  Higher Selves  and receive daily guidance that answers our questions about
life, and suggests our personal and planetary next step for our consciousness evolution.

No matter what our physical body's gender,
we each have both masculine &feminine natures. During
this period of Earth Changes & a Dimensional Shift into a higher state of existence, our masculine, lo-
gical linear minds will begin to fade into the background, as our feminine intuitive minds become more
empowered.  We will
not  lose the use of our right brain__ our task is to merge both feminine & masc-
masculine  into a  balanced whole. The masculine nature  has been  physically creating our
Life Circumstances
 for  Support and  Protection. The feminine nature uses the  Power Within to
benefit the
Whole of the  Outer Life  Relationships.  It is,  however, the feminine intuitive mind that
informs us how and when  to manifest the New Reality, as the masculine mind ac-
tivates the Outer Life  
in tandem  with the feminine  Inner Wisdom. Using both left and right brains,  
we then apply
Part II:  Basic  Multi- Dimensional  Technologies  to  intentionally  transform our  
personal lives  in preparation for Group Healing and Manifesting with  
Part IV: Expanded Multi-
Dimensional Technologies
,  which enable us to Co-create with each other and the Creative Force to
manage our economic, political, resource, pollution, health care, education and judicial system
reconstructions, as well as, Earth Changes and off-world visitors on a much broader scale.

 Chapters 3  through 7,  we learn to  heal and refine  both personal attitudes  and situations  by  
onding with Earth & Nature, connecting with  Spirit-Creative Force. releasing our personal "Inner
Baggage", Creating Unconditional Love,  Joy & Abundance at Will, Discovering the  Timing for  
releasing from Past Negative Patterns
,  and Overcoming Fear  as we apply  Multi-Dimensional  Co-
Creativity  to other areas of life  and intentionally  craft ourselves into "
Human Masterpieces."

By developing a  Global Unity Consciousness,  we will move humanity beyond its current
adolescent stage  into an empowered adulthood, and together, resolve 21st century world-
wide problems.
BETA PISCES:  12" watercolor mandala
In  childhood , I often  held my arms up  to the  night  sky.
With tears  streaming down my face, I'd cry out for some-
one or something to "Please com  take me home."  

Although I knew not what "Home" was, nothing ever did

Then one day, after moving to the Lost Rivers wilderness
of Idaho__ psychic abilities  re-activated  along with frag-
ments of information revealing "Home".
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                             By MARILYN LA CROIX